Riches and Spoils that decay with Time. Chapter 5

(Author Notes: Thanks to some feedback I got in the comments, I made revisions to fix the errors I made in this chapter. Thanks to those who continue to read my works!)


Chapter 5

The reunion long waited and a union long needed.

The cab ride home was quiet and awkward for Cassy and me. Still taken back by my confession earlier, Cassy couldn’t bring herself to look me in the eyes since the incident. Each time I tried to talk to her, she’d swing her face away. Guess I bothered her more than I realized.

When we got to the cemetery entrance, I waited for Cassy to finish paying the cab driver before she quickly turned around to walk in front of me. About halfway to the mansion, I broke the awkward silence between us.

“Cassy?” Her body jumped in surprise when I spoke out of nowhere. “Did I make you feel uncomfortable earlier?” We both stopped moving before Cassy turned around and shook her head.

“No…I was just caught off guard is all…” Though she turned around to face me, Cassy still avoided eye contact with me before turning around again. “I hadn’t considered romance in my life after I died…so it just threw me off…”

“I see. It wasn’t my intention to things awkward or anything like that. It’s just…I felt like if I hadn’t confessed there and then, someone else would’ve done the same and taken you away….” A few agonizing seconds of silence followed as only the sounds of our footsteps and the whistling of the tree from the winds filled the void before Cassy spoke up.

“I…I appreciate the sentiment Valery, I do. But I need some time to think about it.” Cassy sounded so serious. Did my confession bother her that much? Is she not interested at all? Maybe she’s taking the time to think of a way to let me off easy without hurting my feelings? Either way, the idea of being rejected made it feel like my heart was being twisted apart. It didn’t sound like she rejected me outright though, so I held on hope as we got back to the mansion.


As the days passed by, I’d only run into Cassy once or twice a day. It almost felt like she was avoiding me as much as possible. And on the times we do see each other, she only talks to me for a brief moment before excusing herself and leaving. There were times when I was tempted to chase after her in an attempt to corner her, but I curbed those urges considering that my reunion with Fabio was close at hand.

Deciding to put the paranoia of the worst-case scenario at the back of my mind, I ignored the doubts that clouded my mind. I kept myself busy with paperwork and my job here as a maid for the time being until I reached the last day before Fabio’s arrival.

Finished with my task for the day before heading back to Cassy’s room. Five in the afternoon, I watched the workers finish up for the day on the balcony of Cassy’s room. As I lost myself at the sight of the sun above, I heard someone knocking at the bedroom door. Walking back into the room, I got close to the door, wondering who was knocking.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me Valery…can I come in?” That voice. It’s Cassy!

“Huh? O-of course!” Opening the door, Cassy came in wearing unusual clothing considering her fashion sense. With the way she’s dressed, it almost looks like Chandice gave her a makeover as Cassy was wearing a black halter neck corset with a light purple-colored zip-up vest to cover her chest. As for her pants, she wore simple white dress pants with gold-colored buttons lined where her calves were.

I was so distracted by her choice of clothing that I didn’t notice the plastic bag hanging on her right shoulder.

“I’m not coming in at a bad time am I?”

“No, not at all! This is your room after all! You can come at any time you want. Honestly, I don’t even know why I’m still here. I should’ve moved somewhere else with the others at this point.” Setting down the plastic bag she had on the small round table, Cassy turned around afterward and shook her head.

“Don’t apologize Cassy. I don’t mind…though I guess part of the reason why I’m here has to do with your room situation…but before we get to that.” Pulling out the contents inside the plastic bag, she pulls out two styrofoam food carriers, two pairs of wooden chopsticks, and a bottle of what looked like a store-bought liter bottle of green tea. “Why don’t we eat first?”

“Yeah…I could go for something to eat by now…” Taking the other seat, I opened the carrier she set on my side of the table. Inside, a colorful assortment of sushi in a straight line with a side of soy sauce and wasabi. Meanwhile, Cassy grabbed the two teacups I had set aside on the bedside table and poured tea on both cups, handing me one of the cups afterward.

“Here you go.” I look at what she had on her food carrier. She had the same assortment of sushi as I did.

“So…what’s the occasion, Cassy?” Whatever she came here to talk about, I’m just glad that she’s here now considering how the past few days had been…

“Well…I wouldn’t say there isn’t an occasion…but…” Stuttering, It’s clear as day that Cassy was nervous about something. Staying quiet for a bit, whenever I thought Cassy was about to say something, she’d stop herself short before looking down at her meal. As hungry as I was, I didn’t dare take a bite until Cassy said what she wanted to say.

“Is it still about the time I confessed to you in public? I know it’s wrong of me to assume that you’d go along with it. I’m sorry…” A deep sigh escaped Cassy’s throat before closing her eyes and shaking her head.

“It’s not that Cassy. I…I’m deeply moved by your confession. It’s just that…” While I waited for her answer, Cassy was staring down hard at her teacup in thought. “When I told you about my past, I resigned myself to a life of atonement after I died. I dedicated the rest of my eternal life to helping others. Being immortal, I put aside my desire for having a family or a lover of my own since I figured that I can do that at any time.” Cassy paused to take a sip of her tea before continuing.

“Funny thing is…I never really had an interest in having a family or a lover of my own when I was still human. The only reason why I’d have one in the first place was if it was for diplomatic reasons or if marrying someone benefited our family in some way. But when I died, the reasons for wanting a family changed. It’s pretty ironic. After all, being dead means that I lose the ability to give birth to children.” Though Cassy was smiling, her smile carried a sense of melancholy in it.

“Cassy…you don’t need to be able to give birth to still have a kid of your own you know? Like if you married someone who already had a kid. Being blood-related is irrelevant compared to having a genuine maternal bond.” Cassy’s smile grew slightly. I’m sure she’s aware of that possibility, so why didn’t she seize it?

“Speaking of having kids, I doubt I’m the first person that’s confessed to you. You must’ve had plenty of chances to be with someone right? I’m sure some of them had kids already. So you could’ve had a family at that point.” I took the opportunity to drink my tea while I waited for Cassy to respond.

“Hehe…yeah you’re not wrong. I’ve had plenty of confessions before yours. From men to women, and even other monster girls. Whether they were a single dad, a single mom, or even just single in general, I’d declined them for various reasons depending on who they were or what circumstances I was in. But each time I turned them down, there was always one reason that stayed the same regardless of who they were or how I felt about them.” Having already eaten two of the sushi as I listened to Cassy, I finished my cup of tea to clear my throat.

“What’s your reason then?”

“I just can’t picture myself with a family or a significant other anymore. Whenever I think of the idea of having a family of my own, memories of my time as a human comes flooding back. Memories that showed my remorseless attitude towards others who had families of their own. Whether it was their fathers, mothers, or even their children. I took the lives of those who just wanted to live like a normal family and abused them for my selfish gain. Hundreds, if not thousands of people who had families, ruined by my selfish greed!” Visibly shaking, Cassy put both of her hands on her face, covering them for the inevitable tears that started to flow from her face as they ran down on her arms.

“Cassy…that’s all in the past.” Getting up, I walked over to Cassy and hugged her from behind. Resting my chin on her right shoulder in an attempt to calm her down, speaking gently into her ear. “You were a human for about thirty years, right? Well, what about the other two hundred some years?” Turning her head to look at me while spreading the fingers covering her eyes apart, I pulled my head back a bit and smiled at her when I saw her peeking between her fingers.

“You’ve helped a lot of people, both from this world and the world where you came from right? That has to count for something Cassy. You can’t let your past hold you back. At least not when you’ve already done more than enough to atone for your sins.” Moving my arms around her back, I grabbed her by her forearms, gently prying them away so I could see the rest of her face. Wet from her tears, she tried to avoid eye contact with me by turning her head in the opposite direction.

“Even still…I took people’s lives for granted…do I-“

“Oh for the love of…THAT’S ENOUGH CASSY!” Spooking her to the point where she jumped and fell off her chair, I stumbled down with her. When she fell on her back, I quickly turned around and got on top of her, putting both of my hands on her shoulders to pin her down.

“Va-Valery?! Wha-Wha-what’re you…” Even though she’s supposed to be an all-powerful Wight, Cassy’s surprisingly helpless at this exact moment. I could be wrong, but it’s almost like she wanted this to happen.

“Look! This mansion, the people living in it, and all the other people you’ve helped in the past. I’m sure that if you ask any of them, most would tell you to live your life with no regrets! Mine was filled with it until you came along and saved me. Do you think I can just sit here and watch you sulk as you try to rationalize the idea that you don’t deserve to be happy because of what you’ve done in the past?! I don’t buy it!” Tucking her hands between her chest, the flustered look on Cassy’s face is making it difficult to hold myself back. She’s being awfully cute and passive all of a sudden.

“If you truly believe that you don’t deserve to be happy after all this time, then maybe I should think the same way? Do I deserve to have Fabio considering the shit I made him go through in his life?!” Frowning, Cassy shook her head immediately and sat back up, effortlessly pushing me back before I felt her arms wrapping around my back so I wouldn’t fall back.

“That’s not fair! You can’t use my reasons against me like that!”

“Sure I can! It’s not much different from how you’re interpreting things right?” Shaking her head, Cassy stared deep into my eyes.

“No! It’s not! Everyone makes mistakes! You’ve worked so hard to make up for your mistakes! You deserved that second chance, and I’m not the only one that thinks so!” Did she even realize what she just said? The sheer audacity of it made me laugh uncontrollably.

“Bwahahahaha! You’ve got to be kidding me! Are you even hearing yourself right now Cassy?!” Cocking her head to the left now, Cassy looked confused as to why I was laughing.

“First you pin me down, then you yell at me, and now you’re laughing?!” Trying to explain my reasons, I curbed my laughter the best I could to answer her.

“He-hey now. Don’t word it like that. I just find it funny that you have the gall to tell me to forgive myself for the mistakes I’ve made in the past when you were going on about how you can’t forgive yourself regarding your past earlier.” It took a couple of seconds for Cassy to catch on before her cheeks turned a steadily brightening red color out of embarrassment as she finally realized it for herself.

“You see what I mean now? You hated hearing me being so pessimistic, right?” Saying nothing, all she could do to respond was nod back at me. “That’s how I felt whenever I heard you being so hard on yourself. So stop beating yourself up over your past alright? What matters now is what you’ve done and accomplished in the present and what you plan ahead of time in the future.” Chuckling, Cassy nodded again before drying her eyes with her hands.

“I’m glad we cleared that up…but that still doesn’t clear things up between you and me. About whether you feel the same way for me or not…” Going from one difficult topic to the next, the anticipation for Cassy’s answer made me feel uneasy. We let go of each other before scootching away a couple of inches to give each other some space.

If she’d said no, I’d of course respect her decision and stay as friends…but I can’t deny that it’d be painful for me to talk to her if that were the case.

Sitting across on the floor from one another, Cassy’s blush didn’t lighten in the slightest. Her ruby eyes stared deeply into my own eyes, making me even more nervous.

“Valery, it might be a little premature for me to say this as well, but with how my chest beats erratically whenever I think about you…I’m sure that I love you as well.” I sat there quietly as it took me several seconds to process what she had just said. Did she just say that she feels the same way as I do? Does she like…no…love me the same way I love her?

“Do you? You’re not just saying that to make me feel better?” A small nod confirmed my question. She scooched forward and grabbed my hands, holding them gently.

“Yes…and I’ll say it as often as I need to.” Shutting her eyes closed, Cassy cleared her throat, making me jump slightly from how abrupt it was.

“However…I think we still need some time to get to know each other before we get there.” Opening her eyes again, she smiled before standing up while keeping her hands on mine, prompting me to stand up with her. “For now, let’s consider our little meet-up here our first date. There are some things I need to discuss with you if you’re serious about…being intimate with me.” What did she mean by that? Whatever it was, we should discuss it back on the table. So we got back up and sat back down at our seats at the table before she elaborated.

“How much do you know about Wight’s Valery?” Thinking about it, there’s not much I know about monster girls aside from a few entries that I’ve read regarding some of the more aggressive monster girls. So my knowledge of Wights specifically was limited to just them being dead and having an affinity with magic.

“Not much. I only know about the more dangerous or aggressive monster girls, so I don’t know much about Wights aside from the fact that they’re former humans reborn as Wights due to either being of royal status or having high magic potential.”

“I see.” Dipping her piece of sushi in soy sauce, she took a bite out of it before continuing. “I’m sure you’re aware of the effects demonic energy has on humans right? Us Wights have a vast amount of demonic energy that can span a wide area. In addition to the area our demonic energy covers, those exposed to demonic energy will change if exposed for too long. As a Wight, the demonic energy I have in particular can turn women into undead while men are turned into incubi. As for the kind of undead women turn into, I’m not sure myself. It depends on the individual from what I can guess.” I hadn’t given it much thought, but thinking about it in the long run, Cassy can practically live forever. But, for humans such as myself, I only have about a hundred years to live if I’m lucky.

“I had a hunch that you were wary of us monster girls the first time I met you. You’ve grown comfortable being around us since then, but I have a feeling that the reason why you had such an aversion for us during that time was that you didn’t want to be turned into a monster girl right?” Pausing her explanation to hear my answer, I nodded in response before answering.

“Yeah. That’s exactly why I was wary at the time. And when you brought it up, I admit that it hadn’t crossed my mind when I started to develop feelings for you. When you’re in love, you tend to forget about everything else.” Thinking about her explanation, a query came to mind. “Hold on…if your demonic energy is that widespread, how come it hasn’t changed all the human residents into undead and incubi?”

“It’s because I hold myself back. I keep the demonic energy I have in my body in check. Just like how I can make the spectral claws that appear around my arms disappear, I can suppress the demonic energy that would normally ebb out of me and keep it inside.” I still had a hard time wrapping my head around it, but the general idea I think is that she keeps her power under control so that it doesn’t affect the people around her.

After taking another bite of her sushi, Cassy put her elbows on the table and crossed her fingers together.

“Now that I explained the risks to you, I want to know what exactly made you fall for me? Since it hadn’t crossed your mind before, did my explanation just now change your mind? Or if it doesn’t, what’s so special about me that would make you take that risk to be with someone like me?” It was a bit embarrassing having Cassy ask me about that so directly, but I suppose it’s only fair considering what I did beforehand.

“Well…first, becoming an undead may be a bit too early for me, but I’d rather become one than wait it out and lose you to someone else. After all, you’re absolutely beautiful Cassy. From how smooth your skin looks and feels to how gorgeous your overall figure is. It makes me want to have you all to myself…” Her once pale face had turned bright red just now. She even dropped her sushi along with her chopsticks.

“It’s not just your looks though of course. Let’s not forget that as I mentioned earlier, you saved my life and helped me turn it around when I had no will to live before. I would’ve died with many regrets in the afterlife if you hadn’t come and saved me from myself.” I chuckled when I saw Cassy crack a smile.

“For some of your more notable quirks, I find it both funny and cute regarding just how out of touch you are with technology and how you pout like a little kid whenever you get teased by Chandice and the others.” Slamming her hands on top of the table, Cassy’s panicked face says it all for me.

“Wha-?! I’d appreciate it if you keep those observations to yourself!” I couldn’t take her seriously on the account of how she was pouting just now, so I ended up laughing, nearly falling off my chair in the process.

“Sorry. But see how adorable you are just now? Just like a kid!” Realizing that she just proved my point, Cassy sat back down, trying to keep her cool before taking another sip of her tea.

“Aside from that…to be honest, I don’t have much more to go on. But what I do know for sure is that I do love you. With all the other relationships I’ve been with before, it always felt hollow and empty. With you though, I get a warm, fuzzy feeling in my chest whenever I’m around you. So I want to have you for myself now since I doubt I’d feel this way for anyone else.” Chuckling lightly herself, I was curious to know if there’s anything about me that she likes, so it’s time I flip the question to her.

“What about you Cassy, is there anything about me that you find attractive in any sort of way?” Taken slightly by surprise, Cassy put her right hand under her chin and closed her eyes as if she was thinking. That kind of implied that there wasn’t much that she could probably think of, not surprising since I feel like I put her on the spot.

“Starting the same way you did I suppose, I think you’re beautiful Valery. I knew that with proper tender love and care, you’d turn into a natural beauty from your naturally curling brunette hair to those striking green eyes of yours.” I’ve heard compliments similar to that before, but when Cassy says them, they sound genuine rather than flirty.

“…but didn’t I look like a sewer rat when we first met? I was filthy both physically and verbally too.” As if to swiftly deny my claims, Cassy shook her head left to right in defiance.

“Anyone would look gross when they’re filthy in that sense you know? I can still remember vividly how dirty and disgusting I was when I first got reborn as a Wight. Covered in dirt and wearing tattered clothes. To be honest…with how my body was when I died…I think I may have been violated while I was dead…” Saying that while I was in the middle of drinking tea, I coughed and nearly spat the tea out, covering my mouth as some of it spilled on my hand.

“Wh-what?! Ho-how do you know that if you were dead at that time?” I wasn’t thinking at the time, but maybe asking her about that might’ve been inappropriate especially given her shocked look and blushing face.

“Uh…well you see…I reached down for my-” Wait, she’s gonna go through with telling me?!

“Stop! I-I mean it’s fine! You don’t have to tell me okay? Sorry, I wasn’t thinking straight and asked such an insensitive question…” Flustered couldn’t even begin to describe how I felt, but instead of getting offended, Cassy just smiled and giggled at me.

“Ehehe…that’s another thing I like about you. You’re so cute when you get flustered like that. There’s also your willingness to work hard too. It may have come from circumstances that gave you little choice in the matter, but it still doesn’t change the fact that it’s a trait of yours that I admire.” Going back to the topic at hand, Cassy’s words made me all giddy with how sincere she sounded. There’s no doubt in my mind that she means every word she said.

“To be fair…you’re the one that helped me become like this you know?” We both had a great time, exchanging pleasantries with one another. In the end, we just went back and forth about what we liked about each other. I thought at first that it’d last for only a couple of minutes given how little we knew about each other personally, but instead, it lasted for an entire hour. We finished out Sushi shortly after before Cassy brought up the room situation she mentioned earlier.

“You’re giving me and Fabio a private room all to ourselves?!” Nodding nonchalantly, Cassy smiled before continuing.

“That’s right. Given that you’re going to be a responsible mother again, we decided that it’s best if you and Fabio have a private room for yourselves when it’s finished. It’ll be on the ground level so you don’t have to climb any stairs to get there.” Giving more than I deserve without return like before? The guilt of not having the chance to pay her back for all of this is swelling back. I have to find a way to repay everything she’s doing for me.

“Cassy, I appreciate this, but I can’t keep taking and taking without giving something back you know?” Pouting like she knew I’d say something like this, she crossed her arms and squinted her eyes in irritation.

“You’re still on about that?! I already told you many, many times that I don’t need any form of repayment. However, I have a feeling that’s not what you want to hear. So just give me a moment to think of a way for you to pay me back alright?” Giving it some serious thought, Cassy closed her eyes and started grunting in thought.

Startling the crap out of me, Cassy pulled her arms apart and clapped her hands together.

“I got it!”

“What did you come up with then?”

“It’s simple really. Just make it up to me by taking me out somewhere for our next date outside the mansion!” That’s what she came up with?! It sounds so shallow compared to what she’s done for me!

“That’s not enough is it?!” Shaking her head, Cassy moved her hands to the middle of her chest.

“I believe that the fun we’ll have going on a date together will more than makeup for the things I’ve done. After all, nothing’s more precious than the time you spend with someone you deeply care for right?” There’s no winning with her is there…

“Fine…I give up. If that’s all it takes to make up to you then fine. I’ll make sure our next date is a good one!” Laughing together, Cassy eventually left, but not before giving me a loving hug.

“While the overall expansion of the mansion won’t be done for a couple of months, the room prepared for you and Fabio should be done before Fabio gets here tomorrow. So make sure you are all set to move to that room beforehand okay?”

“Right, time to give you back your room after all.” I joked around with her and laughed awkwardly at my crappy joke.

“Don’t worry, I’m confident that it’ll be your room again in some way in the future.” Taking me by surprise, Cassy sounded so sultry and seductive when she said that.

The way she looked at me with her ruby eyes, I couldn’t help but look like a slack-jawed idiot at the sight of her suggestive stare. Then moving my bangs to the side with her right hand, she gently planted a kiss on my forehead.

“Good night Valery. Make sure you’re well-rested, alright?” Even her amused chuckle sounded sultry. All I could do was nod before she released me from her embrace and went on her way.

“…I’m not sure I can sleep with what just happened…” I’m gonna need a hot shower before bed tonight…


The day has finally arrived. Standing in front of the mansion’s front yard where the large water fountain sits, Joanne, Xera, Dahlia, Laila, Chandice, and of course, Cassy were all standing with me. There were others too from some of the other maids and some residents who were mothers and supporters alike.

“Nervous?” Floating beside me, Chandice went behind my back and rubbed my shoulders.

“A little bit. I’m kind of worried about how Fabio’s going to react. For all I know, he might just come running over and hit me for leaving him behind…”

“Don’t be like that dear. From what you’ve told us, there’s no way Fabio would do such a thing.” Comforting me along with Chandice, Dahlia smiled and gently patted me on my head.

“I see something up ahead…” Pointing at a small arch bridge that connected the mansion’s front yard to the graveyard beyond, I turned my attention to where Laila was pointing and saw two large horns sticking out beyond the horizon where the bridge was at its highest.

Eventually coming more into view, I saw two tall women walking toward the bridge. It’s Sagaki and Elaine. They’re both staring straight ahead, waving their hands to greet us.

Between them though was someone I immediately recognized. Even with how far away he was, I knew right away that it was Fabio. I couldn’t see much given how far away Fabio is aside from two duffel bags with one on each hand and a backpack on his back. He seemed to be talking to someone though as there was one more kid next to him.

She shared the same horns as Sagaki, but smaller. She’s probably Sagaki’s daughter Nanako. Even though she was still a bit ways away, the cute bright yellow sundress she was wearing stood out from the otherwise dull greys of the tombstones and the ash brown dead trees around them.

Just then, I saw Sagaki looking and kneeling at Fabio before Sagaki’s pointed her right pointing finger toward me. When Fabio turned to look at me, whatever he was carrying in his hands he dropped immediately before he started running towards me.

“…my…” I could fairly hear his voice. It’s just like how I remembered it. “…ommy…” I felt like time had slowed down for me. I could see every step he took, frantically running with no regard for his safety as he ran at full sprint. I wanted to move…but a part of me still had that lingering fear that he was going to hate me. Who wouldn’t after being abandoned the way he did? Any kid would dro-

“MOMMY!!!” Screaming at the top of his lungs, I snapped out of my fears and looked him dead in the eyes. He was over the bridge’s horizon, so I got a clear image of what he looked like. He was wearing the same clothes that I left for him in the adoption center, only they were clean and pristine. Then when I saw his face, his face was covered in tears, his nose slightly dripping in snot. He was crying his heart out.

So he is happy to see me. That has to be it right?

“MOMMY!!! I MISSED YOU!!!” Moving on its own, my body started moving towards Fabio. I didn’t even have time to reconsider if he hated me or not. My body made that decision for me and started running full sprint towards him. When he got close enough, my body stopped while Fabio jumped as high as he could spreading his arms wide open as I did the same before colliding with my body.

Hugging each other as tightly as possible, Fabio fully wrapped his arms around my chest and his legs around my thighs. I felt him rubbing his head left to right in an attempt to bury his face as deep as he could on my chest, getting it wet with how much he’s been crying.

“I missed you so much, mommy…” There were so many things I wanted to say to him, but one question I had, in particular, was the one I needed most answered.

“D-do you? Really? Don’t you hate me for what I did? Mommy didn’t even look back at you when I left you back at the adoption center…” Looking up at me, he shook his head left and right in denial. It was hard to look at how teary-eyed he was. His lips were quivering too before he gave me an answer.

“No…I’d never hate you. I was scared at first…but…” Sniffling between sentences, he was hardly able to talk. “What’s important if you’re here!” Tearing up myself, I felt a huge sense of relief come over me before I pulled his head back between my chest with my right hand before I sat down on my knees. Rubbing the top of his head with my cheeks, I was smiling like an idiot before we started wailing and crying out loud.

I hadn’t even noticed Sagaki and Elaine with the two duffel bags Fabio dropped earlier in Elaine’s hands. I look up and see tears in both of their eyes. Looking down, I also saw Nanako who was clinging to Sagaki’s leg, teary-eyed herself.

“Th-that was quite a powerful display you two gave…” Looking behind me, I heard Dahlia’s voice. She wiped the tears out of her face with a handkerchief she had on her. Joanne and Xera were right behind her, smiling for me.

“That’s for sure…I’m happy for you.” Cassy was right behind Dahlia, crying herself with Chandice just laughing at Cassy while Laila was offering her handkerchief to Cassy.

When Fabio settled down, he looked over my shoulder.

“Mommy…who are these people? Do you know them?” I giggled and wiped the tears from my face, wiping his face clean as well.

“I do, they’re precious friends of mine. They’re the ones that helped me get my act together.” Looking over at them, Fabio pulled his arms away before walking in front of them, bowing in respect in front of them.

“Thank you so much for taking care of mommy.” Looking over at the girls, Dahlia squealed in delight before she squatted down and placed her hands on her cheeks.

“Oh, this little darling’s so cute and polite!” Joanne was surprised herself, blushing even a little while nodding in agreement with Dahlia.

“You’re mom’s giving us too much credit kid, but thank you anyway.” Laila was rather plain with her reply, though If I was seeing it right, she was slightly blushing herself.

“I expect nothing less from Valery’s son. He’s as polite and well mannered as she described.” Turning to Cassy, Fabio walked up to her and look up and down at her body. “Uh…” Fabio was quiet the entire time, blushing red when looking at Cassy.

“Pretty…” It’s the only thing he said before Cassy got on her knees and hugged Fabio.

“Oh, you little rascal you! So cute!” Giggling at how popular he’s already getting, I heard someone pouting behind me before I saw Nanako puffing her cheeks. After Cassy releases Fabio from her hug, Nanako left Sagaki’s side and hugged Fabio from behind.

“Hey! No fair! Being all tall and pretty like that!” While standing up, I couldn’t help but wonder if Nanako took a liking to Fabio? It certainly seemed that way with how jealous she looked.

“That little rascal took off without the duffel bags he was carrying. Though I suppose it’s understandable why. He did come here without knowing you’re here.” I turn around after hearing Elaine, carrying the two duffel bags she had in her hands that Fabio dropped earlier.

“Sorry about that Elai-wait? Fabio didn’t know why he was here in the first place?” Sagaki giggled at my response. I thought they would’ve told him at this point. Sagaki chimed in while I took the duffel bags off Elaine’s hands

“We wanted it to be a surprise for him, so we told him that we’d come here to pay respects to our departed family members. That was a lie of course. I do hope Fabio will forgive us for that deception.” Hearing the commotion behind me, I turned around for a second and saw Fabio scratching his head while Nanako stood between him and Cassy. Spreading her arms wide as if to block her from Fabio.

“With all due respect lady Welhemia, I’d prefer if you’d refrain from getting too close to Fabio!” I’ve never seen someone talk to Cassy like that. Nanako even stuck her tongue out while Fabio just looked at me and chuckled as if this has happened on multiple occasions.

“Oh? I’m sorry Nanako. It was wrong of me to do that.” Cassy reached out to pat Nanako on her head. “But you understand better than anyone about how good of a guy he is right?” All Nanako could do was nod in agreement with Cassy. Dahlia, Xera, and Joanne started giggling while Nanako speaks out in defense.

“I’m so glad that Fabio has a friend now. Though I have a feeling Nanako sees it differently…” Elaine added as she stood beside me. Sagaki went over to Nanako and started telling her to behave. While the group was busy with their conversation, I turn my attention to Elaine who had more to say about what was going to happen.

“There are a couple more papers that I’ll need you to sign later. Most of which concerns the custody transfer between you and Sagaki which should go quite smoothly.” Hearing the commotion the group was causing again, Elaine and I looked on at the group. Dahlia, Xera, Joanne, and Cassy were all laughing together while Sagaki was scolding Nanako.

Nanako herself was still hugging Fabio from behind, stubbornly shaking her head every time her mother had something to say.

“Ehehe…with this…I’m confident that you’ll have a wonderful and eventful life.” Nodding in agreement with Elaine, I couldn’t ask for more than this. Well maybe except for one thing.

“Actually…there’s one more thing that I’d like. Then my life will be truly perfect…” Confused, Elaine tilted her head slightly to the left while pressing her right pointing finger on her chin.

“Really? What else could you possibly want?” Walking closer to Elaine, I didn’t want the others to hear what I was about to tell her. Standing on the tip of my toes, I reached out with my left hand close to my left cheek to hide my mouth while Elaine tilted her head to listen to what I had to say.

“I asked Cassy on a date, and she said yes. For my future to be perfect, I want to have her as my bride…” Finishing what I had to say, I could barely keep my embarrassment in check before Elaine turned to look at Cassy, then back to me. With a somewhat lewd grin and her closing her eyes slightly, she giggled softly at me.

“I see…I’m honestly surprised you got her to budge considering how bold you were with your confession a few days ago. I already sensed how caring and devoted you are considering how much Fabio loves you, but to think you’ve swayed her heart to give love a chance. I cannot wait to see how things progress between you two.” Responding as boldly as I could, I gave Elaine a smug smile.

“I won’t disappoint!” Done with her part of the conversation, Cassy walked over to us with her hands on her hips.

“And just what are you two talking about? I’d say it’s about Fabio, but the grin Elaine had earlier along with yours says otherwise.” Looking at me for answers, I just chuckled nervously at her before we all started laughing.


After catching up with everyone and giving Fabio a quick explanation of what was going on, he was beyond elated when he found out that I took custody of him again. Even with that though, Fabio gave Sagaki a heartfelt thank you for taking care of him as well as apologizing for being as unresponsive as he was the first week he was under her care.

Sagaki, taking it all in, was shaking her head and was just glad that she helped him out as much as she did. She then apologized for deceiving Fabio about why they came to the cemetery in the first place.

They went back and forth until her Nanako interrupted them. From what Sagaki told me, Nanako took a liking to him. Sagaki was worried if I would have any misgivings regarding how Nanako is around Fabio, but if anything, I found their ‘friendship’ to be cute. Young, genuine love was not something I was blessed with, so to see Fabio getting that experience made me happy for him.

“So you’re not bothered at all by this, Valery?” Sitting with Sagaki on a two-table seat, I chuckled and scratched the back of my head. We’re all in the backyard of the mansion getting a bite to eat. Joanne, Dahlia, and Xera went back to their stations while Elaine and Cassy were catching up.

Since the two weren’t that hungry and were more interested in exploring the back garden, I saw Nanako picking out flowers from the garden while Fabio was following her with a straw woven basket on his arm. Seems like Nanako’s collecting flowers while Fabio’s there to carry the basket for her.

“I don’t see Fabio outright rejecting her clear interest in him, so I don’t have a problem with it myself. But I’m curious if Fabio feels the same way for her?” I only heard that Nanako and Fabio got along well from Sagaki, so I figured their relationship based on our calls was that of friends or close friends. It seems to be more than that though given how overprotective she was of him earlier, so I joked around the idea that she fell in love with him.

“I believe he does, but Fabio can’t express his feelings for her as strongly as she does at the moment. I believe it’s due to the lack of exposure he’s had with others around his age though and not of reluctance. If that were the case, he’d show no interest in being around her no matter what.” Resting her right elbow on the table, she looked over at Nanako and Fabio while holding her head up with her right hand under her chin.

Dining on some decadent cheesecakes, I took a bite out of mine before continuing.

“So when did their relationship start?” Sipping her cup of tea, Sagaki closed her eyes and crossed her arms in thought.

“I think it was around the fifth day he was fostered. Nanako had nearly given up since Fabio was still down in the dumps. At that point, Nanako crawled under our dining table where I couldn’t get to her crying. Though she’s a bright girl, she’s still an eight-year-old girl, so she was rather sensitive emotionally. Unable to understand why her efforts to cheer Fabio up did nothing, she just shrunk down and cried to where I couldn’t reach her.” I never did ask just how old Nanako was to Sagaki since I thought asking a personal question like that would’ve been insensitive. But being as young as she is, it didn’t surprise me she acted the way she did.

“Just when I pondered the idea of lifting the table, Fabio came and crawled under the table to get her. They were mumbling to each other, so I couldn’t hear what they said to each other. Shortly after, Fabio was crawling out of the table with Nanako, holding each other’s hands.” Looking back at the two for a moment, Fabio’s head was turned into a veritable flowery pin cushion. Flowers of various types and colors were strewn on his hair. Even so, he was still having fun and smiling and laughing along with Nanako.

“I see. I feel like Fabio did that because he felt responsible for what happened. I’m happy for them.” That’s what I guessed anyways before eating the last of my cheesecake

Finished with our desert, Sagaki washed it down with her drink before letting out a sigh of relief.

“You were bothered by us Monster girls before if I remember it right. You’ve changed a lot since then.” I couldn’t help but chuckle when she said it. My outlook on monster girls changed more radically than she realizes.

“Sagaki…the thing is…I’ve fallen in love with Cassy and asked her out on a date. She even said yes.” Gasping loudly, Sagaki closed her mouth before turning her head to look over at Cassy and Elaine. Thankfully, it seemed like the two were engrossed in a conversation of sorts, so she didn’t hear Sagaki’s outburst just now.

“Shh! Not so loud Sagaki…” Nodding in response, she took her hands off her mouth before smiling at me.

“Do you plan to steal her heart? I’m surprised considering that undead monster girls like her rely on spirit energy to sustain themselves. Granted, they can get some from women too, but it’s not as much as they would get from men. Also, you’re aware that there are risks involved with being intimate with Welhemia right?” Without a hint of hesitation, I smiled back at her and nodded.

“I’m aware. Cassy herself warned me about it. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I was apprehensive about the idea. But at the same time, the idea of Cassy being taken away by someone else in that way makes my heartache. I won’t live my life with regrets, especially since Cassy was the one that made me realize that.” Humming an affirming tune, the sincerity in Sagaki’s face assured me that I’d have her support.

“If your mind’s made up, then I won’t pry anymore. Make sure you both enjoy yourselves alright?” Smiling back, I nodded back to ease her mind.


After our lunch and a few more moments to talk and catch up, it was time for Elaine, Sagaki, and Nanako to go back to their homes.

Nanako was teary-eyed at first, but a hug and a gentle pat on the head from Fabio reassures her before the two muttered something to each other.

“I bought some toys for Fabio as well as a video game console. I hope you don’t mind that.” Carrying the two duffel bags in my hands, Sagaki explained that one bag had the toys and video game console in it while the other was new and old clothes that she had sewn and stitched back to pristine condition.

“I can’t thank you enough Sagaki. I’ll be sure to pay you back properly for everything you’ve done for him.” Raising her right palm at me in rejection, she shook her head left to right in denial.

“Don’t. I don’t need any form of repayment. If anything, I bought those things for him to reward him for the help he’s given me. I swear that Fabio can’t sit still without doing something to keep him busy. He’d pester me to help me out at every chance he got.” Crossing her arms, she looked over at him while he was busy talking to Elaine.

“There were times where when I’d refuse his help, he’d carefully observe me so that the next time I had to do those tasks again, he’d do them ahead of time before I got the chance. It honestly made me wonder if he was like that based on how you raised him. You did tell me about that already beforehand, but still…” In some ways, she’s right. I taught Fabio to be self-sufficient at an age that was too early for him to be doing so. He should’ve used that time developing his mind to further his education.

“I’m sorry. It was all I could do to help him at the time though. That being said, it’s not an excuse for the fact that he missed important parts of his education because of it.” Before I felt even more depressed at how badly I raised him, I felt Sagaki resting her hands on my shoulders. I gave them both a gentle squeeze before smiling at me.

“It can’t be helped right? You did what you had to during those circumstances.” To know that Sagaki had empathy for the circumstances I was in has helped me before, and it’s helped me now.

“There’s something else you should know in terms of his education by the way. Being as receptive and eager to learn when I homeschooled him, he’s already picked up on basic subjects. He’s a fast learner too as he already got the basics of plus, minus, division, and multiplication down after only a few days of studying. Fabio’s a bright boy Valery. You should be proud of that.” Having him back in my life, I felt a tinge of pride inside me when Sagaki complemented Fabio.

“Another thing too. I had Elaine take a look at him the one time she came to visit me when I told her about the possibility of giving custody of Fabio back to you. Elaine has an ability of sorts to read the hearts and minds of children. In this way, she can know for sure if someone went through an abusive life, or if they’re forced to behave due to manipulative raising. I was confident that you were honest with me, but you can never be too sure. Going off with your gut feeling alone isn’t the best idea after all.” Elaine already told me what she saw in Fabio when I had met her for the first time, but I was still curious as to what Sagaki had to say about it.

“And…what did she tell you?” With a smug smile on her face, Sagaki knew just how suspenseful this was for me. Thankfully, she didn’t keep me hanging for too long before her smile became more gentle and reassuring

“Ehehe…well you should already know the answer to that from Elaine herself but…she assured me that everything he did was of his own volition. From what she gathered, she said that he helped me out as a way to repay the kindness I gave him as well as an apology for how he was depressed and unresponsive for the first week. From what she got out of him, he’s mentioned that you should always repay the kindness given to you in turn. You may have not been able to send him to school or anything, but he still learned everything he needed to learn to be a sweet and caring boy.” Pulling me closer for a hug, she patted me on the back while holding me in her embrace.

“So cheer up alright?! There’s no reason to feel bad or doubt yourself anymore! Take pride in what you’ve done as a mother.” I almost wanted to cry, but I shook myself out of it and returned Sagaki’s gesture instead.

“I will. I’ve been given that chance because of you and the others. I’ll never forget the debt I owe to you, Elaine, and the others.” Letting our arms fall, we backed away from each other before Fabio came back to my side. Reaching up with his left hand, I gently grabbed a hold of his tender hand with my right.

“Alrighty then. You two take care of yourselves alright?” Nanako went to Sagaki, asking Sagaki to hold her hand just like Fabio did with me.

“Indeed. We’ll be visiting every so often just to check up on things along with frequent phone calls and such alright? It’s standard procedure, so I hope you understand.” Elaine said almost in an apologetic manner.

“Don’t worry about it. If anything, I look forward to the visits. It’s always nice to see the two of you, so don’t hesitate to come and visit even when everything is all done and settled.” Before their departure, there was one more person I had to talk to.

“As for you young lady…” Squatting down while Fabio was still holding onto my hand, I smiled at Nanako and patted her on the head with my left hand.

“Thank you so much for being Fabio’s first friend. As his mother, I’m forever grateful for the friendship you two have.” Blushing, Nanako’s tiny mouth hung open slightly before the edges of her lips spread into a wide smile.

“No worries! I’m glad I’m his friend too!” Staring at Fabio for a second, he blushed at her and turned his face away to hide his embarrassment. The effort of which caused a giggle to come out of both me and Sagaki.

Walking them out the door along with Cassy, We waved goodbye to Sagaki, Elaine, and Nanako as they eventually walked out of sight.

Feeling Fabio squeezing my hand, I look down and see him looking straight up at me.

“To be with mommy again…there’s so much I got to tell you.” Kneeling, I pull him closer for another hug, nuzzling my left cheek on his face.

“So does mommy Fabio! There’s so much I want to tell you. But…” I stood back up before continuing. “First, let’s go to our room.” Fabio seemed confused from how he was looking back and forth between me and Cassy.

“We have room for ourselves?” Cocking his head to the left in confusion, Cassy walked right in front of me and Fabio with a smile on her face.

“Yup! So if you’ll just follow me…” Taking the lead, I nudged my head forward to Fabio as we followed Cassy.

Expanding the mansion, they were only halfway done since they planned to add another floor in addition to the ones they’d already finished constructing. The way they expanded it, they added a new hallway to both sides of the mansion that would house another twenty rooms, with ten rooms on each side of the newly constructed hallways. The ones Cassy led us to was the rooms on the right side of the mansion. A freshly molded granite arch doorway styled to match the medieval aesthetic of the mansion was constructed over the newly constructed hallway.

Walking through it and into the hallway itself, each side had ten doors lined up with a solid grey brick foundation between each door. Four small chandelier lights illuminated the hallway with just enough separation from each one that the hallway was evenly lit. The doors themselves were made with lacquered redwood. On each door, a number representing the room number was carefully etched on its surface.

“Here’s your room guys.” Stopping in front of the fifth door on our right, the room number we were assigned was number six hundred seven. “This is your keys, one for each of you.” Handing me one of the keys, I looked at it while Cassy was giving Fabio his copy. The head of the key had our room number engraved on it. “Go on you two, open the door to your new room.” Excited, Cassy stepped aside and clapped her hands together in glee. She’s even wiggling her hips back and forth from the excitement.

“Shouldn’t we be the ones getting excited over here?” Before going in, I teased Cassy for a bit seeing as how cute she’s being. Her face turned a bright red before puffing her cheeks at me. I glanced over at Fabio, he was just looking back and forth between me and Cassy while holding his key in his right hand.

“N-never mind that! Just take a look inside already!” With a soft giggle, I inserted the key into the door’s keyhole above the door handle. With a satisfying click, I pulled the key back out and opened the door.

“Wah?! I-It’s bigger than I expected!” The interior was generously spacious, having more than enough room to comfortably accommodate four people. The whole floor was covered in this nice regal blue carpet with gold accent embroidery around the borders of the carpet. On the ceiling, a large ceiling fan with chandelier-style lighting hangs above the room. Directly in front of us, a wide window patio with a royal red curtain stretched nearly across from one side of the room to the other.

“I know this is a mansion…but still…this room is so big…” Just as surprised as I was, Fabio was the first to walk into the room. He put his backpack down and pulled the curtains away for a bit, giving us a view of the front yard garden.

“Why are you so surprised, Valery? Didn’t you help with the expansion?” Walking inside shortly after Fabio, I set the duffel bags down before turning to face Cassy who walked inside last looking confused as to why I was so bewildered.

“I did, but I only helped by doing maidly duties like bringing them drinks and snacks. I also helped by carrying supplies for the construction like concrete mix and such, but I never actually went to look at the rooms since I didn’t want to get in their way.”

“Ah, I see. I just assumed you knew considering you helped them.” Cassy said before looking at Fabio who was in awe at the view of the garden. Looking around some more to my right, another door which I assumed led to a private bathroom was there along with a TV stand. It had three rows of shelves to store whatever we needed on it. The TV itself was a flatscreen forty-three inches in size. I didn’t even expect to have a TV in here. I turn around to face Cassy who after noticing me staring just had a smug look on her face. She probably bought it for us without telling me.

Ignoring that, I look over to my left and see a similar round table set with two chairs situated next to it. On the table itself, another similar tea set sat on top of it. It’s nearly the same as the ones in Cassy’s room when she lent it to me, only they look brand new.

Finally, there was the queen-sized bed that was sitting against the left side of the room. Unlike the bed in Cassy’s room though, this bed was much more modest in design. It had a simple wooden bed frame. Granted, the frame had intricate designs carved into the wood itself, but it was otherwise plain. The white bedsheets and white pillows were pristine as can be. There are also two bedside drawers on each side with a reading lamp on top of it.

“You’re staring long and hard at the bed. Is it not to your liking?” Hearing Cassy’s voice, I turned to her and saw her tilting her head to the left in confusion.

“No! It’s not that at all I swear!” I felt bad for how concerned she looked, waving my hands left to right to assure her that wasn’t my issue with it. “I’m kind of glad the bed is the way it is. Your bed was nice, no, beyond comfortable. But I felt so out of place using it.”

“Oh okay. I was worried there for a second…” A sigh of relief escaped Cassy’s lips before she gave me a sly smile.

In the corner of my eye, Fabio had moved on from staring at the front view and was setting up his videogame console on the TV. I guess he already knows how to do it on his own.

“Well, I got some things I need to tend to, so I’ll be taking my leave. Before I go, there’s one more thing I need to tell you about your room…” As she said that, she closed her right hand except for her thumb which she used to point at the two dressers and full body mirror behind her. “You’ve got plenty of space to put your clothes and such in the dresser behind you. The bathroom door on the right side of the door has everything you need in there as well.” As Cassy headed for the door, Fabio stopped in the middle of setting his console up and walked next to me as we walked next to Cassy.

“Cassy…I know you’ve heard this many times already from me but…” I bowed in front of her in gratitude. Fabio also did the same gesture as I did.

“Thank you so much…” Adding his sincere thanks, Cassy giggled before she shook her head. Smiling at us the entire time.

“It’s fine. You’ve helped me out as well Valery, so consider this a reward for your help.” Rather than arguing the point, I just nodded at her and smiled back. “But also…can I talk to you alone for a moment?” Her tone changed slightly just now. From the look on her face, her cheeks were slightly red. I had a feeling whatever it is she wanted to discuss, it wasn’t something appropriate to talk about within earshot of Fabio.

“Sure. Fabio, go ahead and finish setting up your things alright? I got to talk to Cassy in private for a bit.”

“Okay, mommy.” With a quick and obedient answer, I went outside the room with Cassy.

While I laid my back against the front door, Cassy was fumbling with her fingers clasped together while swaying her hips left and right. Her face was the biggest give away though as she was as bright red as a tomato.

“Cassy? What’s wrong? Whatever you’re doing is pretty cute, but it must be something big if you’re fidgeting that much.” Lowering her head, Cassy hid her eyes under her bangs.

“Uh…well you see…now that you have room to call your own…you’ve already gotten your stuff packed and ready to go back in my room right?”

“Yeah. What about it?” Raising her head back up just enough for me to see her eyes, she could barely keep eye contact with me. She’d look away more often than not.

“Well…of course, we’re gonna go there real quick so that I can help you carry your stuff…when something came to mind…” Her voice was even quivering from nervousness now. I was starting to get worried.

“Wh-what is it?”

“Since you’ve been in my room…and well especially sleeping on my bed. The idea of going back to sleep in my bed when you’ve been sleeping on it for the past month or so…pardon me if this sounds a bit forward but… I kind of look forward to sleeping back in that bed because of that…”


“Valery? Was it wrong for me to say that after all?” Feeling the heat rush to my head, I could tell I was blushing just as much, if not even more so than Cassy.

“A-about that…y-you should probably get your bedsheets cleaned before using your bed again…” Cassy looked confused for a second, but she quickly caught on to what I was implying.

I just couldn’t get Cassy out of my mind last night. With how seductive she was around the time she left, I touched myself for the first time in a long time. I got her bedsheets all wet with my love juices afterward and forgot to clean them before she came to get me to see Fabio.

“Ah…ah…” She raised her hands high as they were trembling wildly as if she was about to grab me by my shoulders. “W-we should go…like right now…” I felt my heart jump to my throat when she said that.

We were both as red and nervous as can be. Is she implying what I think she’s implying?! I’m not sure, maybe I’m just overthinking it.

Following her lead, I had to walk at a military pace just to keep up with her. Avoiding eye contact with the maids and residents along the way, we eventually reached the top floor. Facing her front room door, Cassy opened the door for me. I had all my things packed already in advance, so all I needed to do was bring the four duffel bags of stuff I had with me to my new room.

“If you don’t mind Cassy, can you grab the other two bags?” Walking straight for two of the bags, I turned around and saw that Cassy wasn’t following behind me to grab the other two bags. Instead, she walked over to her bed and pulled the bedsheets close to her face.

“Ah! Wha-WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” I dropped my bags immediately and came rushing to Cassy. Before I could grab the bedsheets away from her, she pulled the sheets in closer to her face before taking a big whiff. “Cassy?!” Grabbing her other end of the bedsheets, I tried to pull the sheets off her hands.

“…such a lewd scent…” Cassy’s face was red the entire time, ignoring me as she kept taking in big whiffs of the bedsheets. I’ve never seen her act so pervertedly before.

“O-okay that’s enough Cassy! I get it.” Try as I might, she wouldn’t budge at all no matter how much I tried to pull the sheets off her hands. It’s like she was caught in a trance. “Please let me get it cleaned real quick before you…” Putting all my strength into it this time, I finally felt something give as I leaned to the right and fell on my back on top of her bed beside me.

“Oof! Can’t say I expected tha-” Gathering my bearings, I looked up and saw that I pulled Cassy along with me. “Ah…” Looking down at me from above with her hands splayed on the left and right sides of my face.

“…ah…ah…” Staring directly into her eyes, her attention was fully focused on me now. From my point of view, I got a good view of her breasts, swaying ever so slightly with each heavy breath she took. I could see her ample cleavage from her blue dress. The pure white lingerie bra she was wearing blended in so well with her skin, that it almost looked like she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Cassy…are you alright?” There’s something about this situation that would’ve normally made me feel uneasy. From how delirious Cassy looked to the position we’re in. It feels like I’m about to get raped.

“Valery…” Saying only my name, Cassy slowly lowered her head. I should be stopping this. It’s way too soon for this. Thinking rationally, this situation should’ve sent a shiver down my spine with how familiar this looks from my previous relationships.

Despite that, another part of me knew that Cassy wasn’t like the others I’d been with before. Aside from the obvious fact that she’s a woman and an undead, her gentle disposition along with her seductive body made me yearn for her touch. This never would’ve happened if I hadn’t mentioned that I touched myself on her bed either. So maybe, a part of me was hoping this would happen.

When I was done second-guessing myself, Cassy’s face was close enough that I could feel her breath blowing against my lips. Being a living corpse, you’d think her breath would reek of death and decay, but instead, it smelled just like the cheesecake we all had earlier.

Tickling my nose, the sweet and decadent scent of her breath made me gulp involuntarily. My mouth was watering from the anticipation. Would it be okay if I let things go on from here? Before I let my desires get to me, I questioned Cassy one last time.

“Cassy…are you sure you wan-” In the middle of my sentence, Cassy planted her lips against mine, cutting me off before I could finish talking. “Hmmppfff?!” My hands were still clutching the bedsheets, so by the time I thought to try and pull her away, she’d already laid directly on top of me with her chest pressing against my own.

The first thing I noticed was just how cold her tongue was. Pressing and licking all over my own, the contrasting temperature difference between my tongue and hers felt oddly refreshing. Her cool saliva felt good to drink down too. She’d take in deep breaths between her deep kisses, letting out erotic moans that were much more seductive than I imagined.

Getting more and more aggressive with her kiss, she’d press her lips even harder against mine. Greedily pursing her lips and sucking on my tongue from time to time. This one-sided assault on my senses would’ve normally sent me into an adrenaline state of fear. But instead, this kiss as forceful as it felt was more gentle and seductive. It’s almost like I’m being sedated with how dreary I’m getting.

I wanted to indulge in this mind-numbing pleasure. I even found myself sucking and licking back at her tongue in an attempted retaliation, savoring her cold saliva as she was doing with mine. Albeit, I was not as aggressive as Cassy was, not for the lack of trying, but rather because of the lethargy I felt from her kiss.

On my left thigh, I could feel something rubbing up against it. It feels wet and sticky. I’d look at what it was, but I couldn’t even move my head anymore with how tired I felt. I should be wary of what’s going on, but I don’t want this to stop. I want to keep going…

“Puwaahh!” Snapping me out of my dreamlike stupor, I look up and saw Cassy. The trail of saliva left from her intense french kissing was still dangling on her chin before she wiped it away with her right hand. She sat straight up afterward and looked down at me. “I-I’m so sorry Valery! I didn’t mean to get carried away like that. Are you okay?!”

“Ehehe…I-I’m fine…” I could barely raise my voice, struggling to even talk as I tried to catch my breath. I felt a tinge of disappointment when she stopped though.

“Can you move at all? Any numbness in your body?!” With a worried look plastered on her face, she pulled the bedsheet covering my body and frantically looked at my body. I tried to do as she asked shortly after to put her mind at ease, but when I tried, it was like my limbs were fast asleep. The only things I could move were my fingers and toes.

“I can move my fingers and toes…that counts right?” I said in a joking manner in an attempt to calm her down. She looked like she was about to cry with how worried she looked.

“I’m so sorry Valery! I…I went too far! I shouldn’t have done that!” She was frantic from the tone of her voice. I don’t know why she was getting so worried, but I had to try and calm her down.

“Cassy…please calm down. It’s fine. I was honestly enjoying myself. You were forceful at first, but if it’s you, I don’t mind if-” Before I could finish, Cassy was feverishly shaking her head left to right.

“That’s not it! I mean I’m sorry if I was forceful too of course! Given your past, doing what I did just now must’ve given you a scare…”

“Don’t worry about it. Though, you seem to be worried about something else…” Finally calming down, Cassy took deep breaths to gather her composure before elaborating.

“Remember when I told you about the risk of turning you into an undead once we get into a relationship? Well, there are two ways to get it done. One, I pour my magic into a dead body, turning it into an undead. The other way is by draining the spirit energy from humans via sexual intercourse. When done with men, it turns them into an incubus. But when done to women, the spirit energy drained from them get’s replaced with the demonic energy I produce, turning that woman into an undead.” I forgot about that. But even then, if it meant I got to feel the pleasure I’ve felt just now, I’d resign myself to becoming an undead anyways if it meant feeling good with Cassy.

“Ah okay…it’s alright though. You stopped yourself beforehand right? So don’t worry about it.” Reassuring her, Cassy smiled before slapping herself on the cheeks.

“R-right! I lost myself for a moment there because of how delicious your essence was. I normally get by with the spirit energy drinks and food. But yours was so rich, filling, and irresistibly delicious, that I couldn’t help myself. I admit my moment of weakness from smelling the sheets led to this…so again, I’m sorry…” I know she was doing her best to be sincere here, but I was too busy feeling flattered about being wanted by her.

“As I said, don’t worry about it okay? I mean…something like this is bound to happen at some point in our relationship right? Sure, it was a bit sudden, but like you, I enjoyed every second of it.” Giving her the widest smile I could, I managed to put her at ease before she got out of bed.

“Right. I’ll go get you something to eat. It’ll help recover the spirit energy you’ve lost. Besides, you should be spending the rest of your day with Fabio right?”

“Oh yeah. Fabio’s still waiting for me in my room huh?” I almost forgot the whole reason why I came here. I should get back as soon as I can move again.

“Okay, I’ll be right back okay?”

“Alright.” Closing the door, Cassy left the room.

Laying on the bed, I managed to gather enough strength to pull myself on the pillows sitting on the back end of the bed to prop myself up in a sitting position. While looking down at the bed, I saw that my left leg was soaked with something. It was left off from the grinding sensation I felt on it earlier. Now that I see it for myself, the sheen it gave off looked familiar. Brushing my left hand against it, the wet liquid clung to my fingers. That’s when I realized that was she was rubbing on my thigh earlier was her pussy.

Looking at the door for a second, I wanted to make sure Cassy wasn’t gonna come bursting in before I brought the love juice clinging to my fingers closer to my face. Sniffing it, I stuck my tongue out and licked some of it off. It’s kind of sweet…

“…I’m more of a perverted sicko than I thought…well then again…I didn’t expect Cassy to be that lewd either…” Cassy might not have even noticed that she’d done that. To avoid embarrassing her and myself, I wiped the love juice on my fingers and legs on the bedsheets.

From there, I laid back and waited for Cassy to bring me food. I’d sleep now, but I need to get back to Fabio.

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