Echidna Dice & A Chance of Corruption: Weresheep and Minotaur


‘I’ll never get to finish my book, will I?’

The young man thought as he walked tentatively down the carpeted hallway, surprised that he wasn’t being rushed by the two guards with a firm grip on his arms.

His sight, sense of smell, and hearing had all been hampered; the last one completely removed. Not to say the monsters had done something so barbaric as to cut out his sensory organs. No, all they’d done was have a clearly overworked looking Dark Mage trace a few lines along his forehead, and then suddenly Liam Bran was left with little more than his sense of touch to guide him through the world now. He wasn’t an expert in spellcraft perse, but he knew his components. And based on the rich aroma he got a whiff of from the mage’s finger, he knew she’d used Kraken ink, which would explain the total obscuration of his senses.

He shook his head ruefully as he walked. ‘All this knowledge and it does me no good. Sent here by my own village just because a priest saw my stash of books and thought me a heretic only good for bargaining.’

Liam tried his best to figure out as much of what was going on regardless of the fact that he was essentially resigned to his fate as a “tribute”.

Surprisingly soft, furry pads tipped with sharp claws on his left arm let him know he was probably being held by a Beastman on that side. The… unsettlingly pleasant mixture between the scent of a wild wolf and a woman wafting into his nostrils narrowing it down to a werewolf. The limb gripping his right arm was just as soft, but with a decidedly different texture to it; all fury, claws far more apparent and he was occasionally bumped by something far too hard and long to be a normal leg or hip. Liam couldn’t pin that one down beyond it being something very big and with a non-humanoid lower half.

Eventually, they stopped after only about a minute of walking, the guards keeping him pushed back and behind them, while keeping a firm grip, then he started to hear distant rumbling. Liam tilted his head as he was briefly confused as to why he was being slightly pushed back and was hearing distant roaring. Only to then belatedly realize the two guards were talking to each other, their voices so muffled and far away sounding by the spells layered on him that it sounded more like inarticulate noise than any kind of speech.

Liam was quickly brought back between them again… and immediately jumped at the soft sensations of warm, pliant flesh pressing against him from either side.

‘H- holy molly.’ Liam thought, before getting mentally cut off as the dampening on his senses suddenly cut off. He was in an incredibly posh-looking hallway; velvet carpeting, a series of intricate wooden doors on either side of the hallway. All of it lit by lanterns that, instead of burning fire, were lit by a soft, blue light that seemed to reach farther than it’s intensity would suggest.

Then the sound hit him.

Liam was nearly bowled over by the raucous, unmistakable-even-to-a-virgin-like-him, sound of sex and wanton moaning coming from every single door. It was like the sounds one might expect from the back of a particularly ambitious whore-house writ large. Before Liam could voice his surprise or confusion, he was immediately beset by the sensation of someone roughly grabbing at his ass and clawed fingers running through his brown hair.

“Hey cutie~” A deep, feminine voice, the sound like liquid obsidian sliding through his right ear, whispered in his ear. “How about you let us have a little fun before you’re broken in by the sluts inside?”

“O- oh?” Was all Liam managed to mutter in overwhelmed response as another woman’s deeply amused and obviously aroused chuckle came from his left. There was definitely no more mystery to what his guards were now: A werewolf and an Ushi-Oni. As far as muscle went, they’d be able to mow down even trained and armored knights, let alone a lightly muscled bookworm.

The abrupt interruption of a decidedly less gentle, aroused, or silky voice quite thoroughly shattered whatever mood had been crafted.

“That better not be what it fucking looks like!” A high-pitched, almost squirrel-like voice shrieked from the end of the hall.

Oh shit.” Both monsters swore in horror beside him, hands retreating from his body as if he’d become a hot cauldron.

The diminutive little monster slammed her hand to the wall, a purple glyph flashed, and suddenly all the sounds stopped and they were plunged into an eerie silence, save for the sounds they themselves made. As soon as the small, furry woman was within range she swatted at both of the monsters at Liam’s side. Though the difference in size should have made the attempt comical, both of them jumped back with small yelps and chagrin expressions on their faces.

Then the diminutive thing took one look at him and sharply sucked air through her teeth. “Un-fucking-believable. Put all this work in prepping you boys and they go and rough you up on the most basic escort job that even a mentally deficient slime could accomplish.” Despite the woman’s crude language, her voice held a surprisingly cultured accent, reminding Liam of royalty. Then she grabbed a silver comb from the crate on her back and began quickly straightening his ruffled hair then set about fixing the ruffles on his thin clothes. Now that she was closer, he could see the inhuman traits didn’t just stop at the fluffy ears atop her head and fur-covered shins. The shape of her pupils and sclera were animal-like and almost seemed to glow a dull yellow, a green leaf was affixed to the top of her head despite the fact that her rapid movements should have sent it tumbling away, and a small tail stood at attention from her hindquarters.

Liam tried to keep his flushed cheeks hidden by staring at the ground, but it was probably only about as effective as he felt safe. That is to say; not at all.

“W- we weren’t really going to rough him up.” The werewolf ventured. “We were gonna fix him up after-“

“The fuck up!” The little mamono snapped and immediately cowed the bigger monster. “You’re lucky I don’t have you both demoted back down to farming service and collecting Prisoner fruit.” Now that made their expressions change from chagrin to outright horror, the fate apparently so terrible that both immediately bowed their heads.

“Uh…” Liam couldn’t resist vocalizing, natural curiosity causing him to want to ask a question before the Tanuki that only came up to his chest pressed a finger to his lips.

“Don’t you worry about a thing, sweetie.” Then she gently turned him towards a door, took him by the arm, and lead him through. It opened up into a small, but incredibly posh-looking, living place. A satin love seat that looked large enough to house a bull right in the middle, red-carpeted floor, and padded walls that were a near-black shade of purple with intricate silver symbols woven into the material. Liam could only assume they were arcane in nature but he couldn’t quite place them, they were definitely far more advanced than anything he’d scavenged from abandoned libraries over the years.

‘I expected to be led into a large inn at most in terms of quality. But this place is more extravagant than most noble houses I’ve seen paintings of.’ Liam thought. ‘The magic needed to power all those lanterns out in the hall alone…’

 “Usually we’d redo the spell on your senses, but the mamono that got you claimed they weren’t really into that kind of thing anyway. It was more just standard protocol than anything else.”

“Why are you telling me this?” Liam finally asked as his confidence was ever so slightly bolstered by them having stopped in a calming room, and the lack of hyper-muscular and dangerous-looking mamono in his immediate vicinity.

“Because,” The Danuki said pointedly, “you signed up and agreed to be used as tribute for only two members of our lovely community. You did not agree to be accosted by the help here. And as much of a greedy bitch as I can be, I still honor my deals. Us Danuki’s are a lot like Dragons that way.” She finished a bit haughtily.

Liam resisted the urge to roll his eyes a bit and instead nodded his thanks. Dragons were one of the strongest mamono in existence, period; you didn’t need to be a scholar to know that much. They were legendary. So, many influential people, human and otherwise, would sometimes claim to be backed by one or have their blessing, regardless of whether or not they really did. So, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that certain mamono would go so far as to claim that they had draconic traits to boast.

“Now get in there and be a good stud for your new wives.” She said before giving him a pat on the cheek and pointing him towards another door that, logically, probably lead to a bedroom.

Liam took a deep breath then, moving at a tentative pace, opened the door and stepped through. The bedroom was just as fancy as the rest of the complex; all lush surfaces, soft furniture, and the bed…







What he saw shouldn’t have surprised him considering everything he’d read about and the researched he done on how truly raunchy and debased mamono could be. Especially when more than two partners were involved.

So, the sight of two well-muscled, tanned, and curvy forms writhing against each other on silken sheets really shouldn’t have struck the young man as dumb as it did.

But it did nonetheless; literature really was no substitute for the real thing.

The sound of the door behind Liam swinging back shut and being locked abruptly brought the chorus of moans flowing through his ears like honey to an end.

“Oh my!” Exclaimed the woman currently at the bottom.

“Hmph, finally.” Said the larger one after having their lip-lock broken, and then got up and turned to face Liam.

She was tall, easily a full head taller than he, and was just as well built as the two guards that had been escorting him. The horns and cloven feet easily marked her as a minotaur, wild golden locks reached down to her shoulders and a more muted, brownish-gold composed the fine-looking fur on her legs. Simple, white undergarments covered her privates, though the bra straps had been pulled down already and Liam could see love bites marring the skin of her neck and shoulders. Smooth, bronze flesh flowed down to a ginormous chest and alluring six-pack that seemed just the right amount of defined.

The only other thing he found that was unexpected was the lipstick; glossy, cherry red lipstick on her full, plump lips. Liam only saw that kind of make-up used by high-class people, so it was an oddly alluring addition to the minotaur’s otherwise rugged appearance.

He couldn’t help but tremble a little at the sight of her. The difference in strength between the average human and mamono was well known enough already, even common knowledge. But races like the Minotaurs and Orges turned that mere “difference” into a terrifying chasm. This woman could kill him with a stern hug.

“H- hello, my name is Liam.” He stuttered out, her scent throwing him off further. It was heady and mingled with, instead of masking, the nigh-imperceptible scent of incense in the room. The aroma was like distilled wilderness; the overbearing scent of a large animal combined with the impeccable aroma of a woman in full bloom.

The minotaur’s grin turned from casual and lecherous to one with more genuine affection, laugh lines accentuating the expression. “Well, hello there, Liam.” She then pressed a hand to her incredibly soft chest, “My name is Beverly and”, she then gestured towards the woman behind her that Liam hadn’t gotten a good look at yet, “my ‘friend’ over there is Lana.” Her voice held a deep, twang to it that Liam had often heard from farmers and that he himself shared.

Before Liam could switch his attention over and take a look at his presumably another soon-to-be partner, Beverly stepped in close and wrapped her arms around to bring him into a tight embrace. The incredibly warm feel of her body through his thin night-shirt and shorts immediately set his nerves alight. “Now, let me show you what a proper introduction to a lover is.” She cooed to him before pressing her lips to his in a kiss.

The feeling didn’t cause stars to appear in his eyes or, “burn his soul”, like so many romance novels had dramatized. But the feeling of soft warmth and closeness did nearly overwhelm his mental fortitude. Beverly immediately slid both hands under his night-shirt and shamelessly felt up his toned back and hips, before one hand dipped lower and gave him a slight squeeze. Liam gasped and jumped a little at the sensory assault, her hands weren’t rough but the force of her embrace and groping was definitely not gentle. Beverly took the opportunity to slide her tongue in and deepen their lip-lock; long, sensual seconds of slight struggling later rewarding her assertiveness with a moan from her lover.

They parted for breath, at last, both panting (though Liam more significantly) for breath as strings of saliva broke from their separated lips. Liam, with little energy and surprisingly little desire to resist, was easily lifted into the air by the muscular minotaur and brought in closer. Legs spreading to allow her rock-hard abs to press firmly against his own toned stomach.

“MMmm.” Beverly hummed happily, heavy-lidded eyes staring deeply into his as she slid her fingers into his tussle of brown hair and brought him back in for another kiss, her other arm securely around the small of his back. This time she didn’t wait for an opportunity, incessantly smooching with soft lips and tongue, practically forcing them to start swapping spit again. Her long tongue easily wrapping around his own, on occasion pulling back to suck on his tongue and nibble his lips, before going back into tonsil jousting. She was like an eager teenager heady with lust, little impulse control, and no desire to hold back.

The make-out session was eventually brought to an end in coincidence with the words, “Hey there, pretty thing.”, being purred into Liam’s ear and another body pressing into him from behind. “Sorry about my friend being so forward and brutish.” She continued, tone carrying anything but an apology in it. “As my partner said, I’m Lana and I’ll be your lover as well.”

“I- uh, didn’t know there’d be with two.” Was all Liam managed to think of and stammer out, head cloudy from how quickly things had progressed.

“Fuck.” The minotaur said eloquently as she smacked and then gave his ass a rough squeeze, eliciting a yelp from her man. “I can’t believe that village just hands over prime males like this.”

“Beverly, calm yourself.” And just like that, with three simple words, Lana had completely silenced the minotauress. Liam could feel the bovine woman stand up a bit straighter as if she were standing at attention, forcing him to wrap his arms around her neck a bit more securely. Liam couldn’t blame her either, the tone of Lana’s utterance had shot a spike of fear down his spine, and it hadn’t even been directed at him. “Let’s get him onto the bed, we need to talk for a bit.”

“Yes’m.” Beverly said immediately before twisting the young man into a bridal carry and settled onto the bed behind them. She was sitting down, him sitting on her lap like a child, her arms keeping him securely in place from behind. And from this position, he got his first clear look at Lana, unobscured by bed sheets or Beverly’s frame.

She was the shorter of the two women, but still taller then Liam, if only by a bit. The first, most striking things about her were the eyes; A piercing purple coloration with demonic sclera, glowing dimly as she stared at him. If her command had made him shiver, then her eyes nearly made his heart stop.

Which just made the rest of her features stranger in contrast.

She was a Weresheep, or at least she looked like one. Fluffy, white wool covering certain parts of her body, small golden horns, the whole package. Except what he’d taken for a darker tan was actually just a very rich, dark skin that contrasted nicely with her wool. She wasn’t as busty as Beverly, but had… ‘strengths’ all her own. Her waist was slim, hips a shapely sight to behold, a supple rear-end that was near-perfectly heart-shaped, all tapering down to perfectly toned and thick legs.

“Thank you.” Lana said before walking over and taking a seat beside them, hips sashaying with practiced ease. Then she reached over pushed some of Liam’s hair out of his face. Her twang wasn’t as apparent as Beverly’s, sounding even a little cultured, but still apparent. “Now, love, we need to talk about a few things before your taming begins.”

Liam was not sure of what to say, or of anything really, other than the fact that this woman intimidated him. So, he opted for a safe agreement. “Okay, n- no problem. I’ll talk.”

“Mmm, so well mannered for a young man.” Lana praised him before leaning over to give him a soft kiss with her pillowy lips. She also wore lipstick, but hers was a soft sapphire. When she pulled away, she smirked a little and placed a hand to her mouth with fake bashfulness. “Oh my! I seem to have made purple.”

Liam blushed an even deeper shade of red. It was little wonder as to what she meant with how fiercely Beverly had lip-locked with him.

“Jokes aside, darling.” Lana cut back in. “Now, while this establishment may not want to give you boys any warning, I feel that a little context will make this experience nicer for us.”

At those words, particularly the “boy” part, Liam belatedly realized that these looked to be at least twice his age. Their smooth aggressiveness had thrown him off a bit, and he certainly wouldn’t call them motherly, but there was no denying their mature figures and demeanor. Embarrassment and arousal were slightly tempered by confusion after that realization. “What? Aren’t we just part of the conditions of a peace treaty?”

“Hmmm, afraid the reality is bit grimmer.” Lana chuckled. “The demand of tribute and promise of peace is, well…”

“It’s bullshit.” Beverly said bluntly.

“Yes, it’s basically a falsehood.” Lana finished simply. “It’s just a way for small communities of mamono to get steady streams of young, virile men.” She leaned over and mock whispered to him, “The occasional virgin is just a bonus.” She said, clearly all too amused with herself. “Then, when the villages they’ve ‘made peace with’ have lost enough young men, they, ah, proceed to assimilate the rest.”

Liam let his head roll back against Beverly’s chest, eliciting a small loo from the bovine, and heaved sigh. “You mean attack and takeover. I should have expected as much.”

“It’s a lie that doesn’t work on the bigger human settlements, but the good news for you is that we’ll be bringing the rest of your village into the fold soon. So, if you’ve got any friends you miss, you won’t be away from them for long.”

“Why are you telling me this?” Liam asked, growing steadily more warry. He didn’t have any delusions of escape, but he’d envisioned his experience here as a quick and rough thing. Them bothering to talk made things seem not so utterly hopeless… well, save for the plan to take over his village.

“Because, unlike the rest of my kin who are doubtlessly rutting with mindless abandon in their own rooms, I don’t want a shallow first lay with my new partner.” Lana started. “It’s popular to just take a boy and fuck him senseless with little preamble, drowning him in pleasure to break him down all the faster.”

“And, what, you’re above all that?” Liam said skeptically.

“I’m not.” Beverly purred into his ear before giving it a small peck.

“Because,” Lana said pointedly, unlike Beverly’s marron orbs, her violet eyes seem to pierce him down to his very soul. “I want you to know exactly what you’re doing for every second we’re together. Or rather…” She brought a hand to his cheek and cupped it in a gesture that was undeniably possessive, “during every second of what we’re doing to you. Your choice, but either way, I want you to know the whole time.”

“Alright then, fine. Lay it on me.” Liam said with more confidence than he felt. If these two we’re open to talking, if even for a bit, then maybe he could weasel his way out of this…

“Perfect!” Lana exclaimed, clapping her well-manicured hands together. “First off, as I’m sure you already suspect, Beverly and I are a couple. We’ve been together for years, but have recently felt a certain craving for more masculine affection, and the kind of things only a man can provide for a pair of vulnerable, fertile young women like us.”

She punctuated her last statement by firmly stroking his now stiff cock through the thin material of his boxers, making him painfully aware of his own arousal again.

“Okay.” Liam grunted though he doubted the ‘young’ verb in there. Both of them looked old enough to be his mom. “What’s my choice?”

“The choice is obvious, darlin’.” Lana rebutted with a coy smile. “You either be our stud and when we take you back home, you’ll be able to bend us over and pump our cunts full whenever you please.” Lana damn near purred to him. “Or you can become our doe, and you’ll spend every day hunted in the home we share; subject to rough, merciless breeding whenever the mood strikes. Which do you choose?”

Liam… honestly wasn’t sure what he’d been expecting. Of course, their offer wouldn’t have an easy option that included just letting him go. Now, mind whirring with over a dozen thoughts, running on panic and arousal, Liam’s usually formidable brain made him blurt out a less than brilliant idea.

“Let me try both.”

Lana’s eyebrows raised an inch in genuine surprise, smile turning from sultry to merely playful. “Hmmm?”

“Let me try out both, I- I’d like a little perspective before making such a decision for my lovers. Being a virgin, I wouldn’t know which I’m better at.”

A rumbling laugh from Beverly interrupted whatever reply Lana might have said. “Alright, he catches on quick!” Then she spun Liam around and descended on him again, bumping Lana off the bed with a small yelp. Her baser instincts had obviously overwhelmed any fear she held about her partner.

“How rude.” Lana hmphed as she looked over at the moaning tangle of limbs. “Very well, we shall play your little game first then.”

Liam was currently a little busy with getting manhandled by a muscular minotaur before the assault of kisses stopped and he found himself pinned down on his back.

“Let’s get him ready first.” Lana murmured before tugging off Liam’s wafer-thin undergarments with only a few movements, revealing his already stiff manhood.

Without hesitation or prompting, Beverly gobbled up the whole thing, deep throating his length in an instant. Liam’s back arched and he let out a desperate moan as he felt his cock suddenly lathered in a warm, wet tunnel that thrummed on occasion. His eyes nearly rolled into the back of his head from the pleasure, cock spasming, and Liam thought he’d blow right then and there but for some reason, he was able to hang on.

‘Feels like I should’ve thou- Oh my goddess!’

Liam’s considering thoughts were cut off as he felt Lana join in. Cupping his balls and lathering them in sensual licks with her broad tongue. The dual assault at least confirmed his suspicions; something was delaying his orgasm. And Liam didn’t know if he wanted to thank or curse whatever was doing so.

Beverly brought her strong hands under him and then began to shamelessly squeeze and knead his ass as she bobbed her head up and down, practically using his backside as leverage to shove her throat up and down around his length harder and faster. Her amber eyes remained locked on his the whole time, every firm hilting leaving light streaks of red lipstick along the shaft of his cock.

Beverly’s rough, kneading hands on his backside were suddenly replaced with Lana’s more slender ones, and before Liam could even begin to question them, she slid one slender finger up his ass and pressed hard onto something he’d never felt before. Liam’s vision turned white and whatever was blocking his inexperienced orgasm finally failed to hold back the dam.

With throaty cry Liam was forcibly hilted one last time, flattening those deliciously soft lips to his base and smothering Beverly’s nose into his crotch, making her take in his musky scent and inadvertently causing her own eyes to roll back. His balls rose and scrunched up in time with Beverly’s moaning that elicited even more pleasure, heralding his first load.

Liam could feel it traveling up his shaft, engorging it slightly, before being released in a potent and mind-numbingly good feeling rope of dense jism straight down her throat. Then again, and again, and again. Each shot was as thick and pleasurable as the last, Liam’s balls throbbing rhythmically as it felt like he was almost shooting a constant stream. Beverly’s smoldering eyes on his and throat bobbing like she was chugging a delicious beverage all the while.

It would be inaccurate to say she swallowed with how deep he was. It was more like Beverly’s insides were being colonized by an inhuman amount of ball snot from the young man trapped under her. And she intended to take every last drop.

Eventually though, as all good things do, Liam’s orgasm came to an end in a little over half-a-minute. His load weaned off to less dense shots before petering off entirely. His toes still curled powerfully, the aftershocks of his peak numbing his limbs and thrumming through him even as Beverly released his length with a wet pop, a very self-satisfied grin perched on her face.

“Oh pumpkin, I needed that.” She purred before pulling him up and snuggling his near limp form into her large bosom. “But that was just the appetizer. Now we get to have some real fun. I need a bun in my oven, after all.”

“Huba- wha?” Liam asked before he was roughly pressed into the plush mattress again as his clothes were promptly torn off. “Don’t I get to rest?” He protested frantically, painfully of aware of his still very erect and sensitive flesh.

A lilting chuckle from Lana and a chuff from Beverly as she held him down were his only initial answers, rough hands laying him flat as her wide hips and toned body pressed against his.

“Goodness me, they must keep you very sheltered in that village. In that case, let me give you some advice.” Lana soothed as Beverly finished locking him down in a position that was… concerning.

She had her hips between his legs, as a man would with a woman, except her wet cunt was lined up with his spearing dick from above. Her fingers were interlaced with his, keeping his arms pressed to their side as she laid flush with him; massive breasts squishing into his chest(she’d somehow snuck her bra off without him noticing, a feat he couldn’t but be impressed by considering her size), chiseled six-pack pressing into his merely toned stomach, and her forehead resting gently his, her eyes shining with lust and anticipation of this new experience as they breathed in each other’s light scent of musk and sweat.

“Try to relax your hips. It’ll help cut down on the bruising and you’ll get to give her a nice creampie as your reward.” Before Liam could point out to Lana that he would be forced to do that regardless, Beverly slammed her hips down with the meaty slap of flesh on flesh contact.

The minotaur woman’s eyes screwed shut and she bared her teeth as her jaw flexed and pleasure lanced through her from just the penetration while Liam felt like the wind had been knocked out of him. If he’d thought her throat was intense, then the feeling of her raw cunt was an entirely different beast. It rippled and squeezed on his length in rhythmic motions and with surprising tightness; it was like having his dick encompassed by a velvet vice.

Beverly’s face relaxed into a heavily flushed one as she began to grind her hips into his. A surprisingly cute loo coming out of her mouth as she shifted his dick around in an effort to stretch out her cunt just a little bit more. Tight was good, but there needed to be enough give for things to start moving at least. Each shift caused her channel to flutter and draw another gasp from her partner, spurring her on further. Then a particularly hard downward shift caused the tip of his shaft to smush against her spongy cervix and Beverly’s patience ran dry.

Then the mamono began to move in earnest.

Beverly set the pace at brutal, fast, and dominating as she mashed her meaty hips into his slim waist. Completely overwhelming her now not-so-virginal lover with sheer sensory overload, every downward thrust making an indentation in the soft bed, her lifting waist allowing it to rise, only for the mind-numbing decent to renew the depression.

“Oh my, are you doing alright dear?” Lana asked with mostly feigned concern. She was fairly certain nothing was wrong perse, but she’d rarely seen Beverly fuck quite like this before. The brutish woman had a vein popping out along her neck as she pounded down on her human, teeth bare and clenched as her eyes were screwed shut. She grunted, chuffed, and gasped intermittently with each strong slap of flesh on flesh contact. It looked like she wasn’t holding back at all. Hell, it looked she couldn’t.

Still, the minotaur managed to grunt a few responses.

“S- shoo gooood.” She moaned, arching her back and squishing her massive mummeries even further into Liam’s chest. “I- fuck! Never been with a male before. So good, so good. We need to do this every day.” She suddenly leaned down, letting the pleasure contort her usually proud face into a relaxed fuck-drunk expression, and gave her near insensate partner a deep, invading kiss before disengaging with a pop and speaking into his ear. “We’re going to do this every day, pumpkin. Just imagine it, you’ll be my cute little breeder for the rest of your life.”

“Oh my, what a heartfelt confession.” Lana’s words may have sounded sarcastic to others, but she genuinely meant it. Her partner was the gruff type, as was typical of those among the minotaurs, so her out-pourings of emotion tended toward the lewd and crass. “But I don’t think you’ll be lasting too long this particular day.”

Lana crawled along to the two heads of the fiercely mating pair, her meaty ass subconsciously swaying back and forth before she came to a stop above them in a kneeling position. Then she took a gentle grip on Liam’s head, weaving fingers through his brown locks, before speaking to him with honeyed words. “In case you haven’t noticed, your orgasms are being controlled in this room, held off just before the point where it starts causing mental damage.”

Beverly’s thrusts were growing erratic now as her whines of pleasure and need increased.

“But what you probably don’t know is that your orgasms are linked to ours as well. And judging by the look on Beverly’s face, you’ll be a father-to-be in precisely three…”

Liam’s back arched as Beverly licked than harshly sucked on his neck after a particularly brutal series of thrusts.


Suddenly, Beverly’s hold on his hands was released and she wrapped muscular arms around him instead, trapping him closer than ever before thrusting down with a last brutal thrust, locking him in.

“One.” Even fucked halfway out of his mind, Liam could still plainly see the glee and burning lust with which Lana said that last.

Both Beverly and Liam’s faces contorted in expressions of pure ecstasy, perfect ahegaos with hearts literally appearing in Beverly’s eyes as the two completed the mamono equivalent of a marriage ritual and their pleasure peaked.

Pressed right up against the entrance to Beverly’s womb, Liam’s cock flexed and pulsed before letting loose with a virile deluge of sperm directly into her receptive chamber. Man and beast groaned as the insemination took place, baby batter flowing hard into the tight chamber, every last drop swallowed in the vice grip. Both of them groaned and rolled their hips as they rode out their ecstasy, which lasted for well over a full minute.

Near the end though, Liam regained most of his mental faculties. And the physical strain of their activity started to emerge, prompting him to try and break their embrace for some reprieve. Only to feel it tighten in response and a full thrust to elicit a small squeak from him.

“Don’t you fucking dare.” Beverly growled, still far stronger despite riding the waves of her own orgasm. Eventually, though, all pleasurable things came to an end, and she lifted herself off of the young man, sticky strings of their arousal and copulation stretching before breaking off from between their sexes. Liam’s hips twitched erratically and were, in fact, lightly bruised from the whole affair as he lay there almost dazed and barely able to move.

“Beverly, you look positively ravished. Was it really that good?” Lana asked, that same, odd cultured tone leaking through.

Beverly, for her part, practically swooned on the spot. Her hair was disheveled, form slick with sweat, and her face was flushed a deep red. Despite all of that though, she did not have the appearance of a woman prime for being ravished. Quite the opposite in fact; she looked invigorated and her eyes still blazed with lust as she stared down at her conquest.

But when the bovine woman reached over to Liam’s form, a lewd grin etched across her face, Lana’s expression suddenly turned cross and she swatted the larger woman’s hand away.

“No.” Lana stated firmly. “We agreed to each have a turn. After he’s recovered, I get to have him.”

Instead of the usual instant obedience that Lana’s anger usually elicited, Beverly had to slowly reel herself in, hand trembling just a touch before going back to her side. “Sorry, just a little drunk on the nut is all. Must have gotten too used to carpet munching, because that was fucking wild.”

“You have such a way with words.” Lana drawled before spotting that their lover was rousing and his light bruising had faded almost entirely. “But I think I’ll verify if that’s true first hand.”

The weresheep crawled over on top of Liam, white fluff and dark skin squishing against his body as she met his eyes and intertwined her limbs with his. She immediately planted a firm kiss on his lips as soon as it looked like he was fully aware and recognized her. “Congratulations on losing your virginity. If nothing else, you’ve proven you can take a pounding when on the bottom. But your night’s not over yet.”

Liam didn’t bother with words, he immediately sat up, and while Lana let him, she still kept herself draped over him, forcing the young man to put one hand on her hip and another on the bed to deal with her weight. “Ah ah ah, none of that. We had our little negotiation, now it’s time for you to come through on the second part. Or would you rather I just have Beverly hold you down while I give you a ravishing to rival hers?”

Liam looked over to the bovine woman and found her lazing about on her side, massive breasts and pink areolas on full display now, a content smile on her face, even as her eyes twinkled at Lana’s suggestion. Liam also couldn’t stop from lingering on the fact that he had impregnated that beast of a woman, the thought sending a thrill up his spine and causing his cock to throb and swell with reignited arousal. This pretty much answered the question as to what he did next, but he still bothered to answer Lana herself. “So, you want me to take charge this time?”

“Absolutely. Give it to me as hard as you can and give me your best shot.” Lana whispered into his ear, eagerly rolling her soft hips and pressing her modest bosom into his own chest. She was already naked, divesting her self of her lingerie with the same mysterious ease that Beverly had, and what little of her skin that had been covered by it was just as smooth and toned as the rest of her.

Suddenly Liam grabbed Lana by the shoulder and forced her face down on the bed. She let out a surprised and amused, “Oh!” and began to squirm as he started to force her into position. Eventually, she became so unruly that Liam had to wrap his arms around her waist and use his full body to force her face-down with her rear pressed against his crotch. The precariousness of their situation was not lost on either, and Lana planed to exacerbate it further.

“Mmm, such an assertive boy you are; pushing down a woman over twice your age.” Lana’s voice held a falsely admonishing tone to it, thick with desire as she ground her shapely ass into his crotch, cock sandwiched between the bliss that was her glorious globs of ass flesh.

Liam grunted in response and blushed slightly as his will wavered before he resolved himself. If he was stuck with these two as their mater forever, then he didn’t want to be on his back the whole time. And if he chickened out now then he was pretty sure they’d decide his role was firmly in the submissive. So instead Liam leaned forward and pressed himself fully to her, face in the crook of her neck and hands moving up to take firm hold of her chest.

The weresheep let out a lewd moan as Liam took the tip of one fluffy ear into his mouth and bit down while groping her firm tits. Before she could get used to the sensation, Liam slid back and slammed himself all the way into her tight snatch, entering a different woman for the second time in his life.

One might have expected Beverly’s rough fucking to lessen the impact of any cunt on Liam’s cock, but the Lana’s warm, gummy passage proved to be just as enthralling, if not more so. Though the position made the act an entirely different kind of thrilling; every thrust was cushioned by the amazing feel of Lana’s meaty ass and thighs, his cock beating insistently at the entrance to her womb with every thrust.

This was more in line with what he had been learned about sex from books and drunken men boasting at taverns, but still very different. This felt more like he was an animal mounting a mate than anything else. And despite his inexperience, Liam knew he could never have treated a normal woman this roughly, while Lana took every punishing thrust with gusto and whorish moaning. Liam suppressed the twitching fit his hips went into as the knowledge of that he was balls deep in a curvy, older woman made his cock bulge and set off a certain part of his brain.

“F- fuuck~ You’ve got so much cock~” Lana moaned as she was railed from behind, all attempts at playfully fighting back forgotten, clearly as enraptured by the pleasure as her partner. She tensed her legs and began slamming her ass back to meet his thrusts. “Come on, grab my ass while you fuck me. Smack it and make it red. Don’t worry, Beverly will keep you nice and deep inside when you blow.”

Paying little heed to the end of her cock-drunken request, Liam happily unwrapped his arms from around her torso, leaned back, and grabbed the two generous globs of flesh instead to fuck her. His hands blissfully sank into the dark meat, fingers nearly disappearing while still providing surprisingly good leverage to pull her back and plow into that warm cunt with gusto. Without prompting he pulled one hand back and gave her ass a firm smack, loving the ripples and the feel of her quim tightening up even further on his member. He did this again, and again, and again while slamming into her, enjoying the ripples along with the view of his hip slamming that round ass.

Liam’s grip changed to one on her hip and the other shamelessly groping her ass as his thrusts grew deeper and more erratic, his end clearly in sight. Only spurred on faster by Lana’s words.

“Come on, honey. Squeeze your ass and give me a nice, big creampie.”

True to her word, as soon as Liam hit his limit Beverly was behind them, grabbed Lana’s midsection, and slammed her body into the back of Liam’s to get him as deep as possible. Liam and Lana groaned as they felt his engorged cock tip erupt in a dense stream of sperm while smushed against the entrance to her eager and starved womb. The view of her ass crushed near flat and squished around his hips and made for a wonderful sight as Liam dumped his load inside her. Every thick spurt of baby batter into her fertile fields making both partners’ hips twitch and grind into each other, Beverly’s warm body grinding behind him serving as extra stimulus. 

The bovine woman leaned down and bit and licked at his neck as Liam felt his orgasm stretched unnaturally long.

Eventually, the trio tilted to the side before falling completely, Liam spooned in the middle by two muscular and bodacious women even as he continued breeding one of them.

“MMmm, fuck.” Lana breathed as she felt all that cum inside of her. “Bev, you were right. That was intense, we absolutely need to lock this stud down for life. Good thing we rented this room for a few days.”

“What do you mean?” Liam asked as his orgasm finally tapered off, the last few throbbing spurts easily consumed by Lana’s tight love channel.

“You heard us, sugar.” Beverly said into his ear, strong arms still around his waist and keeping him pressed against her pillowy chest. “Lana rented this love nest for nearly a week just in case we found a man worth more than a quick fuck.”

“But, later right?” Liam protested lamely as he panted, clearly labored and his hips twitched from all the action it’d been put through. But Lana turned around, Liam’s cock pulling out with a lewd sound of squelching liquids, and completing the restraining embrace stopping him.

“Now, now; no point in being silly after getting this deep into it, and us. Don’t worry, it should only take three days of rutting to get you permanently stained with our scent.” Lana gave him a gentle peck on the cheek, completely at odds with the feral look in her eyes. “Then we’ll let up… a little.”

She pouted a bit at Liam’s still weary reluctance, before getting an idea. She leaned forward and began peppering his entire face with butterfly kisses. Beverly quickly caught on and started doing the same to his neck and ears. All the while they whispered to him between kisses.

“Come on, hubby.”

“No sense in quitting now.”

“It’s inevitable.”

“You’ve already fucked kids into us.”

“Just one more set.”

“Then we’ll let you rest, we promise.”

Liam groaned in defeat. “Okay-“ He was interrupted by Lana taking the opportunity to give him a tongue filled kiss. He pushed gently against her shoulder to pry the hungry, older woman off. “I said okay, I concede. You can have me… and I want you.” Liam was leery of committing to something based purely on lust and opportunity, but it wasn’t like he had much choice now.

“Wonderful!” Lana exclaimed before straddling his waist while Beverly turned him onto his back. “I’ll ride you then you can try putting Bevy into a mating press. Then we’ll have a quick nap before moving onto the rest.”

Liam let his head fall back onto Beverly’s plentiful bosom as Lana slid onto his tortuously still eager length.

He’d never get to finish that book.

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