Touched by Angels 6: In Deep

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Anima looked up.

The expanse before her whistled with the ageless wind of the Soulpath. Wisps of spent lives trudged onward. Routine. Something within it all, however, caught her attention. Something moving the wrong way, perhaps? Anima swapped her scythe to her other hand, leaning on it as she squinted. Nothing.

She turned back to the migrating souls. None diverged from their path, but in truth, such things were rare. Her duty was much more akin to sight-seer than guardian. She flourished her wings and shifted her stance. Had time always passed so slowly? Until recently, this had been the whole of her life. Decades and decades of such sentry had felt as nothing. Now she always found herself looking for something. Expecting.

She looked down at her chest and grabbed one of her tits. It was a poor way to pass the time; only Damien’s touch ever brought out some spark of interest. Banishing her urges was well within her capacity, yes, but outside of her desires. Adrianne likely would have scolded her for the thought.

Her new routine after making the agreement with Grace and Adrianne would require some means of stabilization, it was simply a matter of finding it. Discussing the dilemma with Damien was an option, but as the thought ambled through Anima’s head, she found the prospect of forcing Damien to accept her needs far more appealing.

Anima closed her eyes. She had been away for a while. Yes, now was about time. Dismissing her scythe, she spread her wings and, with a single beat, disappeared.




“Have either one of you been grocery shopping?”

Adrianne and Anima both looked at Damien.

“I have not,” said Anima.

“Grocery shopping? Why would you think that?” said Adrianne.

Damien scratched his head. Must’ve been mistaken. “Just surprised to see some milk that hasn’t gone bad yet.” He poured himself a glass and sat across from Anima. “So, you come up with any ideas yet?”

“Ideas pertaining to what?”

“Our date today.”

Anima shook her head. “None have arisen.”

He looked at Adrianne, who’d been looking over his shoulder at his phone’s screen. “Do you have any ideas?”

“I cannot say what Anima might find intriguing or not. As an Archangel of Passage, it is unsurprising she knows little of Earth’s various means of leisure.” She put a pair of hands on his shoulders and squeezed. “I’m sure you two will find something.”

“Well, Anima, I guess it’d be easier at this point to tell me everything you are familiar with and we’ll go from there.”

“Apartment complexes, suburban housing, cars, hospitals, and sexual activities.”

“No, I mean like ‘going out’ things.”

“That is the sum total of my knowledge, going out or otherwise.”

“I guess I’ve got my work cut out for me.” He pondered a moment and mentioned the first thing that came to mind. “Does going to a bar sound fun?”

“I do not know what that means.”

“It’s a place you go to chat with friends over a few drinks and sometimes food. Usually gets pretty loud and crowded.”

“I am capable of chatting with you here.”

“Yes, but people go for the atmosphere. Background music, social interaction, access to drinks you don’t have at home, that kind of stuff.”

“Most of the items you mentioned impede the execution of speaking with one’s friends.”

“Just take my word for it. It might be something you enjoy.”

“Very well.”

“Okay, I’ll jot it down. Next is…” Damien typed a note into his phone, then looked up at Anima. Her posture hadn’t so much as flinched since they’d started this discussion. “Anima, you shouldn’t do that when someone’s trying to have a conversation with you.”

“Do what?”

“Stare down at them like you’re trying to burn a hole through their head.”

She cocked her head. “I frequently converse with others as such. Is my manner truly in error?”

“The stiffness in how you stand, the blunt glare, it’s all unnatural. Take a seat. Please.”

“May I be seated on your lap?”

“No, that would be distracting.”

“But I wish to be distracting.”

Damien had to keep himself from smiling. “Anima, today’s your day, but we can’t just spend all of it in the bedroom. That’s why we’re going out together. That was the deal, remember?”

“I remember.”

“Alright, take a seat, then.”

Anima sat, though her back and shoulders remained just as stiff as before.

“You can relax, you know,” said Damien.

“In what manner do you mean?”

“When you—actually, you know what, we can work on that while we’re out.” Damien punched another note into his phone. “But back to the date: how does a mall sound?”

“The word is familiar. It is an assembly of stores, correct?”

“Yes! So do you want to try visiting one?”

“I do not know.”

Damien collapsed back into his chair. “C’mon, Anima. It feels like you’re fighting me every step of the way. Try to meet me in the middle.”

“I apologize. I have little grasp on my own desires.”

Adrianne massaged Damien’s shoulders with one pair of hands while patting his head with the other. “Your exasperation is understandable, but I am sure Anima wishes to figure these things out just as much as you. Do not allow your frustration free reign.”

Damien tapped the table a few times, mulling over Adrianne’s words, then stood. “You know what? Let’s just try everything we can. Something’s gotta click eventually. Sound good?”

Anima nodded.

“I hope you two have fun,” said Adrianne.

Damien watched Anima’s empty gaze wander around the room before meeting with Damien’s own.

Fun. Yes, that’ll be the tricky part, won’t it?




The park Damien chose to start with was more crowded than he’d been hoping. While not the most expansive or maintained park there was, it was far enough from the roads and businesses to offer a degree of calm. He stopped at the first bench they came to and extended an arm.

Anima stared at it.

“Take a seat.”

Just as Anima started reaching for the bench, Damien’s eyes went wide and he realized his mistake. “No, no that was an idiom! I meant sit down.”

She did and he plopped down next to her. He wasn’t surprised when she scooted closer, but chose to ignore her obvious attempt at cuddling, instead presenting the scene before them.

“So, what do you think?”

As far as park scenes went, it wasn’t a bad one. Sun was out, temperature was comfy, leaves were a healthy green, the breeze carried a fresh, invigorating scent, and there was even a family having a picnic on the grass. No one was around to stare at Anima, either.

“There is a higher density of plant life in the area.”

“Yes, true, but that’s a fact, not an opinion.”

“What sort of opinion is this intended to provoke?”

“I don’t know, depends on the person. Hence why I brought you here. Some people hate it, some people love it. I guess some people don’t care about it, too.”

“I…” Anima’s voice faded as she concentrated on the scene. Her meticulous gaze picked out every last detail of every last item before her, from the towering oaks to the people to the saplings to the blades of grass and even the wind that blew them about.

Damien waited without a word.

“It all has color.”

Damien hid his disappointed face behind the guise of rubbing his eyes. It surpassed mere optimism to think he might find something for Anima to latch onto at the first place he took her.

“Well, I can’t really say anything about that except you’re not wrong,” he said, standing up. “Ready for the next place?”

“We have only just arrived here.”

“I don’t think we’re going to find what you like at a park. We’ll just try somewhere else.”

Anima didn’t offer further argument. She stood and walked beside Damien, but stopped only a few strides later, taking one last look over the park.

“See something?” Damien asked.

“No, I merely had a thought.”

“Oh?” He perked up.

“Things change here.”

There’s probably something more to that statement, though Damien, but he didn’t know Anima well enough to know the context to pluck whatever it was out. In the end, he felt more helpless than before.




After bland, uneventful and ultimately fruitless excursions to the mall and a nearby bar, Damien was starting to doubt he could get through to Anima. Maybe he had underestimated the difference between archangels and humans. Maybe Adrianne was right and he was trying to fix something that was never a problem in the first place.

They still had one last place to visit today, though.

“An art gallery?” asked Anima.

“Yup, they’ve got all sorts of stuff here. Most of its paintings, but there are some historical items as well, like sarcophagi, stained glass windows, marble statues, stuff like that.”


Damien couldn’t help but smile at the question. “Cause people find it interesting. It’s hard to explain.”

“Do you find it interesting?”

“I’ve never been one much for art galleries.”

“What prompted your selection of this place for our excursion, then?”

“Because it’s not about what I find interesting, it’s about what you find interesting. Plus, it’s free.”

“I see.”

Damien and Anima scanned the room before them. The art gallery opened into a grand chamber boasting a curved ceiling plastered with designs so intricate they made Damien dizzy. 

“What is the proper course of action?” Anima asked.

“Depends on where you want to start. They’ve got a few different exhibits.” He pointed to a sign on a nearby wall. “One’s on a recovered European Baroque collection, another’s colonial America, and the last one’s Egyptian secrets. What’s in them I could only guess.”

Anima stared so hard at the sign Damien thought it’d start melting. She lowered her head.

“I am unable to discern which I might prefer. My inability is causing you inconvenience once more.”

He patted her on the back between her wings. “It’s fine. I don’t know how you’d figure that out just by looking at the sign anyways. Let’s just go with the first one.”

Anima right behind him, Damien wandered down the hallway. The area was smaller, but the art displays were placed to make the most of the small area before bleeding into the next room in the exhibit. He busied himself with the first item, a long scrolling of text explaining where the items came from while Anima’s dulled footsteps passed by him, taking her to the nearest painting.

The introductory explanation to the exhibit was quite wordy and took Damien a few minutes to finish. When he did, he was a little surprised to find Anima transfixed. The painting before her had swooped up her curiosity and carried it away like a storm would a ship.

Without prompt, she moved on. The next painting, a congregation of what looked like worshippers, caught Anima’s attention as firmly as the first. Damien stuck his head forward a bit, trying to get a look at her eyes and see exactly where on the painting they were, but her attention was darting all over the place. Taking a small step closer, he too examined the painting, looking for anything he suspected would interest her. He found nothing.

The click of Anima’s heels signaled her move to the next item in the exhibit. Just as before, she engrossed herself without a word, diving into the painting like a woman parched for a tonic no physician could offer. This painting, too, had nothing particular about it. Beautiful, yes, but it did not stand out amongst its peers.

With each and every item in the exhibit, especially paintings, Anima would stop and absorb herself in the work of art for several minutes then, with an abrupt pivot, to proceed to the next. For the next hour, she lived in her own world. Only when she reached the last item and saw there was nothing more did she take stock of the situation.

“Damien. I have ignored you. I apologize.”

“No, no, Anima, there is nothing to apologize for. Besides, wouldn’t Adrianne scold you for doing so?” he said, grinning.

Anima tilted her head.

I have got to stop trying sarcasm with her.

“I take it you enjoyed yourself, then,” he said.


“Seems we’ve found something that interests you. Art.”

“This is ‘interest’, then? I am…” She trailed off, blinking at Damien as she thought. Damien gave her time. “I am having difficulty placing words to thoughts. The art spoke without words.  It conveyed information through means unfamiliar.”

“And that’s what caught your attention?”

Her eyes flinched as if pained. “Yes. But why? Is this phenomena common? What causes it?”

“I’m sure that’s why plenty of people enjoy art. As for what causes it, I dunno. I can’t pretend to understand the human brain to that level.”

On her face flickered something Damien had never seen before. The edges of her mouth curled upward into the tinest smile. And then it was gone.

“You ready to head back home, then?” he asked.

Anima’s head swiveled to the exit, then back to Damien. “I do not believe I am. There is something further I have found I am compelled to do.”

“What’s that?”

Surrendering to silent thoughts, her stoic gaze drilled into him. He did his best to match it, but his smile couldn’t help but quiver.

“I wish to experiment.”

“That’s… concerning.”

“I would like to attempt a new form of sexual indulgement.”

Eyes darting back and forth between the other museum occupants, Damien held up a hand. “Don’t talk about that stuff in public! Or at least whisper if you have to.” Anima’s appearance was already garnering them enough attention.

“Their opinions are irrelevant.”

“To you, maybe.” Damien motioned for Anima to follow him. He walked until he found the nearest empty hallway and guided Anima to the end of it. “Alright, now what were you saying?”

“I wish to experiment.”

“Yes, I know, I got that part, and I’m more than happy you’re interested in trying something new, but I’m more wondering what that new thing is.”

“An explanation would be difficult. I would prefer to demonstrate.”

“Okay, we can do that when we get home.”

Anima shook her head. “Here.”

“Here? Anima, doing something like that in public is out of the question.”


“Well, for one, I’d be arrested, and two, it’d be horribly embarrassing and probably be plastered all over the internet. And I don’t know what kind of rules you archangels go by, but I can’t imagine you’d get off clean for it.”

“You misunderstand. My intent is to get you off.”

“Anima, was that a joke?”

“Was it?”

Damien watched her expression closely, but she betrayed nothing. “Either way, we’ll have to wait until we’re home.”

Anima surveyed the area, ignoring Damien’s comment until her eyes landed on a nearby door. Without a word, she took Damien’s wrist and marched toward it.

“You’re not going to try anything in public, are you?” asked Damien.


Anima continued to pull Damien along and pushed the door open. It led to a service hallway of some kind hardly wide enough for two people to walk beside each other. Damien’s anxiety and curiosity grew the further they went. Eventually, Anima went for another door, but this one was locked.

“Are we even supposed to be back here?” asked Damien.

Anima ignored him. Instead, she phased her head through the door, looked about, then pulled it back. “There is no one within.”

“How does—”

The next second, Anima phased through the door, yanking Damien with her. He winced as the door rushed up on him and there was a brief, alien experience of thickness, like trying to walk through molasses, before he was through

Damien needed a moment to breathe as his mind caught up with exactly what had just happened. “That was really weird.”

“In what fashion do you mean?”

“The—” Damien took one look at Anima’s empty expression and waved it off. “Don’t worry about it.”

The room Anima had pulled them into was a small storage room of office supplies. A lone lightbulb with a pull string lit the place.

“I understand you’re eager, but doing something here seems a little, eh, trashy,” said Damien.


“Like, low-brow. Desperate. Kinda scummy.”

“I am none of those.”

“I know, it’s just the room. What did you want to do that required a place like this, anyways?”

“As I said, I wish to experiment.”

“Yes, I heard.”

“The transition through the doorway into this room—was it agreeable?”

“It was okay.”

“Would you object to more of it?”

Damien crossed his arms. “What exactly do you mean?”

“I wish to perform deviant acts upon you whilst you are bound within a wall.”

Damien stood for a moment, dumbfounded. That was a sentence he was pretty sure had never been spoken before by anyone in the history of humanity. It took him more than one attempt to put a coherent answer together.

“I, uh, I mean, I think it might be fine? I don’t know, I’ve never done anything like that before. Why do you want to try it with sexual acts?”

Anima closed her eyes. They remained shut for several seconds, genuine consideration churning within her. Damien bit his lip. Had he unknowingly asked something he shouldn’t have?

“You have aided me today in discovering something I could not discover alone. I am experiencing a desire for appropriate gratitude.”

“And you want to show that gratitude by—”

“Overwhelmingly so.”

Anima stepped closer, pushing her breasts into Damien’s face as she stared down at him. It was a familiar gesture, a brief exposure of the roiling hunger within Anima.

“I get it.” Damien carefully pushed away from her. “I’m willing to try it out, but could you, uh, put me in the wall first so I can least see what it feels like before going any further?”


Anima scooped him up without an ounce of effort, grabbing him under the armpits and carrying him over to a wall. She held him there for a second before thrusting him forward.

Just as before, the world became thick around Damien. He could feel the force behind Anima’s push, surging him forward until he emerged. The whole process was finished in a split second, but felt longer.

Looking about, Damien found himself in an alleyway, dusty and echoing with the sounds of the city. Thankfully, no one was about, or they would’ve been quite surprised to see Damien pop out through a wall with a pair or arms holding him a few feet above ground. Before he could get a good look around, however, Anima pulled him back, stopping just after his back had disappeared into the wall. Then a wing swooped in from behind, pushing feet back into the wall as well. Then she released him.

The wall suddenly remembered it was there and snatched Damien’s body. What had just felt like thickness a moment ago was rigid and chilly. It felt like a stone fist had squeezed tight around him.

Damien pat at the wall, then the part where his body sunk into it. A chill ran up his spine. It was weird. Not painful, and not even uncomfortable, but just straight up funky. After poking at himself and the wall for a few moments, he saw Anima’s upper body emerge from the wall next to him.

“Are you well?” she asked.

Damien looked himself up and down again. “I guess so. Feeling a bit odd, though.”

“Is it disagreeable?”

“It’s fine.”
“Then I may continue?”

Damien swore there was anticipation in her voice.


“Thank you.”

Anima inspected his stance, reaching over and adjusting his legs so his knees came out more and his back was straight. She then took his arms, digging them elbow-first into the wall until only his hand could move. Nodding, she withdrew.

And Damien was left alone with himself.

It was an odd moment of silence, hovering halfway in a wall, no one around and nothing in particular to focus on, further complicated by the knowledge there was a horny archangel behind the wall he was stuck in. Would she start kissing his neck, maybe? Use her wings? Damien swallowed in anticipation.

A pair of long, smooth arms emerged from the wall beneath his armpits, their hands reaching across Damien’s chest to embrace him. Fingers scratched along his stomach, hungry to get at his skin, before dipping lower and lifting his shirt. As Anima’s touch drifted, Damien sucked in a long, loud breath.

This Anima was different. This wasn’t a mechanical exercise of mashing skin against skin. This wasn’t a practiced execution of singular purpose. It was curiosity. Confident curiosity, Damien noted, as one of the hands drew a gasp by pinching Damien’s nipple, but curiosity nonetheless.

It was equal parts exciting and unsettling.

A noise tore Damien’s attention away from Anima’s roaming hands. His eyes widened as he realized the alley was open to the street. The opening, while a ways off, was still close enough for Damien to make out people and cars moving by. 

Keeping his voice controlled, Damien turned back as much as his position allowed. “Anima, hey, the alleyway’s open!”

The hands continued unabated. One, in fact, began a dangerous creep down toward his waist.

“Anima!” Damine spoke as loud as he dared. “Pull me back in!”

The hand dove lower. The other, still curious, reached up through Damien’s shirt collar and fondled his neck, its grip large enough to encompass it fully. Rather than threatening, however, Anima’s fingers were careful. The hand pinched and prodded as it grazed across his skin, drawing small circles on the back of his neck. It seemed pleased with the goosebumps rising beneath it.

At the same time, the other hand pulled at the waist of Damien’s pants, testing their fit, before dipping straight into his underwear. Damien grunted as Anima took him in her hand. Her grip seemed happy to discover him hard.

Damien looked again toward the alleyway exit. Each second was a risk. How loud could he dare speak? Would Anima listen?

Did he want her to stop?

Anima’s upper hand shifted from the back of Damien’s neck up further, cupping his cheek. Her smooth touch glided slowly down his face before moving back up. Even the rough of his beard stubble felt smooth as she pet it. Damien released a breath he didn’t know he’d been holding. This gentleness was something he hadn’t even thought possible from Anima. When she palmed his chin, he couldn’t help but rest his head in her grip.

There was a slight pinch from her hand, pushing in Damien’s cheeks almost playfully before it moved higher. Fingertips probed at his nose, his eyebrows, and his forehead as if Anima was a blind woman learning Damien’s face.

Then her lower hand struck.

A quick yark and his pants were down. With him exposed, the hand swallowed Damien’s cockhead in a greedy fist. Damien fought unsuccessfully to suppress a moan as it traveled down his length. She pressed where the blood pumped through him as if taking his pulse before poking around to learn what spots gave and which ones didn’t.

The hand on his forehead pulled his head back and tore his eyes away from her work like he’d been watching some forbidden ritual. Using just a bit of her nails, she scratched from his forehead all the way to his neck. Her movements were calm. Comforting. Like her other hand belonged to someone else entirely. Whenever Damien would start looking down, her hand would pet him harder and force his gaze upward again.

Then that hand left his head.

Sweating, all Damien could do was watch as it roamed lower and lower and lower, grazing along his skin the entire time, painfully deliberate in its intent. Damien squirmed as best he could, but his bindings held and Anima’s other hand already had his cock well and secured.

Damien whimpered as her hands interlocked, smothering his cockhead in a cocoon of soft, inescapable pressure. Anima paused. For what reason, Damien couldn’t tell. Then she started pumping.

The moan she forced out of him was shameless.

Panicking, he turned to the street. No one had noticed. Neither had Anima, her hands continuing their wonderful motion, up and down, tight and confident. A moist squishing hit his ears at the peak of each stroke from the precum that wet her hands. At first, Anima showed patience. But just as the fire in Damien’s loins had intensified, so too had Anima’s. She grew excited. Squeezed harder. Accelerated.

On either side of his neck, Anima’s tits oozed forward through the wall, resting on his shoulders. Now he could feel her whole presence looming behind him, her touch no more a disembodied pair of arms but rather part of a whole.

“Anima, please!” Damien rasped. “Someone’s going to see!”

As a final, futile resistance, Damien pulled and pried at his arms and legs, but the wall remained unmoved. In his struggling, however, Damien was soon horrified to find Anima had interpreted this as encouragement.

Unsatisfied with the results, she pulled her hands apart and instead grabbed two independent fistfuls of his cock and began pumping in earnest. Each hand spiraled as it moved, hungry, restless and slick.

Damien turned into Anima’s breasts, squinting his eyes shut, trying to hold on against an impossible torrent of pleasure slamming into him with each perverted pump. He thrust into her hands, giving into the need Anima had so finely stoked.

His vision went white as he gave in. Anima’s hands neither slowed nor cared, jerking without pause, now slick with Damien’s release. Each time they worked over his cockhead he spurted anew, soiling and encouraging them further. Only once sure his orgasm had passed and they could get no more did Anima’s hands slow.

She continued with considerate, pulsing strokes, squeezing only at the tip, for a minute or two before withdrawing. A moment later, she poked her head out.

“Was that agreeable?”

‘Agreeable’? Yes, that’s one way to describe it.

“It was amazing. You can do some really incredible things when you’re not afraid to experiment.”

“I am satisfied my goals were achieved.”

A second later, the two were safely back inside. In the compact closet, the smell of Damien’s release all over Anima’s hands was rather potent.

Damien collapsed. His legs felt like goo. “Just out of curiosity, why mess with phasing through the wall?”

While she chewed on the question, her rigid gaze continued to bear down on Damien. He fidgeted in place.

“I am inexplicably pleased when I see you bound or otherwise without meaningful methods of controlling the present situation. My impulses to manipulate your body in pleasurable fashions become greatly magnified.”

“Huh. I guess it makes sense.”

“What is your meaning?”

“Well, you seemed to enjoy what you were doing with Grace before as well as a few days ago, when you lifted me up by my legs to keep me from stopping you.” 

“Hmm. Your observations are acute. I failed to identify these things on my own. Thank you.”

“So, you want to head back now?”

“Yes.” She stood up then extended her hand to help Damien up. Damien shirked away.

“Your hands are still, uh…”

“Oh. Yes. I did not realize.” She wiped the drying cum off on her dress, then offered her hand again. Damien cautiously took it.

He couldn’t help but smile as Anima led him out. If some time, a little gasoline, and getting stuck in a wall was all it cost to help her find what she needed to find, it was well worth it.




Back at his apartment, Damien was able to enjoy peace. But it took Anima all of one day to approach him again.

“I wish to experiment once more.”

“It’s not your day any more, it’s Grace’s.”

Doctor Grace’s. And yes, I am aware.” Anima fidgeted, righting herself after craning her neck. “My desires remain.”

“You’ll have your chance in a couple of days.”

“I do not believe patience will avail me in this instance.”

“You’re an archangel. I’m sure you’ll be fine.”

Her vacant stare bore down on him as several seconds of silence passed between them. And it was someone else entirely who finally broke it.

“I heard you might have a dilemma,” said Adrianne.

Anima and Damien turned to her.

“We could always ask Grace if she’s willing to allow something,” she suggested.

Damien scowled at the thought of involving Grace.

“That is acceptable,” said Anima. “Do you agree?” she asked Damien.

“Yes, but—”

“Wonderful,” Adrianne chirped. “Let’s go see her.”

“Okay, but you—”

Adrianne pushed him lightly onto the couch. “Lacking proper flight, you hardly have the means to reach her alongside us. Don’t worry, we’ll make haste, it’s just a simple question. Wait here.”

And they were gone. Shrugging, Damien leaned back and heaved, more than a little curious about why exactly Adrianne had used the word ‘we’. Not fifteen minutes later, the door opened and Damien’s restlessness soured instantly to annoyance as his eyes fell on not two but three angels.

Grace pushed past the archangels to smile at him. “Damien! I’ve hardly heard from you at all since I helped resolve your little problem. How has my favorite patient been?”

Damien looked at Adrianne. “Why is she here?”

Adrianne looked back at him with genuine remorse. “Unfortunately, Anima and I were unable to gain her consent without involving her.”

“There really was no way?”

Adrianne’s consoling headpat answered well enough.

Grace barged into the conversation, squeezing Damien’s hand in what she likely considered a comforting gesture. “There’s nothing to worry about, I’ll just be along for the ride. Anima’s the one with the ideas.”

A strong grip took hold of one of his arms. Anima was at his side, towering over him.

“What exactly was that idea?” Damien stammered.

“I wished to carry out the act while elevated.”

“Wait, like, mid-air?”

Three more hands grabbed his other arm while a fourth rubbed his head.

“There’s nothing to worry about,” said Adrianne. “You’ll have two archangels and one angel watching over you. I can personally promise I’ll not be loosening my grip, not even for a moment.”

The two started hauling Damien toward the door.

“I do appreciate that, but—”

“Anima’s excited about this, Damien. And I know you wouldn’t want to disappoint her,” said Grace.

“Shut up.”

But from the look of Anima, Grace was right. Her chest was heaving with elevated breathing. The grip on his arm was pulsing with strength. Her wings twitched, urging to spread wide.

“Fine, but Grace won’t—”

Anima and Adrianne yanked him into the air, the ground fleeing his feet as if frightened of them. An embarrassing and very un-masculine noise spat from his mouth.

Thankfully, Adrianne saw the problem and shifted two of her hands to better support his weight, grabbing him around his thigh and ass, taking the opportunity to give him a lecherous squeeze. Grace wasn’t long behind, her head emerging between his legs and giving him her shoulders to sit on. They soared higher and higher and with each passing second, Damien had a harder time convincing himself he wouldn’t fall and die. Only once Damien had caught his breath and was as sure as he could be he wouldn’t fall did he realize they had stopped.

He made the mistake of looking down.

They were thousands of feet in the air. Cars were little dots buzzing along the roads, the buildings nothing more than fuzzy squares, and the clouds were close enough to be a tree canopy. His head spun faster and faster the longer he stared and soon nausea started squeezing at his gut. Then the cold hit him and he was very much wishing he’d brought more than a t-shirt.

“This really doesn’t seem like the best of ideas,” he said.

“I am here,” said Anima.

“All three of us are ready to catch you at a moment’s notice,” said Grace. “Relax.”

One of Adrianne’s hands rubbed the back of his neck as she cooed at him, “It’s alright. Take a moment. We’re with you.”

“Deep breaths,” said Grace. “The low oxygen levels are making the panic worse. As is the cold.”

“I will help with the latter,” said Anima.

For a split second, she released his arm and Damien was sure he’d fall. But before the fear could swallow him, Anima had wrapped him in her arms from behind, stuffing his head deep into her bosom.

“Is this an improvement?” she asked.

“Mmm,” mumbled Damien, eyes still locked on the expanse below them.

Adrianne and Grace were content to give him time to adjust, but only a few seconds after constricting him in her warm embrace, Anima’s hands drifted to more private areas.

“W-wait a second,” said Damien.

“It will help you warm up,” said Adrianne, her eyes locked on his crotch.

“Just a little bit longer,” he said.

“If you don’t get over your anxiety, you’ll never be able to enjoy yourself,” said Grace.

“Yeah, okay, but you gotta give me time… to…”

Anima popped the button on his pants then yanked them down. A wave of cold hit his cock the moment it was exposed, but a surge of warmth swelled through him as Anima took him into her hand.

He blushed. It had escaped none of the angels’ sight that he was still limp.

“Do not worry about it,” said Adrianne.

“It’s a completely normal physiological response,” said Grace. “Nothing to be ashamed of. We just need to warm you up first.”

“Look everyone, I just don’t think this is the best place to do this.” His eyes darted between their faces, hoping to find some agreement. “Aren’t you worried someone will see?”

“Up here? Not at all,” said Grace.

“And you should care not what they think if they were to,” said Adrianne.

Damien was all out of reasonable objections. The tide of three horny angels was much too virulent to be stemmed by a few awkward appeals.

Taking his silence as acceptance, the angels wasted no time relieving Damien of his clothing. Anima and Grace helped off his shirt while Adrianne dragged his pants down to his ankles.

“Since Anima has one head covered, Adrianne and I can help the other,” said Grace.

Anima scooped Damien up under his arms and hugged him further into her chest. His legs still dangled alarmingly loose, but with Anima’s tenacious grip, he didn’t feel like he was about to fall. Coming up on either side of him, Grace and Adrianne both gave him a smile before reaching downward. While Grace’s fist closed around his shaft, Adrianne fondled his balls and cupped his cockhead.

Damien tensed up at the sudden assault, sucking in a sharp breath and unconsciously balling his hands into fists. As dexterous as Grace and Adrianne were, however, Damien’s ice-cold package couldn’t find a way to grow.

“You’re fine,” said Adrianne, her smile radiating warmth. “I understand it’s difficult for humans to control such things.” Her other two hands slipped between Anima and him, each taking a handful of ass. “I do not blame you. Do not put pressure on yourself, it’s our job to get you past this. Just focus on my hands.” She punctuated the statement with a squeeze and, for the tiniest moment, her smile turned salacious.

“She’s right, you need to relax,” said Grace. She ruffled his hair in the valley of Anima’s bosom. “This is nothing more than nerves and as your doctor, I will do my best to cure you of it.”

Grace’s fist twisted as it pumped, keeping a cautious cadence with Adrianne. Adrianne’s hands also continued, repeating patient, calculated movements, never slowing or stopping. Anima did what she could to help, caressing his chest and stomach with curious fingers and resting her chin atop his head to let him know she was there.

“Feeling any better?” asked Grace.

“Warmer,” said Damien.

“Good. Adrianne.”

Locking eyes with Adrianne, Grace removed her working hand, then spit on it before grabbing hold of Damien’s cock once more. Adrianne mimicked the gesture with both of her hands, and before long, all three hands were flowing smoothly over Damien’s member. Pleasure started gnawing the edge off his apprehension.

“Well done, Damien,” said Adrianne. “I knew you were capable. Keep going, indulge yourself a little longer.”

“You are growing quite nicely,” said Grace. She planted a finger on his forehead and pushed him back into Anima’s chest when she caught him looking down. “Focus on the feeling of our hands, not the image.”

Anima helped by putting a hand over Damien’s eyes, blinding him completely. The motions of Adrianne’s and Grace’s hands intensified, encompassing more and more of his thoughts while the whistling air, the cold, and their dangerous height faded away. Over the wind squeaked lavicious schlicks of hands on skin, constant and unrelenting.

“He’s ready,” said Adrianne.

“I think so too,” said Grace.

“We should move on to the next step, then,” said Adrianne.

Floating in front of him, Adrianne reached down with all four arms and lifted Damien’s legs up until he was on his back. His yelp of surprise did nothing to slow her as she laid his thighs on her shoulders and locked them into place with a pair of arms. The other pair went up his backside, groping his ass before pushing up to support him.

When Anima brought up her thighs to support his upper back, he almost felt like he wasn’t about to fall to his death.

Licking her lips, Adrianne gave Damien one last smile before swallowing him.

Damien’s mouth flew open as the sensation slammed into him. Adrianne’s lips sealed perfectly on his cock, caressing every bump and vein as she pressed her mouth downward. Intense heat from her breaths hit him in waves.

Damien had one precious moment of control before Adrianne struck. Her tongue oozed onto him, wrapping tight around his cockhead. Malleable wetness gripped and released him over and over, playing him like an instrument before Anima seized his forearms to keep him from thrashing. Damien writhed.

“Adrianne!” he said. “Slow down!”

They met eyes and Adrianne smiled, though this was not a soothing, radiant smile like he was so used to. It was debauched. Her tongue ran along his tip in a long, exaggerated lick, like she was lapping up all his desire before she started to withdraw. Damien offered one last pleading look, trying to convey how overwhelmed he was, but his vision was suddenly blocked by Grace.

She sat down on his chest, letting her legs dangle off his sides, putting what he swore was her full weight on him. He squirmed, trying to stabilize himself, but between the grip Adrianne had on his thighs and Anima had on his arms, all he managed was to wiggle his stomach.

Grace waggled a finger at him. “You should appreciate how careful Adrianne and Anima are being with you. Even if I tried to make you fall—” she said, pushing down on his shoulders, “See? You’re in good hands.”

“You don’t have to… to… sit on me like that,” Damien gasped between bouts of pleasure.

“Ah, but I was promised participation today, and holding your cock a moment would hardly be considering participation, don’t you think?” Her hands started to roam lazily across his chest.

He was about to respond when two gloved hands encompassed his shaft and began to twist and pump at the exact same moment Adrianne started to bob up and down. Tight lips ran over his cockhead in a fierce assault while silky-smooth hands dragged saliva along his shaft. Adrianne’s tongue darted out in quick motions, running circles on his tip between deeper delves along his length.

Damien released a guttural moan, melting further into Anima’s chest, his eyes going blank at the mere comprehension of the numerous attacks Adrianne orchestrated on his cock. “Fuck.”

“Such language,” said Grace. Her hands moved to his nipples and gave a light pinch. She chuckled when he twitched.

“Do not worry about them,” said Anima, her vacant stare drilling into his eyes. She pet his head. “I will keep you safe.”

As if to challenge her, Adrianne’s mouth accelerated. Even at speed, Adrianne’s mouth lost none of its potency. Her lips gripped with the same strength and her tongue swirled along his trapped cock with virulent ferocity. Yet Adrianne never moved as if she was anything less than a hundred percent in control. As if her mouth had known Damien’s cock all her life and knew exactly how to please it.

“You seem surprised, Damien,” said Grace. “But what else would you expect from a divine mouth? I’m surprised she’s held herself back.”

Anima hummed a soothing tune which reverberated through her chest to his head, dulling his apprehension. “Enjoy yourself,” said Anima. “If you feel like cumming, then cum. There is nothing more to concern yourself with.”

As if on cue, Adrianne sped up. Like a piston, her head ran up and down his length. Damien’s chest rose and fell with rough breaths. With the rock-solid grip Adrianne had on his legs and back, the cozy pillow of Anima’s chest, and overwhelming pleasure wearing on his anxiety, he finally entrusted his body to the cascade of bliss assaulting him.

Adrianne replied to his trust by clamping down even harder and, with one last swirl of her lithe tongue around his cockhead, she won. Damien spat out a grunt as he threw himself into Adrianne’s hungry throat. Fiery pulses of orgasm slammed into him one after another, the pleasure blurring his vision with shock. His body went rigid, but Anima and Adrianne both kept a steady hold.

Adrianne’s mouth never slowed. In fact, the first load only seemed to encourage her. She swallowed it without hesitation then her tongue grew more animated, licking and massaging his length in earnest with each dip downward, his moan earning a hum of contentment from her. Her mouth drew shot after shot out of him, draining him to a wearied husk. Even when he gave her nothing but weak drops of cum, she gulped him deeply, like she’d been stranded in a desert and his cock shot water. Finally, when he was well and truly soft, Adrianne slowed.

Her head, however, never fully withdrew. And as time went by and she persisted, despite her gentleness, the sensation was turning from warmth to burning. Damien kept trying to catch his breath, but each time he thought he’d breathe deep enough, Grace would push more of her weight onto him. Arching his back, he raised his head and finally got enough air to do more than gasp.

“Adrianne, I think—”

Grace shoved him back into Anima’s lap. “She’s an archangel, Damien. It would be rude to interrupt her before she was finished.”

While the stimulation had passed the point of enjoyment, that didn’t stop Adrianne’s skill from growing Damien to stiffness once more. Now that she had him red and pulsing with weariness, Adrianne let her lips slide all the way off. Damien sighed.

She swallowed him once more.

He gnashed his teeth at the blunt strike of overstimulation. This time, however, Adrianne was patient. With long, purposeful strokes, she drove him mad.

“Adrianne!” Damien started to protest.

Grace shook her head. “Anima.”

Anima’s wings came around and pushed her tits together, enveloping his head in a pliable prison. He tried to lift his head free, but Adrianne’s constant attack sent debilitating shivers through his body. Anima’s iron grip, once the saving grace keeping him stable and safe in the air, now kept him from pulling her chesty cage open.

“You’ve always been a terrible patient when it comes to listening to your doctor,” said Grace. “How many times have I told you to relax? This tantrum of yours isn’t helping anything.”

Adrianne delved deeper into her motions. After devouring him down to his base, she stilled her lips. Her slick tongue extended, twirling its length around his cockhead… then kept going, impossibly long, coiling and coiling until he was completely encased within its wetness. Her entire tongue then squeezed like a boa strangling its prey.

The lightning bolt of overwhelming sensation hit Damien and he yelped. Surging with strength, he broke free of Anima’s chest.

Grace’s mouth closed around his and he forgot to breathe. His mind flailed wildly. Grace’s kiss shoved him back into Anima, catching him so off-guard he couldn’t stop her tongue from invading his mouth and entwining with his own.

While Grace molested his mouth, Adrianne’s snakelike tongue clenched and wriggled around its prey. Coils ran along the entirety of his length again and again, each movement sending involuntary strums of tension through Damien’s body. He almost felt like he was getting hit with a defibrillator.

Any rationality fled from Damien’s thoughts.

As much as it disgusted him, he threw himself into Grace’s kiss in an effort to push her off. Grace’s freak angel strength shrugged him off and she shifted to kiss him even deeper.

Making no progress against Grace, he tried to pull his hips away from Adrianne’s mouth, but it was then he found the true purpose of the arms beneath him. Adrianne was not holding him there to support him, she was holding him there to prevent him from pulling back. The moment he jerked, she forced him forward, deeper into her working mouth, and held him prisoner there.

“Please! It’s too much!” he wanted to say, but Grace’s insistent kiss drank his words.

With excruciating deliberation, Adrianne pulled back. Her supple lips dragged, taking what felt like minutes to finally release his tip to the chilly air. Only then did her long, winding tongue surrender his cock, retracting just as slowly as her mouth had. Damien had a sliver of peace, one fraction of a moment to clear his head and find some semblance of control.

Then Adrianne started the cycle anew.

Damien lost track of time for a while, but eventually Adrianne’s work riled up that blissful stirring within his loins again.

Grace stopped. He could feel her smile into the kiss, even if he couldn’t make it out. Then she sat up and looked down at him.

He was free. He could tell Adrianne to stop. Tell Anima to let him up. As Adrianne’s lips grew faster, however, he couldn’t bring himself to do either. And Grace knew it.

Two fires mixed within him. One spewed heat in his grimace at Grace, fueled by the frustration and spite. The other stewed in his loins and spread out to the edges of his body. Adrianne must’ve sensed this as her throat clutched at his tip. She was telling him she was ready to swallow, to gulp down everything he dumped into her mouth no matter how much it might be.

Unable to take any more of Grace’s contented grin, he closed his eyes, moaning into the walls of breasts on either side of him. Anima leaned over, watching his strained face as Adrianne’s skill pushed him closer and closer to the edge. For some reason, that was what finally made him blush.

When he let slip another moan, it was like Adrianne heard her prey last rattle and struck. Damien couldn’t last seconds at her dizzying speed, but before he could throw his hips with final acceptance into her waiting mouth, her arms thrust them for him.

His entire world shook with the power of climax. His ears rang, his body spasmed, and he blacked out for a split second. Violent spurts of cum blasted into Adrianne’s waiting mouth where she slurped them down. Her greedy throat coaxed more from him on each stroke of her mouth, caring not for how much or how little he gave, only that he gave it. When he had nothing left to give, Adrianne gave him one last dizzying suck before pulling her lips off with a soft pop.

Damien melted into liquid. A shiver of fright almost stiffened him up again as Adrianne adjusted her grip on him and let his legs hang, but both she and Grace gripped him before he could slip off of Anima’s chest.

“You did quite well,” said Adrianne. “I’m proud of you.”

“Mmhmm,” he mumbled.

That was the most coherent sound he could muster for a while.




The next day greeted Damien with aches and a headache. It took him a hour to drag his grumbling self out to the kitchen only for the newspaper sprawled out on the table to remind him of the one thing that had been plaguing him for weeks: unemployment. He nearly turned around and went back to bed, but Adrianne’s hopeful face won him over.

“Good afternoon,” she said. “Have you recovered?”

“Well enough.” He opened the fridge. I swear I didn’t have this much milk yesterday. He shrugged it off and poured himself some.

“I’m glad you are well. While I did not press much yesterday, I do know humans have a limited endurance.”

“How considerate.”

Adrianne took a sip of tea before leaning on her hand. “What might the sarcasm be for?”

Damien took a drink to give himself a moment to reply. What was the sarcasm for, anyways? Yes, Grace had pulled him out of his comfort zone, but he had to admit the experience would have only been half as exciting without it. The most frustrating part of the whole thing was that it made Grace ever so slightly more difficult to hate.

“Nothing, just grouchy this morning.”

“It is the afternoon.”

“Afternoon.” He plopped down into a chair and looked at the newspaper, picking up where he left off yesterday.

“Employment has continued to elude you?”

“Yes. Don’t suppose you could fix that with that power your extra arms have?”

Adrianne’s brow angled at him. “Divikenesis is, firstly, not to used for the whims of humans. Secondly, it would not find you work.”

Damien shrugged.

“However, I do have a suggestion, albeit one you may not approve of.”

“Anything to end this.”

“You spoke earlier of your foremost issue being lack of connections. There is one you are ignoring.”

Damien raised an eyebrow.

“Doctor Grace.”


Adrianne clasped a pair of hands before her. “Frustrating it may be, she is in a position of seniority at the hospital and would likely have the leverage to find you some means of a job.”

“I’m not discounting her because I don’t think she could get me a job, I’m discounting her because she’s insane.”

“I would argue she has a clear grip on her sanity, but rather chooses to renounce it in select situations.”

“How does that make it any better?”

“Because that is something you can work with. By avoiding the situations wherein she exposes her less desirable traits, you can at least suffer her for a greater goal. In this case, employment.”

“I think that ‘situation’ you’re talking about is ‘anytime she’s around me’.”

“Perhaps. Perhaps not. We can’t tell. I know it’s a reach, but from your actions, I believe it’s gotten to the point where such a reach is worth considering.”

She had him there. “It’s still too much. This is Grace we’re talking about here. She’s imbalanced. There’s no way I could spend all day around her.”

“Whether or not you would spend your work time with her is something we can’t determine, is it? She is a doctor and you would surely not be hired under the same role. Unless, of course, you have a medical license you’ve been hiding from me?” said Adrianne, smiling.

“I wish.” Again she had a point. He had no idea what he’d be doing. Moving equipment around? Restocking supplies? “Still…”
“All I am suggesting is that you try. Ask her. Get the job. See if it works out. Remember, I am still here, protecting you. Should Grace attempt anything you do not desire, I will help you.”

Damien downed the rest of his drink. Brooding over not having a job in front of Adrianne and then refusing to follow up on every option available to him made him a hypocrite. Adrianne didn’t understand a lick of the unpleasantness Grace was capable of and that the idea of owing, hell, just cooperating with Grace made his stomach churn, but he was a grown man. He could deal with it.

“I guess I’ll have to ask her, then.” He stood up. “Thanks for the help.”

“You are, of course, always welcome,” said Adrianne.

He set out for the hospital.




A short while later, he found himself frozen on his own doorstep, transfixed by the scene before him.

The very angel he’d been scouring the hospital for was seated in his kitchen next to Anima, who was on all fours on the table, a bare tit out, being milked. But it didn’t stop there. Instead of her usual wispy green gauntlets and dress, Anima was dressed in a very form-fitting nurse’s outfit, with the bottom probably no more than several inches from exposing her rear.

“Not used to entering your own home?” said Grace.

Damien jolted then stepped in, throwing the door shut behind him. There were a million questions going through his head right now. He spat out the first one he could get a grip on. “How did you get in?”

“I was invited.” She gave the tit another good squeeze and several more drops came out.

“Anima, you let her in?”


“Why?” He did his best to keep the annoyance out of his voice.

“My breasts were at capacity and I had difficulty draining them unaided.”

“What about Adrianne?”

“She is absent at present.” She paused as Grace squeezed her. “And I deduced a doctor would be adept at the procedure.”

“You were correct,” said Grace.

“And the nurse’s outfit?”

“Anima asked me for one a while back. The largest one I had was still too small for her so I ordered a larger one.”

“Why, though?” he asked Anima.

“Doctor Grace suggested it.”

Of course she did.

 “So, Damien, how has your day been?” Grace asked.

“Peachy. Better once—” He cut himself off. Antagonizing her right before asking if I can work for her seems like a bad idea.

“That’s good to hear. I know it’s been difficult these last couple weeks with your job search.” She adjusted the glass under Anima’s tit before giving it a few brisk pulls. Anima’s face twitched. It was hardly there and gone in an instant, but on a face as stoic as hers, Damien couldn’t miss it. A second later he heard the milk splash.

He tried his best to keep his eyes off of what Grace was doing. “And how’re you up-to-date on my job search status?”

“Those sorts of details hardly matter, Damien. What’s important is that I’m rooting for you.” She wiped a finger across Anima’s dripping tit and licked it. “This is wonderful milk, Anima. Clearly from a very healthy woman.”

“Thank you.”

Grace tugged harder on Anima’s tit this time and was rewarded with a stronger stream. “How is Adrianne, by the way? She’s been mum on just about anything that doesn’t involve you.”

“She’s doing well,” said Damien.

She raised an eyebrow at Damien. “And?”

“She’s doing whatever Archangels of Intrinsicality do. I dunno what that is, I don’t keep tabs on her. She’s here more often than not. Why do you care?”

He clapped his mouth shut. Pointed questions like that were not doing him favors.

“Checking up on friends, that’s all.” Her brow furrowed as she grappled with Anima’s tit. “I thought I got this one to cooperate but it’s being stubborn again. Damien, could you be a dear and help?”

Scratching the back of his neck, he gulped. “Help?”

“Yes, help. Anima’s quite uncomfortable with breasts this loaded and I’m not making the sort of progress I thought I’d be making.”

“Don’t you have a pump?”

“The day I need a pump to get tits to agree with me is the day I’ll give up my medical license. Besides, it’s not like you’ve never handled these before.”

His feet itched to move, but he couldn’t stop watching Grace knead and pinch Anima’s tit. And he was supposed to do that? He looked up at the ceiling to gather his thoughts.

“Doctor Grace does not lie. It is less than comfortable,” said Anima.

“A-Alright, fine.”

“Grab a glass and a chair,” said Grace, scooting over to make room.

Sweating, Damien scurried over to the cabinet, nabbed a glass and scrambled to sit down in front of Anima before he lost his nerve. He slammed the glass down almost hard enough to break it.

“Nervous, I see,” said Grace. She moved to hold his hand, but he snapped his away. She shrugged. “Just trying to help. You’ll want to be a touch more gentle with Anima’s breasts than that glass, though.”

Damien bit his lower lip while starting at the naked tit hanging in front of him. Two heated gazes bore down on him.

“You’ll need to use your hands, Damien,” said Grace.

“I know that.”

“Do you need some guidance, then? Here, let me demonstrate. It’s fairly simple.” Grace grabbed a handful of Anima’s breast with one hand.

Anima flinched, but said nothing.

“Now, in order to wrangle in breasts as large as Anima’s, you need to get a solid grip with one hand for support. And don’t make it a claw, just let the breast rest in your palm. Got it?”

Damien nodded, doing his best to make it look like he was focused on Grace’s instruction.

“Then, with your other hand, move your pointer and thumb up right outside her areola, like you were to pinch it, but don’t. Anima here has done a fantastic job staying still, but you play around with that nipple too much, that could change.”

“I am confident in my capacity to tolerate such contact,” said Anima.

“I’m sure you are, but we’re teaching Damien to express you, not tease you.”

“That is unfortunate,” said Anima.

“What?” said Damien.

“Dear, please pay attention,” said Grace. “Now, you’ll next want to push your pointer and thumb in, towards Anima’s chest. She’s got a lot of breast, so it’ll be easy and tempting to push far, but try to resist the urge. You don’t need to push much. Then, you finally want to start pinching inward, toward the nipple, and out, away from her chest. Understand?”


“Good. Let me get her started here for you.” Grace continued to lightly pinch Anima’s areola, her fingers sinking into Anima’s breast with each motion. It didn’t take long before a quick splash came out.

“That was quick. This one’s even more full than the other. Should be easy for you.”

“Lucky me.”

“Let me know if you need any more help,” said Grace, then went back to Anima’s other breast.

Damien sat there, staring at the tit before him, trying to remember the first step Grace had told him to do.

“So, uh, it’s really alright for me to do this, Anima?”

“Indeed it is. I have requested your aid, so it follows I consent to your manipulation of my breast.”


Where was he supposed to grab? There was so much, well, real estate to choose from. Did he grip near the base of the tit or closer to the tip? Which one was more comfortable for Anima? Which one got milk out better?

What was he thinking, agreeing to this?

Anima’s hand darted out, grabbed Damien’s wrist, and pressed it against her breast. “You appear to require direction. Close your hand around me here.”

Robotically, Damien followed her command. His fingers sunk into her soft skin without a hint of resistance.

“Use the other hand as Doctor Grace instructed.”

Damien positioned his hand near her areola, then withdrew it. These tits had always been thrust upon him, not the other way around. Plus, his wrist strained when he tried to pinch. Grace made it look so easy, but the pose was awkward.

“Use the other hand as Doctor Grace instructed,” repeated Anima. There was an undercurrent of urgency to her voice. Subtle, but present. Setting his jaw, Damien grabbed the areola.

Anima twitched again.

“No, you’re supposed to hold outside the areola. Like this,” said Grace. “There you go.”

Rest the breast in your palm. Right. He was starting to remember what Grace had said. Then pinch in and forward.

Damien heard something so quick and quiet he wasn’t sure what it was, but if he had to guess, it was a gasp. Whether it was Anima, Grace, or even himself, he couldn’t say. He pinched again. And again.

Milk squirted out into the glass, shocking Damien so much he pulled his hand back.

“What are you surprised for?” asked Grace. “That’s exactly what you were trying to make happen. Congratulations.”

“Mmm.” He shot Anima a smile and got a stone cold gaze back.

As if pulled by a magnet, his hand snapped back to Anima’s nipple. Now a little more confident, he pinched a little deeper and sunk into a rhythm. Every other pinch gave him a little more milk, encouraging him more. His fingers worked faster. Anima’s milk started squirting with force enough to send a couple drops outside the glass, even.

“So, uh, Grace, I have a question for you,” said Damien.

“What is it?”

“You already know about my job situation. Are there any spots open at the hospital?”

If there was one place where Grace’s facade always cracked, it was her smile. She had many carefully practiced ones for those who didn’t really know her. Those she had to impress. To satisfy. But Damien remembered the grins she always wore in the hospital, back when he was bound and alone with her. Through those smiles, one could see the true cold of Grace and be exposed to the icy wasteland within.

And her smile dunked him straight into an icebox.

“Openings? Well, I certainly couldn’t help you with a nurse’s or doctor’s job, but we do often need interns to do a bit of gruntwork and other miscellaneous tasks. Is that the sort of job you’d be willing to take?”

“Anything at this point.”

“Alright. If you’re willing, I’m sure we could find room in the budget for a part-time intern.”

Damien allowed himself a touch of optimism. “So you can give me a job?”

Grace chuckled. “‘Give’? No, I can’t ‘give’ you one. I’ll need to interview you and then determine if you’re the right fit.”

“Ok. When should I show up?”

“Right after we’re done here.”

“What? You mean, like today?”

“Yes. As soon as Anima is empty.”

“Don’t you need time to prepare? And where are we going to have it?”

“Damien, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve interviewed interns. I have all the questions memorized at this point. And we can have it in your bedroom.” She hit him with an audacious grin. “Unless you’re not comfortable?”

“Uh, no, I’m, um, totally fine.”

“Good.” She nodded toward the tit Damien was milking. “Don’t forget what you’re supposed to be doing. It should take some time to get her completely empty.”

Damien relaxed and slowed down. He got the interview. The first painful part was over.

Anima’s fingers curled like she was making a fist, but just as Damien noticed it, they were flat again.

“You okay?” he asked.


As the minutes went by, Anima’s sizable breast grew heavy in his hand and he swapped it to the other. When he made his first pinch with the new hand, the table shook.

“Woah!” Damien grabbed the half-full glass under Anima’s breast to keep it from spilling. “What happened?”

“Not sure,” said Grace.

Damien looked under the table, but found nothing. “Guess I hit it with my knee or something.”

He grabbed Anima’s breast again, but paused before squeezing it. “Anima, you sure you’re fine?” Her breathing was quicker than it was a second ago.


“That’s not a yes.”


Shrugging, Damien went back to it. This time he took care, as Anima’s heavy breaths were pushing her breasts hard into his hands. The milk flowed freely now, like Anima had opened a valve.

The hot tension that had steamed up to his face when he first sat down was finally starting to fizzle off. This was pretty simple, just like Grace had said. It did, however, take time.

Damien gave Anima’s breasts a good grope with his holding hand. It gave easy to his fingers, accepting his hand in its silky and soft embrace. It was rare he had the chance to play around with her tits as they were usually on his cock. Emboldened, he pinched harder. The milk flow didn’t change. He moved his fingers down so they were on her nipple and directly pressed it tight between his fingers.

Anima huffed but otherwise kept quiet.

Smirking, Damien went back to the usual pattern. He’d tease her more, but she said it was uncomfortable. Plus, his hands were getting tired. In his haste, he let his pinching fingers dig in deeper. He repeated the motions more vigorously, thinking each time that her stream of milk might lessen. When one did, he smiled, but soon found it was only a pretense.

The next squirt came out like a torrent, spraying his face with backsplash.

Damien laughed at himself. “Geez, I didn’t know I was dealing with a fire hose! You—”

His eyes met Anima’s.

She was smiling.

Damien blinked and the smile was gone. To be accurate, it was gone from her mouth. But what Damien saw in those oft-empty eyes could be described as nothing less than glee. Not the sort of glee a child has when playing at the park, or a gambler has when hitting the jackpot, but rather the sort a predator has the moment before its jaws close around its prey. Damien’s breath caught in his throat. Shivers traversed his body.

“Anima?” said Grace.

Her eyes remained fixed. “Yes, Doctor Grace?”

“Don’t let your attention wander.”

“My attention is entirely focused.”

Grace looked at her face, then at Damien. “It looks like it isn’t.”

“This is untrue,” said Anima.

“Then what are you focused on?”

“A magnified desire to restrain Damien and force him to ejaculate immediately is currently attempting to conquer my self-control. Doing so would disrupt the breast expression. Hence, I am concentrating on preventing it.”

There was no doubt in Damien’s mind his face was beet red. “T-thanks?” he said.

“You are welcome. Please, continue the expression.”

Damien’s eye flicked between his hands and Anima’s burrowing glare. “Uhh, am I going to be safe if I finish?”

“I have no intent to harm you. Unless there are sources of danger I am unaware of, there is no reason to believe you will not be ‘safe’.”

“You’re making him nervous, Anima,” said Grace.

“I have observed as much.”

“Acknowledgement alone isn’t going to help him feel better,” said Grace.

“Have you a solution?”

“Yes. Don’t pounce him the moment he’s done.”

“Very well. I shall wait a full minute.”

“No, Anima, I’m saying you should put the notion aside altogether.”

There was a short pause. “This is not the outcome I desire.”

Damien and Grace shared a glance and, for once, he and Grace were on the same page.

“Tell you what, Anima, since you’re so set on this, I think I have a way to make both you and Damien happy,” said Grace.

“What is this proposition?” asked Anima.

“I’m going to be interviewing Damien afterwards. I can, at the same time, offer a guided sex session. That way, you get to have Damien, but at the same time, I’ll be there as a safeguard to make sure he’s comfortable and unharmed.”

Daring to move for the first time in minutes, Damien sat up straight. It wasn’t a bad proposition. While Grace might not be able to overpower Anima, the only real danger from Anima was the ignorance that came with her overzealousness. Plus, letting it happen might earn him some points with Grace.

“This is acceptable,” said Anima.

“Alright,” said Damien.

“Great!” Grace brightened up. “Go ahead and finish off that breast, then and we’ll get started.”

Under the sweltering stare of Anima’s animated eyes, Damien worked her breast with impatient fingers. When the first few squeezes didn’t give him anything, he felt a cold sweat coming on, but thankfully her body cooperated soon after. By the time he was done, the tall glass was filled to the brim.

“I’ll get this stored away real quick,” said Grace. “And please behave, Anima.”

“Of course.”

Anima climbed off the table and stood up against Damien, her breasts brushing up against his face.

“You might want to cover back up,” said Damien.

“I shall. I forget dress standards at times.”

Her breasts were back in his face as soon as she was finished. With the nurse’s outfit tight against her skin, her breasts looked like they might burst free at any moment. Damien fought the urge to fondle them.

Grace came back and gestured to the bedroom. “Let’s head on in.”

Anima hovered inches behind Damien on the walk to the bedroom and when he sat down on the bed, she was nuzzled right up next to him. He sucked in a deep breath, trying to push the heat rushing to his head back down. He needed to have a clear head for the interview.
“So how is this going to work, exactly?” asked Damien. “Are you going to do the interview first or second?”

“First or—” Grace clapped her hands together and laughed. “Oh, no, no, it’s not like that at all. We’re doing both the interview and the guided sex session at the same time.”


“Did you really expect poor Anima to restrain herself long enough to get through an interview? The woman is dripping, Damien. I’m surprised you can’t smell her.”

He took a quick sniff. Oh.

“I take it whatever you’re going to guide her through won’t be that disruptive, then?”

“I’ll be teaching her how to reverse mating press.”

Damien gaped. “But how the hell am I supposed to answer questions while Anima’s plowing me into the bed?”

“That is up to you. And don’t think you can abstain from answering, I will be judging you on any missed questions. Anima.”

Grace gestured and Anima stepped forward, looming over Damien like a redwood tree. They stared awkwardly at each other.

“Please stand,” she said.

Damien hesitated, but stood. Even if he couldn’t trust Grace, he knew Anima wouldn’t take it too far.

As Anima pulled his shirt off, Grace hummed in approval. “Good. You should always be careful with your patients.”

“Patients?” said Damien. “You’re teaching her to fuck patients?”

“Whoops, sorry. Bit of a habit.”

“Please lie on the bed,” said Anima.

Damien did as instructed and Anima took the rest of his clothes off, leaving him naked in front of two fully-clothed women. Regardless of how often he’d been in this situation before, he wasn’t feeling any more confident about it. Kinda took some of the passion out of it, too.

“This doesn’t feel like much of an interview,” said Damien.

“Ah, yes, the questions!” Grace pulled out a small notepad and readied a pen. “By the way, Anima, you might want to disrobe yourself for this.”

There was a moment of silence before Anima replied. “No, I would prefer to execute this training clothed.”

Grace let out a small chuckle. “It’s up to you, though you’ll at least need to take off your underwear.”

As Anima did so, Damien looked at Grace expectantly. “The questions?”
“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were trying to rush me. Not a good impression to give your potential employer. Anyways, on to the first question: why are you applying for this particular job?”

Damien shot her the most unamused frown he could come up with. “Because I’m fucking broke, what do you think?”

“Come now, Damien, just because we know each other doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be professional for this interview. Look at me, I came dressed in my business attire, but you’re completely naked.”

“That’s because you made Anima strip me naked!”

“Anima, you may mount him now.”

Nodding, Anima mechanically crawled onto the bed, making it creak and groan under her size. Her tight nurse’s outfit tickled Damien where it touched him. Their eyes were level with each other and the longer they shared that look, the harder it was to keep himself from blurting out something stupid. He’d spent so much time thinking to himself about how blank her stare was that it took being face-to-face like this for him to realize the beauty behind it.

Anima blinked, her head tilting. “Damien, your face is turning red. Have you lost circulation?” She placed a hand on his forehead. “Do you have a temperature?”

This is not helping the issue in the slightest.  “Just forget about it. Please.”

“Damien, you still haven’t answered my question,” said Grace. “And Anima, that isn’t the proper way to mount. You’re far taller and larger than him, so you’ll need to scoot up. Right around till your breasts are aligned with his face.”

Damien turned to Grace and spat out the first coherent thought that came to him. “I’m applying for the job because, uh, I think I can help people.”

“Good, very good.” Grace flipped to the next page in her notepad, but before moving onto the next question, sighed at Anima. “Alright, let’s fix that posture. First, get his legs inside yours. The mating press is supposed to give you control of the pace, meaning you can’t have your partner using their legs for leverage. Here, I’ll help you with the right leg. Damien, for the next question, I would like to know how many years of experience you have in any sort of hospital environment.”

“Are you really going to do this?” he asked.

“I already am, now answer the question.”

Normally, he’d be able to answer in a single word. Instead, all he could do was sweat and watch Anima fumble with his other leg. “I don’t think I’ve, uh, worked at a hospital before.”

“Yes, Anima, now tuck it—good. Now lower yourself onto him.” Damien’s cock was soaring toward the sky at the sound of that sentence. He swallowed just before Anima plopped herself down.

She missed, but not completely. For the tiniest moment, something hot brushed against him.

“I can tell from the look on both your faces that didn’t land quite like it should have. This is the trouble with clothed sex, Anima. It makes it a bit harder to aim. Use your hand to guide him. And Damien, when you’re answering my questions, be more concise. ‘I don’t think’ is quite a non committal answer, don’t you think? Now, how many years in numbers have you worked in hospitals?”

“One. Wait, no, zero! Zero.”

Grace crossed one leg over the other and straightened her posture. “If counting is an issue for you, I suspect what you need is grade school, not a job. Now can you tell me what you think your biggest weakness is?”

“Are you serious right now!?” Damien yelled at Grace, but his eyes were locked on his cock. Anima had wrapped a hand around it and was meticulously positioning him.

“Your biggest weakness, please.”

“Gah, I don’t know, big-tittied angels?”

“I hope you are joking, as fetishism of medical workers is a grave issue in the field. I can’t have my nurses—”

Whatever she said was lost on Damien the moment Anima plunged downward onto him.

It was like nothing Damien had felt before. It was slick in a way a mouth and tongue could only dream of being, pervasive heat intense enough to burn but didn’t, and a focused pressure that gripped and massaged at the same time.

“That is the face I wanted to see. Well done, Anima. Notice how his legs just slot into place? He doesn’t have enough leverage to use them to push you off, nor can he hook them together behind your back. You’ve rendered his lower body helpless.”

A pulse of movement within Anima’s pussy forced a breath right out of his lungs. With her hips unmoving, she shifted his cock around in her grasp like it was a drink her lower lips were trying to swallow.

“Ah, so you’ve done your kegels, even better! But try not to get too impatient, those are merely part of the procedure. Now, Damien, should I take that previous answer as serious or do you have a better one?”

“No! My biggest… aaah… biggest weakness is not listening to managers I don’t agree with!”

“Honesty, that’s good. How do you perform in high-stress situations? Hospitals can get hectic. And while he’s answering that, Anima, I’ll need you to correct your posture. That’s a cowgirl position, and it’s not what we’re learning today. You’ll want to lean forward and put your weight on your arms.”

Anima descended, her hands seizing Damien’s wrists and shoving them hard into the bed. Her breasts loomed over him like an approaching tsunami before crashing onto his face. His vision went black.

“Interesting,” said Grace. “You didn’t need to pin his wrists. The position and your size has him quite unable to resist. So why did you?”

“It felt natural,” said Anima. “As though it were an intended step in the procedure. Have I erred?”

“No, no, that’s fine, you can do with his arms whatever you wish. They can be helpful nonverbal indicators, but if you feel better restricting his movement, by all means. However, I would ask you to lift your chest a touch as I expect Damien will have difficulty giving his answers with a mouthful of your breasts.”

As soon as Anima let up, he sucked in a deep breath. “What was the question again?”

“Damien, please pay attention. Ignoring me makes me think you’re not invested in this interview. The question was: how do you perform in high-stress situations?”

“Is this not high-stress enough to tell you?”

“If you mean for me to evaluate you by your current actions, you’ll need to improve. You never know when you’ll be mating pressed at work.”


Grace wrote something down. “By the way, Anima, the intent of distributing your weight to your arms was to give your hips more freedom. Start using them.”

“Yes, Doctor Grace.”

Anima started slamming herself into Damien with abandon. He squealed in surprise at the violent rush of sensations hitting him.

“Wait, wait!” said Grace. “You’ll milk him dry in seconds like that.”

Anima stopped.

“Start slow. Measure his reactions, learn what both your bodies are comfortable with, then gradually increase your pace. Only go that fast when you’re ready to make him cum.”

“My understanding of this procedure led me to believe the desired result was ejaculation.”

“Yes, but you’re both supposed to enjoy it, too. It feels good to have him inside you, yes?”

Anima looked at the wall a moment. “Yes.”

“So enjoy it. Unless, of course, you’re more into post-orgasm torture, then you—”

“Grace!” spat Damien.

She raised an eyebrow at Damien. “Yes?”

“Can you just get to the next question?”

“You finally seem interested in the interview. Are you able to lift up to forty pounds unassisted?”

Anima chose that exact moment to lower herself and choked off any hope Damien had of answering. She was careful with him. Almost delicate. He could still sense the hunger from her pussy as her fleshy walls groped at him with each tempered thrust.

“It’s a simple yes or no question, Damien,” said Grace.


“Goodness, you’ll need to work on that response time.”

When Anima’s next thrust engulfed him, he moaned recklessly into her chest. While he could feel Anima’s steel grip on his wrists pinning him down, his arms might have well been air. His legs were sloshing about like jelly. His entire world was the honeyed grip of those inescapable walls and the unrelenting force that dragged them up and down his length.

Anima paused. Damien snapped back into himself. Anima took his wrists and shoved them into the bed’s headboard. When she released them, they stuck fast, just like she’d done to Damien back in the art gallery.

“That’s clever,” said Grace. “No need to fiddle with straps that way. And you’ve freed up your hands to do with what you wish.”

There was a creak and shift in the mattress when she planted one hand and rested her weight on it. The other went to the back of Damien’s head and shoved him hard into her chest. Damien’s following muffled scream was not one of fear.

Once more, her hips began to move. She remained patient at first, giving each thrust thought and precision, happy to draw out low, lethargic moans from Damien, but her restraint soon started to crack. Her thighs scooted closer together, crushing Damien’s ribcage between them. She still took her time coming up, like she was pained to release his vulnerable member from her thirsty lips, but each downstroke hit with vigor.

Grace said something. Damien was far beyond listening.

As her thrusts sped up, Anima pushed Damien harder into her chest, like she wanted his head and her chest to meld. Her pliable breasts bounced up and down with her fervor and only on her most animated thrusts did Damien get a second to breathe before being swallowed up again.

He strained against the headboard, trying to pull his arms free, wishing he could wrap Anima up in a more intimate embrace. His efforts were futile. He would take exactly what Anima wanted to give him and not an ounce more. Thankfully, Anima was generous.

Somewhere amidst the thud of her ass crashing into him and the audible slurps of her pussy clenching down on his cock, Damien heard a moan that did not come from him. A second later, Anima accelerated.

Sparks flew across Damien’s vision. He gasped, powerless against the onslaught of her frenzied hips. A scent as thick as lilac and as heady as liquor hit him hard enough to make his head spin. Anima’s femininity cascaded over his cock, slicking it further and allowing her to pound him faster.

“There is something,” said Anima. “A pressure within me. It is hot.”

“Keep going, then! Trust it,” said Grace.

Anima’s hips hit Damien hard enough to bruise and her entire body squeezed. Her thighs crushed him. Her hand dug into his scalp. Her muscles bulged, and her pussy seized him so hard it almost hurt.

Damien reached desperately for his own release. And failed.

Anima slumped onto the bed, her head dropping next to Damien’s. Her chest pressed into him with each labored breath, her panting hot in Damien’s ear. She let out a small grunt each time she tried to get back up. After a few tries she gave up, slipping her arms under Damien’s small body to pull him into a crushing hug.

Free from the hand pressing him into her chest, Damien managed a look at Anima’s face. She was smiling. It was small, like she was just learning how to do it, but it was there, and it didn’t disappear.

The moment, however, was fleeting. Anima resumed her position, her smile vanished, and she stared into his eyes with her empty gaze and said, “More.”

She thrust into him like an angel possessed. Her pussy seized his ragged cock and bore into it with all it had. Damien was lucky he was held down because his entire body wanted to explode. His helpless posture frustrated him now more than ever. While Anima could slam down without pause, he could hardly wiggle.

Anima added a gyration to her thrusts, hitting Damien’s cock in new ways that pulled a stream of undignified noises out of him. She moaned in return. Her next attack caught him off-guard when she threw all of her weight into him and shoved him deeper than ever before. Before he could suck in sweet breath, her chest smothered him and her hips came up so far she almost released him. Exposed to the air, a frigid breeze made him hyper aware of every drip of Anima’s juices on his member. At his cockhead, her pussy throbbed and clamped down on him then pulled, like she was trying to pick him up off the bed with just her lower muscles.

Damien saw stars.

Anima threw herself back down on him, swallowing him whole in a single motion, then pressed in on his cock from every direction all at once. It was a total and complete embrace like his cock was a caterpillar all wrapped up in a cocoon. The next time was faster. Faster. Faster. Her grunts turned into moans. Each thrust slapped against his waist with the sound of skin.

None of it concerned her. None of it slowed her. Again. Again.

“Fuck, Anima, I’m gonna cum!”

“P-please do.”

Her hips hit Damien more fierce than ever and the clutch of her pussy was so mighty he spasmed. He threw himself into her and gave in. White-hot bliss burst from his loins and took over. He released deep into Anima and her hungry lips feasted upon it. She stayed her hips, letting her inner walls do all the work, milking him, drawing out every last drop like it she’d been starving for it her entire life.

Anima’s arms wrapped Damien up, pulling him into the softness of her body. His arms pulled at their bindings so hard he thought they’d pop. All the while, her pussy kept going, kept drinking, kept extracting from him with pulses and caresses. Even as she lay with him, unmoving, panting and wordless, she drained him.

When he sputtered out a ragged cough, Anima loosened up, releasing his feeble, wrecked body. He blinked to clear his vision and saw Anima sitting up in cowgirl position, his cock still deep inside her. Disappointment wrinkled his face as the smile he saw before wasn’t there, but it quickly dissipated as the two peered into each others’ eyes. The eyes that stared back at Damien were anything but empty.

“Damien,” said Grace, breaking him out of his haze, “You weren’t quite able to finish the interview as you let distractions get the better of you, but I got the important points.” She stuffed the tiny notebook between her tits. “I’ll let you know soon if I decide to give you a job at the hospital. In the meanwhile, I’ll leave the two of you to it.”

Anima’s head snapped to Grace. “The instruction is over?”

“Well, if you’d like to continue, that’s purely up to you. Like I said, you’ve got him quite helpless in that position, even if you’ve shown in the past you don’t need such an advantage.” She shrugged and continued walking out. “Either way, have fun.”

The door closed.

“May I—” Anima started.

“I’m exhausted, and I yesterday was a bit too intense to be trying something like it again already.”

She examined his face in contemplation, eyes passive and blinking.

“Very well.”

Another moment of silence passed as she laid atop him, unwilling to release her prize.

“May I at the least—” she started.


Her hips came up slowly, sending a million fiery bolts of electricity through Damien’s body while her needy pussy reluctantly gave up his oversensitive cock. Lying down next to him, she slipped her arms under his and pulled him close, sure to snuggle his head between her tits. The two remained like that, silent but for an occasional breath.

“Y’know, this is my favorite place to put my head,” said Damien.

“It is my preferred position to place it,” said Anima.

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Immensely. I will be repeating this exercise in the future.”

“You will, will you?” Damien said, smirking.

“Yes. You have accurately reiterated my statement.”

Teasing is wasted on her.  Damien tried to close his eyes and relax, but one thing was still bugging him. “There’s something I want to mention.”

“Then mention it.”

“I know you like to express appreciation with sex, but you need to be less aggressive. What you did back at the art gallery was good because you asked me if I wanted to. What you were about to do after the breast milking was not.”

“I understand. I was in error, then. I had made the assumption you would enjoy the pleasure.”

“I do enjoy it, Anima. I even enjoy it when you’re forceful. I just… want to have the ability to give permission or take it away.”

Damien closed his eyes, listening to Anima’s breath as her chest heaved up and down.

“I understand your priorities with further clarity now. In the future, I shall explicitly request permission before forcing you to ejaculate.”

Sighing, Damien nestled in closer. “I’m going to sleep now.”

“Enjoy your rest.”

In minutes, Damien drifted to sleep between her breasts. They really did make great pillows.




The air was thick with Hell.

Adrianne reached forward and pinched the air, rubbing her thumb and finger together. It was dense enough to feel, even through her gloves. How did no one notice this yet? The Order of Decree should’ve already detected a concentration of Hell this overt and sent a member to investigate. Fortunately, Adrianne’s own investigation had led her to this before some hapless human had stumbled upon it.

Whoever had to follow up on this would not be pleased to hear which order reported this. Adrianne shook her head. Decree archangels could be so difficult to work with.

With focused eyes, she surveyed the area. A graveyard was a typical place for tunnels like these to open up from the Soulpath. This graveyard, however, seemed to have only been disturbed recently. That would make things a little easier to trace and clean up.

A dull humming nipped at her ears. She searched for the origin of the sound, but found nothing. The humming grew louder. Adrianne closed her eyes and reached out in all directions with her divine power. Still nothing.

A sound like thunder rattled her skull and she stumbled. Throwing out her two left hands, she braced herself on a nearby tree. One last check of the graveyard revealed no new information. Had she been away from Heaven too long? No, that didn’t make sense. She’d spent longer patches of time on Earth before.

She could concentrate on determining the origin later. Right now, she needed to slow down. Clear her head. Find something relaxing to do. Was Damien at home? She could chat with him, maybe cuddle a bit. Her fingers instinctively curled. Yes, they wanted something to hold. To seize. With a powerful leap, she flew off.

Behind her, in the shadow of a tombstone, two red eyes glowed.


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16 thoughts on “Touched by Angels 6: In Deep

  1. Even in a fandom largely dedicated to it, the Stockholm’s is strong with this one. Idk if it’s intended but this series never fails to make me deeply angry at almost every character

  2. Really enjoyed this chapter.

    To start with, Anima is the character I like the most, so having a chapter centered around her is always gonna be a plus in my book. Secondly, I really like how you’re using more and more of what makes the girls different from humans in the sex scenes. Anima putting Damien in a wall was trippy and hot at the same time, and while I’ve read midair sex scenes before, a midair foursome was a new one.

    Aside from how cute it is that she manages to be both lewd and affectionate with minimal facial expression, I definitely think that Anima has shown the most character development out of everyone. Doesn’t hurt that, aside from being curious (a trait Grace and Adrianne share), she’s always been the one most willing to actually listen to and consider Damien’s opinions. Her biggest issue that I’ve noticed is that she’s emotionally immature; she’s kind of like a generally kind child who’s still learning to share and get a handle on selfish impulses.

    I also really like how Adrianne is slowly learning to want and desire things, and the way she’s naturally indulgent and protective is pretty adorable. I think her problem is that she’s too used to being the superior being; it doesn’t seem to occur to her very often that someone (especially Damien) might know something she doesn’t. She’s spent so long being wise and powerful that situations where her vast knowledge don’t apply don’t quite register.

    Damien is slowly learning to draw boundaries while developing into more of a sub, it’s a fun contrast.

    Grace is still shit (while I like her portrayal, I certainly don’t like her). I’m curious to learn more of what is and isn’t genuine with her; she’s so manipulative and cunning that it’s incredibly difficult to figure out what’s real and what isn’t. Which leads into the most interesting aspect of her character, how she can hold her own as an angel among archangels by having more practice being deceptive. In that Grace-centric chapter you’ve mentioned in the comments, I’m curious to see if her misdeeds catch up to her, I certainly don’t want to see the way she’s manipulated and tormented Damien (and who knows how many others) swept under the rug.

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    I enjoyed the focus on Anima this chapter and really was enthralled by how her character has developed, currently she’s my favorite character though Adrianne is a close second and still may take first place. It’s wonderful to see both Anima and Adrianne slowly becoming more and more “human” and I really look forwards to seeing just how far that influence warps them for lack of a better word.

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    Even before this chapter dropped your characters made a big impression as some of the most memorable and intriguing to me considering I actually had a dream in which Anima made an appearance which was really cool.

    Grace is so far probably the character I would want to meet down a dark ally least. She bears a disquieting resemblance to a person I actually knew my first year in collage which while not a bad thing really makes her character hit a bit closer to home that I would prefer but also makes her personally compelling.

    All in all I cannot wait for the next chapter to drop, this story is amazing and I eagerly await to see which direction it heads in next.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I personally have a hard time picking my own favorite between Anima and Adrianne sometimes. It usually depends on who I’ve been writing recently. I’m glad you’re enjoying the story.

  4. Okay this is gonna sound weird, but i like all 3 of the angels, they are endearing, and yes i also like Grace, i think she’s quite lovley even if she has a fixation on edging.
    I am excited to read the next chapter. ( And i hope that you will not drop the story ).
    I also wanted to ask if this is a pseudo CYOA as you had a poll in the last chapter or if you will write you own thing.

    1. Nope, the poll was just because I was running out of ideas, plus I was curious about what people were interested in. I’ve got plenty of ideas for the next chapter so no need for a poll.

    1. Yup. I don’t post very often because I’m a slow writer and only write when the mood strikes. I have already written some of the next chapter, but it isn’t much. It’ll be a while before you see chapter 7.

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