Predator to Prey

The worst part about moving somewhere new was that Esine had to start over. Figure out who was into what, along with who was into who and their what. Seeing as how this was the fifth time she’d moved in as many years, she was getting a solid handle on reading the room, so to speak and getting first impressions. Had to if she was to make friends. If she was to find new people to play with.

She idly played with a lock of her long, raven hair, yellow eyes scanning the room. A few seats away was another werecat, albeit more cat and less were. Far as demi-humans went, Esine was rather far over on the human side of the scale. Aside from her wiggling cat ears and sinuous tail, no one would know.

Though, even with those ears and tail, it’d be obvious she was a rare breed if she lifted her skirt. That was another curious aspect of existence as a demi-human. One that made finding playmates more of a challenge. She’d yet to find a boy who would be willing to entertain the prospect of her extra bits, so that left the women. For the most part they were curious enough. Eager enough. But, ultimately, she was still on top in those encounters.

Chin resting in her palm, spinning a pencil in the other hand as the instructor droned on about something or other, Esine considered this other werecat. A fine specimen. Breasts almost as large as her own. Touch on the chubby side, but that was fine. Preferred, even. More to jiggle and clap.

As a certain scenario played out in her mind she trembled and blood flowed. Self-preservation kicked in and she shut her imagination down, a slight flush to her cheeks. Shouldn’t have worn a skirt today. She noticed the other werecat gazing back at her. Eyes dipped down for a moment and… Stared.

Esine quickly covered herself, one leg crossing the other. Until she realized the girl was smirking. Legs uncrossed and she winked. The other girl continued smirking for a long moment, after some lingering eye contact, before returning to focus her attention on the lesson.

Now that was a fortunate little bit of occurrence. Hardly a week into her new school and she’d managed a nibble–and already cleared the uncomfortable business of revealing her not-so-little secret. It wasn’t that her particular abnormality was unheard of, but it was still rare; something like one in every few thousand demihumans females possessed it. If that.

There was never any easy or convenient way to shoehorn that detail of herself into a conversation. With that out of the way, her mind turned towards chasing her new-found prey and a smile crossed her lips.


When the class ended, Esine leapt at the opportunity, bolting from her seat to buzz straight towards her mark before the other girl could leave.

“Hey there, I’m Esine,” she said, smiling as the other girl packed a few things into her bag, “Couldn’t help but notice you looking my way earlier.” A certain inflection to her tone, an acknowledgement of what the girl’d seen and her response.

The werecat looked Esine up and down, eyes lingering at skirt-level for a moment. “I did happen to look over yes,” she said, paws fidgeting with her own skirt, a light giggle escaping her lips, “You’re one of those, huh?”

“That I am,” Esine’s smile morphed into a confident smirk and she laid a hand on the girl’s shoulder, “Interested?”

“Is that all you have to say? Do I look that easy to you?” She blushed some, voice lilting, paws still ruffling across the fabric of her top and skirt.

“Usually when girls give me that little smile… Especially once they’ve seen it… Well, y’know.”

The werecat stood, slow, as if careful not to knock Esine’s hand from her shoulder. She was a little bit shorter than Esine–no easy feat–the life of a cat-human hybrid was a short one, in a manner of speaking. Those who weren’t an offshoot of one of the big cats, anyways.

“You’re not wrong,” she said, voice low, glancing around, and giggled, “But what about you, then? Going after anyone who’ll give you a little looksee?”

“Hey now! Not just anyone. Besides, poor old me, far removed from all my friends. I’m just trying to introduce myself around. We all have needs, and me, well, you could say I have double the needs!” Esine snickered, dropping her hand from the werecat’s shoulder to her waist, fingers trailing light as they went.

The werecat thought this over for a moment, locking her greenish eyes to Esine’s golden ones. “So you’re saying you don’t want to just sneak away with me to some empty room after school ends?”

“I, ah,” Esine chewed on a lip and laughed awkwardly, “That was a lot more direct than I was expecting. And! Maybe a little, I’ll admit, but I really am looking for more than just a quickie… I promise.” She’d managed to comport herself, finishing with a genuine smile.

“I may be forward, but… I figure we all have urges and stuff… May as well be honest about my intentions!”

Again the werecat reflected on this, grinning. “Is that so? Then what if my invitation stands, adding that I will be with a few… Friends?”

“What invit–Oh. I didn’t…” Esine shook her head and laughed again. “I think I’d love that… Ah, I’m sorry, just realized I didn’t catch your name,” Esine rubbed at the back of her neck, looking away slightly. 

“Fiona,” she giggled again, “I think it’ll be a great learning experience for you, especially since you’re so new here.”

Esine tilted her head slightly; learning experience, huh? “Great! So, when and where? Is it a club or something?”

“Room 339. 5pm. And yes, you could call it something like that…” Fiona’s gaze dropped towards Esine’s crotch for a moment and she smiled. “I’m sure everyone will be delighted to meet you. Veimina especially.”

5pm? Esine quirked a brow. Almost two full hours after classes ended for the day and a full hour after all the teacher hours were over. The school building would be nearly deserted, unless there were other activities going on she didn’t know about. Plus there was the question of what, exactly, 


“If you want to call it a club, she’d be the… Leader,” Fiona’s voice dropped to a low purr, “I’m sure she’d love to meet you as well.”

“Sounds good. I’ll be there!”

Fiona smiled in response, and shouldering her bag, left for the next class. It occurred to Esine immediately after she’d forgotten what sort of club it’d be, but that was fine. She could enjoy almost anything and everything. Could even be a simple social club to give an excuse for people to hang out at a certain time. Getting home would be a bit of a pain, but she didn’t live too far away. An hour’s walk at most.

Esine drifted to the next class, all smiles, while at the same time ensuring she kept her secret hidden away. Fiona was incredibly cute and, all things considered, was certainly into her as well. A bit more chatting to… Figure things out would be nice. Especially if she was the sort who liked to be on top.

The rest of the day went by in a daydream of a blur, some of it a little boring as she hid away from the staff that coaxed all the students out by 4pm. Which did make her wonder how Fiona’s group filled into the room that late. Or maybe they were already there, just had something to attend to before the new comer showed?

Her tail swished and twitched while she thought and imagined all the possibilities.

Just before five she made her way to room 339. Top floor and a room that was isolated in the far corner. The hallway was darkened, overhead lights turned off for the night. Dusky evening poured in through a distant window at the other end of the hall. A curious place, one she’d never been to before.

Approaching the door, her ears pricked at the sounds of voices from within. Reaching for the doorknob she felt a moment of trepidation for some reason or other, hesitated, but forced herself to do it anyways.

At least ten or so others were within, conversing and milling about. All of them girls, she noted, of various species and ages. Laid out like most of the other classrooms with a half-dozen long tables to serve as desks. A podium set to the side at the head of the room, white board and instructor’s station as well. About the only major difference was the complete lack of windows and the relatively small size. A nice, cozy little room.

Fiona noticed her and stood with a wave, whereas most of the others simply paid her a quick little glance and went back to their conversations. Except for a girl who seemed a bit older than the others–perhaps a senior–seated by herself at the front of the room atop the instructor’s desk, legs dangling off the edge. A gryphon, if her wings, furred lower-half with paws and arms ending in something more akin to a bird’s talons were anything to go by. 

“Glad you came,” Fiona said, taking her by the hand and leading her further into the room.

“Well, you know, always eager to meet new people,” said Esine, letting herself be dragged along, “Quite a few here! Though how come they’re all girls? Some kind of girls-only club?” She said with a bit of forced laughter.

“Something like that,” Fiona smirked.

As they chat, Esine couldn’t help but notice the gryphon hadn’t taken her eyes off her. It wasn’t that she was giving her some kind of hostile look. Nor was it a kindly one. A blank slate, hiding her thoughts. Esine swallowed and looked away after making eye contact.

The gryphon smiled.

Fiona dragged her all the way up to the front of the room and turned about. “Everyone!” she said in a bright, cheery voice, “This is Esine, the one I told you about earlier.”

Their own little conversations stopped and they smiled at Esine, each giving their own little welcome in turn. Made her blush and return them in kind, “Ah, thanks… Since I’m new here, thought it’d be a good idea to try and make some friends.”

“You’ve come to the right place for that!” Fiona giggled, taking a step away from Esine.

It was then she noticed, or registered, the gryphon hadn’t said a word. Just kept on looking her over. Up and down. Closer, she made out the fact the girl was stacked as far as breasts and hips went, almost as large as her own. A mid-length skirt, one leg crossed over the other, paw tapping idly in the air. One of her wings fluttered. Long, black hair not unlike her own, though the gryphon’s ended in a sort of darkish green. Matched the color of her outfit well along with those piercing eyes.

Fiona went through and named everyone, to which they waved and gave another little greeting and Esine waved back. As they went over everyone, she noticed, however, something was a little off.

Ah. That was it.

A few had… Expanded, pregnant bellies. One, a dog or wolf of some sort appeared to be the furthest along, maybe four or five months. Probably a sophomore. Given the nature of demihumans it wasn’t that unusual, but to have so many in one room together… Wouldn’t surprise her if most of those expecting where in there with her. She glanced at Fiona’s tummy. Hard to tell if it was because the chubby werecat was, well, chubby, or if she was also… Pregnant..

Esine nibbled on a lip. Why’d she been invited? She wasn’t expecting… If anything, she was the sort to put a load of kittens in some fertile womb. Like Fiona’s. Someone already had, possibly. The thought made her twitch, just a smidge. She shook her head to clear her mind; it wasn’t because she didn’t want to, more that she was getting ahead of herself.

Now that she paused for a thought, to get a handle on what was going on… Her snuffling, twitching nose scented something in the air. An aroma–a musk. One she found to be quite agreeable, but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.

“And this is Veimina…” Fiona turned, giving a slight bow to the gryphon.

“Pleasure to meet you.” Esine almost bowed along, but decided she didn’t know enough about what was going on to make such a gesture. Strange as it was.

Veimina simply looked at her as she had been doing. Or, no. A slight, barely-there smirk hooked up a corner of her lip.

“…Our Mistress,” Fiona finished.

“Mistress? What?”

Fiona smiled and nodded. “That’s correct! Our dear Mistress.”

The other girls voiced their agreement.

Esine’s heart quickened. “So, um, I forgot to ask earlier. But what kind of… Club is this?”

“Oh, you know, just a place where–”

“Fiona,” Veimina cut her off, though it wasn’t that she shouted or even raised her voice.

“Ah, sorry!” She giggled.

Veimina’s wings spread out, stretching as she hopped off the desk. She was easily the tallest of all the girls, and by a good margin at that. As the gryphon strode towards Esine, she noted she possessed an odd sort of walk to her, moving with slow, careful steps. Esine found herself circled by the woman, inspected. Appraised.

“Some…Something wrong?” She said, a faint blush rising to her cheeks.

“Fiona tells me you were quite taken with her.”

“Er, I mean…” She fidgeted on the spot, wiggling under Veimina’s predatory gaze, “…A little, maybe.” It was then she realized all the other eyes in the room were upon her as well, deepening her blush to a nice crimson.

The circling hybrid came to a halt behind Esine and approached, close. Close enough Esine could feel warm breath at her neck, breasts just barely pressing against her back. A talon-like hand shot around to her crotch and grabbed her cock, firm. Harsh. Esine jumped and squeaked–”W-w-what are you doing?!”

“And that you’re packing,” Veimina said, tightening her grip, pinning the catgirl in place between hand and body.

“So, so, so what if I am?!”

Veimina leaned in, lips inches away from one of those swiveling fluffy ears atop Esine’s head. “She is mine. As are they,” she gestured towards all the watching, eager eyes.

“I’m, I’m sorry, I didn’t know,” Esine squirmed in place, “Please let me go, it hurts!”

For a moment the grip tightened before it slackened–only for Esine’s skirt to be flipped up, panties dragged down, and for that hand to latch right back on, rubbing up and down the underside of Esine’s kittycock, grabbing her balls. “I can understand why. She has a fantastic, tight little cunt. Go on, show her, Fiona.”

With a slight blush the other werecat stood in front of Esine and with little fuss or fanfare, dropped her skirt and panties, revealing a bald pussy, the lips tucked in, with just enough chub to make it seem so warm and inviting, to guide a cock straight into her depths.

“Do you want to fuck her?”

“Er, I, what, I don’t understand…” Esine writhed in place, arousal, embarrassment, confusion, and even a tinge of fear all coming together at the same time to overwhelm the poor girl.

“It’s a simple question. Do you want to shove your cock into her cunt? I’ll even let you do her raw, blow your load inside her. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

A certain sort of clarity worked its way through Esine’s mind, one that had her cock stiffening further, not just in response Veimina’s touch. A warmth pulsed through her, the first hints of her pussy readying itself just as her shaft did. “No! Or yes! I, just please let me go!”

“What are you ashamed of, slut? I can feel you getting nice and hard right in my talons,” Veimina said, her voice descending somewhere near a growl, giving the cat’s package a squeeze before she trailed lower, a claw slicing Esine’s panties right off to give her access to that twat. Curling a digit as to avoid slipping a talon inside, she instead slid a knuckle between Esine’s lips. “…And wet,” she sneered, “How fantastic. You must really want to fuck her, don’t you? Fiona. Bend over and spread yourself.”

Nodding, the other girl did as she was told, pointing her ass straight at Esine. Bent over, she slid a paw between her legs and parts her lips, showing off so much pink, tight flesh, so wet and inviting.

Esine couldn’t take her eyes off the sight, body reacting on instinct. “Not, not now, I mean.. Fuck why are you doing this to me?”

“Oh, you don’t want her? Then why did you come here?”

“I mean, I do, but–”

“So why are you denying it now?”

“Because I wanted to…”


Esine wriggled and whined, “Get to know her, or something, first… “

Veimina laughed, rough as her grip, in the cat’s folded-back ears. “How cute. She may be mine, but you can have her all you want, you know. Any of them.”

“What? You can’t just, just give people…” Esine’s cunt was ever dampening as the gryphon’s knuckle worked inside her, as a thumb flicked over her clit with the other hand stroking her shaft.

“Fiona. Come here. Give her a taste of your delightful cunt,” Veimina tore off Esine’s skirt, letting her cock point straight out. And, as commanded, the other werecat bent over when she was inches from Esine, exposing her pussy, and pressed its hot folds to Esine’s cock, enveloping her tip.

Esine’s hips lurched, or tried to, but Veimina’s grip was sure. “See? You do want her. You can have her if you become mine as well. After all, can’t very well have another one like me going around and knocking up girls I’ve yet to add to my collection.”

To punctuate her words, Veimina rocked her lower half forward, pressing herself to Esina’s ass. The catgirl jumped as something massive made itself known against her ass. She craned her head round to get a good look into the gryphon’s gleaming eyes.

“Oh, yes. They all bear the fruits of my labors. So that means you can blow in any of them, any hole, as much as you want. All you have to do is become mine.”

“I! I!… Don’t… Know…I’m not some… slut.” She swallowed hard, still trying to get herself deeper in that scalding cunt.

“Yes you are, else you wouldn’t have come here. I know your type. I know what you want. You want some cock, don’t you? Good thing for you I like you. Fiona likes you. Submit and you can have everything you want. Fiona, enough for now.”

Just as suddenly as she’d captured Estine, Veimina released her at the same time Fiona stood and darted away. Esine was left to stand there, achingly stiff and naked from the waist down in front of everyone. There was a rustling of fabric from behind and the girl turned.

Her eyes went wide, mouth opened, and her pussy squeezed around a fresh deluge of lust. Between the gryphon’s legs was a half-erect monster of a horsecock. The very sort of thing she imagined in her fantasies, of dropping to her knees before it. And below that long, thick shaft, two plump, heavy balls, wafting the musk of virility. Potency.

“Yes, that is the usual reaction,” Veimina grinned, “Become mine and you will be well-rewarded. Bend over the desk, slut.”

“I’m, I’m not a slut!  And no! I… want to…” She was struggling to say leave, but the word just wouldn’t come out. Without anyone to stop her she moved towards the door. Or thought she was. She stopped just in front of one of the desks and looked at it, surprised at herself..

“Of course you are. I can smell your fucking twat from here and your cock throbbed in my grip. You want it bad. Just admit it. Get that face down on that desk and hike your ass up. Now. If you do, you get… Me,” she said, approaching with her giant cock, her balls, swaying with every step.

When she stopped two of the girls came up and began… Worshipping her. Sucking at her length, licking it from base to tip. Suckling on her balls, kneading them. In no time she was at full mast, a pillar of cockflesh that could reach her knee if it pointed straight down. A third jumped in, now that there was room. Three young, knocked-up girls all vying to get as much of that cock in their mouths as they could.

Much as she pined to join them… No. Esine sucked in a deep, steadying breath, and started to move away. Or attempted to. Viemina was on her in a flash, shoving her hard against the desk, folding her over it with a hand firm on her back. Esine felt the blunted tip of that monster prod against her cunt and she cried out.

“You sad, pathetic whore. Can’t even be honest with yourself,” Veimina growled, talons scratching into flesh through the girl’s top, mashing those large breasts, squishing them out to strain that same top.

“Please, let me go!” Esine shuddered, panting out.

“You’re going to tease me like that and then expect me to just let you walk out?”

“I’m not a slut!”

Viemina’s lip twinged with impatience. “Fine,” she said, pushing her cock just a little firmer against Esine’s cunt, enough to bow in her lips but not penetrate her, “You tell me ‘No’ right here, right now, in no uncertain terms, and I let you go.”

Esine opened her mouth to answer, to claim her refusal, but could only repeat: “I’m, I’m not a slut…”

“That’s not a no. Last chance.”


“That’s what I thought you fucking SLUT!” Viemina practically howled out as she slammed forward, spearing Esine wide open. The blunted head battered through her lips, barreled on through, and forced its way through her cervix straight into the cat’s womb in a single, brutal thrust that left her belly bulging and a shrieking, yowling cry spilling from her throat.


“Still not hearing a no! And your cunt is just clamping down all around me, milking me. Yeah, this is exactly what you fucking wanted.”

Veimina reared back, drawing herself out to the medial ring, Esine’s lips gripping onto it tight before letting go with a pop, only to hammer back inside, claiming the kitten as her own. Her fat, heavy balls slapped against Esine’s normal-sized pair, against her slit, coming away wet with liquid arousal.

The catgirl yowled in pleasure, in pain from being so utterly stretched and filled. Hands scrabbled, clawed for purchase on the desk.

“Oh? We’ve only just begun and you’re already starting to feel wetter. Hotter. You must really be enjoying yourself. Fiona, why don’t you and the others examine her cock. See if our kitten is leaking.”

Happy to obey, the werecat and another girl dipped low, eye-level with Esine’s twitching tool. Already thick, clear tendrils of pre were trailing from her tip, forming a tiny puddle below.

“Very much so,” Fiona said, cheeks washing over red from the thick, heady aroma of cock and pussy filling her nostrils, being up so close. 

“Goooood,” Veimina cood, starting to thrust into Esine with slow, purposeful strokes, “Get your mouths on her dick, her balls. This one is just begging to be broken in hard and fast… As for the rest of you, feel free to do as you will.” 

“W-waiiiiiit,” Esine moaned out, panting, gasping, breath pushed from her lungs every time Veimina’s horsecock pushed inside her, feeling so empty and hollow whenever she withdrew.

“For?” Veimina grinned. 

The poor, over-stuffed cat tried to speak, but soon as she opened her mouth a pair of lips and tongues latched onto her length and smooth sac. Fiona was fast to wrap her mouth around the tip of Esine’s good-sized cock, holding it just inside her mouth, using her lips to tease the sensitive rim of the glans while her rough tongue lavished the head with swirling attention, darting at her cumslit. The other girl went to work on her balls, sucking on them, kissing, taking an orb into her mouth to roll it around her tongue–and getting a helping of cuntjuices churned up by Veimina’s length stretching the kitten so fucking much.

Fiona and the other girl started playing with themselves, each other, hands exploring one another’s bodies. Moaning around Esine’s equipment.

Through hazzy, fuzzy vision, Esine made out the rest of the room descending into a lurid orgy, clothes coming off in a rush, exposing themselves to one another. Most had pregnant bellies, even a few that were hidden underneath clothing beforehand. 

One or two crawled towards Veimina on all fours to replace the others as the first group turned on each other in a mass of flesh. They attended to the gryphon’s needs just as the others had, tongues came out to worship her fat balls, to delve into her pussy. 

The girl latched onto Esine’s balls came off them, moaning whorishly as Fiona fingered her deep. Shifting position, her slutty tongue glided across Veimina’s shaft as she withdrew and slammed back home into the girl, lapping up the deluge of juices, teasing at Esine’s clit. 

Esine grit her teeth, stifling herself, desperate to hold back…

“Fuckfuckfuckfuuuuck!!” She mewled out as Veimina picked up her pace gradually, running longer, faster, popping that medial ring in and out of her stretched cunt. Then cried out as a fist grabbed up her long hair, pulling her head back.

“Just admit you’re a slut, kitten. Give in. Cry it out. It’ll feel so good to cum, won’t it? Once you accept your place, you’ll be treated well.”

“Buuut I’m nooot…”

“You could’ve said no at any time, “ Veimina said, patiently, a reminder even as she railed deep. 

All Esine could do was let out a shrill cry as that huge, blunted cockhead hammered deep, filling her more than she ever thought could be possible. She whined and writhed and mewled and shivered, straining against her body’s desires, to be free of that rough, violent grip constantly pulling her hair, not letting her back relax.

“Say it. Admit it,” Veimina continued, leaning over Esine, voice a loud whisper, “Cry out how you’re such a filthy, desperate little slut who’s already addicted to my cock. Just admit and I’ll get you good and fucking knocked up, just like the rest of these whores.”

“I’m, I’m–!” Esine’s resolve started to fracture. And when Veimina’s hand reared back to deliver a harsh spank to the kitten’s jiggling ass, shoved herself balls deep to push that cock deep into her womb–came apart entirely. “I’M JUST A FILTHY, SLUTTY LITTLE KITTEN PLEASE FUUUCKMEEEE”

Her cock bucked, her pussy clenched hard as orgasm shook through her core. Heavy ropes of cum filled Fiona’s mouth, covering her tongue in sticky cat seed and her cunt flooded, a cascade of her pleasure running down her balls and thighs, giving the other girl so much to lap at and drink. Esine could only tremble and twitch and hiss as her body trembled in bliss, releasing everything she had. Arms and legs jerked, pussy bit down, and she drooled all over the desk while Veimina kept hammering away at her cunt.

“Oh, yes you little whore. So. Fucking. Tight! Isn’t it great to just let go and submit? Going… To give you… Your reward! Get ready to be bred, slut!”

“Y-yesssss! Breeeeeed me, pump my womb full!” Esine begged, squirming and panting.

“That’s what I love to hear~ Mmmphh… Here it… Comes, kitten!”

Veimina’s long, purposeful strides broke down into feral rutting, slamming away hard at Esine like a beast. Her balls slapped hard and fast against the other girl’s, wings fluttering, talon-hands taking a harsh, firm on her waist as that massive cock all but destroyed the girl. In one last breeding thrust, spearing herself deep as possible, sheath mashed against Esine’s reddened, engorged pussy, she unloaded.

Her balls pulled up snug, expelling all their seedy cargo in long, hot ropes. She groaned and growled as her cock throbbed with every jet, packing Esine full of thick, viscous gryphon spunk, so sticky it was guaranteed to cling to any bitch’s womb to fertilize any eggs. The kitten’s cunt greedily drank in every drop to capacity–and beyond. Rope after rope sprayed deep, filling and filling… She lost count of how many times she unloaded. By the time she was spent, the imprint of her cock on the kitten’s belly had rounded off. Cum spurt between the seal of cunt and cock to be eagerly lapped up by all the nearby girls, eager for another taste of their mistress.

When Veimina grunted and pulled her softening cock out, so much cum poured from the gaping, ruined hole, drenching the girls underneath.

Esine lay panting, shivering. Exhausted. Drips of cum and pre dangled from her still-erect cock. She offered nothing in way of resistance as the gryphon turned her onto her back and shoved her further onto the desk, getting her hips up there. Veimina rested a hand on her belly, rubbing at it–And Esine’s hand fell atop.

“You, you came so much in me… “ She groaned out, feeling so… Achingly empty yet so full at the same time, “…There’s no way I’m not pregnant now…”

“That’s the idea, my pet,” Veimina said, tilting her head to a shoulder as her other pets licked and sucked at her half-flaccid, cum-and-pussy soaked tool. Worshipped them. All without Veimina ever really acknowledging them.

All around them a similar chorus of bliss went on, so many eyes fixated upon her as they masturbated, as they fucked one another to the sight of the newcomer getting their Mistress’ cock. It occurred to Esine that not only had she given in, she’d done so in front of an audience. She felt at once horrified and…

Her cock twitched.

“Hope you’re not too tired already,” Veimina said, tauntingly, licking her lips. As her harem tended to their owner, her cock surged back to life, a stiff pillar of flesh ready to go once more. “As my newest pet, I need to be absolutely sure I’m the one who impregnates you first,” she grinned, pressing that blunted tip to Esine’s gaping entrance, “Now, what are you?”

The catgirl couldn’t take her eyes off the gryphon or that massive thing threatening to split her in two once more. She swallowed, mouth gone dry. “I’m, I’m your slutty little pet… Mistress!”

“Yes you are…” 


Hours passed. Esine had been bred four times in total, cunt left utterly gaped and pouring out sticky cum for it to be licked up by the rest. So many reached into her ruined hole to scoop it out, to press it into their own twats, pregnant or not. She was covered in the stuff, her own balls achingly empty as they’d filled mouths and even Fiona’s pussy, though the werecat was already fucked pregnant by the gryphon.

Not that it mattered. It felt so good to just… Let go. To give in. To be owned. In a drunken, blissful stupor, she giggled atop two others as they all but fought for the right to clean up the last dregs of spunk from her ruined hole.

Yes… She could find this life quite enjoyable…

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