Rapture High: Español 101

Saturday morning.

Nothing quite like it. Jake was under the blanket, not wanting to leave the bed and start the day. He could spend the entire day there or at least until he got hungry. In the meantime, Jake was trying to drift back to sleep, but something was keeping him from doing so.

Whatever it was, it was as relentless as the morning sun… or more accurately, whoever it was.

Cracking open his eyes Jake was greeted to the sight of the blanket bobbing up and down with a pair of pale legs coming out from under the blanket beside him. Lifting the covers up, it was revealed to be a Ghoul swallowing up his entire cock for a morning blowjob. Stroking his penis as she looked down to him, she smiled.

“Morning” she said.

“Morning Claudia. Breakfast in bed?”

“Mmhmm” she murmured, as her lips enveloped his cock once more.

Claudia was a Ghoul from Puerto Rico. She was a friend of Valentina that came to the states a while ago with Carmen and Fatima. Claudia had gotten a job as a masseuse at From Beyond Relief, having done the same back when she was on the island. And right now, her fingers were wrapped around the base of his rod proving to him how good she was with them.

She had probably been at it for a couple minutes already, Jake was already at the edge of orgasm but Claudia was taking her time to let him shoot his load. Her tongue circled about his member, her fingers tickled his balls, his dick popped out of her mouth before she kissed it.

With her lips around his tip, she stroked his member a few more times and with that he shot his load into her hungry mouth.

Claudia continued to milk him, making sure to swallow every last drop of cum he could muster.

Once she was done, she repositioned herself on the bed and reached out for a sleeping mask she kept on her nightstand.

“Do you have to go to work today?” She asked as she began to put on her mask, keeping half of it lifted to see him.


“Hmm…” She slipped the other half down to cover her eyes before cuddling him, “Just stay in bed for a couple more minutes. At least until I go back to sleep.”

Jake smiled.

“Fine.” He said, receiving a faint smile from her in response.

Claudia was like this every time he was with her. She was usually cold if he wasn’t around, both in personality and quite literally. As an undead, she was always feeling cold. It was to her great delight when it was revealed by Carmen that Jake was a bit of a furnace when he was asleep. He usually slept in his underwear without a blanket because of it.

This was a major plus for the Ghoul. Claudia usually worked evenings, and as such she slept in most mornings when sharing the bed with Jake. If he wasn’t in bed with her, she’d use a heated blanket and slept with the blinds open to let the morning sun keep her nice and toasty.

Jake cuddled with Claudia in her bed, dozing off for a bit until finally deciding to get out of bed. He did his best to sneak out without waking her, turning on the heated blanket before exiting the room.

Stepping out into the hallway, Jake made his way down the staircase and towards the kitchen to see if he could make himself breakfast.

This wasn’t his house, it actually belonged to the girls. Valentina, Claudia, Fatima, and Carmen all rented this house out together. Jake still lived at his parent’s place, having only just graduated high school a couple weeks ago. But with all the time he was spending over here, he practically lived here.

Arriving downstairs Jake was greeted to sound of Gipsy Kings playing and the smell of bacon filling the room, it seemed that someone was in the middle of making breakfast themselves. In the kitchen, the Minotaur Fatima was busy shaking her hips to the music while cracking some eggs into the pan. She turned to spot him as he stepped into the kitchen.

“Good morning principe.” She said, leaning down to kiss him hello. “You want me to make you plate?”

“Yes please.” He responded, giving her a kiss.

Fatima cracked a few more eggs into the pan and began to scramble them, mixing them with the bacon grease that was already on the pan. Beside the stove were three plates, two of them had a few slices of bacon and some toasted slice of buttered Cuban bread whilst the third plate had the remaining bacon.

“I’ll be done in a few minutes. Could you go wake up Carmen?”

Jake nodded and made his way back upstairs.

Taking a right at the top of the stairs, Jake opened the door to Fatima’s room and spotted Carmen sleeping on queen sized bed. The Minos and Harpy sort of shared a room together. The house only had three bedrooms, so Carmen shared the room with Fatima while Claudia and Valentina got their own rooms.

It was the master bedroom of the house, and it had a pretty spacious balcony that Carmen had furnished as her own little nest space. She had most of her stuff out there and even a minifridge with a couple of things so that she wouldn’t have to go thru the room in the middle of the night. She had a hammock and actually preferred to sleep out there most nights unless it was raining. Last night was one of those nights.

Carmen was sleeping splayed out on the bed with her leg hanging off the side. Her green feathered wing reaching across the entire bed as if though inviting him in.

Going around the bed to Carmen’s side, Jake leaned down and gently kissed her forehead to wake the Harpy up.

“Five more minutes.” Carmen murmured, shifting around in the bed.

“Fatima is almost done with breakfast.” He whispered to her.

Carmen groaned, obviously wanting to keep sleeping… but breakfast.

“Fine. But seriously, give me five minutes.” She replied, turning to Jake to get a proper good morning kiss.

Jake made his way back downstairs, reminiscing on how he ended up here. It was odd being in a relationship with four girls, hell it was odd enough to be in a relationship with Valentina. He wondered if Lucas thought the same way. Maybe not since he’s been with his crew for a couple years now, while Jake had only been with these girls for a couple months.

Making it back downstairs, Fatima is finishing up with the plates and setting them on the table just as the microwave beeped to notify everyone that it was done heating up whatever was inside. Opening the microwave door there were three coffee mugs inside filled three quarters of the way with hot milk. Jake grabbed the mugs and set one down by each plate on the table as Fatima brought over the kettle with the freshly brewed Cuban coffee.

Sitting down at the table alongside Fatima who was pouring some of the coffee into her mug for a café con leche before handing the kettle over to Jake to do the same with his. The two ate breakfast together and discussed their plans for the day. Jake had to go to work today, his shift was starting at noon and ending at nine. Fatima had a few things to attend to and wasn’t sure what time she’d be back. It was then that Carmen finally made it out of the room and joined them for breakfast, wearing nothing but a pair of panties and an oversized t-shirt from the ink shop she worked at.

Carmen kissed Jake on the cheek and sat down beside him before digging in.

“What about Claudia? She working evening again?” Fatima asked.

“I think so, she wasn’t in any rush to get out of bed this morning.” Jake responded. “What about Valentina?”

Fatima rolled her eyes.

“No one knows what she’s doing. She probably doesn’t either.” Carmen said as she took a sip of her coffee. “At the very least, she’s definitely going to get her beauty sleep.”

They continued to eat while the smart speaker that Fatima had been using to play music switched over to Maná. The Minos had a thing for the Spanish classics. As Carmen checked the time and quickly finished her breakfast, she had to get ready for work soon. She hurried upstairs, followed by the sound of the shower turning on.

Jake and Fatima finish eating and begin to clean up the table. Jake started to wash the dishes since Fatima made breakfast. The Minos put away the leftover bacon and eggs in the fridge, cleaning up the table and wiping down the cooking space. Once she was done, she made her way to Jake and began to press herself against his back, his head sinking between her breasts.

“We’re so lucky to have such a thoughtful person in the house.” She whispered to him with her hands slowly wrapping around him as he tried to finish the dishes as quickly as possible.

Leaving the pan to soak, Jake dried off his hands with a nearby kitchen towel and turned around to face the tanned beauty. He had to get up on his toes to kiss the Minotaur as she held him close to her.

Fatima couldn’t help but blush as she lifted her shirt to reveal her massive breasts that were barely contained in her bra.

Lifting her bra, Jake latched himself to her erect nipples and began to suckle on them, squeezing and pinching the other with his free hand when his tongue wasn’t on it. Fatima pressed his head against her breast, whimpering softly throughout. She had a nursing fetish, even though she wasn’t producing any milk.

Fatima has Jake right up against the counter, lifting her knee against his crotch to rub against the erection beneath his pants. Soon enough, she pulled him off her breast and leaned down to kiss him once more. Her face was flushed from all the teasing, she wanted him in her. Now.

Unbuttoning the back of her shorts to allow her tail to slip out, she pulled her shorts down along with her panties to show her moist pussy. Fatima sat down on the counter and spread her legs for Jake to continue.

With her legs open and her folds in full view, Jake could feel his erection pressing against the inside of his pants. As much as he wanted to start pounding away, he knew better than to set a new quickie record.

Leaning down to the counter, Jake kissed her crotch and began to lick away at her lips. Fatima let out a soft moan in response as he pleasured her with his mouth. She reached down and ran her fingers through his hair, pulling him closer between her legs. The Minos bit her lip as he brushed his tongue against her clit, her thighs clamping around his head when he did it again.

Pushing her legs apart so that he could get up, Jake finally undid his pants and allowed his throbbing dick to spring out. Slapping it against her pussy, he rubbed the length of his member against her opening until finally pushing it in.

Humping away with reckless abandon, Jake pounded away at the Minotaur, leaning forward to grasp one of her breasts as he did so. Each thrust filling the room with a loud slap.

Fatima let out a moan, locking her fur covered legs around Jake’s waist and holding him close to her but limiting his movements. After a couple of soft thrusts, the Minotaur opened her legs and had Jake pull out.

Jumping off the counter, she turned around and leaned over it, her tail swaying in front of Jake as her ass waited for him to continue. Taking a hold of both cheeks, Jake slid his cock back into her from behind and began to pound away once again.

The two stayed in this position for a few minutes, Fatima fingering her clit as Jake slapped her ass a few times. As he was nearing his orgasm, he began to massage the base of the Minotaur’s tail, sending a shiver up her spine and causing her to let out a gasp.

“¡No hagas eso!” she managed to exclaim between her moans and gasps.

Unfortunately for her, Jake didn’t know Spanish, save for the few words he picked up while staying there.

He continued to rub the base of her tail with his fingers, pounding away at her drooling pussy, all while she bit her lip to limit her moans as she began to orgasm. After a few more thrusts, he came.

It wasn’t much, having shot a load no less than an hour earlier, but that just meant it was less of a mess they’d have to clean up.

The two panted, Jake’s dick slipping out of her as it became flaccid. Just as they finished, Carmen came back down now fully dressed and cleaned up for work. Seeing the two of them half naked and over the counter, she pouted for having missed out on the action.

“Next time.” She said before heading out the door.

Jake and Fatima looked at each other and chuckled at the scene.

Getting off from the counter, the two finished up cleaning the area, making sure to wipe down the counter they had just used. Fatima gave him one last kiss before going up to her room to get ready for the rest of the day.

Looking at the time Jake realized he too should start getting ready for the rest of the day, he had to go home and get ready for work. Packing his bag, he headed out the door and hopped into his van.

The road was busy as usual, as one would expect around 11 AM on a weekend. Luckily Jake lived only a couple minutes away, so he didn’t have to deal with the traffic. Pulling into the driveway he spotted his dad mowing the lawn, something Jake would usually have to do on Saturdays when he was there.

“Well, look who decided to turn up. We thought you moved out without telling us.” His dad joked.

Jake shook his head as he climbed out of the van and gave him a quick hug.

“Good to see ya sport.”

“Mom inside?”

“Yep.” His dad nodded, “She’s still not happy about that girlfriend of yours… or the fact you got four of ‘em.”

Jake grimaced.

“Or that you’re spending so much time over at their place.”

Jake could only shrug in response.

“I can’t help you out of this one buddy.”

Jake groaned, not sure how to handle the situation with his mother.

Going inside, Jake spotted his mother sweeping the floor as he walked in. Jake quickly greeted her and as soon as she was about to say something he let her know that he had to get to work at noon so he had to go get ready. With that, he hurriedly goes to his room and turns on the shower.

Standing in the living room by herself, Jake’s mom just sighs.

Returning inside, her husband comes inside to check on the situation.

“That was quick.”

“He didn’t let me get a word in before running off.”

“He knows better than to let you get started.”

Jake’s mother glared at her husband, causing him to raise his hands defensively and take a step back.

She sighed once more.

“I just don’t want some hussy to take advantage of him. He’s just out of high school with someone we never heard of. Someone older who didn’t even go to school with him. Why couldn’t he just have some quiet girl from art class or theater.”

“A theater girl? Those freaks?” her husband jokingly asked with a smirk.

She pouted, but let him continue.

“He’s 18. You can either nag him until he blocks you out or just give him a chance to grow… and hopefully guide him out of trouble.”

The two shared a brief moment of silence. She didn’t want to admit he was right.

“He’s just like you.”




She just smiled at him.

“Lets just hope he’s as lucky as you are too.”


Evening was arriving, and with it business was slowing down for the restaurant Jake worked at. He had been there for a couple hours, just waiting for his shift to end. There were still a couple diners inside, but it was fairly empty since it was a weekday and the dinner rush had passed.

The door opened as a customer came inside and was greeted by the hostess. It was a familiar face.

“Hi, I’m here to pick up an order. And I would like to add something to it. A snack. Could you bring out the cutest bus boy for me?” the harpy asked with a wink.

The hostess gave an eyeroll to Carmen and her request, handing her the plastic bag with the take-out containers from her order from a nearby counter and heading to the back to grab Jake, letting Carmen know she can sit at the bar for him.

Perching herself on the barstool, she ordered an iced tea just as her man arrived. Jake gave her a quick kiss and sat beside her.

“Working late tonight?” Jake asked, motioning to the food.

“Not too much. Boss offered to buy ‘lunch’ if we worked thru it. Apparently, someone important was coming by around that time.”

“Hmm. Any idea who it was?”

“No, they went in on the legal side of the building. But I did see their valet. A short golden bug. She decided to come in and take a look at the gallery while she waited for her boss.”

“Golden bug? Wonder if Lucas has ever seen one.”

Carmen shrugged, taking sip of her iced tea before continuing.

“Either way. Free lunch. I suggested this place cause you guys have the best loaded fries and Beatrice, that puppy on the legal side I’ve told you about, has never been here. Thought I’d help pick a treat for her here.”

The two chatted for a couple minutes, Carmen mentioning that she might hit up the karaoke bar after work with the boss and puppy afterwards. As Jake got ready to continue his shift, Carmen mentioned to him something that was bothering him.

“Valentina’s birthday is coming up. Did you get her anything yet?”

Jake only shook his head.

“She’s so picky. I thought it’d be easier to just take her somewhere for dinner.”

“Well good luck with that,” Carmen giggled, “you know she has expensive taste.”

Jake rolled his eyes, knowing she was right.

The green-feathered harpy gave him a kiss goodbye and left with her carryout.

Getting back to work, Jake went around picking up plates and cleaning off tables as he wondered where he’d take Valentina for her birthday. He only had about an hour left to his shift, but it probably wasn’t going to be enough time for him to decide on a place. Carmen was right, that High Orc of theirs had expensive taste. She was never one to turn down a free meal, but she always made a face if he ever brought home something from the restaurant or suggested having leftovers. He could take her to that new sushi place, but that was a risk on its own. Valentina refused to eat fish unless it was caught that day. Somehow she could tell by the smell how old a fish was, especially if it had been frozen.

While he was dumping the tray of dirty plates and utensils for the dishwasher, he overheard a pair of waitresses talk about a store that had sold them a fake Gucci belt. The one who bought it was certain it was a counterfeit, but it was impossible to tell the difference. And at the price she got it for, she wasn’t going to argue about it.

Jake couldn’t stop himself from butting in and asking about where she had gotten it from, mentioning that he needed a gift for Valentina. She told him it was a little hole in wall place, the oriental market that was by the Little Caesars on 8th street. You had to go to the back and talk to the butcher if you want to see the goods. Jake made note of everything she told him.

As soon as his shift ended, Jake headed out to the market.

The place was pretty close to work, it was in a strip mall just a couple minutes away. The lights for everything else were already turned off to show that they were closed. The only stores that were still open were the Little Caesars, the oriental market, and a GameStop on the opposite end. Jake felt a little nervous about the whole thing, but was thankful there weren’t a lot of people around for it.

Stepping out of his car he went straight for the store. The place was lined with shelves that were filled to the brim, there was hardly any space to walk between it all. Behind the counter was an Asian Unagi Joro seated by the cash register. She smiled at him and immediately greeted him into the store with a heavy accent. Jake replied with a quick hello before going down the aisles to the back.

At the very end of the store in the corner beside the refrigerated section was a glass counter with several cuts of meat. Primarily fish with a tiny separated section dedicated to pork and beef. Behind the counter was the fish cutter and butcher, an older muscular man in an apron with streaks of grey running through his hair. He wasn’t Asian like the cashier.

“Looking for something?” he asked.

“I wanted to get the unagi special.” Jake replied.

The man raised a brow and asked for clarification, “The unagi sushi or the unagi don?”

“The house special.”

He nodded to Jake, and then nodded him towards the employees only door beside the counter. His coworker had told him that you had to order this for the butcher to let you go in. As Jake approached the door, he could hear a light buzzer go off and the door unlock. Seems like the butcher had a button hidden away somewhere behind the counter.

Heading into the room, Jake found himself in a rather cramped space in front of yet another Unagi Joro, albeit one that seemed to be around his age. She was likely the cashier’s daughter. The Unagi was seated behind a tiny counter and was quick to business as soon as the door closed behind him.

“Hi. What are you looking for?” she asked him, lacking the heavy accent of her mother’s.

“Um… purse.”

The eel girl quickly glanced down to her inventory hidden behind the counter before responding to him.

“We have three brands. Louis, Gucci, and Versace. Cheapest one is $300 if you don’t have a preference.”

Jake made a face when he heard the price. $300 was definitely cheaper than the real thing, by a long shot, but it was still $300.

The Unagi eyed him for a moment after seeing his reaction.

“So, who’s it for?”

“Girlfriend. It’s her birthday in a couple days.” Jake sighed.

She tapped her finger on her chin for a moment before reaching down and pullout out a Gucci coin purse onto the counter.

“I can cut you a deal. Since this little one is missing the matching purse that it’s supposed to go with, I can give it to you for just $100. Cash.”


Jake wasn’t going to ask questions. Valentina would probably be ecstatic about this… as long as she never finds out it’s a counterfeit. Luckily, he had gone to pull some cash out of the ATM at the restaurant before coming here, another tip from the coworker.

Paying the eel woman for the gift, she slipped it into a clear plastic bag and then into a cardboard box before placing it at the bottom of a brown paper bag.

Thanking her for the bag, Jake exited the room to meet eyes with the butcher once more. Seeing that he had a bag with him, the man placed a carryout tray onto the counter and pointed to it.

“The house special.”


This wasn’t something his coworker told him about.

“This one is on the house.” He said with a smile, “The smoked unagi is made fresh daily, it would be a shame to let it go to waste.”

It wasn’t until then that Jake noticed the freshwater tank behind the man that was filled with live eels.

“O…kay.” Jake finally responded, taking the tray and placing it into the paper bag.

The man yelled over to the cashier something in Chinese that Jake couldn’t understand, to which she gave an ok sign to.

Jake made his way to the door, but before he did the cashier spoke to him.

“Did you get the unagi?”

“Uh, yes.”

“Good. Unagi makes you strong. Look at my husband. He eats unagi EVERY night.” She said with a wink.

Apparently, the man in the back was actually her husband, and he was built like a brick house.

“Maybe I should eat more unagi.” Jake mumbled out loud.

“Haha, good thinking!” she responded, “You have yourself a good night.”

Jake said goodbye and headed home.


Arriving home with the unagi takeaway in hand, having hid the purse under the seat in his car, Jake was surprised to see that no one was home.

Claudia worked late, so he wasn’t surprised that she hadn’t gotten home yet and Carmen was probably still at the karaoke bar with her coworkers. Jake thought that at least Fatima would be here by now. Who knows where Valentina was, probably out partying.

He was getting a bit hungry, so he might as well try out this unagi stuff he got from the oriental market. Taking off his shoes at the door, he walked over towards the kitchen and opened the fridge. As tempting as it was to grab one of the Tupperware containers with Ms. Klein’s homecooked meals in it, he instead grabbed a can of soda by it and closed the door. Jake made his way to the couch, placing the food and soda down onto the coffee table as he turned on the TV. He tuned in to the travel channel that was covering a Bali resort as a top tourist destination before finally opening the tray and digging in.


It was roughly midnight when Valentina managed to stumble into the house. She had been out all day at the beach, getting free drinks and dancing at the bars nearby. But she was finally home.

Making her way inside, she spotted Jake passed out on the couch with the TV on. She rolled her eyes and wondered how in the world she ended up with someone like him. He was so plain. No looks, no money, no particular skills. The only redeeming quality he had was that he’d bend over backwards for her. And he was… halfway decent in bed… but she could do so much better. The High Orc walked over to him, grabbing the remote and turning off the TV when she noticed the nearly finished takeaway box on the coffee table beside the empty soda can. There was a single piece of sushi left inside the box.

Valentina rarely ever ate sushi, they always had frozen fish that was a week old, not like the restaurants back home where they were caught that morning. But this one was… different. She didn’t recognize the smell. Picking it up, she raised the piece up to her nose and sniffed it a few times. It was fish that was caught… probably today and then smoked. There was also the smell of cucumber and seaweed on it, but she paid it no mind. Giving it little thought, she popped the piece into her mouth.

It was good. Tasty. Where in the world did this idiot get this?

Turning to look down on Jake, she noticed a bulge in his pants. Valentina licked her lips… seemed like this idiot was good for a few things.

She always got in the mood after a night of drinks, but usually Jake was already sharing the bed with one of the girls by the time she got back. Whenever that happened, she’d just post a livestream of herself masturbating on her OnlyFans or ForbiddenFruit account, and send a message to Jake to fuck her raw in case he was awake. It never took much convincing to get him to play along just a quick message saying she was horny or sending him a picture of her in her underwear and he’d be over right away. But tonight though, he belonged to her.

Getting down to her knees, she undid his pants and puled lout out his half erect cock. She didn’t even bother trying to wake him up, she didn’t care if he was awake or sleeping. One way or the other, she was getting that dick.

Valentina began to lick, suck, and jack that him off. He was hard immediately, and she was making quick work of him. It only took a couple minutes for Jake to start opening his eyes, wondering what was going on before he shot a load into her mouth.

Looking down, his pants were off and Valentina had her soft silky lips wrapped around his penis. Definitely one of the best ways to wake up, but it didn’t change the fact that he didn’t know what was going on.

“What time is it?” he groggily asked after coming down from the orgasm.

Swallowing his seed, Valentina didn’t bother answering his question. She simply stood up, looked down to him, and told him what she wanted.

“My room. Now.”

Without another word, she left for her room.

Jake just blinked.

“What the fuck?”

It took him a minute to process everything that was going on, but eventually he pulled his pants up and made his wat to Valentina’s room. The door wasn’t fully closed like it was usually was.

Pushing the door fully open, Jake was greeted to the sight of Valentina pulling off her shirt to be left in only her white underwear.

“Por fin.” She muttered when spotting him at her doorway.

Without hesitation, she dragged him into the room and closed the door behind him before pulling him up to her to plant a kiss on his lips. Jake could smell the alcohol on her, she was in her moods.

She stripped him down as she made out with him, pushing him towards the bed until he was lying back in it. Crawling over him and straddled him, the look in her eyes was a hunger she rarely revealed outside the bedroom. It was more than enough to get Jake turned on.

Rubbing against his erect cock, Jake could feel Valentina’s panties were already soaked, she must have really been in the mood to just give him head while he was passed out earlier. Raising herself up, she pulled her panties to the side and grabbed his dick. Dropping herself onto him, she slid his entire length into herself as she let out a soft gasp. Without much warning, she immediately began to ride him as roughly as she could.

Humping him like an animal in heat, she leaned down to grab his head and sloppily kiss him. Jake grabbed onto her hips to keep her from overdoing it.

“Say my name.” she whispered to him.


“Dilo de nuevo. Tell me how much you love fucking me.” She told him before kissing him again.

“Valentina,” Jake began but was cut off by her lips. Her tongue dancing with his as she sated her lust with his body.

The two continued in this state for a moment before Valentina spun onto her back with Jake atop of her. Her bra had slid down in the spin to reveal her nipples, she was biting her lip looking up at Jake, waiting for him to continue. He needed no instruction.

Pounding away at the High Orc, she moaned in ecstasy as he thrusted his entire length into her. Valentina locked her legs around his waist, tightening her grip with every push as her tail slapped against his leg. It only took a few more thrusts for Jake to hit his limit, whispering Valentina’s name one last time.

Cumming inside Valentina, Jake collapsed atop of her. Her legs finally releasing him as she wrapped her arms around him and caressed his head. Pulling the blanket over the two, they both soon drifted off into a post-coitus sleep.



Jake sat up, confused, cold, and sore.

He was on the floor for some reason. Looking around he saw that Valentina was fast asleep, completely wrapped up in her blanket with an iron grip while also at the very edge of the bed from the side he had just fallen off from.

She hogged up the blanket and pushed him off the bed. Normally he wouldn’t mind sleeping without a blanket, but Valentina kept her room as cold as an ice box that even he had problems with it.

This wasn’t the first time this had happened. Valentina wasn’t one to share the bed, even in her sleep. Jake was better off sleeping on the couch than trying to sleep in the High Orc’s bed, she’d just push him off in an hour anyways.

Putting his underwear back on and grabbing his clothes, Jake left the room as quietly as he could. He was surprised to see the kitchen light on, maybe he left it on when heading into Valentina’s room.

Once he closed the door and looked around, he spotted Claudia in the kitchen making herself some tea to help her sleep. As an undead she didn’t need to sleep, but she really liked to. Unfortunately, she always had trouble getting to sleep… at least until Jake showed up and became her bedwarmer.

“Busy night?” she asked him with a knowing smile.

“Yep… what time is it?”

“Three in the morning.” Claudia replied, looking over to the oven clock. “Since the princess decided to kick you out again, there’s a spot for you in mine.”

“Thanks Claudia.”

Without another word, Jake made his way upstairs to Claudia’s room.

The Ghoul smiled into her cup as she sipped her tea. She’d join him in a few minutes. No sex, just cuddle. If she was in the mood in the morning, she might give him some head again.

Finishing her tea, she made her way back upstairs to enjoy another night of sleep with her bedwarmer.


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    Deep down under all that haughty nature, I’m sure she cares about him. Her high expectations just leave her to judge him coldly

    The other gals though, well they certainly took a shining to Jake. Always nice to see the man get a break and feel some love from them.

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