A cartographer sets out on a mission of discovery, mapping a strange, foreign continent full of exotic beasts and mysterious natives at the behest of his employer. The further he heads Westward, the more bizarre his journey gets, the very land itself somehow twisted and blighted. Despite the danger, he is compelled to press on by a plea for help from a stranger who believes that he may be her people’s only hope of salvation.


The faun placed her flute on the ground and gazed at him thoughtfully. He felt sweat dripping of his brow, but didn’t move to wipe it off. He was too nervous to twitch or move a muscle.

‘Okay,’ she said finally, after contemplating him for a while. He breathed a sigh of relief. He was looking forward to reaching home and hearth soon. Perhaps kick back and have a few beers. He was so lost in thoughts of reaching home that he almost missed her next words. ‘But if you want me to help you out, you need to do something for me, too.’

The young man shook his head and then fixed his gaze on hers. ‘S-sorry? I mean, oh, uh, sure! Whatever you want.’