Commissioned by: Zhana
Length: ~6.7k words
Cover image: (Artist: @D_rex_art)

Half-asleep. Half-awake. Dream, interrupted. Did she wake up on her own, or did something else cause such thing. Surely the latter, swearing that something had called her name.
“Keltaria, we have come to bring tribute!”
That confirmed the dragon’s thoughts. Annoyance and anger festered within over the interruption, but then again, could she really blame them? They always came at the same time. Spending so much time awake last night might’ve not been the greatest of decisions, though perhaps letting her hoard pile up disorganized all over the place had been her original sin. Well, who cared, she’d probably recover with a nap later on.
Hundreds of coins rang out, moved about as the dragon forced herself up. Standing up, she kept on rubbing the sleep off her eyes, to then quietly march over towards the entrance of the cave; the sooner she dealt with the visitors, the sooner she’ll return to dreamland.
At least it was lengthy enough to prepare herself. Get that face of death off her, comb up her hair a little, so on and so on; can’t have them see the dragon of their nightmares like this.
Yeah, it was pretty late in the morning as she could see, gauging the light from the cavern entrance. There they were, the silhouettes of those waiting, although curiously enough it seemed to be one too many compared to the other days. Someone new. Surely her heavy steps onto the ground, echoing in the silence as she slowly approached gave the visitor a memorable first impression. When she approached enough to see them clearly past the light of the outside, she saw their faces:
Terror. Hidden, suppressed, but still stiff and still as their bodies, refusing to move a muscle. Three khepris with their spears, and the odd one out, an anubis in the middle. However, only then did Keltaria notice how the anubis’ hands were tied. Strangely enough, her clothing didn’t point to any signs of low class or slavery as she’d have imagined of those in such situation.
Taking a deep breath, she readied her first words.
“What is it, this time?” She asked in as stern a tone as she could muster. The khepris and the anubis twitched at her voice, one of the beetles unable to hide the quivering of her legs.
“We brought you an individual this time.” Said the khepri at the front. “You can do anything you wish with her.”
Confusing. No precedent. A new thing to Keltaria, still not really understanding how they had come to such decision. Inevitably, skepticism had begun to form.
“You will not use my grounds to dispose of undesirables.” She stated.
“W-we would never dare!”
Then, there was silence. Without a word, Keltaria glanced at the anubis, scanning her from top to bottom. No grievous physical imperfections, and if their fear forced the truth out of them, she was no ‘undesirable’. It only created more questions than answers.
“I will accept this tribute, then.”
“We are honored by your acceptance.” The khepri said as she and the two others bowed. “Please, enjoy it at your leisure.”
The three then turned around and departed, walking away at a surprisingly quick pace. After following them with her eyes, Keltaria then turned to the anubis who then locked eyes with her. Though she could smell her fear, her face still remained still. Defiant, as if. Almost frowning. Immobile and still, though curiously enough, Keltaria felt that it wasn’t out of dread.
She brought her claw towards her, easily reaching the ties that bound the anubis. Though the anubis twitched, she did not take a step back. With two of her nails she grabbed the rope and much like scissors she brought them together, cutting it as if it was mere butter. In that swift movement, the anubis had been freed.
But still, no reaction. In fact, she didn’t even try to run away. Looking past her, the cave’s exit lay in full view so close. She could certainly make a run for it. Or did she believe she’d catch her regardless? Not to mention, difficulties would only grow. Treacherous terrain descending this mountain, and perhaps even the populace’s hostility for their tribute escaping its intended purpose, whatever they thought it was.
“Why are you not running away?”
The anubis certainly showed difficulty in answering. The words were there, but she just couldn’t push them out.
“…I’m not a coward.” She said.
It left her in silence, Keltaria ever so slightly tilting her head. At least, until a smirk grew on her face.
“Courageous.” She remarked. “What is your name?”
“I-It’s… Abida Al-Azi.”
“Abida… Tell me, why do you believe you were chosen?”
An uncomfortable question, if that split second of Abida’s face twisting in scorn and grudge was anything to go by.
“They judged me expendable.” She answered. Keltaria’s silence and intent watch prompted her to continue. “They said I didn’t have any skills others weren’t better than me at, in my group. That I wouldn’t be missed as much. I was the most hard-working of the lot.”
“That is quite the tragic situation you found yourself in. Still, I’m sure we’ll be able to put that ‘hard-working’ to good use.”
Her defiant look faded partly, just enough for Keltaria to notice the gradual change into anxiety. She couldn’t say it didn’t amuse her further. Maybe the anubis thought she’d send her back and force the populace to accept her again? Even if she was that kind, chances are the anubis would not have the warmest of receptions nor continued stay. Yes, she’d be safer here, put under her care rather than returning to those who would sooner see it as the first tribute to ever be rejected. Straightening up with her head high in domineering pride, Keltaria put her hands on her waist.
“I’ll feed you and keep you warm. In exchange, you’ll get my hoard organized and keep my grounds cleaned up, along with whatever task I’d ask of you. I’m sure you won’t disagree, though the exit is always there should you wish to leave. Can’t promise the others won’t be upset about it, though.”
Nothing. Silence. What determination had faded to anxiety, now faded to an almost disappointed glare. Unpleasant surprise, though certainly mundane compared to what anyone would think a dragon would demand of a servant. Not like she knew; her imagination and creativity only went so far, and thus she could only judge the stark contrast between fears and reality from the anubis’ lack of response.
“Organize… the hoard?” She asked, only to interrupt herself with a contortion of her expression, her defiance and steel composure returning in full, far stronger than before. “I’ll do it.” She puffed her chest. “I’ll not let something as mundane as that break my spirit, unlike those worthless peons I used to call colleagues.”
The dragon smiled, laughing to herself under her own breath.
“Take your time.” Said Keltaria, to then turn and walk away as Abida followed with her eyes. “You’ll be here for a good while.”

Stressful, disorienting, far more than what Abida had bargained for. Arranging coins? Sure, simple if tedious. But how? Keltaria had managed to get so many of every kind. Arrange them how? By material, surely, but after that, by what? Size? Year of minting? Place of origin? It baffled her mind to see not only so much diversity, but also the contents within. Coins so ancient as to be from dead empires, others minted on the other end of the world, some which she couldn’t tell not even tell where or when. Copper, silver, gold, the usual, but then other materials came about, of colors and vibrancy all over the spectrum, even a few rare iridescent ones. Some materials, she didn’t even know existed, let alone have knowledge about.
And that was for the coins, the most simple of all. Goblets? Trinkets? Necklaces, rings, armor, weapons? Where to event start? How to order them? At least the coins were all, well, coins, but this was a new level of administrative nightmare, and God forbid Keltaria ever asks how many of something she actually has, assuming she succeeds in the first place. Not to mention, her hoard extended seemingly forever, as if confirming the rumors she had thought were pure exaggeration.
No. There was no way to start this. Much as she disliked the idea after boasting about herself so recently, she needed directions. Badly. Even a simple ‘do as you wish’ would do.
Keltaria should be close by. Not like she’d go too far from her hoard, right? Swiping the sweat off her brow – how embarrassing, to sweat by stress alone rather than physical work – she turned and departed further into the cavern.
Didn’t take long before she heard the faint breathing. Walking further towards it, she soon came across bits of her popping to view behind a great pile of coins. Napping against it, figured Abida, though now the question remained if she actually wanted to interrupt it. Indecisive, she approached further to see Keltaria in full as she slept, only for her to then freeze in place with her eyes widening.
There was something to Keltaria that she had not known. Sleeping face-up, there was simply no way Abida would be able to miss it; never before had she even heard of it, let alone seen it, but there it was before her: On her crotch, an organ rose forming a tent with her loincloth. Even if it wasn’t for its presence alone, its implied size added to Abida’s stupefaction and dread, leaving her stuck like deer in headlights at the sight.
“Staring for too long is bad manners.”
A loud gasp escaped Abida as she stepped back. Snapping her eyes at Keltaria’s, she found her with an eye open lazily looking her way. The dragon then brought herself up to sit, stretching her arms with a suppressed moan, though all that Abida could look at was that twitching thing of hers. In due time, Keltaria let her hands rest on the pile.
“You look excited.”
“W-What?” Asked Abida, both in fright and indignation.
“Never seen one so close before? Come on, take a look.”
No words, just a paralyzed pause.
“I-I… don’t think–“
“You sure showed courage back then when we first met. Where did it go?” Smirked Keltaria, a smug smile almost too painful to see.
Eye twitch. Abida could not take it. She could not let that go unanswered.
“I’m not scared of a simple dick.” She stated out loud, though deep down, it felt as if reassuring herself rather than speaking her thoughts.
Cautious and skeptical, she approached little by little till she knelt down in front of the dragon. With Keltaria’s legs separated, and each knee flanking Abida, the anubis quietly brought her paws to the edges of the loincloth and took hold. Anxiety, stress, swallowing her fear and concern over what lied beneath. Suddenly it twitched, making Abida flinch; by Keltaria’s quiet chuckle, it seemed evidence enough that she had done it on purpose. Abida took a deep breath, and pulled the loincloth aside.
Her mouth opened partly in dismay. It was a dick alright, but of shape and texture she had never before heard of. Inhuman, enormous, sharing a color matching Keltaria’s hair somehow. From so close, she could see it in all its detail. Its overall girth peaked close to the base in the shape of a bulge, though by no means was the rest of the organ describable as ‘thin’. On the underside of the shaft ran a certain texture all the way to the glans, that of hardened skin reminiscent of soft, delicate scales, giving it a bumpy texture. Smooth skin completed the rest, though by the glans the girth increased once more, comparable to that of the bulge.
A pair of testicles hung from the base as well, coarse and tough as if they were more like soft shells with the same hue as the shaft. Their size came to a surprise as well; what her penis was to a normal human’s, so too were her balls to that of a common person. She’d be hard-pressed to find even the most renowned prostitute in her kingdom to say they had been with someone as endowed as Keltaria before her. Abida never knew a dragon girl could have a penis, but if she had ever thought of the possibility, this certainly would fit her species.
“Go on.” Pressured Keltaria. “You’re not the type of person that would just stand up and leave after that, are you?”
She got this far. Her cock, so close to her face that she could smell it. It seemed hypnotizing, almost.
How did she get in this situation? About to suck Keltaria’s cock, on her knees, with her looking down towards her as if she was a servant. Well, a servant she was now anyway.
She brought her hands and, almost fearing another unpredictable move, carefully grasped it by the base. Soft, squishy, though at the same time so terribly firm. She could feel it pulsating, almost as if beating, and somehow she could swear it got tougher and bigger; stimulation over her actually touching, no doubt.
“Lick it.”
Though annoyance and irritation formed, Abida only spent a second before moving her head forward, opening her mouth. That smell, that texture, it led her curiosity to wonder: How would it actually taste? It aligned too well with the dragon’s command.
She stuck out her tongue and then pressed it against the underside of the shaft, to then slowly steal a lick of that hardened skin. The taste, she couldn’t really tell what it was. Somehow mundane, like nothing, but at the same time, something else. Couldn’t describe it, as if her relative inexperience in this area wasn’t enough. Still, there she spotted a subtle change: Keltaria had narrowed one of her eyes for a split second during the act.
This time, she brought herself low, starting again from the very base. Rather than just the tip of her tongue, she used as much as she could, dragging herself through that scale-like texture of hers all the way through. What subtle changes she spotted in the dragon now came to full view, narrowing her eyes with a smirk growing wider in an attempt to keep her composure.
An idea popped into her head. How to get back at her, even if through unconventional means. That taunting from earlier would not go unanswered. Abida brought her lips together, placing them on the tip of Keltaria’s dick with her hands firmly keeping it in place. She took a deep breath, and after mustering her fortitude, parted her lips and took inside as much as she could.
The surprise led Keltaria to let out a soft gasp, though as Abida had come to realize, her maximum capacity still wasn’t enough to take the whole thing. It didn’t matter, pausing would beat the point, and so she retracted herself while keeping her tongue pressed against her cock, slathering it all the way through or at least what she had managed to devour.
There was something to that taste. That texture. That smell. The combination of all, that somehow made the idea so easy to pull. Not minutes earlier she was so reluctant to even lick it, and now she was shoving it into her mouth. Philosophical thoughts would have to wait, as once more she brought her lips down, swallowing her cock in equal manner.
“Y…You’re pretty good at this.” Said Keltaria, her difficulty in keeping her old demeanor beginning to show.
Had to be harder. Faster. Unable to breath through her mouth for obvious reasons, that musky smell flooded her senses with each inhalation. It only served to motivate her further, keeping in control, no longer at the whim of the dragon but instead the dragon left at her whims, at least in this regard. Noises elevated, that of saliva and hastening breathing form her almost reminiscent of choking, mixed in with suppressed moans. Keltaria’s breaths grew erratic as well, just as she decided to lean back onto the pile once more, her errant grin and narrowed eyes betraying the pleasure coursing through her.
“You can slow down a little if you want.”
But Abida ignored it, choosing instead to keep up her relentless assault. Her tongue danced around as her lips ran up and down, slathering each nook and cranny of that cock; the tough underside of the shaft with its particular texture, the smooth sides and top that gave no resistance to her tongue, and the head she had taken whole. All, while she locked eyes with the dragon, staring defiant but also in wonder, seeing Keltaria returning the glare with an ever worsening condition showing on her.
“Hey, slow down…” Said Keltaria, with her voice already wavering. Almost a plea, rather than an order. “I’m… I’m serious, slow down! I’m gonna…!”
But still Abida ignored it, continuing. However, at that very moment, the dragon moved, standing up as she grabbed Abida’s head with her powerful hands, keeping her in place with her dick in her mouth. Dread and terror took hold in the anubis, fearing what would could happen, to then feel the dragon thrust into her mouth on her own, hitting the back of her throat. Without pause Keltaria withdrew her hips partly, to thrust again just as violently, repeating it over and over and over. This couldn’t go on, feeling as if it’d push down her throat if she let it continue, but despite trying to peel away by pushing her thighs, the dragon’s strength overpowered too much. Even hitting her seemed to do nothing, honestly torn between the idea that she either ignored it, or did not feel it at all.
“Ooooh!” Keltaria moaned out loud, taking advantage of such isolated location from foreign ears. “You… You asked for it!” She cried out, ignoring Abida’s muffled and choked pleas for rest. “I’m gonna… I’m gonna– AaaAaaahhh~~!!”
A pause, split second as it was. The calm before the storm, as Keltaria moved her claws to grab Abida by the back of the head, before thrusting and pulling with all her might. Abida’s muffled scream was cut short, her organ invading her in so much force that closing her throat did not work. It pushed itself deeper inside, filling her with its girth, breaking through like a battering ram and taking up her entire mouth as even the bulge itself forced itself in. Keltaria’s belly was almost up to her face, and Abida could even feel her testicles come into contact with her chin, tightening for the inevitable. It had driven itself into her throat, to the start beating, convulsing, before a certain warm sensation took hold, moving its way towards Abida’s belly. Keltaria had ejaculated inside her, force-feeding her that thick liquid in waves, making her involuntarily swallow it all without a drop to be wasted. Though she could not tell how much it had been forced into her, that her mild hunger had been almost instantly replaced with almost too full satiety already left some hints.
Abida couldn’t breath, a situation contrasting with Keltaria’s exhausted panting. In shock she had remained silent and still, though with what remained of her last breath, she began anew to hit the dragon’s legs. Keltaria seemed to notice, with how Abida felt a force pulling outwards. Unfortunately, it seemed stuck, for the bulge had expanded partly enough to end up lodged into her mouth, but the anubis cared little about difficulties. As she pushed away, Keltaria grabbed Abida’s head by the sides, and with a firm push along with a pull of her hips, Keltaria’s cock popped out like a cork from a fine wine bottle.
Violent coughing. Left almost collapsed, holding herself up by her arms on the ground, coughing and coughing and coughing, panting and gasping for what air she desperately lacked; despite feeling her belly somewhat bloated, there wasn’t a single drop to escape. At the same time, the dragon let herself go, falling on her back on the pile of coins he had napped on with the ringing of the coins on impact to echo throughout the cave.
“Don’t hold a grudge.” Sighed the dragon, resting one arm over her eyes. “So, what did you come to me for?”
“It’s…” Panted the anubis, dragging her hand to her uncomfortably full belly. At this point, asking about the hoard after that mess of an ordeal felt too much for her. “It’s nothing.”

A day of work could only do so much. On one side, coins lay on the ground, collections neatly stacked over each other in their own respective colors. On the other side, the infinite mess of Keltaria’s hoard remained, taunting Abida with its size. It’d take years to put a dent in their numbers.
Even the neat stacks were hardly organized properly, just by material. Origin? Year? Yeah, no, that was simply out of the question, as if she had not walked away when she was meant to ask Keltaria for instructions. Then again, maybe the dragon would not care about such little things.
The dragon.
Abida could still feel that taste in her mouth. That pressure widening her throat. The smell. Uncomfortable, but still, memorable. It still remained in her thoughts, ever since she walked away. Without her even aware of it, her hand had slowly moved to her belly, so close to her crotch. Thoughts invaded her relentlessly, distracting her from her work, only able to imagine in morbid curiosity what it’d be like if that organ drove into the intended place.
Her panties had grown damp. Her crotch itched with warmth and desire, feeling too hot despite her unusual clothing leaving her thighs exposed, making ventilation a non-issue.
She couldn’t work like this. She needed some manner of relief.
‘She might still be napping.’ She thought to herself. ‘I could go to a corner and–‘
A force struck her back, enveloping her, forcing a scream to escape Abida. Arms; Keltaria’s as she came to realize, as if those breasts pressed against her were not enough indication. However, her fright did not subside, noticing then a certain mass pressing against her crotch and thighs. Looking down, she saw it, the dragon’s erection right between her legs.
“You’re wet.”
Abida could hardly deny it. Keltaria slid her cock forward, slow and methodically, worsening the warmth Abida had attempted to contain; proving Keltaria’s point, the top of her dick had been left just damp enough for a slight shine to be noticed.
“Wanna do it?”
The anubis had grown pale. Though at first by the sudden fright, now over the horror of that gargantuan thing making its way inside her. There was no way it could fit. She had almost quite literally choked on it earlier. There was simply no chance at all, but she knew the dragon wouldn’t give up that easily if given the choice.
“I-I… don’t think it’s a good idea…” Said Abida. “M-Maybe another time?”
“It’s too big! You almost killed me back then, you’re gonna split me in half!”
“Fine, wuss.”
Granting her a serene sense of relief, Keltaria quietly withdrew her cock. However, she did not remove it entirely. Something was amiss.
“Hey, if you’re not gonna let me put it in…”
Pausing her movements, Keltaria moved her hands downward towards her legs. Concern turned to fear in Abida’s mind, for Keltaria gently slid her fingers past the fabric her panties. Immediately Abida brought her hands to Keltaria’s wrists in order to stop her, but she could not. Keltaria slid her panties down, exposing her nether regions. The anubis then felt that cock return, gritting her teeth as that smooth skin slid along her labia without entering, passing the glans and then the shaft to be nestled against her crotch.
Then, she felt a force against her legs. Keltaria’s hands forced them together, tightly squishing her dick inbetween her thighs and leaving it to press against her labia even more than before.
There was no hiding Abida’s mild discomfort, feeling her flesh be used in such manner, pressed against something so tough and big. Despite her arms freed, Abida brought them to Keltaria’s wrists in an attempt to break free – or at least she told herself. Rather, she used them as support, as the dragon’s strength made any chance of escape hopeless enough to not even try.
“Wh…What are you doing?” She asked, just to feel her cock attempt to slide out.
The pressure turned it into a slow ordeal, making Abida let out a low erratic gasp as it withdrew, sliding along her vagina while kept in place by her powerful claws. Yet, without any previous warning, Keltaria thrust forward forcing a yelp from her mouth, force of which struck against her butt with the feeling of ripples forming by its strength, along with letting a quiet slap echo throughout the cavern.
Relentless, the dragon moved her hips back and rammed again, slapping once more. Then twice, then thrice. Abida, begrudgingly, stood there taking it; what else was she going to do? Blushing, face turning scarlet, pursing her lips in a mixture of anger, anxiety, and arousal, she knew well that there was no way Keltaria would simply depart with that erection untreated. Slap, slap, slap, Abida could already feel her cheeks aching, her body almost thrown forward each time were it not for the dragon’s immobilizing grasp. The embrace turned tighter as well, Keltaria’s head moving closer against her, enough to hear and feel her moaning breaths turning rougher.
But those thrusts only made her wonder. How would it feel to receive it in full? The morbid curiosity and rising lust seemed to slowly overtake that fear of being torn apart. Not just that, but perhaps there would not be an opportunity for a good while if Keltaria walked away; to go up to her and beg to get fucked was absolutely out of the question. Maybe her pride would not be as harmed if she appeared to have no choice.
“K…” She attempted to call, but the voice would not come out. Taking a deep breath, she tried again. “Keltaria.” She called loud enough, suppressing what wavering there’d be in her tone. In response, the dragon halted, her hips connecting in full with the anubis’ butt and her dick visibly leaking pre-cum. “You… You can put it in, if you want.”
Silence. Dead silence. Abida’s concern grew, over the lack of reaction, though immediately thereafter Keltaria embraced her again and stepped forward, almost carrying Abida along as the two began to walk. Through the forced march Abida had been led to a wall of the cavern, placed against it with her hands as support, to then have her feet kicked apart by Keltaria’s. An embarrassing position, her nether regions in full view, though it wasn’t long before she felt Keltaria’s dick retract for her glans to start poking her labia.
Then, prodding. There was no way to put it any simpler: It wasn’t going to fit, if just the tip had already begun stretching her. As feared, however, Keltaria still pushed.
“H-Hey, a little bit slower.” Abida called, though whether ignored or not, it felt as if Keltaria took it as sign to try harder. “Hey!” She yelled, moving her hips forward in an attempt to lessen the force. Keltaria in return, however, wrapped one arm around her chest and the other by the waist, immobilizing her during the following attempt. “Hey, no! No, nonono, nnnNnggh!!” She moaned out, gritting her teeth with her expression contorting by the pressure, the glans slowly but surely forcing itself it. Until, like a cork in reverse, it punched through, swallowed whole. “–AAAAaaaaaAhh~~!!”
Falling silent with only her breathing to remain, Abida came to feel Keltaria’s breath on her neck as well. A moment of respite, at least still she let out a moaning yelp once Keltaria pushed yet more of it in.
“It’s too much…!” She grunted. “It’s not gonna fit… Stop…!”
Paradoxically, Keltaria stopped. Abida came to wonder what her intentions were, just to find out a second later as the dragon bucked her hips, shoving her cock in up to the bulge. As if choking, Abida’s moan had been cut short, her breathing turning erratic and her mouth left open as a flurry of sensations coursed through her. That pressure inside her, a foreign object embedded in her, hot and slippery as her fluids had made it; her curiosity had been sated momentarily, though whether it had been good or bad was up to anyone’s guess.
“Ready?” Asked Keltaria.
“Too bad.”
Impatient, Keltaria brought her hands to Abida’s waist in firm grip, to then withdraw her hips and thrust forward again. Another whimper escaped Abida’s lips at that moment, just for another to follow in the second thrust. There Keltaria paused, rearranging her feet for proper footing and moving closer, just to resume with a third thrust.
That dick. She couldn’t think of anything else but that dick which pounded her against the wall for all she was worth. It pushed and pulled, driving her walls apart with its girth, reaching every nook and cranny within over and over again. Painful at first, it’s as if it had rewired her nerves to feel nothing but pleasure. The thickness of the head, the texture of the shaft’s underside, she could feel it scraping against her, each thrust letting out squishing noises that would be heard were it not for the hastening panting of the two in the cavern.
Too hot. It felt asphyxiating. What little clothes Abida had felt like they were cooking her alive. Where had her pride gone, that she brought her hands by herself now to lift her own top? Keltaria seemed to notice, pausing momentarily just to help her, taking off and throwing it aside, leaving her breasts exposed entirely. So too did Abida bend and lower her panties till they fell onto the ground, stepping out of them.
Abida then felt a grip on her leg. Keltaria had taken it, lifting it high before resuming the pounding, both their voices quivering in moans and grunts. It didn’t end there, for she felt a sudden force on her head pushing her forward. What shameful position she found herself in, to stand on just one leg bent forward, panting in ecstasy and pleasure, her hands against the wall and her tongue almost sticking out. But she didn’t care. All she had thoughts of was for that organ drilling into her each time.
“I’m getting close…” Panted Keltaria.
“Inside? God, you’re kinky…”
“Do it! AaaaAh~!”
As if those words alone had affected her, Keltaria’s pounding grew quicker and rougher. Her moaning turned louder, her embrace stronger, till at one point she let go of the anubis’ leg and drove herself against her as hard as she could.
The anubis had been left sandwiched between the wall and the dragon, her breasts pressed against the stone while Keltaria’s breasts pressed against her. the dragon’s hips smacked against her butt in full force, Abida unable to recoil forward with the stone in the way, receiving it all as it was. Harder, faster, their moans turning continuous, both feeling themselves passing the point of no return, until Keltaria drove herself into the anubis in one final thrust, forcing a shout as even the bulge forced itself in.
Then, intermittent silence, pausing each time before a moan came from both as the dragon twitched, releasing her thick white liquid into Abida’s womb. Hot, thick, in ever greater quantities; Lord knows how much she had saved up over the years. Soon enough, nothing else remained, the last spasm sending what remained into the anubis, leaving the two exhausted as they were, with the dragon still embracing the anubis from behind.
“It’s…” The anubis came to realize. “It’s stuck, isn’t it…?”
“Yeah.” Answered the dragon.
With a slight pull, the two confirmed it as much. The bulge acted like a knot, keeping the two united, unable to pull it out. But the dragon didn’t care; she brought her hands low to the anubis’ waist and tried again, whimpering in sensitivity just like the anubis, till with a great solid pull, it popped out, waving about with how stiff it still was. Not a second later, the dragon’s semen began dripping out, falling to the floor.
No doubt drained, the dragon let go of herself, sitting down against the wall beside the anubis. The anubis, on the other hand, felt it quite difficult to move her lower body for reasons needing not be specified. She stood there as she was, hands on the wall, sweating, panting, catching her breath, till her legs no longer could hold her up. Like the dragon she let herself go, laying on the ground with her body still feeling like burning.
“I need…” She said, swallowing with her dry throat. “I need… a drink…”
Even just water would do. Keltaria wouldn’t mind if she drank from her supply, considering what she had put herself through. Still, her pelvis ached; despite an attempt to stand up, exhaustion and ache prevented her, leaving her to crawl a little distance.
But then she felt Keltaria’s grip on her ankle. Horror flooding her mind at the implications, just to confirm them when she turned her head about. There she saw Keltaria sitting with a grin on her face, though most noticeable of all was her erection still going strong, with no signs of turning flaccid.
“Up for another go?”
“I-I need to rest.” She answered.
“You don’t look like you need one just yet.”
Again. That assertiveness, unnegotiable. Words would not reach her. Abida was spent, she couldn’t go any longer, but did it matter to Keltaria? Most likely not, assuming she didn’t honestly believe what she had just said. Panic settling in, Abida attempted to escape, crawling forward only to remain in place by Keltaria’s grip. With a solid tug, Abida’s hands dragged on the ground towards the dragon.
“No!” She yelled, seeing Keltaria move over towards her. Abida struggled, lashing out, moving erratically in an attempt to break out of that hopeless restrain, but Keltaria quickly grabbed her by the wrists. Unfortunately, in the position she had remained, Abida’s butt pointed right at the dragon. “No! No no no, let me rest! I beg you!”
“Look at all that energy! You can go on!”
“You animal, how long can you go fo–!”
In the blink of an eye, Keltaria found the anubis’ labia and thrust it all in with one fluid motion in stark contrast to the patience from before. Abida let out a sharp moan, but there was no time to fully get used to it. Keltaria withdrew her hips, and just as she pulled Abida by the arms, she thrust again right to the bulge. The physical strain and ecstasy coursing through Abida prevented her from moaning properly anymore, letting out choked and suppressed gasps with each following hit of Keltaria’s pelvis against her butt.
Smack. Smack. Wavering moans from the anubis, pleasant gasps from the dragon, all echoing within the cave. Abida’s struggle had ended entirely; once the dragon noticed this and let go, Abida almost fell forward, just in time stopping herself with her hands against the ground. At the sight, however, the dragon grew a smirk, coming up with an idea.
She leaned forward against the anubis, placing all her weight on her and forcing a yelp of surprise. By the surprise and inability to hold back, Abida gave in and laid down with Keltaria pinning her against the floor. It did not end there; the dragon then brought her claws and grabbed the anubis’ hands, bringing them forward ahead of the two yet still on the ground, to then resume her thrusts. Now, just like before with the wall, there was simply no room for recoil. Abida’s butt took all force of impact.
“God, you’re gonna get me addicted to this!” Said Keltaria. “Why didn’t they send you sooner? Imagine how much we could’ve fucked till now!”
“N…NooOoo! Let me… rest… ahhh!”
“Don’t worry, I’m getting there…! I’m gonna…”
Though once Keltaria’s hands rested over Abida’s, she moved them to the anubis’ wrists. With a firm grip, she paused her thrusts for a second, taking a deep breath before resuming in full. Hard, relentless, trading speed for power, Keltaria bucking her hips with the anubis’ voice crying out in mind-melting pleasure each time. Stronger, faster, Keltaria crossed the point of no return, pounding the anubis with ever increasing force. Faster, faster, like a piston engine, as fast as she could as both felt themselves getting closer and closer, eyes closing, until, Keltaria let out a moan as her cock dug deep into the jackal.
There she remained, releasing within the anubis another load. Without warning she bucked her hips once more, coinciding with another ejaculation, on and on with each twitch of the two. As they embraced each other, their bodies felt burning, the sweat had mixed, their breaths audible to each other.
“You’re… gonna get me pregnant…” Whine the anubis.
“Like you wouldn’t want that.” Panted the dragon. “Haah, I’m spent… You’re pretty good at this.”
But Keltaria received no response, nor did she notice any further movements.
Now, she noticed. The anubis had passed out.

The khepri stepped into the cave. How long had it been since she sent the anubis to her proverbial death? Days? A week? Perhaps even more. Not like it mattered to her. Regardless of her feelings on the issue, it was still not her call; the others sold the tribute out, without her having any say on it. Tribute? More like sacrifice. Whether the council had been desperate after the last time the dragon got angry or wanted to get rid of her was beyond her.
As she stepped further, she came to hear noises.
Whimpers. Frantic panting. Sounded like the anubis. So, she was alive. Although, as far as the khepri could figure, those noises left to question how ‘alive’ she really was, after so long with a dragon.
Soon enough she reached the dragon’s hoard, noticeably tidy and organized in great part yet still an absolute mess in others. The anubis’ work, for sure, but where was she? Had the dragon enslaved her as pure dumb labor? The exhausted gasps certainly pointed to her being nearby.
Then, she caught glimpse of the act by one of the cavern’s various natural pillars, opening her eyes wide in disbelief. The anubis seemed fine, ecstatic even, panting and moaning with her tongue out in ecstatic display. Beneath her was the dragon, holding onto her hips. Rutting, mating, with the anubis’ back to the dragon in reverse cowgirl, though most strikingly it seemed that the anubis was the one to be the most active.
The surprises didn’t end there; the khepri remembered well what clothes the anubis had when she was led here. This time, however, she wore all manners of jewels and accessories, necklaces and rings, crowns and the like, with a silk gown decorated for nothing short of a Queen.
And then, their eyes locked, the anubis having spotted her. Rather than to say a word, or even react in shame, the khepri saw the contrary: Her ecstatic smile growing smug, the anubis lifted a palm and put it in her forehead, her fingers taking the shape of an L. A taunting act, though the khepri remained too shocked to process it.
The anubis couldn’t hold her hand up for too long. Just a second later, a sigh escaped the dragon signalling the inevitable, as well as a moan from the anubis in return. The dragon brought her hands to the anubis’ chest and pulled towards herself, embracing her tight and close, just before a final thrust of her cock released all which had been pent up inside into the anubis’ womb.

‘…She’s fine.’ The khepri told herself, turning around and departing without a moment of hesitation.

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