Hellhound (Part 4. Final.)

After a moment of desperation carried him into a dark and foreboding world, Laius feared the potential it held to bring about his destruction. . .but he never considered that hidden away within its impenetrable shadows, was the key to his rebirth into a new life.

The Nurse Will See You Now

Nurse Artemis certainly knows how to make an impression. Dark skin, bright red hair, a firm, muscular body with child bearing hips and cleavage you could drown in… crowned by glowing red eyes and bright white fangs. A vampire is an apex predator designed to hunt human beings… and now she has her eyes set on one of her patients, and there’s no going back.

Pampered Morning

Most mornings, it’s coffee, get dressed, brush hair, brush teeth, straighten the collar and head to work in a small, red ’04 Accord. But today wasn’t most mornings. Today was off-day. So waking up, I look to the clock and a smirk of satisfaction spread across my face seeing that I had slept all the…