Foreign Affairs: Chapter 6

Ms. Cavallari, I was recently sent on a diplomatic mission to settle some matters in the countryside and ended up acquainting myself with a witch named Dr. Stowell. She has big plans for the future of her farm and is in need of some unconventional packaging. I’d like this to act as her letter of…

Foreign Affairs: Chapter 3

Rowan stretched out under the covers of his bed and yawned, turning his eyes away from the bright light streaming from the window.  “Good morning,” he ventured, not wanting Greenglass or some less overbearing woman like a maid to think they caught him off-guard. He had an extremely incriminating report under his pillow, after all.…

The Covet Corner Hotel: Chapter 12


Have you been enjoying your stay so far? I hope so.

These? Oh they’re treats from the fifth floor. Would you like some? They’re rather addicting so do pace yourself. I blame the Alraune Nectar that’s in it. OH! No no no! You don’t have to worry about it like that! They take out that part of it and make it similar to a simple, but better tasting, honey which they then use to make these snacks. These are the ‘virgin’ treats. They do make some of their treats using nothing but the extracted portion from the Alraune Nectar, but those are much more obvious and come with warnings to make sure you don’t accidentally eat one when you didn’t mean to.

If you’re really curious about how they make these, you could visit the facility up on the fifth floor. I believe they give tours of the place every now and then… Well, even if they don’t I would recommend going up there regardless, it’s a very relaxing spot to be in. Oh? You plan to go there right now? Wonderful! Please go right on ahead. Oh, and take some snacks with you, please! If they stay here I’ll end up eating all of them.

And again, thank you for staying at the Covet Corner Hotel.

Twilight of The Gods: Mnemosyne (4)

Further into the frozen north our companions press on. The Mage Kevin, caught in the catatonia of The Mage’s Path, the Cheshire Kylie, fighting against a scorn that is not her own, the mysterious Reitia, destined to bear a weight incomprehensible to her companions, all at once fearful of it, and Samuel, eldest and wisest of the resonants, coming to terms with the potential end of his millenia-old order. Apophis, Midnight Serpent, Dark Goddess, continues her machinations, and Chastisement, the Scorn of Ammit continues its campaign, absent the temperance of the wise and ancient Keepers of the Dead. The world hurtles forward towards oblivion, and all hope seems lost, for the Blessed come too early, and the Blessing, far too late…