Karika The Troubled

With a crappy degree and shitty luck, I find myself at a loss for words at the situation I found myself in. A school for the mentally challenged Mamono, I ended up teaching the worse group of degenerate, classless women of the now non fictitious world of Monster girls!

TMRC (Troubled Mamono Reformation Class) Is an institute that hosts a variety of Mamono of all races with the sole purpose of reforming them to behave responsibly in the world of the human dominated planet Earth. Little did I know this opportunity would change how I saw these “Savages” For better or worse.

A Manticore Misunderstanding

Being in college isn’t easy. There is all the stress of your studies and staying up all night. What makes it even worse is the stress of having monster girls around that want to do you. Mark is a normal student. He isn’t really the biggest fan of monster girls, but he eventually falls in love with a manticore named Christina. While he is seemingly unnoticed in class, one night will change his life forever.

Stacy’s Mom (Has got it goin’ on)

Tutoring the beautiful step-daughter of a beautiful Panda, will Ezra find more than he expected…

Falling for the Manticore, Part 1

First story I have ever written outside of back and forth RP’s. Comments, corrections, and criticism are all welcome. This is going to be a good-sized, multi-part story. I am planning for 3-5 parts altogether and their will be smut in the next one I promise (Just the kind of guy who likes to take his time 😉 ). This is a story in the modern times where the order’s lies are exposed and the truth of monsters girls are revealed. There is racism and the like happening and our plucky hero ends up caught in a personal struggle with his own prejudice, love, and the changing external forces around them.