Mors Funebris Finale, Epilogue

“I bid you welcome to the Earth, Druella. I trust your accommodations meet with your approval?” Mara asked sweetly, her smile tight.
“They most certainly do not!” Druella shot back. “I demand something larger!” she stated testily.

Forced Freedom

Major Ashlynn Daray, Hero of the Crimson Wing Brigade unit: Aeria Gloris — “Heavenly Glory,” has managed to make her way back to base, sequestered within Royal Ravalia, a kingdom neighboring Lescatié, narrowly escaping capture at the hands of the ruthless mamono of Darkhaven.

… Except something feels missing. Wrong, somehow. Did she truly escape unscathed?

This story takes place in my original setting created for “Eyes in the Dark” and “Electrickery,” and was written as a speed-writing challenge with EighthSpan. The goal was to choose a subject matter for the other person and write what was given. I chose Inari, and was assigned Ropers. The Roper has not received much love, so I aimed to change that. I wrote this story in about 3 days, not including editing/proofreading. The goal was to keep the story at or under 20k words, which I failed miserably, coming in at over 31k. Oh, well. Better luck next time. Enjoy!

Link to Eight’s story, “Blind Faith” –

Don’t Doubt Druella

Taking place three years after “Do Lawyers come from Hell?” (, Frigeridus finds himself invited to a dinner in Druella’s castle. Without other remedy than to accept, he goes, only to find something that went wildly against his expectations.