A harrowing price for Arrogance and Envy

A story is passed down from parent to child of a malevolent being that punishes the wicked by devouring them. These stories depict a demon-like creature with a harlequin appearance, with white gloves stained in blood, and a wicked personality that frightens even seasoned veterans to their very core.

Herein lies a story of a young man pushed to bully others as a result of gifts that he was born and praised for. With all the adults praising his talents and the envy of children alike, this gifted young man grew a somewhat wicked heart as a result of his upbringing. A plague brought upon an upcoming attack however quickly reminds the upstart that beyond the horizons of his small village, lays the frightful monsters he so foolishly dismissed.

Yukishiro, and the one that protects from the shadows. Chapter 4

Pressed to the brink of madness, Kuronetsu’s first appearance is revealed in the past. With preservation and a longing to protect her other selfs’ sanity, she fights using the power she carries in her blood. Spilling the blood of her intruders in her wake.

A power seemingly uncontrollable to anyone, Kuronetsu uses her blood inherited power to its fullest extent, completely lucid while doing so. Shocking her mother and terrifying her sister, Kuronetsu defends her family while scaring them for life.

With Takedo now involved with the family’s unique circumstances, Kyoka and Nikito try to confirm their suspicions, hoping to find out what was special about him that drew Kuronetsu to surface.

Yukishiro, and the one that protects from the shadows. Chapter 3

Making herself known to Kyoka and Nikito, Kuronetsu emerges. An alter-ego/personification of her repressed instincts taking form, Kuronetsu makes her agression towards Kyoka and Nikito well known with her murderous intent.

As the past of the ladies are explained, they remember a time when a interloping Demoness enrouched their home, setting off a chain of events that led to the details of how Kuronetsu came to be as well as her reasons for hating her family become clear.

While Zeick only had the best intetions for his family, his actions ironically led to an unhealthy, warped sense of view of what love really means…

Yukishiro, and the one that protects from the shadows. Chapter 2

After a meeting Takedo, Yukishiro acted strangely for just a moment, almost as if a different person took over her body. Heading home, she tells her mother and sister of her exciting encounter with Takedo, they seemed a little apprehensive as they asked her if she did anything beyond what she had told them. After their conversation, Yukishiro’s mother and sister, Kyoka, and Nikito, recall a past incident that sparks fear in the two, fearing something bad was going to happen.

Deciding it was best to confront the problem before Takedo would get involved further with Yukishiro, Kyoka, and Nikito confront Yukishiro after work to tell her the truth of their past, sparking the reveal of a different ‘Yukishiro’, one that protected Yukishiro from the shadows…

Yukishiro, and the one that protects from the shadows. Chapter 1

Born into a world that fears and misunderstands her kind, Yukishiro is brought into a world not knowing the scrutiny and racial profiling that comes with her race.

Oomukade, also known as one of the “True Monsters” of Zipangu. Hrr race is feared for their relentless pursuit of men, and the delirium and psychopathic tendencies that come with their obsession to find their one and only.

Raised in a rather unorthodox fashion, Yukishiro is born with most of her instincts laid dormant due to careful exposure. Though with meeting a certain man, this proved to only make things worse in the long run…

Belmont and the Beast

After his mother goes missing near a far away castle, Belmont—her only son—journeys there in search of her and subsequently finds himself imprisoned by the beast that resides there.