Mean Look

She raised her hands to her tiny little bra, also made of black silk and looking like a small ribbon running across her tits. She pulled the bit of skimpy cloth down, covering an exposed nipple. Her enormous tits bounced as she released the bra, now covering a thin strip around her nipples, the centre of her breasts, and her back. She lifted the part over her right breast, looking at the small yet hard nipple sticking out of her areola. She put it back down, covering up her nipple, and looked at the young man. He was gaping at her exposure of her soft tit, and his cock was hard enough to ram a spike into the ground. She grinned widely at him and sat back on the bed, placing her arms below her breasts. She started shaking them back and forth, enjoying how his eyes followed every movement of those rounded orbs.

‘Do you want them, slave?’ she asked, her tits jiggling harder with each word.

The young man’s eyes were too mesmerised by her swaying titflesh to answer. She repeated her question, and this time, he gave the briefest of nods, his eyes following her jiggling tits.