Marlow the Romanticist (Chapter 5)

As a new day arises for the two freshly formed lovers, Jason and Marlow both head out on their separate ways to prepare for a proper date the two will have. While Jason has business with his boss, Marlow sets out to enjoy some quality time with her friend Detra

With their lives set, the two form a bond that will last for the rest of their lives.

Marlow the Romanticist (Chapter 4)

Fully recovered, Marlow is ready to leave then hospital. But when curious reporters want to get a scoop of the incident straight from the victim, her much needed rest seems to be an impossibility, until someone shows up to help her out.

With her meeting with Jason at hand after the incident, how will the two interact with one another? An awkward, but loving moment is about to come.

Marlow the Romanticist (Chapter 3)

Drugged and taken by mysterious merchants, Marlow’s fate seems grim as they have her secluded.

With her fate seemingly grim, will her rescue find and reach her in time, or will she succumb to the merchants whims long before their arrival?

Marlow the Romanticist (Chapter 2)

Arriving at Ryugujo, Marlow is left in awe at the sights around her. With her goal set, she continues on her quest to find her destined man, eventually meeting Jason. With the two conversing with one another, she finds herself smitten with the man, ignorant of the current position he was in.

Meanwhile, Detra is still on her way to Ryugujo, chasing after her friend out of fear for her safety. Unfortunately, her feelings of unease would soon prove to be true…

Marlow the Romanticist (Chapter 1)

There’s a popular phrase often used by humans amidst their search for a potential lover.

“There’s always plenty of fish in the sea…”

But in Marlow’s case, her goal of finding her destined man has gotten nowhere. Before she knew it, all of her friends have gotten a husband of their own to love and gossip about, leaving her the only single one in her group of friends.

With jealousy and drive to find her own destined one, Marlow sets out to an upcoming festival to find her one and only.