Touched by Angels 5: A Tale of Two Archangels

“We appreciate your interest in the position, but we’ve decided to go with another candidate at this time. Thank you.”

Damien scowled at the email. Another rejection. He buried his head in his hands amidst a grumble. He knew when he started applying for a job he’d see more than one of these emails, but that didn’t help make the sting any less harsh. And his bills weren’t likely to take pity on him either.

“What is it?”

Damien looked up to Adrianne who was sitting across the table, sipping some coffee with concern in her eyes.

“Job rejection number twenty-something. The last mechanic shop within reasonable driving distance, too.”

“They make a mistake in refusing you. I’m sure your skills are fine.”

‘Fine?’ Shaking his head, Damien looked back at his phone. Adrianne’s pep talks still needed some work. At least she was trying.

“You have been spending a lot of time on job searching. Perhaps you should take a break?” she asked.

“Bills don’t take a break and I’m running out of savings. Can’t afford to.”

“Really? Is money so important you must subject yourself to this?”

The question gave Damien a sour smile. Sometimes he was jealous of that sort of innocence.

He checked his bank account and sighed. It wouldn’t last much longer.

Curious, Adrianne stood up and walked around the small table to get a look at what had exasperated him.

“Funny how my livelihood is tied to this measly little number,” he explained.

“It does not seem that measly.”

He couldn’t tell if that was another attempt to encourage him or simply ignorance.

Adrianne laid two gloved hands on him, one petting his head, the other on his shoulder. “You will be fine.”

The way she said it, he almost believed it.

Leaning back in his chair, he let his thoughts wander elsewhere as Adrianne continued to massage his scalp. A couple weeks ago when all this madness involving Thessa, Grace, Anima and Adrianne had ended, he was hoping life would calm down or maybe find some semblance of normalcy. He wasn’t so lucky and the lack of a job was only part of it. Anima returned every day, sure to the deal she’d made with Adrianne. And Adrianne herself, well…

“Not to sound rude or anything, but why are you sticking around?” he asked. “You made it sound like your job kept you busy when we first met.”

Adrianne smiled her thoughtful smile, ruffling Damien’s hair at the question. “Anima has been one of our problem children and, as the one who made the deal to keep her in check, it is my responsibility to ensure it continues as agreed upon. Of course, it’s also nice to to keep the company of a human as well.”

‘A human,’ she said. Not Damien himself. In truth, though, it was nice to have her around, if only as someone to talk at. If Anima was his sole company, he might develop the disposition of stale bread.

The doorbell rang.

Adrianne and Damien both turned to it just in time to see Anima float through the front door. It had taken Damien a while to get her to announce herself like that instead of popping up behind him and scaring him pale.

“Hello, Anima,” said Adrianne.

Anima ignored Adrianne, instead making a beeline toward Damien. Nervous, he leaned away, but Anima seized his wrist and wrested him out of his chair and Adrianne’s soothing petting.

“Woah! Hey, what—”

“I require you,” said Anima.

Assuming her statement enough of an explanation, she pulled him away toward the bedroom.

Adrianne spoke up as Anima dragged Damien away. “I know he’s yours, but you should consider a degree of politeness rather than—”

Anima slammed the bedroom door closed with a wing, cutting Adrianne off. With one motion, she threw Damien at the bed and was on her knees, hands grabbing at his pants.

“This clothing is a hindrance. Cease use of it.”

“I’m not going to walk around naked, Anima,” said Damien, leering.

“Eliminating clothing requires less time from you and allows me freer access to your member. I do not see a downside.”

The moment the button popped open, Anima had his pants at his knees. Without bothering to remove her pale green dress she swallowed his cock whole with her tits. She paused, taking in the moment, but only for a split second before crushing her tits together and beginning a powerful, mechanical paizuri.

“I’m noo-ooh-ooat—” Damien was interrupted by the rush of pleasure Anima’s tits forced into him. “—not going to live naked for you to save a couple seconds. I still—mmm—still need to do things outside like shopping.”

Though talking to Damien, Anima’s eyes were fixed on his cock, her methodical motions earning the whole of her attention. “Adrianne is still here. Delegate such activities to her.”

“I’m not going to ask Adrianne to do basic living tasks I can easily do myself. Besides, you know her attitude toward—ahhh—toward humans. It wouldn’t make sense to her for an archangel to do a human’s bidding.”

“This… is correct. Though undesirable.”

While her tone said nothing as usual, her paizuri grew agitated, the motions rushed and imprecise. She dropped the subject and maintained silence, leaving the rustle of her thin silk dress against Damien’s cock the only sound in the room.

Deep in thought, her instinctive skill took over. Her hands shifted, pressing her breasts harder into together and allowing them to completely swallow Damien, even at the ebb of her rhythm. Her pace varied, moving from determined to methodical, aggressive to patient. On the rare occasion her cleavage surrendered his tip to the open air, her hot breath would rush over it, sending a reverberating chill down Damien’s spine. Fully succumbed to Anima’s skill, Damien moaned, leaning back and sucking in a loud breath.

Anima took this as a prompt to attack, wrapping her arms around her tits in a hug and locking Damien in a prison of soft, merciless pleasure. Her eyes bore through him, their cold gaze merely observing as if the Anima behind them and the one giving the paizuri were two different angels.

Her breasts swirled around Damien’s cock, pressure building with each pump. Damien gnashed his teeth, trying to hold on, but the precision and persistence of the attack had worn him down.

“Anima, I’m gonna cum.”

She did not look up. “Yes, that is the intent.”

Insensitive to Damien’s state, Anima continued crush his cock. Her breasts slid up and down faster and faster, slick with precum and hungry for more.

A lightning storm of bliss shocked his body. His hands clenched as he thrust, soiling Anima’s cleavage with rope after rope of cum. Her breasts didn’t bother to slow. They were intent on forcing as much out as possible. Unable to keep up, Damien spasmed and let out one last splurt, covering Anima’s emotionless face before he went limp on the bed.

Anima showed no interest in stopping.

When his raw cock began to protest her tireless attention, Damien raised a weary hand. “H-hold on, give me a second.”

“I still have several hours and I am not finished.”

His cock began to burn and he sat up, trying to get some leverage to escape. “I know, but it’s starting to hurt.”

“Pleasure is not a requirement.”

At this, she sped up, making Damien yelp. His body found strength and he pushed himself out of her tits. “Anima!”

She stopped, frozen in place, cum slowly dripping down her face as she stared at him. A long silence passed.

“Of course. Forgive me, I was overzealous. I do not wish to cause you pain.” After a moment, she added, “I much prefer your expressions of pleasure.”

Damien closed his eyes and relaxed. “That was—you can’t just—ugh. Thanks for stopping, at least.”

Anima opened her cleavage. “Please return your member to its proper place.”

He raised an eyebrow at her.

“I will give you time. I simply prefer to have it amongst my chest.”

Watching Anima carefully, he scooted back to the edge of the bed where she happily engulfed his cock. This time, however, she did not immediately start hammering away at it.

“When will you be ready?” asked Anima, her hands poised to resume.

“Just… just give it time. I’ll tell you. It’ll take at least a few minutes.”

Her eyes drilled into his before he could stand the unrelenting gaze no more. Did Anima always have to be this… direct? Surely there was more to her, more than this carnal desire for paizuri. Did she like her job? Did she like Earth? What hobbies did she have?

Damien opened his mouth, considering asking, but after a glance at her, reconsidered. He’d gone down that road before. Right now the only thing on her mind were her tits and his cock and how best to mash the two together.

Snuggled comfortably between her tits, his cock slowly regained its vigor. Damien could’ve remained quiet for a little more rest, but he didn’t want Anima to get overeager again.


Anima immediately resumed her zealous attack, but Damien held his hand up to stop her.

“—but slow! At least for now.”

“I understand,” said Anima, and toned it back.

It was a little less than two full hours before Damien pried her off, too exhausted to continue. Collapsing back onto the bed, he stared at the ceiling, taking deep breaths to regain himself. Anima, her dress and face absolutely drenched in all the semen she could extract, stood up and cocked her head at Damien before sitting down beside him, back stiff as a board.

“It’s okay to relax,” said Damien.

Her posture loosened a little.

This was always how it went with her. Business, then silence. He’d tried to start a conversation many times before, but he might as well been trying to get a stone to bleed. Each question that didn’t relate to paizuri was answered with as few words as possible. Even leading questions that he’d hoped would get her to open up or ask questions herself hit a dead end. At this point, he was starting to lose hope that this would ever become more than a tittyfuck meetup.

Yes, she was gorgeous. Yes, her sexual forwardness was appealing. Yes, she was often considerate of Damien’s requests. After weeks of getting absolutely nothing out of her, though, it was starting to wear.

Damien looked over at Anima’s cum-soaked face. She couldn’t be that simple, could she? There had to be something more there, right?

“What are you thinking about right now?” he asked.

“I enjoyed the sensation of paizuri with my chest still clothed. I think I may attempt it more frequently in the future.”

He gave her a moment more to speak, but nothing came of it. “That’s it? You’re not even thinking about cleaning up? I mean, you’re covered in semen.”

She looked downward at her front. “Yes, you have suggested in the past that I give my appearance more attention.” With that, she got up and walked to the bathroom. Damien heard the sound of running water shortly after.

Maybe Damien just wasn’t asking the right questions. Or maybe Anima wasn’t in the proper state of mind to answer them during these sessions. But it was so hard to get time with her outside of them due to her job.

Damien rolled his eyes. Even Anima had a job. For a second he considered asking advice before realizing she would have even less of an idea of how to get a job than he.

Anima returned, he dress cleaned by whatever divine methods she’d always used, but her face still glistened with residue. She’d probably just smeared his cum around with water.

Groaning, Damien stood up and pointed her back to the bathroom. He’d have to show her how to do it properly. Again.




An errant slice of sunlight woke Damien to a quiet room. Anima had left for her job and Damien, exhausted, had fallen asleep hard. He checked the time. Ten thirty. Longer than a job seeker should be sleeping in. With a grumble, he forced himself up.

Once dressed and awake, he entered the hall to the sound of chatter. Confused, Damien paused to listen. Two voices were coming from the kitchen. One was clearly Adrianne, but the other he couldn’t quite place. Anima’s voice was too distinctive to mistake, so it couldn’t’ve been her. As he walked down the hall toward the conversation, realization dawned on him.

Oh no.

Bursting into the kitchen, he froze at the sight of Grace and Adrianne talking over coffee. Adrianne was paying attention, even enjoying herself with a slight smile, while Grace’s all-business expression quickly devolved into a grin.

“Hi, Damien! Adrianne was just filling me in on—”

“Out!” Damien stomped over to the front door and swung it open. “Now.”

Adrianne tried explaining. “Damien, she’s not planning anything, I just wanted—”

“It doesn’t matter. She’s leaving.”

“Really, dear, I was only concerned.” Grace tried to melt him with her caring smile, but Damien had built up plenty resistance. “Can a doctor not follow up with her patients?” She shook her head, but started walking toward the door nonetheless. “In the interest of respecting his wishes, I will be leaving, Adrianne. We can talk more later.”

“Of course.”

“And Damien, don’t forget to come in for a—”

He slammed the door the moment she was out.

“Didn’t you throw her out the window the last time she was here?” said Damien.

“I did. Circumstances are different now.”

Damien threw his hands up. “How!?”

“She no longer intends to force anything upon you.”

“You believe her? Adrianne, it might come as a surprise, but angels lie. That one more than most.”

Adrianne’s expression sharpened. “Of course they do, they are not archangels. I am aware of the presence of deception, young Damien, and I felt none from her. It gains her little as long as Anima and I are here to watch over you.”

Damien glared at her through gritted teeth. He didn’t know what Grace had said to her, but something had convinced her and woe be it a human judge her for it.

“Why was she here, anyways? You said you wanted something from her.”

“What I wanted is of no consequence to you at the moment. A hu…” She trailed off, lowering her head with a deep breath. After a moment of silence, she looked back up to Damien, laid a hand upon her chest and softened her gaze. “It would not do for an archangel to speak to her charge in such a heated manner.” With effortless grace, she glided over to the couch, sat down and extended her hand. “You will sit next to me.”

Cocking his head, Damien took a cautious step toward her. She spoke it as a command, but her body language said it was more an invitation and the dichotomy was dizzying. Was this her finally making an effort to be more polite or was it something else?

“Come. I do not wish to repeat myself.” She pat the spot on the couch next to her and extended her arm further.

Now he just felt awkward standing in the middle of the room. Letting go of his hesitation, he walked over to the couch.

Adrianne’s many hands were quick to accept him, pulling him snug against her side. One guided his head to her shoulder while another rested on his hip. The closer of her broad wings also extended, wrapping around his shoulder in its fluffy, expansive embrace.

Her warmth immediately flushed through him wherever they touched. It was a mild, soothing reminder of the divinity this larger-than-life woman held within. Damien felt his eyes starting to droop.

“I am… sorry for… presuming,” she said.

That snapped Damien right out of it. An apology from Adrianne? Unsolicited? While he’d been telling her to try being more humble for weeks now, he hadn’t expected his words to find purchase.

“Presuming?” he asked.

“Yes, that… that is the issue here, is it not?”

Damien thought about it a moment. Grace was the root of his irritation, yes, but that wasn’t all, was it?

While he mulled over it, one of Adrianne’s hands drifted to his scalp and began to scratch it.

Damien fought a moan back.

Even when she wasn’t concentrating on it, Adrianne could make her hands work wonders. The way her satin gloves complimented her delicate touch on Damien’s most vulnerable spots could probably send him straight into a coma if she wished. Instead, for now, she was content with a simple petting motion from his forehead to his neck.

If it was a tactic to butter him up, it was working.

“I guess it is,” he said.

“I presumed you would not mind Grace’s presence here. The proper course would have been to ask.”

“It’s…” Damn, it was hard to stay angry like this. “It’s fine. She’s gone now.”

Adrianne nodded, petting Damien a few more times before asking, “How was your time with Anima?”

“Anima?” Odd. Adrianne usually avoided the subject. “It was fine. It’s really hard to tell what’s going on in her head, though.”

“Certainly.” She brought another hand over, idly tracing shapes on the bare of Damien’s forearm. Though warm, her touch ran a chill through him.

“Do you know her at all?” he said.

“Well enough to get her to return to her duties when she becomes distracted. Outside of that area, however, no. I generally do not have the time to get to know every archangel I come across.”

“Has she ever, well, shown interest in anything?”

Adrianne looked down at Damien, giving him a pitying smile and a haphazard rub. “Damien, you will need to stop trying to view archangels through the lens of a human. Interests, emotions, compulsions, ambitions, all those things are of humanity. Archangels pick and choose what suits them and discard the rest.” She laid a hand on her chest. “I am an exception. I require the full breadth of emotion in order to empathize with the archangels I help and therefore understand the best way to solve their problems. Anima, however needs little: focus, determination, wisdom, and perhaps a dash of empathy. Anything more could cripple her.”

“Cripple? What specifically about watching the dead move on could cause that serious of a reaction? I mean, I understand how it could be emotionally draining, but crippling?”

“You’re forgetting something. The very thing that has us in the situation we are in. Archangels do not always handle strong emotions well. After a short time on Earth, Anima was exposed to and subsequently dominated by lust. Imagine if she knew anger. Or even worse, love.”

True. If Anima understood love, then watching every human connection be broken up by death would reduce her to tears. “I hadn’t really thought of that. Although it seems like Anima’s perhaps been showing a little more emotion than when I first met her. Yesterday she pounced me. She’s been assertive before, but never so needy.”

“It is to be expected after spending so much time on Earth. Archangels are deeply connected to the flow of the world. When we reside so close to the tempest of emotion that is humanity, we cannot help but pick some of them up ourselves.”

“And you?”

“As I said, I am an exception. While I do feel my emotions more pronounced than usual, it is nothing beyond my discipline.”

That was a lie if Damien ever heard one.

Adrianne shifted, pulling Damien in closer while letting her hand drift up his arm to his shoulder. “Speaking of emotion, you have been troubled these last few days. Would you like to talk about it?”

“It’s… nothing.” Damien tried and failed to avoid a blush. “I’m sure I’ll be past it soon.”

“Let me rephrase, then. I am not releasing you until you tell me about it.”

With that, her grip tightened, securing Damien with her overwhelming strength. Meanwhile, the hand in Damien’s hair continued to stroke kindly.

Damien forced a laugh. “A little pushy after that stunt you just pulled with Grace, don’t you think?”

Her smile widened. If he hadn’t known better, he would’ve called it a smirk. “We are talking about you, Damien.”

He tested her hold on him. Nope. He couldn’t budge an inch. “I don’t know if now is the best time to talk about something like that.”

“Of course it is. And if it is not, I suggest you make it so, elsewise you shall be stuck here a while.” She flared out her massive wing and curled it further around Damien, almost enveloping him. “And I would not recommend pitting your patience against mine.”

“It’s nothing. Really, Adrianne.”

“That’s fine, you may squirm as much as you wish. I hope you do not mind if I continue to pet you.”

She ruffled his hair before delving back into her scalp massage, digging her fingers deep with each scratch.

Despite himself, Damien couldn’t quite nail down what kept him silent for the next few minutes as Adrianne attended him with wings and hands. Part of it was his stubbornness, for sure. Another part was a rebellion against how Adrianne coddled him. Yes, he enjoyed it, but damn if he would admit it. Lastly, there was an annoyance. No, an anger. Not at Adrianne, not at Grace, not really at anyone, now that he thought about it. But it was an anger of helplessness. Ever since the accident that had landed him in Grace’s care, he hadn’t been able to accomplish a single thing on his own. It was all he could do to manage the bare minimum for a functioning adult, and even at that he was struggling.

And as he juggled those three thoughts, trying to find one to blame for his defiance, he made a decision.

Silence just wasn’t worth the trouble.

“I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up. I don’t have any power in my own life anymore,” he said.

“And why would you say that?”

“Anima takes up hours of my day and leaves me exhausted. Grace is still poking her nose around here for some reason that can’t be good. I’ve utterly failed at finding a job for months now and when time comes to pay next month’s rent, I’m screwed! When did this all happen? Is it my fault?”

“No, of course it is not.” She gave his arm a squeeze. “But it’s normal to feel that way. You’ve been caught up in some very interesting events. It would be strange if you were able to land on your feet and move on as if nothing happened. Humans aren’t meant to be so callous to change.”

“I guess so.” He could’ve done more, though. There was a right way to handle this, he just didn’t know what it was.

“I think what you need right now is to relax.” She leaned over, her excessive body almost overwhelming him as she pressed her forehead against the top of his head. At the same time, the hand that had a moment ago offered a comforting squeeze ventured dangerously low.

Damien’s face burned as hot as a furnace. Adrianne had made no move to disguise her intent. She knew he was watching. In the nexus of her caring embrace, it was clear she would spare no shame—she would do whatever she thought she needed to do to help.

Purely out of instinct, he grabbed her creeping hand.

“Relax,” she said as another hand drifted downward, gently prying Damien’s hand away from her encroaching one.

“I’m not sure about this.”

“You are allowing your stress to control you. There is no need to think of others all the time. Allow me to indulge you.”

With the speed of a sloth, her gloved hand popped the button on his pants and undid the zipper. His aching bulge could feel her touch through his clothing. It twitched as Adrianne’s hands began to expose it.

But even as kind as Adrianne’s offer was, even as gentle as she was being, Damien couldn’t relax. Some small voice in the back of his head was telling him somehow this was something he couldn’t enjoy. Yes, he needed his strength for Anima, but that wasn’t all. There was something else, something more compelling.

“Lie back and let me drain all that anxiety out of you.” Adrianne cupped his cheek, her smile glowing. At the same time, she grabbed his boxers and started to ease them down.


Her benevolent face flinched. “I can’t help if you don’t let go.”

“I know, but I can’t.” Though every bit of instinct resisted against it, he pulled his boxers out of her grip and back up along with his pants. “I can’t.”

Adrianne was frozen. Damien could tell she was doing everything in her power to retain her composure and to her credit, she was doing a damn good job.

“Yes… Yes, certainly, if that’s how you feel, I won’t press.”

A pang of regret hit Damien as her hands withdrew and he zipped back up. It would’ve been so easy to let her continue, but something just wasn’t right.


“‘Sorry’?” Adrianne shook her head. “Do not be concerned for me. I am an archangel and strong enough to weather a reproach.” She gave his shoulder a squeeze. “I am far more concerned for you.”

If there was one thing Adrianne picked up from Earth, it was the ease with which she could lie. It was an important lie, though. A necessary one.

Damien almost felt sick.

“I’ll, uh, go now,” he said, getting up. “Errands to run and all that.”

Adrianne gazed at him from a dignified, proper pose, hands in her lap and face passive. “I wish you well.”

Damien hoped so.




It was night when he got back from running errands. He’d been finding excuses to stay out longer, but as his arraigned time with Anima grew closer, he knew he’d have to find his way back. His mind raced in the car, rocking back and forth between anxious and ashamed. Grace was still out there, watching him as today had shown. She wasn’t stupid enough to try the straightforward approach any more, not with Adrianne and Anima still around, but her presence meant she had something up her sleeve.

At the same time, Adrianne was waiting back there. Logic said her presence should put him at ease, as she was not merely considerate but outright doting. Yet she still agitated something within Damien as if picking at a scab. It was clear her disposition came from a life devoted to helping others, but at the same time, she’d forgotten how to mind her own business as well.

Damien’s knuckles turned white as he squeezed on the steering wheel. It was such an ungrateful thought, put that way. She did want to help. But… why? The excuse she’d given him of looking after Anima held weight for a little while, but she spent so much of her time concerning herself with Damien. What did she get out of it? Was it just some hollow instinct, a response she never bothered resisting that she’d picked up from her lifestyle? Or was there a depth to her Damien couldn’t see?

These questions clouded his mind as he shuffled up to his door and went inside.

As expected, Adrianne was still there.

Not as expected, she had prepared dinner. And it didn’t smell the least bit offensive.

“Feeling hungry?” said Adrianne.

“Uh, yeah, for sure,” said Damien, his approach toward the kitchen cautious. “What is…?”

“It is an arrangement of what I could find,” she said, holding out a hand toward a plate on the table. A simple dish and, from the looks of it, Adrianne wasn’t being coy or modest. It was literally what Damien had in the fridge and cupboard, chopped up and stir-fried then thrown atop some rice. “I felt as though if I could not alleviate your stress in one way, perhaps I could try another.”

A sudden itch flared up on the back of Damien’s head, but he did his best to ignore it. “Thanks, I guess. I mean, really, thanks, not just guessing.”

Adrianne nodded with her benevolent smile as if accepting thanks was the most natural thing in the world for her.

Damien sat down in front of the plate, staring, trying to figure out if he was more surprised by the gesture or the fact that he’d never considered Adrianne could cook. Cooking was a basic part of human life, but archangels never needed to eat. Maybe the enjoyed it more than he thought and it was a common thing. Maybe Adrianne’s job involved cooking. Maybe it was just something they naturally knew. There might be some massive cooking sub-culture among archangels that he never—

Damien shook his head. He was going to bury himself in his own thoughts like that. With a plate of hot food in front of him, the next logical step was to eat it.

Adrianne sat down next to him, intertwining her top pair of hands and resting them on the table in front of her. She watched Damien as he ate, saying nothing. After a minute or so, however, the silence was too uneasy for him to ignore.

“So, uh, what did you do today?” he asked.

“I learned to cook.”

Welp, that was one question answered. “Just today, huh.”

“Yes, just today.”

He forced down another bite, but his chewing and swallowing seemed to be getting louder. Did Adrianne not hear it?

It was in that moment he realized he had nothing to talk to her about. He didn’t know her hobbies or, hell, if she even had them. She had more direction and ambition than Anima but Damien didn’t really know where they were aimed. Was there some sort of archangel hierarchy? Recognition? Did they retire? It was just like yesterday with Anima: he found himself sitting in front of someone he knew but actually didn’t know at all.

One of Adrianne’s hands under the table rested on Damien’s knee. “I can see you are thinking very intently about something,” she said.

“Sorry, it’s just quiet. I feel more natural talking with people over a meal.”

“If that’s the case: what would you like to talk about?”

What are your aspirations? “How was your day?”

She smirked, but answered. “It was fine, as you say. Busy, as ever, but typical.”

“Busy? Was it that hard to learn cooking?

“Just because I spent time here does not mean my duties have evaporated. Every moment you are gone or unavailable, I am away, attending to what must be done.” She rubbed his knee. “Cooking is a simple human concept. I learned it without trouble.”

“Oh.” It’d taken him months to make something presentable. He took a sheepish bite of the plate Adrianne had prepared. “Not bad.”

“You needn’t be modest. An archangel has chosen to serve you dinner.”

He rolled his eyes. Typical. Even if he did teach Adrianne how to be polite, there was no way she’d lose that arrogance.

“Is there anything more I can get you?” she asked.

“No, I think I’m good.”

“Nothing?” Her hand crept further up his leg and squeezed.

He chewed awkwardly, watching Adrianne. Her upper arms were benign, holding her chin up, and her smile was warm and unassuming.

Her lower hands, however, were very intent. And with her sweet smile on, she advanced them further.

Damien swallowed. Hard. “Um, Adrianne…”


He heard a click as they undid the button on his pants.

“You don’t have to—”

She raised a finger to his lips.

“Damien. Tell me to stop and I’ll stop. But if not… let me help.

Whatever willpower had torn him away from her earlier had whittled away.

“O… Okay.”

Adrianne’s smile bloomed with delight as his response. Her lower hands vanished and she stood up. Damien’s confusion was quickly answered.

“It would be a waste to delegate this to a simple jerk under the table now that you’re being honest with yourself. Come.”

Adrianne urged him by the hand to his bedroom. Not a second after he sat on the bed, four deft hands were disrobing him with equal parts grace and urgency. Once he was naked, Adrianne knelt down before him, bringing herself to eye level. A pair of her hands groped his cock, electrifying him with their eager satin touch, while the other laid gently on his cheeks, dwarfing his face with their size.

Adrianne gazed directly into his eyes.

“I want you to lie back, take deep breaths, and think about nothing but yourself, Damien. I will do everything for you.”

He nodded and obeyed.

His cock was instantly swallowed by flesh and satin. Adrianne used two hands to pump at a leisurely pace while the other two pushed her tits together around him. Moaning, he arched his back at the assault of stimulation, closing his eyes and trying to focus.

Adrianne moved everything in concert. When her gloved hands slowed, her flowing tits took over. When the sensation of soft flesh began to overwhelm Damien, she would relax her tits and allow her hands to take the lead once more. She tuned the rhythm of her ministrations precisely to the beat of his body, leading it when he became relaxed and soothing it when he sung tension.

Each minute of her onslaught felt like hours.

“Isn’t it so much better when you accept your urges?” she asked.

All Damien could do was moan in response.

Adrianne’s approach was so much different than Anima’s. While Anima was indeed skilled, she treated paizuri much more like a race. The end goal was to overload Damien with pleasure instead of stretching it out like Adrianne. As Adrianne renewed her grip on Damien and another wave crashed over him, he wondered if he could ever talk Anima into trying this.

Unfortunately, that was all he had time to wonder about.


The two of them turned to the doorway. Anima’s blank eyes stared back.

“You have placed yourself in an inconvenient location.”

“Just give me a moment, Anima,” said Adrianne.

“Please, Anima,” added Damien.

For that, however, he got a vaporizing stare from Anima. While her expression gained no fervor, he swore he could feel heat where her gaze hit him.

After melting Damien beneath her eyes, Anima swooped in, nudging Adrianne from her spot and leaving Damien’s member wanting.

“Thank for preparing him. That is enough,” said Anima.

Adrianne stood up with grace, despite Anima’s roughness. “I could help.”


Adrianne waited for an explanation Anima was all too eager to withhold. After a staring contest Anima’s mercilessly empty stare won, Adrianne nodded to both her and Damien. “I’ll leave you, then.”

Damien spoke up. “You don’t have to—”

“Yes, she does,” said Anima.

Damien snapped his mouth shut. Anima wasn’t kidding around. He waited for the door to close behind Adrianne, eyeing Anima the entire time.

The moment the latch clicked, Anima burst into motion, her movements stiff but precise. Before he even realized what what going on, she’d fastened one of his wrists to the head of the bed, using the same bindings Grace had long ago.

“Anima, what are you doing?”

“I am restraining you.” She moved to circle around the bed to the other wrist.

“Give me an explanation, don’t just do it.” He reached to undo the binding with his free hand, but one of Anima’s wings reached out with blinding speed and slammed his hand back down long enough for her to come around the bed and bind it as well.

“What the heck?”

“It is necessary.”


Anima knelt down and smothered Damien’s painfully-stiff cock in her bosom. “I have deemed it so.”

And she began.

Anima’s technique had always been so elementary, efficient and routine that when she started by crushing her tits together as hard as possible and smearing them along his cock without rhythm or pattern, he knew something was wrong.

He swallowed hard, watching her, quivering whenever her reckless stimulation dragged him closer to the edge, as concerned as he was aroused.

Meticulous or not, Anima’s attack hit all the right places, and soon Damien couldn’t even concentrate on watching her. Waves of pleasure hit him over and over, closer and closer together. He moaned.

“Anima, I’m gonna—”

But the moment he spoke, she stopped. Completely. Her hands were resting on his legs and her eyes were locked on his, waiting. Eagerly patient. He tried to look past her vacant stare like he had so many times and for once, he thought he saw something.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

“Your concern for my health is touching but unneeded.”

“No, I mean like, feeling alright. Mentally.”

“Please do not distract me.”

She remained motionless, watching Damien, his cock still enveloped in her cleavage. He wanted to say something, but he wasn’t sure what. She was dodging all of his questions, and each one only seemed to aggravate her. Sure, she hadn’t admitted anything, and her face was still blank as a fresh piece of paper, but her actions told him plenty.

Just as he started to soften, Anima readjusted. She moved her hands away from her breasts and looped them around his legs.

“Hey, what’re you—ahh!”

Anima lifted his lower body off the bed. She then brought her wings around, using their elbows to push her tits together, and began to jerk his legs up and down in a crude thrusting motion.

With Damien’s legs in her grip, she had complete control. If he tried to leverage his hips to get more friction, she would relax, counteracting his thrust. If he tried to scoot forward to get leverage with his upper body, she would scoot just as far away. No matter what he tried, his cock didn’t get an ounce more of contact than what she allowed.

And what she allowed was maddening. She varied the speed of his thrusts, shifting from jackhammer to gentle the second he felt release churning within, then accelerating when he started to relax. Her wings, too, demonstrated excellent control, easing the pressure on his cock to whatever teetered him perfectly on the edge.

He tried watching her, hoping the visual stimulation would be enough, but the pitiless leer bearing back at him made him look away.

Damien lost track of time, only measuring the passage in peaks and valleys. Over and over Anima would switch tactics, from soft and steady to hard and calm to angry and intense. More than once Damien caught himself drooling.

Finally, Anima forced his thrusts in earnest, hammering away at the supple grip of her breasts over and over. Moaning, Damien writhed in his bonds, concentrating on the beautiful release barreling towards him.

Anima stopped.

The shock of loss of swirling pleasures made Damien gasp and he pulled at his bonds in vain.

“Let me cum!”

“You have had ample opportunity to release into my chest.”

“You keep stopping.”

“I am merely resting. If I am doing so at a time inconvenient for you, I am not sorry.”

“Yes, it’s inconvi—wait, did you say ‘not’?”


Damien’s protest died to the groan Anima forced from him the moment her tits bore down on him. His body was nothing more than a tool to penetrate her cleavage. He fucked her tits at her whim, helpless to do anything but watch.

Anima analyzed every cue his body gave her with brutal precision. Whenever he got comfortable watching her, she would lean in, pressing her chests further into his cock, and stare while slowing his thrusts. Every twitch and wince when she hit something particularly blissful would lead to her focusing on it until Damien couldn’t control the sounds coming out of his own mouth.

Damien glared at her, no longer caring if she saw his frustration. He needed to cum.

She return his glare with nothing. Although after a moment, he realized she was speeding up. Her wings flared out, mashing her breasts together harder. He saw her muscles flex as she yanked his legs up and down. Damien arched his back and concentrated on the building pressure, the slick, smooth tits swallowing his cock, the brutal rhythm Anima compelled his body to obey.

He closed his eyes and let his mouth hang open, release a second away.

And then nothing.

Anima withdrew, dropping his legs back to the bed and standing up.

“No! Not again! Please, a little more!”

For the tiniest fraction of a second, so fast he couldn’t tell if he was seeing things or not, a sliver of emotion painted Anima’s face. A smirk.

“My time with you for today is at its end. I must return to my duties.”

“Just a tiny bit more! Not even a minute!”

“I am compelled by my contract with Adrianne. Worry not, I will return at the usual time to repeat the process.”

“Anima, don’t!”

And she was gone.

“Fuck’s sake.” Damien looked at his throbbing member, wet with the excessive precum Anima had extracted. He tugged at his wrists, but the bindings held. “Fuck!”


Adrianne’s voice never sounded so sweet. “Yes! Come in!”

The door swung open. After a single step in, Adrianne froze, looking the bound and naked Damien up and down.

“Do you need help?”

“Yes!” He didn’t mean to sound short with her, but what the hell? It was obvious!

Adrianne nodded and moved toward his cock.

“No, not there!” He shook his arms. “Here! The straps!”

Adrianne paused. It was only a split second, her eyes looking between the bindings and his cock, but the idea was still there. Thankfully, an idea is all it remained. She undid the bindings and Damien sat up, holding his aching back.

“Damn. Thanks, Adrianne.”

“Of course. Did Anima forget to undo the straps before leaving?”

“No, she left me like that on purpose. I think… I think she was angry.”

Adrianne shot him a doubtful look. “Anima has no need for anger. She must have simply forgotten.”

“No, I’m pretty sure her mind was focused entirely on me.”

“What would you say about her actions indicated anger?”

“She was really short with me and wouldn’t answer my questions.”

“So, like usual?”

Damien shook his hands vehemently. “I could hear it in her voice!”

“I think you were imagining it.”

“She didn’t even finish me off!” He said, gesturing to his fully erect and raw dick. “I usually have to slow her down!”

Adrianne’s eyes lingered, hunger in her gaze. Biting her lip, she said, “Did you need any help…?”

Damien grumbled and rolled to his side. A minute ago before Anima had run off, the answer would have been yes. Resoundingly yes. But now the thought of ejaculating just made him angry. Like it was admitting defeat. “No, I’m—just no. You said Anima doesn’t feel most emotions, right?”

Adrianne nodded. “Most. Though a concentrated amount of time on Earth could distort her emotions in unexpected ways.”

“Enough to feel anger?” He paused. “Jealousy?”

“Of course not.” Adrianne waved a hand in dismissal. “She’s an archangel, Damien, and you would do well not to underestimate her self-control.”

The bed creaked and Damien turned to see Adrianne climbing into the bed next to him. His eyes must’ve asked the obvious question for him.

“I will be sleeping with you tonight,” she said as if it was the most logical next step. “If Anima returns for you, I need to be here to speak with her about her behavior.”

“That doesn’t really mean—”

“Also, if she means to tie you up again, you would have no means of resistance on your own.” All four of her arms slipped around Damien and hugged him tight, nustling him snug up against her. With their difference in size, his head ended up directly between her breasts.

“I appreciate the gesture, but I’m not sure it’s necessary. Besides, she won’t be back until tomorrow night.”

“That’s fine. I will remain here regardless.”

That was that, he supposed.

Damien relaxed despite himself, her warmth easing his mind and her unabashed touch grounding his thoughts. She was right; there was no point in worry about Anima too much right now, they could talk with her when she got back.

“Comfortable?” she asked.

“Yes, absolutely.”


He listened to Adrianne’s breathing for a little bit until it slowed into the deep, even pace of sleep. He could feel himself drift off and soon was out cold as well.




Damien opened his eyes to a dark room, groggy. What had woken him at this hour? And why was he on his side? He never slept on his side. As he tried to roll over, however, he found himself stuck. Or, to be more precise, held. A pair of strong angel arms hugged him tight around his chest into the much larger, softer Adrianne. Her breasts offered a fine pillow as they oozed out over his shoulders.

And down at his waist, Adrianne’s second pair of hands had slipped into his boxers and were attentively exploring his cock. Their grip was light and varied, like they had stumbled in there without realizing it.

“…Adrianne?” said Damien.

No response.

He tried turning to her, but with her arms holding him fast, he was forced to twist his head awkwardly to get a look at her face. Her eyes were closed. She was asleep! That liar. Hadn’t she been the one to tell him archangels didn’t need sleep?

One of her gloved hands found his balls and gave them a squeeze while the other drifted across his inner thigh.

“Adrianne?” he asked, a little louder.

Still nothing. Damien squirmed in her grasp, trying to get some leverage or perhaps slip down underneath her arms, but just as he started to dip, Adrianne’s thighs clamped down on his own, locking him in place.

“Oh, c’mon! Adrianne!” he nearly shouted. “This is—”

A fifth hand emerged from behind and slapped over his mouth. Damien’s eyes went wide with shock. In addition, the hands in his boxers seemed to have found their target. One took his shaft and the other gripped his frenulum.

And they began to pump.

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The last time Adrianne had used more than four hands, things had escalated quickly out of control. Was she already awake and just faking? No, Adrianne wasn’t one to play games. If she wanted to do this, she’d do it without the pretense.

He first reached for her thighs, hoping to pry them open, but it was clear his strength wasn’t near enough. Next, he tried tickling her, hoping it would get her attention, but apparently she wasn’t ticklish, either.

All the while, he grew harder in her grip. Firm hands of satin glided up and down his cock, confident and unfaltering, bringing back fond memories of the rapture when last they held him. Each struggle only seemed to encourage them, their pace escalating from languid to middling then modest.

Tensing up, he thrashed outward into her arms. He grabbed the pumping hands at the wrist and tried to wretch them off. His strength, of course, failed to impede the archangel.

Jerking his head, he forced it up and out of its supple pillow, hoping to shake off his satin muffle, but a surge of strength from Adrianne buried him even deeper into her bosom than before. Damien breathed hard through his nose, frustrated with his weakness. No matter which way he grabbed her pumping hands or her iron thighs, Adrianne was utterly unimpeded.

Almost as if to taunt him, another hand emerged, this one patting his head affectionately. He grumbled at it. Perhaps it would be alright to just enjoy this. It’s not like Adrianne was leaving the choice to him.

Even limited to two hands, Adrianne had the dexterity to drive him crazy. Her fists fucked him harder and accelerating to a reckless pace. Deft hands drove their blissful satin touch into him over and over. Overwhelming, they dragged Damien to the edge and he slammed his eyes shut, thrusting into Adrianne’s gleefully-working fists.

Stars danced in his eyes as he came, bliss shattering his frustration into a million pieces. Even as cum shot from his cock, he thrust into those wonderful hands, wanting everything they could give and more.

Adrianne was all too eager to accompany him. Yet after the last of his release soiled his underwear and her hands, her pace didn’t miss a beat. If anything, they were growing more eager as if egged on by the taste of prey. Yelping into Adrianne’s gag, Damien flailed about. He grabbed, twisted, pinched, and pulled wherever his hands could find purchase, but nothing phased her.

She had her hands on her prize, and she was going to milk it for all it was worth.

Telling her to stop had worked before, but while sleeping, Adrianne’s hands moved on instinct. Where could such a perverted impulse could have possibly come from?

Damien’s ears filled with the lecherous squelch of wet skin against damp gloves. At the same time, her sure grip grew tighter, forcing up a twisted, foreign scream from the depths of Damien’s gut.

Through all this, a single hand continued to pat Damien’s head as if he were a dog that she was giving a belly rub to.

Each stroke felt like an eternity, like it was the last one Damien could possibly handle before exploding. Muffled shouts and moans tore Damien’s throat apart, yet the lightning storm of sensation ravaging his body would not allow him silence.

His second orgasm caught him mid-scream and pulled it right from his throat. His eyes flew open and his entire body went stiff as Adrianne continued to stroke, coaxing out more and more, even though he hardly had more than a dribble to offer.

It was then, finally, Adrianne’s hands showed some sort of mercy. While she didn’t release him, her pace slowed to a crawl and her grip loosened. Damien relaxed. Tried to relax. If there was no way out of Adrianne’s many-armed grip, then the best way to handle this was simply to look on the bright side.

He looked up at the wall, trying to see if he could catch a hint of sunlight coming from the window, but saw nothing. It was still pitch-black out, which meant he’d be stuck like this for a while at least. Another lazy stroke from Adrianne made him tense up, but he kept his composure. She was done, right? She had to be done.

Thankfully, at least about that, Damien was right.




Adrianne awoke. Reflexively, she brought her arms in to hug Damien, but caught nothing but air. She sat up in bed and looked around. He was gone and the sun was up. Had she slept in? Sleep was so unpredictable—she couldn’t imagine being forced to do it every night of your entire life, especially for humans, as short-lived as they were.

Her nose perked up and a new smell caught her attention. She looked down. Where was it coming from? Was it her? Eyes narrowing, she brought her hands up to her nose, then blinked it surprise. It was her. Specifically, her gloves. She turned them around to get a better look and under her critical eye she noticed dry white stains all over them. What in the heavens…?

Looking at the bed, she saw whatever it was had spilled onto the sheets as well. A fair bit of it, too. Strange. And from the location, it was right around where Damien’s—

Adrianne covered her mouth.

Oh, goodness.

But how? Did Damien take care of himself in during the night? If so, why had it not woken her? Better yet, why had he not woken her? Surely he knew she would readily accommodate him. The image of Damien, frustrated, blushing and trying to relieve himself all alone panged Adrianne’s heart.

But then she reconsidered. Her gloves were covered in Damien’s release as well as the sheets. Had he done it on her hands deliberately? Without somehow waking her up? No, that didn’t make sense. There was no way for him to maneuver himself around to do that, not with where Adrianne had been lying down and where the sheet’s stain was. If he hadn’t done it, however, then the only other way for Adrianne’s gloves to be dirty with his seed was if… if she’d done it.

Adrianne stared off into space. Her? But she didn’t remember anything. Had she done it in her sleep like a sleepwalker? A sleepjerker? She supposed it was possible and without any experience sleeping it was hard to predict how it would affect her.

Especially around Damien.

She raised her four hands, her gaze contemplative. She imagined what it would’ve looked like with Damien’s tiny body overwhelmed by her own, squirming beneath pleasures no human could’ve ever dreamed of knowing without an archangel. Her fingers curled around something invisible as her mind’s eye saw Damien surrendering to the smooth, ruthless pumping of her skillful hands.

Adrianne was panting. A fiery pulse, both foreign and entirely familiar, glowed within her nethers. She ran her hands through her hair, trying to calm herself. This was precisely was Anima had fallen victim to as well. Yes, Adrianne knew it was happening to her, too, but she had experience with these things. Power to resist them. But right now, all she wanted to do was find Damien, force him down, coddle and indulge him until more than just her gloves were soaked with his cum.

She hugged her chest in with a pair of arms like they could hold her desires in. Control. She was an archangel, not some raff. These thoughts had no power over her.

At the same time, she wondered where Damien was.




Damien was pouting.

Arms crossed, he stared at the steering wheel. Here he was again. He was old enough to know that driving and walking around the city for the better part of the day in order to avoid talking with Adrianne wasn’t exactly mature. He also didn’t care. Much.

It wasn’t that was angry with her for it, she’d just, well, caught him off-balance. Anima, too. It was like, the three of them were so close to having something good going on, but something always came up or didn’t quite go the way Damien had wanted. He liked Anima’s enthusiasm, as odd as it was, and after the shitshow that was Grace and Thessa, it was nice to be around someone you knew was incapable of being anything but honest. And it wasn’t like he was physically unsatisfied with her sessions, either.

He frowned. Thinking of it that way made it sound like she was a prostitute. And at the core of it, that’s what bugged Damien. Coming and going just for a tittyfuck was shallow and had worn through his nerves. If she’d just give him some kind of conversation, or stayed around long enough for them to do something other than smash their bodies together, he’d have been fine.

Adrianne was her own mess. It was wonderful to have someone so thoughtful and selfless around just to listen to Damien’s troubles. She even helped him out with small chores from time to time. And, while she’d made a point to let Damien know she was available for other sorts of comfort, she’d been completely in control of herself.

This morning in bed, however, had throwing everything into disarray again. It’d shown him that, even if she would accept his rebukes, the desire building up within had a bursting point, regardless of her insistence to the contrary. Not to mention she had the same problem Anima did: she never talked about herself. Sure, she was much more graceful in conversation, but Damien hardly knew her, either.

He’d spent all day thinking about how to solve the problem. He could kick Adrianne out and force her to move on, but that seemed cruel to someone who’d been so kind to him in the past. Plus, he had no idea if she’d even listen to him. She was an archangel, after all.

He could try to renegotiate the deal with Anima. If the paizuri was only every other day, that would give him more time to recuperate and maybe have some energy for Adrianne. He might also be able to spend some time with Anima that didn’t involve her tits. Directly, at least. When Adrianne had made the deal, however, it had sounded like there wasn’t much flexibility with it. And, again, he couldn’t say whether or not they would respect a human’s request to meddle with archangel matters.

The issue might resolve if he got a job. Then he’d spend most of his time away from Adrianne, which could cull her urges a bit, plus it would force them to restructure Anima’s agreement, since there was no way she’d be able to have her sessions with him while he was at work.

Damien scratched his head. Actually, Anima might not care about that. And Adrianne’s urges may only get worse if he was gone the whole day and then monopolized by Anima when he got back. Now that he thought about it, getting a job could be the worst possible thing to do.

Groaning, he hit his forehead on the steering wheel. This was borderline hopeless. Not even running away would work. It was literally Adrianne’s job to find lost or neglectful archangels; he couldn’t imagine it would be any more difficult for her to find a human. Even if somehow she couldn’t find him, there was another angel lurking out there, waiting for the moment to strike: Grace.

Just the thought of her made his stomach churn.

Throwing an army of thoughts at the problem wouldn’t help anyone, though. He needed to talk through it, and Adrianne was inside waiting for him. Not to mention Anima would be showing up shortly. So, doing his best to wipe the dread off his face, Damien dragged himself out of the car.

Someone tapped his shoulder.

Damien spun around faster than he meant to and stumbled. It was Anima.

He raised his hands and stepped back. “Hold on, just a second!”

Anima stood there, motionless and wordless. After a moment, she said, “What is it you wish me to hold on to?”

Oh. She wasn’t dragging him away. That was nice. “Um, nothing, actually. I just wanted you to give me a moment before… doing anything.”

“The moment is given.”

He straightened himself out. “So, uh, hi.”


“Is there any chance we could maybe talk about something first? Before, y’know, the carrying away part.”

Anima’s gaze wandered for a second before locking back onto Damien. “I was hoping to propose something similar.”

“You were?”

“Yes.” She paused. “I have taken some time to consider my recent behaviour and have come to the conclusion that it was unnecessary.”

Self-reflection from Anima now, too? “Unnecessary?”

“I do not own you, nor can Adrianne claim you, by word of our contract. I acted needlessly possessive.”

“I, uh, agree.” It was only fair he be honest back, right? “Is there something wrong? A reason why you acted that way?”

Anima blinked at him. “Again you ask such a curious question. Why would something be ‘wrong’?”

Damien frowned. He’d have to take the victory he could get it, though. There were other things to talk about. He pointed up to the apartment. “Do you want to—”

“Yes.” She could not get the answer out fast enough. Grabbing his hand, she led him upwards.

Adrianne, as expected, was there, sitting in the dining area. Her posture was dignified, two hands resting on the table, the other two holding a cup of tea. The smile that greeted Damien didn’t have its usual warmth. In its place was formality.

She nodded to him and gestured to the chair across her. “Welcome back, you two. Damien, please take a seat. Anima, could you give us a moment?”

Anima nodded and released Damien, opting to stand off to the side.

Damien took a deep breath and sat, crossing his arms, hoping to hide his already-sweaty palms. “You’ve clearly got something on your mind,” he said.

“And you, yours.”

“You first.”

She opened her mouth as if to say one thing but stopped and nodded. “I am sorry about what happened last night. Archangels must hold themselves to a higher standard of control.”

“Apology accepted.”

He waited for her to say something more, but her silence told him that was all she was thinking about.

“That’s all that was on your mind?”

Adrianne drew in a heavy, drawn-out breath and placed her tea on the table. “Damien, let me be clear. I have apologized thrice in my entire life. Twice to a human. Both of those were to you, and both within the last few days. From my perspective, you have made the mistake of believing that, in spending more time on Earth, I would change myself to match its inhabitants’ proclivities. This is wholly false. I am kind to you and apologize to you because you are important to me. Hence, I will maintain my attitude toward you, but these continued flawed expectations must cease. I will not apologize for every action you deem erroneous. I will not deign myself to meet every social assumption humans have for other humans.” She pushed her hair back behind her ear. “That said, I promise to also make efforts to accommodate your standards. There is a middle ground we can both be content with, we simply need to find it. I do hope I my words are not overly harsh.”

Damien was floored. The longer Adrianne had gone on, the more his skin tingled and his body heated up. The last thing he was expecting from Adrianne was a reproach. Her words, however, made sense. He had been treating her like a human and he knew she’d considered them lesser. Of course she would be annoyed with him. The realization that they lived in separate worlds hit him in the gut. Yes, the truth of it had always been there, but accepting it—rather, Adrianne forcing him to accept it—made him sick.

Thankfully, Adrianne allowed him all the time he needed to process her words. She was nothing if not patient.

“I guess I should apologize, then,” he said.

Adrianne raised a finger. “Consider my previous statement. Humans give apologies much lighter than archangels and your actions, while grating, were understandable for a human. Do you think I want an apology?”

This sounded like a test. To make sure he understood. Damien lowered his head in thought for a moment before saying. “I’m sorry for not treating you properly.”

When her face warmed with a small, polite smile, Damien knew he’d made the right choice.

“Now that I’ve said my piece, it’s only fair you have a moment to speak as well,” said Adrianne.

Oh, yeah, he’d come to say something too, hadn’t he?

“Whatever, uh, thing, arrangement, routine or something we have going on here isn’t working out. I mean, you and Anima both want something and I can’t give it. There’s got to be some way—”

Adrianne raised a hand and he stopped.

“I suspected you’d bring this up and I understand.” Her expression had lost the warmth from a moment ago. “I considered solutions as well, but could not come up with anything on my own.”

“On your own?” She wasn’t talking about who he thought she was talking about, was she?

A hand laid on Damien shoulder. “Hello, dear,” said Grace.

Damien leapt out of his seat, away from her, then pointed, shouting at Adrianne. “Her? Why on earth would you ask her for help!?”

“Damien, calm down,” said Grace.

“I’m not talking to you!”

“It’s alright,” said Adrianne. “She’s not going to try anything. I made sure of that.”

“That still doesn’t explain why, out of every single other person out there, you’d go to her!”

“Because we need a third party to arbitrate this and she’s the only one that knows you and Anima both outside of Thessa, and Thessa had no interest in helping. She was annoyed with Anima for essentially betraying her. Also, I was not aware you were so vehemently adverse to Doctor Grace’s help until a couple days ago.”

Why did everyone insist on calling her Doctor Grace like she deserved respect?

“Okay, well, now that you are aware, let’s go ahead and get her out of here.”

“Nonsense,” said Grace, taking Damien’s seat. “Come, sit down and we’ll talk through this.”

“Grace, get out of here.”

“No,” she replied with a smile.

“Damien, I assure you, she’s only here to help,” said Adrianne.

A pair of arms slipped around Damien from behind, wrapped him up and held him snug against a much larger body.

“Doctor Grace,” said Anima.

At least Anima seemed interested in protecting him.

“Hi, Anima,” Grace said with a little wave.

“Why don’t you two take a seat and we can discuss our arrangement,” said Adrianne.

“That does seem prudent. I shall allocate time once I am finished with Damien.”

Or… maybe her grabbing onto him wasn’t motivated by protectiveness.

Anima started toward the bedroom, holding Damien in front of her, but Adrianne was up and in her way instantly.

As a result, Damien became crushed between the two enormous archangels.

“Please remove yourself,” said Anima. “I have assured you time later.”

“This cannot wait.”

Anima pressed harder into Adrianne.

“It shall.”

Adrianne pressed back. Their breasts were now pushed so hard together, Damien couldn’t breathe. He tried to push the two apart, but they hardly noticed.

“I will not—” said Anima.

“Look at yourselves!” said Grace. “All that energy wasted on arguing that you could’ve put toward more productive things. And have either of you looked at Damien? The poor dear looks like he can’t even breathe.”

The archangels looked down simultaneously then parted, letting Damien free. After a couple ragged breaths, he started to thank Grace, then realized what he was about to say and instead grimaced at her.

She grinned back.

“Now, all of you, come to the table, sit down, and let’s talk.”

Adrianne and Anima both watched each other, but slowly made their way over to the table. Damien went to his chair, but remained standing.

“To my understanding, the agreement you two made when we were all here last is still in place, correct?” said Grace.

“That is correct.” They said in unison.

“And—I know you’ve told me a lot, Adrianne, but I need to be clear—what precisely are the problems you now have?”

“Anima is taking up too much of Damien’s time and energy. She has also become rather possessive of him as well, lately,” said Adrianne while leering at Anima.

“Adrianne has been attempting to encroach on my time with Damien. She has also been seducing him so he would not have the stamina to properly satisfy me.” Anima met Adrianne’s leer, though her face remained as plain as always.

“I’m being tossed around between these two like they own me. I need time to recharge. And a break from this routine,” said Damien. He looked between Anima and Adrianne. “Most of all, I want more than small talk. If they’re demanding all my time, I want to actually know them. Who they are.”

Adrianne and Anima both glanced his way before turning to Grace. Damien shivered inwardly. It was clear Grace had become the negotiator here.

“I think these are all reasonable grievances, yes?” said Grace, making a point at looking each one of them in the eye. “Anima, only some of Damien’s time was promised to you, not him in entirety. Adrianne, you’re experiencing unintended side-effects of the contract you agreed to. Damien, you have received a fair bit of help from these two angels in—”

Archangels,” said Adrianne.

Archangels in the past and owe your due. Now, we need to find a way to break up Damien’s time in a way that satisfies all parties here.”

“My owed time with him must remain,” said Anima.

“No one said it wouldn’t, Anima,” said Grace.

“It sounds like you’re chopping up my schedule and serving it like a cake,” said Damien.

“Yes, but in a way you find agreeable too,” said Grace.

Damien crossed his arms and looked away, unable to stand her smug look any more.

“The first thing I will suggest is that we increase Damien’s window of obligation to eight hours,” said Grace.

“Eight—” Damien started.

“This is acceptable,” said Anima.

Damien elevated his voice. “Eight hours!? That’s most of the day! How am I supposed to do anything else?”

“That does seem a bit much,” said Adrianne.

“I’m not done yet,” said Grace. “Anima and Adrianne, you will alternate days of the week with Damien.”

“I think eight hours will work out fine,” said Adrianne.

“This decreases my aggregate time,” said Anima.

“Anima, you cannot monopolize Damien, as Adrianne said. You’re getting more time with him per day in exchange for sharing. That is the essence of compromise.”

Damien was still feeling a lot like desert, but he kept quiet. This was all too calculated from Grace. She was setting something up and he didn’t want to fall into it with an impulsive comment.

Anima stared at her wordlessly for a long moment. “Very well. There are still no restrictions on how I spend the time owed, correct?”

“Actually, that is my next point. Damien is rightfully distraught over how you have been using your time and we wouldn’t want Adrianne to fall into the same routine as well.”

“Do not underestimate my self-control,” said Adrianne.

“Yes, but I’m advocating for Damien’s side, now. What I believe Damien needs with you two is more personal time. Stimulating conversations instead of stimulating his cock. Correct?”

She looked at Damien expectantly. His eyes narrowed, but he couldn’t see through her just yet and, as irksome as it was, Grace was right. He nodded.

“That brings me to the condition. You two will grant him sufficient leisure time and time to do something outside the bedroom instead of in it. Is that fine?”

Adrianne crossed both pair of arms, looking between Anima and Grace. Anima gave away no such indication of thought, instead drilling her vacant stare through Grace’s skull.

“I’ll accept that condition,” said Adrianne.

“This does not mean we’re restricted from any bedroom activity, correct?” asked Anima.

“By this agreement, no, though in practice it would be up to Damien,” said Grace.

Anima turned to Damien and cocked her head slightly.

In was then, his gaze drifting between Anima and Grace, that he saw the wedge Grace had planted in the agreement. To Anima, he waved his hand dismissively. “Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to paizuri.”

“Then I agree as well,” said Anima.

Damien smirked at Grace, waiting for her to drop the other shoe. At seeing his smile, however, she seemed content to let him and gestured for him to do so.

“You said Anima and Adrianne would alternate days of the week. And saying it like that leaves one day unaccounted for. Let me guess: you want it.”

Anima and Adrianne both looked at Grace with a hint of surprise. Grace simply shrugged and said, “A broker does deserve to be paid, don’t you think?”

“A day a week is excessive,” said Anima.

“And Damien has no interest in spending time with you,” added Adrianne.

“I know, I know, I expected the backlash. Let me add to that: on my day, Damien’s compulsory time is nothing. Zilch. If he chooses to spend it with one of you, that’s that. But the day cannot be given to either of you.”

Now this was unexpected. No forced time with her? Then what was the point?

“If he is truly not required to spend time with you, and the day can’t be claimed by Anima, I could agree to this,” said Adrianne.

“I don’t trust you,” Damien said to Grace. “What else is going on here?”

“Nothing. I mean precisely what I say. This agreement won’t compel any time from you on my day.”

“This condition is acceptable to me as well,” said Anima.

Dammit. That just left Damien. There was something more going on here, he just didn’t have the foresight to see it. At its face, the agreement was fine. He wouldn’t have to spend any time with Grace. But she wouldn’t just throw that clause in there for no reason.

With the three angels’ gazes bearing down on him, he had to choose.

“Fine,” he said. Whatever Grace was planning, it wasn’t in the letter of the agreement. It would come later. He’d have to keep his eyes and ears open.

“Let’s shake on it, then.”

They all turned to Damien and extended a hand. Adrianne extended one to the other two simultaneously as well. One by one they shook, each giving varied looks to the others. Anima’s shake was hard and jerky, while Adrianne’s firm and flowing. Grace made a point to brush her fingers along Damien’s palm as she withdrew.

“Now that that’s settled, I think we should celebrate, don’t you?” said Grace.

“It is a relief to have things cleared up,” said Adrianne.

Anima just reached over and grabbed Damien’s wrist.

“Don’t worry, Anima, I’m sure Damien is thinking the same thing,” said Grace.


Adrianne grabbed his other wrist.

Damien felt a nervous heat rising in his arms. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, it was just that every instinct in his body told him to do the exact opposite of whatever Grace said.

“You’re too tense, Damien,” said Grace. “Let us relieve you.”

“I’ll be here,” said Adrianne.

“Doctor Grace is a medical professional, you may at minimum trust her in this,” said Anima.

Damien swallowed. He was going to have to get used to the idea of at least being around Grace from time to time. “Alright,” he said. At least they were asking.

“Wonderful,” said Grace.

All three of them got up at the same time. Adrianne and Anima, both refusing to relinquish the wrist they seized, awkwardly led Damien around the table and to the bedroom right behind Grace.

“Brings back memories,” said Grace, looking at the bindings Anima had left. “I’m glad to see they’re still being used.”

Damien hardly had time to grimace at her before Adrianne and Anima dragged him down onto the bed, one on each side. Hands and breasts swarmed him all at once, drowning him in a sea of pliable flesh before he had a chance to cry out.

“We’re mature women here, we can share,” said Grace. Damien not only felt but heard the bed groan as she added her weight as well, though with the archangels’ colossal bodies currently inundating Damien’s, there was no way for her to join.

“This part is mine,” said Anima, wrapping her arms around Damien’s head and hugging it betwixt her breasts.

“He needs to be able to breathe,” said Adrianne, and used her arms to pry Damien just far enough away that her tits could consume him as well. His head was now well and truly sandwiched between their chests.

“If you two are going to claim his head, scoot up and I’ll take care of him down here.”

Damien felt a hand slip into his pants and expose his already-erect cock.

Adrianne and Anima glanced at it, then back at each other, realizing in their haste they’d given up the most important part of Damien’s body. Begrudgingly, they scooted up higher towards the head of the bed to expose his lower part for Grace. Damien was hardly freed, however, as the cage of breasts and arms soon became a cage of thighs. The two archangels interlocked their legs, Anima’s thigh offering a pillow while Adrianne’s smothered his face.

He took a quick breath to make sure he could breathe. Instantly, the intense scent of femininity hit him in the gut, shocking him stiff. It smelled heavenly.

When a Grace’s thighs clamped around his naked cock, he was forced to gasp in another noseful. This time he outright spasmed from the sensations.

“Looks like someone missed me,” said Grace. Damien could barely hear her over the thigh earmuffs, but he hardly cared enough to shoot Grace a glare even if he could see past the mountains of legs holding him.

Adrianne and Anima both crushed themselves even tighter together. Damien hacked and tapped them, trying to tell them to stop. Thankfully they were paying attention.

“Be careful, Anima,” said Adrianne. A pair of gloved hands started running their fingers through Damien’s hair.

“I am capable of gauging the proper tightness of my grip. Do not lecture me.” She, too, lowered a hand onto Damien’s head and began scratching.

Their attentions alone could’ve lead Damien to the height of pleasures alone. The fine scent, the malleable thighs comforting him from every side, and the rapturous massage of three hands over his scalp all drove Damien crazy.

But then Grace began to move.

It was subtle. Subtle enough not even Damien had noticed at first. Then it became a tickle. Something so small he wasn’t sure it was there, a ripple lost beneath the waves Adrianne and Anima made.

And now it was a swaying, slow but unmistakable. Then, almost as if Grace knew Damien had realized what was happening, she stopped on his tip, rubbing her legs back and forth over the head.

Damien moaned.

Adrianne and Anima’s touch grew rough. Adrianne tried to add her other two arms to his head, but there was no room and Anima slapped them away. Adrianne’s thighs clamped down for a moment in annoyance before she caught herself and gave Damien back just enough slack to breathe.

“Patience,” said Grace, noticing the commotion. “This isn’t a competition. We’re working together.”

Adrianne settled for holding his hand. Hard.

Grace settled into a languid rhythm. Each stroke of her thighs sent a thousand shocks through Damien’s body. Her muscles were firm enough to grip Damien’s length when she flexed, but doughy enough to coddle him when she relaxed. She gave him no pattern to adjust to, drilling in and lulling whenever she wished. Occasionally she would twist, giving fresh attention to new spots that renewed those white-hot blades of pleasure.

Then she stopped, content to hold him while playing her fingers along the tip. It was absolute torture. Damien squeezed Adrianne’s hand, trying to tell her something was wrong.

“Grace? Why did you stop?” Adrianne asked.

Grace switched from her fingers to her palm. Damien’s vision went white. “There’s no rush. I didn’t want things to end too quickly.”

“You are letting him cum, right?”

“Of course I am. This is supposed to be a celebration.”

“Do we have to?” asked Anima.

Damnit, was she still angry with him!?

There was a silence, one much longer than Damien was comfortable with, before Grace closed her thighs with renewed vigor and resumed her stroking. “Yes, we do. It’s important for Damien to trust us, now of all times. We could, however, let him cum more than once. How many times would you like to cum, Damien? I’m sure we could accommodate any number.”

With his free hand, Damien raised a single finger. Another hand grabbed his and forced another finger up.

“Twice? Awfully brave,” said Grace.

“Doctor Grace, please let go of his hand,” said Adrianne. “He said one.”

Grace chuckled. “Well, I think it’s impossible for him to say anything at the moment, but I was just kidding. Once is enough.”

She settled into something more comfortable. It was a steady yet urging pace, a warm swelling of softness that pulsed up and down. Adrianne squeezed his hand to remind him she was still there, but all he wanted was more.

Grace hummed to herself when Damien started thrusting into her thighs. Contented, she crossed her legs, compressing his strained cock even further, and quickened her pace.

On queue, Adrianne and Anima started closing their vices. Valleys of welcoming thighs filled his vision and immobilized his head. Above him, he felt four perfect breasts oozing onto his head. He tapped Anima’s thigh, but she just grabbed his hand and held.

“There we go. It’s alright, Damien. I’m not going to stop. Just give in,” said Grace.

Faster her thighs pumped. Harder they choked him. His breaths came out hard and hot, exacerbated by the oppressive pressure of the forest of legs entangling him. Faster, faster. When Grace tensed her thighs over his head one last time, Damien went taut.

Damien shoved himself as far into those hungry thighs as he could, crying out into the suffocating flesh fastened hard around him. The first shot came out with enough intensity to blind Damien and his vision was still dancing when the second spewed out over Grace’s lap. Over and over he shot, panting, giving up everything he could. When he finally collapsed, Adrianne and Anima loosened enough to let him breathe normally.

Grace, however, didn’t even pause.

The first jolt of pain hit him when she suffocated his tip, and another when her hand snuck underneath and seized his balls. Grace’s thighs were not sated by a single release. He let out something between a moan and a yell when the pain hit him again.

“Doctor Grace,” said Anima.


“He has already cum.”


Grace continued, forcing another squeal from Damien.

“His actions lead me to believe he wishes us to stop,” said Anima.

“Don’t worry, I’m just making sure I got everything.”

With one last slam of her thighs, Grace relented.

“Goodness, Damien, you’ve made quite a mess. Even Adrianne and Anima got some of it,” said Grace.

He heard a pair of lips smack. “It tastes wonderful,” she added.

Two other pairs of lips made the same sound a moment later.

“I taste nothing,” said Anima.

“It’s good, but I’m afraid I’m without a frame of reference,” said Adrianne.

“Uh, do you think you three could… let me go?” said Damien.

“Of course,” said Adrianne.

None of them moved.

Grace laughed. “Alright, I’ll be the first.”

The bed creaked and lifted up a touch. Damien waited, looking between the two archangels. They were in the middle of a staring contest.

Anima never lost those.

With a proud shake of her head, Adrianne let Damien go and hopped off the bed. Anima gave him one last squeeze before doing the same.

“Anima, Adrianne, could I bother you for a moment with Damien?”

Anima started to get back on the bed to latch onto Damien, but Grace shook her head. “No, nothing like that, Anima.”

“What are you planning, then?” said Adrianne.

“I just want to talk with him in private. It’s been a while.”

Adrianne crossed her arms. “If he’s fine with it.”

His mind went back and forth. Alone time with her was a risk, but it was one he’d probably be running into more and more. Plus, this was a good chance to get to the bottom of whatever her scheming was leading to.

“Yeah, it’s alright,” he said.

Adrianne nodded. “We’ll be in the kitchen. Call and we’ll come.”

Damien nodded, and the archangels left the room.

The instant the door closed, Grace’s arms and wings flew open and swallowed Damien in a many-limbed hug. Her wings tickled his neck and back as they wrapped him up and her arms, quick and iron strong, pressed him snug into her body.

Her saccharine scent brought back so many memories.

“I really missed you, you know,” said Grace.

“I’m not buying it.” Damien’s voice was gruff and he made no attempt to hide it.

“I know, I know. But it’s the truth.”


Grace gave him one last squeeze before releasing him. Laying her hands to his shoulders, she smiled.

“I’m happy they’re treating you well. At least, well enough. Better that I’m here, though.”

“We were just fine without you.”

“Yes, of course you were.” Grace lowered her arms to her sides. “Did Thessa do anything to you?”

Damien scowled. “Whatever she did or didn’t do is none of your business.”

Grace shook her head. “Dear, when are you going to drop the act?”

“There is no act.”

“No?” Grace took a step forward. Damien matched it backward. “Then why are you still here? Why are they?”

“What do you mean? They’re still here for the exact reason you said: I owe them.”

“Oh, so you’re still in denial. That’s fine.”

What the hell was she getting at? “I’m not in denial about anything.”

“Tell me, dear.” Grace took another step forward and again Damien backed away. “How do they treat you? Are they kind? Do they always ask before taking?”

“They’re far kinder than you. And while they’re flawed, at least they’re working to fix that part of themselves instead of embracing it!”

“Yes, it’s quite an advanced case, I see.” Grace took another step forward.

Damien’s back hit the wall. “Don’t think about trying anything or I’ll call for Adrianne and Anima. They actually care about me.”

“You still don’t understand. I’m not going to try anything. Besides,” said Grace, frowning. “I don’t care about them. Before you, they are less than the dust I scraped from my shoes last week.”

“Then what are you—”

Grace kissed him.

Her hands were behind his head and her lips were upon his in an instant. It was no small kiss, no fluke or peck or stolen breath. She dove into it, her tongue eager to explore, to seek out his own tongue and play along with it. When she couldn’t get enough, she opened her mouth even wider, connecting their breaths and sealing their lips.

Damien was horrified to find himself not shoving her away.

Just as he thought to push her tongue back, she withdrew, but only just enough to end the kiss; the distance between their faces was nothing. As she spoke, he could feel her breath splash against him.

“I want you, dear,” she said, her voice a whisper. “I want you in a thousand million different ways. I want everything you are. And I will have it. Do you know why?”

Damien’s heart was pounding too loud to think.

“Because you want me back.” Her hand traced the side of his head, along his ear, brushing against the hair of his neck to rest on his shoulder. “You decided, somewhere, sometime in those days on my bed that I was everything you needed and the things I did are the things you want. Anima drains you half to death with her tits and you love it. Adrianne rapes you with her hands and you love it. You love it because it reminds you of me. Of what I did for you.”

Her face was so close he could taste her heat. Her passion. His mouth hung open without him realizing it. Grace adorned the sweetest smile and took the back of head in her hands.

“I could kiss you again and you would revel in it. I could fuck you right here, right now, and you would crumble to pieces before me. But I won’t. Because before you can have me, truly have me, you need to be honest with yourself.”

“You’re just saying what you w-want to be true.”

“You could’ve left these two long ago. Or you could’ve made it clear to them they had to stop when you wanted. But you didn’t. You let them indulge themselves, even encouraged it. Even when I kissed you, you said nothing. That’s how I know the truth.” Grace placed a hand on his chest, her smile now sorrowful. “I do care about you. In ways they can’t. You’re so precious to me I wish I could just pick you up and run away with you. But not yet. Not yet.”

Her wings curled around him and pushed him into another tight yet brief hug. When she broke away, Damien was shocked to see the creases of true pain on her face. Her eyes were so anguished he almost felt sorry for her.

With a sincere attempt at a smile that never quite made it to the edges of her mouth, she nodded. “I’ll be waiting for you. When you’re ready,” she said.

And then she left.

Hearing the door open, Adrianne and Anima both peeked thier head in, quizzitive looking pointed at Damien.

Grace was insane. Absolutely bonkers. Off her rocker. Damien had spent every ounce of his energy pushing her away, resisting her, denying her, avoiding her, and she thought that mean he loved her? Whatever the fuck planet she came from, it was not Earth.

“Damien,” said Anima.


“Are you trying to imitate me?”


“You were staring off into space.”

“Yeah, no, I’m fine, just a little weirded out.”

Adrianne looked down the way Grace had left. “What did Doctor Grace say to you?” she asked.

“Nothing intelligible. She thinks I like her.”


“Yeah, dunno why.”

“Oh. It’s getting late, do you want to go to bed?”

“Hmm?” He looked between them. Huh. Guess they wanted to sleep together now. Made sense. “Sure, I just gotta clean up first.”

“Okay, we’ll be waiting.”

Damien nodded, then reached to take off his shirt before he realized he was still naked. It didn’t matter how crazy Grace was, he would be sharing his bed with two gorgeous archangels from now on. Not her.

Shaking his head, he dropped Grace from his mind. There were other things to worry about now.



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I must say that the so-called Dr. Grace reminded me every step of the way for the fallen angels written in the Enoch book. she reminded me so much, that the only thing that hasn’t happened yet is that she has a child with a human, probably because her personality, which is a mixture of a Manticore and a Jorou-Gumo, probably prevented her from having sex with anyone until today , I will say one thing, it is impossible in my view that Dr. Grace is not a virgin and that she let the person who took her virginity live alone without her sleeping with that person for all eternity. her mentality prevents her from giving her virginity to someone without her ending up declaring that person as her husband or favorite sex toy forever (that means “golden patient”, since that is how she would classify the person, I think). for everything i read about her, she may be very experienced in the art of masturbation, but that was because she likes to see people suffer from the pleasurable torture she can give them, but she doesn’t look like someone who would really go all the way if she doesn’t love that person. and she loves Damien to the point that she kissed him and I believe that from everything I read, she never kissed another patient of her, because as I said, for the same reason that she would not have sex with anyone other than the person she is sure of that she is in love, she wouldn’t kiss someone she doesn’t love, since kissing wouldn’t give her the reactions she likes, which is seeing the faces of patients in pleasurable torture. it’s like, a Lilim commanding an army of girl monsters to dominate a city, she will attack human girls and turn them into girl monsters by masturbating them with her hands until the transformation is complete, but she never goes all the way with them, since their virginity belongs to the husband they choose. of course, it depends on the Lilim we are talking about, but the example is valid. 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    Warning: I use google translator to comment and read!

    1. So you’re asking if Grace is a virgin? Yes, and mainly for the reasons you mentioned. She teases and toys with many men, but doesn’t take any of them serious until she falls in love (or at least what she considers love).

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