Duncan and Niasa – 7. A Different Kind Of Appetizer

Duncan visits Niasa on her workplace, and learns some things about his own work. The both of them share a lunch, then something else. Later, some awkwardness with Duncan’s boss turns into something else.

Angus MacScottishname, Highlander

You are Angus MacScottishname, Highlander, hero of awful romance novels, fap material for housewives, and something about this next story isn’t quite right.

This is a shitpost dedicated to my mother’s bookshelf full of godawful “Vulnerable hardworking woman who doesn’t know what love is gets seduced by a rugged mysterious man who never wears a shirt” novels.


Stanley drops out of agricultural college to join the Navy, and is shipped off to a space station known as the Pinwheel to complete his training as a UNN Marine. There he meets Raz, an unruly alien who he will be forced to befriend if he wants to complete the program.

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 5)

“Well Katy, when you’re right, you’re right” the Yuki-Onna Co-founder Fubuki proclaimed.

“I know right!? I suppose you also heard of his success with one of our spectral children, it was one thing to have him return her to us so quickly, it was another to return her in much brighter spirits than I had expected” the Echidna, and Founder Katy declared with a large grin.

“Yes, yes, well I suppose we can keep him, he’s very gentle despite a forced circumstance” Fubuki giggled an inside joke to herself.

“What’s that suppose to mean? I certainly hope you weren’t bullying him already, I kind of want to keep him you know!” Katy scolded her partner.

“Oh~ I was just testing him is all, nothing ecchi I promise…well nothing to report in public at least” Fubuki hinted.

“I sure hope you keep your antics to a minimum this year Fubuki” Katy sighed.

“No promises~” Fubuki replied while sticking her tongue out at Katy.