The Hermit Knight

There once were brother and sister twins that were inseperable, their familial bond thought to be unbreakable. As most nobles of Lescatie, they seeked to become Men-at-Arms, becoming household knights to their parents. With most families, naming two to be the heir to their feif would be foolish but no one questioned the decision to make these twins the two heirs. Trajedy struck when both knights were sent to aid another feif near the Massif d’Orquemont. When the raiding force was pushed back, a head count revealed that the sister survived but her brother was missing.

Without even returning to her parent’s feif, the sister took the Questing Vow, laying aside her lance in favor of a Greatsword. In her quest, the ladies visions sent her to face the past mistake of losing her brother. Following the signs for two decades, she found him in the grip of a Wurm, forced to sire twins with the monster. Challenging the Wurm who had taken her true form, she evaded its clumsy initial attacks and then cleaved it in two with her greatsword.

The brother had been bewitched by the Wurm. He protested when his sister smote the Wurm and fought his sister alongside the Wurm’s daughters. The infant monsters were easily slain and the brother had to be knocked unconscious with the pommel of her sword and brought home bound. On the way home, the sister met The Green Knight and earned the right to sip from the grail.

When the brother and sister finally returned home, there was much celebrating at the return of the heirs and a great feast was held. While the brother was listless, it was believed that he was recovering from being bewitched and that once he does, he would take on The Quest just like his sister. It was not to be, he was more broken than originally thought and was found hanged in his room on the very next day.

Finding that she had failed, the sister travelled to a tiny isolated Grail Chapel on the slopes of the Malmont, a great peak that overlooks the entire Masif d’Orquemont, giving up all land and titles to instead prevent any other monsters from descending the slopes of the mountain. That is how The Hermit Knight was born.

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