Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 6

After talking through their issues like the normal persons they don’t even pretend to be, Ezraphel and Stanley’s relationship has blossomed somewhat. Ezraphel no longer feels the need to excess in her seductive ways and Stanley no longer felt the need to put his guard up. Their relationship is as healthy as one can be…except for one problem, a problem Stanley realizes he can no longer afford to ignore given the turn in his circumstances.

Artwork By MarcoMarco

Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 5

Stanley finds himself at an impasse with Ezraphel. With time his fears about her have been assuage for the most part and through her own merit she has earned her place in his home. Being the pessimistic self aware person he is Stanley can recognize his own faults. With his weariness and paranoia that had served him so well in the beginning starting to become a liability he will have to look inwards if he truly wanted to move on with his life.

Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 4

Enough time has passed to where Stanley was beginning to get used to Ezraphel’s presence, adapting to her tactics and overcoming them much like his mighty ancestors did with Mother Nature. So it only made sense that when Ezraphel, like Mother Nature, decides to get serious and switch things it naturally messes with Stanley’s understanding of the situation.
At that point he’s left with two choices: stubbornly stand his ground and hope for the best or try something different…and hope for the best.

Foreign Affairs: Chapter 3

Rowan stretched out under the covers of his bed and yawned, turning his eyes away from the bright light streaming from the window.  “Good morning,” he ventured, not wanting Greenglass or some less overbearing woman like a maid to think they caught him off-guard. He had an extremely incriminating report under his pillow, after all.…

Wormhole Ch.13

Finally ready to return to his home base, Jason stops off at a friend’s for a much needed break along the way. Then comes the most dreaded part of his day: confronting Veina and explaining his disappearance to the distraught Demon. Will Jason be greeted with a hug or a another black eye?

Foreign Affairs: Chapter 2

Thanks to Laaren, Jexx and the gang for helping with edits. Art by BWSnowy Greenglass stared at Rowan counting his prayer beads with the kind of bored ennui travellers get when they’ve long since gotten tired of staring out the window of their carriage. It wasn’t like there was anything to see, anyway. Tree. Rock.…