Touched by Angels 7: Many Wings, Many Arms, Many Problems

“Adrianne,” said Damien.


“Your hand is in my lap again.”

“Oh.” She withdrew it with a smile. “I lost track of it.”

Damien eyed her and scooted a little further away on the couch before looking back down at his phone. Still no call from Grace. I can’t believe I’m looking forward to a call from her. That was what unemployment did, he supposed. His rent was due in a couple weeks and all he had was twenty bucks, too much milk, and a box of cereal to his name.

“Do archangels ever have to worry about unemployment?” he asked Adrianne.

“Unemployment? No, most certainly not. We organize tasks that require attention within our Order and carry them out. No payments, no contracts, just duty.”

“If you’re not getting paid, I’m assuming you have some way to provide for yourselves.”

“To be honest, there is not much an archangel needs, though there are pleasures we enjoy.” Adrianne scooted closer to Damien, wrapping a wing around him. “We are quite social, but work often requires a degree of solitude, as it is rare that more than a single archangel is required for a task. So we like to have time to ourselves to socialize.”

Damien couldn’t stop himself from scoffing. “Wish my basic needs were met that easily. Is that really all you need?”

“It is much preferable to spend time in Heaven at least from time to time, as divinity is entropic. An archangel could spend many years on Earth without visits to Heaven, but it would start to wear on her. The only means of restoring or maintaining divinity is to either receive it from another archangel or to go to Heaven.”

What an odd way to live. Damien personally never had a strong urge to travel. Sure, it’d be nice to see some new places, go to the famous tourist spots, shake things up a bit, but it wasn’t like he felt trapped where he was. Besides, he never really had enough money to do something like that. Saving up—

Adrianne’s hand had snuck into his lap again.



“You’ll have your day tomorrow.” He grabbed her hand. She squeezed his back before withdrawing.

“Simply because today is reserved for Anima does not mean she requires you the entire length of the day. I don’t see her using you right now.”

Damien narrowed his eyes at her. That did not sound like something an archangel should be saying. He stood up, untangling himself from her grabby wing. “Adrianne, you know the rules.”

“That I do. But—”

Adrianne cut herself off as her eyes locked onto something behind Damien. He felt the presence appear as well and turned around. Anima had returned, floating inches off the floor, her gaze boring into the two of them.

“Greetings,” said Anima.

“Hi,” replied Damien. He was almost used to her sudden appearances enough to pretend like it was normal for someone to materialize out of nowhere. 

“Hello,” said Adrianne.

“What you back for?” asked Damien. “Usually you’re out longer.”

“My concentration was lacking. Hence, I deemed an attempt at a break would be appropriate.”

“Come now, Anima, archangels hardly need those,” said Adrianne.

“Indeed. I suppose my hypothesis may be faulted. However, I shall attempt to participate in a break nonetheless.”

“It is up to you,” said Adrianne. “I am going to lie down for a bit.”

Damien watched her as she got up and headed for his bedroom, wings folding up as she squeezed through the door. Only after he heard the latch click shut did he shake his head and walk over to the kitchen to sit near the still-floating Anima.

Something had gotten into Adrianne. He considered asking if she needed help, but this was Adrianne. Of course she’d decline. She might even be offended by the idea that a human could help an archangel.

“Hey, Anima,” he said.


“Can archangels get sick?”

She stared at him, expression unchanging, for several moments before replying, “Not in a fashion humans would equate to sickness.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Archangels can be infected, but not by disease. Only deliberate tampering, either by the introduction of demonic influence or an excess of divine influence, could make an archangel ‘sick’.”

“And what does—”

Damien’s question was choked off by a surprise touch on his leg. Thinking it was a bug, he slapped the spot where he’d been touched, only to be shocked again when a familiar satin hand closed around his wrist. He snuck a look under the table.

Several of Adrianne’s gloves were floating there, filled out as if worn, sneaking toward Damien. One wagged a finger at him.

“Damien?” said Anima.

Damien sprung back up in his seat. His head was still spinning from what he’d just witnessed. She must’ve been using her divine power, making the gloves move with hand movements. She just had to stuff a few under the door, animate them, and then…

“Damien, your question. You stopped half-way through it.”

Should he tell Anima? He should, right? He’d already shunned Adrianne for being too grabby, this was no less wrong. But as her gloves found purchase on his thighs, his taint, and even the hand he’d slapped at them with, heat flushed through his veins.

“S-sorry, there was a spider on my leg,” he said.

As if recognizing he was keeping the secret, the animated gloves dug their fingers in. One caressed his palm and toyed with his fingers, not even gripping them, just playing around with them as if in greeting.

“Anyways, I was gonna ask: what sort of things would make an archangel act sick?”

“A change in environment could do it. For example, if an archangel remained on Earth for many years and then returned to Heaven, they may become overwhelmed by Heaven’s divine influence for a time before becoming acclimated. Primarily, however, corruption originates from demons.”


“Yes, demons.”

Damien was about to ask her to elaborate when the menagerie of gloves massaging his lower half dug in deeper. Satin fingers snuck further into his pants, rubbing the insides of his thighs, playing along his skin with soothing touches. Two dared to push his underwear aside, dipping inside to smother their ultimate prize, but denying it a firm grasp.

Damien sucked in a breath loud enough that he feared Anima would notice. Her silence gave Damien a moment to clench his fists and concentrate.

The longer he spoke with Anima, however, the worse he felt about what was going on under the table. Even as wild as Adrianne’s clandestine touches drove him, he couldn’t do this to Anima. It wasn’t fair to her.

“So—so demons can corrupt archangels.” It was a fight to get the words out straight.


Damien grimaced in annoyance. Would it kill her to elaborate without being explicitly asked?


“The mechanics, as I understand, are relatively straightforward. As archangels have divine power, so do demons have demonic power. A expenditure of this demonic power directed at an archangel could corrupt her. There are other factors, however. A powerful archangel would shrug off a weak demon’s influence, and mental vigilance can disrupt the corruptive process or void it entirely.”

Adrianne pinched Damien. He jolted in his chair, but the many gloves’ massage continued uninterrupted. At this point, the only thing they weren’t doing was touching his shaft directly. She wanted him to want it, first, and she wasn’t being subtle about it. He had to wrap this conversation up quickly.

“Is there a way to tell if an archangel is corrupted?”



“In instances of suspected corruption, we call upon the Order of Decree, wherein they will send one of their number to investigate. They uniquely have the capacity to see corruption.”

“Any…” Damien paused as a glove rolled his balls back and forth in its grip. “Any other ways?”

“None conclusive. Broadly, a sudden change in demeanor or motivations is a common symptom.”

That would have to be enough for now, because not only was Damien’s guilt tugging on his chest, Adrianne’s gloves were very nearly about to make him slip up in a way from which he couldn’t recover.

“Thanks for the info, Anima. I’m going to my room now.”

She nodded. “I am pleased I could offer help. In fact, I believe this break has had its intended effect. I will return to my duty.”

Like magic, the gloves disappeared. Anima slowly fell into the floor, her face staying passive the entire way. The moment she disappeared, Damien stood, stiff and painfully aware of the bulge of his pants, and scrambled away. He paused before the closed door to his room, watching as the tip of one last satin glove slipped beneath it, then straightened his back.

Adrianne could be corrupted. It didn’t seem like she would do him any harm, but she was acting inappropriate. He had to talk to her and see if anything else had changed. Above all, he needed to not get sucked into her lustful mood. Perhaps anger would be a good shield.

His frown degraded to a scowl and he yanked the door open.

Adrianne was sitting on the bed, cross-legged, nearly a dozen arms active. Four were in her lap, palms together as if praying. Others were pressed into the bed, holding her up, and with the last ones, she was finishing putting on a few gloves, snapping them tight at her elbow.

“Adrianne, that was wrong. We can’t do things like that on Anima’s day and you know it,” said Damien.

She smiled at him, uncrossing her bare, toned legs and patting them with a few hands while offering an embrace with several others. “Come. Explain your reasoning.”

Explain my reasoning? The smile she gave wasn’t the sort of warm comfort he’d come to expect from Adrianne. Rather, it was dismissive.

“My reasoning? It’s pretty black and white. Why can’t you just wait until tomorrow? Yesterday you were gone pretty much all day. If you were interested, you should’ve just stopped by. And I just said to quit it with the touching, yet here you are trying again.”

Adrianne tutted, pushing off the bed to stand. Her many arms spread out like a web and Damien unconsciously took a step back. No matter how often he saw her, her height always made him feel tiny.

“I do think you’re being unreasonable,” she said. “But I still humor you as there is much you’ve yet to understand. Such predicaments are expected for a human, especially one as young as yourself.”

She stepped forward again. Damien’s heel hit the door when he tried to back up. Sucking in a deep breath, he put his hands on his hips and tried to look as annoyed as possible. “That doesn’t explain anything. If I’m just some simple human, try to help me understand why this is okay.”

As soon as she was within arms’ reach, she took his hands and started massaging—no, molesting them the same as she had earlier. “I am sharing a mere expression of joy. Of passion. Such are the domain of Heaven and bountiful in its divine denizens. What fault can be found in such expressions? Anima understands this, too.”

Damien shuddered as dozens of satin fingers rolled along his palms. God, there were so many arms!

Is she right? Is this a shared understanding between archangels? It was so easy to accept, but he couldn’t dispel the uneasy pit in his stomach. “Adrianne, please, just wait until tomorrow.” Anger, don’t forget, stay angry!

Another pair of hands emerged, this one cupping Damien’s cheeks and raising his head to look her in the eyes.

“You have let such fearsome worry into your heart. My hands cleanse, Damien. Accept their devotion.”

“I can’t—”

Damien raised his hands to push Adrianne away, but a pair of hands within the mess that was already caressing him caught him at the wrists. Determined, he pulled himself away, but her overwhelming strength drew him right back in. More sets of gloved hands reached for him, securing his waist, his hips, his legs, and most of all, his cock.

Damien moaned as several pairs of gloves converged on his member, intertwining, twisting, pumping, and groping in a sweet, gentle symphony. Adrianne knew his every weakness. They hardly met a month ago and she was already playing him like a flute.

“I understand your fear. You are still bound by human notions, by human limits. Let one who lives beyond that realm show you the way.”

“I don’t see how—”

A new hand covered his mouth. Smiling, Adrianne brushed the hair out of Damien’s face. “You are so adorable. I can see you are trying to look strong. You need not wear such masks before me. Relax. Trust yourself to my hands.”

As a kind pair of gloved hands coddled Damien’s scalp, the half dozen much more intentioned ones swarmed over his cock. At times, he could make out when groups of hands would intertwine and pump with a single motion, a single focus. Then one pair would twist one way, one pair would twist another, and a plethora of fingertips would dig into his skin in a chaotic but ubiquitous massage.

“Do they not feel wonderful?” she asked.

Damien struggled to speak. He should deny it, but seeing such a divine, otherworldly being like Adrianne grope him with such perverted intent melted his will away. “Y-yes.”

Her smile widened and she patted his head again. Had he not known Adrianne any better, he would’ve felt like some plaything she was talking down to, hiding demeaning thoughts behind sweet words and a practiced persona. But Adrianne didn’t put up fronts for humans. And the care she’d developed for Damien came from the heart. That thought, however, gave spawn to another, more dangerous one: why is she being so forceful, then?

Before he could give the thought its due, Adrianne bent down and kissed him.

Everything in his brain came to a crashing halt the moment their lips touched. When he didn’t respond, the hands on his head pushed him into Adrianne as if to tell him he was supposed to be doing something. Only when her tongue slipped into his mouth did he respond, locking lips with her in earnest.

The kiss grounded him. Even as a multitude of gloved hands pumped and caressed his cock, he took foundation in the playful tussle of their tongues, the impassioned push of her mouth on his, and the saccharine taste of her tongue. She, too, could not hide her enthusiasm, pulling him with unrestrained force, shifting her jaw with fervor, and using that impossibly-long tongue of hers to overwhelm his.

She broke away, leaving him breathless. Her tender smile captivated his attention. Brushing her hair behind her ear, she brought his hands up to her breasts.

“Let’s do something productive with those hands, shall we?” she said.

Damien didn’t need prompting to grab handfuls of her breasts and knead them. The way she closed her eyes in enjoyment only riled Damien onward. Yet, as enthusiastic as he was, the hands on his cock refused to be ignored. As they grew faster and more animated, Damien felt his strength leaving him, like they were siphoning it away.

He growled at his own weakness. The more Adrianne did for him, the more he wanted to do for her.

Pumping fists slammed down Damien’s cock over and over, each one pressed hard up against another to make a pillar of pure satin stimulation. Another pair of gloves assisted by diligently massaging his balls and several more sets of fingers poked and prodded at any sliver of skin that dared expose itself. Each pair of hands that couldn’t find a spot on Damien’s cock explored his thighs with tempered massages or groped his ass. His knees buckled and he moaned, frantic for release.

“You are free to fuck my hands,” said Adrianne.

Whatever sliver of shame Damien had left made him blush as he awkwardly thrust his hips, using the last bit of autonomy he had to fuck Adrianne’s fists. He was so close the intensity of her ministrations had become unbearable. He just needed that last bit, no matter the embarrassment.

“Cum, Damien.”

How could he resist? How could anyone?

He came with a yell, his body shivering with a weakness he was desperate to shake. His vision flashed and blurred. His mouth gaped open, caught between breathing and moaning. Before the first shot had even touched Adrianne’s gloves, her hands were flying along his length, firm and unrelenting.

“There you go, there you go,” Adrianne whispered.

His hips thrust wildly into the cage of gloves on his cock, moving on nothing but instinct. Another shot of cum. Another. Another. Damien gripped at the air like he was trying to hold onto a rollercoaster. More incessant pumping. Damien thought it’d never end. As drained as he was, he still wanted to give those enthusiastic hands more. Finally, he managed to catch his breath and the last of his release leaked out.

Adrianne inspected one of her cum-soaked gloves, taking a whiff of it before licking off some of Damien’s release. She ruffled his scalp. “Good boy. Now just relax.” Smiling down at the rasping Damien, the cum-soaked glove reached the hand back down to where it’d come from.

The motions continued unabated.

“A-Adrianne, I need a second.”

“Of course. Your human body has limits. Allow me to share a touch of my divinity.”

She did not stop. Instead, a new hand emerged and planted itself on Damien’s forehead. A golden warmth flowed into his body. His legs and arms regained their strength. Breath flowed more easily into his lungs. His hair stood up like it was charged with static electricity. Most importantly, the searing fire in his loins coaxed brighter by Adrianne’s many hands evened out.

As the warmth continued to surge into him from Adrianne’s hand, however, his mind began to cloud up. He blinked, but the haze only deepened. His muscles, now revitalized, grew anxious, like they needed to be doing something. They swelled and he felt like he could punch out a wall. He flexed his arm and yanked at it, only to find Adrianne’s strength still dwarfed his own.

Soon, Damien became acutely aware of exactly how aroused he was. It was like he was a teenager again, body flooded with hormones and ready to fuck anything with a hole. His member pounded with a need so powerful it felt as though it was growing to accommodate it.

And Adrianne’s hands were all too eager to meet it.

Their swarming grasps hit him as if he was just realizing they were there. Spitting out something between a moan and a gasp, he would’ve doubled over had Adrianne not been holding onto him.

“There we are,” she cooed at him. “Just let yourself feel.”

Whereas before her touch was little more than a mass of raw bliss, now he could make out everything. Every fiber of satin interlocked in a seamless plain that grazed across Damien’s aching cock in a hundred directions all at once. He could make out each finger’s path, how they attached to each of her hands, and how each of those hands lovingly stroked him.

“Here, let us move to a more intimate position,” said Adrianne.

Lifting him up as if he weighed nothing, Adrianne brought him to the bed, holding him over her as she laid down on her back. She lowered him enough to land a peck on his forehead, but still kept enough distance between them to give her hands room to continue their heavenly stroking. 

While Damien could’ve hovered there above her forever, eyes closed, concentrating on the endless pumping, rubbing, and grasping of her hands, there was still a distance between them. One her hands could not bridge.

Adrianne was already a step ahead of him.

Her hands slowed as he descended, but her glowing smile was there for him, showering him with light and solace.

“Fear not, I still see your need. Please, indulge in my thighs.”

Damien itched to throw himself deep between her legs, but Adrianne still controlled his movements and would only allow his body to descend slowly. The seconds he suffered the absence of her skin were painful, but when his cock dipped between her thighs, all was forgotten.

She took her time, accepting his cock in a soft, creamy embrace, forcing a string of moans out of Damien as she drove him forward. Once fully buried, she paused. Damien and her shared a moment of peace. Then she flexed her thigh muscles, instantly squeezing his hapless cock with perfect pressure and stealing his breath. Holding that pressure, she started to pull him back out. Withdrawing was completely different; instead of a welcoming, eased grip, her thighs clenched at his cock, barely willing to let him leave their grasp. Damien spasmed.

For what felt like forever, Adrianne lifted him through her thighs. Just before his tip felt the air again, however, she stopped, giving him a moment’s pause before relaxing her muscles and dipping him back into the bliss between her legs. Damien took a deep breath. His anticipation built. And when he sunk all the way into Adrianne’s thighs, they clamped down again.

This was the wonder Damien knew. Again and again she thrust him, pausing each time to offer that comforting smile before wracking his body with sensations not meant for mortal men. He held on. With everything he had, he held on.

She didn’t need to push his body into hers in the slightest; he would’ve fucked her thighs as hard as possible without any help. But the fact that she did—the fact that she wanted to be in complete control—drove Damien all the more crazy.

Adrianne shook her head at his resistance. “You will fall to me again, Damien. This isn’t something to fear, something to resist. It’s a simple fact. And the sooner you accept it, the sooner you will know the true rapture divinity can offer.”

There was some small part of him that felt a disturbance. A crack. A flaw. Something about this was amiss, it told him. Something didn’t fit.

“Cum for me again. Let me show you more.”

Something was wrong.

“Cum for me.”

Her words were like a breeze that tickled the teething switch within his mind. Damien gave in and threw his hips forward. Instead of accepting his thrusts like last time, however, she held him in place, shaking her head.

“This time, let me do everything.”

And so he hung there, a marionette to the strings of Adrianne’s countless arms, utterly controlled and utterly enraptured. Hands gripped his waist and thighs, then pushed them forward, driving his cock deep into the muscled grip of her thighs.

His orgasm shook him to the bone. The world went white as his member exploded, shooting recklessly into their silky prison. Not a single part of his body was relaxed. Nerves fired like cannons. He strained everything he could. Another burst came from his balls, then another. Adrianne refused to stop.

“There, there, Damien. Let it all out.”

Her motions quickened and each time she slammed him into the depths of her thighs, he came again. His head spun. The amount he was releasing was impossible, it had to be. Yet as Adrianne continued, so did his orgasm. More and more she took from him, and in the depth of his haze and eager attempts to give further, he failed to realize he was empty. Adrianne had drained him, totally and completely. All he had time for was a sliver of panic before darkness overtook him.




Adrianne’s brow wrinkled as she pulled Damien free of her. His cock was soft. How? She’d just shared her divine energy with him; he should be able to manage at least another one or two orgasms.


He didn’t move. Withdrawing several hands, Adrianne gave him a degree of freedom back. Still no movement. She raised his chin to meet his gaze, only to find his eyes closed. He’d passed out.

She covered her mouth, shock twisting her face. She let his body down as carefully as possible, checking his body for vitals. He was fine, if worn, but that made no sense. An infusion of divinity should have given him near superhuman vitality for days. She’d only made him cum a couple times.

The touch of soft flesh filled her again, washing over her with delight. Two wayward hands had snuck down to Damien’s cock and were fondling it again. Adrianne immediately dismissed those arms and pushed herself away from Damien.

He had—no, she had made him pass out and hadn’t even realized it. Archangels never misjudged something like this. Never.

Something was amiss. Something with her.

It wasn’t safe for him while she was around. If she hadn’t realized he’d passed out, she would’ve kept going, kept forcing his body to respond, draining him until his life had left his body. Even now, sitting this close to him, she fought the urge to seize him once more.

Summoning her dress and dismissing all her superfluous arms, she marched out the front door. She sent a pulse of urgency through her divine connection to Heaven before spreading her wings and taking off.




Damien woke to a piercing headache and the smell of sex. Groaning, he forced himself to sit up and immediately regretted it when the pounding of his headache increased tenfold. A mix of fluids from his and Adrianne’s activities were splattered about a large part of the bed. The archangel herself, however, was gone.

“Could’ve at least cleaned up,” he mumbled.

He grimaced and separated himself from them before going straight to the Tylenol. After cleaning himself up, he rubbed his forehead, trying to force the last of the headache out. Desperate to get his mind off it, he went to the living room to watch TV.

Was Adrianne really corrupted? Sure, she was acting weird, but it could be any number of things that I don’t understand. Should I tell Anima? He flicked his chin, thinking. Surely telling Anima was better than doing nothing. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do anything at the moment but wait for her to return from her job.

A nagging, high-pitched ringing filled Damien’s ears. His phone. Summoning his strength, he reached forward, grabbed his phone, and swiped up.

“Hello?” He knew he sounded like shit the moment the word left his mouth.

“Hi, I—are you alright, dear? You sound rough.”

If anything could’ve taken the paltry remnants of Damien’s winds out of his sails, it was Grace.

“Not in the mood for it. Just tell me why you called.”

“Alright, I won’t pry, but don’t forget, I’m still your doctor and I’m more than willing to help you out with anything,” said Grace.

Damien grumbled.

“Anyways, I wanted to congratulate you. You got the job!”

Damien sat up straight. “Yeah?”

“Yes. I’ve actually got room to fit your first shift in the day after tomorrow, if that will work for you.”

For the first time in a while, Grace and him were on the same page. “Definitely.”

“Okay then, I’ll mark you down. Come in at seven AM and bring plenty of enthusiasm! It’s going to be a great shift.” The perkiness in her voice was oddly energizing, but it might have been the sound of money hitting his bank account that drove the exhaustion away, too.

“I’ll be there.”

From the silence that slipped into the space after his reply, he knew Grace was expecting more. He had no desire to drag the call out any longer, however.

“See you then, dear!” she said.

Damien hung up, dropping back into the couch as he dropped the phone into his lap. He wavered between the dread of Grace’s company and the excitement of employment for a while before he finally let himself smile. He didn’t have to worry about being homeless anymore. About having gas for his car. Even his headache started to go away.

But just as it did, the doorbell rang. Damien raised an eyebrow at it. Neither Anima nor Adrianne ever used the doorbell. The former just floated through walls and the latter could unlock a door with her divine powers. He looked through the peephole.

It was another angel. No, wait. Damien had been around archangels enough to know someone that tall and grandly-dressed was probably not just an angel. He opened the door.

The archangel was about as tall as Adrianne, but far more decorated. Instead of Adrianne’s plain dress, this one was wearing what likely was a uniform made up of a long, loose cape that dragged along the ground, a top that ended above her belly, tight pants, and heeled boots, all of which were partially armored. A hood cast shade on her face and a thick blindfold covered her eyes. The blindfold seemingly melted into dark brown hair stuffed hastily into her cloak and collar. Gloves, likely leather, protected her hands and forearms. The clean, formal bluish-white of her uniform did not match the lax way she slouched on the outside railing with impatient crossed arms. The exposed part of her creamy skin on her belly and elbows revealed toned muscles hard enough to reflect a fine shine. Most striking about her, however, were the three pairs of wings extended behind her in a firm bloom of white, making her look twice the size she was.

On opening the door, she stood up straight and gave Damien a quick once-over.

“A human? Sweet.”

One of her wings blurred and caught Damien straight in the chest with impossible force. The world spun. His hand went to his chest where he was hit, thinking his ribs must’ve collapsed. Then he realized he was on the ground. On the ground and fifteen feet away from where he’d been standing a moment ago.

And that was just a single wing.

The archangel stepped across the threshold, arms still crossed as her wings closed and locked the door behind her. Her blindfolded gaze meandered about Damien’s apartment, soaking in the details at a leisurely pace. Eventually, her attention landed on his TV.

“A CRT? You still livin’ in the 90s?”

Damien had enough of his head about him to keep his mouth shut, but the way this archangel moved—the way her steps struck the ground, the casualness of her pose, how her wings filled the room with careful poise—it all radiated power. And it shook him to the bone.

“You hear me, kid? I didn’t hit you too hard, did I?” She clicked her tongue. “Keep tellin’ myself I gotta be careful around the lungs.”

Archangel or no, she did not have a benevolent purpose here. Damien’s only chance was to run. He scrambled to his feet.

“Whoa, there!”

The archangel threw out a glowing white rope that came to life mid-air, one end wrapping itself tight around Damien’s wrists and the other coiling around the nearest pillar. Damien yelped when it went taut and almost fell over again.

“What do you want?” he asked.

The archangel smirked, shaking her head. “Shouldn’t’ve let me know you could still talk. That would’ve bought you a lotta time. Anyways, let’s get a look at you.”

Clasping her hands behind her back, she leaned forward and brought a wing up to cup Damien’s chin and point his face at hers. When he turned away, two more wings clamped to the side of his head and forced him to look at her.

It felt odd, getting looked over by an archangel that clearly couldn’t see, but from everything she’d done, it seemed the blindfold did nothing to impede her. As she worked her jaw back and forth, he found staring at a blindfold distinctly more awkward than staring into someone’s eyes.

“Don’t really look the type, but I do think you’re the one I’m looking for. Guess a Trinsy would be dumb enough to fall for about anything.”


“Archangel order, don’t worry about it.”

“You mean, like, an Archangel of Intrinsicality?”

Her grin showed off a line of shining white teeth. “So you do know her. I mean, the ambient divinity your place is drenched in was pretty solid evidence, but it could’ve been planted or something. Nice to hear confirmation from the horse’s mouth.” Another wing moved in and gave Damien a quick flick on the forehead. “Should really keep your mouth shut during an interrogation, you know.”

“Interrogation?? What the hell am I being interrogated for?”

Her whole body shook with her chuckle. “There we go, now you’re playing the role right! But seriously, you know why I’m here, I know why I’m here, so let’s not muck around with the whole ignorance act and skip straight to the juicy torture because Heaven knows I deserve a little fun for all this trouble.”

Damien pushed himself away and was surprised when her wings let go. He hardly got a few feet before the glowing rope reminded him of his limits, however.

The archangel ran her gloved fingers across her chin, inspecting Damien as she moved in. “The only thing really left for me to figure out is how to go about this. Blood would probably get on my armor, but there are ways to hurt you without open wounds. Could tear the muscles, break the bones a bit.” She cocked her head back and forth. “But you seem like you’re a tad more susceptible to pleasure. Say, would you agree to spill all the beans without any trouble if I fucked you? Offer’s only open ‘till I ask the first question. Name’s Sephrah, by the way.” She held out her hand.

There was a moment of silence between Damien and Sephrah before she slapped her leg and laughed. “Oh, I crack myself up! Anyways, how ‘bout it?”

“W-what?” was all Damien managed.

“You’re a man in his prime, I’m sure you’re down for a little horizontal action.” A wing nudged his package. “You’ve been stiff down there since you saw me anyways. Don’t get me wrong, I’m way more psyched about the torture route, but I figure if it saves me some trouble, I wouldn’t mind skipping that and just having some fun before moving on. ‘S not like traumatizing you’s a requirement for this whole thing.”

Damien glanced down where her wing was rubbing. She was right: he was hard. Normally, a totally reasonable reaction. But after what Adrianne had done to him just hours ago, he should’ve been tapped out until at least tomorrow. He shook his head. Now wasn’t the time to worry about that.

“You want to have sex. For answers,” he said.

“Yeah, I know, novel, isn’t it? You humans are really a wildcard when it comes to sex. Sometimes I get guys that are all about feeling in charge, acting like they’re hot stuff and the best thing since water came out of a rock, and it’s just a terrible time ‘cause I feel like I gotta play along, not hurt their feelings, keep it from getting awkward, you know how it goes. Totally worth it for the good ones, though. The ones that get all excited when I hand ‘em the ticket to pound town, only for them to realize pound town ain’t cozy lovemaking, it’s whack-a-mole where their cock’s the mole, my pussy’s the hammer, and I’m going for a high score. Watching them squeal in ecstasy like a pig in mud as I make them cum over and over and over is just…” Her rant trailed off. “It really has been too long.”

Damien was sweating. “You do this pretty regularly, then.”

“Eh? Well, you’re number nine. In 1600 years.”

Suppose that’s ‘common’ for archangels, I guess. More importantly, this seemed like a tangent she was willing to talk about. “So, uh, what made you pick the other guys?”

Sephrah waggled a wing at him. “Nope, nope, we’re not talking about that. You need to give me an answer.”

“About the sex thing?”

“About the sex thing.”

Damien’s eyes wandered. “Well, to tell the truth, I have no idea why you’re here. Or what you want me to tell you.”

Sephrah brightened up, clasping her hands and rubbing two of her wings together in front of her like she was prepping for a meal. “So we do get to go the torture route! Oh, I am so excited for this! Now, I just want to be clear, using pain’s an option, but the girls upstairs prefer I don’t unless it’s a demon. Piss me off and I will switch tactics. Got it?”

Damien raised his voice. “I’m being serious! I really don’t know why you’re here! Just ask me a question and I’ll give you an answer!”

“That’s the spirit!”

Again, she moved too fast for Damien’s eyes to catch. One second she was a step away, the next her hand was on the back of his head and his face was pressed hard into something soft. Her other hand curled around his back and hugged him tight against her, giving him no room to back away.

Only through a tiny crack in her cleavage did light make it through, letting Damien see enough to realize his face was planted between her tits and Sephrah was smiling down at him. He mumbled a confused question, but her breasts buried it. Unable to communicate, he next tried to get more comfortable, shifting his feet and head, but as soon as he moved, several wings as strong as arms closed around him, utterly locking him into place.

It took some time of him standing there, imprisoned by Sephrah’s warm, muscular body to realize what she was doing. It wasn’t just some tight hug she was giving him. With her hand stuffing his face full of breasts, it was difficult to get a full breath. As the minutes passed, his body more and more craved something more than the paltry wheezes he was getting. His lightheadedness made his eyes water and the few colors he could see grew distorted. Another attempt at freeing himself proved worse than useless.

“There it is. Go on, struggle a bit. I’m not going to let you up for air if you’re not willing to fight for it.”

Annoyed, Damien wiggled his arm through Sephrah’s winglock just enough to plant them on her hips and push away. At the same time, he threw his chest forward against her belly, hoping to get enough leverage to squeeze his head out from under her hand.

Sephrah just chuckled. “Alright, fine, you can have some air.”

Her glove dug into Damien’s hair and yanked his head back, putting him face-to-face with her smug grin.

“Feel like talking yet?” she asked.

Damien panted, too scared to use up precious breath on words. A hard swallow worked its way down his throat. He waited as long as he dared catching his breath before answering in gasps.

“I still… don’t know… what you want to know. Ask me… what it is… you want. I’ll tell you what… I can.”

“Let me just tell you how much I love that you’re willing to play along for me. I mean, I’m an Archangel of Decree, and you’re a human. There’s no way, not in a million million years, you would ever be able to escape or resist me. You have to know that already. And yet, you still try.” Sephrah shook her head. “It makes you look so cute!”

With that, she shoved Damien back into her tits.

While she was ranting, giving oxygen time to get back to Damien’s head, he realized one critical weakness Sephrah had: her breasts were not the largest ones he’d dealt with. So, as he saw himself careening back into her cleavage, he made one tiny adjustment of his neck, a survival instinct he’d developed after one too many partially-voluntary dives into a certain other archangel’s chest.

“I call this ‘motorboarding’,” said Sephrah. “It’s done the trick quite a few times in the past. If you last long enough, you’ll find I’ve discovered some way to use every part of my body for some means of interrogation. Just try not to get too absorbed in my awesome rack and accidentally pass out.”

Thankfully, Damien’s little move had worked out. By dipping his chin down just a tad, he gave himself a tiny crack for air to reach him through the bottom of her cleavage. He took tentative breaths, and gave a small struggle every now and then to keep the illusion of helplessness up. Minutes passed. Damien felt Sephrah shift.

“You still awake?”

She pulled his head out, checked his face, and threw him back in the moment she saw his eyes were open. In that second, however, he’d seen the previously-gloating smirk had slipped.

More time passed.

“Shouldn’t you be struggling about now?” said Sephrah.

Damien mumbled into the soft flesh around him.

Humming to herself, Sephrah moved her last pair of wings in, using them to push her breasts together. While the pressure sealed up Damien’s ears and made his head pound, his lifeline remained open. She tested him, crushing her tits harder and harder together until Damien thought his head would pop. He remained defiant.

Light suddenly returned to him as Sephrah removed her wings and yanked him back out.

“What the hell! Why isn’t this working?” She peered deep into his eyes. “What are you hiding?”

Damien almost didn’t answer considering how satisfying it was seeing her frustrated, but she was finally asking clear questions.

“Anima’s got much bigger tits than you,” he said.

Sephrah’s head tilted to the side. “Anima? That troublemaker? What’s she got to do with this? No… you’re behind her misbehaving, too?”

He looked away. That wasn’t exactly false…

“And what do you mean she’s got bigger tits? I’m fuckin’ stacked!” Sephrah let go of him, wings and all, and gestured to her breasts. What she said was true, but Anima just had more. “I can’t believe it. I’ve been going way too easy on you!”

She made a gesture and the glowing rope that had bound him leapt away. There was a groaning of furniture sliding across the floor for a moment before the rope returned with a chair in tow. Another gesture from Sephrah and the rope coiled itself around Damien again, sucking him into the chair and binding him tight.

Damien meanwhile stared at Sephrah and wondered if he should be worried or not. What are her other interrogation methods like? This might not be so bad.

Sephrah’s hands slapped down onto his shoulders and snapped him out of his thoughts. Sephrah leaned in from behind him, her breasts spilling over his head.

“You are turning out to be quite the surprise, so I think it’s time I take off the kiddie gloves. I might be able to have some real fun here.” Her hands slipped down his chest, crawling toward his waist before popping open his pants and pulling them down, exposing his cock. “Usually I leave the clothes on until later. Tell me, how do you feel about feathers?”

Damien’s brain scrambled to come up with an answer. “I, uh, think they look nice.”

“It was a rhetorical question, kid.”

All six of her wings closed around them. Light fought through enough for Damien to make out the giant cocoon of feathers that had swallowed them both. One wing drifted off and the others moved to patch the hole it left. Sephrah said nothing, watching Damien’s face as she brought the wing closer and closer to his rock-hard member.


Damien couldn’t stop himself from starting when the first feather glided across his cockhead. It was like his tip was being run over the surface of a chilly pond. The feather’s touch was firm, smooth, and undeniable. He could feel Sephrah’s grin return as he tensed up at the unending tickle of barbules dragging themselves along his tip, each feather taking an eternity to caress him with its length.

As Sephrah pushed her wing further, other kinds of feathers kissed his tip. The primaries and secondaries were similar, but once Sephrah’s coverts rubbed against him, it all shifted. Their touch was fuzzy, light, even wispy. Warmer, too, like she was cupping his tip with a hand of dense air.

And not once did Damien feel comfortable in his chair.

“The best part?” said Sephrah. “It’s totally different against the grain.”

Damien’s yell cut off into a whimper when Sephrah’s wing reversed direction. Warm became cold, gentle became rough. Barbules that had been smooth as silk a second ago tickled him with a touch that felt the way dry leaves sounded. The nearer the end of the wing came, the harsher each feather scrubbed his cock. Each time Damien reacted, Sephrah would slow, her empty, blindfolded gaze delving into him as she bit her lip harder. When she finally reached the tip of her wing, she flicked it off his tip.

With a full body shiver, Damien shouted.

“Think you’re ready to spill the beans yet?” asked Sephrah.

“I don’t know—”

“Don’t waste your breath, it’s not like I was gonna stop there anyways.”

Damien’s eyes went wide as another wing joined the first on his cock, hugging his member at its elbow as if to reassure it before taking up position. The two then moved simultaneously in opposite directions. No preparation could have kept the guttural snivel from bursting from Damien’s mouth. As the wings took their long, painfully-slow journey along his cock, they continued to extract all sorts of sounds and twitches from him.

By the time Sephrah’s wings stopped again, Damien’s body was so tense a breeze could snap it in half. Unlike last time, however, Sephrah didn’t even pretend like she was done.

“I gotta admit, I’d forgotten how fun this was. And you, well, you are making this an absolute pleasure. I think I’m even gonna get a little ahead of myself here.” The two wings already attending Damien started moving again. “Let’s add another.” A third wing detached itself from the sphere of feathers covering them and dipped to caress Damien’s balls. “And another.” The fourth wing swooped in from above, settling on his tip. Then they moved.

Damien’s member exploded in a blizzard of sparks. Frigid winds whistled along his cock wrestling fiery bursts that pulsed beneath his skin. Pinpoint touches contrasted dull massages. The wings’ grip was overflowing and encompassing yet at the same time hollow and numb. Extremes of every kind wracketed Damien. He felt like a punching bag being struck by fists of infernos and blizzards. Like his body was encased in ice everywhere except his member, able to taste freedom but totally incapable of grasping it. 

And it was never enough. No matter how Damien tried to concentrate, no matter what trick he tried, Sephrah’s wings never gave him what he needed. Orgasm bobbed near and far like it was floating on waves, but never came within reach. In bouts of clarity, he heard Sephrah giggling.

“Please inform me of the context of these actions.”

Damien, crying, tied to a chair and at the mercy of four intentioned wings smothering his cock, looked up to see Anima standing in the middle of the room. Sephrah had been a moment faster, already staring at Anima, her mouth hanging open.

“Oh my god, they really are that big!” Sephrah blurted out.

Anima cocked her head. “What are?”

“Were you at the front of the line when they started handing out breast sizes? Or is that just a thing Passage archangels get cause I’ve never seen a flat one.”

“That does not satisfy my request for explanation.”

“You want me to explain this?” Sephrah gestured to Damien panting at the ministrations of her four still-moving wings. “It’s an interrogation. Haven’t you seen one?”

Damien fought through the torture to call out. “Anima, help, get me out of—”

One of Sephrah’s free wings stuffed itself into Damien’s mouth and cut him off.

“Shut up, kid. Archangels are talking. Besides, you’re supposed to be wallowing in a haze of unsatisfying pleasure right now.” With that, her wings sped up, forcing Damien to cry out into the wing gagging him.

“I do not believe your reason for interrogating Damien to be well-founded,” said Anima. She shared a look with Damien, one he meant to be saying ‘get me out of this chair!’, but Anima seemed quite content discussing the issue with Sephrah while her torture continued.

“Uh huh,” said Sephrah. “Look, I don’t know how on top of this situation you are, but this guy has duped you.”

“Explain,” said Anima.

“Few hours ago, boss got an urgent message from a Trinsy. Said she was in trouble and needed help. Suspected corruption. Got the task dumped on me so I came down to Earth to where the message originated. Found a demon’s thrall and an apartment so drenched in divinity I could turn on a blacklight and make the place glow. Those things add up pretty easily, don’t they?” Her explanation finished, she sighed and looked at Damien. “Kid, biting my wing isn’t going to do shit. Here, maybe this’ll keep you busy.”

Her final wing dove into action, but instead of joining the mass at his cock, it tickled his chest, lining up two feathers right over his nipples and tracing slow circles around them, occasionally wiping over the tips. Damien shuttered at each touch.

“Where is this thrall you speak of?” asked Anima.

“Where does it look like? Right here!”

“Damien is not a thrall. He is an ordinary human.”

“Ordinary human my ass! I’ve got a sneaking suspicion he’s the reason you flaked out on your duty in addition to whatever trouble he stirred up with the Trinsy.”

“Only in part.”

“I knew it.”

Damien winced. Then immediately regretted releasing the tension in his body as the harrowing barrage of tireless wings hammered their fickle pleasure into his cock. He tried giving into it again, begging to find an end, but failed.

“He appears to be in discomfort. I would ask you to halt what you are doing,” said Anima.

“Aww, c’mon, discomfort? This kid?” Sephrah roughly rubbed a hand through Damien’s hair. “He’s loving it. ‘Sides, you just told me he’s part of this mess.”

“I said, ‘Only in part’. He was an unwilling part in that issue, which has since been resolved. Whatever message you received was likely misinterpreted and not meant to direct your suspicion toward him.”

“Oh yeah? Explain all this ambient divinity, then.”

Damien tried to catch Anima’s eyes again, pleading she would recognize his plight and at least get Sephrah to stop while they debated. He failed, and the whirlpool of wings continued to fray at his sanity.

“Two archangels live here. I would expect that to create this ambient divinity you see,” said Anima.

“You and this Trinsy live here?” Sephrah said.


“How did—you know what, don’t even care. So how about the demonic corruption I sensed?”

“I can not be certain, but I postulate the one who sent the message left a trace of it before leaving. What I am certain of is that it does not originate from Damien, as I have been with him for some time and never suspected such a thing.”

Sephrah gave Anima a long, hard look, then creaked her head toward Damien, cutting through him with a gaze he couldn’t see.

Her wings stopped. The one gagging Damien popped out of his mouth and he gasped, panting as the sudden vacuum of sensation snapped his body back to reality. His poor member was throbbing red and angry at the lack of release, but no longer subject to Sephrah’s hellish pleasure.

Anima walked over to him, first checking his cock, then his face.

“Hey, his fault. I offered to fuck him earlier and avoid all this mess,” said Sephrah.

“It is fortunate he did not accept that offer, as I would have greatly objected to it.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because he is mine today.”

“He’s yours? Today?” Sephrah squinted at her. “What the hell did I just step in the middle of?”

“A contract. Damien is in part my consort, the consort of Adrianne, the ‘Trinsy’ you spoke of, and the consort of an earthly angel.”

Sephrah chuckled. “How is he alive?”

“Restraint and rationing.” Anima pushed aside her dress, exposing one of her tits to Damien. While it was a welcome sight, it was also a tad confusing. He gave a look that said the same.

Anima responded by grabbing the back of his head and shoving his mouth onto her nipple. “The interrogation was taxing on you. You must stay hydrated.”

Damien suckled and Anima’s milk came forth. The moment he swallowed, energy started to creep back into his withered body. He would’ve closed his eyes and tried to enjoy himself had Sephrah not been looming over him.

“Woah, you can lactate, too? Where do I get a pair of those, seriously?” said Sephrah.

“You should already be aware of the methods to achieve physical alterations. Should you require—”

“I know, I know, I was joking. Still, not kidding, that’s pretty damn hot.”

Sephrah walked around Anima to get a better view, sat down, and stared. Hard. Damien did his best to ignore her, instead focusing on the flow of warm milk coming from Anima’s teat, but his restless eyes accidentally landed on Sephrah. She gave him a dainty wave in return, waggling her fingers back and forth as she grinned.

His face burned and his feet itched to run, but he forced himself to stare at Anima, swallow, and breathe. Anima’s milk tasted pretty good, once he focused on it. But when the stream eventually gave out, Anima did nothing to detach herself.

His eyes met hers, then wandered down to her breasts, then back up to her face again, but she said nothing. After far too long, he wiggled his mouth away from her tit and said, “Okay, I’m good.”

Anima nodded, stood up straight, and covered up as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

“So, uh, how about getting me out of here?” said Damien, tugging at the rope.

“Now hold on, I haven’t figured out what I’m doing just yet, I just wanted to enjoy the view for a minute,” said Sephrah. “Anima gave me enough to doubt you’re the problem, but that means I’ve got no way of tracking down that Trinsy now.”

“Ok, but leaving me tied to this chair won’t help you get that.”

“Maybe, maybe not.”

“You sensed corruption when you first arrived, did you not?” said Anima. “Could you not follow its trail?”

Sephrah shook her head. “That’s the first thing I tried to do when I got here. Trail’s too faded, probably gone altogether by now. You got any leads?”

Anima lowered her head, thinking. “I know of no place she frequents other than here.”

“She might’ve gone to the hospital,” said Damien.

Sephrah looked at him like he’d suddenly popped up out of nowhere. He’d seen that look a couple times before. Guess Adrianne isn’t the only archangel who doesn’t think anything of humans when talking amongst others of her kind.

“Why’d she be there?” asked Sephrah.

“Dunno. I just know she knows where it is and has been there before,” said Damien.

“Great. That really helps.”

“Hey, I figured I’d offer something.”

“I will investigate the hospital,” said Anima.

“Did you not just hear what the kid said? I’d hardly call that a lead,” said Sephrah.

“Regardless, it is a feasible option.”

“Whatever. Do what you want.” Now looking at Damien, she asked, “Got any better ideas?”

Damien struggled with his thoughts, doing his best to keep focused under the blindfolded gaze of Sephrah. Nothing really came to mind, however. Adrianne’s life outside his apartment was a mystery. Some time after pondering the dilemma, though, an idea popped into his head.

“You can sense corruption, right? How about divinity?” he asked.

“Already thought about that. Ambient divinity sticks around longer, but it’s very hard to pick out from the noise, especially around here where there’s so much of it. I could follow the Trinsy’s particular strand of it, if I’d already met her and was familiar with it, but I haven’t.” Sephrah grumbled. “Guess we’re doing a manual canvas of the area. Figures.” She stood up.

“Wait,” said Anima.

“What is it now?”

“I believe it would be unfair to leave Damien in his current state,” said Anima.

Sephrah’s gaze went to Anima, then to where Anima was directing her own attention: Damien’s cock. Damien silently thanked Anima, as his member was still painfully erect and sore.

“You wanna finish him off?” said Sephrah.

“Yes. Please give me a moment to do so before we depart.” Anima got on her knees, scooting in front of Damien.

“Woah, there.” Sephrah came over, kneeling beside Anima. “I put a lot of good work into getting him like this, I want some of the payoff.”

Anima squirmed, uncomfortable. “I am capable of doing this without assistance.”

“I’m telling you you’re getting assistance.”

Anima’s hollow stare bore into Sephrah’s blindfold for what felt like minutes before she conceded. “I will allow it.”

“Yeah, you will. Now how are we doing this?” Sephrah said, licking her lips.

“I will apply my breasts from his left side. You mirror my actions from the right.”

“Good ‘ol paizuri, then? Fine by me. Guess it’s about time I take the rope off.”

“Wait,” said Anima. “He prefers it.”

Sephrah’s smirk grew to an unimaginable size as she turned to Damien. “Got a kinky one here, don’t we?”

Damien could not blush hard enough.

“He favors a subservient role in most sexual acts. Any means of binding, para—”

“Anima please stop talking about my fetishes,” he blurted out as fast as his mouth let him.

“Are they not relevant to share, considering we intend to stimulate you to orgasm?”

Sephrah was outright laughing. Damien, his face now a tomato, turned away from her and tried to pretend her raucous cackling did not exist. “Please just do the thing before I die of embarrassment.”

“Very well.”

Any concern that his shame would make him unable to perform vanished when his cock did the same between the archangels’ liquid breasts. Compared to the first time Anima’s cleavage had swallowed up Damien’s cock, she was a different archangel altogether. There was still a mechanical sort of precision to her movements, but it was no longer stiff and soulless. Her entire upper body subtly leaned into the upstrokes and receded on downstrokes.

Sephrah, on the other hand, paid almost no attention to her tits. She knew the right movements, pushing in and out against Damien’s cock with large, gradual circles, but her eyes were locked onto Damien’s face. She took much more interest in soaking in every detail of his reactions, smirking when he shuttered and biting her lip when he grit his teeth. She soon started experimenting, varying the strength of her push against Anima, the angle of her hands, and the tempo of her strokes. Every variation earned some sort of response. She drank them in like she was dying of thirst.

Damien laid his head back in the chair, fighting the pressing urge to paint the archangels’ bosoms white. “Hey, I think I’m—”

“Nah, kid, you ain’t doing shit yet,” interrupted Sephrah. She brought a wing to his forehead to soak up some of his sweat while slowing her movements. “I’ve still got loads of amusement to get out of this.”

Anima didn’t chime in, but her motions slowed as well, matching Sephrah’s languidness.

“C’mon, can’t you just let me cum? Haven’t you teased me enough?”

“Less talking, more moaning,” said Sephrah.

The two pairs of breasts collided with force over his cockhead, and Damien did just as Sephrah asked. Anima kept her pace even and patient while Sephrah churned her breasts in place. Each tit stroked in the opposite direction of the other, slick and reckless against the calm, constant up-and-down motions from Anima. Taking one breast in hand, Sephrah slapped it onto his tip, smearing it in circles, watching as Damien writhed from each heavenly movement. At the same time, she slipped a gloved hand in, running two fingers along his frenulum in a complete lap around his cockhead.

Anima, seeing Damien’s distress, finally started speeding up. Damien feared Sephrah would object, but instead she just licked her lips and mirrored Anima’s movements. Four breasts bobbed up and down in concert, pressed hard into Damien’s cock, stroking his full length with hunger.

“Show me what you got, kid,” said Sephrah.

“Yes, feel free to release now,” said Anima.

Damien gnashed his teeth together one last time before giving into the feverous breasts. The glowing rope dug painfully into his body as he spasmed, pleasure erupting from every vein and consuming his entire mind. His vision went blank and his body stiffened as if shocked. Cum burst from between the stroking breasts once, twice, three times, more and more as they continued to bob up and down with excited tempo. Damien did all he could to feed them, thrusting what he could into their softness even as his release slowed to a dribble. The only thing he could hear was the perverted squish of moving skin and shifting breasts.

When he thought the high would never end, Anima started to slow and he collapsed in his chair, letting a few last caresses soothe him back down.

At least, he would’ve, but Sephrah had no interest in stopping, continuing to piston her breasts up and down Damien’s cum-covered length. Her tits hit him with a wet slap on each pump, cordant with her exhilarated breaths. When she brought her breasts apart just to smash them together again, Damien cried out.

“We are stopping at one ejaculation,” said Anima.

“Humans can totally go for more than one. Just keep at it and you can get all sorts of squeals and struggles out of them. Not to mention the sheer volume!” said Sephrah.

“But he does not prefer that sort of extraction.” Anima pursed her lips, thinking. “Often.”

“We’re really stopping at one? Just because the kid prefers it?”

“Yes.” Anima detached herself. The matter wasn’t up for debate.

Thankfully, Sephrah followed her lead and Damien finally had his peace. “Alright, fine, but I’m not done with him yet.”

“Your interrogation has concluded. There is no more purpose in further stimulating him.”

“Yeah, but have you seen him? All the sounds he makes, the expression on his face? He’s like, terminally submissive! That’s the cutest fucking thing I’ve seen in centuries! Nah, I ain’t leaving until I’ve had at least a little more fun with him.”

“You will complete the task you were given preceding any further action with Damien. I will assist you.”

Damien expected Sephrah to keep putting up a fight, but instead she crossed her arms and shrugged. “Fine. Let’s get this search underway then.” She beckoned with her hand and the rope around Damien snapped into it. “You go waste your time at the hospital and I’ll canvas the area.”

Anima nodded. Turning to Damien, she said, “Remain here, I will return soon.”

“Wait, one sec.” After cleaning up and throwing on some clothes as fast as he could, he hurried to Anima, ushered her outside, closing the door behind them, then lowered his voice. “Anima, when the situation is, uh, sexual, like before, with Sephrah, or really any stranger, you really should be more discreet about what you’re sharing.”

“I know.”

The response took a moment to register before confusion wracked Damien’s face. “What? Then why did you blabber to her about my… my fetishes?”

Because I know.”

Anima shared a tiny, rare smile before turning away and taking off. Damien stared at her fading form in silence.

“Alright, kid, get ready to head out.”

Damien spun, shooting Sephrah a suspicious look. He did not like where this was going. “What do you mean, ‘head out’?”

“I am taking you with me. Don’t want you running off while I’m not looking.”

“Didn’t we already go over this? I’m not suspicious.”

Sephrah crossed her arms. “Hah! No, you’re definitely suspicious. What Anima said convinced me that there’s probably about a ninety percent chance you’re not the problem, but I ain’t letting you wander about on that ten percent.”

Damien hadn’t known Sephrah long, but he did know there were better ways to waste his energy than trying to convince her. He shrugged and said, “Okay, then, how am I joining you? You gonna carry me?”

“Nah, something more fun.”

“I don’t like your idea of—”

Using her freakish speed once again, Sephrah swooped in behind Damien and, before he could move, a pair of thighs had closed around his head with crushing force. Damien instinctively grabbed them and tried to free himself, but failed miserably. Sephrah’s thighs might as well have been steel beams.

“Alright, time to take off!” said Sephrah.


The ground dropped away beneath Damien’s feet and he found himself now grasping onto her thighs for leverage, watching as his legs dangled helplessly in the air. While Sephrah’s thighs had plenty of grip to hold him in place, that didn’t make the situation any more comfortable. His body felt like it was going to tear off from his head.

“Sephrah, please! Carry me some other way!” Panic set into his voice as the ground drifted further and further away.

“C’mon, you’ve got a great view down there!” She flexed her thighs. “Nice and comfy, too, right?”

“If the entire weight of my body wasn’t on my neck right now, yes it would be! Now let me down!”

“Ugh, you humans always whine about how fragile you are.”

To Damien’s great relief, Sephrah landed on a roof shortly after and released him from the grip of her steel thighs. The moment she let go, Damien’s head felt light, like it was going to float away like a balloon. The flight had only been a few minutes, but to his body it had felt like ages. Carefully, he stretched his sore neck back and forth, keeping an eye on Sephrah the whole time.

“What’s that look for? My thighs are a great place for your head and don’t act like you didn’t enjoy it.”

“Yes, I sure loved having my head feel like it was being torn off.” One of the muscles on his neck strained and sent a shiver of pain through his body. “I’m gonna be feeling this for a week.”

“You’re fine. Now c’mon, let get back to the search.” She stepped toward Damien but he backed off.

“You’re not using your thighs again, are you?”

Sephrah rolled her eyes. “No. Not until I get you back into your apartment, at least.”

“Okay. Maybe a—”

Sephrah tossed Damien over her shoulder and took off.

This is gonna be a long flight.




Hours later, back at Damien’s apartment, Sephrah wacked the door open with a wing and threw Damien onto the couch.

“That was a load of nothing. As expected,” she said, and plopped onto the couch next to him.

Anima walked in from the kitchen and both Damien and Sephrah turned to her.

“Well?” said Sephrah.

“My search was unproductive. Adrianne was not at the hospital, nor had anyone seen her,” said Anima.

“I can’t believe I’m doing all this for a Trinsy,” said Sephrah. “You know how often we have to deal with this investigative bull?”

Damien shook his head.

“Never, that’s how often. Least she could’ve done is leave us a bit of her divinity for us to track her with.”

Tapping his chin, Damien said, “She might have.”

“What?? And you waited until now to tell us why?” barked Sephrah.

“Cause I didn’t think about it until you mentioned it!”

“Whatever. Just point me to it.”

“I think she put it in me.”

Anima froze. Her head swiveled to Damien, her eyes focused. “Please repeat what you have just stated.”

“She put her hand on me and did something that gave me my energy back. She said she was sharing her divinity.”

Sephrah crossed her arms, shaking her head. “Yeesh.”

“Was your life threatened?” said Anima.

“No. At least, I don’t think so. Is something wrong?” said Damien.

“What she has done is in error. Divinity is not to be shared with humans except in extraordinary circumstances.”

“Wait, why?”

“It’s taboo,” said Sephrah. “Divinity shouldn’t be relegated to mortals like that. It’s best for everyone if the divine stays in Heaven and the earthly stays on Earth. Besides, humans can’t really take it. Do it to someone about to die, they’ll be fine. The divinity gets all used up restoring them. Do it to someone healthy and it could very well start to break down the body like a flesh-eating virus. Only it doesn’t just eat the flesh, it converts it into more divinity, continuing until the host is either converted into an angel or their body just dissipates.”

A horrible, black pit hit Damien’s stomach. “So… that might happen to me?”

“Possible,” said Sephrah. “It’s more likely to not happen than to happen, though. More importantly, it will give me a way to track down the Trinsy. Come here.”

“Wait, first, can you tell if the divinity is, well, killing me?”

“Sure, why not.”

Sephrah gestured with one of her wings for Damien to come closer. He approached and was swept up by a wing the moment he came within reach, bringing him inches from Sephrah’s body. “Where’d she channel it into you?” she asked.

“I, uh,” Damien’s head spun, halfway between mortal terror and the stark realization that he was very, very close to Sephrah with her breasts about to push into his face whenever she breathed.

Sometimes he hated his body.

“Seriously?” One of Sephrah’s wings groped his package. “I’m starting to see why you’re still alive despite being tasked with pleasing two archangels. But let’s put that aside and answer the question, hmm?”

“Y-yeah. Uh, here,” said Damien, tapping his forehead.

Sephrah laid a finger on his forehead and closed her eyes. At least, Damien got a feeling like she probably did. A familiar warmth tingled where her gloved finger touched him, but it was gone just as soon as it appeared.

“You should be fine. The divinity in your body is still at an abnormally-high level, so I can’t say there won’t be any odd side-effects, but you should be able to handle what’s in there.”

“‘Should be’?”

“I ain’t a doctor, kid. Nor am I a Benevolence archangel. I can’t tell for sure. Besides, it’s partially up to how your body metabolizes it. I’m making a guess based on what I see and how you’ve handled it so far.”

Damien nodded and allowed himself a sigh of relief. He’d probably be okay, and that was enough for now.

Sephrah’s wing suddenly curled inward, thrusting Damien straight into her body and subsequently burying his face in her chest. It was a familiar position, but far more cozy this time. He scrambled to push her away, yelping in protest, but as soon as the moment started, it ended. Sephrah released her wing and nudged Damien away.

“So fun to mess with,” she said. “Anyways, I should be able to find our Trinsy now.”


“Divinity is somewhat unique from archangel to archangel. Finding latent divinity, like what we were searching for earlier, can be a bitch. Like trying to find a specific rock in a pile of rubble. But now that I know what the Trinsy feels like, I should be able to zero-in on her divinity specifically.” Her focus moved around the room. “Yup, I can already see it.” She stood and headed for the door, Anima close behind.

“Wait for me,” said Damien.

Sephrah turned and smirked at him. “What, couldn’t get enough of the Thigh Express? Take it easy, just stay here. We’ll be able to get her.”

“I want to go.”

“This is my job. And I am much better at it when I’m not babysitting humans.”

“So you’re okay with leaving me alone now?”

“No, but now that I know you’ve got that divinity in you, you’re way easier to track.”

Anima walked over to Damien and scooped him up in a princess carry. “The point is moot. I will take him.”

Sephrah’s wings shrugged in annoyance. “Whatever. Let’s go already.”

Sephrah took off, with Anima lagging a few seconds behind her. Once the wind picked up, Anima looked down at Damien and asked,

“What is the ‘Thigh Express’?” 




Not long later, the two archangels landed. They were outside the city, thick in unfamiliar suburbs. The particular plot Sephrah had led them to was a huge graveyard, with rows and rows of tombstones stretching far back through hills and sparse trees. There was a weight to the air, a teasing scent with the same wistfulness as stargazing. While comforting, however, the atmosphere also carried an alien touch.

“Oh, yeah, there’s definitely a demon lurking around here,” said Sephrah.

“I sense it as well,” said Anima.

“I think I do too,” said Damien.

“Really?” Sephrah threw a look back at him. “Usually humans can’t. Either way—” She pointed at Anima. “You brought him here, don’t let him out of your sight. I’m not going to look after him.”

“I had planned on protecting him.”

“Good.” Sephrah looked back to the graveyard. “Now, let’s see what the weapon of the day is.” Going to one knee, she shoved her hand into the ground. At least, it appeared that way. The air distorted around where her arm touched the ground, giving the impression that whatever she was reaching into, it wasn’t the dirt. Her arm shifted back and forth as if she was trying to find something blindly before going stiff. “There we go!”

When her hand emerged from wherever it had been, it wasn’t empty. A spear-like weapon was now in it. It was about as long as Sephrah was tall, and the tip looked more like it belonged on a broadsword than a spear.

“Swordstaff, eh? Been a little while since I used one of these.” She gave it a cursory swing. “Not bad.”

“What’d you just do?” asked Damien.

“Zip it, kid. I’m working.”

Anima put a hand on his shoulder and gently pulled him back into her body. “That is part of the Order of Decree’s divine powers. They call it Enveres, and it is a power of dimensions. They do not divulge much else about it.”

“A power of dimensions?”


Damien looked up at Anima, waiting for her to continue. She did not.

“So, what does that mean?” he asked.

“Their divine power gives them some means of control over travel through dimensions such as Earth, the Soulpath, and Heaven. There is more to it, but archangels of Decree are not forthcoming on what else they are capable of.”

Seemed odd that a certain order of archangels’ power would be to pass from Heaven to Earth when it was clear all archangels could do that on their own, but Anima seemed to accept it just fine, so Damien didn’t ask further on it.

“Can you tell if the demon is powerful?” asked Damien.

“I am not as experienced in estimating power as Sephrah, but I would suspect this demon is a lesser demon. A Decree archangel such as Sephrah will have no difficulty in dispatching it.”

“That’s good to hear.” He surveyed the area around them, but only found tombstones and trees. “Can you feel Adrianne at all?”

Anima closed her eyes. “Somewhat. It is clear the demon is clouding her presence, so I cannot locate her with any precision.”

“We should start looking for her, then,” said Damien. But just as he stepped forward, Anima pulled him back in, shaking her head.

“It is too dangerous with the demon still about. Wait. Sephrah will be done soon. Behold. The demon comes to greet us.”

Sure enough, what could only be described as a demon stepped out from behind a nearby tree. She was short, at least for an extra-dimensional being, about Damien’s height. A pair of horns adorned her head, curling backward to hug her shape. Behind her dragged a rather long tail, whipping through the grass as the demon approached. The rest of her form was provocative, with exaggerated hips and a plentiful bust. What made Damien blush, however, was the fact that she was completely naked.

“A Decree angel, huh? Looks like I’ve garnered quite a bit of attention,” said the demon.

Sephrah slung her swordstaff over her shoulder. “Are you going to go back to Hell like a good girl or not?”

The demon’s eyes fell on Anima and Damien. “And you brought along friends, too! How wonderful. Is the human a gift?”

“I really don’t like repeating myself, especially to worms like you. Leave. Now,” said Sephrah.

“Mmm, I’m not so sure about that. I’ve got myself a little prize, one I’m not giving up until I’ve got something in return. And you would be smart to put that weapon down if you knew what was good for her.”

“Demon, you are really deluding yourself if you think I care.” Sephrah started approaching the demon.

“So quick to abandon your archangel friend?” The demon kept her taunting tone, but stepped backwards at the same time. “Perhaps I’ll possess her. A little time in her body would—”

She never got a chance to finish her sentence. Sephrah moved in a blur, her legs and wings exploding with such force that the ground beneath her was torn to shreds and tossed away in a roaring gust. The tip of the swordstaff was hardly visible as it swung, powered by Sephrah’s muscled arms. In a whistling blow, the demon’s head came clean off. It hit the ground with a thunk.

Damien gaped. It had happened in less than a second. Sephrah was already picking up the head and examining it before he fully comprehended what happened.

“Is it… dead?” he asked.

“What do you think, genius?” said Sephrah. “Course it is.”

“Will we, uh, still be able to help Adrianne? It sounded like it had a backup plan.”

“Nah, this one was a weak little bug. Probably figured she was as good as dead as soon as I showed up and tried to bluff her way out.”

“Uh huh,” Damien mumbled. He still didn’t know what to think of the whole interaction.

“Don’t get your panties in a bunch. I wouldn’t’ve let anything happen to the Trinsy. I was testing the demon, seeing what she was capable of. When she mentioned possession, I knew she was full of shit.” Sephrah jabbed the swordstaff into the dead demon’s heart, and the body and head burnt away to ash. “She didn’t have near enough corruptive energy in her to possess an archangel.”

“Ah. That’s good, then.” Damien looked around. The alien atmosphere that had been pressing down on him earlier was lifting, but he still didn’t see Adrianne. “Can you sense where Adrianne is now?”

Sephrah nodded. “Follow me.”

They found Adrianne facing a large tree, leaning on it with all four arms. Bark had fallen off the tree in chunks and large cracks marred the trunk near where Adrianne held it. She heard them approaching and stood up straight in a hurry. Her face was red with effort, beads of sweat dripped down her arms, and… were her eyes darker, too?

She turned, her face drooping with fatigue. At the sight of Sephrah, she lowered her head. “So I was heard.”

“Yep,” said Sephrah. “What the hell ha—”

“Are you okay?!” Damien blurted out.

Both Adrianne and Sephrah looked at Damien like he’d just blinked into existence. Adrianne, however, got over it in an instant. She took a step back, putting part of the tree between her and Damien.

“I am… fine. I feel the demonic influence over me clearing and my senses returning to me.”

“How did you let that thing influence you in the first place?” said Sephrah. “She was a pushover!”

“I was… overconfident. And careless. I was following its trail, gathering information for a more formal report to the Order of Decree when I accidentally came upon it. It covertly corrupted me. I furthered my incompetence when I attempted to return here and subdue it myself.”

“And how did it get to Earth?”

Adrianne looked at Sephrah, then to Anima.

“It was my fault,” said Anima.

Sephrah drove her swordstaff into the ground. “Dammit. Really?”

“Yes. Once I saw the demon, I recognized it. More precisely, its corruption. I sensed it earlier, in the Soulpath, but dismissed it as a trick of the mind and not a demon’s presence. I see now that was in error.”

“No shit,” said Sephrah. She took a deep breath. “Are you sure this is the same one? I mean, reporting on a Trinsy’s mistake is easy enough, but a Passage, too?”

“I am sure.”

Damien eyed Adrianne, who was still suspiciously keeping herself partially behind the tree. “Adrianne, do you want some help?”

He stepped forward, but she only hid herself more. “I will be fine, but you must not approach me. You must never be near me again.”

“What?” he said.

“I failed you and have shown I am too susceptible to not only demonic influences but also my own desires to be around humans, let alone you. I must return to Heaven, recover my divinity, and learn how better to control myself.”

“Are you talking about this morning? You’re being too hard on yourself. It’s fine, I understand.”

“No, you do not!” She stood up straight, her voice booming. “And that is part of the danger. I must go.”

With that, she extended her wings and took off, ignoring the pleas Damien threw at her.

“Rare moment of introspection for a Trinsy,” said Sephrah.

“Damien is correct,” said Anima. “She is being overly-critical of her actions.”

“She succumbed to corruption from a weak demon and forced her divinity onto a human. I wouldn’t say she’s being overly-critical,” said Sephrah. “Heaven would be the best place for her to go.”

“Removed from context, and taken alone, those acts would lead me to the same conclusion,” said Anima. “And I do not deny that time in Heaven would help Adrianne. However, I believe she maintains a sincerity of protection for Damien, and that with the proper mindset, she has the strength to execute it. I also believe she wishes to remain here on Earth, at least with the majority of her time, so I shall endeavour to make that the outcome.”

“How can you possibly know all that? For sure?” asked Sephrah.

Anima looked down for a moment, then back up. “She is my friend.” Without warning, she burst into the air, going the same direction Adrianne had left.

Sephrah growled, scratching her head and pacing. She looked to Damien, then to Anima, then to the tree Adrianne had torn up. Her jaw worked back and forth as she thought. After a short while, she stopped. The air beside her wavered and opened up and she threw the swordstaff into it.

“You know what I hate most about Passage archangels?” she asked Damien.

Damien looked up at her, waiting.

“They’re always fucking right.”

Sephrah’s wings spread wide, and with a leap and a violent gust, she sped after Anima.




Silence weighed down the air as Damien stepped back into his apartment. Sephrah was lounging on the couch, wings splayed out in every which direction, one of which waved a greeting at Damien when he passed. Anima was in the kitchen, standing stiff as usual, her hands clasped in front of her.

“Adrianne is waiting in your bedroom. She wishes to speak with you as soon as possible,” said Anima. “She has made it clear she intends to return to Heaven once your discussion is over.”

“She doesn’t have to do that,” said Damien.

“I am not the one you must convince.”

Nodding, Damien began his slow march down the hall to his bedroom. What could he possibly say? The root of Adrianne’s problem came from within. It sounded so odd to say in his head, but what plagued her now was insecurity. As far as Damien knew, this might be the first time she’d ever had to face it. Proud Adrianne, brought to shivers by her own actions. How could Damien possibly understand what did that to an archangel?

He put his hand on the doorknob. No. He couldn’t. If he was going to talk Adrianne into staying, it would be using his knowledge of the things he did understand. He stood up straight and raised his chin. The last thing he wanted to do was let Adrianne think he was scared of her.

He pushed the door open.

“Damien.” Adrianne was sitting on his bed, both pairs of hands clasped politely in her lap. Her eyes were weary, as if she’d woken from a fitful sleep. “It’s good to see you’re doing well.”

“Of course I’m fine. When have I not been?”

“Your prolonged stay in the hospital would be one instance I can think of.”

Ah. Yes, that had happened, hadn’t it? Damien smiled, but Adrianne’s expression did not give the impression she was joking. “I got out of that just fine!” He walked toward the bed, but Adrianne raised a hand between them.

“I allowed Anima and… Sephrah to convince me to return in order to speak with you so you might better understand why I must leave. Not so you might endanger yourself again. I realize I left in haste earlier, and that the full consequences of my actions may not have been properly explained to you. I decided that I had already caused you enough pain, and as such, returned to explain.”

Damien paused, looked at her hand, then carefully stepped around it, sitting next to her on the bed. Adrianne moved to push him away, but the moment she touched him, her hand recoiled as if shocked.

“Please, it is unwise to be within my arms’ reach,” she said.

“Adrianne, I’m not going anywhere.”

She fidgeted, but nodded, regaining her more regal posture. “I must leave, Damien, because I have failed you in the most terrible way an archangel can fail a human, and in doing so, exposed you to dangers that may very well have long-term effects. I committed the offense of forcing my divinity into you for the trifling purpose of augmenting your stamina. Furthermore, I fell victim to a minor demon’s corruption and through me, it put your life in danger.

“This has shown me not only that the care with which I treat you is wanting, but further that my motivations toward you have twisted into something self-serving. Somewhere between the moment I met you and today, I began to see you less as a human and more as an object.” The last word hissed from her mouth with a bitter tinge of spite. “These are gross offenses.”

“I know what you did,” said Damien. “Between what happened this morning, what I’ve discussed with Anima and Sephrah, and how we found you, I was able to piece pretty much everything together. But I don’t blame you and I don’t think you should blame yourself. You weren’t in control.”

Adrianne’s head drooped. “That is generous of you. More generous than I deserve. Thank you. But the fact remains that I failed.”

Damien gestured to himself. “Look at me! I’m fine. I sure hope the same thing doesn’t happen again, but this time I got through it without a scratch.”

“Please do not patronize me. I am aware the outcome was neutral overall. But this is not about what happened this time, it is about what may happen the next.”

On that, she was correct. He should’ve known that sort of argument would fall flat with an archangel—their lives were so much longer that ‘the next time’ wasn’t some nebulous threat that may never come to pass, but rather an inevitability.

“Adrianne. Look.” Damien tried to meet her eyes, but she was staring intently at the space—well, the lack of space between them. Only by scooting a few feet away was he able to get her eyes back on him. “I can’t say I’ve known you that long. To you, it’s probably been a blink of an eye. But in this short time, I’ve learned that I can trust you. Our, uh, approaches to situations may be a little—okay, a lot different, and you see humans in a way I don’t think I’ll ever really get to wrap my head around, but I can understand intentions. You can too. And I know you’ve never intended to hurt me. That’s enough.”

“It is not enough for me. Or for any archangel. We are held to a higher standard.”

Damien sucked down his frustration. She wasn’t trying to be difficult or cold, she was trying to protect him and reconcile her mistake. He needed to listen to himself and trust her. Trust that this wasn’t what she wanted. Trust that under this cold cover of logic, she still held onto a desire to stay.

“I just realized something.” He pointed at the door. “When I was at that door, wondering what to say to you, trying to figure out how to ask you to stay, the thought that I was scared of you, or disgusted by you, or even that I could accept your leaving never even entered my mind. All I wanted was to hold onto you.” Scooting close, he put an arm around her. “Let me prove that you’re trustworthy.”

“T-that is not a danger you should subject yourself to.”

“I want to subject myself to it. And I don’t think it’s a danger.”

“As a human, you cannot understand the depth of the decision you are making.”

“Then prove me wrong.”

“I don’t have to go along with this. I could simply leave.”

“Then leave. But if you do, know that it’s not what I wanted.”

Adrianne sat on the edge of the bed, staring down Damien, her gentle eyes trying to find firmness, even anger. But that was beyond her reach.

“Well?” asked Damien. He had to hear it from her.

“I will… remain for this ‘proof’. But only as far as I must to convey my point.”

“I’m happy to hear that.” Damien reached for one of her hands, but she withdrew it just before he could touch it.

“I know what you wish, and I will position myself without aid,” said Adrianne. She scooted back up on the bed, then laid down, head on the pillows, facing up, as stiff as Anima usually stood.

“I don’t want you to suffer this, Adrianne, I want you to enjoy it.”

“To enjoy it would put you at risk, and that is something I will no longer allow myself to do.”

“Don’t—” Cutting himself off, Damien sat back up straight. Adrianne was stubborn. Especially when it came to humans. Words had got him this far, but that was all they’d be able to do.

He pulled himself higher on the bed. Her arms remained glued to her sides, but her wings fluttered when he laid down beside her. Looking into her bright blue eyes, he smiled. Her eyes winced, as if pained, but Adrianne could not stop herself from smiling back.

Good. There’s still something in there.

Adrianne’s size back him a bit more trouble than he expected when he tried to hug her, but eventually he got his arm around her. She still refused to reciprocate with more than her smile, though her body did twitch when he squeezed.

His other hand moved upwards, diving into her silken river of dirty blonde hair. It felt like a calm stream, parting before his fingers without an inch of effort, smooth to the touch and invigorated with Adrianne’s warmth. For just a moment, she pushed her head into his hand.

Damien tried to keep himself from getting excited, but his heart skipped a beat regardless. Slowly, he started disrobing, starting with his shoes. Adrianne saw what he was doing and grabbed one of his arms, but released it just as quickly.

“I still caution against this,” she said.

“Tell me you don’t want this. Tell me honestly, and I’ll stop.”

Adrianne pursed her lips, but said nothing, so Damien continued.

After taking off his shirt and pants, he watched Adrianne’s eyes as he reached for his underwear and dragged it down his legs. Her face lit up, eyes locked onto his cock, but only until she realized Damien was watching. Turning away, she adopted a more passive face.

Damien wasn’t going to let up. He laid his hard cock on her two right hands, rubbing it back and forth, silent but painfully clear what he wanted. Adrianne’s fingers twitched. He could feel their impulses, their need to have Damien’s member in their grip. Seconds dragged to minutes, no words passing between them, just Damien looking up to Adrianne with needy eyes while his cock rocked back and forth over her gloves.

Eventually she could not control herself. One of her hands cupped his tip while the other grabbed his shaft. They didn’t move, but they didn’t retreat when Damien started thrusting into them, either.

“D-Damien… this is growing dangerous.”

“No, it isn’t. I want this, Adrianne, and I know you want it too.”

“Fine. Then I will masturbate you, and we will be done.” Her right hands made fists along his cock and began pumping. But it was too robotic, too fake. It reminded him of how Anima used to do things. He grabbed one of her right arms and she stopped.

“There’s no way you’d be satisfied by that. I know it’s driving you mad that I have so much freedom. That I’m taking the initiative on where and how to touch you. You love control. You’re defined by it. I know you want to bring forth a dozen arms and grab every inch of my body then make it do what you want.”

“I will not take away your freedom again.”

“I want you too. That’s why I like being with you so much! You can’t help yourself. Whenever you get aroused, arms start showing up and you can’t keep your hands off me. It makes me feel desirable—desirable to a beautiful archangel, no less. And once you start going, you’re focused on me. On making sure I’m feeling good. You could use me to get yourself off first, but you never do. Please, Adrianne. Control me.”

Adrianne bit her lip. First, she bit it in pain, in restraint. Her eyes strained and she fought within herself so violently that the intensity of the battle shimmered in her gaze. But then her stare wandered off and heat radiated from her face. Her lip flicked off her teeth and her face filled with something new: lust.

Fresh arms emerged from Adrianne’s sides. Numerous hands closed around Damien, grasping his shoulders, his legs, his sides, and his head.

“If you insist, then I will do this for you. Reconciliation for my misdeeds.”

But her excuse was weak with all the hunger bleeding from her face. Damien smirked, pleased with himself. His cock twitched as well. Seeing Adrianne giving into her desires made him ravenous. His blood felt like fire flooding his body.

“What would you like me to do?” asked Adrianne.

“What do you want to do?”

Adrianne considered. Then in silent answer, she pushed her dress to the side, exposing the bottom of her breasts and moved Damien so he was sitting on her stomach. A hand directed his tip to the crack in her cleavage and without further ado, he was thrust forward.

Entering the depths of her breasts was refreshing like breaking out of a fitful slumber. Soft flesh welcomed him from every angle, pressing upon his cock with gentle strength. Adrianne smiled at his member, then at Damien as she pushed her tits together, her malleable chest washing over his cock in powerful, intentioned waves.

The hands on his ass, legs and hips squeezed, pulling him back through her chest’s pleasurable grasp before throwing him back in. They found a nice, even rhythm, rocking him back and forth with the natural grace he’d come to expect from Adrianne. He let his head dip back and moaned. 

A sly grin cracked on Adrianne’s face when her eyes met his and her head moved in. Soft lips pressed on Damien’s tip, then parted as Adrianne swallowed his tip. She bobbed her head up and down, then paused, letting her mouth crack further open to reveal her true weapon: her tongue. Chills went up Damien’s spine as he watched it coil around his cock, reaching far beyond the capabilities of a human tongue, snaking all the way to his base before retreating.

Her slick, lascivious tongue forced another moan out of Damien’s mouth when it returned, this time wrapping around his cock with enough force to pull it into her mouth. Her blue eyes twinkled at him, vulgar and insatiable, while her mouth held his cock half-swallowed. A strong pull came from the back of her throat and he heard a loud slurp as she pumped him between her breasts and in and out of her mouth.

Shivering, Damien planted both hands on the back of her head and pushed her into his cock. All his effort did nothing to accelerate her blowjob. In fact, once Adrianne realized what he was doing, she slowed, ending Damien’s thrusts into her breasts.

Her tongue uncoiled itself from Damien’s cock and disappeared into her mouth. “I am being too aggressive,” she said. “I will temper myself.”

“Adrianne,” said Damien.


“I don’t want you to hold back. I want you to go as far as you’d like. Forget about what I want. If you want to keep going after I cum, or even make me cum again, do it.”

“You’ve said in the past it’s uncomfortable. A limitation of humans in general.”

Damien shook his head. “I want to prove that you can trust yourself. I want you to be able to indulge yourself like you used to and still see that at the end of it, everything’s fine. If I start struggling, hold me down. If I wail, cover my mouth. If I won’t cum, work me harder. Because I have complete confidence that you will want to stop when you know I can’t take it anymore.”

Uncertainty darkened her face again. “You place far too much trust in me.”

“I’m giving you exactly as much trust as you deserve.”

Her gaze wandered off again. A hundred thousand thoughts passed through her eyes, and a hundred thousand more he missed when he blinked. This was the fight she needed to have and the fight she needed to win. After a time, she closed her eyes, turned back to Damien, then opened them. Damien held his breath.

Another pair of hands appeared, seizing his wrists and pulling them off her head.

“If you are to entrust what will or will not be done here to me, then understand that you do not have a say over my pace. Fortunately for you, I am in a generous mood.”

The lecherous glint in her eyes returned and Damien breathed a sigh of relief. It was the last bit of relief she would allow him.

The hands on his hips jammed him forward into Adrianne’s waiting breasts and mouth. Her whiplike tongue reappeared, this time more aggressive. As the smooth walls of her breasts rocked his length back and forth, the slick snake of her tongue slithered, squeezed, and slurped along his cock. Lips closed around his tip, sealed tight, accepting his sensitive member as Adrianne forced him inside again and again.

With her dizzying foreplay already taking Damien to the edge, he knew he couldn’t last long. His body ached to do something—to thrust, to grab her head, to push her breasts together, anything at all, but her numerous hands had seized everything. Adrianne had him under her complete control.

And that was all it took.

Damien’s mouth gaped open as a molten shiver wracked his body. Words and even moans failed him as he exploded into Adrianne’s mouth. The moment the first drop of cum hit her tongue, everything accelerated. She pistoned him into her breasts again and again, sucking with incredible power while her tongue traced circles on his tip. He rocked back and forth, eyes closed, focusing on the supreme softness of her chest’s embrace and the hungry lips that sucked and sucked. Though Adrianne’s demands were impossible, Damien surrendered all he could in a futile effort to meet them.

He went slack in the grip of her many arms, drained. Mercifully, Adrianne slowed and withdrew her mouth, watching Damien’s face as she continued to ease him through her cleavage. Merciful or not, however, the stimulation was too much. The room spun and Damien closed his eyes.

It took a few seconds for Damien to realize he’d momentarily passed out. He was no longer sitting on Adrianne’s chest, but rather lying on his stomach atop her, his head smothered by her tits while the archangel smiled down at him. She pat his head with one hand while another traced the edge of his ear. More movement came into focus. Hands, even more numerous before, grazed along his body, massaging everything with a familiar touch of satin. When those touches dug into his shoulders, he almost moaned. Would have, really, if he had energy for anything other than panting.

Minutes passed, no words between them, only looks and touches. Her wings would brush across his skin every now and then to wipe away sweat. When Damien could finally breathe easy, Adrianne spoke.

“Did you enjoy that?” Her voice had taken an edge. Sarcasm, if Damien was hearing right.

“Do you really have to ask?”

“No, but I wanted to.” She pushed some hair away from his face, then rubbed small circles on his forehead. “I’m going to keep going now.”

Even though her pussy was mere inches away, when Adrianne’s hands started guiding him toward it, time slowed to a crawl. Damien took in everything: the sweat dripping from his body, his shallow breaths, her careful, controlled movements, the pressure and position of each of the myriad hands holding him, her enthralling scent, the burning need in his loins that the previous ejaculation had somehow barely dulled, and, above all, her smile. It was so sweet he could taste it. It was serene, almost lazy, but glowed with a warmth that reached her eyes. And as his cock pressed into her entrance, he could tell that this was her bliss too.

She slipped him inside of her with a deceptive tenderness. The motion held no urgency, no extremity, but as soon as their hips touched, his mind burst. 

Adrianne opened her arms. “Embrace me.”

Damien would’ve complied even if his arms weren’t under her complete control. As she directed his arms to wrap around her back, her own arms hugged him into her body. He breathed in deep and was hit with another intoxicating swell of her scent.

He had hardly a few moments in the darkness of her bosom before a hand lifted his chin and directed his face towards hers. They met eyes and her smile deepened. A ruffling of feathers later and her wings fully extended before curling around the both of them, wrapping them up in amorous privacy.

“Here,” she said, pressing one of her tits to his face. “Take it into your mouth.”

Damien latched on happily and was rewarded with a most satisfying gasp from Adrianne. She closed her eyes as she released her breath, then nodded at Damien to continue.

He tongued and sucked for all he was worth, pausing only to gasp for air. The only thing that frightened him more than not giving her the utmost pleasure possible was passing out and bringing this paradisiacal moment to an end.

The tightening grip of the gloved hands on his hips made him realize she hadn’t moved him from the initial thrust inside of her. His mouth momentarily lost its hold on her nipple as she gently drew him out. Her pussy walls clamped down, but not with force or desperation, rather a compassionate embrace. Damien felt every millimeter of his raw cock held firm, caressed by Adrianne’s pussy, her pace gradual enough to allow him to appreciate every twitch of her insides but expedient enough to build up a satisfying friction as well.

His moan embarrassed him when Adrianne’s hands finally stopped his hips, the tip of his cock now barely kissing her sweltering sex. She looked at him, eyes filled with both a motherly kindness and just a drop of teasing satisfaction. With a mouthful of her breast, Damien couldn’t shoot back the defiant smirk he so wanted to give her. He contented himself with drawing a moan from her by nibbling on her nipple.

She thrust him forward again.

Whereas in their earlier encounter, Damien had felt like a puppet to the whims of Adrianne’s arms, now it felt like she was reading his mind. Like her arms were making his body move the exact way he would have, but just a second before his mind got around to realizing it.

She made him fuck her with passion, but no urgency. With intensity, but no overzealousness. With need, but no selfishness. Her moans of pleasure mixed with Damien’s in an erotic chorus. Her many-armed total-body grip offered no freedom, but Damien had no need for it. This was exactly where he wanted to be.

In and out. In and out. Adrianne gave him no quarter as pleasure shocked his body over and over. Every time he thought she had settled into a rhythm, her gloved hands would adjust his angle, vary their pace, or her pussy would grab him with new vigor. She focused on his cockhead for a while, then thrusted his full length inside, then stopped completely to let her inner walls knead and grip him in ways he never knew possible.

Eventually, however, she found a position she liked most and beckoned his body faster. Her hands’ grips tightened as her moans grew louder and more frequent. Her gaze left Damien and her eyes closed, her dipping back. Faster, her arms demanded. More.


She shouted and her body shivered. Countless hands clamped down on Damien simultaneously with force hard enough to hurt. Adrianne’s back arched off the bed, lifting Damien with it. She threw his hips into her with abandon and seized up as orgasm took her. Even her nethers constricted with a dizzying strength, and at Adrianne’s enraptured speed Damien felt everything. Every crevice, bump, tickle and ripple within Adrianne was amplified a hundredfold. So focused on suckling her nipple and enduring her orgasm, Damien didn’t realize the speed at which his own resistance was folding.

She hammered him into her again and again. Skin slapped on skin and satin rubbed on satin in a lewd but luxurious tune, one Adrianne was determined to play to its conclusion.

Just as his limbs started to fall asleep from her tourniquet-like grip, her plethora of hands eased up. Several went back to their careful massages while others adjusted their hold. Damien groaned in frustration as Adrianne slowed the pace of his thrusts. He was so close!

Meeting her eyes, however, he forgot everything. It was like seeing her for the first time. Her face was absolute purity. Like Adrianne had been carrying something the entire time Damien had known her and she had just now released it. Warm frankness bleed from her fatigued eyes, and a charismatic benevolence colored her smiling lips. She ran a hand over his scalp, twirling his hair around her fingers.

“Don’t worry, Damien, I’ll take care of you,” she whispered, breathless.

God, if only she wasn’t so tall, he would’ve given anything to kiss her right then. To hold that expression in his mind forever. If that was all he ever remembered of her, he could be happy. But his cock burned with overwhelming need, and Adrianne’s passion would not let it flounder unfulfilled.

Gradually, she pulled him back in. Her hands drove him quicker. It was not the uncontrolled lust she’d shown in orgasm, but it was still bursting with intimacy and hunger. Her pussy closed around his cock with enveloping care. His weak attempts at adding his own thrusts to those guided by Adrianne’s hands earned him an amused grin, but she invigorated her motions to accommodate him nonetheless. Her pussy squeezed and twisted with one last flourish that stole the breath right out of Damien’s lungs.

“It’s okay. You can cum. Give it all to me. I promise I won’t stop.”

Damien screamed into Adrianne’s breast as he exploded. She buried him as deep as possible, bearing him into her body while he spasmed. A thousand sensations wrapped up in a hurricane of fire seared through his ravaged frame. His vision went white, then black, then white again. Brutal waves of bliss crashed over him. Shot after shot of cum loosed deep into Adrianne, yet her sex caressed and milked him for more. Instead of dulling away, the sensations from Adrianne’s throng of hands crested and crashed over Damien. He drowned in an ocean of satin, touched, stroked, grabbed, pat, and fondled in incomprehensible volumes. More cum splattered into Adrianne, so much he imagined it must be spilling out by now.

“There, there, Damien. Everything.”

It was as if her words carried some kind of magical power. Damien felt himself shoot into her again. Again. It was impossible, yet somehow she siphoned even more out of him. Her slick walls pulled at him, sucked him in, and massaged his tension away. She drew him out just to thrust him deeper. With the next blast, his balls began to ache, and yet he still wanted to give Adrianne more.

But she was done. With a long, satisfied sigh, her body relaxed. Her pussy released Damien from its loving grip and Adrianne eased him free of her. The hand on the back of his head pushing him into her breast disappeared and he detached himself, sucking in a deep breath. Damien lay catatonic. Satin hands massaged the last touches of stress from his muscles, but one by one, they too drifted away. Damien didn’t know how long he lay there in the afterglow. Adrianne allowed him to rest upon her as long as he needed.

Eventually, he stirred, looking upward. Adrianne’s familiar radiant beaming greeted him. Carefully, she moved him to her side, where the two could be face-to-face.

She was back to four arms, using three to embrace Damien while the fourth idly played with his cock, giving playful strokes and rapping its fingers against his tip as if amused by the fact it was still semi-hard and, perhaps, was toying with the idea of jerking him off again.

Damien nustled into her neck, sighing in contentment. Adrianne lazily stroked his head as if patting a dog. He could’ve said something, there, yes. ‘I told you so,’ would’ve been fitting. He didn’t.

“Damien,” said Adrianne.


“Make me a promise, henceforth. If I go too far. If I… harm you again, you will tell me.”

“Adrianne, there’s no ne—”


“Alright. I promise.”

“Conversely,” she said, the sloven glint returning to her eyes, “I hope you understand that while I may have been gentle this time, I may not be in the future.”

“I’m counting on it.”

“Good.” Her lower hand gave his cock a small pinch. “And one other thing.”


“I am glad I am staying.”

“Me too.”




“I take it from all the sounds we heard, you changed her mind?” Sephrah asked Damien as he stepped outside the bedroom.

Damien blushed, unsure of whether to cross his arms and act proud or shove his hands into his pockets. Leaving the cuddle session with Adrianne felt like he was stepping into a different world. A much colder, more harsh one. “Yes. Yeah, she’s gonna stay, I think.”

Sephrah rolled her eyes while Anima, who was standing right next to her, nodded.

“That is good to hear,” said Anima.

“That wraps things up for me,” said Sephrah. “Gotta report what she said back in that graveyard to boss, see if she wants to do anything about it. Might be back to mess with you later. Might not.”

She waved with one of her wings before marching out the door. Damien shared a look with Anima, then looked to Sephrah. There was still one question that needed answering. He took off after her.


Sephrah gave an exasperated sigh, spinning and putting her wings on her hips. “What is it, kid? You should feel lucky you’re getting rid of me. For now, at least.”

He paused, closing the door behind him. “I was curious about something.”

“Yeah? What?”

“Why is it you respect archangels of Passage so much?”

For the first time since Damien saw her, Sephrah’s face lost the confidence that fit it so well. She crossed her arms, eyeing Damien with a resolute stare. “Humans, huh. You little shrimps are pretty clever sometimes.”

“Sorry, I’m just curious. I guess I don’t know much about archangels and I, uh, want to understand better. For them.” He nodded back to the apartment.

“Well, good luck with that.” She turned to leave.

“Wait, you didn’t answer!”

“You’re right. I didn’t.”

And she was gone.


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9 thoughts on “Touched by Angels 7: Many Wings, Many Arms, Many Problems

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    I feel like I’m gonna have trouble not typing ‘Sephrah’ as ‘Seraph’ (though I like the name), so I’m just gonna call her UB for now- short for Useless Badass, which was my first strong impression of her, and has remained as such. Her scenes were very sexy, I liked the use of the wings and her other powers and the fact that while you’ve hinted that all of our angels can be ruthless, she’s the most blatant about it. Be surprised if we saw the last of her, and looking forward to finding out the answer to that last question Damien had for her at the end there.

    Since half the angels now have nicknames (Anima is Best Girl, I deny any allegations of bias), I gave the other two nicknames as well- Adrianne is Heavy Petting and Grace is Miss Malpractice.

    The Adrianne-centric portions of the chapter were every bit as satisfying as I hoped- her multi-hand sexy shenanigans (Divikinesis?) remain my favorite use of supernatural power for lewd purposes. The demon thing was kind of what I expected- Adrianne is so used to knowing everything she needs to know that she’s barely cognizant of situations where she might be out of her depth. The end scene with her being convinced to say, and all the sexy stuff she got into was top notch.

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        1. One of them has chromatic aberration, the other does not. It’s a subtle difference, but I know chromatic aberration really bugs some people (like me).

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