Wormhole Ch.12

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It’s a warzone. Explosions and gunfire everywhere on a flat, grassy battlefield God knows where. Tanks and helicopters have drawn a line of defense in the ruins of a crumbling building that hopefully doesn’t break and bury us all. Soldiers, myself among them, hold the last line with a legion of Skarliks swarming our point.

The other soldiers and I return fire on the enemy from behind cover. It’s hard to be sure but it seems that we never make a dent in their army. Not a single Skarlik seems to fall. Besides that, our offense begins disappearing at an alarming rate. First the choppers vanish into thin air, then the tanks are gone, followed by the turret guns going poof. If all that wasn’t bad enough, my comrades around me seem to disappear every time they go behind my back.

At last, I’m the only one firing, excluding the Skarliks chipping away at my position. No matter how much I shoot, I always lose ground, with all of the gain going to the Skarliks.

Then the circle of deep shit is complete. My guns make a dull click; as empty as my pockets. Just enough time to look up and spot the sneers of the Skarliks surrounding me. I can hear them all calling me “crosh”. Then their weapons take ready as I’m painted hot with laser sights.

No way out. I waited until I got turned into Swiss cheese.

Before they fire, there’s a blast of sound and a circle of overwhelming light surrounds the executioner Skarliks, with me in the center, cutting off my view of the rest of Skarlik army like a fence. The ring of light around us changes to a blackish, purple that spawns similarly colored tentacles. Every screaming Skarlik is seized and dragged off into the abyss by the tentacles.

I clench my teeth and closed my eyes as I wait for my turn, when the next “It Came From Beneath the Sea” appendage brings me into the black-purple sea.

Once the awkward stillness had built up enough over several seconds, I opened an eye to find the black ring starting to clear from both sides in back of me, with the open grassland waiting on the other side. Now it was a peaceful meddow of waving grass, devoid of any smoke, fires, or craters with no end in the horizon. And not a single Skarlik present.

Both dissipating sides met and vanished at a single point in front of me. As it cleared, there stood a familiar blue-skinned figure… an hourglass figure… with nothing on.

It was Veina. With her delicious ass presented upwards toward me, she sported a foxy smile and beckoned me into her dripping pussy.

My heavy breathing could have been from the battle, or the sight before me.

Standing up with no control over my body, I rushed over to her and stopped just short of her butt. I found myself rock hard and ready to go as I sloppily undid my belt like a frantic teenager. Veina let out a naughty giggle. Slowly, my hands reached out toward the two globes of perfect flesh. I was just about to touch them when…

My eyes burst open as they were being assaulted by the sunrise’s beaming light peeking over the distant mountain. I was slumped over back in my cart by the side of the road, exactly where I remembered parking before I passed out from exhaustion.

A dream.

God-fucking-dammit! That piece of shit sun peeking over the mountains would wake me up right before things got really good. Piss off, morning wood.

Checking the time, I must have been out from early evening to dawn. That was fine with me, my body needed a good rest to recover after that last battle. How did I feel now? Well, everything was gone… except for the pain. Ha, figures. It’s a wonder I made it out of that Wonderland scuffle alive.

As much as I wished I could return to that dream, my morning wood still being ready to go, I pushed myself to embrace this early start and get going. Without a portal tracker and no trace of the Skarliks to follow, there was no other choice but to go home with my tail between my legs. Could I whip up a portal tracker on my own? Who knows. But I do know that I could do fuck all out here.

With that, I started home.


Two hours had passed. It turns out that that small patch of trees leading to Wonderland was one of many entrances. Several of them popped up throughout the lands but all led to the same psychedelic realm of mind-fucks. Where I exited wasn’t where I entered, though. My best estimate was that Niko had let me out somewhere more South, so my trip home had just gotten longer.

It was hard to concentrate on any constructive plans with all the pessimism swarming in my brain. That dream… well parts of it only amplified my fears. All the war and gunfire were memories I’d wish I could forget. Ghosts of the past they may have been, but they weren’t going anywhere.

For sanity sake, I forced myself to think about something relatively pleasant. Like that part with Veina in the dream. That seemed to be the easiest thing to focus on right now. Besides, I wanted to know how the dream would’ve ended. Well shit, we all know how the climax would have gone but I didn’t care. I’d like to have seen it for confirmation, that’s all.

I did my damnest to smother out the anxiety of my position. With my outlook on life, that was hard to do. But in time, I finally convinced myself to let go and enjoy a little harmless daydreaming. I could use it. So with a lot of stress to let off, I let my mind resume where my dream had left off. That ass and pussy were waiting for me to dig in.

My imagination had my hands reaching out to Veina’s back end Heaven again when my conscience alerted me to the impending shadow that was increasing around me from above.

Then came the crash.

Everything happened too fast to comprehend. My disoriented mind struggled to catch up. The pain, however, was on point.

I think I was still daydreaming; the best daydream I ever had. I actually felt an incredible softness pressing onto my groin. Did I finally reach Veina’s ass?

Once I realized I was lying down along the driver and passenger seats, my attention shifted to the weight laying along top of me and the feathery substance that I was submerged under. The cushions engulfing my face were that classic kind of fleshy softness. A thick smell of sweet, floral essence smothered my nose. As if that wasn’t enough of a clue that this wasn’t a daydream, my ears took note that I wasn’t the only one groaning.

Then a voice above yelped and backed off of my upper body.

Slowly, I opened my eyes and sighed painfully. ‘Don’t know how many spare lives I’ve got left’, I thought to myself. At least now I could get a good look at the payload that smashed me.

It was a mamono, easy enough to predict. The most distinguishing feature on her was the orangish-gold feathers donning the wings she had in place of forearms. They were thick and massive enough to be a winter coat. There’s the answer to that mysterious feathery blanket that had covered me. Down from the feathers on her upper knee was a dense berry red fur that led my eyes down to the black, bird-like feet and golden talons.

She was scantily clad with a chain on her hips that linked a flimsy strand of cloth over her privates. On her crown sat a golden tiara, at least I think it was, since I’ve never seen a tiara with two long horns built into it. Another one of the girl’s few articles of fashion was a golden, wing-encrusted empress necklace with matching bicep bracelets. It almost consumed her whole neck and also featured a little pink heart shaped pendant resting in her cleavage. But the most ridiculous thing was the pointed clamps covering her nipples. Attached to those were thinner strands of fabric that looped back behind her. It was difficult to decide if a strip club would deem her overdressed or underdressed.

At last, we come to the body. Don’t read too deep into that last statement. Yes, of course she had all the qualities prized by the raging male heterosexual. Tan skin, gracefully thin waist, curving boudoir back, killer hips, round ass, huge non-sagging boobs, and gloriously shaped thighs. That voluptuous arsenal was enough for most guys to not even notice her inhuman parts.

And finally, I caught the facial features. Her long, wavering hair, which had the same color as her furry legs, was ponytailed all the way down her back with two strands outlining her head. Her face’s roundish structure was striking with its beauty. Those pointed ears complimented how gorgeous she was. The radiant appearance of her lips looked prime for kissing. Her large vibrant blue eyes and long eyelashes possessed an expressive energy that could do all the talking for her.

One thing that I hadn’t expected to find was the stringed instrument slung around her shoulders. It looked like a Southern hillbilly banjo or sitar had made love to a spindle from a historical landmark. For lack of a proper name, I’ll just call it a ‘bandle’. The only other thing out of place on her was the bandage wrapped around her right shoulder. It clashed with her outfit or lack there of. But even with that, she was still literally beaming with charm.

My first Gandharva. This wasn’t going to be easy. Come on, you know what I mean.

“Ouch. Uhh… Dear, oh dear. Uh, uhm… Oh thank you, Eros! It’s not damaged” she whimpered as she checked her bandle before looking up at me and smiled delightfully. “Hello there! It is a pleasure! Who are you? What brings you here? Do you like to sing? What is your favorite food? Can we be friends?”

Oh… my God. Her voice. It was exotic heaven, despite her ramblings. That melodious sound coming from her lips got me pondering how magnificent her singing voice must be. It had that certain type of foreign quality than tickles a guy’s hormones, you know what I’m saying? If I had to quantify her accent, it sounded partially French to me but still stood on its own. One sentence from her had instantly added to her already powerful magnetism.

She was still straddling my waist. Just thought I’d throw that fact out there for you viewers.

“I could ask what you’re doing here, as well. And seeing as how you’re the one who fell from the sky, I say you go first” I insisted.

“Oh yes. I did fall, did I not? Tep yi vulba anthre” she said to herself. That must have been her foreign tongue. “Okay, my name is Dessy but my friends call me Dessilofandruana for short”

“…Well, go on” I said flatly.

“I was on my way to Welmor. And now I am sitting on you”

“And you made a stop on me because…?”

“Uhh, let me see…-”

What? She had to ponder for a second?

She then continued. “-Ah yes. My wing is injured, you see? I can not fly well like this. Even though I tried, I could not make it. So, here I am” she said with a chipper smile as she expanded her wing like a shower of gold, practically reflected the sun back into my eyes.

That made me her safety net in case of a fall.

“Yeah here you are, alright. Now what do you want?”

“I told you, I want to get to Welmor”

“Then what are you sitting on me for? Get going”

“Splendid. Let us get going” she beamed as she unmounted me and sat down.

“‘Us’? What do you mean ‘us’, goldie? I’m not taking any road trip to Welmor. I’ve got places to be”

Like my own bed.

“Why? How come you do not you want to go to Welmor”

“Suppose you tell me why you do!?”

“Me? Well, you see I… uh I-I, umm. Hmm… It seems that I forgot”

My jaw crashed on the floor like she just did onto me. This girl’s a flippin’ dunce. I guess it makes sense somewhat. Her species belongs to the bird-brained Harpy family, after all. However, from the bits that I’d read about Gandharvas, they had a more deistic reputation in the public eye. Some people flat out revered them as the divine spokeswoman of some love-struck god named Eros. Just a visit from one of them was treated as the most revenant and sacred blessing in terms of one’s love life. I pictured them selling cookies laced with African Fly or something, but she was too dumb to pull that off.

ThisThis is who they worship? Sure, I’ve heard what spirited socialites they are, but come one, how could they not notice something so blatantly obvious?

Perhaps there was something more blatantly obvious distracting everyone?

“I’d ask you to brainstorm, but you’d only make to a light drizzle” I scoffed.

“Ahh yes! Now I remember! You see, a great tragedy is going to befall Welmor. They were late to discover the lightning strike that crippled the dam walls. Now the city is on the brink of a flood”

“Well that’s pretty disastrous”

“It might be worse than disastrous. I might go as far to say it will be bothersome!”

I think “disastrous” is a better word but I guess we’re still on the same page.

“So? What concern is it to you?”

“The people of Welmor need all the help they can get!”

“Aww, so the little hydrophobes will get their feet wet. Big fat deal”

“All of that water will destroy everything! We must go!”

“Look that’s all well and good but I’ve really got to run-”

“May I ask you to take me there? I can not make the journey like this. I am in desperate need of your assistance. And when we get there, you can help out the good folks, too! It will fill your heart will the happiness of a chorus of cherubs” the girl smiled infectiously, lost in her own nonsense.

However, it would take more than that sprinkle-covered tommyrot to infect me.

“No, I highly doubt that a bunch of naked kids singing in my ear would fill me with nothing but indigestion”

“But they need help! Who would pass a chance to assist your fellow man in need of a fair share of luck?”

“Listen, I could use some luck myself. Those folks better get in line behind me because I’ve been waiting in this luck line for years and haven’t even been waited on yet”

Fascinated, she looked behind me with quizzical eyes. Her hand, or rather claw, waved around my back, looking for any sign of answers. Geez, this dame would probably think a one-liner is game of connect-the-dots. I’d better stop her before she blows a fuse in her head.

“Knock it off. I’m just someone who’s been through enough as it is. Understand?”

She stopped the probing but resumed where her gibberish left off.

“Then this is just what you need! Otherwise, you’ll miss the celebration after we save everyone”

“That’s too bad for… Huh? A celebration?”

“Indeed. It will be absolutely joyous. Everyone will love it”

“How many times has this kind of thing happened? Are after-parties always planned after traumatic events in this town?”

“No dear sir. They are not planning it”

“Wh-? But you just said… Well, then how would you know it’s even going happen at all?”

“Oh, it shall. It shall…” She wistfully ran her clawed fingers along her bandle, producing a short but stylish music cue. Far more elegant than the Southern hillbilly bandle sound that I expected. “I will see to it myself”

Oy vey, listening to this chick might be more trippy than forcing down a five year-old beer. Believe me, I know.

“You’re gonna need a lot more than five strings to get a bunch of water-logged, wet blanket folks to start dancing”

I suppose she had a pair of bongos around her chest to liven things, as well.

“I can do that. I have been taught all the ways of music since I was five years old”

Yeah, I bet she’s got Burt’s one-man band set from “Mary Poppins” at home.

“When I was five, I was taught that cleaning up my room absolutely sucks. So get yourself another volunteer for your community service. I’m going home”

“But you-”


In an effort to win the argument, we started talking over each other. Eventually, we resorted to just plain shouting. Not full sentences or even coherent words all the time, mind you; just vocal… sounds. The kiddy way of arguing. I even held up an open hand to stop her from talking.

It was only brought to a halt when she snatched me in a big embrace and lurched me over to the side, blinding me from any kind of sight beyond her feathers. My open hand was soon engulfed with toasty soft flesh. I don’t know which part of her I was holding but oh boy…

“Please, I implore you, mister. I simply must get there” she pleaded with me under her as she mashed against me. Now that I wasn’t dizzy from a collision, I was able to really feel her. Holy hot damn. I knew she was soft, but I didn’t think she was this soft. It only got worse when I pressed my other hand against her hips to try and pry her off. My fingers sunk into her flesh like the most yielding memory-foam mattress you’ve never felt before. I couldn’t even see my fingers anymore as they plunged so deep into her flesh. One would think you’d hit a stopping point of some kind, but I hadn’t found it yet.

In fact, her whole body was deceptively soft. All mamono had ultra soft flesh, but Dessy here may top the list. To the eyes, her body had the frame of a slim, athletic supermodel. However, the touch revealed all the thick, maddening padding that composed it. Anything that looked like lean, light muscle was actually made of delicately soft tissue; no kind of solid mass. It was as malleable as fat, giving parts of her a padded look, but she was far from overweight. Come to think of it, she got the best of both sides of the weight spectrum. A girl like her would drive Weight Watchers crazy the way that fine, pliable flesh was distributed just right along her body, thickening and enhancing her sensual curves in all the perfect areas without ruining her tight, sleek hourglass figure. Like sculping a fit, Greek statue out of a giant almond-colored marshmallow. How that worked, I’ll never know.

And if this was just her hips, just imagine what her bosom is like. Well, you can imagine. I didn’t have to since it was pressed against the side of my head. Yes, it was just as amazing as you imagined, dear reader.

“Hey! Don’t carpet bomb me again” I squawked as I managed to pull my mind out of my pants and rummage out of the dense jungle of her feathers. Once in the light again, I leaned away from her and glared, ready for more bickering. But my defense dropped when I spotted the boggled expression on her face. Jaw opened and eyes glazed a bit.

“Oh… my… y-your fragrance… I… I have never smelled someone so… so…” she wavered in her speech before stopping abruptly. Oh yeah, Gandharvas have a thing about fragrances, don’t they? And I’m sure you can imagine how much I needed a shower.

“Reeky? Musty? I’ve heard all that stuff befo-”

Reaching out and grabbing my head, she cut me off. “So invigorating!” She pressed her beautiful face up to mine, almost in a kissing manner. But there was no lips action involved; only nose. Audibly, she inhaled with long deep breaths. I tried backing away, but she pressed herself harder into me, causing us both to spill backwards into the cart. She landed on top of me with her grip on my face withstanding.

“L-Look out! I need to steer this cart!” I shouted.

But Dessy was too preoccupied with finding new things to smell on me to pay any attention. She breathed in and exhaled deeply with a blush. “What a lovely fragrance. Such power. Such exquisite taste. Please, let me have more”. That wasn’t a request. She went for more without waiting for an answer and assaulted me with her nose.

Speaking of which, her own fragrance found it’s way into my nose. There wasn’t much else I could sense while I was in the toasty chamber she had encased around me. It was really strong; like a eloquent perfume or incense of some kind. A woodsy, florescent vibe. Helluva rich and classy aroma in one regard but overflowing with pheromones in other regards. Yeah… believe me, too much of this would get my blood flowing; on top of everything else about her, that is. I could easily get drunk off of her scent and never want to sober up.

But I’ll let myself get tipsy off of a much needed bottle when I get back to Vallick later. Her clawed feet were getting worryingly close to me during our struggle right now.

“Hey! Watch it with those cheese graters of yours, feather brain!” I voiced my unease. If my arms weren’t pinned under the talons, I would have covered me face. Or at least activated my helmet.

Dessy was still too lost in a sea of stimulation to hear me. “Ahh, your fragrance builds up when your emotions flare! So lovely…” she blurted out.

Spinning herself around, she sat herself on my chest, just below my neck, facing my crotch. As I lifted my head up, my chin almost got nestled against her juicy ass. Oh, how soft that must be…

Geez, I hadn’t noticed her feathery tail until it brushed back and forth along the top of my head.

“This part smells the most glorious… Mi gon u drosu” Dessy lulled happily, partially in her foreign tongue again as she leaned down toward my dick. Oh fuck, I’d better intervene before the point of no return.

“Woah there, butter ball! That’s off limits!” I struggled as I stammered into her ass.

“Just a sniff. Please?”

“Not a chance! Stay away from my black forest!”. I rolled over, carrying her with me. Somehow during the roll, we readjusted straight and found ourselves facing each other… in missionary. At least I was on top.

Holy shit, she was cushiony to lay against. The sexiest mattress ever. If I looked down toward her body under me, I’d be dead.

“By my goddess. This is so very exciting. Such a delicious essence I can smell on you” she smiled with a blush, still sniffing me.

“Like Hell I do. I smell like a bucket of shit”

That got her to stop.

“Ooohhh… you said a bad word” she said tapping my lip with her claw.

“No shit. You’d better get used to it. When I bitch about things, I’m as subtle as donkey’s asshole” I sneered as I backed out of the suggestive position.

“Aeee, more bad words” she squealed as she covered her ears. “My mother told me bad words lead to unhappiness”

“Well in that case, you’d better leave, right?”

“Leave? Why, yes I should. I’d better hurry to Welmor. Can you take me there?”

Fuck. We’re right back where we started.

“Girl, did you fall off the band stand or something when you were a kid? I already told you to go find another ride. I’ve got problems of my own to worry about. And I don’t want to waste time by running off to bail out some town”

“Eros will smile upon you if you-”

“No!” I yelled.

“But I- Ow!” she recoiled in pain after jerking her bandaged arm hard too hard.

“Looks like you’ve got bigger concerns to worry about there, Golden Girl”

Dessy rubbed her arm delicately. “Ouch. Oh, stupid Dessy. Stupid, stupid Dessy. Gital sulde al. Father told me to watch how I land but I forgot. If I had not been so careless, I could have been able to fly to Welmor on my own. Then I would be able to spread some cheer to those poor people. Now I can not help them” she whimpered to herself. A small tear glistened in her eye.

Being the cynical bastard that I am, whenever I meet someone this eager for something I always have to ask what’s in it for them. And here, I ask the same thing. Like, was there a free TV in it for volunteers? If not, such altruism must mean she’s just overcompensating for something as I’ve seen people do.

Though… what the fuck does someone with a body like hers have to compensate for?

However, in the end, the sight of this stupidly pure hearted girl in pain was enough to rattle some emotions out of my rusty heart. She meant well, she really did. Wounded wing or not, she wanted to pitch in and save her fellow man… even if she is a mamono.

This girl was too dim-witted to play a sympathetic ploy on me. So even through the pessimistic goggles permanently glued to my eyeballs, I knew this sadness had to be sincere. A bleeding heart was irritating enough but united bleeding hearts? That was irritating enough to do something foolish.

My annoyance came out in a gruff groan. “How far will it be to Welmor?” I asked in a defeated tone. Despite my foul mood, I knew it was the right thing to do, no matter how idiotic.

She gasped and her face lit up. “Oh thank you! Thank so much, mister!”

“Fine, fine, fine. Just so you’ll shut up and promise to leave me alone afterwards. Plus, there might be a little reward for me if I do this”

Alright, so the altruism wasn’t the only reason that I agreed. Sue me.

But deep down, I had to admit that there was truth in her words. A good deed helps keeps the depression away. That is until it comes right back, leaving alcohol the only remaining option to drown it out.

But my spirits could use some uplifting today.

Dessy hugged me lovingly. “I really do want to thank you for your generosity, mister. I know you have your own affairs but this will do you you good. It will cheer you up from that grumpy attitude of yours. I always feel better after I help out those in need. And besides, it is fun!” she said jovially while nuzzling slightly against me.

“Aw, quit your gushing and tell me how far this place is” I scoffed as I moved her off.

“How far? Well, I am not sure exactly”

“What…?” I growled.

“But if we just keep going in that direction, we’ll reach it”

I looked to where she pointed. “That’s a mountain”

“There is nothing to fear. I have passed it easily before”

Yeah, when she could just fly over it. But I guess “that direction” was better than nothing.

Detour it is.



“I told you, stop sniffing me. You’re more nosey than a Werewolf” I said to Dessy as I could sense her leaning toward me again.

“But your fragrance is so unlike anything I have ever smelled before.

“Hmm, I suppose dirt, tea, sweat, and cake is a rare combination to reach someone’s nose”

“Well yes, there is that, but your natural smell is much more powerful and wonderful than any of that. It fills me with such creativity. If you would allow me to study it more, maybe I will write a song about it”

“The only song that I could ever inspire is shanty song”

“What is your name?” she said ignoring me.


“How delightful. Then that is what I shall name your song” Dessy mewed while leaning in a bit again.

“Leave me alone. I’m not a line of cocaine for you to snort” I sneered as I pressed my hand to her head and slowly pushed her away.

“Just a little more?”

I shook my head. Before she could let out an imploring syllable, I removed my hand from her head and silenced her with a Harrison Ford finger. She quieted down like a child.

“What makes you so grumpy?”

“Oh, that just comes to me naturally”

I turned my head and caught her taking another whiff of me. She spotted my frown and quickly backed off then smiled apologetically.

“Your fragrance is simply wonderful. Can you please show me a happy face?”

“Show me a happy face, and I’ll show you a schmuck who’s lucky to have all of his teeth right now. Drop it, alright?”

Dessy’s eyes turned a bit puppy-dog on me and she quieted up. While I was glad to have won that exchange, I didn’t want to come off as too much of a dickhead. So I took her mind off of my rejection.

“You like music, huh?” I asked calmly, reigniting the chit-chat.

Her face lit up like a Jack O’ Lantern. “By Eros, I do! It is a deep passion of mine. Every tune I have ever heard, I can play on this; my Chorulax”

Funny how she can remember tunes but not where the hell she’s heading.

“Is that what that thing’s called? Sounds like a suppository brand”

“It is the name I have given my instrument. It means ‘voice'”

How juvenile. Too much more of this cheesy sap and I might puke.


“Here is a song that I am still writing”

Oh boy, here we go…

“I’d rather you didn’t-” I started but was too late. She cut me off with a strum of the strings and then came her voice. How she played the bandle with those claws had me stumped.

Now for the record, all that Broadway and opera crap never did anything for me before. My taste in music was as classy as a lumberjack doing dentistry with a forklift. I had a steady, degenerate diet of rock, metal, or techno. A little bit of pop song if I was drunk enough. It says a lot about someone when they have Slipknot as their ring tone.

But fucking Jupiter’s ballsack, Dessy had won me over. Whether it was lyrics, simple hums, or just vocal keys, her exotic voice was even more extraordinary to hear than I could have ever imagined, filling my eardrums with mesmerizing harmony. She was better than any professional singer I’d ever heard in my life. Her perfect, unwavering voice never missed a beat or found a note that she couldn’t hit soundly on the head. It was a symphony so incredible to the ears that she didn’t even need music to accompany her. It shut me up almost instantly, and that’s no easy feat.

As far as the lyrics go, it was about grassy meadows, chirping birds, or other kinds of whimsical bullshit, but who cares. Dessy could sing about the New York City sewage system and I’d play it on loop.

And yeah, her angelic voice made her seem even more arousing than before.

After a few minutes, the song came to an end. I snapped out of my music-high trance and back to the present. Glancing back at Dessy, our eyes met. She smiled sweetly… but at the same time, there was a touch of sensuality mixed in there.

“Do you have any requests?”

That could sure be taken in more ways than one.

“No, but do you have anything good for a fractured skull?” I said as I rubbed a dull pain on the back of my head.

“Skull? Oh dear, you mean your head! Let me see…” she loomed above me.

“Hey, take it easy now!” I squirmed as she reached for me. But her touch was too tender to hurt. Probably was those fluffy wings of hers.

“What happened?”

“I was attacked by a rampaging cavalcade of poor decisions”

“How horrible. I almost was bitten by that one time”

“No, I didn’t really- Aww, skip it!” I grumbled at the useless thought of explaining my sarcasm. Though I did kind of wonder what she had confused my gibberish with. Whatever, at least she bought it. “Just don’t be too rough up there”

“I will be gentle. But you see, I do not have a healing potion with me. Nor do I have a bandage”

“Oh well, I used up the rest of my bandages on my own shoulder”

“Your shoulder hurts, too?”

“Yep, I clipped my wing pretty good like you. It hurts pretty bad but my head might be killing me more”

“Gracious. I… hmmm…”

Suddenly my head was set upon by a toasty weight. A cushion of some kind, but my experience as of late made it easy to recognize. She only had one, or rather two things, this pleasantly soft and warm to rest on my head. And boy were they heavy.

“Does this make it feel better?”

It didn’t make the pain disappear all that much, but it was good in another way.

“Is this some kind of home remedy in your family, Beaky?”

“I guess so. My mother would do this for my father whenever he had an injury. Does it work?”

What a cure for all sickness.

Her squishy breasts were as snug to my head as my helmet was. The lovely heat flooding my splitting skull had relieved at least some of the pain almost instantly. I couldn’t stop myself from exhaling loudly.

“In some ways. Two cozy, mellow heating pads melting onto me, who wouldn’t enjoy those tits of yours?”

“Oh, flango meris. Thank so much” she beamed with delight at my compliment.

“But it’s no good for me right now. I have to pay attention to the road, so don’t distract me” I said as I moved to push her away again. But it backfired when my hands pressed deep into her slim albeit ripe torso. Oh God that was hot, but don’t think me a pervert. With her tummy blocking most of my vision, that was a logical solution. It wasn’t just for pleasure… though it was even sexier to feel the second time around.

In response, Dessy started giggling above me. Her tits dropped lower and over my eyes. I found the tips of the clamps over her nipples were duller than they appeared as they pressed into my head. There’s a relief.

“Hehe-hahaha, oh my goodness! What are you doing down there, silly?”

“Trying the breast-, best I can to see where I’m going”

Haha, guess I boobed up my words.

As nice as it was to be face-planted by her bosom again, I wanted to keep my eyes on the road. But once I put a little more ‘umph’ into my pushing, her giggles turned into wild laughter. “Sto-hehe, stop! I am, haha, ticklish!” barked the bird brain.

Her incessant giggling jiggled her breasts as they bounced repeatedly on my head.

As my last ditch effort, I stood up, out of the cleavage and back into the sunlight. Almost worked if not for the fact that I had gotten tangled up into the string around her neck that held her bandle.

“Are we standing up now? Oh, you want me to tickle you? Okay, teehee” she chortled as she went for my stomach with her feathery hands. That alone would make her a great tickler.

Also, with Dessy still on her knees, she wasn’t too far from my crotch. Ah-heh.

I fussed my way out of the strap and batted away her teasing claws. “If you sit there and stay still like a good little stool pigeon, that’ll tickle me pink” I quipped, pointing toward the seat.

She scooted back into her place and smiled up at me, happy as a lark.

“Thank fucking God” I muttered as I sat back down. And just like that, there went her smile. Damn my filthy mouth. “Pardon my French” I shrugged, hoping to soften the blow.

“Do you not smile?”

“Only if something makes me laugh… or I’m planning on taking a bite out of someone”

“But you are too handsome not to smile. When pretty people smile, it makes others smile. It is such a powerful gift”

Clearly, she’s too dim to be anything but a straightshooter.

“I don’t have much to smile about right now”

“How come?”

“‘How come’? Just look at me! I’ve seen better dressed people mopping up a gym’s bathroom”

I really was an absolute mess. My coat and armor were smeared with blood, dirt, glass, mud, tea, cake, and maybe even some cooties mixed with the dried saliva. And under all of that, one very sore body.

“There is no need to worry about that. A shower will make you just like new. Then can you smile again?”

“A smile has a hard time sticking to a guy that’s almost been killed several times over in less than seventy-two hours”

“Killed!?” she gasped.

“Yes, killed; among other things. You see this armor here? I’m betting that when I remove it, my body’s going to fall apart.

Galdo efly. B-But you are safe now. No one can harm you anymore. That is something to be happy about, is it not?”

“Look, when you’ve been punched, kicked, smashed, choked, thrown, shot at, and toasted like a frankfurter before the incoming Armageddon even begins, don’t expect me to be any kind of Fred Astaire. It’s been a draining couple of days to go through. I’ve stormed a military campsite all by myself, climbed a mountain, traded shots with a Dragon, and took a crash course tour through Wonderland. Now I’ve learned that sleeping in a cart like this doesn’t feel as pleasant the next morning. And finally, you dropped on top of me today. Oh what fun…”

Plus, almost getting raped didn’t plant any roses in this sour patch mood of mine, but it was best to leave that part out.

Then I noticed her fidgeting around. She was looking all over her body, her instrument, and her seat; even in her cleavage. That sleek, luscious body of hers just teased away with all kinds of angles without her even knowing how hot it looked.

“What are you doing now?”

“I am checking to see if I might have misplaced a healing potion somewhere on me. You can have it if I find one”

‘Misplaced’; there’s a laugh. Where the fuck could she store anything on that wardrobe?

Anyway…” I resumed with a heavy sigh. “Things have been rough lately. And, uhm… I’ve got more fighting to do and, uhh, headaches and stuff and… damn, I lost my train of thought thanks to you goofing around. But sufice to say, that I haven’t been feeling too peachy these days”

When I rant, I’d like not to be interrupted. It ruins my momentum.

Dessy calmed down and returned her focus to me. “All that and you are still alive? Is there anything I can do?”

“Mmmm-no, quite frankly”

“But surely there is”

“Unlikely. I’ve already got a taste of what’s to come. It’s called an ‘apocalypse’. Don’t you know what an apocalypse is?”

“Uhm, a holiday?” she asked innocently.

What? Oh yeah, this chick’s a mental midget. But her ignorance was a bit of a wake up call for me. It felt like I’d be terrifying a five year old. They say ignorance is bliss, so maybe it’s better for her to stay that way.

“Let’s just say that it’s a real bad migraine, okay?” I lied so not to rile her up. “It might pass in time but with my pass excursions through the battleground, I’m lucky to still be alive. That makes me feel pretty shitty for now; pardon my French”

Dessy gingerly closed her wings around me, engulfing me in a warm embrace once again. And of course there was her plush flesh cushioning up against me again. Juicy, titillating, arousing, and all that other stuff. But with the breeze really kicking up, it was welcome.

“I am very thankful that you are alive”

“Why? You just met me. Ohhh I see, it’s because you wouldn’t have a ride if it wasn’t for me, right?”

“No, that is not the only reason. I do not like to see people fighting. I like seeing people alive, enjoying all of the bliss life has to offer”

She couldn’t distract me with that kind of cutesy shit.

“I know you’re smelling me again”

Her gaze shifted up towards me. Those big beautiful eyes brimming with a kind of adorably naughty quality. I’ve had that look myself… when I was seven. “Sorry. I forgot you told me to stop”

I sighed. “You know what, I really don’t give a fuck anymore”. She’d probably keep forgetting, and I’d keep having to deter her, and so on.

“More bad words” Dessy cringed and held herself closely.

“Why does my natural tongue bother you so much? Haven’t you gotten used to hearing these kinds of words?”

“It is not that. My mother had told me that those kinds of nasty words mean that I have not been living up to my duties. That someone is still unhappy”

“Look, stop letting that bother you. That’s just who I am. Whether or not I swear has nothing to do with how angry I am… at least not all the time” I muttered under my breath.

“No? Well, okay” Dessy smiled slightly. Hopefully, that could pacify her somewhat since there was no way that I could temper myself around her.

“While we’re on the subject of ‘duties’, what exactly do you do for a living?”

This should to be interesting.

Her face popped with an elated expression almost instantly. “I am glad you asked…”

‘Uh-oh’, I thought to myself. Was it too late to withdraw the question?

“As a Gandharva, it is my duty to spread the goddess Eros’ message of love and joy to all I meet. We spread as much happiness as we can to the good people of the land. The great goddess Eros believes that there is no greater blessing than having someone else to love. So we Gandharva dedicate our lives to helping others find someone to love. We also hope to find the same for ourselves”

Sounds like they’re an online dating service, with just as much sappy, marketable optimism. Here, however, it’s like a door to door service.

“And is that getup you’re wearing required for the job? Or is that your own sales technique?” I cocked my eyebrow at her. In truth, I used the term ‘wearing’ very loosely, as she was nearly naked. But I just had to know what the hell was up with her fashion. Was it standard issue?

“This is the wardrobe chosen by Eros herself. It is the a symbol of our devotion to her and the joy we spread to others. At least I think it is…” she said as her mind went blank.

In that case, it was a damn good marketing ploy on Eros’ part. One of the oldest tricks to advertise and sell something: porn it!

“Oh brother” I groaned, while holding back a snicker at the naivete of this girl.

“Do you not like it? Every person I have met has gazed upon my garments with great wonder”

Somehow, I don’t think it’s the wardrobe people are staring at.

“Even those horns? What are they for? To sing at the ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ show?”

“Oh these? Well you see, Gandharvas are not lucky enough to be born with regular horns. So these are for a man to hold on to as I give them a, uh, ‘blowjob’, I think it is called”

If I had been drinking something, I would have spit it out all over my horse… through my nose.

“Where the hell did that come from!?” I asked, shocked by her rapid shift to the raunchy side.

“Is that not what it is called? It is when a man allows me to wrap my mouth around their-”

“You don’t have to describe it, Eager Beaver! I know what you’re talking about. My question is why?”

“I told you, it is my duty to see people happy. That is sure to make a man happy”

You know, the guys aren’t the only ones who’ll have their day brightened up. With that lustful little grin forming on her face as she zoned out, she was already getting thrilled at the thought.

“Sounds disgusting if you ask me”

You don’t think so when you think of Veina, you big fibber.

She noticed my exacerbated expression. “They do like it… right? You would enjoy it, would you not?”


I cleared my throat in embarrassment. “That’s beside the point. But it’s a bit of an extreme measure to brighten one’s day, don’t you think, chicken legs?”

Dessy’s eyes popped open with shock.

“‘Chicken legs’!? Vy no sadda!. My mother always told me that my legs were voluptuous. Sexy enough for charming a man. Do you feel charmed?” she panicked as she jumped up and threw her legs toward my face.

Yet again, I found myself being pushed to the side with her legs and hips planted against my face. She was almost laying on me with my head now close to her crotch. As per usual, I had to yank my focus off of her juicy, thick thighs and back onto the road. That’s never easy. Her legs were soft and lush, way beyond what her slim form might suggest. Not at all fat. I reiterate, all of the framework of a lingerie model with all the squishiness of a tub of lard for my fingers to sink into. And, oh, that scent…

“Will you get… Get the hell off of me before we’re both killed!” I sputtered. “It was just a figure of speech, alright? Your legs are great. So stop fretting, sit down, and chill”

That was mainly to keep her under control, but it wasn’t lying on my part.

She breathed a sigh of relief as she sat down. “Oh thanks, Jeeseen”

“Jason” I asserted irritably.

“Ah, that is right. I forgot”

I said it before and I’ll say it in the future, but ‘Urgh’.

“Does being sexy really matter in your line of work?”

“Well, being pretty makes people happy to see us”

I laughed internally at that classic dirty joke.

“Well, with all that demonic juice pumping through you, there’s really nothing you can do about that figure of yours, is there?” I gibed. Being sexy really isn’t hard to come by for mamono. Maybe it was a dumbass question on my part. “And I guess it speeds things up if your handing out blow jobs to people left and right”

“Oh no, dear Jakesen. There is only one special man who I am allowed to give that to; my husband. Yes, I look forward to the chance to give my first blowjob. That is one of many ways that I will fill my husband with delight”

I could have kept correcting her on my name but that would actually make it easier for me to disappear later if she couldn’t even remember my name.

“I bet you’re just dripping with excitement. And when it happens, he’s going to fill you up with delight as well, if you get my drift”

“Uhhh, I am afraid I do not” she cocked her head.

“Don’t worry. You only missed a lame joke. But let’s just say that you’re doing great on this whole sexy thing”

What say we leave that “fill her up” thing a surprise for her to discover, shall we?

“Including my breasts?”

“Yes, including your breasts”

“Yay! How wonderful. Someone once told me that anyone would enjoy my breasts”

I turned and gawked at the feathery girl who fell into my life. “I said that, remember?”

“Uh… oh yes, that was you. I forgot”

Ugh, this girl, man.

“Yeah it was me, now stop fretting so much over something so quaint”

“But the thought is worrying to me. Does the thought of not being sexy frighten you?”

Why would she ask me? What do I know about that? Or… does she think that I am sexy? Ho hum, wouldn’t be the first mamono that thought that. It’s actually a small accomplishment.

“After all the crap that I’ve been through, I wish that was all I had to care about”

Dessy quieted down and sighed lightly. “Do you ever get afraid?” she asked quizzically. A hint of wonder was in her voice.

“I’ve been afraid a lot of times in my life” I scoffed. “But that’s no reason not to act. I do what I have to do, no matter how much it hurts”

“Even if you might die?”

“Even if I might die” I confirmed.

“That is so very brave of you. I have only heard of that kind of courage in the songs of my people”

“You’re exaggerating”

“I mean it. Really. You have braved all of that treachery and still you do not cringe at the thought of laying your life on the line for the good of others”

Now that’s a bit of a stretch. But a little flattery never hurt. In fact, I rather liked it.

“Well… I do alright”

“Such chivalry is inspiring me right now. I feel like singing of your glory!”

“What about me could you possibly si-” I started to pump the brakes on her musical interlude before I was drowned out by her strings.

There was a man of great virtue

Could not afford to smile like you

He held his nerve for bravery sake

Sweet like his coat covered in cake

Wow. Just wow. Sounds like a song from Wonderland. Still, it was pretty good improv on her part.

“Do you wish to sing with me, Jusan?”

A Sing-Along? I’d rather climb that mountain again.

“No thanks. Keep those silly songs to yourself”

“But I love to sing for others. My Chorulax is my greatest tool to bring joy into into the life of someone who is down” she rejoiced.

I can think of other things she has to offer…

“Yep, you love those half-baked symphonies. They annoy me”

“You do not look it”

Shit, she saw the traitorous grin forming on my face. I’ve been had.

“No, I guess not. You wanted to see me smile, so there it is”

The fact that I managed to crack a smile had surprised me than you folks may have been.

“You see? When I am feeling down, I do something good for others. It always cheers me up. And now that I have seen you smile, I feel wonderful”

“If that’s how you get to your own little happy place, then more power to you”

“Now I would like to see you laugh”

“Ha ha ha” I laughed sarcastically dry.

“Oh, I am sure you can laugh more than that. Would you care to roll around with me again? That was fun, right?”

Yeah, I had a ball… movement.

“You’re pressing your luck, girl”

“But I have cheered you up, have I not?” Dessy asked. She looked sort of desperate for my validation. Why? Who knows.

Unfortunately, Dessy hadn’t turned me into a slap-happy drunk. I was only a little happier than before, but give her points for accomplishing that. And out of fear of having her try even harder to make me happy, I’d better let her know. I don’t need her taking the term ‘happy sex’ literally and throwing herself on me.

“Sure, sure, sure. You got a smile out of me, be glad that you were able to get that”

“Surely there can not be anything to make you upset all the time”

“You don’t know me very well”

“Then perhaps you need someone by your side to make you happy. How about me!? I would be delighted to accompany you for a time. Then I could sample more of your fragrance” she lulled in a dreamy tone again. She then went quiet and watched me, as I can assume her imagination kicked in.

It doesn’t take a paranoid son of a bitch to notice how she gets a certain lusty response from her fragrance hobby. In addition to that, I’ve had plenty of monster chicks get turned on by my overly hormonal mana. One-hundred bucks says that she can sense my mana through my fragrance. And to top it off, she was one of the least dressed and “ready to go” mamono I’d ever seen.

So adding all of this up meant that I was in a very precarious position with Dessy here. This simple Uber mission could very easily end where lots of dates end… in the back seat of a vehicle.

“I think I’ll take you up on that request for some music”

Things had gotten awkward enough, so it was best to keep her simple mind occupied and not encourage her to think too intimately; easy enough. Good thing she had another hobby besides sex.

“You will!?” she literally jumped out of her dream stance. “What do you want to hear, Jachion!?”

“You wouldn’t know it. But I’ll walk you through it”

As I already found out Dessy could play by ear like a champ; her ears were big enough for it. In addition, she picked up on musical rhythm very easily. So it was pretty simple to teach Dessy some of my music. I had her playing the theme to “Bubble Bobble” in nothing flat; one of my personal favorites. It made sense. That theme was one of the most mood-lightening tunes ever, so I might as well pass it on to someone whose whole career is based on brightening up any room they walked into. It proved super effective as she enjoyed it as much as I did.

With all this music, my cart sounded like a regular ice cream truck. God, I wish. At least it amused me enough to shorten the trip.

Dessy may not have been too smart, but she had a particular set of skills. It’s been said that the one thing an angry person hates most of all is a happy person. I’m inclined to believe that… just not right now. Stupid people tend to irritate the shit out of me, but Dessy found a loophole. As much of a bird-brained idiot this girl was, her optimism was undeniably infectious, even to a pessimist like me. There was a cheerful magnetism to her boisterous glee; besides the animal magnetism. But that charm was enough to miraculously lighten my mood… somewhat.

Next thing you know, I’ll be willing to hum with her tunes.


An hour later…

By the time we arrived in Welmor, Dessy had transitioned into full blown song-mode again. It was like parade float rampaging its way into town.

At the entrance, we came across some Order guards. Flashbacks to my past run-ins with the Order set me on alert. I didn’t expect to run into them out here. But here I was, riding straight at them with a mamono by my side. My hand drifted toward my firearm as per protocol for a paranoid son of a bitch like me.

Though, to my surprise, they dropped their spears and greeted Dessy with great enthusiasm, paying no attention to me. In fact, they treated her almost like royalty and she treated them like her own children. No hostility or even a stink eye.

She even graciously introduced me to them… as “Jaspen”

But why? Was this a mamono friendly town? Were these guards defects? If I showed more skin, would they treat me like her? This calls for some inquiry.

“Those guys talked to you like they knew you” I pryed for some intel from my boisterous passenger who was waving back at the guards after we had passed them.

“Oh yes. I have met them during the other times I have visited here” Dessy beamed. She then resumed waving at the guards.

“The Order doesn’t give you any trouble?”

“Not usually”

Can the Order tolerate certain mamono?

“Well, shit…”

“If you do not mind, could you please not use bad words when were are here? These poor people have enough unhappiness already” Dessy pleaded with me.

“No promises. But I’ll give it a shot” I agreed with a shrug. Oh boy, is this going to be fun or what?

Once I parked, I had a look around. From what I could tell, Welmor was much smaller than all of the cities I was used to, not to mention that half of it was built above a river. Wooden stick huts interconnected by walkways, piers, ladders, and bridges composed the almost neighborhood of paths and shelters; all composed of the same kind of wooden construction. Boats and canoes populated the water below lots of ropes, nets, and cranes. Primitive and humble. It must have been a fishing village.

I spotted lots of people around… but no mamono.

Just like how we greeted the town with boom-box music, the town greeted us. A whole group of kids came running toward us; a lot of them teenage boys. Ahh, these must be the unhappy people Dessy had mentioned, right? They were as excited to see Dessy as she was to see them.

“Hello my little friends! I am so happy to have returned to you all!” she voiced her enthusiasm in her usual volcano of blithe delight. Then she eagerly jumped off the cart and started handing out big long hugs to each one of the kids.

Uh-huh, judging by their faces, I now knew why all the boys came running to greet someone like Dessy with more than just a handshake.

Don’t feel bad, boys. I remember when I discovered my penis too.

“Hi mister…! Yuck, you’re really icky. If you were clean, I would hug you too” a little girl said to me and turned back to Dessy.

“Now Laina, be nice to Jackseena. He has been through many hardships” Dessy rushed to my defense.

Regardless, the little punk was right. Besides the familiar cake, tea, glass, and blood, the newest addition to my collage of dishevelment was a bunch of gold feathers, curtesy of Dessy. The stickiness on my coat made the feathers harder to brush than it should have been. God knows how Dessy had hugged me and not got sloppy.

“It’s enough to drive you crazy, is it not?” Dessy chortled while hugging the little girl from before.

“You’re telling me. Now where’s this endangered Boulder Dam at? I don’t see anything around here”

“Oh, it is over that way. You can see the stick walls from here”

Looking near the edge of the huts, I spotted the aforementioned walls. A few logs made up the base with several sticks all intertwined into the shape of a wall that reached ten feet off of the ground. Yes, you heard me right; ten feet off of the ground. Hardly bigger than a mini waterslide for the kids, much less hold up enough water to flood the village.

“Wait… that’s the dam that’s gonna bust!?”

Dessy nodded.

Before my confusion lasted too long, the little girl chimed in. “Yeah, I heard from the grown ups that the big wall is going to break. And it’s going to flood those huts over there”

“How many huts?”

“Those three, I think. Everyone who is not fishing is going to help clear them out before the water comes. We get to help too!”

Three huts? It’s safe to assume that the three huts in the flood zone were the three closest ones. There were about the size of your average garage and barely an inch above the water line. That makes three huts out of about fifty that would be lost… or just slightly flooded.

Not exactly going to be tsunami level damage, is it?

Exacerbated by the revelation, I slowly turned back to Dessy. “That’s what you brought me here for!? To save three measly huts from some water damage no deeper than a kiddie pool? Were you lying or did you actually believe this was cause for alarm?”

“Indeed it was! And it is a good thing we arrived before the water crippled this poor town”

The latter it is.

“‘Crippled this poor town’!? This isn’t exactly what you’d call ‘releasing the Kraken’, is it?”

“There is no Kraken here. What do you mean?”

“Oh, just forget I even said that. Go on with your hugs and kisses and give me a minute alone” I groaned as I walked off. I needed some time to myself. And I needed a bottle, too.

Getting a breather, I found that wasn’t too aggravated with this turn of events. It was dumb of me to believe Dessy knew what she was talking about. And yet, here I was. Perhaps I should have jumped back on my cart and stormed out of here. However, I decided against it. I knew coming here was a waste of time but she somehow gave it more value. Made it seem more important than it actually was. So it didn’t feel too irritating to stay and help out.

Besides, maybe Dessy was right. Doing some good might cheer me up.

I walked back to Dessy who turned to me. “Feel better, now?” she said happily.

“Sure, whatever” I griped.

“Marvelous! We should not waste time. Let us get started right away”

Let’s see how long I can keep this above average attitude.

The first thing Dessy wanted for me was to get some some fresh bandages for my shoulder and other wounds. No complaints here. Next, I was volunteered by her to be a moving man like the other guys. It was simple enough; just pick up some crates or baskets or other stuff inside the soon to be flooded huts and carry them off to a makeshift shed that was still being built. Dessy helped the others make room for the cargo and organize all the placements.

I sure as shit didn’t need the exercise but I’ve had worse jobs than this.

My curiosity got the better of me, so I decided to strike up a conversation with another burly moving man.

“Hey pal, tell me something. Is this an Order controlled town?” I asked, taking a crate he handed to me.

“Sure is” he responded as we walked off.

“I may be crazy, but doesn’t it seem odd that Dessy was welcomed here with open arms?”

“Not really. Dessy and her family are old friends with this town. Generations of their family have found husbands and laid down roots around these parts”

Roots, huh?

“But she’s a mamono. Since when does the Order let mamono into their club?”

“Dessy isn’t one of those dangerous mamono; she’s a Gandharva. She represents the loving goddess Eros and brings us great tidings. It’s a tremendous blessing to be visited by her kind. They’re said to bring great fortune and luck to those they visit”

My luck still seems the same as before.

“Does the Order ever come into conflict with her kind? Or try turning them into feathery coats?”

“No. Well, sometimes the higher ranks of the Order may show a little disdain for them like other mamono. But generally, the Order does allow them into their territory, just like Apsaras or Cupids”

“How come?”

He shrugged. “They don’t consider them as malicious like those other mamono. We don’t either”

Looks like my theory was correct. The Order does tolerate some mamono. Interesting, indeed.

“Heh, The more you know, eh?”

“You came here with Dessy, right? It was, uh, Jakesy wasn’t it?”

“Yep, that’s me alright” I said with a huffing sigh. I truly didn’t give two shits what my name was anymore.

“You’re a lucky man” the guy gleamed at me.


“Isn’t it obvious? There’s a reason she serves the goddess Eros”

I couldn’t argue with that. But let’s see how deep this dude has probed.

“Mmmhmm. But you ever notice that she’s kind of dumb?”

“Dumb? I didn’t notice”

I simply scoffed in response. Of course he didn’t. I really shouldn’t have been shocked.

Things went on like this for an hour or two. It seems like every time I stopped by and dropped something off, Dessy was conversing with someone new. She may have been gleaming with a brighter disposition every time I saw her. And that goes double for whoever she was with. She not only brightened up the room, she turned everyone else into a chandelier.

But the topper was when she met a pair of grief-stricken sweethearts that lived on the upper floor of one the huts in “danger”. That left them without a place to bunk, so you can imagine how upbeat they were.

I had to eavesdrop and see how she handled this situation.

Like a champ, Dessy played up the optimism of the situation. Once she buttered up the two of them, then she sprang the surprise; the other villagers had all pitched in to set up the two lovebirds with a makeshift shack to stay in until a proper love suite could be built. Plenty private. Let’s just call it a honeymoon suite.

Then she took the two aside and switched from optimism to more… instinctual. Yes, those kind of instincts. With her bandle, she softly sang a short love symphony for them. Just then, the couple’s eyes lit up with booming hormones and they kissed. Oh yeah, there was definitely tongue in there. Just like I’d read, a Gandharva’s singing voice was laced with an aphrodisiac; through magic, what else? Dessy was just as excited as they were as she led them off to their new ‘love shack’. I could see the two of them starting to take their clothes off before the reached the hut.

Hell of a mating call, isn’t it?

I figured that was the end of it, but it wasn’t too long before Dessy reemerged from the small hut. She spotted me walked over, giggling.

“It was simply wonderful, Japsoon. They were simply brimming with absolute love for each other” she chirped. Her round face was blushing with passion.

“I’m sure it was. But if it was so glorious, how come you didn’t stay and join in? Aren’t you mamono always looking for that kind of action to get into?” I asked as I folded my arms at her.

“Oh no. Those two lovely young people deserve their time alone. I could never interject into their intimate time together. It is too precious. My time is not right now” she said. There was a sweet twinkle in her eyes joining her blush.

“Do you always look out for others like this?”

“Well, I am looking for someone near and dear to me. But I have not seen him since we have arrived”

“And who is this special someone?”

“He is my-”

“Hey Dessy! Christie needs you!” a woman called over to her.

“Oh okay! Pardon me, Jakesum” she excused herself before departing.

Now I was wondering who she was so eager to find around here.

Things kept moving along and we were the ones moving them. No different than helping out a friend move into a new apartment; right down to that one ass clown who never lifts a thing but loves telling others how and what to lift. As far as my sore body went, it hurt less but still wasn’t ready to move a whole house worth of goods. At least it was only three huts.

I was a good little boy and kept my frustration and pained groans bottled up. That wasn’t easy. And in case you’re all wondering, yes, I got lots of questions about my appearance. Fortunately, all I had to tell them was that I escaped from Wonderland. That satisfied all of their curiosity without the need for any gory details.

Nothing special to report on except when Dessy had put her bandle down. It was right next to a stack of barrels stuffed with fish. One bad move later, the barrels fell over right onto the bandle. Dessy gasped quite loudly. I helped pick up all the fish while she dug through the smelly mess for her instrument. Then she found it and pulled it out… then she pulled out the second half of it. Yeah, it was broke alright.

Aww shit, bad luck.

Up realizing this, Dessy eyes flooded more than the huts would ever be. She was about ready to burst out crying. She might have if there weren’t a few kids around to instantly smother her with compassionate hugs. Good, I couldn’t say anything cheerful to her in a situation like this.

“This (sniffs)… this was my first possession. My… Chorulax” she whimpered.

“It’s alright Dessy. My dad knows a man in Dewcliff who sells instruments. Maybe he can give you one for free” the little girl from earlier hugged Dessy’s arm.

“Maybe… but how am I to create music at the village festival tonight?”

“We can make our own music! You can help us! You’re the best singer of all!”

“And the prettiest!” said a random boy.

“(snuffs) Really?”

“Yes!” all the kids shouted.

“Oh thank you dears, so much” she sniffled. “I am so fortunate. But before the festival, we must finish our work. Let us go”

Before they all left, Dessy took one more sorrowful look at her bandle and set it down. The kids actually had to drag her away from the damn thing.

Geez, how much could that silly thing have meant to her? Once, I accidentally tore my teddy bear’s head off. I was upset for about a day before I was given a stuffed dragon to replace it. See? Easy go, easy come… or something like that. Bottom line, she’ll probably get a new instrument, plus maybe a band to go with it. Hell, ditch the stringed instruments and get her a saxophone or a trumpet or one of those instruments to wrap her lips around. Give her some practice for that one lucky guy.

At long last, the final crate had been moved out of the final hut. I rolled my eyes as Dessy celebrated with the kids by bouncing up and down and cheering. Still, I joined in with the other guys watching Dessy bounce in all her bubbly glory. Oh boy, did we all watch.

But enough voyeurism; on with the festivities. It’s about time, too. Even though this was nowhere near as big of a crisis as Dessy made it out to be, a free meal was awesome. And this place sure had no shortage of food. A whole buffet of ham, beef, fish, fruit, veggies, soup, and much more was served to us all. There was even some sweets to dig into for dessert. I liked the cream puffs.

There was also some beer. Yeah, now that’s was I’m fucking talking about!

While I gleefully dived into my seconds, Dessy was building up the rest of the festivities. A band was assembled with Dessy in the center of it all. Music was soon roaring as much as the bonfire was. Inevitably, dancing broke out shortly after; me excluded. Nah, I preferred sitting off by myself and taking in the atmosphere… from the bottom of my beer stein. Sure, I could party when I felt like it. But right now, I wasn’t drunk enough yet.

Dessy came over to invite me onto the dance floor, but I told her I was happy where I was. Satisfied, she moved on. After all, there were a lot more people to ensure were happy, right?

On that note, she had everything covered. Dessy had already won over the children, especially the boys, but how about the married adults?

Dessy invited all of the married couples to the dance floor for a love song. Once everyone was gathered, she began beautifully singing a slow, romantic song. At first, I didn’t think it was anything more than an excuse for some lovey-dovey kissing. But fuck, was I underestimated just how much Dessy liked making other people pent up. During the song, all of the couples on the dance floor started kissing. But when the song was over, the kissing had turned much more “Frenchy”. Like holy shit, they were really going at it. Should I be excited for some porn or concerned for what the kids might see?

Then Dessy began to shout. “All of you darlings, go now! Let love consume your hearts until dawn!” she announced like a commanding DJ. Then, all of the couples ran off to their huts to make some, well, let’s just say ‘memories’. Those that remained, cheered them on and then resumed their festivities.

Uh-oh, here comes my curiosity again.

“Tell me something, buddy-” I tapped a nearby fellow drinker on the shoulder. “Does Dessy singing to those lovebirds mean that they’ll have even better sex than normal?”

“Uhhh, so I’ve heard” the guy said before burping. My kind of company.

“Hmph. I thought I remember reading something like that” I bantered.

“Dessy sure is pretty, ain’t she?”

“You said it, brother. And that’s not the alcohol talking. I’ve seen her up close”

Now that I thought about it, I was pretty astonished. It was apparent that Dessy possessed quite a bit of powerful magic. The paranoid, pessimist in me would have bet on her using that power more maliciously. It wouldn’t be difficult for her to recruit the human girls by monsterizing them into a mamono like her. Or she could easily seduce the guys away from the human girls until another mamono could snatch him up. With a body like hers, sweeping away any guy in this village one night would be as easy as singing. Both methods would fit in the Demon Lord’s design, right? However, she showed no interest in such a slutty thing.

Honestly, the thought was hard to believe.

Maybe she was too dumb to figure it out, but I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt in this case. I mean, even the Order seem to put a little faith in her kind, so it only made sense for me to do the same. After all, she did let all the humans go about undisturbed; no demonic energy involved. Sure, she sang them into getting as horny as rabbits, but that was it.

After the other drinker eventually passed out, I went back to drinking solo. I couldn’t help but stare at Dessy mingling with everyone. I also noted the smiles on all their faces.

I just had to admire her overwhelming positivity. Now I understand why people look past her low IQ. Besides being well-stacked, Dessy was too loveably passionate in her concern for other people; for life itself. No matter where she went, she brought enough joy for everyone. Who the fuck could not admire something like that? Especially with the free fan service. I may have even been jovial like that myself once long ago. Though age and experience had turned me into the bag of salt that I am today, I could still appreciate that quality.

Yeah, Dessy managed to lift even my spirits somewhat. And with all the shit my future held, that was quite the accomplishment.

My world could use a girl like her. Hell, this world could use a girl like her. Dessy alone proved that there was hope for humanity and mamono to coexist. Whether or not it would eventually happen was still up in the air. But kind of like my perception of mamono in general, it was getting closer and closer to a fifty-fifty.

Dessy was a genuinely good human being… so to speak. A better human being than most human beings I knew. And she damn sure deserved someone good like her.

Just then, I spotted a good looking stud across the way walking right up to Dessy. Her face lit up like a Christmas tree and she rejoiced upon noticing him. She then flew at the guy before he even reached her and trapped him in a huge hug. That large kiss she planted on his head was the only clue necessary to know that this was that “near and dear” person she was looking for.

Must be her husband, or at least her lover. Well, good for her. She had good taste in guys. That was one lucky bastard; anyone who got into a relationship with Dessy would be.

Just like she implied, her time was going to come, alright. I couldn’t make it out, but they were enthusiastically chatting away about something. Probably making some fancy plans for later tonight.

With her distracted, now was a perfect time for me to sneak into my cart and hit the road. I didn’t have any more obligations. We valiantly saved the town that was never in danger, the town’s spirit was thoroughly lifted, and Dessy had found who she was looking for. Done deal. And considering that she had a husband, she wouldn’t have her sights set on me.

Though before I left, there was something I wanted to do…

Returning to that shed full of fish barrels, I found the corpse of her bandle. Now that I wasn’t working, I had a chance to get a good look at it.

‘Oh please’, I thought to myself as I inspected the bandle. It was just a simple break; a clean one too. It hadn’t shattered into pieces. Easy fix. Back in my cart, I had some premium, fast-acting epoxy paste as well as a few steel mounting rods. A half an hour and one jammed thumb later, it was as good as new.

I left the bandle in the shed for Dessy to find later. And not wanting to go through all those lengthy, sappy goodbyes, I jumped into my cart and left Welmor, disappearing into the night. Yes, I was planning on asking for a reward for helping out, but the free meal and booze was good enough.

Once I was about a mile away, I pulled over and snuggled into my makeshift bed in the back of my cart. No, I wasn’t as exhausted as I was after that party in Wonderland, but I did alright at this party to tire me out. The alcohol is also a sure-fire way to pass out.


In the morning, I continued down the road, looking for any kind of town to ask for directions back toward Vallick. I knew North was the general direction, but I preferred some specifics. Finally, I came across a sign.


5 Miles

Crimdale, huh? I could get directions there, but maybe I’ll make a longer stop than I thought…


Author: I just want to say that I was so glad to give some attention to the Gandharva monster girl. I don’t think she gets enough attention. Also, I know many of you have been wondering but don’t worry, Veina will return in the next chapter.

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