Wormhole Ch.15

Now storming out to do battle with the Skarliks on his own, Jason finds the odds are not in his favor. Could he win? Could he Get back to Earth? What will become of him and Veina? Is he making the right choice? Jason can only contemplate as things go from bad to worse. But the night is darkest just before the dawn…

Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 4

Enough time has passed to where Stanley was beginning to get used to Ezraphel’s presence, adapting to her tactics and overcoming them much like his mighty ancestors did with Mother Nature. So it only made sense that when Ezraphel, like Mother Nature, decides to get serious and switch things it naturally messes with Stanley’s understanding of the situation.
At that point he’s left with two choices: stubbornly stand his ground and hope for the best or try something different…and hope for the best.

Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 1

Stanley Berkowitz is your average vertically challenged nerd with an abrasive attitude living in recluse from the outside world when his life inexplicably changes when a dimensionally displaced Succubus princess that looks eerily familiar fell through a portal and landed in his back yard.

This is a revision/soft rewrite of my old story. Artwork by the insanely talented Akubaka.

Marlow the Romanticist (Chapter 5)

As a new day arises for the two freshly formed lovers, Jason and Marlow both head out on their separate ways to prepare for a proper date the two will have. While Jason has business with his boss, Marlow sets out to enjoy some quality time with her friend Detra

With their lives set, the two form a bond that will last for the rest of their lives.

Marlow the Romanticist (Chapter 4)

Fully recovered, Marlow is ready to leave then hospital. But when curious reporters want to get a scoop of the incident straight from the victim, her much needed rest seems to be an impossibility, until someone shows up to help her out.

With her meeting with Jason at hand after the incident, how will the two interact with one another? An awkward, but loving moment is about to come.