Paved With Good Intentions Chapter 4

After her defeat and near death at the hands of Sigrdrífa Eveleena retreats home to her family’s ancestral home for immediate medical attention. Meanwhile her siblings are none too happy about the state of their prodigal sister. Someone is to blame for this and may whatever god they worship grant mercy upon them for the daughters of Astaroth will not.

Dungeon Delver

A knight’s work is never done. When his Queen is taken, a brave warrior must enter a dungeon full of dangerous monsters in order to rescue her. Along the way, he will have to defend himself against vicious foes such as a Hellhound, a Minotaur, and an Echidna, but what awaits him at the end might not be what he expects. Written for the Winter Writing Event.

Father’s Day

If there’s anything our town is quite good at, it’s bland, generic-looking strip malls.
And it was at just such a mall at the corner of Yavapi and Maricopa that salvation came in the form of the After School Special.

Problem was, this was going to be a pretty tough sell to my wife.

“We’re here.” I announce as I kill the engine and get out of the truck, uncomfortably aware that the way the ‘After School Special’ sign was arranged, it appeared to be highlighting the word ASS.

Sakaali opened her door and I headed over to the passenger side to help her out.

“Graham- what is this place?” Sakaali asked, her skepticism apparent.

“Somewhere that’s not too crowded on father’s day.” I explain. “Sometimes me and Art will grab a couple of beers here.”

The Bird and The Cage Chapter 2

Nodding at her decision, she rose to her full height and spread her wings wide, nearly encompassing the entrance to her home. She knew she must’ve made an impressive sight and she turned her head, a smug smile on her face only for it to go away once she was greeted with the darkness and emptiness of her home. A sudden weight formed in her chest and she quickly turned away from the darkness and pushed herself out into the air, pumping her wings to keep herself afloat as an updraft of wind propelled herself up high and she took off for the river, the feeling in her chest throbbing all the way.

Extended Weekend

The Anubis pup’s ears twitched as she looked towards the entryway, moments later the door opened and Anippe was off like a shot

“Auntie V!” She called as she wrapped herself around the jinko’s leg the second the front door closed behind the jinko.

Looking down, Vanessa laughed “Well hey there stranger! What brings you here?”
Anippe giggled “I’m spending the weekend here! Remember?”

“Of course I do!” Vanessa said as she gently pulled the anubis off her leg.

Art rounded the corner and pulled his wife into a hug “Hey you!”

Anippe stood on her tiptoes and gently pushed her ear against Vanessa’s slightly rounded stomach after Vanessa was embraced by her hubby.

“Hey Claire, how are you doing?” she asked the little bump.

While her name wasn’t set in stone yet Anippe had fallen in love with one of the possible names that Art and Vanessa were considering.

Sojourn’s End Chapter 3, A Test of Wills (Arawn Cycle 3)

My hackles rise as I comprehend my situation: ‘I am confined. I HATE being confined!’, my control over my emotions begins to falter as that child-thing approaches me relentlessly. I find myself involuntarily stepping backwards in consternation.
Observing my action, she smiles lewdly, enjoying my discomfort.  She seems to deliberately stomp her hooves louder as she steps ever closer. My smile has long vanished, replaced with a snarl.
The closer she gets, the more my attention is drawn to her finer details. I can see that she has but three fingers along with a thumb on each of her oversized hands/paws? Lace garter stockings combined with a strip of a halter that just barely covers her nipples. On an adult female, such accoutrements would have intrigued me. But I find it beyond revolting on this mockery of a woman.
Finally, she stops just outside the innermost circle. She continues looking over my near naked form as if I am slab of meat, her pupils lingering over select portions of my anatomy. Her mouth opens and I see her tongue blep out for several seconds as her gaze fixates on my loincloth. Bile rises in my throat in response,.
Her gaze tells me that I am nothing more than a commodity to her. I sense that she would not hesitate for an instant to turn me into a plaything if given half a chance.

A Spark of Inspiration

Michael Anderson is a successful entrepreneur with a beautiful young family and a company that’s the envy of venture capitalists everywhere. Yet his promising life is thrown into turmoil when an accident sends him into a coma, from which he awakens to a world changed beyond belief. His life suddenly torn from him, he now needs to put the pieces back together…