Touched by Angels 2: Heavenly House Call

Damien was sick.

It had started out as a mild stirring in his stomach, something like hunger, yet twisted and restless. Over the next few hours, it had grown worse until he felt like his gut was going to burst.

After calling his boss to tell him he wouldn’t be in today, Damien collapsed into his bed, lightheaded. He laid his hand on his pounding forehead, contemplating how long he’d have to suffer through this. For hours he hovered between nausea and dizziness, trying to sleep, to push the sickness away. Only after a healthy dose of pills did the symptoms subside and allow him rest.

When he woke up, he found the headache and stomachache both gone. His body ached, but overall it was behaving much better now. Must’ve just been a cold.

The doorbell rang.

Damien groaned and stood up. What terrible timing. Who on earth was at the door? He almost never had visitors and he wasn’t expecting any packages. Some door-to-door salesman? A discontented neighbor? The possibilities grew more and more daunting until he finally reached the door and looked through the peephole.

His breath caught and he stumbled back. The reality of the situation was far, far worse.

The visitor was Doctor Grace.

Damien held his forehead, memories of his imprisonment in the hospital flashing back to him. The days of teasing and denial, Grace’s haughty grin taunting him as he squirmed in her bonds, helpless. And when she was done teasing, it was the milking, the relentless, maniacal milking that drove him half to insanity. It was by sheer luck the hospital administrator had found out what Grace was doing and had Damien released.

How the hell Grace had found Damien’s house was a mystery, but that didn’t change the situation: she was here, now, and she wanted something. It didn’t take an expert to guess as to what that might be.

The doorbell rang again. Should he stay quiet, let her think he wasn’t home? No, she’d just take that as an excuse to break in. If it came down to it, he could call the cops on her.

“Go away!” Damien yelled.

“Let me in.” He could see a devilish grin appear on her face through the peephole. “You’re sick, dear. You need a doctor.”

What? How did she know? The only person he’d told was his boss! Was she listening in on his calls?

“I’ll be fine! I don’t need you!” he said. “Besides, I’m feeling better already!”

“I insist. Doctor’s orders.” That thick, sweet voice pulled at him, stirring the animal part of him that wanted to throw open the door and let her have her way. Damien quickly buried that urge and pulled his hand away from the doorknob.

“Leave now or I call the cops!”

Grace tutted and frowned. “Oh well, I guess I’ll need your help already. I really was hoping he’d be more cooperative. Go ahead, Anima.”

Who was she talking to? Damien’s gaze darted around, searching through the peephole, but Grace was the only one he could see outside.

It didn’t take long for the other one to show up.

Just to the door’s right, an angel phased through the wall as if it weren’t there, floating just above the ground with wings extended but not flapping.

“Hello,” she said. She spoke without inflection or expression like her voice was a vessel to carry words and nothing more.

Damien gaped.

The first thing that stuck out about the angel was her height—the excess of it, actually. She was easily over six foot and well on her way to seven. Her clothing was… out of place, to say the least: a thin, wispy dress of pale green to black gradients that left her shoulders bare. Her neck was lined with something like armor. She stood with her back straight and her posture balanced, as if standing atop a blade of grass. Her eyes methodically scanned the room before her, scrutinizing Damien as if judging him, though her face betrayed no conclusions. He met her gaze. It was a blank, pure white stare lacking both pupil and iris but not focus. She looked incapable of producing even a sliver of humor.

Eventually, her eyes made it back to Damien and there they rested as the silence between them grew longer and longer.

“Uh, can you leave?” he asked.

“I cannot.”


“You require aid. I cannot leave until such has been administered.”

“I can assure you I’m fine.”

“I have been told otherwise.”

Grace’s silken voice came through the door. “Let me in, Anima.”

Anima dropped herself softly to the ground and reached for the deadbolt on the door. Damien grabbed her wrist.

“Please, don’t.”

She cocked her head the tiniest bit. “She is a licensed professional. I do not understand your concern.”

She shrugged off Damien like he was nothing more than a fly and opened the door.

Grace had two types of smiles. The first was lively, as bright as a child playing on a swing in the park. It was comforting and cozy like diving underneath a sea of soft sheets and curling up into a ball. It was also disarming. It swept your legs right out from underneath you pulled you into the light. The second smile was devious. Sly and clever, her mouth would twist with more sneer than grin, more intent than emotion. Through her eyes you could see the threads of her thoughts weave a dangerous pattern and the gears of her mind click and turn with hollow sounds. It was the smile of trouble.

And it was the second smile that Damien saw her wear when she stepped into his house that day. The second smile that played along her face as she put her hands behind her back and sized up the place, focused with thought. The second smile that spoke louder than words as she finally turned to Damien, predatory blue eyes latching onto their prey. She slowly closed the door behind her and slammed the deadbolt shut.

“Hello again, dear. I’m saddened you haven’t called on me at all.”

“Never felt the need,” he answered.

Damien scanned his surroundings. He didn’t know how fast Grace was, but he did know her strength. Once she got ahold of him it would be difficult to escape. The front door was not an option, which meant he’d have to make for the back. Anima, Grace’s not-so-little helper, was behind him on his right, so he’d his first move would have to be ducking to the left.

“Anima, I believe our patient is going to insist on being troublesome. Please restrain him.”

Damien blinked, surprised, and started to dodge, but Anima had the initiative and speed. She seized his shoulder and yanked him close. Her wings then opened and curled around the both of them, combining with her arms to hug him tight against her body.

Seconds. Anima had him helpless in seconds. And he hadn’t even had the chance to react! No wonder Grace brought her along.

Damien tugged at his arms, but the awkward way Anima was holding him left him no good way to move. Her grip was unwavering and firm. As he struggled, he noticed Anima’s height put her breasts level with his head and his struggling only seemed to bury him further into them.

Grace pointed to the couch. “Take him over there and get him ready like I told you. I need to wash my hands before handling him.” She winked at Damien. “Wouldn’t want that sickness to get any worse.”

Damien glared at her. She didn’t care about his health. This was just an excuse. He was about to say something to her when Anima shifted her grip and picked Damien up. He clamped his mouth shut to keep an embarrassing yelp from getting out.

Anima kept her eyes forward, calm and composed, like hauling around a grown man was the most typical thing in the world.

She sat down and placed Damien in her lap. Her size made him feel like a child. She then moved to grab his shirt and pull it over his head, but as soon as her hands left his wrists, he hopped to his feet in a motion to escape. He’d hardly stood up before she hooked her arm around his waist and dragged him back down to her lap, this time leaving the arm there to hold him while disrobing him.

To Anima, he was no more than an invalid.

“You do know Grace is crazy, right?” he said.

Doctor Grace,” said Anima.

“Whatever.” He was starting to doubt Grace was even a real doctor.

“My observations do not sympathize with your supposition. I have no reason to think her ‘crazy’.” She reached for his pants, but he pushed her hand away, earning the first hint of emotion he’d gotten from her: a glint in her blank eyes that could very well have passed for a frown. It vanished in the breadth of a thought.

“Please cease struggling. Doctor Grace is only trying to help,” said Anima.

“You wouldn’t say that if you knew her.”

“She is a medical professional. She is concerned for your health.”

“She is concerned for my dick.”

“And,” said Grace, walking into the room, “That is an important part of your health.”

“How is playing with my dick going to clear a cold?” he said, turning to Grace.

“Anima, his clothing, please.”

“Of course,” said Anima.

Damien was ready to push Anima off again, but she was done with any pretense of politeness. With a single hand, she collected his arms and pinned them hard against her body. Now free, her other hand went down to his waist, undid his button and zipper, and began the slow process of relieving him of his pants.

Grace didn’t help. Instead, she loomed over them, watching, that devious smile clear on her face and her tongue running over her lips as her meal was readied. Damien half expected her to start drooling.

Anima, of course, was entirely oblivious of this, dutifully carrying out the doctor’s orders with complete precision and efficiency. Once finished, she wrapped the other arm around Damien and held him even tighter. There would be no escaping.

“Doctor,” she said, as if presenting Damien.

“Thank you, Anima. I knew I picked the right assistant.”

“You picked her because she’s strong and doesn’t ask questions,” said Damien.

“Now, now, don’t be rude, dear. Anima has expressed interest in learning a few things about nursing, and she’s been superb so far. It’s not fair to give her a hard time just because she’s a beginner.” Grace knelt down. “Let’s see here…”

Damien scowled and turned his head away. Forgetting his situation, he got a faceful of Anima’s breast.

“How wonderful! You’re already hard.” Grace looked up to Anima. “You see, many patients will lie, but it’s important as practitioners of medicine that we discover that truth in order to prescribe the correct treatment. Our patient here resisted help and attempted to make us believe that there was nothing for us to help with, but now we can see he is clearly in need. Watch how he responds to my touch.”

The moment Grace’s hands wrapped around his cock, a thousand brutal, blissful memories flashed through Damien’s head. It was the same touch that both tortured and soothed him, the practiced rigor of an expert matched with the smooth caress of Grace’s skin. He buried his face further into Anima’s breast, heat steaming from his face, and clamped his mouth shut.

“Interesting,” said Anima, staring at Damien’s shame with that muted gaze. “It is exactly as you state. I am, however, perplexed at the cause. Why would one refuse aid if such is needed?”

“Pride or stubbornness,” said Grace, continuing her inspection of Damien’s cock. “This one has a streak of both.” She pinched his cocked and shook it back and forth, giggling when Damien twitched. “That’s part of the reason why he’s my favorite.”

Grace proceeded with her ‘inspection’, poking and prodding at Damien’s cock before moving onto the rest of his body. Purposefully she molded his body, running her hands over every inch of exposed skin, droning on to Anima about how to examine the body, what to look for, and other academic things, though Damien suspected more than half of it was bullshit. Grace’s favorite part was stating how she didn’t need to touch Damien’s cock directly to make it respond.

And Anima was the perfect little student through all of it.

“I think that about does it,” said Grace, standing up. She managed to tear her eyes off of Damien’s cock long enough to meet Anima’s gaze. “Any questions?”

Anima cocked her head, looking down at Damien as if considering further questioning, but she ultimately said nothing. Grace turned around and started heading toward Damien’s bedroom, beckoning for Anima to follow.

“Come, bring our patient, and we can continue the lesson.”

Anima stood up. The way she was holding Damien tight against her, he still had no way to escape, and at her height he could barely even get his toes on the ground. He swung his legs back and forth, trying to knock Anima off balance, but she hardly noticed.

“I would advise you cease this struggling. You are making this more difficult than it need be,” said Anima.

“How about you let me go, then I’ll stop?”

“That is out of the question. I would have expected you to understand this by now.”

“I guess we can’t all get what we want,” Damien grumbled.

When they made it to Damien’s bedroom, his hopes fell. Grace was finishing tying straps to the bed, one for each of his limbs. Those would be far less forgiving than Anima, and it left both angels entirely free to focus on their “treatment”.

“Fantastic,” said Grace, piping up. “Thank you so much for bringing him, Anima. If you would, place him on the bed and hold him down while I get him strapped in.”

“I’m not sick!” said Damien.

Grace shot him an exaggerated frown. “I know doctors can be scary, dear, but you know me. You can trust me.”

“I can trust that you’re insane!”

Anima put Damien on the bed and, quick as a fox, was on top of him, her hands holding his arms out toward the straps. Damien tussled and threw his knees into her back, trying to throw her off, but she remained planted. The moment the first strap went tight on his wrist, a wave of dread flushed over his entire body. With Anima’s help, the rest of the straps were on in seconds and, once again, Damien found himself at Grace’s mercy.

He closed his eyes, doing everything to keep from looking at Grace and seeing that sadistic, diabolical smile… or letting it arouse him.

“Alright, Anima, on your knees, like me, and scoot up until our knees touch,” said Grace, kneeling on the bed and pushing Damien’s head up on her lap.

The bed shifted under Anima’s weight as she did the same. Damien’s head was now resting on both their laps right where their knees came together.

“Now watch and take note of what I do. First, you have to get a hand under his head and lift it up to your breast.”

Grace’s hand snaked under Damien’s head and pulled him up just like she’d explained.

“Since our patient is so stubborn, it will take some encouragement to get him to start sucking. This is why we need both hands free.”

Damien’s entire body tensed the moment Grace’s hand found his cock. She gave it a tertiary stroke, light and slow, before tightening up on his cockhead. It took everything in his power to not give her what she wanted right away.

“You need to make it clear to the patient the reward here. And the punishment. If the patient refuses to cooperate, he cannot receive the proper stimulation. Therefore, you should use milder techniques to prevent the patient from growing comfortable.”

Grace’s hand shifted. Two fingers traced the rim of Damien’s cockhead, idly circling around his tip before running up and down his length. Those fingers continued to attack, searching for every vulnerability and exploiting them but never giving him even close to what he wanted. He squirmed and growled, trying to escape, but her fingers followed him wherever he went. After several minutes of Grace’s teasing, Damien could take it no more and took her nipple into his mouth.

A low moan rolled out of Grace in response. “Lovely. Good boy, Damien.” She looked up to Anima. “See? It’s important to be persistent. Now, watch how I move my hand.”

Her fingers turned into a fist on his cock then began to pump slowly up and down. At the peak of each pump, Grace twisted her wrist, knowing where the movement would do the most damage.

“It’s a very simple procedure, but the execution is important. Most men feel much more around the head of the cock as opposed to the shaft.”

Her hand traveled his length again, hitting him with another wave of pleasure.

“What I’m doing now isn’t much and the patient knows this as well. Only with further cooperation will the stimulation increase and, therefore, the patient’s chances of release.”

To punctuate her point, she pulled Damien’s face further into her breast to the point it suffocated him. For a moment, he considered ignoring her. The joy he’d get from defiance and seeing her demonstration foiled would just about be worth it. But when he hand cupped the head of his cock and rotated, the idea faded away. He closed his lips harder around Grace’s nipple and gave it a healthy licking.

In kind, Grace’s hand accelerated. She was still precise and calculated but now with a staggering vigor to each stroke, amplifying the pleasure that shook Damien’s body.

“Good!” She pat the back of his head and smiled down at him before turning to Anima. “Don’t forget the positive reinforcement. Now, do the same as I am. Here.”

Grace let his head drift away from her tit, but only to allow Anima to come forward as well. Grace took Anima’s hand and guided it to the back of his head, right next to where hers was, and together they brought his face into their breasts. Two nipples now waved in front of him, inches from his mouth, waiting. Anima pushed his head further up.

“Not too hard, let him latch on, first,” said Grace.

Damien’s mouth hovered half-open. Part of him felt guilty seeing Anima dragged into this, but at the same time, she hardly seemed conflicted about subjecting Damien to Grace’s treatment. When he wondered what it would be like to have both their hands on his cock, stroking, devoting themselves to him as he sucked on their nipples, however, it didn’t take long for him to make a decision.

Anima gasped when Damien closed his mouth over her nipple then jumped when he ran his tongue over it.

“Good, good, now remember to reward him!” said Grace.

A second later, Anima’s hand enveloped Damien’s cock, wrapping up his tip while Grace worked his base. He immediately thrusted into their working hands, moaning as he sucked, urging them to go faster.

“He’s responding so well!” said Grace. “Go ahead and get into it a little more, Anima.”

Their breasts squished further together and their hands guided Damien’s head deeper into their softness. At the same time, their pumping hands began to move faster. Anima’s touch was methodical. Plain and firm, her hand jerked with a crude yet eager motion, swirling around his cockhead exactly as Grace had demonstrated, just without the subtle precision Grace clearly had. The doctor, on the other hand, was mischievous, using a confident motion to encourage Anima while sneaking down to grope Damien’s balls whenever he started to relax.

“I…” For the first time that day, Anima’s rigid voice stuttered. “I do not understand the purpose of this exercise.”

Damien could practically hear Grace smile at that.

“We do this to nurture the patient’s dependence on us and build a trusting relationship. The patient needs to understand they should come to us for all of their needs.”

“This… ahh… this sensation, I have not felt it before. I am unsure what it means.”

“Just enjoy it. You’re supposed to.”

“Acknowledged,” said Anima.

Anima’s hand pushed him further into her bosom while Grace moaned and worked his cock faster. Memories of her brutal teasing, stopping just before the point of orgasm, came back to Damien. This was just like last time. She’d act like she was losing herself in the moment to give Damien a sliver of hope to hold onto, then dash it at the worst time, leaving him aching and desperate. Powerless.

But he couldn’t stop himself. The concentrated effort of two hands on his cock was impossible to ignore. Anima’s simple but earnest technique contrasted so well with Grace’s sly and focused movements. Their hands explored his every inch together, over and over, relentless and devoted.

Damien squinted his eyes shut and clamped down hard on Anima’s nipple, making her whimper and her fist clamp down on him tighter. He threw himself into their hands as hard as his hips would allow, begging for release but dreading what may come. Closer and closer it came, building like a balloon in his balls, yearning to escape.

Grace’s hand immediately stopped.

But Anima’s didn’t.

Damien’s eyes flew wide open and he cried out as the first jet of cum shot out of his cock, soiling Anima’s still-working hand and earning a surprised flinch. He moaned with abandon and kept shooting into her hand, a wordless ‘thank-you’ on his lips.

“No! No, no no!”

Grace scrambled to pull Anima off his member, but the damage was done. Her blissfully-unaware hand kept pumping robotically, extracting several shots of cum, splattering it over their hands. He was fully immersed in afterglow, staring up at the ceiling. Anima tried to urge him back onto her breast, but he was lost in another world.

“Drat,” Grace said, looking at Damien’s drooping cock. “It’s thoroughly spent. It’ll be at least another twenty minutes till it’s ready again.” Sighing, she got up and left, returning with a small wet towel and cleaning up the mess, eyeing Anima as she did.

Anima said nothing.

Once finished, Grace crossed her arms beneath her breasts and scrunched up her mouth in thought. She frowned. “I should’ve been more careful. Of course you wouldn’t know when to stop. Oh, well.” She waved Anima over. “I’m going out for a bit to pick up a few things to help our patient out with his condition. Watch over him, make sure he stays put, and get him hard.”

Anima cocked her head. “How would you prefer I do this?”

Grace grabbed Anima’s tits and pushed them together. “You’re quite well-equipped here. Put them to use.”

Anima nodded, then walked to Damien’s side as if to resume nursing him, but Grace shooed her away. “No, no, no, not like that again. He won’t be needing that treatment again for a while. I want you to use your breasts in a more direct manner.” She then pointed to Damien’s cock.

Anima looked down to her breasts, then Damien’s cock, then back to her breasts. “Apply my bosom to his member?”

“C-o-c-k,” said Grace. “No need to be so clinical with your language.”

After a short pause, Anima stepped over to Damien’s cock, then bent over until her breasts were dangling down onto his tip. There she stood, frozen, staring at nothing.

Damien snapped his mouth shut to keep from laughing.

“Anima, that’s not going to help,” said Grace.

“This is a direct application of my bosom to his mem—cock, correct?”

“Yes, but you need to move them. The motion is an important part of the stimulation.”

Anima started swaying back and forth.

“No!” Grace scurried over and straightened Anima out. “You have the essentials right but the execution is all wrong. Posture yourself so you won’t kill your back tittyfucking him for more than a few seconds. I need you to be doing this the entire time I’m gone. Come, over here.”

Grace took Anima to the foot of the bed. Anima briefly met eyes with Damien, though he couldn’t pick up any more emotion from them than he had the first time.

“Alright, on your knees,” said Grace.

Anima complied.

“Now let’s just—” Grace shifted Damien’s bindings to scoot him closer where his legs dangled off the the bed. “—move these. There. Lean forward.” Anima did so, burying Damien’s cock within her breasts. “See? His cock is right there. It’s much more comfortable now, isn’t it?”

A long silence drifted through the room before Anima answered. “Yes, it is. Should I apply the movement now?”

Grace smirked. “As impressive as your breasts are, they’re not going to do everything on their own. Use you hands like this,” she said, pushing her own breasts together. “And make sure to use different motions. Move in circles, lines, up and down, forward and backward, anything to keep him stimulated.”

Anima laid her hands on her breasts just like Grace had demonstrated, crushing them together. Damien’s cock disappeared entirely within their softness. He sucked in a breath, awakening to the smothering pleasure Anima was drowning him in. She started by rotating her breasts in small circles while staring intently at her chest as if the slightest lapse in attention would somehow be disastrous.

Squirming, Damien tried to pull away, knowing that letting Anima continue this for any amount of time would lead to exactly what Grace wanted.

“What is the medical significance of this procedure?” asked Anima.

Shaking her head, Grace laid her hand on Anima’s shoulder. “You let me worry about the medicine, okay? Rest assured, this is completely necessary.”

“Very well.”

Grace watched her trainee smother Damien in those heavenly tits as they devoted themselves to awakening his member.

“This is… agreeable,” said Anima.

“Now you’re getting it! Just keep that up, I’ll need him rock hard when I get back.”

Grace shot Damien a ravenous smile and left.

Damien began pleading mere seconds after the door closed behind Grace. “Please, stop.”

“I was instructed to do the exact opposite.” Anima looked up from her work. “Did you not hear our conversation?”

“You’re really going to keep doing it just because she told you? You ever tried to have an opinion of your own?”

“I would prefer to continue.”

Grace was already corrupting her. If this went on, Anima would end up another lustful maniac like Grace, though without all the emotion. What if he became the target of Anima’s obsession, too?

Damien moaned. Anima had reversed the motion with one of her hands, stirring new levels of bliss within him. Her plentiful tits dove deeper into their work, finding new ways to stimulate him. But as good as they were, he had to stop this. Now.

“Aren’t you suspicious at all about her motivations?” he asked.

“Your supposition is nonsense. She is a doctor. It is obvious she is concerned for the well-being of her patients.”

“That’s just—” Damien’s breath gave out as Anima quickened her pace. “That’s just it! She doesn’t care! All she wants is to use me as a sex object.”

“She has assured me these measures are all necessary to relieve your symptoms.”

“C’mon, you’re not stupid. You have to have some sort of grasp of how the human body works, and you know that rubbing my dick isn’t going to help anything!”

“I disagree. Your body has shown overwhelmingly positive responses to stimulation.”


Anima shifted her breasts again, pressing them together forcefully in a liquid motion away from her body, then in reverse. Her attentions were now focused on his cockhead, swirling it in a impossibly-soft cocoon of pliable skin. Damien tried in vain to pull away.

The longer those divine breasts worked him, the more he wanted to give in. Soon he’d probably give up on escaping and let Anima have her way.

“Please, think about it! Pleasure isn’t the same as health. Just because it feels good doesn’t mean I’m getting better.” said Damien, his voice cracking.

And, for a moment, Anima stopped.

“Your point is valid.” She looked up to him, then back to her chest. “Invoking pleasure in the patient may merely be masking symptoms as opposed to treating them.”

“And there’s no reason why ‘treating’ my dick would help a cold, which is in the sinuses!”

Anima frowned at him. “I shall still defer to Doctor Grace for the medical specifics.”

“Why don’t you try deferring to common sense?”

A long silence passed between them, Anima’s eyes boring deep into Damien’s. If he would’ve had the freedom to, he probably would’ve fidgeted uncomfortably.

But while there was still doubt on her face, that didn’t stop her from moving her breasts again.

“This argument does hold weight. I… I am not familiar with any properties of the male physique that would imply treatment of the member would improve function of the sinuses.”

Gritting his teeth, Damien swallowed a moan as Anima’s breasts grew his cock harder and harder. She was finally putting the pieces together, but he didn’t have much time before those tits took him over the edge. Damien nodded enthusiastically. “Yes! See? That’s why Grace has to force me to do this! Because I know it doesn’t help, it’s just for her own sick pleasures. She’s crazy!”

“You hypothesis is rather extreme. Doctor Grace may have more vested self-interest than most, but that does not alone meet the definition of crazy.”

“You at least accept that this isn’t for my health, but for her pleasure, don’t you?”

“That does seem the most pertinent conclusion.” Anima blinked. “Yes, I suppose, without further information, it makes the most sense that this is not for the purpose of assuaging your sickness.”

“Then let me go.”

“I shall. But understand, should further research support Doctor’s Grace’s position, I shall continue to aid her in carrying out whatever medical procedures she deems relevant.”

Damien hardly had to worry about that, assuming she went to a source of information besides Grace.

“Yeah, yeah, just undo the bonds!”

Anxious, Damien tugged at his wrists, motioning for Anima to get them free first. But as the seconds passed, the only movement Anima made was to continue hammering at his cock with her breasts. She made no move to help him.

“I find this procedure unexpectedly satisfying,” she said.

Damien wanted to yell. Really? Just when he’d thought he’d figured her out!

“I will require you to orgasm first,” said Anima.


She responded with another vacant stare straight into his eyes. “Please release into my cleavage.”

With that, she quickened her pace, swallowing the entirety of Damien’s cock into her bosom. He watched even his tip disappear into the breadth of her tits as she kneaded them back and forth, up and down, faster and faster, her facial expression betraying no hint of effort or even excitement in her actions. To her, this was the simple execution of an already-determined outcome. She would continue this paizuri, he would cum, and that was that.

“Please release.”

“Let me go already!”

“No. Cum.”

Slamming his eyes shut, Damien moaned recklessly. Even without experience, Anima’s earnesty and desire made her technique irresistible. Relentlessly those breasts caressed Damien’s member, perfectly supple and silky, embracing him from all directions at once, leaving nothing unattended. Surrendering to her cleavage, Damien began to thrust.


Damien’s mouth flew open to the point his jaw hurt, uttering broken moans and grunts with no regard for how they might sound. Pleasure exploded from his balls, forced up through his cock by Anima’s vigorously-working chest. Cum shot up into the air once, then again, landing on Anima’s face in two distinctive trails and pooling in the gap between her tits. Gradually, she calmed her motions before dropping her hands down to her sides while staring at the result of her work.

Her stoic gaze moved up to Damien’s face. “You still wish to be released?”

“Yes, of course I do!”

“I will require a condition.”

If she wanted to make him cum again…

“What?” Damien asked cautiously.

“Should circumstances lead us to meet under any such conditions in the future, I should desire to do this again.”

“You want to tie me down and tittyfuck me?”

Anima stood up. “The bonds are not a requirement of this condition. All I wish is, at some point in the future, to stimulate your member with my cleavage until you orgasm. At regular intervals, if such is agreeable.”

“Uh…” Damien stared at the ground, thinking. If Grace wasn’t involved, well, Anima wasn’t all that bad. Misguided, yes, but she didn’t seem unreasonable. And with as skilled as she was with her tits, it’s not like Damien wouldn’t be enjoying himself. Not much of a price for his freedom.


“You agree to this condition?”

“Yes, I agree, now get me loose!”

“Very well.”

She walked over to the side of the bed and, graciously, undid the bonds on his wrists. The moment his hands were free, Damien went for the bindings on one ankle and Anima went for the other. Damien let out a long sigh of relief, stretching his legs and smiling. Looking at Anima, he nodded.

The dual strands of cum from earlier were still on her face, dripping down to the armor on her neck and her cleavage.

“Thanks,” he said.

“You are welcome.”

She didn’t seem to care much about them.

While much better off than a moment ago, Damien still wasn’t out of this yet. Grace was going to be back soon, and he needed to be long gone by then. He had a couple ideas for places to go,  one of them being the police station.

Damien quickly cleaned up and threw on his clothes (Anima watching wordlessly all the while), grabbed his keys, phone and wallet, and made for the door. He paused.

“By the way, uh, Anima?”


“You might want to work on your bedroom talk before next time. I mean, ‘ejaculate’? No one says that.”

“I shall endeavor to improve.”

Nodding one last time to Anima, Damien turned and reached for the doorknob, a great dread lifting off his back.

The knob turned before he reached it.

The dread returned twofold.

He had no time to hide. The door opened in an instant, but at the same time, it took aeons. Damien watched, petrified, eyes quivering at the what he knew he would find.

The shock on Grace’s face disappeared quickly, morphing into her favorite grin.

“My, my, you know I don’t like it when my patients get out of bed.”

He had to act.

“Get out of my way!” he hollered.

Damien charged forward, shoulder first, straight at Grace, but the only thing he hit was open air. She sidestepped him and shoved her fist into his kidney. A brutal wave of nausea slammed into Damien and he fell to his knees, gasping for air.

Grace gracefully scooped Damien up and threw him over her shoulder. Holding his gut, Damien watched with desperate eyes as the outside disappeared behind the door. The lock clicked into place with gruesome finality.

The room was hazy in Damien’s vision. His lungs grasped for air but couldn’t find what they wanted. Only when he was flipped over and thrown onto the bed did air come rushing back into him. Between hard coughs he breathed in as much as he could. When his mind finally came back to the moment, he found his arms were already strapped to the bed and Grace and Anima were both standing at the foot of the bed, talking.

“And how did our—my patient get out of bed?” Grace asked, scowling at Anima with arms crossed.

“He offered a sufficient argument,” Anima said.

“And what would that be?”

“He pointed out the inconsistencies of your treatment and his symptoms.” Anima looked at Damien. “From my observations, he is presenting no symptoms at the moment. Treatment against his request appears unnecessary.”

Grace put a hand on her forehead. “I thought I explained this to you, Anima. Patients often make poor decisions concerning their own health and it’s our duties as their caretakers to ensure they get what they need.”

“I understand that. However, the treatment you have prescribed does not seem to match the illness presented. While your statement holds merit, the patient has also offered satisfactory doubt.”

Grace frowned in thought and for a moment—just a moment—Damien thought Anima had won.

“I guess it’s too much to ask that you simply accept my judgement as a professional. Alright, then. While it’s too late to do it today, tomorrow I will fetch my medical journals and citations on this treatment. If those agree with me, will that be enough for you drop this?”

“That will satisfy me.”

Oh no. No, no, no! Damien sat up, pulling at his bindings, and yelled at Anima. “Are you serious? There’s no way whatever she’ll give you is real! She’s playing you!”

“I must allow her some modicum of trust. Do not worry, I will review her proof with a critical eye.”

“Trust? She hasn’t—”

Grace’s wing swooped in and stuffed Damien’s mouth full of feathers. “Goodness, dear, you are determined to avoid what’s good for you. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you.” She pat Damien on the head. “I’ll cure that sickness right away.”

Damien spat her wing out and glared at her.

A few hours later, after they’d all eaten—Grace had hand-fed the bound Damien, enjoying herself far too much with it—the two angels had snuggled into bed with Damien, Anima in front of him and Grace behind. Damien was surprised to find Grace undoing the bonds on his wrists, but she wasn’t able to let him go free, however.

“Anima, please keep our patient in place.”


The next second, Damien’s face was shoved into Anima’s breasts. Her other hand circled around his back and clung their bodies close while conveniently pinning his arms to his sides. He felt like a stuffed animal.

“Wonderful.” Grace laid a hand on his side, giving him a light pat while nustling up close behind him. “Isn’t this so much more comfortable than having your arms ties up?”

Damien hated to agree with her, but it was. Not that he had any more freedom of movement, though. Anima was far too strong to let him go.

“Goodnight,” said Grace. “The both of you will need to make sure to get your rest. Damien, especially.” She then whispered into his ear. “I’ve got plenty planned for you.”

Damien struggled, but just as he expected, nothing came of it. He was comfortable enough, however, and today had been exhausting. He decided to make the most of what he had, relaxed into Anima’s cleavage, and closed his eyes. Concentrating on his breathing, he drifted off, losing track of time, allowing himself a moment of repose. Sleep gnawed at the edge of his mind. Just as his eyes very starting to droop however, a sensual whisper invaded his ears.

“I’m not done with you yet, dear.”

A hand snaked down between his legs and secured his cock in its grip. Damien mumbled, still drowsy, and tried to slip away but with Anima clutching him like a body pillow and Grace spooning him, there was no room to escape. Grace’s hand began to pump with all the urgency of a sloth.

“Did you somehow think I would let your little escape attempt go unpunished? I thought you knew me better than that,” Grace pouted.

Damien tried to give her a snappy reply, but his words were muffled by Anima’s breasts. When he tried to pull his head back, he found Anima’s grip on it entirely uncooperative. Was she awake? Damien pushed against Anima, jostling her, but she didn’t respond. Out cold.

“Are you enjoying yourself there, all cuddled up with my nurse? A rough first day with a new patient, I think, but she still shows promise. Or maybe you love the feeling of being helpless before me, knowing what I’ll do?”

Her strokes sped up and her voice drilled deeper into his brain. Damien twisted his ear away from Grace, but her breath followed him wherever he went.

He grew hard in her hand.

“There it is. Good boy. You know, you surprised me today. I was sure you were too spent for another round after my nurse’s little mistake but merely twenty minutes later when I came back, I find out you’d already given another load to Anima.” Grace nibbled on his ear. “Could it be you like her?”

Deep in Anima’s bosom, Damien blushed so hard he felt his face would light on fire.

“Mmm, how cute. I’ll have to cure you of that, though. I’m your doctor, no one else.”

Grace pushed Damien’s cockhead up against Anima’s bare belly, rubbing it over her smooth skin and leaving trails of precum behind.

“What would she think, you dirtying her stomach like this while she’s sleeping? I don’t know if she’d appreciate it.” Her hand pumped faster and her grip tightened. “And so energetically, too. Are you just going to let yourself cum all over her? Do you not have any self-control?”

Damien mumbled his frustration into Anima’s breasts again. Like it or not, however, Grace’s hand knew what it was doing, and trapped as he was it was only a matter of time before it got what it wanted. The familiar pressure began to build in his loins. Moaning, he writhed between the two angels, trying to concentrate on anything but the pumping hand on his cock.

“Look at you, you’re so adorable! It’s so cute how hard you’re trying.” Grace planted a kiss on his neck. “Such a wonderful patient you are. Maybe we shouldn’t make such a mess on her stomach, it’d get all sticky between the two of you.” She let a pause hang in the air. “No, I have a better idea, dear.”

She pulled his tip lower. Damien’s head grew so hot it could’ve exploded. His every thought was now on where Grace was directing his cock. Breaths came out in rasps.

Grace, however, didn’t stop at the one place he feared. His tip brushed against Anima’s underwear and went down past it to settle between her thighs. Then, using just her hips, Grace plunged Damien forward.

An involuntary moan rambled out of Damien’s mouth. The supple, creamy walls of Anima’s thighs welcomed him eagerly and sent lightning bolts of pleasure running through Damien’s body.

Grace’s legs reached out and hooked around Anima’s, putting Damien’s hips in a perfect little prison. He was now completely at the mercy of Grace’s hips.

And they wanted him to fuck Anima’s thighs.

Damien let out another desperate moan as Grace forced him forward again. What kind of person was he for letting this happen? For enjoying it?

To his surprise, Anima’s thighs clamped down, crushing him. He looked up, expecting to find her awake, but her eyes were still shut. This was entirely on instinct. Each plunge into their tightness drove Damien mad.

He finally managed to get out something not stifled by Anima’s breasts. “Stop, please!”

“Oh, dear,” Grace whispered into his ear, “That was never going to happen.”

She slammed Damien’s cock in as deep as it could go.

It was too much.

Bliss surged throughout Damien’s entire body and his vision went white. Mouth gaping open, his muscles tensed and drove him into the silky walls of Anima’s thighs. Cum rocketed out, splattering all over, smearing on Anima’s legs as Grace continued to force Damien in and out. He grit his teeth as hard as he could, trying to stay focused, to keep from passing out, to keep from screaming from the indescribable pleasure of it all. Insatiable, Grace kept thrusting, shoving his mind into the pool of ecstacy over and over again.

Finally, when Damien could give no more, Grace released him. He collapsed like a rag doll, panting, blinking, trying to recover while Anima still held him close.

Grace softly stroked his arm, nuzzling her head into his neck and smiling.

“Did you enjoy that?” she asked.

Damien was still catching his breath, he could hardly answer.

“Good. Because it’s going to be a very long time before I let you cum again.”

Damien swallowed. Hard.




The morning came rather abruptly to all of them with a demanding and resounding knock on the door.

Damien was still stuck in the haze of waking. Anima simply opened her eyes, looked down to Damien, then back up, like a robot that had just turned on. Grace, however, was the fastest among them, already sitting up and looking toward the door.

“Visitors?” she asked Damien.

He kept his mouth shut. Whoever it was, Damien wasn’t expecting them. But maybe he could use their arrival to his advantage and escape.

“Ask them who they are,” said Grace. “And don’t mention us.”

“Why would I—”

Grace grabbed his nuts unkindly. “Dear, please, as much as I love scaring the wits out of you, I don’t have time for it now. Do it.”

“Who is it?” Damien yelled at the door.

“Miss Thessa Renalyd demands entrance.”

The color drained from Grace’s face in an instant.

“Damnit! How did she know!?” Fuming, she threw off the covers and jumped out of bed. “We’re leaving.”

“What? Why should I leave?” said Damien.

He opened his mouth to yell for help, but Grace slapped her hand over it first.

“Anima, secure him and get ready to go. And be quick about it.” She looked down to Damien. “We’re running from my boss.”



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