Wormhole Ch.12

After Jason’s latest excursion through Wonderland, fate has placed a roadblock in his path. With no trace of the escaped Skarliks, Jason decides to head back home and regroup to determine his next step. But some unexpected company will make his journey back to Vallick much longer than he originally planned.

Wizardquest 2: Chapter 19- Girl’s Best Friend

The die is cast, you’ve sided with Ammon. While the city falls to chaos, the man brings you to his safehouse and explains his plan while letting all of you get a much deserved rest. Of course, as you don’t know if you’ll live tomorrow, you might as well get something else off your chest…

Wizardquest 2: Chapter 17- Holy Rock

The Pharaoh has unleashed one of her strongest weapons to take down the Violet Sands, no matter the cost. Filled with an unsettling revelation, your party heads toward the Great Temple of the Twins, where another revelation of sorts is made clear to you…

Wizardquest 2: Chapter 14- Erosion

After an emotional evening you find yourself in another predicament: The daughters of the Hippogirls who attacked you earlier are being held captive! Unable to allow children to be used like this, you head into the caverns looking for a fight. You are not disappointed.

Wizardquest 2: Chapter 13- Rolling Down the River

With Sylphie’s injury fresh in your mind, it’s up to an unlikely party member to cheer you up. The next day, you head off on the final leg of the journey toward the capital. Surely nothing bad can happen now, right?