Mors Funebris Finale, Epilogue

“I bid you welcome to the Earth, Druella. I trust your accommodations meet with your approval?” Mara asked sweetly, her smile tight.
“They most certainly do not!” Druella shot back. “I demand something larger!” she stated testily.

Mors Funebris Finale, Part 8 of 8

“My fiancée!” Alonzo explained. “Horus was right! At first, she was pissed enough to rip me a new one” He began to explain, then paused.
“And now?” Mara prompted after a couple more seconds.
“I swear to God, she’s trying to fuck my dick off!” Alonzo answered.

Mors Funebris Chapter 3 P. 3

“I SAID!” Arawn continued, while brandishing his gun at the stranger meaningfully, “IDENTIFY YOURSELF!” he shouted vehemently as he took a menacing step forward towards the stranger.The stranger made no reply. Instead, his already mocking smirk deepened considerably until it was an outright sneer.