Illusionistquest Chapter 9: Parlor Tricks

Home sweet home. You find yourself back in Sanctifrond, but all is not well. Your new quarry is somewhere in the city and to make matters worse, Ginelle has run off after she finds out about your relationship with Saya! Can you get the gang back together in order to face this new threat?

Wizardquest Part 3: Into the Woods pt.1

Being forced to flee from Feldergrod, you make your way to the capital by land via the forest of Varruck on your way to the town of the same name. People don’t travel to Varruck much anymore however, and the forest itself is teeming with monsters set on edge by something new that stalks the night.

Can you manage to survive the perils of the woods, and your stalker, with your virginity, and life, intact?