Slutbucks #3: Idols

Slutbucks #3: Idols

A few weeks fly by into the next month.

Mark had gotten back into the swing of things with the shop. Warm Delights had certainly gathered more and more customers since he had started working there.

“I think we are setting up the shop for Halloween today, at least that is what Cynthia told me yesterday,” Mark spoke to himself after stepping out the shower and drying off.

Mark then quickly got dressed in his uniform, figuring he was going to grab breakfast at the shop. Once out of his apartment he didn’t waste any time to make it to the shop even though the commute was so short.

He greets a few people before heading inside the shop to only be greeted by Cynthia. “I was just about to call you, Beatrice has an appointment near the end of your shift and we need someone to cover for the night with me,” she said walking beside him, shoes clicking gently on the nice clean floor.

Extra time wouldn’t be so bad, and he would get the time and a half for working her shift too. “I have nothing to do tonight so I can take her shift, I imagine you are leaving and coming back later?” Mark asked her stepping in front of the counter.

Cynthia nodded before saying “Yeah I am going to go home and rest because the night shift is going to require us doing some serious cleaning and organizing.”

Nothing to really lose with this, extra money is always good. Working alone with Cynthia normally at this point led to him on his back in the storeroom.

“Eating breakfast here again? Let me guess, Energy Blend brew no mana. Just sugar, with a side of Demon ass?” She asked him giving him quite the smug grin.

“First part yes, and some fruit. If we are going to be here for the night shift you can have the second half later if you behave of course,” Mark said to her rubbing the top of her head playfully.

It wasn’t that bad filling Cynthia, it kept her calm alongside releasing stress, and Cynthia hasn’t caught feelings which is also a bonus.

Cynthia prepares his coffee just the way he likes it along with a fruit salad. Thankfully the store offers a good discount for the employee’s so eating here daily was a lot cheaper.

Mark decides to sit at one of the upstairs couches, much like the first time he entered the shop. Usually, that area is always full of customers but it was currently slow at the shop.

Once his breakfast was finished it was time to start his shift. He headed down tossing away his cup and container that once held fruit.

He headed back behind the counter with Cynthia and they chatted for a few until the breakfast rush entered, then it was a different story. The customers came pouring in one after another.

Fresh Mana was requested numerous times throughout the rush, all turned down due to time, he couldn’t have Cynthia up here alone during the rush. Several ladies said they will be back in hopes for it straight from the tap.

The line slowly dwindled down to a stop in which they got a slight break to recuperate along with some quick restocking.

Customers then started trickling in and out at a relatively normal pace from here on in.

“Well aren’t you quite the eye candy,” a lowly seductive voice spoke to Mark approaching the counter. Quite the eccentric-looking lady along with what appeared to be her daughter. Both of them seemed to be undead with their unnaturally pale skin. The mom quickly adjusts herself but not in the normal manner giving Mark the look at her quite sizable breasts in the black dress she was wearing.

“W-Well thank you ma’am what can I get you?” Mark then asked her trying to pay no mind to the breasts that were nearly being shoved into his face. She kept adjusting her position to show off her curvy hourglass figure.

Her daughter was rolling her eyes while just typing away on her phone. “You darling look like you give some of the best mana, maybe we head into the back for a quick drink?” she asked with a smile adjusting her dress more to show off her bust

“Mom, stop I have to be at school remember,” she said as she typed furiously typed on her phone. “You are embarrassing me,” she added placing her hands on her hips.

“I don’t want to be late or else those mutts are going to get to him,” she said pulling back out her phone.

“Hush Abagail, you have your little toy at school plus you two aren’t even official yet,” she said pulling out a familiar silver card from her purse.

Mark and Cynthia just stood there awkwardly as the mother and daughter go at it. Mother laying on the hard flirt while the daughter clearly had other intentions.

“Fine fine Abagail, go on order. Now as for your dear I will be back for a lunch break. I have a massage appointment up the road,” she said.

The daughter Abagail ordered two coffee’s energy blend, light sugar, a box of 4 danishes two Red Slime jelly, and two Shoggoth, it wasn’t really from a Shoggoth it was a dark berry blend with just an iced eye on it. One of the many Halloween and Autumn themed items.

After Abagail received her order, her mother approached the counter. “Look here cutie, names Elizabeth but you can call me Eliza I’ll be back soon,” she said with a seductive grin flashing him her fangs.

Cynthia chuckled watching them leave. “Well, looks like you are going to enjoy some undead later, she is the most adamant I have seen so far,” she said patting him on the back teasingly.

It has been a while since Mark had actually satisfied a customer. It really had only been Cynthia in the back as of late.

It started to get slow after breakfast, usually was so it was time to restock and set up. It was getting to be close to Halloween so the store was starting to get themed and such. Pumpkins scattered around, a small hay bail set up in the front with a shelf that kept the holiday blend they sell around this time. It was actually looking cozy inside.

Mark decided to get to work on more of the decorating while Cynthia took care of the counter, setting up things in the restaurant mainly strips of fake leaves around tables, and most importantly blank jack-o-lantern stickers advertising all the season’s goodies.

Once most of the stickers were set up soon after Alexis the boss walks in clipboard in hand looking around the shop making sure everything is ship-shape, it certainly was for now even though the bigger displays would have to wait until tonight to set up.

She approaches the counter and asks Cynthia for a Kraken brew, the blackest brew in the shop, with beans and grounds soaked in Ink barrels from the legendary beast.

“Mark, I request your assistance in my office if you will,” she spoke walking away into the backroom with the coffee in her paw, her plump round ass shaking gently in her skirt with her bushy tail swaying a bit.

Cynthia smirked again before saying “Well go on Mark, it is slow currently so I can handle the front.”

Mark straightened himself up before heading into the back room and up the stairs slowly to Alexis’s office. The door was open so he headed inside, she looked like she was preparing for the season too besides the Anks that decorated her office shared a place electric candles and mini plastic pumpkins.

“Close the door,” she said sipping her coffee slowly while adjusting her glasses.

Mark closed the door behind him before facing back to Alexis who now stood up from behind her desk.

“A little fresh mana if you will, I can use the pick me up,” she said with motioning him over with one of her furry digits.

Mark couldn’t refuse his boss after all she had been taking special care of him, possibly the best boss he had ever had.

“Certainly Ms. Alexis you haven’t asked for this for a while,” Mark said approaching her.

“I try not to bother you, after all, you do provide for the store,” she replied undoing a button on her blouse showing a generous amount of cleavage showing off herself a bit before motioning for Mark to turn around.

She pulls him closer to her gently putting her lips to his neck kissing it tenderly while starting to unzip his pants. Alexis was always gentle making sure he was the utmost comfort. She pulled out his cock and started to work her paws around it arousing him gently.

“So hard already, I like that and you really like my paws it seems,” she whispers gently into his ears starting to unbutton his pants fully.

Her sweet voice was already pushing Mark’s length full hard in her paw as she stroked him dropping his pants fully with her other paw.

Alexis was already dripping under her skirt she could easily seduce him into going all the way but now wasn’t the time for that. She slowly moved Mark back to her behind her desk stroking him over the coffee she had just had made.

The sensation from Alexis’s paws was something else little jolts of electric pleasure through his whole body causing light moans to come from Mark. The way her paws danced over his most sensitive areas inched him closer to the edge with every passing second.

“Mark dear you can cum anytime you want, you know where I want it at,” she gently whispered into his ear seductively before nibbling on his neck and earlobe.

Mark gasped at that sensation of her gentle bites she inched him closer to the steaming cup of coffee on her desk. Meanwhile, Alexis with her free paw was doing quite the job between her legs rubbing her swollen clit furiously while gently moaning herself.

“C-Cum please Mark dear, cum good and hard for me,” she whimpered into his ear her legs trembling as she massages her clit deeply under her skirt.

Those words pushed Mark over the edge causing him to gasp her name a bit cumming long thick ropes of cum on to her desk and in the coffee in front of him.

Alexis still gently panting a little turns Mark around facing her, she was blushing heavily enough to be seen through her caramel skin. “I-I came too, don’t worry you did great,” she said as Mark put his pants back on.

“I-I don’t mind at all Ms. Alexis,” he replied back also blushing.

Alexis looked like she could still go another round and if were up to her she’d throw everything off her desk and just take him there. She knew better than to do that now.

“B-Better get back dear, lunch rush is about to start,” she said gently rubbing his head with her paw.

Yeah, it was already getting close to 1 pm, prime time for lunch the place was about to be packed with people trying to get an afternoon fix.

“Go on out there and get em, Mark,” she said swatting him on the ass with a chuckle still looking like she was coming down from her orgasm.

Mark smiled while his back was still turned before saying “You know I will do the best I can.” before heading out the door.

Alexis on the other hand sat slowly back down in her chair still dripping in pleasure. “What a feeling,” she said taking a pull from her coffee. “Soon, I shall have the full taste,” she whispered while running her finger through the excess cum in her desk.

Mark straightened himself out as he headed back down the stairs. Once back on the main floor he sees that customers are already lined up for lunch.

“There you are, get that ass behind the counter,” Cynthia said putting her hands on her hips watching him approach the counter.

“Sorry the boss requested me,” he said walking back behind the counter and started helping Cynthia out with the mountain of customers.

Customers came and went. Most of them were regulars, businessmen, and monsters. Few fresh mana requests but turned down due to the one he had given Alexis earlier.

The lunch rush was over soon after, and it was time for a pick me up coffee.

“Got a recommendation for a coffee to pick me up?” he asked Cynthia as the last customer in line took off out the door.

“Hmm the energy blend is the best for waking up, but you look like you need a different kind of pick me up after the bosses treatment,” she said heading to the back.

She wasn’t exactly wrong between the lunch rush and Alexis’s treatment energy in both departments was low.

Mark took care of a few customers while Cynthia was still the back doing who knows what.

Cynthia was taking her sweet time in the back meanwhile Elizabeth from earlier walked back in and straight to the counter.

“I told you I would be back cutie, so how about that special treatment?” she asked fanning herself a bit. She must have gone home and changed, the dress was tighter and it hugged all her curves, the top barely could contain her bust, and the odd part was she was wearing theater gloves black silk from the looks of it.

“I cannot leave the counter, Ms. Elizabeth,” Mark said quickly, honestly trying to avoid this whole situation as lovely as she was the thirst was real and it didn’t look like she was going to take no for an answer.

She smiled gently before speaking in a quite sensual tone “I want a triple shot Vampire dark roast and fresh mana,” she said pulling out her purse.

Cynthia finally came back out with Mark’s brew. “Sorry it took so long, custom brews are like that,” she said placing it in front of Mark on the counter.

“She wants a Vampire Dark Roast Cynthia,” Mark said to her placing his cup to the side.

Cynthia rushed to the back again to prep this drink, it must have been something that wasn’t regularly ordered.

“Ms. Elizabeth let me take care of these other customers and then I will take care of you alright?” he said to her.

“I’ll wait patiently, don’t you worry dear,” she said stepping to the side and pulling out her phone.

Mark took care of the few customers himself while Cynthia was in the back, nothing special just regular coffee.

A short while later Cynthia comes back out with Elizabeth’s order, not in a to-go cup but an Irish coffee mug made of glass with the company logo on it.

“Thank you, now cutie I request your assistance,” Elizabeth said taking the cup and motioning to him to join her.

Mark didn’t want to but she came back as she said. Like most that get turned down the first time that comes back usually gets a fresh shot.

Mark stepped from behind the counter and Elizabeth smiled holding her cup in her hand. Mark started to lead her to the backroom before she stopped him in his tracks. “Now, now dear not back there I am sure we can be quiet up there,” she said pointing to the higher levels.

“It isn’t private up there and I wouldn’t want to disturb the other customers,” Mark said to her.

“If we must dear lead the way,” she said taking a small sip from her coffee

Mark sighed and led her into the back room. The storeroom was at least lit up this time after the bulbs were replaced.

Once back there completely in private, she places the cup down on a nearby box along with her purse. “Now cutie, let’s take care of this,” she said slowly unzipping his pants and reaching her fingers inside to touch his cock.

The glove was silk, it was so obvious by the smooth soft feeling. She teased the tip with her fingers while pressing her body against his. “Get hard for me I want to feel the blood pumping through your cock,” she whispered into his ear.

Mark felt the cold of her body through the dress she was wearing, her words spun inside his head which did indeed get the blood pumping again in his nether region.

“Call me Eliza please dear,” she said whispering once more into his ear before gently sliding her tongue up his neck.

The sensation from her tongue was nothing like Alexis from earlier, it was cold but she did it is more of a teasing manner like she was used to doing this.

“A-Ah Eliza,” he gently said feeling the surprise feeling of her tongue against his neck.

She worked her way around his now semi-hard cock in his pants. “Such an excitable mortal I am surprised maybe we can drop these now,” she said now starting to unbutton his pants dropping them to the floor around his ankles.

She grabbed his cock fully in her silky glove stroking it deeply from base to tip, making sure to give the head of his length a tease with her fingers with each passing stroke.

“Throbbing just the way I like it, teasing an old Vampire like me,” she whispered gently more nibbling on his neck pricking him with her fangs drawing a little bit of blood.

Mark gasped heavily feeling the small bite the sensation was quickly soothed with her tongue licking up the small droplets of blood from his neck.

“A very pleasant taste you take care of your body, I like that,” she whispered more stroking his precum dripping cock.

Mark was close, her words were spinning in his head pushing him to his limits. “C-Close Eliza,” he panted while watching her stroking him harder than ever.

He was at his limit but Elizabeth was licking and breathing against his neck. “Gonna cum for me? Make it nice and thick,” she said lewdly teasing him.

He gasped gently, hearing that Elizabeth grabs the cup and places it near the tip of his cock. “Cum like a good boy for me,” she said teasingly once more running the tip of her finger under his cock from base to tip.

His limit was broken he sprayed thick ropes of cum into her cup and to the ground below her name escaped his lips before her lips gently graze his.

“Such a good boy, maybe next time I will take the glove off for you,” she said after breaking the small kiss she had given him.

Mark reached down and pulled his pants up before adjusting himself to head back out into the shop.

“Ah, ah walk a lady back into the shop please,” Elizabeth said extending him her hand.

He took her hand and walked back out into the shop she seemed quite proud and satisfied, to say the least.

As he approached the counter again she released his hand to allow him back to his station behind the counter with Cynthia. Cynthia was smiling while sipping a bottle of water.

“See you soon cutie,” Elizabeth said sipping her coffee and walking away to a nearby table.

Mark stepped behind the counter and immediately reached for the coffee that Cynthia prepared for him previously before his little encounter showed up.

“Worn out huh go on drink up, you will feel better,” Cynthia said giving him a gentle elbow nudge.

Mark was spent, standing there behind the counter sipping the brew that Cynthia prepared for him. It was light meaning more caffeine for waking up but with a light fruit aftertaste.

“What is this Cynthia?” he asked her sipping it more and more. It actually was quite flavorful despite being a light roast.

“Succubus Strawberry, there is also a bit of me in it so don’t you worry your head about that one,” she said swatting him with her spade tail.

Must have stirred it with her tail like she had done many times. Cynthia was quick to add a bit of essence of herself into his drinks. It added a bit of pep in some cases.

“Well, it is time for me to head out. I’ll be back in a few hours.” Cynthia said grabbing Mark’s ass gently before stepping out behind the counter.

The rest of the day went by smoothly. Actually, a few people came in to apply to work. One human guy who came in looking just as desperate for a job as Mark was when he first entered, Alexis handled it and told him she would give him a trial period, alongside two monsters an Undine interested in a janitorial position, and a Jabberwock for a barista/waitress position. All were going to be given a trial period starting in a few days.

The Janitorial position was going to be much more helpful, Beatrice was always vocal about how much she disliked it but Mark took the slack for her sometimes just to help her out.

Cynthia came back to the shop around sunset, the late-night work was a lot more chill than the day. Customers getting off from work wanting to unwind.

“Well come on Mark let’s get started on these displays and stuff before we close up for the night,” Cynthia said to him stepping from behind the counter.

Around this time no one really came in and if someone did it was simple to just get back behind the counter to take an order and just get back to work.

Displays were a simple set up, not only did the shop sells the blends they brew in house, but they also sold mugs, portable tumblers, even collectible seasonal items, and gift cards.

It was time for the autumn merchandise to go up, Barometz orange blend coffee was selling like hotcakes and then after this season, the Christmas bundles will be put up replacing the autumn ones.

Set up was a breeze with two people working on it, but while they were just about to close up which was around midnight a monolith of a bus pulls up outside of the restaurant.

Alexis was just heading down from her office just as the bus pulled up. “You two keep going I’ll take care of whatever tourist party is on that bus,” she said rolling her eyes. Apparently, it wasn’t uncommon for people to try to come for a late-night drink. One or maybe two people trying to get in in the late hours wouldn’t normally be an issue but this bus looked like it was full of 20+ people.

Right now Cynthia and Mark were setting up a shelf on the back wall for a new display of merchandise. Mainly for portable cups and mugs, but it seemed they had shirts and hats even available for purchase.

Alexis soon rushed back inside. “Stop everything for right now,” she said standing in front of the door

Alexis straightened herself out before explaining, “Now outside is the tour bus of the group The Witching Hour…”

The second Alexis said that Cynthia started squeaking with joy fangirling hard rushing over near the door.

Alexis stopped her before she could just rush outside. “Cynthia please control yourself, now look the both of you we are going to have them in here, apparently they have a show downtown tomorrow night and they want to fuel up because they are working on a new track just for the show. Massive holiday bonuses if we can send them out happy,” she said keeping a tight grip on Cynthia who was desperately trying to press herself against the glass.

Cynthia straightened herself out quickly after hearing that proposition. “We will take care of them trust us,” Mark said to Alexis assuring her that they will handle whatever the situation.

Mark and Cynthia quickly went back behind the counter straightening up a bit getting stuff ready.

Alexis opened the door for the first person entering which looked to be their manager a very well dressed Succubus followed by four women.

The manager was in an all-black suit with a skirt to match, fair-skinned, a mid-sized bust, blonde hair up in a bun, and deep green emerald eyes.

“Go on sit down take a load off, you are working too hard,” one of the members of the group said to the manager. She was quite the woman, pale skin well all of them were decently pale, charcoal black hair with a streak of neon green through it, quite the bust compared to her manager, killer hips, and blue eyes. As for attire they looked to be in pajama pants and their own tour graphic shirts guessing they were dressed comfortably for the long trip on that bus.

The manager didn’t hesitate before heading to the table in the middle of the shop to sit down and even kick her heels off.

Cynthia headed back behind the counter, and Mark joined her. Most of the Idol members were just typing away on their phones yawning probably tired.

“Ladies, what can we get you?” Mark asked taking the initiative of the situation.

The group members slowly approached the counter. They were all quite lovely each of them. “W-What will your order be Rayna?” Cynthia asked her absolutely star struck. Rayna was the member that told their manager to just relax.

“A fan I see very nice, well what would you recommend? Usually someone orders for us so it would be nice to hear from someone who works here,” she said placing a hand down on the counter.

They were normal at heart it seemed but used to having things done for them.

“I’d recommend the Energy Blend and or if you are brave enough the All Nighter Brew or we call it the Midnight Oil,” Mark said with a smile.

Rayna smirked, “Mana is available with every brew?” she then asked twirling her finger on the counter.

“Fresh from the source and cold from the store,” Cynthia responded.

Rayna looked at Mark and smiled gently. “Give me the Midnight Oil and some cold mana along with one of those club sandwich bundles please,” she said reaching for her wallet.

Cynthia rushed to the back to prep her order leaving Mark out there to take care of the transaction.

“You provide the fresh mana I assume?” she said handing him her credit card.

“I do miss,” Mark responded back to her swiping her card to complete her order.

Before she could ask anything else, the next member rushed to the counter just as Mark handed her back the card.

“So how is it given?” the now second member of the group asked standing next to Rayna looking more curious than the others who were now also staring.

“Trinity relax, clearly he supplies after hours,” Rayna said with a playful elbow shrug to Trinity. Trinity was a bit shorter than Ranya but shared a good amount of the same features. Black hair but an orange streak through it, the biggest difference was she had a full sleeve of tattoos alongside some scattered ones.

“Well, I provide mana mainly during the day, normally if someone requests it, they take me in the back and well extract it by hand or mouth into whatever brew they ordered,” Mark replied to her placing his hand on the back of his head nervously.

Trinity giggled placing her hand over her mouth. “How lewd, I imagine some customers get a little more grabby with that body,” she said reaching for her wallet.

This group of girls was something else, they seemed quite curious about the average working man.

“I’ll take the same thing that Ranya ordered,” she said handing him her credit card.

Mark calls the order out for Cynthia before swiping up her card.

“Xael, you have been quiet since we stopped what’s up?” Rayna asked her as she approached the counter.

Xael was quite attractive, much like the rest of the group, her color of choice for her hair was purple it matched her eyes.

“Saving my voice and still thinking about that song I want to write,” she said. “Now as for my order, Midnight Oil double shot and fresh mana in the back,” she spoke pulling out her wallet.

Mark’s jaw dropped as he stood and looked at Xael she had quite the killer body, not so much in the chest department compared to the others but with hips and ass to back it up which even looked better in her pajamas.

The group all giggled hearing Xael’s request but she stood there with her card in her hand. “I am sure you can handle me,” she said staring at Mark with a smug and confident grin.

“W-Well I can certainly do my best for you Miss Xael,” he said calling the order out to Cynthia and swiping her card.

After handing Xael back her card the last member approached the counter. Ember was her name from what Xael said while motioning to her that she was up.

Ember’s color for her streak was a flaming red, a lovely set of hazel eyes, a bust that could knock you out with one good swing. “Have anything good and sweet around to go with an Energy Blend?” she asked as she putting her long hair back into a ponytail.

“Yes we do Miss Ember, we have a variety of danishes, donuts, and even some seasonal themed cake and pie,” he said to her showing her the glass display on the other side of the counter.

“Mmm can I get a large Energy Blend, and two of those danishes with that eye on them?” she asked with a hungry smile.

“Yes of course,” he responded yelling out the last order for Cynthia still in the back while opening up the glass to grab her sweets out. “These are our Shoggoth jelly danishes dark berry with a sweet iced eye only for the autumn season,” he said to her.

“Glad I asked,” she said as Mark handed her the small bag containing the sweets.

Mark looked over at their manager sitting there plugging away at her phone. “Um does your manager want anything?” he asked as he rang up Ember’s order.

She had been quiet ever since they stepped into the place.

“Yeah might want to get her a pick me up, add another Midnight Oil to my order,” Xael said handing him back her card as Cynthia returned out with a tray of steaming hot coffee for the group.

Cynthia asked if she could run out to her car and grab her CD for them to sign for her. They agreed and even offered pictures for social media.

Mark headed back to prepare the brew for the manager, meanwhile, the girls all took the coffee and food and retreated to the table with their manager. He brought out the coffee for the manager as the rest of the members took pictures and signed things for Cynthia who was now completely in fangirl mode.

Xael looked up at Mark approaching the table before standing up with her coffee. “Cynthia stay here and vibe with the group and as for you come on,” she said grabbing his hand.

“Uh it is in the backroom in storage,” he said walking with her near the back room.

Xael stopped him and recommended a different place, the tour bus was empty and just in case things get a bit hotter she’d rather be in private.

“Going to the bus, for a bit of privacy,” she said going back and grabbing the keys from her manager. “Let’s go,” she added pulling him out of the store.

“Not our usual tour bus, repairs are a bitch so we have this beast,” she said opening up the sliding doors on the side.

The inside of the bus was incredibly spacious surprisingly but it looked like they were also using it as a recording studio while on the road with all the instruments and microphones scattered around.

As she led him to the back of the bus where the sleeping quarters are she was singing to herself something along the lines of “I’ll put a spell on you.”

Mark recognized it from a childhood classic. “Hocus Pocus huh?” he asked as he walked behind her.

Xael turned and smirked at him “Yeah I have been thinking about having the group perform it and adding my own spin on it but I am not sure yet,” she said placing her coffee down on a small table next to a bed in the back.

She motioned him to sit down first. The bed was small barely enough for two people. “I think you should sing it honestly,” he said looking up at her.

“I just might,” she said conjuring some floating blue fireballs above the bed. “A little bit of magic to add some ambiance,” she added sitting down next to him.

“Witch?” he asked looking at her now her body slightly glowing under the fire above.

“Dark Mages, all of us, much more powerful. Why do you think we don’t have bodyguards? No one would dare to try anything funny,” she said smiling and unzipping his pants.

Mark was still quite stunned at this new situation he had been put in, pop star idol group entering the shop and the singer inviting him on the tour bus for a mana extraction.

She took Mark’s arm and put it around her as she started to gently stroke him getting him ready to deliver some sweet mana for her. It didn’t take long with Mark’s hand on her soft hips and near her thick ass.

“Maybe this will work a lot better,” she said lifting off her shirt revealing her small perky breasts before climbing into his lap facing him while still stroking him off slowly.

Mark put both his hands on her hips letting his fingers sink into her soft pajama pants with his length hardening in her soft hands. She let out a gentle sigh before pressing her breasts onto his face as she stroked him more and more.

A very sweet and magical scent was coming off her body. Mark leaned in and took one of her nipples into his mouth while reaching around squeezing her ass. “Ah yes um what is your name?” she asked a bit awkwardly.

Mark stopped sucking on her. “Mark is my name Xael,” he replied back to her while looking up into her eyes.

“Mmm alright Mark you may continue,” she said pushing his lips back to her nipple speeding up her stroking on his cock which was already leaking precum out of it.

She let him suck her nipples for a bit before grabbing his face aiming it back up to hers. “I want that cum,” she spoke with pure lust in her eyes before reaching over and grabbing her coffee.

Once she grabbed the cup she dropped to her knees and took his cock into her mouth sucking him hard and deep no slow starts for her. It didn’t take long for Mark to call out for her. “Xael s-stop,” he panted looking down at her.

She stopped sucking him and placed the cup at the base of his tip, “Cum hard Mark give me that energy.” she said pleading with him.

It was enough to make him leak ropes of cum into her coffee and a few on to her face.

She smiled quite happy with her work, “I think I want more, but we do have to prepare for our concert tomorrow.” she said licking the excess cum off her face before standing back up before slipping her top back on.

Mark in a sense was relieved not knowing how he would perform under this sort of pressure. “Of course, completely understandable,” he said to her pulling fixing himself up and standing up off the bed.

“Let’s get you back inside, but first I think we can arrange something nice for you and your co-worker,” Xael said as she put out the blue flames that were above both of them at the moment.

She leads him back through the bus but stops him halfway before grabbing an assortment of merchandise shirts, hats, hoodies, and two VIP Full Access tickets for tomorrow’s concert.

“X-Xael, look you don’t have to do all this,” Mark said as she loaded his arms with stuff.

Xael looked over into a nearby mirror wiping the rest of the cum from her face before saying “Nonsense, but I do have a request for you. Tomorrow I hope you will bring us coffee and some mana for me,” she said leading him off the bus.

Mark smiled with his face nearly covered in all the merchandise she had given him before saying “Yeah I can do that for you.”

The rest of the night went by just fine, chatting, getting to know the group members, and seeing Cynthia fangirl hard was also quite the highlight of the night.

Soon it was time for the band to leave, but before they left Xael left Mark her cell number so they could communicate before the concert.

“Thank you for accommodating us this late night, we are forever grateful and we will see both of you tomorrow night,” Xael said to Mark and Cynthia before they headed out.

Cynthia and Mark rested after watching the bus leave. “Mark I swear you keep making me proud,” Alexis said walking back out to greet both of them.

“You handled that like a pro both of you. I am going to make sure you both get that bonus, now look head out for the night and we can take care of this stuff in the morning,” she said.

“Alright Ms. Alexis we will see you in the morning,” Mark said before Alexis groped his ass. “See you in the morning,” she said in return.

“I am wiped,” Cynthia said exiting the store with Mark.

“Y-Yeah me too,” Mark replied. It had certainly been quite a day.

“Hey, let me take you home and um mind if I crash there tonight?” Cynthia asked him with a slightly nervous look on her face.

Mark was certainly caught off guard by the proposition but Cynthia did look quite tired and since he was so close it shouldn’t be an issue.

“Yeah sure, you can crash with me tonight,” he replied to her while following her to her car.

Cynthia drove to his place and parked outside. Once inside she put down all the merch that she received from the group tonight.

“Uh you take the bed and I’ll take the couch make yourself comfortable,” Mark said to her heading into the bedroom just to place down the merch that was his.

“I cannot believe you, you got fucking Xael’s number and got us VIP into tomorrow’s concert how good was the sex?” Cynthia asked walking into the bedroom with him.

“We didn’t have sex, we got close but we didn’t go all the way she milked me into her cup,” Mark said grabbing a change of clothes.

“Well then must have been something special to get this treatment, also I am not sleeping alone we can share,” she said laying down in Mark’s bed and stretching out.

Not honestly surprising that Cynthia wanted to share the bed with him what could it hurt.

“Alright Cynthia we can sleep together,” Mark replied to her.

Cynthia didn’t respond she just started to undress, looks like she still had some energy left in her…

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