Foreign Affairs: Chapter 6

Ms. Cavallari, I was recently sent on a diplomatic mission to settle some matters in the countryside and ended up acquainting myself with a witch named Dr. Stowell. She has big plans for the future of her farm and is in need of some unconventional packaging. Iā€™d like this to act as her letter of…

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 15)

“Mizari! We got a task for you, and I think you’ll enjoy it” Fubuki declared.

“F-Fubuki!? A-am I in trouble!? W-what do you want?” Mizari asked shivering from more than just the cold.

“Oh~ don’t act like that, in fact I’m doing you a solid! I want you to keep an eye on Anon for a bit while he pampers the little Dolls we have. He could use the back-up and who has more interests, and stares at him the most from a distance than you!” Fubuki said.

Mizari flinches, her secret out, and by the worst person.

“P-please don’t t-tell A-Anon I was sp-spying on him! H-he just called me his friend! I-I worked so hard!” Mizari appeared to be on the verge of tears.

“Don’t worry, I’m not that cold-hearted, but if you can do this one solid for me, then we can pretend this whole conversation never happened!” Fubuki assured.

“R-really!? T-thank you so much! I-I won’t forget this! I’ll keep him safe! I-I promise!” Mizari assured.

“No promises remember?” Fubuki replied with a glint in her eyes.

The Flute, The Dancer, The Temple

Set in a world roughly, if vaguely, answering to the MGE universe. An eastward-bound trading caravan stops over for some days in a coastal town, and one merchant’s young assistant has a literally life-changing encounter with one of the residents ā€“ an apsara, a Mamono priestess of the goddess of love, who offers him a purpose beyond his wildest dreams.