An Arrival of a Rival. CH6

Progressing through their tests, some girls find it difficult while others were natural’s at their positions. With some learning valuable lessons along the way, everything they’ve learned up until this point was tested through and through.

Some learned things from one another that they didn’t know about each other before, shedding more light on their past lives.

When the final day had arrived, the chaperones gathered to discuss their student’s progress. Will they all pass?

(Artwork by anchet7/maddoxfanx.)

Stuck in the Blizzard

“You!” she said, her large singular eye still focused on the device on her hands. “Fix my Game-Station Four.” I blinked twice before I was able to process what she just said.

“What? Your Game Station? What are you talking about?” I asked her in confusion. She rolled her eye before focusing back to the device.

“My Game Station. I was playing, um…” Her eye glanced upward for a moment before returning back to the device. “…a game, yeah, when suddenly it shut off! The TV doesn’t turn on, and the lights just went off.” Her voice clearly indicated that she was annoyed at this turn of events.

“The whole building suffered a power outage. There is no power to be had right now.” I calmly explained.

“Well then fix it then.” she commanded. I felt a slight tug to do something.

“Fix what? A power outage? In this weather?!” I could feel my voice rising from that last question. Her singular red eye finally stared right into my eyes, her iris lighting up with bright red.

“Do it now.” She commanded. I could feel a pull of my feelings with her words.

A Whisper of Dusk Chapter 2, DisOrder (Arawn Cycle 8)

I glanced up again at the Order Fighter; he had tired of his sport and was approaching the child with a firm set to his countenance as he began to raise his axe one last time. I noticed then in the sky above me, another Whisper of Dusk shining forth.

The time of my Choice had arrived. It was now an option between bad or worse.  Bad, the child might live, but at an acute cost. Worse, the child would die. The cost: my soul.

Australian in a Strange Land

(This is something I whipped up for a “Monster Girl School Stories” thread on 8chan /monster/ a while back. Turned out well enough that I thought it worth adding here.)

David McDavidson is in a bastard of a situation. Ripped away from his Australian home after his father’s department closed, he has to learn to come to terms with living in the monster-filled country of Zipangu, as well as the presence of his father’s new wife. Along the way he’ll learn about life, love, sadness and HOLY SHIT YES IT’S ESSENTIALLY A SEINEN ANIME RIP-OFF. Just have a read.