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You wake up the next morning in bed with a throbbing headache. Must have been a side effect of that venom exiting your body.

You grab your phone out of your backpack it was flooded with messages and missed calls. Including from your collective of Arachne.

As you fix yourself up from the events of last night with the intent of heading to report what happened last night.

You finished getting dressed and grabbed a quick bite to eat, before heading out the front door. Unfortunately shortly after stepping out you run into Sapphire.

“Bug, where do you think you are going?” she asked approaching him while running her fingers through her hair.

You freeze in place seeing Sapphire walking towards you. She was actually dressed quite nicely in a light blue sundress.

“N-N-Nowhere Sapphire,” you tell her looking at the ground defeated.

Sapphire embraced you close to her body petting your head gently. “I told you to stay a good little bug for me, we have a big day today so come on let’s get going,” she said leading you away from your house.

“First thing is first though,” she said pulling out a what looked like a blindfold from her bra. “For now, we will have our little secret location until you can be trusted,” she added before blindfolding you.

Now you are even more paranoid she is taking you someplace against your will, despite Sapphire’s somewhat loving attitude you know she doesn’t have the purest intentions.

She walks you for what seems for an eternity before you heard the others.

Sapphire finally takes the blindfold off of you, the first thing you see is a camera aimed at you by Julia. It was an actual camera. “I have fetched the bug for us,” Sapphire said with her hands on your shoulders from behind.

“We are ready to go live then when Vanessa gets here, she said she was on her way,” Julia said filming you closely. “We are going to make you a star little insect,” she said smiling.

This place seemed just like a small apartment with only a few rooms, a small living room, bedroom close by, a bathroom which is assumed to be in the bedroom very bare-bones living conditions, and they had to be living there, plenty of discarded webs around.

“Have the stream set up to go live Sapphire,” Alice said entering from another room.

“Excellent, I should let our little bug here get comfortable in the bedroom,” Sapphire said leading him into the bedroom.

She walked you inside, the bed set was all black they went as basic as possible. “Changed out the sheets just for you bug go on get comfortable we have a big day,” she said sitting you down on the edge.

You knew what was about to happen, there was no fighting it at this point.

“Little bug, give me your phone,” Sapphire said to him with her hand out.

You didn’t want to give it to her considering what happened last time but you reach into your pocket handing it to her.

“Your friend’s names?” she asked unlocking the phone.

Now that question really struck you the wrong way. “Why do you need to know or care?” you ask looking at her.

Sapphire leaned down and ran her fingers down your face and smiled “Tell me my bug let me make you a star, besides either you tell me or I just send the link to our stream to everyone in your contacts,” she said with a chuckle.

You quickly give her the names in your contacts.

“Such an obedient bug, we are going to make quite the team,” she said before quickly sending the links off to his friends.

“I don’t want to do this,” you say to her as she hands you back your phone.

“My little bug you are about to be a star, also you are only going to be dealing with Vanessa and maybe me if you can get me in the mood,” she said with a playful wink.

“I heard my name, is the bug here?” Vanessa asked coming into the room. “Ah my bug, today is the day of your big debut sorry I am late I stopped to pick us up somethings,” she said ruffling your hair.

“He is a bit nervous Vanessa,” Sapphire said.

“Yeah, yeah I figured which is why I took a stop at Warm Delights™,” Vanessa said placing her bag she was carrying next to the bed.

You just hang your head down looking at your feet.

“Get it all set up, let me get him prepped,” Vanessa said.

Sapphire left the room closing the door.

“Have you eaten my insect?” she asked you reaching over and grabbing the coffee she also brought.

“I-I had a small bite before I left running into Sapphire,” you say to her still hanging your head down.

She shakes her head before aiming your face to hers. “My little bug, go on and split this coffee with me. It should give you the boost you need for today,” she said handing it to you.

You reluctantly take the cup from her before you feel her lips press against yours for a moment.

“My dear bug it is almost time so go on and drink,” she said after breaking the kiss.

You sit there slowly sipping the coffee as Vanessa heads out of the room calling for Julia to bring in the camera.

Julia came in with the camera on its stand. “Cute bug, Vanessa is going to work you good and hard today,” she said fixing some settings on the camera

“Believe me, I am very aware,” you say to her leaning back on the bed after finishing the coffee that Vanessa had left.

“Well bug you don’t need to worry no one is going to hurt you, after all, we are going live on ForbiddenFruit™,” Julia said finishing her setup just as Vanessa walks in.

Vanessa was in a robe leading little to the imagination black and silky. Sapphire quickly followed inside.

“We are ready now, I hope our little bug is ready to go,” Sapphire said stepping behind the camera with Julia.

Vanessa slips the end of her spider body on the bed next to you. “Even if he isn’t ready I am sure during the stream we will get him warmed up,” she said.

“Go live now!” Sapphire yelled to Alice in the back.

A few moments went by before you noticed the light on the camera turned on.

Vanessa put her arm around you while smiling at the camera speaking “Mmm hello my little bugs out there, today we have something special planned as you can see. We found this little cute insect last night and took him a test drive you will see those videos on my channel soon once they are edited,” she said.

You tried to not look at the camera but Vanessa wasn’t having it. “Our little bug here will become a mainstay so let’s get this show on the road, start telling me what you want me to do to this bug with those sweet gold credits,” she said.

“Let me go grab the laptop so we can view the chat it is right outside,” Sapphire whispered before heading out the door just to come back in with it.

Sapphire set up the chat and placed it on a small table in front of the bed for Vanessa to read.

The coffee you had earlier started to kick in, your legs started to feel wobbly and you feel a warm feeling inside you.

“Mmm our first donation, oh they want some foreplay kissing and a handjob,” Vanessa said smiling at the camera. “Let’s get to it then,” she said tilting your face to hers kissing you deeply on the lips.

Vanessa’s lips were soft and perfectly moist, she put your arms around her as one of her hands drifted lower unzipping your pants. Your cock springs out into her hand throbbing already.

Vanessa breaks the kiss looking down at it seeing how your length was all ready to go so soon. “I see my bug here has come alive here for me,” she said to the camera. She wraps her hand around your length stroking it while kissing your neck and licking it.

You close your eyes feeling her touch you. The pleasure was intense and passionate despite her doing so little. Whatever was in that brew you drank was starting a fire inside you.

“Looks like we have another donation, they want you to eat me out,” Vanessa said smiling lifting up her robe showing her bald pale pussy to the camera.

The fire inside you was burning hard now you were certainly not thinking like normal, you wanted Vanessa.

“On your knees my bug unless you are going to let me lay down and we can get a bit more intimate,” she whispered into your ear.

“L-L-Lay down Vanessa it is alright,” you tell her.

Vanessa smiles at you when you say that. “My oh my bug go on then, show me what you got,” she said leaning back on the bed, her spider half arched against the back of the bed as she spread her legs.

You climb on the bed looking at her, she was shaking with anticipation. You lean between head between her legs kissing against her thighs which causes her to gasp and run her fingers through your hair. You kiss up her thighs and get to her pussy which was already soaked.

“G-Get down there my bug,” she said with a moan before pushing your head down more now with your lips pressed against her dripping entrance.

You start to lick her wet depths licking and kissing her lower regions. Vanessa motioned to Julia to zoom in on him pleasing her body.

The chat was going wild with people watching humans with a fetish for something different and monsters craving a mortals touch.

“D-D-Deeper bug,” Vanessa moaned closing her eyes and taking off her robe exposing her pale body, her nipples still with those metal bars through them.

You slip your tongue inside of her warm pussy. She gasps your name while grabbing your hair.

“F-Fuck that brew I gave you so kicked in hard,” she panted out looking into the camera in absolute pleasure.

You continued to please her depths with your tongue, nothing tasted as heavenly as her to you right now.

“N-N-Next donation, mmm wrap my tits around his cock and suck him? So last night huh my bug?” she asked gently moaning pulling you face from between her legs.

You come up and look her in the eyes, the fire inside burning hotter than before. You lock lips with her having her taste her own juices you wanted nothing more besides to just take her right now but Vanessa wasn’t done.

“Mmm such passion and fire my bug lay down for me I want what I got last night as well,” Vanessa said licking her lips tasting her own juices after the kiss.

You lay down on your back your cock standing fully at attention for her.

“Oh, they want you naked too, we can arrange that for you ladies,” Vanessa said.

You eagerly go to take your clothes off but Vanessa stopped you. “They want me to do it insect,” she said gently reaching for your shirt taking it off throwing it to the side. The chat immediately lights up even more after that.

“You ladies like my bug?” Vanessa asks the chat while pulling off your pants now leaving you completely nude.

You lay down on the bed near the headboard waiting for Vanessa to get to the next part. The fire inside of you was now in full force and it was only a matter of time before they ask for cum.

“Mmm the ladies like you my bug, seeing a lot of interest,” Vanessa said moving between your legs wrapping her tits around your cock.

Julia moved the camera aim down at Vanessa’s cleavage as she massaged your cock. Your cock was throbbing and leaking precum already.

Vanessa licks up the precum while smiling at you gently moaning a bit.

“Mmm girls, I think it is time we need to let him inside,” Vanessa said with more soft moans.

You mind races, the fire inside you needs to be satisfied. You wanted deep in Vanessa just like the first time.

Sapphire had been watching intensely the whole time, she motioned to Vanessa to lay you down on your back at the foot of the bed so she could ride hard for the camera.

“My bug lay down for me, now it is time for the ride,” Vanessa said laying you on your back near the foot of the bed you head close to hanging off the side.

Vanessa mounts you like before inching your length deep inside her dripping pussy. She tilts her head back in pure ecstasy as you fully enter her alongside a loud moan which echoes throughout the house. She came, and she came hard.

“B-B-Bug touch me now,” she said panting starting her slow ride on you.

You gently start to thrust under her just to make sure she isn’t doing all the work and to release the full force of the fire still burning hot inside you.

“Mmm I have the best insect ever,” she said grabbing your hand and places it on one of her tits making your squeeze it as she rode you more grinding hard on your cock.

Your mind was blank just filling her and pleasing her was the only thing on your mind.

Vanessa wasn’t looking at the camera or the chat anymore, she was looking down at you riding your cock hard and deep while letting out deep moans.

“M-My bug cum in me, please,” she said leaning down and locking lips with you passionately bouncing on your cock.

You kiss her back deeply slipping your tongue into her mouth she returns the treatment.

Julia now has the camera aimed down waiting for the finish, the chat is begging for the creampie on Vanessa.

She breaks the kiss and begs you to cum deep inside of her.

You give in, her name escapes your lips as you unload deep inside of her pumping her pussy with thick ropes of sticky cum.

Vanessa leans up tossing her head back in pure pleasure “M-m-my sweet bug you did great,” she said sitting up slipping your cock out of her cum drips from her pussy on to you and the bed.

“T-That is the show my little insects, I hope you enjoyed and as for the ladies you will be seeing a lot more my bug here don’t you worry,” Vanessa said stepping off the bed as Julia aimed the camera at her. She was still shaking from her orgasm and was slightly wobbling as she walked.

The stream ended then and Vanessa sat back down on the bed looking completely spent from the ride. The burning lust inside of you has started to slow down and you lean up on the bed, drenched in sweat and a little of your own cum from Vanessa.

“Little bug handled that very nicely, you are about to be the talk of that site, not too many girls get to bring a human on with them. Girls in the chat were certainly into you,” Sapphire said putting her hands on her hips

You pant gently still coming down from your high hopefully, your friends didn’t even click that link that was sent.

“Want me to take you home my bug? We have last night’s videos to edit and put up,” Vanessa asked handing you your clothes.

“Y-Y-Yes please,” you say back to her quickly getting dressed.

“See you soon little bug, maybe you can take me next?” Sapphire said giving you a light kiss on the cheek and running her hand down your chest.

The experience this time wasn’t nearly as bad as the first, it was controlled and nothing really bad happened well besides you being broadcasted over a website.

“M-Maybe Sapphire,” you reply back to her.

She smiles at you “Well I’ll message you our little bug, you have quite the future,” she says as Vanessa gets dressed in some normal more casual clothes.

You nervously nod to her straightening yourself out the fire had now fully subsided and you started to feel drowsy.

“Come on my sweet bug, let’s get you home,” Vanessa said wrapping her arm around your waist taking you out of the now you see small apartment they took you to.

“S-S-So you plan on doing this again?” you ask Vanessa as you two walk together.

“Of course my bug, after all, you are my co-star. Since you are still in school I’ll be picking you up for scenes among other things,” she said.

You didn’t want this stuff to be super public it would be embarrassing even if you were getting laid consistently. “A-At least pick me up at home, not at my school you can honestly understand why,” you tell her.

“Well my dear, I think I can arrange that for us if you are really that embarrassed about it which you shouldn’t be,” she said.

That took a lot off your mind, hopefully, you could keep these little escapades a bit more private.

You made it back to your home with Vanessa.

“Alright you are home, so stay good for me my dear bug,” she said kissing you on the lips before skittering away at a bit faster paced.

You get back inside your house and immediately head to your bed and collapse in it.

About an hour passes before your phone vibrating starts to drive you crazy, who on earth could be calling you.

It was one of your friends.

The second you pick up the phone he starts rambling

“B-B-Bro we saw the stream, so did at least half the school. That link spread like wildfire from someone I haven’t found out who yet. You are the talk of social media right now,” he said to you

“F-Fuck, Sapphire only sent the links to you 3, who else would have gotten it?” you ask him back. Well, there was no hiding it now what happened if it really spread as bad as your friend said.

“You were on ForbbidenFruit™, literally the biggest Monster erotic website currently. It might have been one of the Monsters that go to school with us,” he said.

That was probably the case, someone might have been there and recognized you.

You then started to receive another phone call from an unknown number. “Look I have another call, let me answer it real fast,” you say quickly hanging up and picking up the next call.

“My dear bug, we have some good news,” a quite seductive voice said. It was Sapphire.

“W-What is it Sapphire?” you ask back.

“ForbbidenFruit™ contacted us right after you left. They want to work a deal with us and you for maybe some films, and they spoke some good money,” she said…

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