That one bar, sharply dressed people walking in and out at all hours of the night and closed shut during the day. Quite magical and a taste you won’t soon forget.

Getting into this bar wasn’t easy for a normal commoner, better come in your best, and have plenty of cash for the occasion.

You have your suit ready, you have your cash withdrawn.

The club even has it’s own taxi service for those more bold patrons who are planning on going well into the night.

You, on the other hand, drive yourself deep into the city. The deeper you went the more neon lights of all colors you see, bars, and clubs line every street with all sorts of customers.

You have reached your location, a dimly lit bar at the end of the line quite small in size compared to the rest of the bars on the strip.

You park your car into the dark lot next to the place. It was looking like a full night, well over a dozen cars with multiple passengers stepping out of them.

Your shoes gently click on the slightly wet concrete below as you walk towards the bar adjusting your tie.

While you continue your walk to the bar, you pull out your wallet and take a one hundred dollar bill out and clutch it in your hand.

As usual, there was a line to get in. beautiful women and the rich and powerful. You wait patiently in the line, occasionally checking your phone.
Once you reach the bouncer at the front, “Sup Vince,” you tell him giving him a handshake slipping him the hundred you had in your hand. Common practice around here. He gives you the nod and you head inside.

Once inside, another bouncer searches you head to toe, also a common practice. Wallet and phone are the only things allowed inside, and no pictures allowed to be taken inside.

You as usual pass on through before passing through some gothic architect style double doors into the main club.

A club like no other, in this world. White marble floor which appeared to be a shade of a setting sun due to the unusual lighting, lines of tables with “U” shaped booths all black leather, ice buckets six clean shot glasses rested in large ashtrays alongside being adorned with an electric candle just for the atmosphere.

A long sectional white couch sat right in front of the bar across from the U booths with moon-shaped glass tables in front of it lined with more electric candles.

The bar was something else to behold, a full rectangle table that stood up about 5 feet off the ground with black leather bar stools with backrests lined the outside, each side of the bar countertop has a swinging door for waitress access to the tables.

Behind the bar, itself was lit with the same lights that gave off the sunset vibes for the rest of the bar, glass cases protected all the alcohol, and the more expensive stuff with locked up and a list of drinks for more adventurous patrons.

To the far left end of the bar was the VIP area which was forbidden to most only the top of the top were allowed inside.

Since you came in alone, you decide to sit at the bar which wasn’t exactly full yet but people were pouring in behind you, it was only a matter of time before the capacity limit was filled.

While checking your phone again you were approached by one of the bartenders, quite the woman too, smoke black hair, a sleeve of ink with assorted flowers and honeycomb, in her cleavage you could see some sort of rose tattoo with thorny vines which travel up below her neck and around her breasts which were quite moderate in size, and she was wearing a blood-red dress to match her eyes.

“Another crowded night, what can I get you?” she asked me slightly adjusting her dress.

“Bottle of the house-brewed red,” you respond to her reaching for your wallet.

“Which type, A, O, AB, or Vampire Infusion?” she asked as more people started to crowd around the bar.

“Infusion please, no undead here in me,” you respond with a slight giggle.

“Mortal enjoying some unearthly delights is always nice to see I’ll bring you one right out,” she said with a wink before heading off into the back. You watched her shapely ass shake a bit as she walked away to the door in the back before pulling something out of her dress to open the door, looked to be some kind of card key.

You sit there and flip through various social media on your phone, as someone sat next to you. A man in what looked like a fresh suit adorned with blue roses, grey in his hair mixed with the jet black that was left on his head. He ordered an AB bottle so you were now aware of what was sitting next to you.

A hotspot for Vampire’s and other strong types and it was Vampire owned the owner usually is around mingling with the crowd once the place gets full. Mortals that venture in to relax have to be prepared to be sharing a place with quite the eccentric crowd. Lots of old money from generations of what usually is some unsavory form of work. Human trafficking is usually the safe guess if you keep your head down and not look vulnerable no one will normally bother you.

Mortals and the Vampires do have mutual understandings in most things, mainly territory meaning their hunting grounds. You stop a Vampire from feeding, they have the full right to retaliate. It was all based around money.

Soon after your waitress came out with your bottle and glass, no expense spared crystal wine glasses with a gold rim. “Here you are sir, enjoy,” she said with another wink. You pay her for the bottle as well as a tip, “Might order something later miss,” you say to her pouring your first glass up.

This wine was infused with vampire blood giving the body a thicker viscosity and bitterness to the blend.

“Call me Rose mortal, I’ll take care of you tonight if you plan on staying for the end,” she said taking your glass and taking a sip for herself. “Good shit, needed that pick me up,” she added with another wink.

You smile back at her figuring you might as well stay for a bit this time, normally you get your drink on and head out but tonight seemed like there might be more around than just people watching.

She hands you back your glass and you sip in the same spot after her, she sees this and smiles before heading over to the next customer.

“Mortal huh, what do you do for a living?” the man next to you asked after seeing Rose walk away.

“Financial adviser for a few top Demon lawyers in the royal city,” you respond to him while taking another sip of your glass of wine.

“Respectable, stick around I have an associate that might be interested in your services when they show up,” he replied patting you on the shoulder before walking away with his bottle and glass.

Also, a perfect place to gather connections if you play your cards right.

Soon after the club had reached its full capacity before the doors you entered in were shut tight with a bouncer standing right outside of it to make sure there was no funny business going on.

The music kicks on, light ambient, slowed-down bass sounds with an occasional choir. It certainly fits the mood and atmosphere of the club.

The place is fully socializing now, vampires, succubus, demons male and female, and stray mortals peppered in.

You can usually tell levels of power depending on the company they keep, most if not all the mortals that come here are escorted by a Vampire or hold a different relationship with a higher species. Vampires keep their food close and even share and swap in various cases.

You sip your wine slowly occasionally checking your phone as more people crowded around the bar near you. Demons walking by giving smirks and smiles along with Succubus. You were here to relax not really to pay them much mind.

You finish your first glass and soon after before being able to pour your next glass, you are approached by the same vampire from before. He was adjusting his tie. He places his hand on your shoulder from behind. “Care to join me and my friends mortal?” he asked with a slight chuckle.

“Sure,” you say back to him before getting up taking your bottle in one hand and gently holding your glass in the other.

He leads you over to his table with his associates. two women and a mortal sat before you. A Vampire and a Demon the mortal looked like the food supply even if he wasn’t dressed the part.

“So this is him?” the Demon asked as you and he approached the table. The Demon was dressed quite nicely, it looked like she had gotten out of work. Black business suit with small white stripes from shoulder to toe, thin reading glasses, deep purple eyes, and black sclera.

“Yeah, this is him,” he responded sitting back down next to the Vampire on the right.

“Go on sit down,” the Demon spoke in a low seductive voice while patting the spot next to her.

You slide into the booth after placing the bottle and glass down. The Demon eyes you up and down gently nibbling on her bottom lip. “So, we were told you do finances?” she said motioning a bartender over to the table.

You pour up a second glass of your Infusion Wine and sip it slightly. “Yeah, I do money things for some high Demons helping them invest,” you respond to her.

The Demon puts her arm around your shoulder “I might have a job for you, the pay would be in Demon Realm gold if you are interested,” she whispers into your ear.

Demon Realm gold, the oldest of money only the highest of the high get to play with that kind of currency. The conversion rate on them is nearly 1000x higher than the mortal dollar.

“Demon Realm gold you say, I cannot say I have the honor of holding that kind of money. My bosses handle some of that kind of shine,” you say to her.

“There is some very old property, here it is for sale for refurbishing which could be converted into homes for lesser privileged monsters,” she said as the bartender approached your table.

“Left something at the bar mortal,” the Bartender said handing your phone and the receipt. You must have left it at the bar, you take the phone and the paper. “Check your receipt to make sure I got it right,” she added.

“Now for you miss what are you ordering?” she asked sneaking you another wink.

“Royal Honey Whiskey a bottle, for everyone at the table to share besides the other mortal here pointing over to one next to the Vampire.

“I take it you don’t let your mortal taint his blood with alcohol, strict diet?” the waitress asked the Vampire sitting with the mortal. She was quite lovely herself, blue-black hair, ice white skin, yellow eyes, and moderate breasts in a sleek black dress.

“Yes, of course, a strict diet cannot have my blood supply and semen supply for my other servants to be tainted,” she spoke with a slight giggle, which must be a normal conversation topic.

Being a mortal here not in bondage was something you have to get accustomed to, most mortals were drifters or sold off at secret auctions to be given a second life or as a food source to top tier monsters who were above the normal hunt. Spending top dollar for a flavor you like was much simpler than hunting ages for it.

“I’ll be right out with your drinks, miss,” your waitress said walking away back to the bar.

The Demon’s eyes went back on you, “So mortal, what do you think of my offer?” she asked adjusting her glasses a bit.

The real estate thing was roughly the only thing you didn’t have too much experience on but depending on the amount of gold offered.

“I have never done Real Estate before, but I can certainly give my professional opinion,” you tell her taking another sip of your wine while maintaining eye contact with the Demon.

She smiles at you before reaching into her suit through her bust grabbing what looked like a cigarette case, silver, with the royal emblem of the current demon lord. She had close ties, must be one of her right-hand Demons.

She opens the case and offers you a smoke, and you politely decline. No smoking allowed inside so she excuses herself after you of course get up to let her out the booth. You slightly watch her walk away seeing her legs and peach-shaped ass.

You sit back down taking another sip of your wine slipping your phone and that receipt that Rose had given you back in your pocket.

“So, you are alone, no woman, no mistress?” the Vampire woman asked while looking at you.

“For the moment yes I am single, I do not serve a mistress I have never been in the position to do so myself,” you reply to her.

A mistress to serve is out of the question for you, granted in some cases of servitude some mortals have no choice, some are even confined to never leave the home they serve.

“Being independent is rare around these parts, it is nice to see,” she said smiling.

“I take it that the Demon Lord is interested in that property? Her smoke case was adorned with her emblem,” you said finishing off your second glass before immediately pouring another one.

“I honestly don’t know, she really wanted your opinion, and as for the gold I am sure it could net you a nice place if you continue to do business with her and possibly with me and my husband here,” the Vampire said giggling.

“I am doing alright for myself currently my bosses pay and treat me well,” you respond to her assuring your financial status is doing just fine

Rose comes back with a small tray and an ice bucket. “I take it that your Demon friend stepped out for a moment, just have her call me over once she gets back in,” Rose said placing an ice bucket with the bottle of the whiskey inside.

“Thank you again Rose,” you say to her giving her another smile.

She smiles back before responding “You are welcome mortal, enjoy the drinks.” before walking back behind the bar.

After while chatting with the couple who in all honesty was quite nice, they were old money for sure. Mortal sellers but to only the most acceptable buyers so they were treated right.

The Demon entered back in adjusting her dress and fixing her hair. You get up to allow her back into the booth.

“So, you are interested in this proposition?” she asked again placing her arm back around you as it once was.

You ponder it for a moment, you honestly had nothing to lose and everything to possibly gain. It is a bit of an odd request but Demon Realm gold was as good as it could get.

“I of course am interested and I will give you my professional opinion,” you respond to her while looking into her eyes and smiling gently.

She pours you all each about a half cup and drops a few ice cubes from the bucket that was also brought in each glass.

She smiles and hands you each one of the glasses. You and the others take a glass in your hands. “To new business opportunity and friends,” the Demon spoke raising the cup into the air.

You and the others agree and raise your glasses above the table and touch glasses before taking a sip of the liquor. Certainly one of the smoothest whiskey’s you have ever sampled, small bite with and very sweet aftertaste finish.

You immediately started to feel the effects of the honey that was brewed into the whiskey. Royal Honey is extremely sought after as an ingredient, a bottle of whiskey like this runs close to $500 on the mortal side, here it runs about half that.

“Look’s like I am gonna crash in a hotel tonight if I keep drinking,” you said with a chuckle while gently sipping more of the whiskey.

The demon smiled again sipping more and more of her own drink, “Plenty of nice places to stay around here, I am sure you can get you a decent room for the night,” she said with a sigh of deep relaxation.

It was probably going to be for the best, mixing all this alcohol in you was certainly going to gonna make you not able to drive. Hotels were plentiful around this area though due to all the nightclubs.

You continue chatting and getting to know the company you were now with, turns out the mortal they kept was a rescue. They saved him after he was nearly beaten to death because he refused sex to a group of Ogre’s, they took him home and let him recover from his injuries, and now he serves them as payment.

“Well, we should be getting out of here,” the Demon who called herself Farah said. You and her exchange numbers as well with the Vampire couple, Elora the wife, and Enoch the husband. For possible business and meetups here at what is commonly known as The Rayne Lounge.

You on the other hand head back up to the bar with a slight stumble before sitting back at the bar stool that you once were at.

Rose was still behind the bar she notices you and walks over. “I see your company has left, want something else to drink?” she asks you with a giggle.

You are pretty toasted right now, the warmth from the vampire’s blood mixed with Royal Honey was brewing quite the euphoric feeling.

“Well, I am already going to crash in a hotel tonight so sure why not have one more drink,” you say to her with a smile.

Rose smiled at you leaning her elbows on the counter in front of you. “So what are you thinking, something light?” she asked.

Something light might give you just an edge on the current buzz you have now so that was certainly a good idea.

“Also, you don’t have to stay in a hotel tonight. I get out soon and wouldn’t mind some company,” Rose added.

Spending an evening with Rose might be the better bet, might cost a pint but that is easy recovery time.

“I’ll get your drink, I know just what you need,” Rose said placing her hand on yours before walking into the backroom once again.

You reach into your pocket to grab your phone and you pull out the receipt from earlier along with it. Rose had written down her phone number on it. The thirst was heavy literally.

You chuckle at it gently, it was the alcohol getting to you and it was getting late.

Rose returns to you with a filled wine glass, instead of red or white it was a royal purple.

“Looks almost like just juice,” you say to her giving the drink a small sip. A deep grape and berry flavor penetrates your tastes buds with an aged wine aftertaste.

“It is a brand from the desert, called Oasis, made from the darkest, sweetest, and most flavorful grapes and blueberries aged in a light Apophis venom base,” Rose said.

This was certainly something else, quite the beautiful blend of fruit and the extra effects. Apophis venom will cause a flame of lust inside anyone no matter how strong-willed of course if the dosage is high enough. This however seemed very light a normal dose of venom would spark that fire instantly.

“I think I might have found my new go-to drink when I come by,” you say sipping more and more of the delicious blend.

Rose smiles again at you putting her hand on yours that rested on the counter, “Glad you like it, so I get off in about ten minutes so we can head out then mortal,” she said giving off another wink before heading off to serve another customer.

You polish off your drink fast before straightening yourself up just waiting for Rose to get off. Rose doesn’t hesitate to clock out at all after taking your final payment for the night.

“Well shall we?” she asks holding out her arm.

You allow her to take your arm as you both walk out the bar together, the line was still decently long and letting people in slowly but surely.

“Hey Vincent, make sure this guy’s car doesn’t get towed he is going home with me and will pick it up in the afternoon,” Rose said patting the bouncer on the shoulder as they walked away arm in arm.

“Had this planned all along with me huh Rose?” you ask her as you and she walked down the street together with her heels and your dress shoes clicking quietly.

“Well, not the whole time but a mortal coming into the lounge alone is quite attractive, also a late-night drink sounds quite lovely,” Rose said giggling taking your hand and placing it against her shapely ass.

You instinctively squeeze her ass tightly feeling your fingers sink into her plump undead ass.

“Save that for the bedroom lover boy we will both get a late-night snack,” she said chuckling again as they stopped in front of an apartment building.

You both enter the building and she leads you up to two sets of stairs before getting to her apartment door. She lets you in before quickly closing and locking the door behind her.

Her apartment was incredibly simple, nothing too special or fancy just your normal works. It was all one room with a giant window that looked over parts of the city. Beside the window was her bed which she immediately drags you over to.

“Slow and steady now,” she said sitting you down and sitting down on your lap straddling your waist placing her hands on your face.

She leans down and kisses against your neck gently, licking it slowly softening it up. “Brace yourself, mortal,” she whispers in your ear before biting down sinking her fangs in embracing your body close as she enjoyed her drink.

The initial bite hurt but once they were in the pain settled down into pleasure. You grab and grope at her body as she drinks and drinks. Your head started to spin and you slowly passed out against her body.

“Shit, I took too much. He should rest it off though so maybe we can have breakfast,” she said laying you back against the bed undressing you to your underwear before covering you up with her comforter.

She undressed herself stripping off her dress before crawling into bed herself typing away on her phone for a bit staring out the window enjoying the night lights that were viewable.

Eventually, Rose passed out next to you wrapping her arm around your still remotely unconscious body.

The night came and went. You woke up to the sun shining down on you and Rose. You lean up first with a killer headache from last night as well as a slight sting in your neck.

Rose felt you shift and rise out of bed. “Morning mortal,” she said leaning up and dropping the blanket exposing her pale ice tattooed body, the beautiful blood-red rose was the centerpiece of her body, at the bottom of her breasts with the vines covered in thorns going in every which direction.

“I took too much last night so my apologies for not letting you indulge in some unearthly delights,” she said kissing against you on the cheek before getting out of the bed fully nude.

“How do you take your coffee?” she asks you walking into her kitchen.

“Black and a bit of sugar,” you reply to her reaching to the side of the bed reaching into your pants grabbing your phone.

Farah from last night messaged you asking about meeting up in her office to talk about the place she was interested in. You text her back that you will be in this afternoon.

It was still relatively early the sun was at least out. Rose returns to the bed with both coffee for you and her.

“Just how you like it mortal,” she said handing you the cup and sitting back down in bed not even bothering to get dressed.

“Thanks, Rose,” you say back to her taking the cup from her and sipping it a bit. Bold and robust with a smooth and crisp finish.

Rose sipped her brew as well while leaning on you gently watching the city below.

“Well I take it you have a business meeting today but I would like to see you tonight if possible,” Rose said gently nibbling on your ear while her free hand caresses your chest.

“I think I can arrange that, if you are working tonight I can swing by after my meeting with that Demon. What time do you go in?” you ask her smiling feeling her icy hand rub your chest.

“8:30 pm lounge opens at 9 pm so we prep for a half-hour,” she responds giggling more.

Well if the meeting with Farah goes smoothly you should be out even before sunset.

“I have a meeting with that Demon from last night Farah and if things go right I should be out before sunset,” you respond to her kissing her cheek.

“Sounds like a plan to me, maybe you can swing back by here before my shift,” she said sipping more of her coffee and relaxing against you.

You and Rose chat through your coffee and it grew to be 1 pm rather quickly.

“I should get out of here, and hopefully I will be back as soon as I can,” you say getting out of the bed still nude throwing on your clothes from last night minus the suit jacket due to the day looking decently warm and nice.

“See you tonight mortal,” Rose said giving you another kiss on the cheek before showing you out.

Once you are out, you quickly head back to the lot where your car was still parked unticketed. You hop in and text Farah and ask here where her office is. She quickly messaged back with the address, it was in the capital near Demon Lord manor.

You quickly make your way there, once outside the office you had to get your car parked by their parking service.

At this point, you toss on your suit jacket just for the complete professional look. Once inside her little Devil secretary buzzed you upstairs.

Once you step into her office you are greeted by the smell of smoke. Her office was quite nice bookshelves lined the wall loaded with books besides the wall behind her which was covered with plenty of pictures and her various achievements.

“Ah glad to see you again mortal go on sit down,” Farah spoke while finishing filling out some form of paperwork behind her monitor.

You sit in the leather chair relaxing as she finishes up her paperwork.

“Have you eaten today mortal?” Farah asks you while she finalizes her paperwork.

Well, you had coffee with Rose but nothing on your stomach since last night before you went to the lounge.

“Only a coffee this afternoon I didn’t have time to eat,” you respond back to her.

“Oh, well we cannot have that we can order in, there is a Warm Delights down the street that delivers so I’ll order us some lunch unless you’d rather eat out at a high-end restaurant in the city,” Farah suggested tapping her fingers against her desk.

“Ordering in is just fine, I know some of the places downtown get a bit pricey I have been to some with my bosses before,” you tell her with a slight giggle.

“Alright, I know just what to order then,” Farah said with a chuckle pulling out her phone to open the Warm Delights app. “The sandwiches are quite nice and the coffee is A+,” she said placing the order.

“So now that is settled, let’s get down to business,” she said pulling out a folder from her desk and handing it to you.

You open the small folder, to see loads of pictures of an absolute wreck of what looked like an old office building. It needed quite a bit of work done but looking at the location it would be an absolute dream for lower privileged monsters if they need a commute to work within the city.

Flipping through the pictures it would be a good investment for Farah to take part in.

“So, what is your professional opinion?” Farah asked you while you looked through the folder.

“Honestly, given the right repairs, this would be a gold mine and great for the community, it would make for an easier commute for those who need to travel into the city for work and could possibly bring in more mortal workers which would help moral,” you say to her closing up the folder after organizing the pictures and handing it back to her.

Farah smiles leaning back in her chair taking the folder. “I was thinking exactly the same, so many mortals like yourself would benefit from being out here in the Demon Realm. My investors will love hearing that second opinion, also I wanted to ask you if you want to invest in it as well of course I was going to offer around 10 Demon Realm gold coins I know that is quite a lot for just a simple opinion, but I can give you half and just invest the other half in,” she offered.

Around conversion, you would be getting roughly 9-10K from the full payment but investing 5k could double or even triple your profit.

“You know, I’ll take that offer. I am doing well enough to invest that kind of money, we have a deal,” you say to her extending out your hand.

Farah smiled and reached over the desk shaking your hand. “We have a deal then, now still we shall have lunch together but first your payment,” she said standing up from behind her desk.

She walks from behind her desk, Farah looked just as good today as she did last night. Pure black suit and skirt that showed every bit of her curves.

She walks behind you to what looked like a decorative chest in the back corner of the room, it was bolted shut and she leaned down and unlocked it. It wasn’t just an ordinary chest out of the box the second it opened popped out a gold-skinned woman with flowing red hair and an insane bust barely dressed. A Creeper Coin, one of the rarest monsters to exist even rarer than the Kraken. The coin is thought to be nearly extinct, they are said to be owned by the richest and powerful monsters in the Demon Realm.

The woman immediately made a grab for you nearly falling out the chest that contained her, before Farah grabbed her pushing her back. “Hey, I don’t see men that often cut me a break,” the Coin spoke in an extremely lustful voice.

“Relax Seraphina I need 10 coins, I’ll get you more mana later today,” Farah spoke to her still holding her back from pouncing on you.

Seraphina rolled her eyes still looking you while licking her lips. “Fine, I expect a good amount for this,” she said reaching down below her and grabbing a handful of coins handing it to Farah.

“I’ll get it for you later just relax,” Farah responded closing her back into the chest and locking it.

“I imagine you have never seen one in person,” Farah said with a slight chuckle counting out the coins before walking back behind her desk.

You haven’t only have heard rumors about the Coin it was pretty surreal to see one in person, even more, to have one trying to grab for you.

“N-Never only rumors,” you respond back to her as she sat back behind her desk counting out 5 coins and handing them to you.

“Extremely rare, most go a lifetime without seeing one,” she says watching you pocket the coins.

Farah leans back starting to relax as her phone starts to ring, “Ah looks like our order is here,” she said standing up out of the chair and heading to the door heading out.

She quickly returns with the food, which looked like sandwiches and coffee.

“Well, I appreciate the lunch Farah,” you say to her as she hands you your food.

“It is nothing, after all, we are conducting business together so it is good to be proper anyone else would have you on your back in their office riding you dry,” she said taking a pull from her coffee and having a small giggle.

Honestly, she was right, a single mortal working alone could fall into trouble rather easily, thankfully you had only been offered never forced intimacy.

You and her both finish your lunch and coffee with chit chat about finances and whatnot before it was time to head out.

“Well it is time for me to head out, I have someone else to meet this early evening before heading home,” you tell Farah standing up out of the chair.

Farah smiles at you from behind the desk before extending her hand once more. You lean in and shake her hand once again “It was a pleasure doing business with you mortal, we will be in touch,” Farah said watching you walk out.

You hop back in your car and head and text Rose to meet you outside her building. It was still early so you and she could chill a bit before she had to go in for the night.

You parked outside her building and she was outside on just looking at her phone waiting for you, she was in just a tank top and sweats for a bit of comfort.

“Mmm I see you made it with quite a bit of time to spare mortal, shall we head upstairs,” she said watching you get out your car peeking up from her phone.

“Of course Rose,” you respond back to her as you approached her smiling gently at her.

Rose without hesitation led you straight upstairs to her place. Once inside she leads you back to the bed sitting you down and immediately dropping to her knees. “A little of this is just what I need,” she said pulling your soft cock out and licking it deeply while closing her eyes really getting into it.

“I-I see you are eager for it,” you say leaning back on the bed letting Rose have her way with you.

“Good mortal now just lay back and enjoy it,” she said looking up at you licking your shaft from base to tip flashing you her fangs before closing her eyes again deeply sucking on your now fully hard length.

You lean fully back on the bed closing your eyes. Rose on the other hand was continuing to please you with her tongue and gently fang grazes against your length.

“Lean up mortal,” Rose said taking off her tank top revealing her pale breasts. wrapping them around your cock. Her cold body with the warmth of your cock was quite serene, seeing your length glide up and down between her breasts was also already pushing you close to the edge making you let out gentle moans.

“Mmm mortal cover them in your warm seed,” Rose whispered while gently bouncing her tits up and down on your cock while closing her eyes in pleasure. Rose was enjoying herself quite a bit massaging herself against you.

Not too long goes by until you cum, rope after rope of warm sticky cum covers her tits and all her ink that is covering her chest painting that red rose white.

“Good mortal, maybe the main course will come tonight when I get off,” she said with a slight chuckle.

Looks like this was just the beginning…

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