Mors Funebris Ch. 3 P. 7

“Children! Come to me!” she shouted, heedless of the noise, while she raised both of her wings in invitation.

The Cubs ran to her and instinctively huddled underneath. Mara wrapped her wings around them all, like a mother hen protecting her brood.

Mara painfully ground her teeth together as wave after wave of burning hot rubble began to pound themselves into her back, neck, wings and tail. For just a moment, her wings retracted in response.

‘NO!’ she silently screamed when she remembered her duty.

Mors Funebris Ch. 2 P 6 (Arawn Cycle 26/Helvetia Cycle 16)

The Dragon then returned her attention back to Arawn.

“You!” she shouted angrily. “Do not think to soil me with your touch again Human!” she railed at him. But Arawn’s attention wasn’t on the outraged Dragon, instead it was still fixated on Jenny’s current actions.
She reached up and with a twist, removed the now useless cannon from her chest. Then she casually cast it aside. As he watched, Arawn noted that her chest-armor automatically began to cover the hole within seconds.

A Whisper of Dusk Chapter 2, DisOrder (Arawn Cycle 8)

I glanced up again at the Order Fighter; he had tired of his sport and was approaching the child with a firm set to his countenance as he began to raise his axe one last time. I noticed then in the sky above me, another Whisper of Dusk shining forth.

The time of my Choice had arrived. It was now an option between bad or worse.  Bad, the child might live, but at an acute cost. Worse, the child would die. The cost: my soul.

The Knight’s Tale

1 v 3 has never looked so good, and losing a fight sounded so sweet. In the midst of a pitched battle between the forces of the Demon Lord and a Crusade of the Order, Ser Luke von Drachen will find himself in dire straits against a bevy of lethal beauties, all determined to claim him as a war prize!

Sojourn’s End Chapter 3, A Test of Wills (Arawn Cycle 3)

My hackles rise as I comprehend my situation: ‘I am confined. I HATE being confined!’, my control over my emotions begins to falter as that child-thing approaches me relentlessly. I find myself involuntarily stepping backwards in consternation.
Observing my action, she smiles lewdly, enjoying my discomfort.  She seems to deliberately stomp her hooves louder as she steps ever closer. My smile has long vanished, replaced with a snarl.
The closer she gets, the more my attention is drawn to her finer details. I can see that she has but three fingers along with a thumb on each of her oversized hands/paws? Lace garter stockings combined with a strip of a halter that just barely covers her nipples. On an adult female, such accoutrements would have intrigued me. But I find it beyond revolting on this mockery of a woman.
Finally, she stops just outside the innermost circle. She continues looking over my near naked form as if I am slab of meat, her pupils lingering over select portions of my anatomy. Her mouth opens and I see her tongue blep out for several seconds as her gaze fixates on my loincloth. Bile rises in my throat in response,.
Her gaze tells me that I am nothing more than a commodity to her. I sense that she would not hesitate for an instant to turn me into a plaything if given half a chance.