Wormhole Ch.5 (Updated)


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Don’t know how many people will read it but here is the revamped version of Wormhole Chapters 5 of 5. I’m getting ready for a release on other sites so I felt it had to be done. Still the same continuity as chapters 6 and beyond, just spruced up with some extra bits added. Chapter 12 will be coming soon.

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I stared motionless with my jaw agape for several seconds, shocked, in more ways than one, at Veina’s little reveal event. With my sharp, cat-like reflexes, I sprang to my feet with my gun drawn… right after gasping and falling over the bench backwards onto my sore head. Smooth.

Now eye to eye with the new, and I guess “improved”, Veina, I was ready for some answers.

“If you know what’s good for you, then you’ll stay right there!” I roared at my target.

Great job, Jason. You brought a mamono into your secret bat cave. A mamono that was hiding under your nose the whole time. If I had the time to kick myself, I would have.

“It’s quite alright, Jason. I’m not going to hurt you. Far from it” she said as she challenged my firearm with a smirk.

Holy fucking Hell. Her voice oozed with carnal desire. I was aroused just to listen to the thick, delectable honey of her speech.

“So Veina, have any other secrets you want to share with me? Like if ‘Veina’ is actually your real name” I demanded, not taking my eyes or my gun off her.

“Oh, I assure you it’s my real name, my love”

Good. It took me forever to remember her name, so she better not change it now.

“Let me guess, you’re here on behalf of that fucking radical group, right?” I said, figuring that she wasn’t exactly here to leech off my money like a gold-digger.

Her red eyes lit up with even more excitement at my statement. “My, my, you’ve even heard of our little group. Simply wonderful” she hummed gleefully.

Is that what she thinks of the radicals? They’re not the fucking girl scouts, you know?

“You bet your ass I’ve heard of that pack of crusading rapists. Well, piss off because I’m not interested in joining that crazy ass rape tour of yours”

“Wha- you think that… hahaha. How quick to action you are. Always so clever… and stimulating. But never fear, my love. I’m not here on behalf of Druella”

Druella. I thought back to the stories that I’d heard of her. Kind of like the Lindsay Lohan of this world. A real party animal; into whatever was lascivious, raunchy, wild, and any other immoral shit you could think of. She was probably the top spokeswoman for the Demon Lord.

But I could internally berate her later.

“Is that a fact? So why the disguise?” I asked narrowing my eyes.

“Oh that” she giggled deviously. “Well you see, it’s part of my job. Being what you might call a scout, of sorts, a disguise is essential to my work. However, I sometimes choose to don my disguise when I’m not on business. I greatly enjoy my leisure time but as part of Druella’s ranks, I naturally draw much attention from my many admirers. It can become quite bothersome”

Sounds like being a radical is like being a celebrity. I can see some fangirl running up to her and begging, ‘Can you sign my husband, please?’

“Congrats. You pull off a great wacko” I sneered, still mad at myself for not seeing through it earlier.

“Why thank you. It’s one of my many, many talents. Talents that I’d love to share with you” she boasted.

Yeah I bet she would.

“Alright, cut the crap. What do you want with me?”

I immediately regretted the incredibly stupid question. And she just said I was clever, too. Maybe I was just too taken aback by this breathtaking creature to think clearly, but the answer was so fucking obvious.

Coyly placing her hands behind her back, she sighed lustfully while pushing her chest forward. Introducing me to the girls, eh? That spaded tail slowly slid up into her cleavage toward her face. She lightly licked the tip of it with a twerk of her eyebrows and a slight shake of her round hips. It was clear that she was daring me to use my imagination on her. Keep in mind, that I had been trying to avoid looking at her body. I’ve heard a Demon can smell even the slightest bit of blood that goes down South. Eyes up and mind clean.

“Care to take a guess?” she gleamed lusciously. I gulped at her intense desire looking straight into me.

Naturally, my dumbass question only gave her the opportunity to start teasing me. Well done.

“Forget I asked, lil’ Lita. You’re not here to sell cookies, so tell your boss to stick her psycho cause up her ass. I’ve got no business with her and I don’t want any” I seethed through my teeth, trying to keep up my aggression to counter her flirty shtick. And also to keep my mind from wandering.

“I told you, I’m not here on business” she said, not losing any of that shit-eating grin.

“Yeah, well hacking my brain through my dick sounds like direct orders from Whore HQ. I’d call that business”

“Hmm. Indeed, I do love my job so I suppose business and pleasure do tend to overlap for me. However, my pleasure is far more important to me than any business affairs. And right now, this… this is pleasure. You, my love, are pure pleasure for me”

Said the cat to the mouse. I prefer a straight up fight from my enemies; not this flirty birdie ploy.

“Yeah, you’re selling something, alright; bullshit. And I’ve got more than enough of that in my life already, Batgirl”

“I tell the truth, my love. You are my greatest pleasure of all” she said as she began to strut toward me. My gun meaning jack shit to her.

As she walked, I involuntarily broke my promise and looked down. Big mistake because it was then that I really took in her figure. Holy shit, her figure. Mission failed.

Now I see why Demons were so infamously dangerous. She was dripping with so much eroticism that even the slightest movement could bring back the life in a one-hundred year old man long since “retired”. Maybe it was that hypnotizing strut of hers that just emphasized her perfectly wide hips and taught stomach. Or maybe it was the way her perky H cup breasts slightly bounced with each step, yet never once sagged. Her sky blue skin was stunningly immaculate as it shined even in the absence of moisture. Those legs were pillowy perfection with just the right amount of toned muscle showing underneath her soft flesh. The same thing went for her arms and abs. My mind was boggled at how unnaturally thin her waist was. Even her arching wings and curling tail twitched enthusiastically, signaling how sensually turned on she was. Then there was her face. A set of lovely lips put her sensual enthusiasm on full display. Flawless teeth beamed bright through her lewd smile. The blackness in her eyes contrasted to the deep red of her iris as they pierced through my eyes and out my skull. Pristine dark blue hair draped around her face and all the way down her back to her hips. It waved around almost as much as her wings and tail. Lastly, there was the curve of her fine flesh over the sharp angles on her face; absolutely beautiful.

Wherever I looked, I was hard-pressed, and I do mean hard, to find a single inch of her that wasn’t perfect in every form. Hot as fuck, more than I ever thought was possible. She was definitely a master class when it came to activating the “launch sequence” for the male rocket, and she knew it, too. Veina sighed with approval as she noticed how glued I was to her form.

However the dick in me, not that one, wasn’t going to be won over that easily. So she was hot; big fucking deal. That was nothing new to me. She was a Demon. That probably just meant that she put on a more glamorous show than the other mamono I’d met. Wonderful. A master thespian.

I wouldn’t let my guard down. But that didn’t make it any easier to keep my traitorous eyes focused on her red eyes as they kept dropping back to her raw form no matter how much I ordered them to stay focused.

“Hey, hey, hey! I said don’t move, slut” I stammered after finally managing to snap out of my “hot chick mode”. In that time, she managed to shorten the distance between us by more than half.

“Mmm, Jason” she said with ironic innocence. “does my appearance instill so much fear that you would not trust me?”

She’s talking about trust after the shit she pulled? Now I was really annoyed.

“Don’t masturbate your own ego, girl. I’m not scared, but considering your little double-O seven act, I suspect there’s more to your motives than just a childish crush. How do I know this isn’t all just a ruse to benefit you and your radicals? Like a clever little scheme to sneak off with my tech, huh?” I accused her.

Double-O seven? More like double H seven. Haha.

She paused for a couple seconds. Looks like I stumped her. Yeah, I figured out her grand plan because I’d seen this kind of act before. And mamono had their own version a “low blow”, right? That likely meant that she’d water down my mistrust and, once I wasn’t of use anymore, toss me aside get her hands on my equipment. Her particular technique would also get her a few meaningless jollies along the way. Call it a perk of her job.

Yeah, I got you now, bitch. Though the fact that her smirk didn’t fade in the least had me concerned.

She then let out a slight giggle. Shit.

“If you think that I’m only here to get your, uh, ‘tech’ as you called it, then why would I have revealed myself to you?” she asked playfully.

“…Huh?” I asked dumbfounded. I knew that smirk meant trouble.

“I think you realize that I had you fooled. So wouldn’t it have been easier for me to keep up my little disguise? All I had to do was keep it up until I could escape with your belongings when you weren’t looking. And after all, you were the one who let me in here, remember?”

“I di-… It’s jus-… Wha-… I… I…oh” was all my glitching brain could output.

Did this she-devil just stump me? I think so. Okay, so she had a point. Lucky break.

“Well… maybe so. But considering how subtle that outfit is” I said sarcastically “I’m betting you’re here to raid something else; like my pants! Go ahead, just try it. You’re not the first chick to try that on me. It didn’t turn out well for them and it won’t turn out any better for you. I’m not one to be pinned down without a fight. Got that, Morrigan!?”

Now this time I got her.

“Why yes, you’re right. I am here to claim you for my own” she dreamily cooed “But not in such a vulgar manner. If I ever intended to rape you, I would have done so the first day we met. Do you doubt I could take you by force, my love?” Her eyes fixed on me with a fiery passion that was both alluring and menacing.

Okay, she had another point. So?

“Yeah? Well, how do I know that you won’t blow the whistle on me and my secret hideout the first chance you get?” I said trying to make a comeback in our little debate.

“Honestly, if I wanted to expose you, wouldn’t I have brought an entire Succubus army down on you by now? To have their way with your equipment… and then you?”

Fuck, she did it again. I’m starting to think that she knew more than I did in this battle of logic-bombs.

I knew first hand that even mamono far below the ranks of a Demon could easily have overpowered me in a fist fight. If not for my weapons, trickery, and dumb luck, I wouldn’t have gotten out of some of those situations.

Veina: 3, Jason: 0

“Goddammit” I muttered under my breath. “Well what makes you think I won’t kill you right here and now?”

This was my last chance to not come across as an idiot.

“Well… how could you do that when you’re not actually pointing your weapon at me?” she tittered while gesturing her head toward my hand.

I was afraid to check her claim for fear of embarrassment. But, she was right… again! Her wicked charms allowed her to effortlessly slide right past my defenses and completely close the distance between us. Even worse, I’d been pointing my gun over her shoulder and well past her head for a humiliating amount of time. I couldn’t blame her devilishly magical charm for making me into a puppet, either. It was definitely my own stupidity.

Well it’s official; I’m a complete dumbass. Well played, Jason. Well played.

I hated to admit it, but she made good points. Even with my magic immunity, I’d heard that Demons had plenty of ass-kicking abilities besides just brainwashing spells. That, combined with her superior physical strength meant that she was used to getting her way. So she would have tried making me into her fuck-buddy a long time ago if that was her plan. Or she could have looted my place after smacking me senseless. If my claims were what she had in mind, we would have been having our own little Mortal Kombat tournament by now.

Game, set, match.

“Okay, okay. You don’t need to make me into a bigger fool than I look. Nor do you need to show off, Mary Sue” I relented, sulking in my defeated ego as I holstered my gun. No point now, since all evidence suggested that she wasn’t planning on jumping me. One load off of my mind… but not my body. “If you’re not here on behalf of that bitch and her ‘progressives’, then what do you want?”

“You already know what I-”

“I know that part! For fuck’s sake, I’ve seen hentai cosplayers more subtle than you. That part was a piece of cake to figure out. I’m asking you what else? I don’t think you’d go through all of this just for a quick ‘bumping uglies’ session. So what else do plan on getting out of me? A big juicy divorce case?”

She dreamily cupped her cheek in her hand, gaze never leaving mine.

“Ahh, that sexy talk of yours. I never thought someone could be this irresistible” she said in between her lusty breaths. “But to answer your question, it’s quite simple. I’ve chosen you as my eternal mate, my love”. She lusciously nibbled her claw at her statement.

An eternity with me? Is she insane?

“Alright, that’s it. What’s with this ‘my love’ crap? We are not lovers!” I yelled as I flipped my shit, finally having enough of her cutesy name for me. “I didn’t even know you were a Demon until a few minutes ago, remember? I thought you escaped from an asylum to go find the marbles you lost”

“As far as I’m concerned, we are lovers. Together forever to engage in each other’s deepest passions. You just don’t know it yet” she said with a patronizing gleam.

Yeah, she’s not a rapist at all.

“Yet? Sounds like you’re planning on using one of those charm spells that you and your sex-happy sisters use to spellbound guys. Good luck, sweet cheeks. I happen to be magic proof”

“Yes. From what I’ve gathered, I suppose that’s true. In fact, your resistance to magic was one of the big things that made me take an interest in you. However, that is of no consequence to me. I’ll just have to do this the old fashion way” she said nonchalantly.

I doubt her “old fashion” skills needed a tune up.

“Are you under one of your own fucking spells or do you just have a bad case of ‘girl’s first crush’?”

“I’d say you are the one with the magic, my love. Magic stronger than any at my disposal. You’ve spellbound me; seduced me with the magic of your voice, your words, and…well, everything about you. I’m helpless against your power” said Veina huskily as she began to lose herself in my eyes.

With my back against the wall, I was trapped. Veina had moved so close that she leaned in and laid her body against mine. And you bet your ass I could feel her breasts pressed up against my chest. Geez, she was warm. When my leg ended up between her legs, she started lustfully grinding her hips and pelvis against it, which I felt to the utmost effects. Her skin felt better than the finest fabric Ted Turner Jr. could buy back on Earth. The warmth of her body threatened to melt me along with my will. Her scent was surprisingly sweet, with a hint of vanilla to it. Pretty addicting, to say the least. In fact, I think her scent could prove more addicting to me than even alcohol. There was no denying that her sizzling allure was seriously arousing me. Being aroused by a mamono was nothing new to me as of late, but this Demon was… exceptional. My primal instincts began a rebellion against the opposing empire of logic.

“I’ve waited so long for this day. When I could finally embrace you; to bask in your essence. (sighs)… So powerful… and… sexy… Oh how I’ve yearned to have you all to myself. Every day with you, I imagined this moment… The moment where… you will… finally take me… right here and now…” she cooed as she continued to caress my face and rub against my body.

Talk about a hammy actor. But boy she could get results.

But then it hit me.

“Corruption, right?” I said breaking her moment of ecstasy and reclaiming my reason. “I just remembered. You Demons are all into that kind of shit, aren’t you? You mindfuck people until they ass-fuck you. You’d rather brainwash your prey than rape them, right?”

And here comes my skepticism to the rescue.

“Hehehe. Yes Jason, it’s the greatest joy in the world for a Demon. To make our chosen man crave us so much, that it overpowers all of his other senses. Then he’ll be unable to live without us constantly drowning them in more pleasure than they could ever imagine. Indeed, our hearts long to bond on the deepest level possible with our husband” said Veina, still glassy-eyed from her erotic fantasies.

Her last word caused an arc-flash in my brain.

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Hold up there, Easy Access! Husband!?” I blurted as I firmly pushed her back. “I’m not your husband and I never intend to be. It’s gonna take a lot more than a pair of tits, an ass, and some ‘fuck me running’ boots to turn me into husband material. You’re not going to corrupt me like some highschooler with your brainwashing tricks, so consider your balloon popped”

Leave it to my inner asshole to keep the hands of my “bush-wacker” off the steering wheel in my brain.

I was actually really pissed off. There was already a backlog of problems for me to worry about. So I really didn’t want this bitch to turn me into her sex zombie. I may have been somewhat lonely but I wasn’t too keen on a couple of late night rendezvous’ with a stranger. Tried that back on Earth a few times; it never, ever felt good afterwards. Made me feel like I belonged in a white trash, trailer park. Fuck that.

Veina was hardly dissuaded. Her smile was as big as ever. I expected at least a little anger from her but I’m not complaining.

“Lovely. Being this close to you is already overwhelming, but when you fire up like that, the power of your spirit only intensifies. It’s absolutely intoxicating. Oh, you don’t know how much it killed me to resist your charms whenever I was around you” she said, still with whimsy in her voice.

“Is that so? Then why did you stay in disguise for so long? I mean, if my BO smelled like roses to you, then why not make your move sooner?” I asked.

“I wanted to learn more about you first. You see, I’m not so sure you would have divulged in me if you knew I was a Demon. You wouldn’t have trusted me”

“I still don’t”

“All in good time” she snickered. “Anyway, back to my point. I guess you could say my focus on you was professional… at first. But the more time I spent with you and the more I learned about you, well, my interests became much more personal. Soon, I couldn’t go without seeing you. I needed to be with you whenever I could. You were all I could ever think about. Especially in my leisure time” Veina said deviously as her dark and red eyes drifted down to my crotch, then back to my own.

A little too much info there. Boy, do I feel dirty but… flattered at same time.

“Don’t retire those fingers yet, Mae West, because nothing is going to happen here. I’m not getting involved with your goddamn sex-capades. So get out of here before I get pushy. Go find another slave to rent out your slutty love nest” I said, having reached my limit of bullshit.

Empire logic wins over rebelling primal instincts, but no flawless victory.

Veina sighed regretfully but affectionately. “Very well. If you wish to have your space, then so be it. Though I will deeply miss your presence, I will endure it for your sake. Anything for you”

With a snap of her fingers, a small purplish portal opened up behind her. She slowly turned around and walked toward the thing.

Man, what an ass…

Before she completely stepped through it, she looked back to me. After she caught me staring at her butt, she smirked and spoke. “Believe me when I tell you that my interest in you goes deeper than you can imagine. I have sworn my heart to you and only you, Jason. As your lover, I will supply you with eternal pleasure. That is my promise to you, my love” she said in the most sincere of tones.

There goes that “my love” thing again.

With that, she shot me a flirtatious wink before walking back into her portal. Her tail was the last thing to go before the portal disappeared. Was it was waving at me? Who am I kidding? Of course it was.

Standing in silence, I let out a long deserved sigh. I walked over to my work bench and slammed my face onto it hard. I wanted a pain that was stronger than the pain in my ass. Also, I wanted the wood in my pants to die down so I could think.

Now, I was hand-paddling up shit creek.

I didn’t care what she said, I didn’t trust her. Of course she was trying to get into bed with me; that was never in doubt. It was why she wanted to, that concerned me. Oh sure, she threw around the word “love” like Spiderman does his webbing, but there had to be more to it than that. Nothing is free. Other mamono chased after dick regularly, which was enough to raise plenty of alarms in my head. However, this was a Demon, which was a whole new ball game. Not only were Demons notorious for being the highest rank in Druella’s posse but being a Demon also meant that she was a scheming, lying, insidious bitch of a deceptor; my words. They only saw men as tools to advance their own goals like the promiscuous skanks they were. After they rode you out and got everything they wanted, there’d be either a dried husk or a zombie left to do their bidding. What a sucker. And I’m talking about both the guy and the Demon.

Either that, or she was playing a sick game and just biding her time until the right moment to snatch up my Earth-gear. I may be paranoid and cynical, but I knew I wasn’t attractive enough to seduce women much less a voluptuous one. And she wasn’t the first person, human or mamono, to try and force a relationship on me. A relationship that could rob me of my free will or even my life. I suppose it was alright since all those other girls had struck out but who am I kidding? Veina wasn’t just another normal horny girl…

Goddammit, or rather Maou-dammit. I would catch the eye of a fucking Demon. Up yours, Lady Luck.

What the Hell should my next move be? Haven’t I enough shit to fill my days? With the portals opening, my mind had been preoccupied with fighting Skarliks and trying to get back to Earth. So I really didn’t want to worry about a Demon being after my ass… literally. One thing was for sure; I wasn’t going to ram that kickass ass of hers. It was too risky. Well shit, what would Burt Gummer do? Shoot her, that’s what he’d do. That’s a pretty good way out, providing that I didn’t mind spending the rest of my life hating myself for harming her unprovoked. So just for shits and giggles, let’s try to think of something else, you trigger-happy meat head.

If I didn’t have a headache before, I sure as hell had one now.


In the evening, I returned to my apartment. With everything pounding on my body and mind, it turned out to be a very unproductive day. I just wanted to forget about it all and get drunk. I could afford to. There was lots of time before another portal might open. Also, I was doing good on money so why the Hell not spend the evening singing “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen”?

I walked into my humble abode and smelled… food? Uh-oh.

Yep. In the kitchen was Veina, alright. Chopping up some ham I had. Tail swishing invitingly past her toned backside.

“Hello, my love. Is the shoulder, okay?” she cheerfully asked. She didn’t even have to turn around to know that I was poking my head into the kitchen.

“Where I come from, breaking and entering is a crime” I said, not really surprised to see her.

“Good thing I didn’t break in then”. Oh, yeah I forgot. Her and her little portal trick. “But please wait until I’m done with your dinner before continuing. Then you can… fill me in on what things are like on your world. I’m looking forward to it”

Well, I didn’t have to tell her what an innuendo is. Maybe I would teach her what sexual harassment is.

“How the Hell did you know where I lived?”

“Just because you didn’t see me in town, doesn’t mean I wasn’t keeping my eye on you, my love”

Yep, just as I suspected. Now I can finally confirm stalking to her ever-increasing list of Earth crimes.

“You really don’t plan on leaving me alone do you?”

Veina simply turned her head and, with a slight glow of her eyes, gave me a warm yet mischievous smile. There’s my answer.

With a defeated sigh, I walked off to the couch and buried my face in a pillow. Maybe I’d get lucky and suffocate myself.

I figured I would have more time to plan before I saw her again. Guess not. Time to play it by ear; like I did everything else.

Before long Veina came out of the kitchen carrying two plates of ham, potatoes, and gravy.

“Here you are. Enjoy” she said as she handed me my meal and sat down next to me on the couch.

Maybe I would have bitched more if I wasn’t so tired. And the food did smell great. Well played, Veina.

At least she was a good cook. One bite and my dry mouth was watered with flavor.

“Did you cook this ham in wine?” I asked before taking another bite.

“It’s something special I whipped up”

I shrugged off her comment and continued eating. It was the high point of my day to just get a somewhat fancy meal so this was a real treat. A few bites later, I caught her watching me.

“Incredible. You really are immune to magic” Veina admired me as she finally decided to take a bite from her own plate.

“…Yeah. I thought we clarified that alre-” I started. Hold the phone. She said something “special”, didn’t she? “Alright, what ‘special’ Mickey Finn did you give me?”

“Just some Manticore venom dressed with some Honeybee honey made from the finest Alraune nectar, and seasoned with Mothman dust. Oh, and I got some Apophis venom from a friend of mine and mixed it into the the gravy. Delicious isn’t it?” Veina said as she took a bite of her own. She had all the perkiness of a loving mother at the family dinner.

I swallowed the bit in my mouth as I let the annoyance on my face do the talking.

“What? Can’t blame a girl for trying” Veina hummed, my irritation having no effect on her.

Geez, what a diva.

“No, but you can blame an idiot for not seeing something like that coming” I scolded myself. Thank God for my immunity, otherwise a Texas-sized fire hose couldn’t shrink the boner I would have been sporting. I figured she only drugged my food, or cast some kind of anti-horny magic shit on her plate. Without it, I think she would have quickly forgotten her “no rape” clause. Then again, she was always horny so maybe it had not affect on her. Take your pick.

I continued eating until I accidentally dropped a bit of food which then slipped between the cushions of the couch. The last thing I needed was ants, so I lifted her tail out of the way to retrieve the food. As I searched, I felt her tail against my palm. It was like feeling a warm rope covered in a velvet-leather hybrid. Really interesting to the touch; pleasant actually. It was a little distracting as I dug through the cushions hunting for the morsel of food.

After I found it, I dropped her tail and gobbled up the missing food. Who has time to worry about germs? Returning to my plate, I heard a husky cooing to my side. Veina was so flushed in the face that her blue skin turned purple. Her face was that of pure sensual delight. She was quivering in pleasure while lewdly mewing and rubbing her breast.

Fuck. I guess I found her erogenous zone. I didn’t need to know if I made her come right then and there.

“Sorry. Don’t get the wrong idea, Violet. That was an accident. That’s all” I said embarrassed at my slip up. Come to think of it, their tail was one of the things that they used to “play” with themselves.

Veina sighed heavily with satisfaction. Her already expansive chest expanded even more against her devil-themed bra, jiggling enticingly. “Oh… Maou be jealous”

Shit. Just what she needs, encouragement.

We finished the rest of our meal without words. That suited Veina just fine. She spoke volumes just by shooting me some not so conservative looks, letting me know what she was feasting on in her imagination. I just buried my face in the food and ignored her. Tried to, anyway.

After dinner she put down her plate and scooted herself closer to me. “Now that you’ve eaten, what else do you desire from me?” she teased. Her warm claws crept onto my hand.

Here we go again.

“Whatever happened to giving me my ‘space’?” I asked.

“I’m letting you go about your work without being too intrusive, aren’t I? I even kept all my clothes on here in our home” she said obscenely.

That’s about the most “space” you can get from a Demon, I suppose.

“If you can call those clothes. And it’s not ‘our’ home, it’s ‘my’ home” I declared firmly.

“I’m right where I belong. By the side of the man I love”

“I didn’t believe you the first time, and I don’t believe you now. You could find much more macho studs out there to be your boy-toy for the week. So why waste your time on me?”

If I had been a well-in-doubt stud, I might have believed her. I wasn’t a soy boy by any means but I had little to offer for any of the air-headed ‘popular’ girls in my world. Which was all for the better in my opinion since I couldn’t stand the dimwits any more than they could stand me. So why would a lascivious, orgy-crazed dominatrix like Veina even give me a second thought? I mean, I wasn’t the freshest meat on the counter. Besides, this Demon could tame any man with a simple shake of her hips. There was no reason for her to fill her time on a mouthy degenerate like me. Was she simply someone with a wandering eye who was accustomed to getting her way like a rich little brat? Did she not take rejection well? Or was there something else going on here?

“You still think that I want a fling with you?” she said slightly offended though hardly perturbed. “No, my love. A fling with you would be a crime. Our relationship will be far longer than that”

“Give me a fucking break. Someone with your kind of clout can dig all the gold you want from any jewel-shitting king out there. Then you could glamorize yourself to your heart’s content. There’s nothing fancy I can give you. The most power I have in these parts is a ten coin limit tab at the tavern”

“I don’t concern myself with such frivolous means like wealth. I have found far more extravagant pleasures in you. Pleasures I could only find in the one that I love. The one who will sire my offspring”

My eye twitched so much at her statement that I thought I had Blepharitis.

That’s not happening”

“The instincts to breed are powerful in all mamono. Isn’t a brood inevitable for two lovers who so vigorously engage in their deepest desires for one another? And I have chosen you, Jason, as the bearer of my most personal affections. In time, you will find that my lust is quite… insatiable”. Veina then began to slide her shapely body even closer to me.

Yeah, the fact that they were breeding at such a rate was one of the big things that had me questioning their altruism.

“No one looks as good as you do unless they’re hiding something. So I’m not buying that mamono love shit as anything more than Demon Lord propaganda”

“You doubt a mamono’s devotion to the one they chose?” she challenged me but with no malice present in her tone.

“Look where I come from, those kinds of feelings take time. Two people have to get to know each other first. You’re telling me that all you need is a few conversations with someone and BAM you’re in love with them?”

“All mamono live to find love. It’s the ultimate thrill”

“It’s called a crush. The hots. We all get them, but we all get over them too. I’ve had my flings in the past and they only ever ended up as one-night-stands. Just a little in and out. Nothing deeper than that”

“Call it whatever sexy thing you like, but my feelings for you are very genuine. If you don’t believe me, then why don’t you let me show you how real my feelings are? Let me show you all the wicked joys of depravity”

Her wandering hand found its way onto my inner thigh. Sensually, she dragged her claws up and down, caressing plenty of sensations into me. Her sumptuous chest smothered my shoulder out of sight like the pair of malleable cushions they were.

Focus, you jackoff. Don’t give her what she wants.

“I’m not so sure I want to be shown your true intentions, you Hell-walker. In my world, Demons are far from ‘man’s best friend’, okay? So just keep those fantasies of yours in check” I retaliated. In mythology, a Succubus would take much more than your virginity from you.

“Do you really find me that scary? Everything you see, I have willingly surrendered to you and you alone. Whatever you desire, I will provide. There is nothing in this world that I wouldn’t do to satisfy you, nor is there any pleasure that your imagination can conjure that I cannot offer you. Nothing will ever be good enough for you, my love. Do I need to put on more charm to ignite your passion?” Veina said arrogantly tracing her claw along her lips.

So this isn’t her max charm? Gulp.

“Well, considering how you Demons are all about corrupting people to tears, I guess I’m hesitant about dropping my guard along with my pants”

“Correct you are. As I told you before, it’s always more pleasurable for us Demons to see our man willingly take us. To give in and seek us to quell his needs as a man. We find it most fulfilling. As opposed to rape which is so… savage and classless. Although rape is not without some degree of fun, if I do say so. After all, we Demons have needs too” she confessed unashamedly.

It wasn’t until I saw my crimson reflection in her eyes that I realized how close she had gotten.

“You should work for Pornhub” I said as I forced her back, making sure that I didn’t touch anything on her that I would regret. But she continued her advance, regardless. And despite my focus to stay clear of her more intimate parts, she went into ecstasy just from me simply touching her shoulders. Letting out lewdly shrill gasps from my attempt to not turn her on.

“Ahh yes. Yes! You’re simply exhilarating. And please, touch me some more”

“Will you calm the fuck down already? I’m not trying to charm you!” I said frustratingly. It seemed that no matter what I did, I got an undesired effect. What the fuck could I do to purge this Hellspawn?

“But you have charmed me, my love. You are now the only one that I dream of at night.

“Yeah? What do you eat before you go to bed? And you can sweettalk me all you want but I know you’re planning something shady”

Zuul was horny. And that didn’t turn out good either.

“Why yes. What I’m planning does generally takes place in the dark. But if it will please you to start during the day…” Veina teased.

“Please me? If you get your ass out of here, Webster can put my picture in the dictionary under ‘ecstatic'”

“I doubt either of us would find any real pleasure in that” she chuckled at my request. “The next move is up to you, my love. Name what you wish from me and you shall have it. I belong to you now and my body is yours to enjoy. So please… indulge yourself in me. Let my femininity satisfy your masculinity”

“Haven’t you heard that you should wait at least an hour after eating before doing that kind of thing?”

Veina was too aroused to at this point to be affected by my witticism. “Would you rather I take the lead? Hehe, I know of many ways to thrill you. Would you like to see?” she said as she started licking my neck. The Demon was literally drooling over me now.

“No! I wouldn’t! I already told you that I’m not applying to be your sex slave, so get another intern! With your looks, it shouldn’t be all that hard” I stammered. With my sanity hanging on by a threat, I pushed her back a bit.

“Oh, you flatter me so. But I desire no one but you. You, my love, are now the only one who can satisfy my hunger”. Veina danced her tongue around her lips in front of me. It was longer than I expected.

“Try a cucumber” I snidely fired back.

“Aren’t you the least bit curious of the pleasures I have to offer you? After all… don’t you like what you see?” Veina bragged, like the well-in-doubt flirt that she was. Showoff.

‘Like’ was an understatement; biologically speaking. But mentally… it was more of a tug o’ war.

“Shut up. I’m not nobody’s plaything”

“Are you sure? I find you quite fun, my love”

“Urrgh. Look, it’s pretty damn hard to get aroused when you finally meet your stalker. Not that kind of hard!” I stopped her before she pretzeled my words again. “I’m more suspicious of you than curious”. That was only half true. She easily made my imagination go ape-shit more than usual. But this wasn’t the time for teenage fantasies.

“Well, I’ve been aroused by you since that day we met at the Dewcliff Exchange. Perhaps you just need to be put in the right mood. If you let me, I’ll gladly help” she purred, followed by an evil little chuckle. She slowly captured and repositioned my face in her warm palms when I turned away from her smoldering charm. “It only seems fair to please the man who has stimulated my body more than ever before. I absolutely love you and this new-found pleasure you’ve granted me. To be able to… touch you right now is… is… oh Maou” she slurred over her own words as she vigorously massaged my dignity, looking deep into my eyes. Either she actually liked how my face felt or she just never had Play-Do as a kid.

“Look st-… stop that… wha-… cut it out, will you!?” I insisted as she practically gave me a face lift.

“Sorry, hehe, I lost myself again, my love. Your mana is unbelievable”

“My what?”

“Your mana, or ‘aura’ as some call it. It’s a power every living creature has, and we mamono can sense it. Mana is revealed through every facet of a man’s being; his actions, odor, voice, movement, everything. It helps tell us how potent their spirit energy is. With it, we can better understand what a man is like on the inside. And your mana is… exotic to say the least”

“What did you expect? I’d smell like a cheesecake factory? I had to go all Red Dead Redemption on the Order when they tried persuading me with their fists. Then I got the privilege of dragging my cargo through the sands all by myself. So yeah, I get it; I smell like ass. I’m waiting for a portal to cough up some cologne, or even a breath mint” I said, assuming this mana thing was her funny way of saying that I that I stank. But if what she said was true, then that might explain why I’ve had such a hard time driving off mamono; acid tongue be damned.

However, Veina ignored my wise-quack and erotically traced her claw down my neck and until resting her hand on my chest. I shivered at the sensation.

“Your heart beats with a strength that’s quite sensual. You may not even know how strong you really are but I can tell. Each beat whispers of your great fortitude. The spirit energy flowing through you is truly irresistible. Tastes may differ, but frankly, I’m surprised that you’ve not been held down and ravaged by a horde of mamono by now”

Well now that she mentioned it…

“Lucky for me, you weren’t” Veina said tenderly. Her smile turned from lusty and mischievous, to rosy and caring. I was kind of taken aback at how fast she changed and thus, was left unsure of how to feel. I almost wanted to believe it was genuine. Almost. Her words and voice were sweeter than a Pepsi factory but my mom told me not to take sweets from strangers.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by a damp spot spreading onto my swim-suit area. When I looked down, the realization hit me that Veina was completely mounted on my lap. Minus the thin layer of clothing separating our “connectors”, we were in a very suggestive position. More worrying, depending on who’s perspective we’re coming from, my blood wasn’t only pumping through my buff heart; it had settled in the Southern district. Gee, I wonder what brought that on? My own little BennaDICK Arnold.

As for the dampness, well, I’m pretty sure I got my answer about Veina back when I grabbed her tail.

We both realized our situation at the same time as we both looked down, then back up at each other. Clearly both of our on-switches were flicked, but that’s where our similarities ended. An even bigger blush formed over Veina’s face to go along with her sexually-charged smile. My eyes almost burst out of my skull at the horror of the situation. Or would that be “whore” of the situation?

Regardless, things had taken a turn for the worse. I had to do something, other than Veina. Even though my little soldier stood at attention, my brain was still on duty. So before I made a mistake, I frantically moved her off of me and stood up.

“Look, that’s just a biological reaction! Sexy women do that to guys, alright!? I haven’t changed my fucking mind!” I inelegantly insisted. I’m not so sure I even convinced myself of that statement. All I know is that there was an exceptionally voluptuous female sitting on my lap, wanting to have sex with me. Who the Hell wouldn’t be hard in this situation? Even after all of my paranoia and suspicions, I was still human.

“Hmmm. ‘Sexy’? Wonderful. Simply wonderful” Veina gloated as she gleefully rolled back on the couch, giving me a show in and of itself as a view between her legs did fuck all to calm my boner. “I was wondering how much probing you could endure”

“‘Probing’?” I asked, now as confused about her motives as I was embarrassed.

“Indeed. I was curious as to how much affection you could take with that iron will of yours. I am a recon scout, after all”

“Still with your fucking mind games, huh? Real love, my ass, you skank” I said. I should have been more proud that my suspicions about her seemed warranted, but actually, I found myself more angry. I wasn’t sure why, though.

“No darling, you misunderstand me. Igniting the lust of our lover is more satisfying for mamono than anything else in the world. And you’ve made me so very happy by showing that you’re attracted to me that much. You have been staring, haven’t you? Besides, I wanted to get a sense of your intimate side and learn what arouses you; the in’s and out’s of your desires” she snickered lewdly at her wordplay.

Great, now I’m being interrogated for fetishes. A simple look through my internet search history would be easier. Albeit disturbing.

“Brilliant, La Blue Girl. You jump on someone’s lap, rub your tits in their face, whisper verbal candy into their ears, and the big revelation is that they get a boner? Real rocket science” I said sarcastically.

“That was barely even a taste of the pleasure that awaits you, my love. However, if you insist on holding on to your reservations, then it shall be. I will wait and you may take things at your pace. After all, I’m a very patient Demon. Besides, I prefer your shoulder to heal before things go any further. I’d like to receive you with all your strength, unless you insist right now of course. But for now, rest. You’ve had enough excitement for one day. So shall we turn in, my love?”

Curse her and her cryptic nature. What was her endgame? She could also easily dominate guys, including myself, with magic so why wait? If she wasn’t going to try to rape me right now, then why hang around here at all? And if she was so unbearably horny, then why not find some other dude to seduce?

So many questions. But the biggest of all being, why me?

However, sleep did sound great. I’d been wanting to faceplant into my bed since my earlier scrimmage with the Order. It’s just that a certain Hellbeast had been keeping me on alert for a while.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t rely on booze to alleviate my pain. With Veina here, getting drunk would be like a cigarette in a powder room; just begging for a big bang. It was best to stay in my right mind and not do something regretful. Namely not “do” her.

“No arguments here. But I suppose you plan on staying here tonight?” I asked even though I already knew the answer.

“Oh my love, I’m sure you already know the answer”

Pow! Right in the kisser.

“Fine. You’re lucky I’m pooped. Otherwise I would drag you out by that tail and tie it to a Wurm in heat. Seems you’ve gotten pretty comfy on that couch, so make yourself at home. You know where to find me”. Sure it was rude to not offer her the bed, but I was the one with the injured shoulder after all.

Veina said nothing but remained sprawled on the couch as I walked toward my bedroom. The predatory grin I’d left her on made me uneasy. After locking the door, I stripped down to my briefs and flopped onto the bed. That was the friend I really wanted to sleep with. And with my shoulder still aching, a soft bed felt great.

I thought about everything I knew about Veina by this point. Her words echoed in my brain. All that talk of love at first sight and shit, it had to be a lie. She just did a great job hiding it, that’s all. If she hadn’t made some valid points earlier, I wouldn’t have let her stay. Though, she did have every opportunity to ravage me but she chose not to. That just left me frustrated and baffled. However, despite a few points in her favor, I still thought there were ill-intentions behind her beautiful face. After all, she was a radical; nothing but bad news. In any case, I’ll just keep her in front of me in case she decides to stab me in the back.

Even with these unpleasant thoughts plaguing my mind, it still didn’t take long to drift off into dream land. Sleep; it was the only method I had left to escape this crazy-ass world and get some peace.

But as per usual, a monkey wrench had made its way into my escape plan. And guess who threw it? I was woken up less than an hour later when I felt something warm, smooth, and soft touching my arm. A sweet and all too familiar scent assaulted my nose. Hopefully, this was a dream, and I was in a land of birthday cakes.

I looked to my right and, sure enough, I saw Veina’s smug, gorgeous face leering back at me knowingly. Her red eyes were glowing with desire, begging me to straddle her right there. She decided not to sleep under the covers as she lied on her side which only emphasized her profound hips and waist. Far be it from her to cover up her smoking curves. She just had to remind me of that one, special deed she had been designed for… and she was currently in my bed with me.

Wait. Was she watching me sleep this whole time?

Yeah, with her instant gateway ability, a lot of good my locked door was. At least I could use fatigue as my excuse for forgetting this time, rather than stupidity. Hey, when all else fails, try some denial medicine and don’t call the doc in the morning.

My blank yet annoyed glare perfectly conveyed my disapproval of Veina’s tactics. She remained wordless and smiled wide enough to show her perfect, albeit sharp, pearly gates.

“First rule,” I said, awake enough to put the hammer down on any more nonsense but too tired to kick her out. “no groping, kissing, or spooning me. Second rule, you actually sleep and don’t just stare at me all night. Third rule… don’t hog the damn blankets”

She shot me a playful frown before I quickly turned onto my side with my back to her. I could only hope that she had enough reverence for my improvised bedroom rules.

“Anything for you, my love” she sighed pleasantly.

That was enough assurance… for now.

This was the first time I was in bed with a woman in a long time. Much less a supermodel who the god of perverted puberty had sculpted into the ideal woman. I guess I was a little rusty with my bedroom skills, if I had any to begin with. Even when I did share an apartment with a woman back on Earth, it usually didn’t last long. Within three days, I got on her nerves so much, it ended with her screaming, cursing, and storming out the door faster than you could say “I told you it wouldn’t work out”. What can I say, I had a knack for irritating others.

Hmmm. Let me sleep on that thought.


In the morning, I woke up alone in bed with only a small, wet spot next to me where Veina once was. Shit. Rule 4, no groping ourselves in the dark. That goes into effect tonight.

Veina was nowhere to be seen. The only clue she left me was a red orb the size of a basketball floating near my side of the bed. There was a message in it. I guess texting did exist in this world.

“Dear Jason,

I wish I could stay, however I have some business to attend to today. In spite your silly rules, you gave me the best night of my life. Your mana is to die for. It gave me the best orgasm I’ve ever had. Before I left, I made you some breakfast. Try to enjoy it as much as I enjoyed being by your side all night. See you this evening.

Your lover,

I’m really getting sick of the word “love”


Oh, this should be good…

“I thought you could help me with some concepts I’ve been working on. Please look them over and tell me what you think later tonight”

Below the message was series of pictures. They depicted two figures engaged in various acts of… ah-heh, lets just say that if I was a religious man, I’d have to be in the confession booth for so long, I’d have a line of people behind me long enough to rival a ride at Disney Universe.

I had some concepts in my head too, though more like shadows of the future. There was no point in moving to another apartment since she knew where my cave was. But if my past roommates were anything to go by, there just might be a chance that I would make her so damn sick of my bullshit, that she’ll get fed up and leave me for good. After kicking my ass, of course. Fingers crossed.

I mean, that plan had worked in the past. So let’s turn up that douchebag dial.


Two weeks later…

I need another plan.

Veina said she was patient and she wasn’t kidding. At this point, I probably could have had five girls move in and then flip me the bird on their way out. I could barely stand living with myself half the time. And yet, I came home every night and there she was. Always overjoyed and welcoming me with open legs.

This despite me being even more of a dick than usual; probably leveled up five levels on my asshole meter, too. Even with my extra effort to drive her off, she hadn’t show any regrets or interest in leaving. In fact, she waited on me hand and foot, like a mother spoiling her kid. Pretty insulting if you ask me.

To a stranger, it may have seemed like I was the dominant one in this relati- arrangement! It’s just an arrangement! That’s all. Anyway, I may have been able to run my mouth however I wanted, but don’t let that fool you; I wasn’t in charge. I’m one to stand my ground, but I would most likely lose in a fight against someone as powerful as a Demon. Veina’s imposing confidence and shrewd demeanor made it clear that she was always the one in control, which made it all the more befuddling that she treated a jerk like me as the object of her affection. She could take what she wanted from me but still chose not to, making me look like the abusive, shithead boyfriend. Something tells me that she might have seen through my little scheme to drive her off. Did she figure it out from my mana or something? Or maybe she really was just on top of everything. Well, almost on top everything, if you know what I mean. Regardless, she loved playing both the prey and the predator.

I could barely get Veina to break her smile; she wore it all the time. Everything I did just enthralled her, often making her laugh. She simply countered my snarkiness with her sex appeal. Quite the impenetrable defense on her part. Yeah, her first night in my apartment was only the beginning of her wiles. Her blatantly lecherous behavior made it all too clear that her spicy side was always after my Slim Jim. But while Veina would regularly shoot me that obscene grin accompanied by a lusty glow in her eyes, she was nevertheless genuinely warm and loving with me whenever I was stressed. Never demeaning or uncaring. Whatever I had to say, she always gave me her undivided attention. As if she was telling me that she was right where she wanted to be. With a fuck-up like me.

No matter how many times I thought about it, I just didn’t get it.

However in these past two weeks, I’d done some studying of my own. I hadn’t read so much on a specific subject since my college thesis. There wasn’t too much available to read about Demon-kind but I’d learned enough to tighten up my asshole. Looks can be deceiving, but not in the case of Demons. A deal with a Demon was not only sealed in the bedroom. They wanted to bind themselves to their target on a spiritual level, as well. Sew their wicked sorcery into a guy so deep that it was impossible for him to escape. And a guy who willingly let them in, only sealed his fate. Corruption, remember? As far as I knew I was immune to magic, but why chance it? Plus, her demonic energy was more powerful than any other mamono I’d encountered. So in that sense, I wasn’t so confident in my figurative ‘armor’ to allow Veina to inspect it for cracks; her or any other mamono for that matter. From everything I’d read, there had never been a case of someone escaping a Demon’s crosshairs. How encouraging.

Hopefully, I’d be a pioneer by the end of all this.

Walking home from the liquor store, I wondered if I should have bought a different drink. With a picture of an Alraune on the bottle, I’m thinking that maybe I should have just stuck to the beer that the Red Oni shopkeeper recommended.

Yes, I was falling off the wagon again. What can I say? Veina or no Veina, I hadn’t had a strong drink for a while. I cracked.

There was no point in announcing my return as I entered my apartment. With my foul stench that Veina called “mana”, she always knew when I was around. Usually, I found her cooking in the kitchen, or “relaxing” on the couch like a Playboy cover girl when she greeted me. This time though, Veina was taking a shower… at my apartment. Terrific. If she wore socks, she would have left a pair of them in my bedroom by now.

After uncorking my “medicine”, I sat in the living room trying to read a manual for a set of phase plugs I had been working with in my workshop. But all I could think about was Veina. My hopes of getting rid of her were fading fast. I may have repelled her advances so far, but… well, I was a male in the end. Just being near such a sexy specimen at night had my mind racing with dreams before I even fell asleep. Her body, her perfect body, plagued my brain as it sent my imagination into such a whirlpool of fantasies that I would have thought I was back in that dizzying wormhole. Those wet lips, her curving waist, that bodacious ass, those enormous breasts, her nubile legs, all making me feel like… come on, do I need to go into detail?

All I had was my willpower to remain master of my domain. Dammit, I was losing my mind in trying to drive Veina crazy.

Somebody throw me an exorcist.

I took a swig of my beverage and let it burn its way down my throat; strong but welcomed. Fuck, it felt good to make out with a bottle of alcohol again. Meanwhile, I heard Veina come out of the bathroom and into the living room. Her lusty ‘Mmmm’ sigh sounded like the Donner party at the Lord of the Flies BBQ buffet. And guess who the caterer was?

Veina had on a dark blue bath robe that showed off way too much cleavage from her more than generous chest. The bottom of the robe stopped at her upper thigh, just below her… well you know. Either the stuff I was drinking was stronger than I thought or her robe came with little slits for her wings to slide through. Real cute.

“I hope you don’t mind me using your shower, my love” she grinned smugly as she sat in a chair across from me, soaking wet.

“As long as you didn’t install a camera in there, I’m good” I scoffed back.

The little fiend chuckled knowingly and proceeded to dry herself right in front of me. Unfortunately, I was unable to continue reading the manual. My focus was on this Hellaciously hot woman in front of me. Convenient for her.

I wasn’t surprised that she hadn’t dried herself yet. No doubt she waited in the shower until I came home. But now, on with the show. She sensually stretched her lovely legs out in my general direction and slowly rubbed the towel up and down her flawless blue skin. Subtle, isn’t she? I could hear her softly moaning and caught her smirking at her ‘audience’. Those blood-red eyes of hers encouraged me to eye grope her.

My scowl of disapproval only enticed Veina as she could see right through it.

Next she moved to her chest. Oh boy, here we go. Her robe was already barely keeping her breasts inside, so sliding it down even more was pushing it. I was too stunned to blink as I could now see almost every inch of Veina’s 2% milkers. I took notice of how her breasts slightly bounced from her ministrations yet refused to droop in the absence of any kind of a bra. They retained all of their tantalizing perkiness as they flipped gravity the bird. By the end, she managed to dry her whole chest without ever going fully topless. She didn’t even give a nip slip; I should know, I was watching closely. How she did that, I’ll never know.

After drying her chest and neck, she began to run the towel through her navy blue hair. Apparently she didn’t need a brush. Her hair seemed to be unnaturally knot-proof. Its shine was almost blinding as it flowed down her head and shoulders like a seamless flow of water.

Finally, Veina stood up and turned around. With her back to me, she lowered the top of her robe, exposing her back. Her wings had slid out of the robe and, with a quick, hard flap, flung drops of water everywhere. One hit me in the eye, but not enough to deter my stares. Slowly, of course, she dragged the towel across her back, soaking up water with it.

I’m gonna have to burn that thing after this.

Finally, the Demoness grabbed the bottom of her robe. ‘Don’t you dare’, I thought to myself. She deliberately began to lift her robe while bending over at the waist, presenting me a glorious presentation of her perfectly round ass and-

“Woah, hold up right there, Speedy! That’s enough for me!” I shrieked as I jumped up and turned around, sending my manual flying. “Just so you know, you have one area that still needs cleaning!” I said, having gotten a glimpse of her honey pot. It was lucky that I turned back into a mature adult before it was too late. I may have been a stubborn jackass, but no man could handle that!

“I just can’t seem to clean that area, no matter how hard I try. Funny isn’t it?” Veina chuckled evilly.

Hysterical. My sides may burst. Or something else may burst.

“Use some cold water next time. Now put on some clothes, will you?”

Actually, what she considered “clothes” wasn’t much of an improvement.

“It’s my duty to keep my body pristine for you, my love. I have eagerly honed it for the sole purpose of entertaining you” Veina said as she walked up behind me and spoke softly into my ear. The towel she was using flopped onto my neck before her hands began to caress my shoulders.

“That’s not a body; it’s a lethal weapon”

“You’re so amusing, my love. It’s just so fun to tease you” Veina laughed playfully. “But never fear. I will keep my word to follow your pace. No matter how difficult it is for me”. I could hear the evident disappointment in her voice.

“How fair is it to tease me after I work my ass off in my workshop all day? And dinner isn’t even ready yet. What the fuck do you do all day?”

Shit, we’re starting to sound like a married couple.

“Hmmm, you do work hard don’t you?” she said as she started tickling my neck with her fingers “Yes, teasing you after you’ve worked all day is rather unfair. In fact, I think what you need is to take a break from that stuffy old workshop. Why don’t you take it easy for a couple days?”

“Teasing me in the evening isn’t enough, so now you want all day?” I huffed, wise to her plan.

“Exactly” she giggled.

I answered with a irritated groaned and pulled away from her.

“Oh Jason, relax. I’m still just kidding with you. Well, sort of. But what I really mean is that you could use a little cheering up. And I have a way… or rather another way to please you”

“What are you getting at now?”

“There’s a festival going on in Gamberton in a few days. It’s really quite elaborate. They celebrate with food, games, and lots of other festivities. I was hoping you would join me in attending it”

“So basically, you’re asking me on a date?” I deduced with a cocked eyebrow.

“Date? Oh, we mamono don’t do dates”

“Yeah, I forgot. You just do” I snidely remarked.

“Come on, Jason. You could use a little fun. I really don’t like to see you work this much. It seems to have made you rather crankier than usual. Please?”

My stupid fucking plan had bitten me in the ass. Instead of driving her away, my “crankier than usual” act had drew her closer to me. It’s times like this, that make me wish I had a plan B.

While I was more of a ‘stay home with a beer and a video game’ kind of guy, I didn’t mind a party from time to time. Just to loosen up a little. And frankly, a little fun didn’t sound too bad right now. With these portals looming on the horizon and me constantly building new equipment, I guess my stress meter had gone critical some time ago. Not to mention, I still had my doubts about Veina and other mamono for that matter.

“Fun. Yeah I suppose I could use a little bit of that. Although partying with a bunch of liquored up mamono, going bananas from a sugar high? Call me a skeptical son of a bitch, but this ‘party’ looks to be detoured at Orgy Boulevard. Thanks but I’m not looking to be steamrolled, remember?”

Veina turned me around to face her. As she peered into my eyes, her face was filled with an intensity that contrasted to the way she wrapped her arms around me in a comfy hug.

“Never fear, my love. You are mine and I am yours. And no one will violate you. I will make sure of that” Veina said. Her voice was frighteningly flat. The glow in her eyes made me feel like I was staring at a red spotlight. Her smirk suddenly seemed much more dangerous. It told me that she had stopped playing and was definitely serious. A bit psychotic but serious. Geez, was she that obsessed with little ol’ me? It was the first time I was actually intimidated by her. I felt bad for any other chick that decided to put the moves on me. I may have been on the receiving end of Veina’s good will but my notions were correct; she was not someone to be crossed. That was enough to convince me of my safety, I suppose.

“Alright. When do we leave?” I relented.

“Wonderful” she said lovingly. Grabbing my hand and switching to a much friendlier smile, she continued. “You desire fun, then you shall have it. I’ve been there in years past and you won’t regret it. Just trust in me. If any other girl dares to try and take you first, then I swear I’ll-”

“Okay, I get it! I get it!” I said cutting off her bloodlust. “You get me a giant pretzel and it’ll be a hoot and a half. Just don’t kill anyone, okay?”

“Of course, my love. But before we go, I’d like to take you somewhere first” she said mysteriously. “It’s something I’ve been thinking of…”

She better not have me measured for a chastity belt.

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8 thoughts on “Wormhole Ch.5 (Updated)

  1. Wonderful job adding to your story. Those extra bits really do add a bit more to the story and help flesh out the characters and make their interactions flow better. Any idea about doing the same with any of the remaining chapters?

    1. Already in the process of updating the other chapters. The first 5 needed it the most, but I’ve been contemplating about whether to re-release the other chapters as “Updated” versions or simply alter their current posts., since they my not be altered as much as the first 5. I didn’t want to be excessive but if people enjoy them, then maybe I will. Only time will tell.
      I’ve learned a lot in the past year of writing and when I looked back on my older work, I felt I could have done better. Glad you liked the new versions. Feedback really helps me.

  2. Um, I have seen some errors here and there, like the wrong word used or a letter missing, like the “a” in what I think should be “may” one the line just below the “Updated”… If you are relying on a spelling checker program on the ‘puter , it won’t always be the right word. You need to make sure a human reads this and checks it as well… Stories are a lot better though, even with the typos and such…

  3. Great work again with the rewrite, feels a lot more fleshed out and cohesive than I remember. A great distraction as I wait for chapter 12, kinda curious how things will develop between Veina and Jason.
    I mean, the fact that she hasn’t seriously tried to take advantage of him (drugging his drink aside) is pretty neatly countered by the fact that she’s been deceiving him from the start.

  4. Working on the rewrites for the remaining chapters and also working on chapter 12. Glad my rewrites did pay off and that you enjoyed them. Veina and Jason will meet again relatively soon.

  5. Finally something to read again,love the story so far and cant wait for the rest of the chapters(including the last one of the series)to be posted!! Thanks again keep up the good work looking forward to reading the next chapters!

  6. She was trying to kill him with all that stuff in the food, gawd. I see Veina as a bloodthirsty killer not to be trusted. But her restraint is astounding.

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