Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 30)

“Excellent news, it would appear as if we finally have an advocate who understands our plight. We might come to an agreement soon” Rin said.

“That’s great to hear! I was worries the usual charms, and barriers wouldn’t be enough, and we can’t push them beyond, the poor little ones will be unable to even go inside the building at that point” Katy said.

“She’ll be meeting with us after we finish renovating the area, though a lot of their realm had seeped out, it had ceased, at least for the time being all attempts to spread.” Rin said.

“Guess that just leaves cleaning up the mess…well at least we avoided a catastrophe, I’ll be sure to let the staff know right away.” Katy said.

Not Alone, Chapter 2

Life in Goslar is as normal as can be, for a town with both men and monsters. As Roger the chemist goes about his daily tasks, dodging amorous advances and preparing his greatest creation yet, he doesn’t realize that his orcish roommate is barely holding on to her own frustrations, and that life is about to get much more complicated for them both… Features an orc primarily, along with many other supporting monstergirls. Explicit content.

Cut and Run Ch. 24 (Allen Belushi Cycle 24)

But, after they had flashed their badges at me, I swallowed my anger and I did my best to be a good host to them. Whatever social faux pas I had managed to create, they let slide. Thankfully
Which is all well and good, as it’s not every day a person armed with a gun, can restrain themselves from emptying their clip into a growling smoke-belching and royally pissed off Dragon getting in their face.