The White Snake

She curled her nose as her eyes darted from side to side, looking for confirmation from her friends that what had just happened, had indeed truly happened.

“So, Danica, is that a yes?”

She was snapped back to reality as Timothy broke a silence she was too stunned to break herself. He had just asked her out, in front of her friends, and she wasn’t sure what to think.

He wasn’t ugly, by any means, but he wasn’t exactly a dream either. Loose curls of brown hair down to his ears, glasses over green eyes, freckles. He wasn’t tall or short, but he was skinny and frail looking. Not freakishly so, but enough that the thought of him as an actual man, a man interested in her sexually, never entered her mind.

She eventually found her tongue, still rather shocked.

“I- wow, uh. Hmm. Listen, Tim, you’re a good guy… but I’m not really looking to date right now.”

Tim, a smile never leaving his face, didn’t miss a beat.

“Ah. Well, alright then. I’ll see you tomorrow. Good luck on that project, by the way. Let me know if you have trouble with it.”

The two girls with Danica guided her away as she gave a half-hearted wave goodbye. Timothy kept up his smile as they all walked away. With a sigh, he let the smile drop and headed in the opposite direction to the parking garage and his car.

College wasn’t turning out like he’d hoped.

Timothy was a bright young man, 24 years of age, in his junior year of college. He was not the most extroverted of people, and had never had many friends. He had also never had a girlfriend. He had been quite hopeful when he got to his University that everything would change. He had been told by his parents how there were lots of pretty girls in college, and he’d find someone easily. After all, he was so sweet and handsome! Timothy had doubts about his parents’ prediction.

He had been proven right.

Tim wasn’t bitter or angry about it. He was just… lonely.  He couldn’t force people to love him. He couldn’t make a girl want to date him. Even if he could, he wouldn’t want to.

Luckily, he didn’t live too far from the university, and he had holed up in the cheapest rent house he could find. It was a much better deal than the dorms and provided a lot more room. As he drove up, he noted absent-mindedly that the grass was due for a cut. He thought he had asked his sister to take care of that today.

As he entered the small house he was hit with sounds of digital gun fire. He passed the entrance way to find his sister playing some video game in the dark. He sighed and flipped the light on. Immediately she paused the game and looked behind her, looking a little agitated.

“C’mon Tim, turn it off.”

“Its bad for your eyes, you know.”

“I’m not the one who wears glasses.”

“Well you will if you keep up bad habits.”

She huffed before getting up off the floor, and sat on the futon. Lily was Tim’s little sister, 19, and had been a shut in for as long as he could remember. He let his eyes wander as he found to his dismay that his sister hadn’t cleaned up her mess in the living room like he’d asked her. Her books were littered everywhere, her manga were stacked too close to the couch and blocked the path to the kitchen, and her pillows and blankets were splayed everywhere. Her laptop was open and her headphones were jacked into it as she played a game on their console.

“Lily, you can’t live like this.”

“Sure I can,” she said cheekily. “Its you who has a problem with it.”

Tim groaned and sat on the futon next to his sister. She took the opportunity to fall over into his lap and began to play her game again as her head rested against her brother’s thighs.

Tim just sat there for a bit, unwinding from the day. He’d have work tomorrow, but for now he let himself relax.

“Hey, how’d asking out that girl go?”

Tim paused for a moment.

“Well, it went okay I guess. She said no though.”

His sister growled in what seemed frustration.

“Dummy, then it went bad! Whatever, you’re too good for her anyway.”

“You’ve never met her.”

“I don’t need to.”

Tim smiled; his sister could be a bit grumpy sometimes. He ruffled her hair as he made to get up and start on dinner, but was thwarted as his sister refused to get up. He didn’t want to push her, but she seemed adamant on him staying put.

“C’mon, Lily, I need to get dinner started.”

“I’m not even hungry. And you’re comfy. Just stay here for a bit.”

“Well I’m hungry.”

Again, she paused her game and this time looked up at him, her own bright green eyes sparkling. Lily was a cute girl, she always had been. Gentle face, cute button nose, freckles that seemed to work far more for her than it did for him. She was just as lithe as he was, but it looked nice on a girl. Her auburn hair was long, down her mid-back. She didn’t wash it as much as she should though, so it was a bit greasy.

“What if I cooked this time?”

Tim raised an eyebrow.

“What can you cook? I’ve been making your meals ever since we were little.”

“Hey! I can cook some stuff.”

She got up off of him, finally, and headed to the kitchen. She was quite adept at picking her way through the mess. Though he supposed she would be, considering she was the one who made it. He sat for a few moments longer, wondering what to do. He’d finished his art history project early yesterday, so there wasn’t anything he really needed to do.

With a shrug he picked up the remote and flipped to the TV channel, leaving Lily’s game on. The news was mostly about drug warfare on the southern border, the immigration crises, and other such things that just depressed Tim to the point where he had to change the channel.

He found himself on Monster News Network.

Monsters… monster girls, really. Like in those anime and manga his sister liked to read. They were real, and had been for the past few years. Yet, they had integrated surprisingly well across the world. Well, before WW3 started and they had mostly left other countries to hole up on their weird island in the pacific.

Tim had never thought much about it, you’d think the confirmation of magic and angels and demons would be a bigger deal, but the world kept turning and old problems didn’t disappear. Everyone carried on, pretty much exactly like before. With the exception that now there was an island nation in the pacific that exported women by the millions.

“You ogling the succubus or the lamia?”

Tm was brought out of his thoughts as his sister plopped down next to him again, a bit of a strange expression on her face.

“Neither, you goofball. I just changed the channel. Besides, they’re anchorwomen. There’s nothing to ‘ogle’.”

“Pffft. Their boobs are huge, don’t lie to me. Why else would you want to watch MNN? C’mon just tell me. Its not like I’m gonna get mad. I get it better than most girls, you know.”

“I wasn’t looking at them like that. Weren’t you making something to eat? You done, or did you give up?”

She smiled, and put her hands on her waist looking proud.

“Waiting for water to boil. We’re having ramen.”

Tim just looked at her, unsurprised. It didn’t take a genius to cook ramen. He should get up and make something healthier. However, he didn’t really feel like it today. A little ramen every now and then wouldn’t kill them. With a sigh he laid back and prepared to change the channel, but to his surprise, his sister stopped him. She took the remote and placed it over by her side of the futon before laying her head on his shoulder.

“I meant it by the way.” His sister said, confusing him.

“Meant what?”

“You’re too good for that Danica person. You’re too good for most of the girls you try to date.”

“I don’t know about that…” Tim didn’t think he was anything special. He took care of his sister, he had decent grades, he respected people. He just did the things any decent person would do. “What about you? You apply to those jobs I sent you?”


“Don’t lie to me Lily.”

“Sorry. I just… don’t like being around people.”

“I can’t pay the rent for both of us indefinitely you know. How were your classes? Meet any cute guys?”

His sister huffed, seemingly annoyed at the question.

“No. Everyone’s weird in art classes. I don’t talk to anyone.”

“Well, maybe you should. You might like them more if you talk to them.”

The two fell silent for a moment.

“I met a monster in one of my classes.”

That caught Tim’s attention. They were pretty rare on campus though he had seen a few.

“Really? What was she like?”

“She was nice. We talked a little.”

“What’d you talk about?”

Lily didn’t answer, instead getting up to check on her ramen. To Timothy’s surprise, she opted to cook a little more than ramen and also made them grilled cheeses. Something he didn’t know she could do. She was pretty smug about it, but humbled herself when he suggested she take over cooking duties.

Lily was glad that her brother went to bed early that night. He deserved some rest before his shift. She knew she had to get a job soon, but she also just didn’t want to interact with people. She could open up to Tim, he got her. But others? She just couldn’t talk to them. So the fact that most entry level jobs were customer service oriented put her in a bad position.

She logged back into her game and looked to see if her friend was on. Just the one.

Lily was not nearly as eager to be snarky and teasing with people that weren’t Tim. She hadn’t made any friends in college until about a week ago. When Sayoko came to class. She was a very pretty lamia. A girl with a snake-like lower half. The coolest thing about her, Lily thought, was her pure white hair and scales.

The monsters that had come into the world fascinated her, and she wanted to know as much about them as she could. It turned out a lot easier to befriend the lamia than she expected it to be. None of the other girls in the class wanted anything to do with her, and the three guys in the class were all gay.

Sayoko was glad to have someone talk to her, and Lily found that she was just as shy around people as she was usually. They had really bonded over their love of manga and anime. Sayoko came from the Free Umbral Kingdoms, specifically the kingdom of Zipangu and the city of Shimoto. All of this fascinated Lily, who loved japan and was intrigued in what was essentially a strange fantasy version of it.

Lily smiled as she saw that Sayoko was on, and messaged her with her discord info. Before long, Lily heard her friend’s sweet voice.

“Lily! You’re up late, as always.”

“Well I don’t have class tomorrow, so why not?”

“Can’t argue with that. What game are you playing?”

The two of them played a generic first-person shooter together deep into the night. All throughout, they’d talk about their classes, their current situations in life, and their general troubles. Lily didn’t particularly like her major. She thought that she would like art, even took 3d modeling classes that she was hoping would get her to the point she really wanted to be. What she really wanted to do was make video games.

But all her classes were boring and stupid. Except for painting, but that was just because she could be with Sayoko.

“So how’s your brother doing?”

Lily was brought out of her focus, and missed her shot. But luckily, the person on the other end was slow and she got him with a quick shot to the head before the match ended. 

“He’s okay, i guess. Could be better. I know he really liked this one girl, Danica. He asked her out today. She said no. Her loss, if you ask me. He’d be a great boyfriend.”

Sayoko giggled. 

“Well maybe i could be his girlfriend!”

Lily rolled her eyes.

“Sayoko, be serious.”

“I am being serious. I bet he’s a great guy. You talk about him all the time. If he’s half as good as you say he’d be the perfect boyfriend.”

“You don’t even know what he looks like.”

“Well whose fault is that? Send Me a pic! I want to seee.”

Lily considered it for a moment. Her brother was a great guy. And he deserved to be with someone. But would he want to hook up with his sister’s friend? He liked monsters. She knew that, even though he tried to hide it. 

And Sayoko… She was really pretty.

 Sayoko was an interesting character. She hailed from the kingdom of Zipangu, and as such her face was very similar to what a Japanese woman’s would look like, but her hair was a pristine white and her eyes a vibrant red. Her nose was small and cute, her lips small but pouty. She always wore a kimono every time Lily saw her. They were always vibrant and colorful, though rather than floral patterns they often had snakes on them. Her long serpentine tail was also a glistening glossy white, that intrigued Lily to no end.

Lily had, more than once, considered introducing her only friend and her brother. She knew they’d get along. But something about it… just didn’t sit well with her. She loved her brother, and didn’t want him to be alone forever. But deep in her heart she feared that if he ever actually did get a girlfriend, then she would be left behind. She knew they couldn’t live together forever, but she didn’t want to speed the process along if she could help it.

Still, Sayoko was a good girl, pretty. She was a lamia too, which Lily thought was super cool. Maybe she should introduce them to each other.

“Okay, I don’t know if he’d approve, but let me find a pic and I’ll dm you.”


“Geez, you don’t have to sound so eager about it.”

“But I am. If he’s anything like you, he’s probably a great guy.”

“Oh shut up, you big flatterer.”

Lily got to her computer and did her best to find a good picture of her brother. She settled for a couple since her brother didn’t get his picture taken that often. A picture of him alone in a white suit from his senior prom, a picture of her and him eating snow cones, and a picture of him she snatched while he wasn’t looking that had really good lighting and caught the green of his eyes.

She sent them to Sayoko over the discord, and immediately regretted it. She heard a squeal from her friend on the other end.

“Oh he’s adorable! And you’re telling me he’s never had a girlfriend? That’s crazy!”

“He always goes after the wrong girls.”

“Well I’ll be the right one.”

“Hold up! I didn’t say I was going to set you guys up.”

“Aw. Why not? Am I not good enough either? We’re friends, Lily. Please? At least let me meet him.”

Lily didn’t know what emotions she was feeling right now. All she knew was that she was feeling a lot of them all at once. She felt guilty for not wanting them to meet. But she also felt…possessive. Like she didn’t want to let him go. He’d looked out for her her whole life. He was her best friend during her real angsty early teen years. He had let her live with him her practically rent free for almost two years now. But then she remembered how much of a burden she was, not having a job. She didn’t even cook much, that was all him. He cooked, he cleaned, he paid the bills.

She felt ashamed of herself as she looked about the darkened room, the glow of the television revealing the piles of paper plates, blankets, pillows, manga, and other assorted things. She should clean up. Timothy didn’t like a dirty house. If she cooked and cleaned maybe he wouldn’t push her to get a job as much too.

She sighed.

“Alright, Sayoko, I’ll…. introduce you two. But I want a favor.”

“Yes! Oh, uh yeah sure. Whatever you want.”

“I need a job, or some way to make money. Right now Tim pays for everything and I feel kind of guilty about it. I want to help out… I just, I really really really don’t like dealing with people. You have anything that can help me out?”

Sayoko was quiet for a bit, and Lily was worried she had been disconnected. But then, after a few minutes of silence, Sayoko spoke.

“I think I do. I don’t know if you’d be up for it though.”

“Well at least let me hear it.”

“Well, do you know how I pay for my classes and books and stuff?”

Lily paused. She never really thought about it. She assumed she had just taken out a loan like most people did. A very creepy thought popped into her head of Sayoko being a prostitute, but she banished that thought from her mind.

“You aren’t like…” Lily hesitated. Why was she asking her only friend if she was a hooker? How awful was she that she even considered that Sayoko would do that? Still… she thought she had better be safe than sorry. “… a hooker are you?”

Sayoko burst out laughing from the other side of the mic, apparently finding the question funny.

“What? No, don’t be silly. I sell my shed skin to research labs. Also my venom and a couple scales every once in a while. Geez, Lily. What kind of girl do you think I am?”

“Sorry, I guess… I don’t know why that popped into my head. You said I wouldn’t like it, and I just assumed the wor- wait. How does you selling your scales and stuff help me? I don’t have scales.”

“Well that’s the part I don’t know if you’d like. Have you heard about monsterization?”

Lily furrowed her brow, recognizing the word, but not being able to place it. She typed it into her browser and got a few articles on South Korea. Apparently, monsterization was the process of human women becoming monsters. Usually to improve their looks. Lily read further, fascinated. Several K-pop stars had become succubae, and the populace was even more daring. She saw pictures of average looking Asian women become drop-dead gorgeous girls as they become real mermaids, or elves, or even lamia! Lily’s eyes widened at the realization of what her friend was implying.


“Wait. Sayoko. Are you saying I should become a lamia like you… to live off selling my skin and stuff?”

“I’m not saying you should. I’m just saying it’s a possibility. And I’m not a lamia. I’m a shirohebi.”

“What’s the difference?”

“Cultural mostly. But also the fact that I have white hair and scales. You could just become a normal lamia though, if you wanted. Or an arachne. I hear mermaids and elves are the most popular.”

Lily felt something deep within the pit of her stomach. It was like butterflies and dread at the same time.

“I mean… how would I even do that? None of the articles I looked up mention how that happens.”

Lily suddenly heard a little ping, and saw that Sayoko had sent her a link to a website.

“That website has all the info you need. No matter what you choose, usually there’s an easy way to make money by selling stuff to researchers. Your scientists are really going nuts over it all! But, enough about that. When are you going to introduce me to Tim? I want to meet him so bad!”

Lily bit her lip and did her best to avoid the topic for the rest of the night.  However, Sayoko was persistent. Eventually, Lily set a time.

Tim came home from work greasy and exhausted. He worked as a fry cook at some dingy fast food restaurant for slightly above minimum wage. As he made his way to the living room he was pleasantly surprised to find his sister’s mess from the previous night cleaned up. He had left the house that morning a mess. He had awoken to find his sister sleeping on the floor surrounded by her pillows and blankets curled around her laptop. 

Now he found that the living room was nice and tidy. All of her things had been put away for what seemed to be the first time in months. He found his sister lounging on the couch, a manga in her hand. 

“Hey, welcome back.”

“Thanks. You cleaned up.”

“Thanks for noticing. I also made dinner.”

Tim made a face, not really in the mood for ramen twice in a row. Lily must have noticed because she let out a laugh. 

“Relax! I made spaghetti. I can make more than one thing.”

Tim made to apologize before thinking better of it. He just thanked her and headed to the shower. He always felt gross after his shift and the shower helped revive him. As he soaped up, his thoughts wandered to his classmates. Danica was a pretty girl, and they got along well. He hoped that the fact he had asked her on a date wouldn’t ruin their friendship. But he knew it would. Jesse was another girl he really liked, but she had rejected him a few months ago. She had made it abundantly clear that she did not find him attractive at all. That rejection had stung a bit more than the others.

He sighed deeply as the warm water pelted across his skin. He let his mind wander in the steamy cascade and came to a very odd thought. Why could he get along with his sister so well, but he couldn’t get a girlfriend? Was he actually too nice, like some men on the internet complained about? Or was he just unattractive, and he hadn’t noticed until now? He supposed he could go to the gym. It couldn’t hurt. But he didn’t know when he’d find the time. He worked and went to school and that just seemed to eat up his time. He couldn’t afford to ask for less time working, not with Lily being unemployed. He loved his sister, but she could stand to look a little harder. He knew she didn’t apply for even half of the jobs he sent her.

Lily. She was such a pretty girl, he didn’t understand why it was so hard for her to make friends. She was a bit tomboyish, but then that should have let her befriend other guys. But all throughout their lives, she just wouldn’t talk to anyone. She was content staying all to herself and talking solely to her goofy gangly brother. He wished he could help her, but she had to help herself first.

He hadn’t thought about it before, but she’d never had boyfriend. He knew she could have found one easily enough but no one ever seemed to pique her interest. Why? He knew all her old classmates, they were decent guys.

As he pondered on theses things, he emerged from the shower refreshed and clean. He began drying off, and was rather distracted as the door to the bathroom swung open. Timothy made to tell his sister he was still busy, but instead of his sister’s face peering at him through the doorway, it was a strange white-haired girl.

Caught like a deer in the headlights, Timothy stared directly at a stranger he had no idea who was. He quickly covered himself, though he saw the woman’s eyes had drifted to his groin too quickly for him to conceal anything. She caught his eyes, and he briefly noted her eyes were like scarlet fire. This was a monster of some kind. He wanted to yell at her, but he was too stunned to move or speak for a good 5 seconds.

Finally, the girl put up her hands placatingly and closed the door.


Timothy quickly locked the door, and began to panic. Who was that, and why were they in the house?! What had happened to Lily?! What kind of monster was it? Were there dangerous ones? Was it just a thief? He had heard some of the monsters were violent, that some had been caught raping people. Was his sister… no. No, that couldn’t be right, why would the odd girl close the door if she was a rapist. Unless… maybe she didn’t like men? His heart was beating so loudly in his chest, he didn’t realize that the door was being knocked.

“Sorry about that! I’m Sayoko, Lily’s friend. I didn’t know you were in the shower.”

Tim was about to retort that he didn’t believe her, but then he heard his sister.

“Sayoko, did you just peep on my brother? You sicko.”

Tim was nearly struck dumb. His sister had a friend? Since when? Then he remembered the previous night. His sister had said something about meeting a monster in one of her classes. What kind was it again? He tried his best to remember, but all he could imagine were those eerie scarlet eyes. Eventually he relaxed, and calmed himself. She wasn’t an intruder; she wasn’t a thief. And she was not a rapist. Geez, what kind of goofy nonsense was that? He shook his head, he watched too much news.

“N-no, harm done.” Tim said behind the door, a little out of breath. “I’ll be out in a minute.”

Still a bit shaken, Tim brushed his hair and got dressed. A simple white t-shirt and a pair of black jeans. He always brought clothes with him to the shower so he wouldn’t have to risk his sister seeing him in just a towel as he got back to his room. At that thought, he was reminded of his recent indecent exposure with the odd monster friend his sister made. His cheeks reddened as he exited the shower and tentatively made his way to the dining room.

Sitting at the table was his sister, and the girl with white hair. Without a door between them, he could finally see what she was. She was a lamia, with a long serpentine body extending past her waist. It was a glossy white that shone so well he thought it might be polished. Her clothing consisted of a simple black kimono with white trim and snake patterns.

His sister sat opposite her, wearing her typical black V-neck t-shirt and blue pajama bottoms. They stopped talking as he entered the room, and Tim had a sneaking suspicion that they had been talking about him. He noticed the lamia looking at him a little strangely, like he wasn’t just a person, but a meal. He’d had very few encounters with monsters, and he wasn’t sure how to react around them. He also didn’t really know how to act around a girl who had seen his penis. A sad fact, but a true one.

He cleared his throat.

“Uh. So. I’m Timothy. Some people call me Tim. It’s, uh, nice to meet you.”

The snake woman smiled and slithered out of her chair, smooth scales rippling across the floor as she slid up next to him.

“Its nice to meet you too. My name is Sayoko, I’m from Zipangu, in the FUK. I share a painting class with your sister. She’s told me a lot about you.”

“She… has?”

Lily waived a hand lackadaisically.

“I mentioned you once or twice. Sayoko and I’ve been gaming together for a bit, sent her some pics of you. She was curious, wanted to meet you. Been a while since I had a sleepover, so I thought I’d let her come over tonight. No big deal, right Tim?”

“Uh, no. No trouble at all.”

Lily smiled and waved them both over to the table. Tim noticed then that the table already had paper plates and a pot of spaghetti ready. He let Sayoko sit down first before making his way to his seat. It was harder than normal, since Sayoko’s length was so long it trailed out of the chair and curled up about the floor. The first few moments of the meal were silent. Tim too embarrassed and confused to ask anything, and Lily gorging herself on some rather mediocre spaghetti. Sayoko, however, kept giving him lingering looks, a smirk on her face. Tim didn’t particularly like the look. It again reminded him of a predator looking at a meal. Or perhaps a snake looking at a mouse would be more apt. He certainly did feel small under those crimson orbs. Lily broke the silence finally as the meal was mostly eaten by the three. Tim took the opportunity to start cleaning up, so he wouldn’t have to deal with Sayoko.

“So, Sayoko. Last night you said you were going to bring something.”

“Mmm? Oh, yes. That. Its right here.”

Tim peered out from the kitchen and saw Sayoko reach into her kimono. She brought out a small glass bottle filled with some kind of bluish liquid inside of it.

His curiosity piqued, he asked what it was.

Lily didn’t answer him, instead opting to ignore him like she usually did, and put the bottle in her pocket. Sayoko, however, seemed to be bad at reading cues and so happily informed him.

“Why its liquid mana, mine to be precise.”

“Mana? Like… magic?”

Sayoko! Shush!” Lily said, her face red for some reason.

“Why? He’ll find out eventually. I mean if you actually go through with it, you won’t exactly be able to hide it.”

Timothy was getting a bit nervous now. Go through with what? What had his sister gotten into? He spared a glance at Lily and saw that she was attempting to avoid his eyes. It didn’t last long and as he caught her gaze she relented with a huff.

“Alright, alright. You know how you were talking to me about needing a job? I was thinking you were right. But I just… I really don’t want to work around people, okay? I just don’t. And Sayoko, well… she was talking about how she made money. And I guess, I just thought, ‘hey, I could do that.’ And so, we got to talking and-”

Tim cut her off.

“Lily, stop. You’re rambling. Just tell me what the… magic potion is for.”

He shook his head, amazed he was still living in reality. Magic potions in the 21st century? He supposed he shouldn’t be too shocked. A snake woman was in his house, and a giant continent had appeared out of nowhere in the pacific years ago. The world stopped making sense long before now.

“Its to turn her into a shirohebi, like me.” Sayoko said.

Timothy was silent for a few seconds, not entirely processing the information. To turn her into what? He let his eyes drink in Sayoko’s form, confusion still plain on his face. She seemed to enjoy his attention. A little too much, for his taste.

Turn her? A shiro- what now?”

“A shirohebi. A white snake, like me. I know you tend to think of all snake monsters as lamia, but we actually have several varieties. She wanted to be one, so I thought I’d help her out.”

Lily finally decided to speak on her own behalf, putting on a brave face, but Tim could tell she had a pleading look in her eyes, as if she needed his approval.

“It’ll be amazing, Tim. I can sell my scales, blood, venom, and shed skin to scientists. I’ll make good money doing it to! Sayoko has a lot of connections. You wouldn’t even have to work anymore! It pays that well!”

Lily was up out of her seat now, her hands clasped together as she begged him to understand. He didn’t know why his approval meant so much to her. If she really wanted to do that, to… become a monster, he wouldn’t be able to stop it. He rubbed the back of his neck, trying to think through all the consequences of her actually going through with it.

“Look, Lily. A job isn’t the end of the world. I mean, if you really wanted to do this… then I can’t stop you. I just think this is a really big change that you might just be making because you’re, well, lazy. I love you, but you are really really lazy. You always have been. I was hoping you’d grow out of it, but now it looks like you want to become a lam- shirohebi just to avoid work. I don’t know if that’s the best decision.

“Not to mention, what would mom and dad think? I mean, I don’t think they’d stop loving you or anything. But this is a really big thing. Have you really thought out all the consequences? I love you, Lily, but I think you might be making a mistake.”

His sister looked at him with an unreadable expression for a few moments. The tension was thick in the air, as it seemed Lily fought an internal battle. Timothy didn’t say anything, but was well aware that his sister was debating if his arguments had been good enough to dissuade her.

She took the potion from her pocket and uncorked it. In one fluid motion she drank all of it down. Timothy lunged forward to stop her, but he tripped, falling on the floor. Looking behind him he saw he had tripped on Sayoko’s long serpentine tail. With a curse, he looked up at his sister, who now held an empty bottle.

“Well, Sayoko, you can have the bottle back.” Lily said as she handed her friend back the empty vessel.

Lily stretched her arms over her head nonchalantly, as if she hadn’t just imbibed a magical concoction to turn her into a snake monster. Timothy got up, a look of incredulity on his face.

“Lily. God, Lily. What have you done?!”

“Its not that big a deal, Tim. C’mon, you’re being a wuss.”

“What’ll Mom and Dad think?”

“Its not like I’m gay or something. They’ll be fine with it.”

Tim placed a shaky hand over his mouth, too stunned by his sister’s brashness to continue. He shook his head and gripped his hair in frustration, wishing that for once in his sister’s life she would just listen to him.

He was brought out of the moment by the clattering of dishes. Sayoko had begun cleaning the table where Timothy had left off. After a few more seconds… absolutely nothing happened to his sister. No changes were being made that he could see anyway. Her hair was the same chestnut brown, her eyes were still green. Her ears even, were still nicely rounded rather than pointed like Sayoko’s. Nothing had happened.

Confused, Tim turned to Sayoko, who had finished cleaning up. She smiled sweetly at him, as if everything about this were normal. Then she put a hand on his shoulder.

“It’ll take some time for the transformation. And being a shirohebi is a very wonderful thing. Trust me, you’ll find you had nothing to worry about.”

“Yeah, Bro. Don’t worry about it. There’s something else I wanted to talk about anyway.”

“Lily, you’ve done some crazy things, but this… God, Lily! I don’t even know what to think.”

“Then don’t think. I wanted to say that you can go ahead and quit your job. I know you hate it. Now I can provide for both of us.”


“Shut up, Tim. I’m trying to fix your life.”

“My life’s not broken!”

Sayoko coughed softly in her hand, and the two siblings stopped their argument to glare at her. She only smiled, not perturbed in the least by their glowering.

“Tim, it’s really not that bad. You’ll see. Just give it a while. I wanted to change the subject a bit. I have tickets to a concert tomorrow and I’d like it if you came with me. I think you’ll have a lot of fun.”

Tim stood dumbly for a few moments as his sister’s friend appraised him. A concert? What for? Why would she want him to come and not Lily? They had only just met.

Then, like a flash of lightning, he realized that she was asking him out. She was asking him to come on a date with her. The surprise was evident on his face as she giggled at his baffled expression. His sister hit his shoulder playfully, a smirk on her face as he continued to stand dumbstruck.

“C’mon, Tim. Say yes.” His sister playfully ribbed.

“I- uh. Sure. I guess. I mean, I don’t have work tomorrow. So, yeah. That sounds fun.”

Sayoko thanked him and said her goodbyes after arranging to pick him up tomorrow evening. He had offered to pick her up instead, but she insisted that it would be better the other way around since she had to have a special-made car to fit her substantial length. With some awkward goodbyes from Tim and Sayoko, and a hug between the two girls, the shirohebi departed. Thus, the two siblings sat quietly on the futon, neither talking to the other.

Then, as if nothing had changed, Lily went to her room and gathered up her pillows and blankets and scattered them on the living room floor. Tim didn’t say anything, still processing the night’s events. When his sister pulled up a fighting a game and handed him a controller, he was happy to just forget about it all and just play with his sister.

Lily was brash, lazy, messy, but he still loved her. Even if she was going to become a weird snake monster. He pushed all of his worries to the end of his mind and made to concentrate on beating up his sister. In the video game of course.

A few hours passed and Timothy had calmed down. He wished his sister goodnight, and went to bed, leaving her to play her games alone.

Lily woke up sometime in the afternoon, having stayed up past 3am. She was splayed unceremoniously along the floor, her limbs tangled in the blankets and pillows. She awoke with a snort, drool pooling out of her mouth and her hair stuck on her face. She looked about bleary eyed as she stumbled to her feet and stretched her legs. With a groan, she stalked towards the bathroom to clean herself up. She briefly wondered if she woke up early enough to see her brother off before he went out on his date.

As she entered the bathroom, she checked the mirror for any sign of her impending monsterization. She didn’t really notice anything different. Her hair was still brown, her eyes still green, her ears still round. No scales adorned her, and no claws were bequeathed to her. She had no fangs, and she was fairly certain she had no venom. She gave a little pout, upset. Why was it taking so long? She wanted to be a lamia already. Or shirohebi, she supposed.

Though she didn’t notice anything monstrous about her appearance, she did notice something else. Something a little out of the ordinary, but not very snake-like. Her breasts had gotten, well, quite a bit bigger. A proud card-carrying member of the itty-bitty titty committee for as long as she could remember, she now could see that her breasts were at least a D cup. Not ridiculously large, but much bigger than what they were when she went to sleep.

She poked them, curious. She didn’t usually wear a bra, never needing the support. She only wore them if she was afraid her nipples would show through her clothes. Her breasts, she confirmed, were quite real. She realized that there might have been other side effects to monsterization she hadn’t considered. She knew monsters consisted solely of women, and she had always noticed that they were on average better looking than human women. Hell, she had even noted that was a very big part of why monsterization was so popular in South Korea. It was an alternative to plastic surgery for a lot of women.

She pressed her lips together, trying to decide if she was happy having bigger boobs. They looked nice, sure, but now she’d have to go buy bigger bras, and she’d have guys ogling her all the time. Although, a thought creeped into her head that a little ogling might be welcome. After all, if she was pretty why not let boys stare? Its not like she didn’t like boys. Its just that her favorite boy was her brother, which complicated certain things. But having him ogle her wouldn’t be so bad, would it? Having his cute little face redden at his sister’s impressive bust, looking away and pretending he hadn’t just been caught looking at his little sister in the ways a man looks at a woman.

Lily startled herself at where her thoughts had gone. Where had that come from? She clapped her cheeks with a grimace and stared at her face, which she absent-mindedly noticed seemed far less greasy than it normally did in the morning. She decided to leave her weird thoughts be, and began to strip. A good shower would clear her head.

As she let the hot water cleanse her impure thoughts, she was free to explore the other changes her body had gone through that hadn’t been as immediately apparent before. She hadn’t shaved her legs in a few days, and she had meant to do that now, but she found she didn’t need to. Her entire body, save the hair on her head, was hairless. Even her groin was free of hair, as if it had never been there. Her armpits, her forearms, everything was bare.

In addition, though she had never been fat, and in fact one might consider her skinny, she noticed her stomach had lost its pudgy quality and had been altered into quite the taught little tummy. She was actually pretty excited at the small changes, finding herself immensely pleased with her new appearance.

As she soaped up her arms and shoulders, she began to let her mind wander to what it would be like when she didn’t have legs anymore. She’d have a long serpentine tail, shiny and sparkling white. It would be hard to drive, she supposed. Well, it would also be hard to go up and down stairs too. And elevators always seemed to be hard to get into for Sayoko. But there were some advantages to having a sinuous lower half.

Like how she’d be able to wrap herself completely around her brother, trapping him tightly in her coils and feeling his warm body under her cool scales. How she’d slither about his body, touching and caressing him with a meandrous and coiling length. How her scales would ripple and flex and he’d be helpless as she reached out her delicate hand to grasp onto his throbbing red pe-

She stopped herself in shock at her imagination. To her horror her fingers had been knuckle deep inside her, pleasuring her as she imagined… She shook her head, unwilling to entertain the thought. But then to her frustration she reminded herself that she very much had already entertained those fantasies. Fantasies of holding his precious head still with a clawed hand and her coiling length keeping him still as she locked her lips against his and let him know that he was loved, and always would be by his adoring little sister.

She jerked her hand away from her snatch as she caught herself doing it again. She promptly switched the hot water in her shower to cold and, though it was as agonizing as she suspected it would be, it allowed her to calm down and cleared her mind.

She couldn’t believe what she had been doing. Her own brother? How sick in the head was she? God, and those images. They were so detailed and vibrant. She hadn’t read the link Sayoko had shared the other day on monsterization, but now she felt that it was prudent that she did so.

She left the bathroom with a towel around her body, not quite as full of foresight as her brother who took his clothes with him when he showered. She instantly regretted her thoughtlessness as she encountered her brother in the hallway.

To his credit he looked away immediately, and kept walking past. But something in Lily stirred. A heat in her stomach… no, it was little lower than that. Her cheeks flushed red and she just stayed in the hallway, in her towel, gazing at her brother as he walked by.

She removed her towel.

With a quick motion, the towel fluttered to the floor, her nubile young flesh to the air. Her brother caught the movement out of the corner of his eye and instinctually moved his head. As he did so, his eyes became as wide as dinner plates, shock on his face. His cheeks and ears burned crimson, and his mouth hung agape. Lily’s face was red too, but she couldn’t help but feel excited. She could see it, the look in his perfect emerald eyes as they helplessly looked up and down her improved form. He was attracted to her, lusted after her. He saw her not as his sister in that moment, but as a woman. And that thought caused a blaze to erupt within her gut that she had never felt before.

But all too suddenly she came back into her right frame of mind, horrified at what she had just done. Her brother struggled to react at all, and she in her terror stood stock still, her naked nubile body on display.

With a sudden motion she crouched down, covering herself as best she could with her hands as she picked up her towel.

She heard her brother apologize repeatedly as he covered his eyes again and looked away, turning his whole body around to giver her privacy. She knew it wasn’t his fault. It was hers. She had done that… on purpose. God! What wrong with her? She just exposed herself to her own brother! Like some sick freak. She swallowed deeply, ashamed at herself. So what came out of her mouth next surprised her.

“So how’d you like my new tits?”

Her brother stammered incoherently in response. She could make out apologies, but that was the extent of it. She was able to cover herself and stand up before he began making sense.

“J-Jesus Christ, almighty, Lily! Don’t ask your brother how he likes your new tits! Geez! Cover yourself!”

“I am covered. Now anyway. And c’mon, don’t be weird about this. It was an accident. They happen.”

She knew very well it wasn’t an accident, but she didn’t feel like bringing that up. She still had no idea why she had done it. But she did know one thing. For whatever reason, seeing her brother flustered and embarrassed, blushing like a schoolgirl… it really turned her on.

Her brother made one more apology, and gave her one more admonishment before leaving the hallway, gripping his eyes closed and groping his way out. She watched him go, her own face just as red as his. With him gone, she darted into her room and threw the towel off for good.

Something odd was happening, something strange. She felt hot all over, and there was an itch deep inside of her. Her fingers made their way to the lips of her pussy again, and attacked it with relentless fury. Her entire hand was being soaked with juices and she had to bite her tongue to keep her from moaning.

After only a few seconds, she came. It was the fastest orgasm she’d ever had. She was breathless, panting like a dog as her lust finally subsided. With horror, the realization of what she had just gotten off on gripped her heart. She had just come harder and faster to the thought of fucking her own brother than any other fantasy she’d ever had.

“W-what is happening to me?”

With haste, she got dressed, a tad upset that all of her shirts were so thin, showing her nipples each and every time. She settled for a dark blue shirt that helped hide them the most and a pair of black shorts. With determination, she left her room and grabbed her laptop.

She needed answers.

She clicked the link to the website that Sayoko had given her as the first thing, and began reading in earnest. It was more an advertisement for several monsterization products than anything. Various potions that could turn you into anything from a slime to a dragon. Though of course, dragon potions were incredibly expensive. There was only a single sentence that each potion shared.

“This product will unleash your inner libido and desires. Caution is advised.”

She tried to find more, but there wasn’t much. Desperate, she typed in her problem in the search engine. If monsterization made you unbearably horny, then surely other girls were going through something similar?

As it turned out, she was right. Several girls had gone through similar things. On several forums, recent monsters would talk about how panicked they were at their newfound increase in sexual desire. She found that was universal. No matter what you became, succubus or dryad, you became perpetually horny. She bit her lip, not liking that fact. Why hadn’t Sayoko warned her about that? Did it just slip her mind?

She spent the next several hours trying to find out the extent of the problem, and just what she had gotten herself into. She found several cases where girls were begging for help because they’d recently begun fawning over their cousins or brothers just like her. But the responses they received were less than helpful.

Human women mocked them and told them to move to Alabama, monsters told them there was nothing wrong with it, and to just embrace it. She didn’t particularly like either option.

Before she knew it, the doorbell rang.

Confused as to who it could be, she suddenly realized that it was Sayoko. She had come to take Tim on their date. Realizing that this might be a better chance for her to understand what was going on, she raced to the door.

“I got it!”

“If it’s Sayoko, let her know I’ll just be a minute.” Her brother shouted.

It was indeed Lily’s shirohebi friend, wearing a dark maroon kimono with silver moons adorning it. Lily had to pause and admire her friend, who had put on makeup for the first time that Lily knew of. She looked even more beautiful than she did usually, her hair in an elaborate updo. For reasons Lily couldn’t quite understand, Sayoko’s beauty only made her… angry. No, worse. Jealous.

She realized she was jealous of her friend getting to go on a date with her brother. And of course, for also being prettier than her.

She swallowed nervously, and smiled, trying to hide her feelings from Sayoko. She knew they weren’t her real feelings. They were the feelings of the potion.

“Hey, Sayoko! You look great. Come on in, Timothy’ll just be a minute.”

“Thanks. You look good too! It seems my mana is starting to work a bit, hmm?”

Lily took a moment before she realized that she was talking about her breasts.

“Oh! Yeah, these things. Kind of neat, I guess. I’m going to have to buy more bras though, so not looking forward to that.”

“Well maybe I can come with you and we can make a day out of it. We don’t go out and socialize much. So it’ll be nice to do something other than play videogames.”

“Uh huh, Uh huh. Hey, listen, could you come over to the couch for a bit? I wanted to ask some questions.”

Sayoko looked at her as if she were puzzled, but she did as asked and slithered towards the couch. Lily plopped down beside her, and leaned close, not wanting her voice to carry.

“Listen, are there any… side effects, of monsterization you forgot to tell me?”

Sayoko’s sanguine eyes lit up, and a coy smile played across her face.

“Why…whatever do you mean?”

“Don’t play dumb. You know what I’m talking about. I can see it in that smug little grin.”

“Didn’t you look at the website I sent you?”


“Before you drank the potion?”


Sayoko just giggled, finding the situation funny. That only incensed Lily even more. This situation was not funny!

“Sayoko! This is serious. This morning I flashed my brother, not just a peek either! I stood naked in front of him for like thirty full seconds. I didn’t have control over my own actions! Please, Sayoko, tell me there’s a way to stop this!”

That broke Sayoko out of her mirth. She looked at Lily with an impassive expression, her lips tight and her eyes narrow.

“Tim? You’re lusting after Tim?”

Lily placed a hand over Sayoko’s mouth and shushed her, looking around them to make sure Timothy wasn’t near. Sayoko stayed still and het her friend do as she pleased. Though Lily could tell the shirohebi was getting agitated.

Yes, alright.” She whispered. “I looked it up online and apparently this has happened to others. Is there anyway I can stop it? I could barely control myself earlier, and now I’m afraid of what I might do when the transformation is further along.”

Sayoko was silent for a good while, a finger to her chin. Her undulating length coiled about on the floor as she thought, scraping the floor in a strange rhythmic cadence. After a brief while, she had an answer.

“Just wait for me to sleep with him. That should stop it.”

Lily’s heart seemed to freeze in her chest, her blood running cold. She felt a flash of anger at her friends’ words, and then a cold despair. Her mind raced to wild fantasies about her friend… fucking her brother. Her beloved only brother. Imagining him stripped naked, blushing furiously, his cock firm and erect, throbbing with need. Coiled about him, holding him tight in an embrace he couldn’t escape, was Sayoko. And for some reason, the thought just burned at Lily. The thought caused her pain.

Tim was her brother! Not Sayoko’s. Tim had helped her learn to ride a bike, not Sayoko. He had taught her how to fish, not Sayoko. He had stayed in her room all night because she had been afraid of the dark, not Sayoko’s. He had comforted her, when the girls in class were mean. He had given her the first video game she had ever played. He was all she had.

And Sayoko wanted to take him away.


Sayoko’s right eye gave an involuntary twitch.

“I’m sorry?”

“I don’t want you to sleep with him.”

Sayoko’s gaze lost its mirth and innocence, and seemed to take on a malevolence as the shirohebi gave a hiss and reared back like a cobra. She gave a snarl to Lily that Lily felt compelled to match. Before Lily knew it, she had begun hissing at Sayoko in equal fury.

“Girls, what are you two doing?”

The both of them stopped their hissing as Tim came into the living room dressed and ready to go. He wore black jeans and a green oxford shirt that brought out the sparkle in his eyes. His hair was nicely styled, and Lily could smell that he’d put on just a hint of cologne.

Sayoko immediately began laughing, as if the situation was a joke.

“Oh you know! Just girl things! My, you look handsome! All on my account?”

“Oh, you think so?” Tim asked with a blush. “I wasn’t sure how to dress for a concert, so I guess I’m glad I made the right choice. You look very nice, by the way. I love your kimono.”

Lily sat back down, fuming as Sayoko skated toward her brother on pristine white scales. Knowing full well the complicated emotions wreaking havoc on Lily, Sayoko orbited Tim in a very… seductive manner. While Tim did his best to be oblivious, Sayoko grasped on to his arm and pressed her body close to his. Lily bit her tongue as Sayoko pressed her breasts against her brother in a very obvious show of possession.

Timothy kept his eyes forward, but Lily could tell by the goofy grin on his face that he was enjoying the attention. A lump caught in her throat and she realized that she had sold off the most important thing she had. She’d sold her brother to her best friend for a chance to make money quickly and easily. She tried to swallow, but the lump was just too large.

“Lily? Are you okay?”

Lily was brought out of her dark thoughts by a light touch on her cheek, wiping away tears she hadn’t known were falling. Timothy knelt down beside her with a concerned look, cupping her face in his hand.

“What’s wrong? Is it something I can help with?”

Lily tried to answer, to swallow the horrendous lump in her throat and tell him she was fine, but all that came out was incoherent sobbing. Tim wasted no time in embracing his sister in a tight hug as she clung on to him with desperate need.

He didn’t say anything, just kept a firm grip around her in a comforting gesture as his hand gently stroked her hair. Sayoko stood to the side, an unreadable expression on her face. Finally, after a few seconds, Lily had exhausted herself enough to form words again, her sobbing done.

“Y-you two look…beautiful together. Enjoy your time.” She said the words, but she couldn’t mean them. Her heart just didn’t want to see Tim go.

“Was that it? You were just happy?”

He didn’t sound convinced, but Lily nodded her head and kept herself from breaking out into sobbing again. Sayoko herded him towards the door, her vermillion eyes keeping a watch on Lily, who seemed as if she were holding herself back from begging her brother to stay.

As Tim left the house, he gave Lily a wave.

“I’ll see you in a bit. Love you.”

Lily wiped her eyes and put on a false smile.

“L-love you too. Have fun.”

As he headed towards Sayoko’s car, the ivory serpent locked her crimson eyes with Lily.

“Your eyes have changed, Lily. They’re red. Like mine.”

“Please don’t… please don’t do anything to him. Please.”

Sayoko took in a deep breath, hesitating.

“I can’t promise that.”

And then she left.

Lily watched her brother leave from the window with a growing pit of despair deep in her stomach. As the car drove out of view, Lily simply stood at the window dumbly. A hollow feeling had begun to eat at her, and she knew she was feeling fear. A ridiculous fear, a horrid sensation of loss, as if Tim was abandoning her. She knew she shouldn’t feel that way, not about her brother. He deserved a girlfriend, he deserved to be happy.

It startled her to realize that she would be perfectly willing to be her brother’s girlfriend.

She needed to calm down, this wasn’t her, it was that potion! This was all Sayoko’s fault. Why had she given her that potion knowing this might happen?! She clutched at her chest, trying to get herself to just stay calm and remind herself that Tim was her brother. He was not her boyfriend, and it was creepy that she was acting this way. Sayoko was a good person who she trusted who would make Tim very happy.

So why did it hurt so bad?

Tim didn’t know why his sister was acting so strangely today, and he was worried about leaving her alone. She could be rather sensitive, and though she had put on a brave face, he could tell that she had cried for some other reason than happiness at her brother’s dating life.

Sayoko seemed to read his mind as she drove, which was a curious sight he had to admit. The whole back of the sedan she drove had had the seats removed, and Sayoko had to enter through the back, curl her coils up and slide into the front seat to drive. The pedals were still on the floor, which confused him since she had no feet, but then he saw that the tip of her tail would curl back to the front and press the gas and brake when she needed them. He had never thought about how monsters would try and fit in to modern human society, and it intrigued him to no end.

Sayoko, a wistful smile on her face broke their silence.

“Worried about your sister?”

Tim rubbed the back of his neck, nodding.

“Yeah, she doesn’t cry often. I don’t know what caused it. I’m also pretty sure she was lying back there. She was acting weird earlier too.”

“Oh? Weird how?”

Tim swallowed nervously as he recalled getting a full-frontal look at his little sister’s nubile body, large shapely breasts on full display. His cheeks burned scarlet and he attempted to think of some lie.

“Oh, you know… just…weird.”

Sayoko gave him a knowing smile that made Tim worry she knew more than she was letting on.

“I wouldn’t worry about it. The side effects of monsterization can sometimes be hard to control. I thought your sister would handle it a little better, but It’s not dangerous. Just some mood swings, I think.”

“Yeah, Yeah, I hope so. She really worries me sometimes, you know? She’s always doing things without thinking. I don’t think she even likes college. She’s just here because our parents expected us to go. I can tell it grinds at her, but she can’t just lay about all day.”

“Well, as a shirohebi, she’ll be able to do that if she wants. Which I guess is how we got into this situation.” She smiled. “But that’s not so bad. I got to meet you!”

Tim gave her a smile of his own, actually excited to be on a date, a real date, with a very beautiful girl. Sure, she was half-snake, but that didn’t subtract from her beauty. In fact, if he was honest with himself, he thought it enhanced it.

When they arrived at the venue, Timothy was surprised to note that the crowd was on the smaller side, only a few hundred. The venue was an open-air affair, the stage a bit small. Though it was filled with smoke and lights all the same. Sayoko informed him that it was a monster band that was popular in the FUK, and he could definitely tell. The majority of the crowd were monsters of various types. He saw werecats, werewolves, werebats, wererabbits, arachne, and other things he didn’t know what were. All of them were dressed in rather interesting attire. All of them seemed to enjoy showing a very impressive amount of skin and wearing glitter body-paint. It seemed to be the band’s “thing.”

He was glad Sayoko didn’t dress like that; he wasn’t sure where he’d be able look. The outfits on many of the girls were a little too provocative for his tastes. As they made their way through the crowd, the band came on stage. They consisted of three sirens dressed in short skirts and halter-tops, pink and blue glitter covering the exposed bits of their skin. The music reminded him of techno, though each of the girls were singing and he didn’t see any instruments.

There weren’t any seats, so Sayoko and he just stood in the crowd as the band began to play. Immediately all the girls around him started dancing, and he noticed for the first time that he was one of the only men at the event. There were a few others to be sure, but they were hard to spot.

Sayoko grabbed his hand in hers and began to sway her hips in a melodious hypnotic dance. Timothy was unsure of himself, not particularly confident in his dancing skills. But Sayoko was having none of it, and slithered forward, meandering her body around him and snaking her hand around his waist as she quite expertly led him along in a very curious circular dance.

Tim tried to keep a respectful distance, but with a coy smolder of her eyes, she destroyed any attempt at that, pressing her chest firmly against his own as she grinded her hips into his.

Tim’s face turned the same shade of crimson as Sayoko’s eyes. The same eyes that caught his gaze as the music began to beat and thrum within him. The music seemed to drown out fears, doubts and apprehension. His worries melted away as the pulsing beat of the music coursed through his body. Almost as if a spell had taken him over, he began to swing his hips in tune with his scaly companion.

The two of them continued their sensual dance late into the night, the lights from the stage pulsing about them in measured beats.

At the end of the night, Tim was exhausted. Sweat dripping down his brow and the nape of his neck, and Sayoko panted heavily beside him. She had done an admirable job of guiding his flailing movements into a semblance of grace. But it was obvious that the effort had taken a toll on her.

Her kimono was looser than when they had arrived, before having been closely wrapped about her neck, now giving a very generous view of cleavage Tim didn’t even knew she had. The band was singing one last song before the night was done and the two of them were sitting down in the field together.

Tim was delighted in Sayoko’s attention, never before had a girl ever given him this much care. Sayoko was hugging him tightly, her body pressed against his as her head rested in the crook of his neck. Tim had kept his hands to himself, mostly out of habit. But Sayoko had plucked them up and placed one around her waist, and the other she held in her lap, their fingers intertwined.

He couldn’t recall being this happy in a long time.

As the soft beat began to ascend in a steady tempo, Tim felt something slip into his pants. He panicked at first, not knowing what it was. But Sayoko kept him firmly in place, her strength greater than her form suggested. His eyes fixated on what had just slipped past his waistband, and found a long gleaming alabaster tail protruding from it.

 The tip of Sayoko’s tail was wriggling its way into his pants, and with a gentle cupping of his face, Sayoko turned his gaze to her. Her hands wrapped around his neck and before Tim knew what was happening, her lips were locked around his own. He’d never kissed a girl before, and he hadn’t been expecting her to do this, so he was much like a deer in the headlights, not reacting to her soft feminine touch.

As her tongue slipped into his mouth with a bit of force, his senses came back to him, and he realized with a start that her tail had begun fondling his cock as her tongue began to explore his mouth.

Tim was in a state of incomprehensible arousal and confusion. The date was going well, sure, but he hadn’t thought it was going this well. In reflex he pushed Sayoko away, though in truth he had no idea why he did so. She was beautiful, she was interested in him, she was kind, his sister liked her. But…

“I-I’m sorry. Its just… its just a little too fast for me. Could we just, slow down a bit?”

Sayoko, at first looking hurt at his rejection, seemed to understand. She smiled demurely, as if she hadn’t just attempted to get into his pants. Although, now that he was noticing, the tip of her tail was still there, lightly flicking the shaft of his cock.

He made to fling the molesting appendage away, but his hand was caught by Sayoko. The music was beating heavier now, gaining speed. The song was almost over, and he could see flashing blue and red lights all around them.

“I promise to go nice and slow, then. It’ll feel really good.”

That had not been what he meant at all.

“Sayoko, I didn’t mean-”

She clasped a hand over his mouth as her coils tightened around him far tighter than was comfortable.

“It’ll just be a tail-job. A little gift for such a wonderful night.” She kissed his cheek softly. “It would mean a lot to me.”

Again, Tim could feel heat rush into not just his cheeks and ears, but to his cock as well, which seemed far more excited than he did about this predicament. He tried again to say no, but she was fast, and soon soft smooth scales wrapped around his member and began to masterfully squeeze and pulse. Sayoko had absolute control over the muscles in her tail, and she was expertly making them convulse in pleasurable waves around his cock.

It was better than any form of masturbation he’d ever concocted, the velvety polished feeling of her tail wrapped around his member quickly brought him to full mast. He was painfully aware that they were still in public, and that several monsters and people were meandering about. None seemed to make note of them, though Tim did his damnedest to stay quiet. Sayoko’s hand was still covering his mouth as he let out soft whimpers at her touch. His cock was rock hard, throbbing and red with arousal. He could feel a pressure building within his body,

Her ministrations sped up, as if she was aware of his impending orgasm. The coils tightened, and with a firm grip around his shaft, she pumped one final time and forced him to cum.

But then something interesting happened. Sayoko’s hand began to glow blue. Tim was barely able to think straight, his orgasm wracking his body like an electric wave. All he could do was give a muffled grunt at seeing the hand over his mouth erupt into blue flame.

He looked at Sayoko for help, to see if something was wrong. But she gave no heed to the flickering cerulean flame. But in a flash the flame seemed to vanish, and his body grew hot. Despite the still warm jizz running down his shaft and staining his pants, his cock was still painfully erect. His body was flush with heat, and as Sayoko finally began to disentangle her form from his, her scaly tail retreating from his pants still holding on to much of the semen it had milked, Tim was surprised to find himself completely unsatisfied.

His body still burned, no, smoldered with lust. His painfully erect cock yearned for a second release. His brow was slick with sweat and his breathing was heavy.

However, as the music faded, and the gathering crowd began to disembark, he was pulled to his feet by Sayoko, a devilish smirk on her face.

“Well, let’s get you home then.”

She gave him a peck on the cheek before he could respond and began to lead him towards her car.

Timothy found it incredibly uncomfortable to walk around with such an erect member. He hadn’t been this horny since he was fifteen. His body could not stop remembering how pleasantly cool Sayoko’s skin was, how refreshing her ivory scales had felt lightly scraping against his skin. He swallowed nervously; his throat dry. Sayoko, meanwhile, seemed oblivious, and drove him back to his house humming all the while.

Timothy was trying desperately to fight against the fog of lust that was engulfing him, to make casual conversation, to say something. He wanted to tell her how much he liked what they had done. He wanted to tell her how pretty she was, how amazing she was. But he was also scared. Thoughts unbidden came to him, and he wondered if this had been a casual thing. The thought terrified him. He didn’t want to just be a guy she jerked off at a concert. He wanted her to be his girlfriend. The idea of this being a one-time thing kept getting lodged in his head until finally they arrived at his house, him having remained silent throughout the car ride.

Though he was aware that they were reversing roles, Sayoko escorted him to the front porch. Bravely, he took her hand in his and was happy to have a reassuring squeeze reciprocated. At the porch, he turned her towards him.

“Sayoko. I- I had a lot of fun tonight. I-um. I’m sorry I, what I mean to say is-”

Sayoko silenced him with a kiss.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Tim. I love you.”

Those three words struck like lightning in his heart. He’d never heard a girl say those words to him other than his mother and sister. To hear them now, from the object of his affection, it caused his painfully erect member to jolt and throb and pulse. His throat was still dry, but he smiled and embraced the white lamia all the same.

He knew it was moving fast, but he could not keep himself from uttering back-

“I love you, too.”

The serpentine woman smiled up at him with glinting crimson eyes and blew him one last kiss before slithering back to her car. Tim stood dumbly at the door, just watching her sway her hips.

He was completely unprepared for what lurked within his house.

 The moment Timothy had closed the door, Lily knew she had made a mistake. It took every bit of her will power not to chase after him and beg him to stay. Her imagination ran wild with what her friend was going to do to him, and she didn’t like any of the vivid images her imagination had conjured up.

She pressed her face against the window as she watched the two drive off, tears gathering at the corner of her eyes and whimpering like a puppy. She had set them up! Why was she feeling this way? Why did she… want to make love to her brother?

It was a scary thought, but one that popped into her head with startling clarity. His cute little face moaning as she gave a delicate kiss to his most private places. A long lurid lick of her tongue along the head of his cock. She couldn’t stop the images from appearing in her head no matter how unbidden. Yet, she found herself not wanting to resist.

Her fingers were traitorous, and found themselves tucked away in her pants yet again. They circled the nub of her clit, flicking it and lightly touching it in movement matching her fantasies. Her fantasy of her own flesh and blood kissing her first on one set of lips, and then the other, his fingers tracing along her own most secret places.

She stopped. She needed to control herself. Timothy was her brother; Sayoko was her friend. She was not losing her brother, not in that way. He and she were not a couple, not like that. She needed to get her head straight.

With iron will she plucked her hand out of her pants, a strand of wet arousal on her fingertips, and began to breathe.

With resolution, she stalked her way to her laptop and laid down on her stomach. She was going to figure out how to stop this. This wasn’t right, and she needed to find a cure. She remembered Sayoko saying something about waiting for her to sleep with her brother. But for reasons she was afraid to admit, that made her even more apprehensive. The thought of her brother being with anyone other than her just made her want to cry.

She blinked away the tears that were forming and gave an angry growl. Damn it! She was better than this! She was not some lost crying puppy! She looked up the forums from before, desperate to see if there was some way she could stop this.

The answers she received were not promising. The vast majority of the posters who had confessed to her same situation had… well they had all eventually seduced their brothers and cousins. Much of the conversation went from trying to stop it, to how to grab them before some other hussy took advantage of them.

The tone of each thread changed as the original poster seemed to talk themselves out of trying to abandon their lust, and instead indulge in it. Forum after forum was the same. Lily was starting to worry. Was there no way out of her despair? But then, other insidious thought began to torment her mind. The arguments the girls made were so… logical.

Who better to love him, than someone who’s loved him his entire life? Who knew him better than her? She knew his favorite toy as a child was a stuffed plush snake he got at the zoo in the third grade. She knew he had lost it in the seventh and had refused to replace it. She knew that he would go out of his way to visit her in elementary when he was in middle school. He would play hooky just to see her. All because she had confided in him that she had made no friends.

No one knew just how sweet or thoughtful he could be except her. No one else would really, truly appreciate him. Other girls might just take advantage of his trusting nature, his bravery in the face of hardship. She felt a fire in her breast, a strong powerful urge to grab ahold of Tim and never let go. She balled her hand into a fist as she realized she had given away the thing most precious to her in all the world to Sayoko. Sayoko had just met him! Why should Sayoko get to be his girlfriend?

She was perfect for him! She could stay at home, cook, clean, play with the children…

She froze. Again she was shocked at the twists and turns her thoughts had led her. Children?! With her brother?! But then, once more, the outrage and shock subsided, doused by curiosity. She began searching the forums for something else. Had anyone who suffered from her condition… actually become a mother?

The answer was a resounding yes, as several monsters posted pictures of healthy babies, asserting that there were no defects. The humans responding always seemed disgusted at the monster’s defense of her incestuous nature. It didn’t help that these monsters had once been human like herself. But as she read, she came to realize that the mana that had monsterized her would also protect her and her children from disease and genetic defects. Her face flushed red with fantasies of holding her brother’s hand and watching as a beautiful ivory lamia daughter slept soundly in a nearby crib.

She got up of the floor, and looked around, shocked at the mess. Had she done this all in one day? Tim deserved better. He should have a nice clean house waiting for him when he got home. With a huff she began to reorganize the house, placing her pillows and blankets back in her room, putting away dishes and placing couch cushions in their proper spots.

But that didn’t seem good enough. The house was tidy, sure. But it was hardly clean. She could see dust on the furniture, the floor, the TV. There were streaks on the windows, and she suspected the kitchen wasn’t too clean either. She took to the bathroom and gathered up all the cleaning supplies, laying them out on the counter. As she perused her tools, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror.

She was entranced at the strange woman looking back at her. Her eyes were indeed as Sayoko had said, vermilion gems that were just as rich in color and vibrancy as her former emerald eyes. Her hair was no longer a rich dark chestnut, but a lustrous alabaster. Her ears had elongated, and tapered to a point some inches from her face, giving her an elvish look.

Yet still, she could see her freckles, her familiar face was still there despite the changes. She was still Lily. Yet, with so much changed, she realized that the only thing left was the loss of her legs, and the acquisition of a tail just like her friend’s. It was…strange. She hadn’t really thought it would affect her as much as she was feeling now. But she could feel a sense of loss. Not regret, mind you, but a feeling of an old way of life passing behind her. The original goal of simply living off her cast-offs were far from her mind. Now she could only think of one thing.

Would Timothy like her new form?

The thought didn’t last long, the cleaning supplies were begging for her attention. She gathered them up with purpose and began to dust and scrub and sweep every nook and cranny of the house with vigor. She worked diligently, not wanting Timothy to come back to a dirty home. She pushed from her mind the uncomfortable thought of Sayoko carnally taking her brother. She couldn’t entertain that thought, it bore her too much pain.

As she cleaned the living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom, she made her way to the bedrooms. While cleaning her own room was uneventful, as she crept inside her brother’s room, she was hit full force with the most powerful and arousing scent she’d ever encountered.

It smelled of cinnamon, vanilla, and a strange musky odor that caused her ears to flush and took her breath away. It was so strong and completely unlike anything she had ever before smelled. It caused her body to heat up, and she stumbled as she strode forward, nearly falling to the floor. Her breathing became labored as she steadied herself and acclimated to the scent.

She placed her cleaning instruments down, unable to bring herself to do anything before she found the source of this strange entrancing smell. She centered herself, and closed her eyes, letting her nose guide her to the source of that sweet erotic scent.

She stumbled around for a bit, finding the smell in the sheets of the bed. But then she kept going and found it was stronger in the trash can, in a pile of tissues. But before she could dwell too strongly on that, she found the strongest source of the smell yet. Her brother’s dirty clothes basket. She hesitated, some semblance of rational thought coming to her as her hands gripped the edge of the basket. Was she really going to go digging into her brother’s dirty laundry?

The thought didn’t last and her hand deftly plucked a piece of clothing out of the basket that smelled the strongest to her strangely sensitive nose. Her tongue flicked out of her mouth, long forked and purplish. She was too entranced by the smell of the garment to notice.

She pressed it close against her face and whiffed, sweet aroma clogging her nostrils. Her nethers moistened, and heat spread throughout her body. The itch came back with force, and she could stop her fingers from exploring her folds. She realized somewhere in the fog of her lust that she was sniffing her brother’s underwear, and masturbating as she did so. A small part of her was disgusted, horrified, and repulsed at her actions. But the majority of her was riding the first wave of a very intense orgasm.

Her body felt as if it were aflame, burning waves coursing from her head to her toes. It settled fiercely in her womb, and the ache began to turn into pleasure. Electric waves of mind-numbing bliss wracked her body as she fell to the floor in spasms. Her legs began to tingle, and in one very strong pulse, she felt them begin to change.

Like a flowing white shawl, scales began to cover her body from the groin down. Her legs seemed to turn to jelly as they twisted and lengthened, ivory gossamer scales cascading down her form. Her shorts were ripped to shreds, flung to the floor by the increase in mass and the violent spasms she was going through. A long undulating serpentine body emerged from the throes of her strange euphoria, and she gasped for breath with a long forked tongue.

She heard the door open in the living room, and happiness flooded her senses as that same delectable scent filled her nostrils. Tim was home! And all she could think about was how much she loved him, needed him, desired him.

 Tim stumbled his way to his room, his cock hard as diamonds and pulsating with pent up lust. He needed to get to his room and crank one out before anything else. He’d never felt anything like it. Was the tail-job Sayoko gave him that good? No, it was nice, but it hadn’t been that nice. He remembered briefly that strange blue flame that he had seen, and wondered very briefly that had something to do with his current predicament.

The thought didn’t last long. All he could think about was sex. His mind was filled with visions of it. The most erotic lurid fantasies he’d ever had outside a pubescent wet dream. Long slick tongues wet with saliva violating his mouth, wet waiting cunts eager for his cock. Obscene images filled with such debauchery that he couldn’t stand it. But quickly the thoughts began to fade from the abstract and coalesce into something more tangible.

Sayoko, naked. Her breasts large and slightly drooping, her arms underneath them to present the titillating display to him as if in offering. Round perky nipples, light pink in color erect in the cold night air. He stood across from her, ruby eyes meeting emerald as heat flushed through his body and sweat dripped down his chest, his cock aching for her.

He entered his room without delay and slammed the door shut. He needed to get this out of his system. He needed to just rub one out and go to sleep, and hope this was just a very powerful fantasy. He had been lonely for a long time, but he had never thought he was this desperate.

Suddenly, the lights in his room went off. He turned around, to see if it was the switch. However, a warm hand gripped his wrist as he lunged forward.

“Welcome home, brother. Did you have fun?”

“Lily? What are you doing in my room?”

Tim heard his sister breathing heavily, and was quite creeped out by it. He made to pull his wrist away but his sister held tight, surprisingly strong.

“I was just…cleaning.”

“You. You were cleaning?”

“Y-yeah. I just. I thought. Y-you deserved to come home to a clean house. You do a lot for me, and I take advantage sometimes.”

“Oh,” suddenly Tim felt bad for thinking she was lying. “Well, okay. Could you turn the light on? It’s a little creepy in here being so dark.”

Lily seemed to ignore him, speaking to him rather than with him.

“I’m selfish, a leech.” He heard a strange scuffling sound, as if something big was moving around the carpeted floor. “You’re paying all the bills and save for the last two nights, you’re always cooking. You took care of me when I was little, and you take care of me now.”

“Well, yeah. That’s what big brothers are for.”

Lily began giggling, which came out really…intimidating to Tim. His member was still hard and throbbing, but the lust he felt was being hampered by a strange and primal fear. He wasn’t sure why; it was just Lily. But something about this situation was signaling to the most ancient parts of himself that he was in danger. As if he were a cornered animal about to be preyed upon.

Suddenly, Lily pulled his wrist hard. He fell forward into her embrace, her arms wound tight about him. Her chest was pressed tightly into him, and her stomach was flush with his, a much more erotic hug than was appropriate for siblings. He felt his face heat up, and he tried to position himself into a more appropriate position, but Lily was stronger. He knew he wasn’t especially muscular, but it seemed his sister had grown supernatural strength.

Suddenly it occurred to him that her transformation must have been further along. As if to confirm his suspicions, the lamp by his bed came on. It was scant light, but light all the same. What he saw caused his breath to hitch in his throat.

His sister’s transformation was most certainly complete. Her hair was no longer an earthy brown, but a shimmering white. From her waist extended a long serpentine body that wrapped about and coiled in lazy loops around both him and her. It shone with a pristine pearly white gloss. The tip of her tail was around the drawstring of the lamp. Though it slithered back to the rest of her as he saw it.

She loosened the embrace, just a little, to pull back and look him in the eyes, a devious smile on her face. Her once emerald eyes were now scarlet, her ears long and tapered. She still seemed herself in the face, though it seemed as if much of the redness and dryness in certain parts were gone, as well as the parts a bit oilier. Her complexion looked immaculate, as if she were painted. Yet Tim could still see that it was his sister.

He noticed that the only thing she was wearing was her blue t-shirt from earlier, nothing covering her sinuous lower half. He refused to look down on the off chance he’s see something. But with her body pressing so close to him, he began to feel something hot and wet grinding into his crotch. His face was as red as Lily’s eyes, flushed with embarrassment.

“L-Lily, do you need me to get Sayoko?”

His sister’s smile faltered at the name of her friend, and Tim saw her scowl. But that was gone in a flash as she shook her head.

“No. No. I think I can do this without her.”

That caught his attention.

“…Do what?”

Lily’s long ropey length pressed against his back and once more Tim was reminded of feeling like a helpless animal. Without any hesitation, Lily placed her hand on her brother’s crotch. Tim was frozen in shock at what his sister was doing, not really believing it.

“You’re hard, big brother. Let me help you with that.”

Tim felt panic rise in him. What had gotten into Lily?!

“W-what?! NO! Don-”

Suddenly a white coil wrapped around Timothy’s mouth, and constricted, leaving him muffled to the point of unrecognition. He tried to push his sister away, but her new form was too strong, and she grabbed his wrists and twisted him around. She was gentle bit firm, and he could feel her tying his wrists together behind his back with what felt like socks.

She pulled the knot tight, and Tim was terrified to find he couldn’t break out of it. He squirmed and struggled, but Lily worked deftly, moving him about with her coils. His pants came off against his wishes, revealing a very pent up cock straining against his underwear. A small wet spot was at the tip, and he was mortified to find his sister take a big whiff of it before she yanked it off of him and threw it to the floor.

He begged with his eyes, hoping some small part of his sister was still in there somewhere. He tried to talk her out of whatever this was, but her tail was wrapped tightly around his mouth, and no words could escape. She worked diligently, with a smile on her face, taking his shirt off and throwing it off to the side.

Soon enough he was naked, erect cock throbbing in the air red with arousal. His hands were tied behind him, and his ankles soon followed suit. She did the same as before, using socks to tie him up and leave him helpless. Just like before, no matter how much he struggled, he couldn’t break free. Finally her tail unwrapped from his mouth as she lifted him up in a bridal carry.

No longer surprised by her increased strength, he struggled fiercely, but she was too mighty for him and his struggling was in vain. She kept a firm grip around him as she slithered towards his bed.

“L-lily! Don’t do this! I- I don’t know what’s going on, but this isn’t right! We’re siblings, Lily! Siblings! We shouldn’t-”

Lily silenced him with a kiss as she laid him gently onto the bed. A long thick tongue violated his mouth, gripping twisting and tugging at his own tongue. He involuntarily moaned as his body betrayed him, the heat coursing through his body flaring at the deep longing kiss. His dick thrummed, pulsating with need. His sister laid a single gentle finger on it, and he bucked his hips, cumming like a fountain.

Long thick strands of jizz streaked the air, and landed on his chest, coating him in his own spunk. His orgasm wracked his entire body, waves of white clouded his vision as bliss sparked through his core.

Yet his cock was still hard and red, as if it hadn’t even noticed that it had cum. Lily’s lips parted from him, her long forked tongue slurping up out of his mouth.

“Oh, its still hard. Guess I’ll have to keep going.”

“Lily,” Tim whimpered. “Please don’t do this.”

“Oh Tim,” she said, a smile on her face as she kissed his cheek. “I love you too much to stop. No one will love you as much as me. And no one will love me as much as you. I get that now. I love you too much to see you suffer. So let me provide you with pleasure. My body is made for it! I can be your girlfriend. I can be your wife. I can be the mother to your children.”

“Wh-what? Wife?! Children?! Girlfriend?! Wh-what about Sayoko?”

Tim couldn’t quite understand why Sayoko came to mind as his sister confessed her romantic feelings, but a small part of him was still imagining an erotic encounter with the sexy slithering woman.

His sister scoffed and waved a hand dismissively.

“It was a mistake. I should have never given you up. She’s known you a whole of two days! I’ve known you your whole life! Besides…”

She began to remove her own clothing, the blue t-shirt that strained against her bosoms was quickly discarded. Her own beautiful bountiful breasts popped out of her shirt with a slight jiggle that made them all the more tantalizing. Timothy’s breath caught in his throat and his cock began to hurt it was becoming so erect. He didn’t want to entertain the thoughts coming to his head, but they came regardless, unbidden.

His fantasies began warping, showcasing not Sayoko, but his own sister twining about him, kissing him on his mouth, his neck, his chest, his cock. Her own pristine white scales covered in his jism. Her beautiful white hair splattered with his pearly seed as she looked up at him with eager and lustful red eyes.

She coiled about him, her length around him as he laid in his bed with his arms folded behind him, restrained. She placed his cock between her breasts, and looked up at him with such a powerful desire that Timothy was left speechless. He’d never seen anyone look at him like that before. Not even Sayoko.

“…I can take care of you much better than she ever could.”

Tim was overcome with delightful sensations as his sister began to pump her newfound voluptuous breasts up and down. A velvety cushion pumped his cock in a rapid fashion that caused his beating red member to throb with orgasmic pleasure. Pre-cum began to spill from the tip like a faucet, causing his sister’s breasts to become not only soft, but slick as well. This only stirred her on further, her lecherous grin letting out her own sensual moan out as she pleasured her brother’s cock with her bosom.

Timothy could feel that familiar pressure began to build up in his loins once more, and a sea of white clouded his vision as yet another orgasm wracked his body. He struggled against his restraints, the orgasm the most powerful one yet. It felt as if every single cell in his body were experiencing euphoria, yet still… still, his cock was still hard and throbbing, and his lust only increased. No relief was found at all in his post-orgasmic twitching, and the cum that he had spilled had joined the rest of it, soaking his own chest and stomach.

However, some of it had plopped onto Lily’s breasts, and one strand hung delicately to her chin. Timothy’s urges were so overwhelming that the thought that this lovely creature was his own flesh and blood was finally abandoned. She was a woman. A very eager to please woman. Who wanted, and desired him with a ferocity he’d never before known.

And he kind of liked it.

“Oh Tim, you’re still so hard! It’s so red too, like its angry at me. Goodness, guess we’ll have to go all the way.”

Timothy’s rational mind had all but melted away, tormented by his powerful orgasms and his strangely empowered libido.

“All… the way?”

“Just let me take care of everything.”

With that, she slunk upward, her powerful serpentine body being shown before him in full at the foot of his bed. And then he saw it, a drooling wet slit, juices gushing. His sister was wet with arousal, and he couldn’t help but stare. It was right where a woman’s would be, connected to pale skin at the top and yet melding into the snake-like scales below. It was the most beautiful thing his lust-addled brain had ever seen.

“Lily.” He murmured, not knowing what he meant.

She smiled sweetly at him and glided over his form like flowing water, her cool scales bringing relief to his hot and aching body. Yet one part of her was as hot as he was, and it was rubbing itself mercilessly against his engorged and swollen cock.

“I love you, big brother.”

Her body shifted, and his cock slipped into her waiting cunt. All other sensations before this seemed dull in comparison, a vivid and electrifying tidal wave of pleasure wracked Timothy’s mind so completely that he couldn’t help but begin to reciprocate his sister’s desperate undulations. His hips shook and pumped into his sister’s cunt with rabid ferocity, his wrists still bound behind him, he was largely helpless as her heavy new body wrapped all around him.

She squished her naked breasts into his chest, coating them in his pearly white slime as she squealed with glee, the singular strand of jizz still clinging to her chin as she did so. Alabaster coils clung tightly to the object of her affection, restricting him even more so than he already was. Despite this, he had gone from a very reluctant participant to an eager one. He thrust his cock rabidly without rhyme or rhythm. She moaned loudly as a gushing torrent of warm wet liquid splashed against her brother’s groin as she came. And then she came again. And again.

Soon she had surpassed her brother in orgasms despite his insatiable lust and trigger-happy releases. Though he too suffered from waves of orgasms too numerous to count. Each one repeated the same mind-numbing sensations of white hot bliss. Yet no matter how many ropes of cum he shot into his sister’s womb, he just could not find satisfaction.

The two were so entranced in their lovemaking that neither heard the door to the room open.

“I thought you might try this.”

Lily was brought out of her reverie by the sound of her friend and rival, Sayoko.

Lily ceased her vicious violation of her brother and coiled about him possessively, her cunt and his cock still joined as she drug him up in a hug that was more about keeping him away from Sayoko than about showing affection. With a groan, Tim let loose another cascade of semen, which poured out of Lily’s sopping wet pussy into a pool below them.

The two of them were soaked in love juices, their hair a mess and their body’s slick and wet. Lily especially was soaked in cum, her face dripping with it and her hair plastered with the pearly substance. Timothy was much the same, his lower half soaked by his sister’s orgasmic fluids and his upper wet with his own.

Sayoko stood inside the room with an impassive face as she closed the door behind her and locked it.  She was the complete opposite of Lily’s current state. She was poised and elegant, still wearing her dark maroon kimono that was now worn quite loosely and seductively. Her hair was still tightly done in an updo, with not a hair out of place. She narrowed her eyes at Lily, and their gazes locked.

“I thought you might try this, Lily. That’s why I made sure that Tim here would be completely unable to be satisfied with anyone other than me.”

“Liar! I’m taking good care of him! He’s cummed loads of times.”

“Oh? And has his cock gone flaccid even once?”

Lily blinked, as if she were broken out of some spell. She looked at her moaning brother curious, and then at where they were conjoined. His cock was still as hard and red as ever, and Lily realized that no matter how many times she had brought her brother to orgasm, never once had he been content. Embarrassment brought a new shade of red to her face as she shook her head in disbelief.

“W-what did you do?”

Sayoko smirked and held out a hand. In a flash of cerulean fire, a burning cobalt flame danced in the shirohebi’s palm.

“I infused him with this. It’s a trait all shirohebi possess. To keep their husbands faithful, we can inflame their lust to insurmountable levels. They can’t find relief in other women at all. And they’ll only ever be able to reach satisfaction if they seek comfort in their wife.”

“I don’t remember you two getting married! Besides if anyone ought to be his wife, it ought to be me! I’ve loved him my whole life. You set your eyes on him just two days ago!”

Sayoko extinguished her flame with a wave of her hand and placed it sassily on her hip, a coy smile on her face.

“Oh? Well, regardless it doesn’t change the fact that you’ll never be able to satisfy him. Not like a real shirohebi, at any rate.”

The two continued their bickering as Tim sat tightly bound by his sister, his erect cock still buried deep within her and his wrists and ankles bound. He had heard what Sayoko had said. Realized what she had done. He couldn’t deny that a part of him yearned for her. But as strange and unbelievable as it was, he had been so thoroughly pleasured by his sister that he had come to reciprocate her feelings, if only slightly.

“Lily” He uttered in a whisper that nonetheless caused the two white snakes to stop their bickering.

“Yes, Timothy?” Lily replied, an eagerness to her voice.

“Please… don’t fight. You two are friends.” He struggled to speak in his oddly sensitive state. But his words were weak and seemed to slur.

Still, they had a profound effect. The girls looked to him with pained expressions, and as he panted in exhaustion and unbridled lustful need, they shared a look. Lily uncoiled herself from her brother’s body, leaving him to fall on his soaking wet bed, red swollen cock still throbbing. She slithered up to her friend covered in her brother’s cum from the top of her head to her groin. She was a stark contrast to Sayoko who was so perfectly poised and elegant.

“There can only be one girlfriend.”

Sayoko nodded.


“But…” Lily looked longingly behind her at Timothy’s bound and helpless form.

“I suppose you might be a fun toy.”

Sayoko’s face contorted in confusion, not understanding what Lily was saying. However, soon enough she began to realize just what Lily had in mind. Lily moved like lightning, wrapping her body tightly around Sayoko’s own. Their lengthy masses writhed and squirmed against each other, titanic muscles flexing and squeezing each other as Lily wrestled Sayoko to the ground.

Sayoko was surprised to find the newly turned shirohebi so powerful, as she soon found herself overwhelmed. She tried to push her friend off, but the slick wet semen coating her body made it difficult. She kept slipping and sliding, unable to find a good grip on her assailant. Soon he kimono was taken off of her forcefully, baring her now completely naked torso to the air.

Lily licked her lips as she took the obi from her friend’s kimono and forced her friend’s hands behind her back. Just like her brother, Sayoko’s wrists were bound tightly, and no matter how much she squirmed, she could not get free.

“You know, Sayoko, you’re lucky we’re such good friends. Otherwise I wouldn’t even let you do this.”

“Lily, let me go! Nothing you can do can change anything! I’m the only one who can comfort him.”

“No, your body is the only thing that can comfort him. I’m going to use your body to satisfy him myself. You’ll just be along for the ride.”

Sayoko mewled helplessly as her friend grabbed the back of her neck and slithered over to her brother’s bed, Timothy still breathing heavy, his cock swollen with need.

Sayoko struggled in vain, her friend somehow much stronger than her as a vice-like grip forced her face right up to timothy’s towering fleshy shaft. His cockhead was red and angry, still dripping the slightest of pre.


Sayoko’s eyes lit up, hope coming to her.

“W-wait. You’re going to make me-”

She didn’t get to finish. Lily pulled her head upwards and then back down, perfectly angling her mouth over Tim’s rock hard dick. It slid in without trouble and he gave a loud moan as Sayoko’s lips were forced down to his groin.

Lily drug Sayoko’s head up by the hair, nearly removing her brother’s cock from Sayoko’s mouth. But just as his member was about to pop free, Lily forced Sayoko’s head down again. Timothy was squirming, the sensation driving him wild. Lily had laid a thick coil on his chest to keep him from moving, and his hands and feet were still bound as he writhed in agonizing pleasure.

Sayoko was no longer an unwilling participant, quite eager to give Timothy the best blowjob she could. Her gag reflex, as a snake, was nonexistent, and she could happily serve him as roughly as Lily was forcing her to. Lily’s hand was firm and unyielding. Sayoko happily wrapped her tongue all about the member of the boy whom she had so much affection.

Lily came into Timothy’s view as his eyes blearily cracked open, her mischievous smile splayed across her face. He tried to speak, but all that came out of his mouth was a moan as Sayoko’s tongue rubbed against his cockhead.

“Are you enjoying it, Big Brother? Is her mouth a good little cocksleeve? I won’t get mad. Its not your fault. She tried to steal you from me. Now she gets to be a little cocksleeve. A little toy shared between siblings. Go ahead and cum. Fill her throat full of your cum, Big Brother.”

He couldn’t stop himself. With a buck of his hips, a powerful orgasm ripped through his body like a tsunami, instantly filling him with a strange heavenly sensation. Like fire being doused by water, his lust quickly subsided, contentment and relaxation coming to him in powerful intoxicating waves. His muscles slackened and he fell to his bed exhausted, completely spent.

Ropes upon ropes of pearly white cum poured into Sayoko’s mouth. Though she tried reflexively to move her head, Lily’s hand was firm. Sayoko was held still as her throat was engorged by Timothy’s potent seed. White sticky rivulets of cum began to drip out of her mouth, Sayoko unable to swallow it fast enough.

Finally Lily let Sayoko up for air, and as she gasped for breath yet another powerful burst of cum erupted from Timothy’s cock. Lily watched with an envious expression as her brother’s cum lathered her friend in its gooey glory.

Only now did Timothy’s member grow flaccid. Now small and tired, it seemed to beg for recovery. Timothy was much the same, breathing hard and red in the face, his body and face covered in his own jizz, and his bed sticky with various sexual fluids. Every drop of energy within him had been spent. Lily seemed to pick up on this, and was happy to at last see her brother fulfilled.

However, her happy façade did not last long. She yanked her friend up by the hair, both of them now a sticky sloppy mess of semen. Sayoko hardly seemed bothered by her rough treatment. She looked up at Lily with a smile as she licked her lips with a long forked tongue, lapping up the sweet sticky goo plastered on her face.

“How dare you try to steal my brother from me Sayoko! You knew I loved him!”

“Well I didn’t know you were in love with him. You sent me the pictures. He was so adorable, and you wanted him to have a girlfriend! Don’t pretend you didn’t!”

“I didn’t know I loved him like this until you gave me that potion!”

“That’s total bullshit, Lily! My mana isn’t a love potion, it just unleashes your own inner desires. That’s what it means to be a monster! You loved him from the beginning, but you didn’t tell me! How was I supposed to know?”

The two of them were brought out of their argument by Timothy, who weakly spoke in a whisper, delirious.

“Please… don’t fight. I’m sorry. I-I didn’t want-I should have stopped this… I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

The two of them looked at Timothy as if he were a lost puppy, their hearts breaking as he slumped back onto his bed in a puddle of sexual fluids. Lily let go of Sayoko immediately and went to her brother, undoing the restraints she’d made and letting the used up socks fall to the floor. Sayoko slithered up to her fellow shirohebi, the same look of worry on her cum-soaked face. Timothy fell into a very deep and powerful sleep, his body recovering from the overwhelming ordeal.

The two lamia shared a look, an unspoken agreement being made.

Timothy awoke with bleary eyes and a strangely pleasant soreness. He sat up slowly, the fog of sleep still clouding his thoughts. He absentmindedly rubbed his wrists, as they seemed a bit more sore than the rest of him. He looked over to the night stand next to his bed, and saw his glasses placed neatly there. He put them on and as clarity came to his vision, so too did clarity come to his thoughts.

The events of the previous night came to him in a sudden flash and he felt a warm sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. Sayoko had jerked him off. His sister had raped him. And then… he bit his lip, horrified at the realization of just how much he had enjoyed being violated. It had felt like nothing had ever felt before. No masturbation or fantasy he’d ever conjured up had ever made him cum like his sister had made him cum last night.

With his memories flooding through him, he was surprised to find that he and his sheets were dry. No evidence or stain was left either on his sheets or himself. He was dry and clean. His room likewise was spotless, no discarded clothes or anything to hint at what had happened the night before. However, he was naked under the sheets, which kept him from dismissing the whole thing as a very realistic wet-dream.

He stayed there in his bed for a few minutes more, contemplating what he should do. What should he say? Should he scold his sister? Should he blame the monsterization? Blame Sayoko? Would police get involved? A thousand thoughts gnawed at his brain, biting and clawing. He felt like nothing was the right thing to do. He felt like it hadn’t been his sister’s fault. She had been under some kind of strange spell, or stress, or…something. And that weird blue flame Sayoko had used. He was completely delirious when Sayoko had entered the room and explained what she’d done. But he could half remember what she said. She’d done something to him. Made him suffer through all of those…tortuously pleasurable ejaculations. He felt as if he’d gone insane the lust seeming to build rather than subside with each orgasm.

And that was the thing that made his cheeks and ears burn scarlet. The memory of his sister violating him, forcing herself on him… was not one he disliked. He should have been disgusted. He should have been horrified and revolted at what she had done. But he just couldn’t bring himself to hold those feelings, despite knowing he should.

Timothy was quite curious what had happened after he had passed out last night, remembering that the two white lamia had been arguing. He got out of his bed and began to get dressed; his mind still abuzz with the events of last night. As he creeped out into the hall, attempting to make as little noise as possible, he heard soft chatter coming from the kitchen table.

Curious, he emerged from the hallway to find his sister and Sayoko happily chatting away, smiles on their faces and fully dressed. Sayoko wore the same maroon kimono from last night, but Lily wore a long white dress that he didn’t even know she owned. As he approached, the two girls ceased their talking and turned to him, greeting him with smiles.

“Good morning, Big Brother. Well rested?”

“Uh, yeah. Yeah I am.”

 Timothy wasn’t sure what to say. After last night, what should he say? Should he scold her? She was just smiling there, as if nothing had happened, and he was finding it unnerving.

After a few moments of silence, the two girls just smiling goofily at him, he decided to just address the elephant in the room.

“Alright, I’m just going to come out and say it. Lily… you… you raped me, last night. You tied me up, and… God, I don’t know what I’m supposed to even think right now!”

Lily’s smile waivered for a moment, and her newly elongated wars drooped.

“Do you hate me?”

Timothy gave her an incredulous look.

“What? No, of course not. I just… we had sex, Lily! We’re siblings! How would our parents feel about it? And where did it even come from? I mean… is this because of the monsterization?” He turned to Sayoko. “I hate to ask this, because I really do like you, Sayoko, but… did you orchestrate all of this? Was this all… I mean… I don’t understand-”

Timothy was silenced as Lily slipped up from her seat and lunged at him, embracing him in her arms and kissing him softly on the lips. He froze, surprised at what his sister was doing. This was not a kiss a brother and sister should share. Regardless, she continued the kiss, deepening it and brushing her tongue against his bottom lip.

He froze, unresponsive. He felt his body grow warm, and his mind turn to mush. His body reacted on its own, opening up his mouth to allow in his sister’s tongue. The kiss deepened further and soon his and her tongue were dancing back and forth, in a graceful and lecherous display. But it was wrong, he knew it was wrong! Yet he couldn’t stop himself from giving a little moan, and before he knew it, he had wrapped his arms around Lily and held her close, fully engaged in the make-out session.

She departed from him after a few seconds, a string of saliva still connecting their lips. Timothy stood silently, his face red with embarrassment.

“I love you, Tim. I love you a lot. I’m sorry I couldn’t control myself yesterday. And I’m sorry I’ve been such a lazy and awful sister. I want to make it up to you, and it would mean a lot if… if I could be your girlfriend.”

Timothy didn’t say anything. He didn’t know what was right or wrong anymore. His heart was beating fast, his body hot, his thoughts filled with improper things. His memories of last night were being played over an over in his head far too fondly for his liking. All he could think about was the amazing pleasure and that… that overwhelming sense of helplessness. But it wasn’t a bad feeling. No, it felt like someone else was taking care of him, watching over him, servicing him whether he liked it or not.

And he realized that he really wanted to tell his sister yes. The incredulous nature of the events was fading from his mind. All he could think about was that… he loved his sister. His sister loved him. They had been there for each other throughout their entire lives, propped each other up, kept each other going. They had been best friends when most couldn’t stand their siblings. He loved Lily, and if he was entirely honest with himself, she was a very beautiful creature.

He realized what he was saying was insane. But looking into his sister’s pleading crimson eyes, he found he didn’t have the strength to deny her.


She squealed and bounced up and down on her snake-like tail, making her newly sizable breasts bounce and jiggle in an unintentionally tantalizing display. Timothy’s blush seemed permanent, having not left his face once during this entrie conversation. As he smiled at his sister’s antics, he shared a glance at Sayoko, and wondered where she fit in to this. He remembered full well, Lily had forced Sayoko to deepthroat him. He also remembered bickering. But, when he had awoken, it was like that had never happened. They had been chatting amicably before he awoke and interrupted them.

“So… what’s the deal with you, Sayoko? You and Lily weren’t getting along much last night. Mostly because of that weird spell you cast on me.”

Sayoko had the decency to look abashed, but she still wore a coy knowing smile and there was mirth in her eyes regardless.

“It wasn’t really a spell… its just something we shirohebi do if we think-” she paused, and Tim caught her smile slip just a bit. “Its what we do if we’re afraid another woman is trying to steal our man.”

“So you did know my sister liked me.”

“No! Well, not at first. Not when I gave her my mana. But when I came to pick you up she confessed to me she had been fantasizing about you, and I got scared. Monsters aren’t as discriminating as humans, so I knew when her transformation was complete, she’d seduce you. And I really like you. So I got scared and… well, you know.”

Lily slithered up to her fellow shirohebi with a smile on her face and placed a hand on her shoulder. Timothy was surprised at how different the two looked despite Sayoko and Lily both having red eyes, white hair, and white scaly serpentine bodies. Sayoko’s eyes were almond shaped, like those of an Asian woman, and her face was likewise shaped. Lily on the other hand, still looked like herself in the face, freckles and all, just with the small cosmetic changes that came with monsterization.

“It’s alright, Tim. Sayoko and I talked it out. After we cleaned you up, we decided it’d be best for me to be your girlfriend. It was only fair, since you were my brother. But Sayoko won’t be left out in the cold. I think she’d make a great toy. She was really useful last night, after all.”

Timothy’s brows furrowed and he looked at them both incredulous.

“What?! Toy? Lily, that’s insane. She’s a person. And that just sounds like… some weird kinky fetish.”

Sayoko laughed.

“Well… that’s kind of what it is. I just want to be with you Timothy, I don’t care how. If this is how your sister will let me be with you, then I’m happy to be your toy.”

“Sayoko, that’s insane! We’ve known each other for two days! I mean… yeah we’ve done some stuff, but there’s still lots of great guys out there who would be great for you. I enjoyed our date, but-”

“I don’t want anyone else, Timothy. I want you. Please, understand, we monsters… we can sense much more about a person at first glance than a human can. I can sense the mana you give off and its warm and bright, and makes me feel… wonderful. Like a cozy blanket of love and sunshine.”

Timothy’s blush deepened and he could feel his ears heat up at the praise. He was unused to flattery of any kind, and Sayoko’s words felt quite genuine and sincere. Still, It was hard enough to imagine being in a romantic relationship with his sister. Having someone else come along as… a toy… it just felt wrong.

“It just doesn’t feel right. It feels… like we’re treating you as less than a person.”

Lily waved her hand about dismissively.

“Don’t think of it so literally. Think of her as a mistress, and I’m your doting wife. We all get along, but we all know the pecking order.”

Timothy looked at his sister with incredulity.

“Can you even hear yourself? Do you really want- I mean we’re already doing something so- and then you want to include-“ Timothy was helplessly flustered, tripping over his words and unable to finish a single sentence.

He was put out of his misery by Sayoko, who slithered forward and wrapped him up in her loving coils. With wide eyes, Timothy came face to face with Sayoko, the tips of their noses touching. He swallowed, all words fleeing from his tongue.

She kissed him. Softly. Tenderly. A gentle kiss on the tip of his lips, chaste yet sensual.

“I love you Timothy. I loved you at first sight. I don’t want to be with anyone other than you, no matter what. We shirohebi… we don’t give up on men who strike our fancy. I’ll leave today, if you want me to. But I’ll never give up. Never. So please, I’m asking you from the bottom of my heart… don’t make me go.”

Timothy’s flustered face stammered out a garbled response before his eyes darted to his sister, who only stood to the side smugly. Though it was clear that he was begging her for help, she remained silent, content watching him squirm.

Finally, Timothy found his voice. It was a bit squeakier than it normally it was, and it cracked a few times, but he was able to speak a simple sentence.

“You… can stay. If you want.”

Sayoko gave him a smile and snaked her hands around his head, before diving deeper and pulling his hair down and angling herself above him. With a shove, she locked her lips with his and dove her tongue into his mouth, violating him with sweet tender affection and carnal need.

Timothy’s member was now awake and ready to repeat last night’s performance. It strained against his pants almost painfully, throbbing with desire. He shivered as he felt a gentle hand lay on his member. He was surprised to find that it wasn’t Sayoko, but Lily.

His sister had joined Sayoko in coiling about him, squeezing his entire body even more so than it already was. She pressed her chest into his back as Sayoko broke their kiss, giving him a chance to breath. He could feel his sister’s breasts press onto his back, her nipples hard and playfully rubbing up and down.

“Now that you’re on board, Big Brother… I think we ought to continue where we left off.”

Timothy turned his head and locked eyes with Lily. Her sparkling red eyes were full of mirth and excitement that he found infectious. His apprehensions, of which there were many, melted away as he looked deeply into her eyes. With a nod, Lily and Sayoko took him back into his room, disrobing him along the way. As they closed the door behind them, Lily gave a light hearted giggle at her brother’s squirming.

This was going to be fun.

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10 thoughts on “The White Snake

  1. the monsterization was interesting. the way you wrote the process of Lily’s thoughts and feelings developing as she turned was fun to read. i think it lost its focus towards the end. the overall theme leading up to the ending was about growing up and accepting change, with Lily’s transformation being a more literal visualization of that. however, instead of allowing Tim to move on with his life with his newfound love, Lily literally forces herself into his relationship and moves Sayoko down to a cumpet, who for some reason, is completely ok with that and agrees that Lily, Tim’s sister, would be a better girlfriend than she, who was Tim’s actual girlfriend. why? why would a Shirohebi so willingly give up her man to another woman, and why would anyone be so willing to be a “cum sleeve” for somebody’s relationship? and in the end, tim still has to take care of lily, and he’s not allowed to move on and love another woman. it just made for a really gross, disappointing ending, not to mention the weird incestual message and inbred baby semantics. but besides all that, the smut was still enjoyable, even if the date was a little rushed. for the most part, i enjoyed it, but i hope in the future the fetishes will work for the story instead of against it. looking forward to the mail order husband story 🙂

    1. Well, Shirohebi don’t ever give up on someone once they’ve fallen for them. So neither girl was going to back down. And as for Sayoko, she may be a bit more devious than she lets on. I doubt she’s interested in staying in her current position.

      After all, Lily can’t be the girlfriend in public. At least not in America. I’m planning a sequel for this one, since I grew attached to the characters. I will be exploring the dynamic of this relationship quite thoroughly in the future.

      1. I am so happy you are making a sequel to this, even if incest isn’t my thing. White Snek is Best Snek. Also love the entire Monster Girls 2020 setting.

  2. I loved it. The slow monsterization scenes were great insight into the mind of a would-be monster. Some parts were rushed a bit, but overall I did like the story, as usual. I’m a big fan of modern day monster girl stories.

  3. Wow! I loved it as well. It is a Monster Girl Homerun!!

    Would you be willing to write an alternate version in which Lily takes the Arachne TF potion instead? Everything would stay the same with the exception of the monsterization Transformation and using her spider abilities on her bother and Sayoko instead of her snake body.

    Would you be willing to accept a commission for this alternate story.

  4. You had my attention at ‘White Snake’, which as we all know is the best snek.

    I’m not sure about the incest so much, tho.

    But hey- the only thing better than one whitesnek is TWO whitesneks….so might as well accentuate the positive.

  5. I really like how you presented monsterization in this story. The gradual changes with the thought processes makes it rather cool and interesting and I honestly hope to see more of your work in the future.

  6. This is another great piece you’ve written. The Shirohebi is one of my favorite Mamono, and your particular take on her species was amazing.

    You do a really wonderful job at these transformations, making the mental and physical changes vivid and drawn out to fit the flow of the story. Likewise, the sex scenes were amazing, as I loved the way you described things like the girls’ scaly bodies coiling around him and the blue flame exciting his lust.

    I also liked that there was no particular “villain” in the story. I was worried at first that you were going to make Sayoko into a lying bitch, but both her and Lily are sympathetic in their own way, and while they both have a degree of fault in what happened, you get the impression that they are both genuinely good people who love Timothy.

    Anyway, I’m excited to read in the comments that you plan to continue this particular arc. It will be interesting to see how the three-way relationship develops further. I hope Lily gets a chance to leave her own “mark” inside Timothy, as I’m especially curious to find out what happens if you mix two separate Shirohebi blue flames together inside one target – just imagining that makes me feel like there’s a fire inside of me, too!

  7. In your next monster girl 2020, why not make a documentary about annexation of the Latin America and half of Africa?

    Hear me out, empress Desdemona realize the mailing husband plan is a slow process and half the time they had to ship back the “husband” after learning they were spies sent by their government and breaking many monster girl hearts.

    Remember when one of them captured an American spies and the government are interested in the throne?

    Empress Desdemona decided, like her past generations, that a country needed to be conquered. Her people are getting tired of waiting to only to find that their “husband” are spies.

    She managed to talked with third world countries leaders and discussing about them becoming a part of FUK.

    Half of them quickly joined while the other half refuses, mostly because they don’t want to give up their power.

    When their citizens realize that their government refuses to join FUK. A civil war broke out, this mostly happened in Latin America.

    The civil war lasted almost a year as citizens picked up arms and killed off their suppressor. Ranging from; drug cartels, gang leaders, and to corrupted government.

    When the war ended, the newly established government were happy to become part of FUK.

    All of Latin America and half of Africa transformed into a demon realm. Latin America became more flourish as amazon forest grew. Majority of monster girl who live there are ocelmeh, Amazoness, and alraune.

    Africa became more exotic as many unknown plants grew there. Mostly desert monster girl live there.

    Let’s not forget the risk and consequences of adding countries to FUK. One, since illegal immigrants no longer cross the border, the government had no choice to cut the fund of border patrol making hundreds to lose their jobs. Another is that many right wing are getting angry that the refugees from the war are taking away jobs leaving jobless for the America. Many march in protest asking their government to stop taking refugees from Europe.

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