Wizardquest 3 Part 11: Under the Sea

You’ve made it to Filliothia and your path seems to clear to the Sea Queen. Only trouble is, your way in happens to have made her angry. With Baha on the metaphorical couch, you have some time to kill the the underwater city, though it seems your vacation will be short lived, as always.

Wizardquest 2- Chapter 1: Solid Foundation

Welcome back to Deleor for another installement of Wizardquest! This time you follow the adventures of Rommel, a Wizard with a grudge to settle as he travels with Sophie and Sylphie, daughters of the Grand Wizard and Monster Lady to find their lost parents. But someone has noticed their absence- can they continue on their quest or will it end before it begins?

Wizardquest Part 23: The Journey Home Pt.2 (End)

You continue on your quest home with Selene and reach Sanctifrond, where you say farewell to Blake and the others.

The parting may be sweet sorrow, but with Selene beside you, you make your way home with much more than you ever dreamed you could have when you left home so long ago.