One Night at the Jade Dragon

Contest entry: After losing his life savings gambling at the Jade Dragon, a man receives an unusual proposition from the casino’s foxy proprietress that sets off a chain of life-changing events.

Cowgirl Farmhand

The minotaur grinned and turned you around. Her strong fingers started rubbing against your sides, making you laugh and squirm. While the holstaur had been soft and chubby, she felt ripped and muscular. Her biceps were quite noticeable, and you could see clear hints of muscle all over her body, especially in the prominent abs. Her tail was swishing back and forth excitedly. You weren’t sure what she intended, but it was likely up to no good.

‘Oooooooh,’ she said, her hand brushing against your hardening penis. ‘Is that a milking pail in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?’

‘Let me go!’ you gasped.


Giant Expectations

He shook his head, straightened up and tapped himself on the back of the head.

Focus, he told himself. You’ll have plenty of time to daydream about the pussy you will get when you’ve got the jewels and are out of here. For now, see the shiny jewels about to come in the palm of your hand.

Sighing and cracking his neck, he flexed his fingers and walked forward. He grabbed a glowing yellow stone and tossed it into his rucksack. He continued through the cave, picking up the jewels he liked and keeping them with him. He felt his rucksack getting heavier as he moved through just the first room, collecting more than half of the jewels available there. He paused before the second chamber, pondering on how to collect the rest. A wide grin spread over his face as he recalled something which he had brought along and nearly forgotten in his excitement at discovering the cave.

Milk, Eggs, and Science

Day 107

Fortunately, you cannot rape the willing. I woke up coiled around Tom, incredibly horny and desperate for relief. I managed to coax his pants down to his ankles with nothing but my tail. I bit his shoulder. No idea why, but my venom seems to be an aphrodisiac. His cock grew hard immediately, and I kissed him deeply as I lowered my pussy onto it, crying out in joy as he penetrated me.

I was in heaven. He let me control everything, not that he had any choice in the matter. I had him wrapped up in my coils so tight that he couldn’t move an inch if I didn’t want him to. It was thrilling, having complete control. It’s never been like that for me with a man before. I wanted to savor every minute of it.

Side Effects

“Did you not read your contract?” he asked.

“What contract? She took a breast enhancement mutagen,” Sam insisted.

The doctor blanched. “Oh dear. That is unfortunate.”

“What is happening to me?” I demanded.

“Well, it seems as though you’ve stumbled across one vial from a lot of bovine mutagen that was reported missing a few weeks ago. This mutagen is very potent, very strictly regulated. It is a speciating mutagen, resulting in a fundamental change in the genetic and physical makeup of the subject it is administered to,” he explained.

“What does that mean?” Sam asked.

“It means that you are transforming into what is colloquially known as a cowgirl, a genetically engineered hybrid designed for maximized milk production.”

Cowgirl (Homobos taurusapiens)

A brief overview of the beautiful and alluring Homobos taurusapiens, commonly known as cowgirl / holstaur.

Common Name: Cowgirl, Holstaur

Species: Homobos taurusapiens

Gender: Female

Physical Characteristics: A cowgirl is a humanoid cross-species, with obvious bovine physiological traits. These traits include ivory horns of varying length, thickness, and coloration as well as large cow-like ears capable of changing direction in response sound and emotional reactions. Cowgirls also lack canines, possessing an additional set of molars in their place as well as an elongated tongue to aid in grazing. Cowgirls have Holstein patterned and fur pigmentation, soft fur covering the arms, legs, back, and buttocks, but notably absent from the face, neck, chest, abdominal and groin region.

The Archivist’s Apprentice- Madness, Or The Curious Case of Philip Howard

I set the quill down with shaking hands, placing it into the inkwell, my ledgers finally finished for the day. The library had been quiet, and the dancing candle flames had threatened to lull me off to sleep as the dry figures on the parchment held little interest. Archiving was dull work, but I had come to view it as my calling. Besides, I would endure any tedium for the chance to be in Miss Bianca’s company. The Hakutaku that served as my mistress was the shining light of my work.