Wormhole Ch.5 (Old Version)

Author’s Note:

I have some business to attend to, so this may be the last chapter for a bit.  Sorry.  But hopefully it will only be little more than a month.  But only time will tell.

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I motionlessly stared at her for several seconds, shocked at Veina’s little reveal event.

With my sharp, cat-like reflexes, I sprang to my feet with my gun drawn… right after gasping and falling over backwards onto my sore head. Smooth.

Now eye to eye with the new, and I guess “improved” Veina, I was ready for some answers.

“Stay right there! Don’t come any fucking closer!” I roared at my target.

Great job, Jason. You brought a mamano into your secret bat cave. A mamano that was hiding under your nose the whole time. If I had the time to kick myself, I would have.

“It’s okay, Jason. I’m not going to hurt you. Far from it” she said without losing her smirk.

Fucking hell. Her voice oozed carnal desire yet was so beautiful to listen to.

“So Veina, if that’s your real name, have any other secrets you want to share with me?” I demanded, not taking my eyes or my gun off her.

“Oh I assure you it’s my name, love”.

Good. It took me forever to remember her name, so don’t change it now.

“Now let me guess, you’re here on behalf of that fucking mamano radical group, right?” I said, guessing that she wasn’t exactly here to leech off my money.

Her eyes lit up even more at my statement.

“My, my, you’ve even heard of our little group. Wonderful” she said with glee.

Geez, she made it sound like it was really a book club.

“You bet your ass I’ve heard of that pack of crusading rapists. Well piss off because I’m not interested in joining that crazy ass rape tour of yours”.

“Oh you think that… hahaha. My, how smart you are. And always ready on the defense. Very stimulating. But don’t worry, my love. You can just relax, because I’m not here on behalf of Druella”.

Druella. I thought back to the stories that I’d heard of her. Kinda like the Lindsay Lohan of this world. A real party animal; into whatever was lascivious, raunchy, wild, and any other immoral shit you could think of.

But I could internally berate her later.

“Is that a fact? So why the disguise?” I asked.

“Well you see… I’m what you might call a scout, of sorts. The disguise is just to blend in without anyone suspecting me. But that’s just business. Even in towns, I don my disguise. Naturally, I don’t wish to draw too much attention, given that I’m part of Druella’s ranks”.

Sounds like being a radical is like being a celebrity. Can you sign my husband, please?

“Congrats. You pull off a great wacko” I sneered, still mad at myself for not seeing through it.

“Thank you. It one of my many talents. I’d… love to show you more” she boasted, with a slight shake of her hips.

Yeah I bet she would.

“Well if you’re not here for those shadey ‘progressives’, then what the fuck are you here for?”

I immediately regretted the stupid question. And she just said I was smart, too. Maybe it was my suspicious nature or maybe I was just too taken aback to think clearly. But it was so fucking obvious.

She lustfully sighed and ran her hands all down her body until resting her hands behind her back. I had been trying not to look at her body. I’ve heard a Demon can smell even the slightest bit of blood that goes down South. Eyes up.

“Care to take a guess?”

Great. My dumbass question gave her a chance to start teasing me.

“Forget I asked, lil’ Lita. I figure you’re not here to sell cookies, so tell your boss to kiss my ass. I’m not interested in helping her psycho cause” I said, trying to get her mind off of the flirty shtick.

“But I told you. I’m not here on business” she said, losing some of that shit-eating grin. Good.

“Yeah well getting into my pants and brainwashing me sounds like direct orders from the Whore HQ. I’d call that business”.

“Hmm. I suppose that’s true; business and pleasure do tend to overlap for me.  But my pleasure is far more important to me than any business matters. And right now, this… this is pure pleasure, for me. You, my love, are pure pleasure for me”.

Shit her grin came back

“Yeah, right. You’re selling something, alright; bullshit. And I’ve definitely got more than enough of that in my life, Morrigan”

“Oh but it’s true. This is the greatest pleasure for me” she said as she began to strut toward me; my gun meaning jack shit to her. “And you…”

As she walked toward me, I broke my promise and really took in her figure. Holy shit, her figure. Mission failed.

I guess I see now why Demons were infamously dangerous. Every single movement she made, no matter how small, could bring back the life in a one-hundred year old man long since “retired”. Maybe it was that hypnotizing strut of hers that just emphasized her perfectly wide hips and taught stomach. Or maybe it was the way her F cup breasts slightly bounced with each step.

Her legs were pillowy perfection with just the right amount of toned muscle showing, same as her stomach and arms. Even her wings and tail seem to signal how sensually turned on she was.

Then there was her face; not a single flaw. Perfect teeth shined bright through her smile. Her blue skin shined with no pores or any other imperfections.

Hot as fuck, more than I ever thought was possible.

However the dick in me, not that one, wouldn’t be won over that easily. So she was voluptuous; big fucking deal. She was a Demon after all. That probably just meant that she put on a better show than the other mamano that have flirted with me. Wonderful. A master thespian.

I wouldn’t let myself be won over that easily.

“Hey, hey, hey! I said don’t move” I stammered after snapping out of my “hot chick mode”.

“Oh, Jason” she said with ironic innocence “does my appearance instill so much fear that you would not trust me?”

Now I was really annoyed. What did she expect after what she pulled?

“Scared? Hell no! But considering your little double-O seven act, I’d say there’s more to your motives than just a childish crush. How do I know you aren’t just trying to lure me into a scheme to benefit you and your radicals? Or maybe a clever way to sneak off with my tech, huh?” I said defiantly. Double-O seven? More like double F seven. Haha.

She stared at me for a couple seconds. Maybe I stumped her; found out her master plan. Well, I’d seen this act before. And considering how mamano had their own version a “low blow”, she’d probably just take me for a short ride and then toss me aside once she got her jollies and my equipment. Yeah, I got you now, bitch.

Though the fact that her smirk didn’t fade in the least did have me concerned.

She then let out a slight giggle. Shit.

“If you think that I’m only here to get your… uh… ‘tech’ as you called it… why would I have revealed myself to you?” she playfully asked.

“… huh?” I asked dumbfounded.

“Wouldn’t it have been easier for me to keep you fooled with my little disguise and make off with your stash when you weren’t looking? I mean after all, you were the one who let me in here, remember?”

“I di-… It’s jus-… Wha-… I… I…” was all I managed to say.

Shit, did this she-devil just stump me? So she had a point. Lucky break.

“Well… maybe so. But considering how subtle that outfit is” I said sarcastically “I’m betting you’re here to raid something else of mine. Primarily my pants! Well dream on because I got some news for you. You’re not the first chick to try that on me. It didn’t turn out well for them and it won’t turn out any better for you. I’m not one to be pinned down without a fight. Got that, Batgirl!?”

Now this time I got her.

“Hmm… yes you’re right. I am here to claim… that” she dreamily cooed “but not in such a vulgar manner. If I was into rape, I would have done it the first day we met. Do you doubt I could take you by force, my love?”

Okay, so she had another point. Big deal.

“Yeah? How do I know that you won’t blow the whistle on me and my secret hideaway?” I said trying to make a comeback in our little argument.

“Honestly… if I wanted to expose you, wouldn’t I have brought an entire Succubus army down on you by now? To have their way with your equipment… and then you?”

Fuck she did it again. I’m starting to think that she knew more than I did.

I knew first hand that even mamano far below the ranks of a Demon could easily have overpowered me in a fist fight. If not for my weapons, trickery, and dumb luck, I wouldn’t have gotten out of some of those situations. Veina: 3, Jason: 0

“Goddammit” I muttered under my breath. “Well what makes you think I won’t kill you right here and now?” I said as my last chance to not come across as an idiot.

“Well… you haven’t really been pointing your weapon at me for the past several seconds, you know?” she said while gesturing her head toward my hand.

You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me. Game, set, match?

But now that I think about it, holy fuck, she was right… again! She slid right past my defenses and closed the distance between us. Even worse, I had been pointing my gun well past her head for an embarrassing amount of time. I couldn’t blame her devilishly magical charm, either. It was definitely my stupidity. Well it’s official; I’m a complete dumbass. Well played, Jason.

“Okay, okay. You don’t need to make me into a bigger fool than I look. And you don’t need to show off, Mary Sue.” I said, sulking in my defeated ego.

I hated to admit it, but she had some good points. Even with my magic immunity, I’d heard that Demons had plenty of magic besides just charm spells. That combined with her superior physical strength meant that she was used to getting her way. So she would have tried making me into her fuck-buddy a long time ago. Or she could have looted my place after knocking me senseless. Either way, if that’s what she had in mind, we would have been having our own little Mortal Kombat tournament by now.

“Fine. Since you’re not the spy who’ll screw me, what do you want?” I said as I decided to holster my gun, since all evidence suggested that she didn’t intend on jumping me. One load off of my mind… and body.

She laughed and cupped her hand to her cheek while dreamily staring at me.

“You and your sexy talk. You truly are irresistible” she said in between her giggles. “But to answer your question, what I want with you is quite simple, my love”. She lusciously licked her lips at that her statement.

“Alright, that’s it. What’s with this ‘my love’ crap? We are not lovers! I didn’t even know you were a Demon until a few minutes ago, remember?” I yelled, finally having enough of her cutesy name for me.

“As far as I’m concerned, we are lovers. You just don’t know it yet. Hehe” she said with a more mischievous chuckle.

Yeah, she’s not a rapist at all.

“Yet? Sounds like you’re planning on using one of those charm spells that you and your sex-happy sisters use to spellbound guys. Good luck, sweet cheeks. I happen to be magic proof”.

“Hmm, I suppose that’s true, from what I gathered. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to do this the old fashion way” she said without much concern.

I doubt her “old fashion” skills needed a tune up.

“What’s your deal, huh? Are you under one of your own fucking spells or do you just have a bad case of ‘girl’s first crush’?”

“I’d say you are the one with the magic, my love. You’ve spellbound me; charmed me with the magic of your voice, your words, and… your… everything” she said as she began to lose herself in my eyes while rubbing my face with her hand.

She had moved so close to my face, you could barely fit a paper between our faces. With my back against the wall, I was trapped. And you bet your ass I felt her breasts pressed up against my chest. Her skin felt better than the finest silk that Ted Turner could buy back on Earth. Her warmth threatening to burn me alive. Her scent was surprisingly sweet, with a hint of muskiness to it. Pretty addicting, to say the least. My primal instincts began a rebellion against the opposing empire of logic.

“I’ve waited so long for this moment. When I could finally touch you; to bask in your essence. (sighs) … so strong… and… sexy… For you to finally take me right here and now…” she said as she continued to caress my face and rub against my body.

Talk about a hammy actor.

But then it hit me.

“Corruption, right?” I said breaking her moment of ecstasy. “I just remembered. You Demons are all into that kind of shit, aren’t you? You mindfuck people until they body-fuck you. You’d rather brainwash than rape, right?”

“Hmmm, so clever. Yes, it’s the greatest joy in the world for a Demon. To be desired so much that it overpowers all of the other senses of our one true love. To make them unable to resist or go on without us drowning them in more pleasure than they could ever dream of. To become one with the man that will become our husband” she said, still in a bit of a haze from her fantasies.

“Husband!? Hold up there, Easy Access” I stammered as I firmly pushed her back. “We are not married! I’m no one’s husband”. Trying to play up the whole “love” angle just to trick me into being her boy-toy. “And I’ve got news for you. I’m not a piece of sausage for you to play with for a bit. You’ve got a lot to learn if you think that a pair of tits, a nice ass, and some ‘come fuck me’ boots is all it takes to make me trust you. Go try that corruption bullshit on some willing gradeschooler. You’re not going to take me on a brainwashing sex-scapade. Just… just leave me the fuck alone, got it?”

Leave it to my inner asshole to keep my little Johnny’s hands off the steering wheel in my brain.

I was actually really pissed off. I had my own backlog of problems to worry about. So I really didn’t want this bitch to turn me into her sex zombie. Or just play up the romance, only to drop me after a couple of late night rendezvous’. Tried that back on Earth a few times; it never, ever felt good afterwards. Fuck that.

Her smirk faded only a bit. I expected anger but I’m not complaining.

“Forgive me. I lost myself in you, hehehe. To be that close to you is truly intoxicating. It killed me to resist it whenever I was around you” she said without losing the dreaminess in her voice.

“Oh really? Then why did you stay in disguise for so long. I mean, if my BO smelled like roses to you, then why not make your move sooner?” I asked.

“Well, I wanted to learn more about you first. You see, I’m not so sure you would have divulged in me if you knew I was a Demon. You wouldn’t have trusted me if I had”.

“I still don’t”.

“All in good time” she snickered. “But back to my point. I guess you could say I was just doing my job. At first. Slowly but surely, you became an obsession with me. All I could think about was you… especially in my leisure time” she said as she began to undress me with her imagination.

A little too much info there. Boy do I feel dirty.

“Yeah well don’t retire those fingers, Mae West. There’s not going to be any pillow talk between us. Now leave before I get pushy. Go find another sex slave to rent out your love nest” I said, having reached my limit of bullshit.

Empire logic wins over rebelling primal instincts, but no flawless victory.

“Very well. If you wish to have your space, then so be it. Though I will deeply miss your presence, I will endure it for your sake”.

With a snap of her fingers, a small purple portal opened behind her. Before she completely stepped through it, she turned back to me.

“Believe me, my interest in you is not something so trivial. I will make you happy. That is my promise to you, my love” she said with, seemingly, more sincerity than I’d seen from her before.

There goes that “my love” thing again.

With that, she shot me a smile and flirtatious wink before turning and walking into her portal. Her tail was the last thing to go before the portal disappeared. I think it was waving at me. Who am I kidding? Of course it was.

Standing in silence, I let out a long deserved sigh. I walked over to my work bench and slammed my face down onto it. I wanted a stronger pain somewhere else other than my ass.

I was now hand-paddling up shit creek.

I didn’t care what she said, I didn’t trust her. Of course she was trying to get into bed with me. That was never in doubt. It was why, that concerned me. Oh sure, she threw around the word “love” like Spiderman does his webbing, but there had to be more to it than that. Granted, other mamano chased after dick regularly, but at least they would only bang you and leave you with no regards. But she was a Demon. Not only were Demons notorious for being the highest rank in Druella’s posse but being a Demon also meant that she was a scheming, lying bitch of a deceptor, my words. They only saw men as tools to advance their own goals. After they’d run you dry and increased their power, it’s “so long sucker”. Eww.

Either that, or she was just biding her time until the right moment to snatch up my Earth-gear and take off. Call me paranoid, but she wouldn’t be the first person, human or mamano, to try to steal from me.

Goddammit, or rather Maou-dammit. I would get a Demon. Fuck you, too, Lady Luck.

What the hell was my next move going to be? Haven’t I enough shit to fill my days? With the portals opening, my mind had been preoccupied. I really didn’t need a Demon after my ass… literally. One thing was for sure; I wasn’t going to play her game. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to kill her. But, just for shits and giggles, let’s try something else first.

If I didn’t have a headache before, I sure as hell had one now.


In the evening, I went back to my apartment. It turned out to be a very unproductive day. I just wanted to forget and probably get drunk. I could afford to. I had lots of time before another portal might open. Also I was doing good on money so why the hell not spend the evening singing “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen”?

I walked into my humble abode and smelled… food? Uh-oh.

Yep. In the kitchen was Veina, alright. Chopping up some ham I had. Tail swishing excitedly past her lusciously toned ass.

“Hello, my love. How’s the shoulder?” she cheerfully said. She didn’t even have to turn around to know that I was peaking into the kitchen.

“Where I come from, breaking and entering is a crime” I said, not really surprised to see her.

“Well good thing I didn’t break in”.

Oh yeah I forgot. Her and her little portal trick.

“But please wait until I’m done with your dinner. Then you can tell me as much about your world as you like. I’m looking forward to it”.

Maybe I would teach her what sexual harassment is.

“How the hell did you know where I lived?”

“Just because you didn’t see me in town, doesn’t mean I wasn’t keeping my eye on you, my love”.

Great, just as I suspected. Now I can finally confirm stalking to her ever-increasing list of Earth crimes.

“You really don’t plan on leaving me alone do you?” I asked, getting right to the point.

She turned and, with a slight glow of her eyes, gave me a warm yet mischievous smile. There’s my answer.

With a heavy sigh, I walked off to my couch. I needed to bury my face in a pillow for a bit. Maybe I’d get lucky and suffocate myself.

I figured I’d get more time to come up with a plan to get away from her. Guess not. Time to play it by ear; like I did everything else.

Before long Veina came out of the kitchen carrying two plates of ham, potatoes, and gravy.

“Here you are, love. Enjoy” she said as she handed me a plate and sat down next to me on the couch.

Maybe I could have bitched more if I wasn’t so damn hungry and exhausted. Well played, Veina.

Well, at least she’s a good cook.

“Did you cook this ham in wine?” I asked.

“It’s something special”.

I shrugged off her comment and continued eating. Hell it was the high point of my day to just get a good meal.

“Wow, you really are immune to magic” she said after I took a few more bites.

“I thought we clarified that alre-” Wait a second. She said something “special”.

“Alright, what ‘special’ Mickey Finn did you cook this ham in?”

“Just some Manticore venom along with some Honeybee honey made from the finest Alraune nectar, and seasoned with Mothman dust. Oh, and I mixed some Apophis venom into the the gravy. Delicious isn’t it?” she said with all the perkiness of a loving mother at the family dinner.

I gave her the best grumpy stare I could as I swallowed the bit in my mouth.

“What? Can’t blame a girl for trying” she said still not losing her smile.

“No but you can blame an idiot for not seeing something like that coming”. Thank God for my immunity otherwise a Texas sized fire hose wouldn’t have been able to shrink the boner this stuff would’ve given me. I figured she only drugged my food, or cast some kind of anti-horny magic shit on her plate. Otherwise, I think she would have quickly forgotten her “no rape” clause.

I continued eating until I dropped a bit of food that slipped between the cushions of the couch. Her tail was in the way, so I lifted it and searched for the food. As I searched, I felt her tail against my palm. It was like feeling a warm rope covered in a latex, leather hybrid. Really interesting to touch in all honesty. Pleasant actually. It was a little distracting as I dug through the cushions hunting for the morsel of food. But the last thing I needed was ants.

After I found it, I dropped her tail and gobbled up the missing food. I didn’t care. Then I heard a whimper to my side. Looking over I found Veina was so flushed in the face that her blue skin turned purple. Her smile was that of pure sensual delight. She was shaking and quivering in pleasure while cooing softly and lewdly.

Fuck. I guess I found her erogenous zone. I didn’t want to know if I made her come right then and there.

“Sorry. Don’t get the wrong idea, Violet. It was an accident. That’s all” I said annoyed but embarrassed. Now that I thought of it, their tail was one of the things that they used to “play” with themselves.

She giggled and sighed heavily with satisfaction.

“Oh… Maou be jealous”.

Shit. I can’t afford to fuck up like that again.

We finished the rest of our meal without words. But she did continue to shoot me some not so conservative looks. I just buried my face in the food and tried to ignore them. After dinner she put down her plate and scooted closer to me.

Here we go again.

“Whatever happened to giving me my ‘space’?” I said as I felt her warm claws on my hand.

“Well I’m letting you go about your business without being too intrusive aren’t I? I even kept all my clothes on” she said with such mischievousness.

That’s about the most “space” you can get from a Demon, I guess.

“If you can call those clothes” I snarkly said. “Look, you could find any other guy out there to be your boy toy for a while. So… why me?” I said.

As far as I was concerned, I was never a well-in-doubt stud; I had little to offer to any of the air-headed ‘popular’ girls in my world. So I was genuinely curious why someone like a lascivious, orgy-crazed dominatrix would even give me a second thought. I mean, I wasn’t the freshest meat on the counter.

“You still think that I want a fling with you?” she said slightly offended, even though she didn’t lose her grin. “No, my love. A fling with you would be a crime. I wish to do far more extravagant things with you. Things that I would only do with the one that I love”.

“I don’t buy that shit. Not with you or any other mamano for that matter”.

“How come?” she asked with a hint of desperation in her eyes.

“Look where I come from, those kinds of feelings take time. Two people have to get to know each other first. You’re telling me that all you need is a few conversations with someone and BAM you’re in love with them?”

“I don’t choose when it happens. But all mamano live to find it”

“It’s called a crush. The hots. We all get them. But we all get over them too. I’ve had my flings in the past. But that’s all they were, one-night-stands”.

“Call it whatever sexy thing you like, but what I feel is real. You don’t believe me? Why don’t you let me show you how real it is?” She began to sit up and move closer to me.

“I got news for you, Big Ears. In my world, Demons are far from ‘man’s best friend’, okay? So just keep those fantasies of yours in check” I said, fully aware of how close she was getting.

“Do you really find me that scary? I offer myself to you and all of your carnal fantasies. Perhaps I might put on more charm so to ignite your passion” she said as her smirk became much more lusty.

This isn’t her max charm?

“Save it. Considering how you Demons are all about corrupting people to tears, I guess I’m hesitant about dropping my pants”.

“Correct you are. As I told you before, it’s always more pleasurable for us Demons to see a man willingly take us. To give in to his needs as a man.  We find it most fulfilling. Something like rape is so… savage and classless. Although not without some degree of fun, if I do say so.” she said while moving closer to my face until I could see my crimson reflection in her eyes.

“You ought to work for Pornhub” I said as I put my hand on her shoulder and lightly pushed her away. But she continued her advance, regardless.

She seemed to go into ecstasy just from my touch again.

“Oh yes. Tell me more”

“Will you calm down already? I’m not trying to charm you?” I said becoming annoyed that my sarcasm was having an undesired effect.

“You already have charmed me, my love. You are the one that I’ve thought about at night. The one whose touch I’ve dreamed of”.

“Yeah well keep dreaming. I know you’re planning something shadey”

“Why yes.  What I’m planning does generally takes place in the dark.  But I don’t mind if we start during the day, if that pleases you” she teased.

“If you want to please me, then get your ass out of here and leave me alone”

“I think it will be hard for either of us to find real pleasure in that” she chuckled at my request. “I belong to you now.  So please… indulge yourself in me.  Or would you rather I take the lead?  I know of many ways to please you. Would you like to see?”

“No! I wouldn’t! I already told you! If you want a sex slave, go find someone else! With your looks, it shouldn’t be all that hard!” I yelled.

“Haha, you flatter me so. But I only want you. You, my love, are the only one who can satisfy me. No one else can satiate my womanhood, now” she said while dancing her tongue around her lips in front of me. It was longer than I expected.

“Try a cucumber” I cynically fired back.

“Aren’t you the least bit curious of the fun we can have together?”

“Hard to get aroused when you finally meet your stalker. I’m more suspicious than curious”. That was only half true. I did have a pretty good imagination after all. But this wasn’t the time for teenage fantasies.

“Really, now? Because I have been aroused by you since we first met. Maybe I can get you aroused with some of my own” she said as she brought her hands up to my face. “It only seems fair to return the favor, since you’ve stimulated me more than I have ever been in my life. To be able to… touch you right now is… is… oh Maou” she stuttered over her own words as she massaged my dignity and stared closely into my eyes. Maybe she actually liked how my face felt or she just never had Play-Do as a kid.

“Look st-… stop tha-… cut it out, will ya!?” I insisted as she practically gave me a face lift.

“Sorry. I lost myself again. It’s just that your mana is unbelievable” she said with lust-filled eyes.

“My what?”

“Your mana. Look, we mamano can sense a man’s mana or aura as some call it. Their mana is revealed through every facet of a man’s being; his actions, odor, voice, movement, everything. It helps tell us how potent their spirit energy is. With it, we can better understand what a man is like on the inside. And your aura is… exotic to say the least”.

“I get it. I smell like ass. I had a little game of Red Dead Redemption with the Order after they gave me an offer that I barely refused, only to have to drag an engine back through the sands by myself. What did you expect? I’d smell like a cheesecake factory? There hasn’t been any cologne coming through a portal, yet” I said, assuming that was her funny way of saying that I that I stunk.

However, she ignored my wise-quack and moved a hand to my chest.

“Your heart beats with a strength that’s quite sensual. Each beat tells me how strong your fortitude is. You may not even know how strong you really are. That combined with your sexy spirit energy makes you quite irresistible. Tastes may differ but, frankly, I’m surprised that you’ve not been held down and ravaged by a horde of mamano by now”.

Well now that she mentioned it…

“Lucky for me, you weren’t” she said. Her smile turned from lusty and mischievous, to affectionate and caring. I was kinda taken aback at how fast she changed. I almost wanted to believe it was genuine. Almost.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by a damp spot spreading onto my swim-suit area. I looked down.

It was then that I realized she was actually sitting on my lap. With only a thin layer of clothing separating our “connectors”. Not only that but I found that the blood wasn’t only pumping through my buff heart; it starting to go South. Gee, I wonder what brought that on? My own little BennaDICK Arnold.

And I’m pretty sure I got my answer about her back when I grabbed her tail.

I think we both realized my little traitor at the same time since we both looked down, then up again at the same time. An even bigger blush formed over her face to go along with her smile. While my little soldier may have stood at attention, my brain was still on duty.

I quickly moved her off of me in a panic and stood up.

“Look, that’s just a biological reaction! Sexy women do that to guys, alright!?” All I know is that there was an exceptionally voluptuous female sitting on my lap, wanting to have sex with me. Who the hell wouldn’t be hard in this situation? Even after all of my paranoia and suspicions, I was still human.

“Hmmm. Sexy? Wonderful! Just wonderful!” she said as she began gleefully rolling back on the couch, giving me a show in and of itself. “I was wondering how much I had to probe you in order to get you aroused”.

“Probe?” I asked, now more confused about her motives than suspicious.

“Indeed. I was curious as to how much affection you could take with that sexy, iron will of yours. I am a recon scout, after all”.

“Still with your fucking mind games, huh? Real love, my ass” I said. I thought I would be more proud that my suspicions about her seemed to be true, but I was actually more angry. I wasn’t sure why, though.

“No darling, you misunderstand me. When we mamono show affection to the one we love, igniting their lust is more satisfying for us than anything else in the world. And you’ve made me so very happy to know that you’re attracted to me that much. Besides, I at least wanted to get a sense of your intimate side.  Helps me figure out more ways to pleasure you”

Great, now I’m being interrogated for fetishes. A simple look through my internet search history would be easier. Albeit disturbing.

“Brilliant, shovel butt. You jump on someone’s lap, rub your tits in their face, whisper verbal candy into their ears, and the big revelation is that they get a boner. Real rocket science” I said sarcastically.

“Save that sexy talk for another time. For now, rest. I want your shoulder to heal before things go any further. Besides, I’m willing to take things at your own pace. So whenever you want me, I’ll be here for you. I’m a very patient Demon, my love. But for now, it’s getting late. Shall we turn in?”

Damn her and her cryptic nature. I really couldn’t figure out if she was actually finished with her antics or this was just a way to escalate me sleeping with her. She already proved she could go “undercover”.

But sleep did sound great. I’d been wanting to faceplant into my bed since my earlier scrimmage with the Order. My shoulder was still killing me; it’s just that a certain hellbeast had been keeping my mind off of it.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t rely on booze to alleviate my pain. With Veina here, getting drunk would be like a cigarette in a powder room. That would just be begging for trouble. It was best to stay in my right mind and not do something stupid; namely not “do” her.

“No arguments here. But I suppose you plan on staying here tonight?” I asked even though I already knew the answer.

“Oh my love, I’m sure you already know the answer”.

Pow! Right in the kisser.

“Fine. You’re lucky I’m tired. Otherwise I would be dragging you by your tail right out that door by now. I can tell you’ve gotten pretty comfy on that couch, so make yourself at home. You know where to find me”. Sure it was rude to not offer her the bed, but I was the one with the injured shoulder after all.

She said nothing but remained sprawled on the couch as I walked toward my bedroom.

After locking the door, I stripped down to my briefs and flopped onto the bed. That was the friend I really wanted to sleep with. And with my shoulder still aching, a soft bed felt great.

I thought about everything I knew about Veina by this point. Her words echoed in my brain. All that talk of love at first sight and shit, it had to be a lie. She just did a great job hiding it, that’s all. If she hadn’t made some valid points earlier, I wouldn’t have let her stay. Though, she did have every opportunity to take what she wanted from me by force. But she didn’t. That left me frustratingly confused. However, despite a few points in her favor, I still thought she was no good. After all, she was a radical; nothing but bad news. In any case, I’ll just keep her in front of me in case she decides to stab me in the back.

Even with these unpleasant thoughts, it still didn’t take long to drift off into dream land. Sleep; it was the only method I had left to escape this crazy-ass world and get some peace.

Though I suspected a monkey wrench had made its way into my escape plan. I was half awake in the middle of the night when I felt something warm, smooth, and soft touching my arm. A familiar, sweet scent filled the air. Hopefully, this was a dream, and I was in a land of birthday cakes.

I looked to my right and, sure enough, I saw Veina’s warm, beautiful face smiling back at me with her arm rubbing against mine. Her red eyes were glowing with desire as if begging me to mount her right there. She decided not to sleep under the covers and leave all of her curves on full display. Far be it from her to cover up the fact that she was a ridiculously sexy woman and was in my bed with me.

Wait. Was she watching me sleep this whole time?

Yeah, with her instant gateway ability, a lot of good my locked door was. At least I could use being pooped out as my excuse for forgetting this time, rather than stupidity. Hey, when all else fails, try some denial medicine and don’t call the doc in the morning.

I felt my blank yet annoyed stare perfectly conveyed my disapproval of her tactics.

She said nothing but widened her smile enough to show her perfect, albeit sharp, pearly gates.

“First rule…” I said, awake enough to put the hammer down on any more nonsense but too tired to try to kick her out. “No groping, kissing, or spooning me. Second rule: you actually sleep and don’t just stare at me all night. Third rule: don’t hog the blankets”.

She shot me a playful frown until I quickly turned onto my side with my back to her. I could only hope that she still had enough reverence for my improvised bedroom rules.

“As you wish, my love” she giggled.

That was enough assurance for me… for now.

This was the first time I was in bed with a woman in a long time. Much less a supermodel who the perverted teenage god of puberty had sculpted into the ideal woman. I guess I was a little rusty with my bedroom skills, if I even had any at all. Even when I did share an apartment with a woman back on Earth, it usually didn’t last long. Within three days, I got on her nerves so much, it ended with her screaming, cursing, and storming out the door faster than you could say “I told you it wouldn’t work out”. What can I say, I had a knack for that.

Hmmm. Let me sleep on it.

In the morning, I woke up alone in bed with only a small, wet spot next to me. Shit, I should have told her not to grope herself as well.

Instead there was an orb floating near my side of the bed with a message in it. I guess texting did exist in this world.

“Dear Jason,

I have some business to attend to today. Despite your silly rules, you still gave me the best night of my life. Your aura is to die for. I made you some breakfast before I left. Try to enjoy it as much as I enjoyed being by your side last night. See you this evening.

Your lover,

I really getting sick of this “lover” thing.


Oh this ought to be good.

“I thought you could help me with some of my new concepts for the future. Tell me what you think later tonight.”

Below the message was series of pictures of two figures engaged in various acts of, well, lets just say that if I was a religious man, I would probably have to be in the confession booth long enough to create a line of people behind me to rival Disney World.

Oh I had some concepts in my head too, though more like shadows of the future. Well if my past “roommates” were anything to go by, there just might be a chance that she would get so damn sick of my bullshit, that she’ll get fed up and leave me alone. After kicking my ass of course. Fingers crossed.

I mean, I didn’t have any other plan to go with.


2 weeks later…

I think I need another plan.

She said she was patient and she wasn’t kidding. I probably could have had five girls move in then flip me the bird on their way out by this point. And yet, I come home and there she was, like usual. Always happy to see me.

I could barely stand living with myself half the time. And now was I being even more of a dick than usual. Probably leveled up five levels on my asshole meter, too. Despite that, she didn’t even show any regrets or interest in leaving. In fact, she waited on me hand and foot, like a mother spoiling her kid. Pretty insulting if you ask me.

I couldn’t even get her to break her smile; she wore it all the time. Everything I did just enthralled her. Even when she asked questions, she always seemed legitimately interested in listening to me. While she would shoot me a lewd grin with a lusty glow in her eyes from time to time, her smiles were genuinely warm and loving. As if telling me that she was right where she wanted to be. With a fuck-up like me.

Something tells me that she might have seen through my little scheme. Did she figure it out from my mana or something? Maybe she was just on top of everything. Well, almost on top everything.

Walking home from the liquor store, I wondered if I should have bought a different drink. With a picture of an Alraune on the bottle, maybe I should have just stuck to the beer that the Red Oni shopkeeper recommended.

What can I say? Veina or no Veina, I hadn’t had a strong drink for a while. I cracked.

I didn’t bother announcing my return as I entered my apartment. With my foul stench that Veina called “mana”, she always knew when I was around. She was usually cooking in the kitchen, or “relaxing” on the couch like a Playboy cover girl. This time though, Veina was taking a shower… at my apartment. Terrific. If she wore socks, she would have left a pair of them in my bedroom by now.

After uncorking my “medicine” I sat on in the living room, and tried to read a manual for a set of phase plugs I had been working with in my workshop. But all I could think of was my situation with Veina. My hopes of getting rid of her fading fast. Ironically, by me trying to drive her nuts, she was actually driving me nuts.

Somebody send me an exorcist.

I took a swig of my beverage; strong but very welcomed. Meanwhile, I heard Veina come out of the bathroom and into the living room. She greeted me with a lusty “Mmmm” sound like the Donner party at the Lord of the Flies BBQ buffet. And guess who the caterer was?

“I hope you don’t mind me using your shower, sweetheart” she said smiling lecherously as she sat on the couch across from me, soaking wet.

She was wearing nothing but a dark blue bath robe that showed off way too much cleavage from her more than generous chest. The bottom of the robe stopped at her upper thigh, just below her… well you know. Either this stuff was stronger than I thought or her robe came with little slits for her wings to slide through. Real cute.

“As long as you didn’t install a camera in there, I’m good” I said back.

She chuckled and proceeded to dry herself right in front of me.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t too preoccupied with my reading to notice her. Convenient for her.

I wasn’t surprised that her drying process involved stretching her curvy legs out in my general direction and slowly rubbing the towel up and down her flawless blue skin. Subtle. I thought I heard her softly moaning. She shot me a smirk from time to time; begging me to eye grope her.

My mildly annoyed expression only enticed her.

Next she moved to her chest. Oh boy. Her robe already barely kept her breasts inside, yet she chose to slide just enough of it off so I could see almost every inch of her 2% milkers. Somehow, she managed to dry her whole chest without ever going fully topless. How she did that, I’ll never know.

After drying her chest and neck, she began to run the towel through her navy blue hair. Apparently she didn’t need a brush. Her hair seemed to be unnaturally knot-proof. It just flowed down her head and shoulders like a seamless flow of water.

She then stood up and turned around. With her back to me, she finally lowered the top of her robe, exposing her back. Her wings made a quick, hard flap and threw drops of water everywhere. One hit me in the eye, but not enough to deter my gaze. Slowly, of course, she dragged the towel across her back soaking up water with it.

I’m gonna have to burn that towel after this.

Finally, she grabbed the bottom of her robe. Don’t you dare, I thought to myself. She slowly began to lift her robe as she started to bend over at the waist.

“Okay, hold up right there, Speedy! That’s going way too fucking far!” I shrieked as I jumped up and turned around, sending my manual flying. “Just so you know, you have one area that still needs cleaning!” I said, having got enough of a glimpse of her honey pot. I may have been a stubborn jackass, but no man could handle that!

“Well, I can’t seem to clean that area, no matter how hard I try. Funny isn’t it?” she chuckled.

Hysterical. My sides may burst. Or something else may burst.

“Try cold water next time” I snarkly said. “Just put on some clothes, will ya?”

Well what she considered “clothes” wasn’t much of an improvement.

“Sorry, my love” she said as she walked up behind me and spoke directly into my ear. “It’s just so fun to tease you. But never fear. I intend to follow your pace. No matter how difficult it is for me” she said with disappointment evident in her voice.

“Get used to waiting, Stripperella. It’s the least you could do if you insist on teasing me after I work my ass off all day in my workshop”. Shit, we’re starting to sound like a married couple.

“Hmmm, you do work hard don’t you?” she said putting her hands on my shoulders. “Yes, teasing you after you’ve worked all day is rather unfair. In fact, I think what you need is to take a break from that stuffy old workshop. Why don’t you take it easy for a couple days?”

“So you can tease me all day long instead of just in the evening?” I said, wise to her plan.

“Exactly” she giggled.

I answered with a heavy, irritated sigh and moved away from her.

“Oh Jason. Relax. I’m still just playing with you. Sort of, hehe. But what I really mean is that you could use a little cheering up. That said, I may have a way, or rather another way for you to have some fun.

What was she getting at?

“There’s a festival going on in Gamberton three days from now. There will be food, dancing, games, and much, much more. I was hoping you would join me in attending it”.

“So basically, you’re asking me on a date?” I asked with a cocked eyebrow.

“Date? Oh we mamano don’t do dates”.

“Yeah, I forgot. You just do” I snidely remarked.

“Come on, Jason. You could use a little fun. I really don’t like to see you work this much. You seem crankier than usual. Please?” she asked with no trace of mischief on her face.

Stupid fucking plan biting me in the ass. Instead of driving her away, my “crankier than usual” self actually made her more concerned for me.

While I was more of a stay home with a beer and a video game kind of guy, I didn’t mind a party from time to time. Just to loosen up a little. And frankly a little fun didn’t sound too bad. With these portals on the horizon and me constantly building equipment, I guess my stress meter had hit critical some time ago. But I still had my doubts about Veina and other mamano for that matter.

“Fun. Yeah I suppose that I could use a little fun. Although partying with a bunch of liquored up mamano, going ape-shit from a sugar high? Call me a pessimist, but this ‘party’ looks to be detoured at Orgy Boulevard. Thanks but I’m not looking to be steamrolled, remember?”

Veina walked up to me and looked me in the eye.

“Never fear, my love. You are mine and no one will violate you. I will make sure of that” she said. A glow seemed to burn in her eyes. Her smirk suddenly seemed much more dangerous. She had stopped playing around and was definitely serious. A bit psychotic but serious. Geez, was she that obsessed with little ol’ me? It was the first time I was actually intimidated by her. I felt bad for any other chick that decided to put the moves on me. I guess that was enough to convince me of my safety.

“Alright. When do we leave?” I sighed.

“Thank you!” she said grabbing my hand and putting on a much friendlier smile. “I’ve been there before, and I promise you’ll have fun. Just trust me on this. And if any other girl dares to try and take you first, then I swear to you I’ll-”

“Ah,ah,ah, I get it! I get it!” I said cutting her off. “You get me a giant pretzel and it’ll be a hoot and a half. Just don’t kill anyone, okay?”

“Okay, love. But before we go, I’d like to take you somewhere first” she said while feeling my cheeks.

She better not have me measured for a chastity belt.

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7 thoughts on “Wormhole Ch.5 (Old Version)

  1. Well this got a LOT more interesting and it is not just because I think Demons are the Best Girls. Got to admit I liked the premise but the similarities between Jason and Donnie just turned me off.

    I am glad to see you make up for this by taking this story in a different, more interesting direction than the story this is based on.

    On that note I get that Jason is supposed to be from a futuristic Earth but I don’t think you’re selling it enough with his thoughts and references. Feels like a guy from the 2010’s except he knows how to handle laser weapons and has an encyclopedia knowledge of pop culture references.

    So maybe slip a few things in his next on tangent rant to let people know how different his earth is from 2018/2019 earth.

    Other than those I love the interactions between Jason and Veins and hope for a new chapter soon.

    1. Thanks. It bothered me too at first that Donnie and Jason were similar. So it helps a lot that you think I’ve differentiated my story from from the original. That’s what I hoped for.

      I can’t spoil things to much, but I do have his motivation down as to where he came from, his attitude, and why he does what he does. I’m deliberately keeping it secret for future events. But it will be revealed in the story over time.

      In terms of the pop culture references, I agree that it was strange that he referenced things from OUR present day. But frankly, I wasn’t really sure how else to handle it. When I thought about it, we, OUR present day, do take a lot from retro movies and culture in terms of references and all. So I figured he would too.

      But I get what you’re saying though. Kinda like Back to the Future Part 2 with Jaws 19. I may just consider jokes that. Maybe even some futuristic technology as well. Thanks for the tip.

      Also, I didn’t think he ,was from the year 4542 or anything. He was probably from like 2062 or something. The future but the not insanely distant future.

      Thanks again. I love feedback. I’ve got lots of plans with this as well as other stories ideas too. As long as people are entertained, that’s all I could ever hope for. Like I said at the beginning of this chapter, it’ll be a bit before another entry, but not like several months or anything. Stay tuned.

      1. I’m here from “Star Wars 30” in chapter 6. A Star Wars movie every 2 years would put such an episode right at the year you said. Now that’s c o n s i s t e n c y .

  2. I don’t believe there is a man alive that could deflect such strong cues from a female for two weeks. But I’ll suspend that disbelief for the story. Onward!

    Also, man, this girl wouldn’t give me my 15% discount so I thought, ‘Guess I’ll have to kill her.’

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