A hidden treasure in the snowy mountains

Marcus squinted his eyes against the cold wind that hit his face. The drifting snowflakes felt like tiny daggers as they hit his exposed skin at this wind speed, he was not keen on getting hit in the eyes as well. He silently cursed to himself as he tried to not lose sight of his path.
“Damn, this storm was a lot worse then I thought it would be”.

He typically enjoyed being a professional bounty hunter because it gave him the perfect excuse to travel all over and see all kinds of new things and fantastic landscapes, but the downside was that if the weather took a turn for the worse, you typically didn’t have the option of just finding shelter and waiting it out.
Do that, and your quarry could easily get away since rain and other types of bad weather covered their tracks very efficiently.

On this particular occasion though, not seeking shelter wasn’t an option. He had chased after a wanted criminal far into the mountains, and there was a fully fledged blizzard brewing. If he remained exposed to it for much longer, hypothermia would set in. He had already lost almost all sensation in his toes, and his fingertips felt like they were next.
“He just had to flee into the mountains during the winter, didn’t he?”, Marcus thought to himself.
You would think that the weather would pretty much do his job for him, but the problem was that the cheap order bastards who posted the bounty wouldn’t pay out unless you could capture the criminal or provide proof of death.
And there was a reason he needed to collect a decent bounty right about now.
“Doesn’t look like I’ll be able to ever find him now though. Frankly, it would be a miracle if I made it out of this alive”.

After laboriously putting one foot in front of the other for what felt like an eternity, he finally saw a glimmer of hope through the thick, white snow fog that covered the whole landscape.
Something he would never mistake the sight of. A cave entrance.
The thought of wild bears briefly flashed through his mind, but he decided to ignore it since he had no other option.

After passing through the cave entrance and going far enough in to escape the icy winds, Marcus opened his backpack and extracted his flint and a torch that was carefully wrapped up in water repellant fabric, unwrapped and lit it.
After taking a brief moment to warm his chilly hands against the welcome warmth of the flame, he began to survey his surroundings.

To his surprise, the cave tunnel he was in wasn’t entirely natural. A large archway, carved out of the walls, almost seemed to invite him into the cave’s depths.
Partly because of his natural curiosity, and partly because he wanted to get as far away from the storm as possible, he decided to venture further in.

What followed was a seemingly endless, winding path lined with many different things, all in a state of disrepair.
Marcus could see what looked like broken statues with odd rune carvings, strange contraptions who’s mechanisms had long since rusted, carvings on the walls partially covered by lichen and more.
Every now and then his path was blocked by a door, but all of them either barely hung of their hinges or could easily be pushed open with a little application of force.

He became less sure about what exactly it was he had discovered the further in he ventured. It didn’t seem to have been inhabited, as there were no household items or furniture anywhere, and upon closer inspection, many of the broken, rusty mechanisms seemed to once have been traps of some kind.
Something in the back of his mind told him that the strange stone carvings on the walls were either riddles or clues.
“Hehe, I might have stumbled on some ancient tomb, or hidden treasury. Or it could just be the old home of some insane, paranoid hermit for all I know”.
Regardless, he had to know, so he pressed forward.

Eventually, he reached a small, round room that was completely empty save for the large, full body mirror that was attached to the wall to his right.
Looking around didn’t reveal any other paths or hidden doors, so Marcus briefly wondered if he might have missed something further back.

As he was thinking this, his foot nudged something. Looking down to see what it was, Marcus saw a stone tablet with a still legible inscription. He picked it up and blew a small cloud of dust of it before reading.
“Ye who would seek the boundless treasure that lies within, stand before the mirror to face your final test.”
Marcus lightly scratched his chin as he read.
“Well, it not sure what to make of this, but I suppose there is no harm in just looking”.

He moved over to the mirror and stood in front of it. His reflection stared back at him.
Unlike everything else in this cave, this mirror was not in a state of disrepair. In fact, it looked almost brand new.
Before he could contemplate why that was, however, something much stranger happened. His reflection waved at him.

Standing as still as a statue, Marcus could only stare in disbelief as his reflection gave him a wink, then turned around and walked over to the cave wall that was being reflected in the mirror.
It touched the wall, seemingly making it disappear in the process, then turned around to face him again, waved it’s hand and faded away.

Marcus blinked, not quite sure if he had been hallucinating or not, but it was an undeniable fact that the mirror no longer showed his reflection.
Slowly turning around, he was hit by the next shock. There was now a hole in the wall behind him, matching the one his reflection had opened up.
There seemed to be another room just beyond the hole, and he could see a faint light coming from within it.
Marcus swallowed. “You just had to make it intriguing enough that I couldn’t possibly turn back now. Whoever set this up sure knew how to build suspense”.
Steeling his resolve, he slowly passed through the opening.

Marcus wasn’t quite sure what he would find in this hidden room, but what he saw when he entered it certainly shattered said expectations.
It was a small living quarter, decorated with various furniture. The light he had seen came from some sort of odd lamp that hung from the ceiling.
Lined up along the back wall of the room was an unusually long bed. Far to long for even the tallest person’s needs. The confusion this strange sight instilled in him meant that it took him a few seconds to realize the bed was occupied. The top of the covers was slowly rising and falling and faint breathing noises could be heard in the otherwise dead silent room.

Normally, Marcus tried to avoid disturbing sleeping people (unless they were his current mark), but his curiosity was far to riled up by this point. He slowly approached the bed carefully grabbed a corner of the covers and pulled it down, revealing the head of the bed’s occupant.

Marcus gasped. It was clearly the head of a woman, but most certainly not a human woman. Her skin was ash grey, her ears were pointy, and he could see what looked like two greyish snakes within her long, dull white hair.
She was certainly a monster, although he didn’t recognize the race.
Without warning, her eyes suddenly opened and looked right at him, her golden irises a sharp contrast to the lack of color in the rest of her body. Marcus instinctively moved his hand closer to his sword hilt, but stopped before he reached it. There was no hostility in the eyes that now stared deeply into his own, none at all.

The two did not move for what felt like a long time. They just continued to look at each other without speaking.
The more time passed, the more Marcus relaxed. It was not his first time meeting a monster (he’d crossed paths with a few in the past, but always managed to escape), and years of honed instinct told him that this one was not a threat in any way whatsoever.

Eventually, he decided that someone had to break the weird silence.
“Um, hi. I’m Marcus. I’m, uh, sorry if I woke you.”
The woman blinked at him, then slowly sat up, pushing the covers of herself.
It immediately became obvious why her bed was so long, her lower body was that of a snake covered in grey scales. “She must be a lamia of some sort then.”
Aloud he said, “I’m sorry if I’m intruding, I was just seeking shelter from the storm and I happened to find this cave. Then I saw all the stuff in it, and I just had to explore it. I honestly didn’t think anyone was still living here.”
He did his best not  to look at her chest as he spoke. Her nightgown was very thin.
The woman gave him a weak smile and spoke for the first time. “You are not far from the truth.”

Her voice sounded weak, dejected even. Like someone who was carrying a great sadness of some sort. Even so, it still sounded beautiful to Marcus’ ears. There was a mystical depth to it that he just couldn’t quite put into words.
Suddenly, she bowed to him. “Pardon me, where are my manners.”
She raised her head and locked eyes with him again. “My name is Delorna, I am an echidna.”

Marcus had heard the name before. Something about being ‘the mother of monsters’ or something along those lines. He had never heard of anyone actually meeting one though.
He sat down on the floor and crossed his legs before speaking again. “I guess I should do it properly as well. I’m Marcus Baker, a bounty hunter.”
Delorna touched her chin with her index finger in a playful manner. “And what, pray tell, would make a bounty hunter come all the way up into these mountains?”

Marcus told her everything that had transpired during the past few days. When he got to the part about finding the weird mirror and the stone tablet, she suddenly became a lot more eager in her mannerism when she questioned him.
“What did you think the treasure the tablet was referring to was?”
Slightly surprised by her sudden mood shift, Marcus answered. “Um, I wasn’t quite sure what it could be, but I was hoping it would be something valuable.”
He caught himself and quickly bowed slightly. “No offense.”
She giggled. “None taken. You said yourself that you thought the place was abandoned. But never mind that, why were you hoping for something valuable?”
Awkwardly scratching the back of his head, Marcus continued.
“Well, since I pretty much lost my bounty, I was hoping to find something in here to make up for it. I really need to acquire some money right now.”
Seeing the slightly confused look on Delorna’s face, he decided to elaborate.

“You see, my village is not allowed to own the farmland that we use. Everything we produce belongs to the local lord who’s domain we reside in. If we want to keep enough of our own produce to not starve, we need to contribute conscripts to the order’s army, or pay for it.”
He placed the palm of his right hand against his chest. “I chose to become a bounty hunter so that I could acquire the funds to buy back as much of it as possible. I hate seeing families get torn apart, and I hate the concept of buying our own food by selling ourselves. It feels like a slave market every time it happens.”
He lowered his voice slightly. “I specialize in hunting murderers and rapists. Partly because they get the highest bounties placed on them, and partly because those are the ones I’m the least bothered by turning over to those order bastards.”
Delorna closed her eyes and tilted her head slightly down. “So that’s why you passed the mirror’s test.”
Marcus was slightly confused by this. “Um, I’m sorry, I don’t follow.”
She turned her face back towards him. “You told me your story, I’ll tell you mine.”

“We echidnas have a very peculiar way of doing things. We create dungeons full of obstacles and challenges, then spread rumors about them to make adventurous men come looking for hidden treasures. It is our belief that only a man capable of overcoming all the challenges we put before him is suitable to become our husband and father to our children.”

Marcus raised his hand into the air. “Hold up, aren’t monsters suppose to eat humans? Every monster I’ve encountered has chased me, quite persistently, as soon as they spotted me.”
She covered her mouth and laughed quietly. “Hihi, and yet here you sit, talking to me like it’s normal.”
Feeling his face flush a little, Marcus quickly continued. “Erm, I mean, your different from the others, so I, you know, was curious.”

After some more quiet laughter, Delorna spoke again. “The greatest desire of all monsters is to find a husband and have children with him. That’s why most of them chase you so eagerly when they see you. You exude so much manliness that they just can’t help themselves.”
Feeling his face now burning, Marcus could only sit there quietly.

Delorna explained the history of the monsters to him, what they had once been, how they had changed when the new demon lord came into power and how their conflict with the order had played out ever since.
To most people it would have been difficult to believe, but Marcus had seen many things during his travels that supported her words when you put it all together.

After listening to her story and thinking about it all, he spoke again. “So basically, the order is lying to us even now. Should have known. Keeping the people ignorant to more easily control them definitively sounds like something they would do.”
Delorna nodded. “Sadly, this is often the state of affairs in many human realms.”
Suddenly realizing he still didn’t have an answer to his earlier question, Marcus inquired further. “Wait, you still haven’t told me how I passed your mirror’s test. Or why everything in this cave is in such a state of disrepair for that matter.”
Delorna gave him a sad smile. “The two answers are connected.”

She sighed deeply. “Echidnas have wast magical power compared to most monsters. In my case, I have the gift of divination.”
She tilted her head in a cute manner. “Now, that doesn’t mean I’m clairvoyant, not even the gods are, but I can see tiny hints of my future. More specifically, I see things I have to do.”
She made a few gestures with her hands as she spoke. “I never see the full context, always specific, individual actions. Every time I’ve followed my premonition’s direction, the end result has been an averted tragedy of some sort.
She counted on her fingers while she listed of a few examples. “A child saved from a fate of falling into a well and drowning, alone and helpless. A woman saved from being forced into a loveless, abusive marriage. A man saved from the clutches of a cruel nobleman who sought revenge for some imagined slight.”

As she spoke, she turned to look directly at him again. “I’ve learned over the years that not following my premonition’s directions will invite great tragedy, so when it showed me how to set up the final challenge of my dungeon, I of course did it as I saw it.”
She looked down before continuing. “Only a man who stood before the mirror seeking the treasure, but not for personal gain, would be allowed to pass.”

Listening to her, Marcus now understood how he had cleared the mirror’s test. He had also began to suspect why the cave was in it’s current state, but he remained silent to let her continue at her own pace.
He was slightly taken aback by how sad her eyes looked when they turned towards him again.
“So many years passed, so many adventurers came here seeking the treasure. All who reached the mirror failed it’s test. However, I didn’t want to change it as my premonition was quite specific. It would seem though, that my divination is flawed. It could not avert my own personal tragedy.”
She made a sweeping motion with her hand across her body. “Don’t let my face fool you, I am quite ancient. My scales and hair was once the color of shining emeralds. My skin was a healthy blue. Now, they have lost all color, just like my dungeon. It has all fallen into ruin, long forgotten up here in the mountains.”

Marcus now understood the meaning behind the first words she had spoken to him. In all likelihood, she did not have much longer left to live and had resigned herself to stay in this place, waiting for death.
A sudden rush of sympathy exploded in his chest. Monster or not, this was far to sad a fate for him to accept. Especially for someone who had spent her life helping people avoid similar fates.
Unable to leave things as they were, he made up his mind and quickly stood up.
Delorna seemed surprised when he suddenly started approaching her.
“W-What are you…”
She was unable to say anything else before she found herself in a firm, gentle hug, Marcus having wrapped his arms around her.

As he stood next to her bed and firmly held Delorna, her body’s natural instinct soon reawakened. Any stiffness from the initial surprise melted away as she pressed against him, trying to achieve as much body surface contact as possible. Her arms also found their way around his torso, embracing him in a very gentle hug. Almost as if she was expecting him to disappear if she held on to hard.

After holding her for several minutes, feeling his own body heat up slightly as he did, Marcus pulled his head back to look into her eyes.
“I may not be what you expected, and I am more then a little late, but I will prove that your divination is not flawed.”
He could hear a sharp intake of breath as she stared at him, his words seemingly having a strong effect.
Her gaze soon fell, however. “But, I have so little time left. Even with an infusion of spirit energy, I won’t even last a decade. How could you ever be happy with someone like me?”
Marcus cupped her cheek with his right hand, lifting her head so he could see her eyes again.
“If I’m able to fill your remaining time with joy, it would make me a very happy man.”
He moved his face closer, feeling her breath on his lips. “Besides, I can’t just leave you alone after hearing all that. I hope I’m acceptable.”
A few seconds of silence passed, then their lips met.

Marcus was no novice in the bedroom arts. His past included several flings with women who liked the rugged lone wolf type. Even so, the kiss he now shared with Delorna was unlike anything he had previously experienced.
Her lips and tongue were soft, warm and tasted good, but the way she kissed was different.
It almost felt like she was gently massaging his lips and the inside of his mouth, adapting to his pace and seeking out all the spots that felt good when stimulated by her long, soft tongue.
The sensation was heavenly, and Marcus caught himself slowly getting enraptured by it.
“Dammit woman, I’m suppose to be making YOU feel good here.”

He broke the kiss, pulled of her nightgown and moved one of his hands to her shapely breast. She did not protest at all when he started to slowly knead it with his fingers.
She did, however, undo his belt and pulled out his by now very stiff member. Her slender fingers wrapped around it, massaging it in much the same manner as she had kissed him. When she found a particularly good spot on it’s underside, a sigh escaped his lips.

Deciding to get a little more aggressive, Marcus moved his other hand down to her crotch. Her vaginal lips were already slippery with how wet they were.
He inserted his middle finger up to it’s second joint, then curved it a little and started to caress the front of her vaginal wall. As he did so, he pressed her swollen labia between his index and ring finger and circled his thumb around her clitoris.
He was rewarded by a series of very sweet sounding moans.

Seemingly inspired by his treatment, Delorna put her index finger into her mouth. She coiled her tongue lewdly around it until it was covered in saliva, then opened his coat, pulled up his shirt and put her hand on his chest. Then, she started circling his left nipple with the wet finger.
As she did this, she moved her face to his chest and began circling his right nipple with her tongue.

Marcus was no longer capable of stopping himself from moaning. Struggling to at least keep his voice down a bit, he picked up the pace at which his fingers were caressing Delorna’s breast and pussy. He could feel her hands and tongue increase their speed to match.
Cute, girly moans mixed with lewd slurping noises escaped her mouth. They intermingled with his own moans and the wet noises that his by now soaked hand stirred up.

They both kept increasing their pace until they pushed each other over the edge. As the room was filled by their climaxing voices, Marcus’ hips jerked as he sprayed his load all over Delorna’s stomach and breasts.
She grabbed his shoulder with her free hand and buried her face in his chest, soft convulsions coursing through her body.

Panting, Marcus noticed that she released his dick. Looking down, he saw her hand was now busy smearing his cum all over herself.
When she was done, she put her fingers in her mouth and slowly licked them clean as if she was savoring the taste and smell like a fine wine.
The sight was mesmerizing.

When she was done, Marcus noticed that her long snake tail had coiled itself around the both of them, gently pressing their torsos together. At this time, she also wrapped her arms around him and moved her mouth next to his ear, almost whispering as she spoke.
“I’ll get you hard again, so please continue.”
It sounded almost like a plea, and the way in which she held on to him felt like how a scared little girl would cling to you when you comforted her.
Inhaling deeply, Marcus embraced her and pressed his chest a little tighter against her breasts.

Taking this as a que, Delorna extended her tongue again.
She traced it along his collarbone and up his throat, ending by letting it explore all the shapes of his ear. The slurping sounds and the little noises she made directly into his ear canal were enough on their own to get him going again, but when combined with her warm, wet tongue caressing his sensitive nerve endings it became to much. He freely moaned straight into the open air.

After doing this for a little bit, she moved back to his neck. She dragged her tongue up and down his throat, hitting different spots on every pass. She was so gentle and dedicated in her movements that Marcus couldn’t hold himself back.
He cupped the back of her head with his hand and brought their lips together once more.

They eagerly kissed for what felt like several dozen minutes, Delorna rubbing her stomach against his once again rock hard penis.
Finally, Marcus couldn’t wait any longer and leaned his body forward, slowly pushing her down onto her back on the bed.
As soon as she was horizontal, Delorna relaxed her coils a little bit to allow him to line up his tip with her entrance. He quickly found it and hilted himself in one stroke.
Her body convulsed in response and her coils quickly tightened around them both once more.

Marcus stayed still until her tremors subsided. He had never seen a woman cum just from insertion before.
As soon as she got her bearings however, she immediately started to service him again.
Her coils began to undulate, as if they were massaging him, as she ran her fingers through his hair and once again assaulted his ear with the pleasures of her mouth. Her cute little moans sounded even more seductive now.

Marcus began to thrust into her at a quick pace. The sudden stimulation made her throw her head back, and he quickly took advantage of the situation by extending his tongue and returning the favor.
Her voice increased in pitch as he licked her slender neck. He could feel the walls of her love canal trembling. 
It did not take long for her to cum again, her whole body convulsing once more.

Before the tremors had even fully subsided though, she became active again.
She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him with a fiery passion. She clenched her vagina around his penis rhythmically. She even moved her body so that her breasts rubbed against his chest.
Marcus responded by returning the kiss while resuming his thrusting.

Marcus had always enjoyed making a woman feel good and seeing all her subtle and not so subtle reactions. However, what he was experiencing now was different.
When he looked into Delorna’s eyes, they radiated so much joy that he could almost feel it.
Combined with the way she was diligently pleasuring him, even in her throngs of passion, it felt like he became aware of her feelings in a far more intimate way then he had ever felt before.
This sensation soon pushed him to his climax.

Delorna let out a scream as he filled her up, a scream composed of equal parts ecstasy and happiness.
As Marcus continued to shoot more and more semen into her, feeling her soft canal getting sticky, she looked straight into his eyes and gave him the most genuine smile he had ever seen.
There was such warmth in it that it straight up melted his heart. Pure, honest joy, accentuated by the pearly tear drops around her eyes that almost seemed to glitter.

Unable to bear it a second longer, Marcus quickly resumed his thrusting.
A tiny voice in the back of his mind inquired as to where all his stamina was coming from, but he decided that now was not the time to question such things. All he knew was that he wanted to make love to this beautiful woman.

She continued to show him her warm smile while undulating her creamy pussy around his dick whenever it plunged into her. Marcus held her close, enough that their wild breaths washed over each others faces. He felt like even his soul was getting warmed by that radiant smile.

The next time he came, he did not stop thrusting. He continued to pound her as they both climaxed together, pressing their bodies as tightly against each other as they could.
In that moment, it was difficult to tell where his own pleasure ended and hers began.

When their long mutual climax finally subsided, Marcus rolled of her and ended up next to her on the bed.
He felt completely exhausted, but it was a good kind of tired feeling.
He vaguely perceived Delorna pulling the covers over them both, before she wrapped her arms gently around his head and held it against the area of her chest just above her breasts. Her tail was still wrapped around both their torsos.
His ears were ringing, but he could feel her slowly run her fingers through his hair and whisper various sweet words. It reminded him of the warm embrace of his mother when he was a child.
His eyelids, now suddenly very heavy, dropped down as a pleasant drowsiness filled his head. He soon fell into a pleasant sleep.


Marcus slowly returned from the realm of dreams. His head felt a little like it was floating, but compared to a hangover it was a most welcome way to start your morning.
His body felt warm and well rested, and responded well when he tried to move. Doing so, he noticed that he was no longer wrapped up in Delorna’s coils.
Slowly opening his eyes, he was greeted by the sight of her smiling face.

She was lying on her stomach right next to him, her head resting on her crossed arms with her face turned towards him. Her cheeks flushed a mild pink when he looked at her.
“Good morning dear. Forgive me, but you were sleeping so soundly I just couldn’t bring myself to wake you.”
Her gaze briefly darted away “And.., I liked looking at your sleeping face, so…”

Marcus couldn’t help but smile at her adorableness. He reached out towards her and gently stroked his fingers across her cheek.
It was then that he noticed it. “Um, excuse me if I’m mistaken, but don’t your colors look a little different today?”

Delorna sat up, her cheeks flushed and her eyes began darting all over the place.
“Um, yes, you see, the delicious spirit energy you gave me restored some of my luster.”
A slightly dejected look came over her face. “Sadly, I could not restore my former color. I’m afraid this is the best I can do.”
Her shoulders squirmed as she carefully looked at him again. “I hope I didn’t disappoint you.”

Looking her over, Marcus saw that her previously dull, grey scales were now like glittering silver shards. Her skin was now blueish-gray and looked more lustrous.
Most noticeably however, was her hair. It now had the color of fresh powder snow, and there was special shine to it that he couldn’t put into proper words.

He extended his hand and ran his fingers through her hair. It felt as soft as the fresh powder snow it resembled. 
With his free hand, he lightly booped her nose. “Why would I be disappointed? You were beautiful before, now you look absolutely gorgeous.”
Her eyes widened for a moment, but her expression soon shifted into that radiant smile he had instantly come to love.
Unable to help himself, Marcus embraced her and gently caressed her head. She quickly responded in kind.

After holding each other for a few minutes, Delorna pulled back to face him again.
“There is an actual treasure hidden in this cave you know, behind a secret door in this room. It should be worth enough money to finance the construction of a new home for the people in your village.”
When Marcus blinked at the unexpected statement, Delorna elaborated.
“It is the best way I can think of to get them out of their current situation. I know a few suitable places they could relocate to.”

Marcus smiled at her. “Thank you. I’m sure that would make them very happy.”
She returned his smile. “No, thank you. For giving me a chance to help them, for giving me such wonderful pleasure, and most of all, thank you for giving me a reason to live again.”
Marcus felt his heart skip a beat when she said that with her smiling face. He embraced her and whispered into her ear. “I swear, I will give you more reasons.”

–18 years later–

Marcus slowly trudged through the knee deep snow. You would never be able to tell during summer, but this area saw some really heavy snowfall in winter times.
It didn’t bother him much though. Unlike previous winters in their old village, there was no food shortage here.

He smiled to himself as he remembered the day he had introduced Delorna as his wife to the rest of the village.
There had been a huge uproar at first, followed by a mountain of questions. It had taken them some time to convince the other villagers that moving here was a good idea (and actually doable), but it had proven to be the right choice.
Delorna’s hidden treasure had covered the travel costs as well as the costs of establishing their new village, and the area was within the borders of a monster friendly state that was visited by many traveling merchants, all of whom had been eager to establish trade with the new settlement.

Now, what started as a humble village had become quite prosperous, as several of it’s inhabitants were well versed in various forms of craftsmanship and artistry. 
Just like Marcus, many people had done whatever they could to earn enough money to buy their crops back from their former lord.
Marcus turned his gaze towards the sky. “No more need for that now at least. Now we can actually keep the food we grow.”

He soon arrived at his destination, a lone tombstone that sat on a hill overlooking the village. He brushed some snow of it to uncover the inscription.

Here lies Delorna
Loving wife and mother
Founder of New Hope

Marcus traced his fingers across the word ‘mother’. It was the one that granted him the most joy to read.

He brushed away the snow around himself, the sat down in front of the stone. It was his yearly little ritual to come here and tell her about everything that had happened in the past year. He always did it in winter, because that’s when the two had first met. 
As he sat there, his wandered down memory lane.

Amongst the many things Marcus and Delorna had done together in the first year since they met, the one Marcus had placed the highest priority on was finding a way to make his wife pregnant.
Eventually, they had found a friendly monsterized angel who had recommended they visit the Greilia Sabbath, since they were the medical branch of the Sabbath organization, and ask them for advice.
Once they got there and told the nurse witch who greeted them about their situation, they had soon been showed to the office of Greilia herself.

She had told them that there was a way to guarantee a pregnancy, and that was to brave the depths of the tentacle forest. If you managed to reach it’s center, the so called “sacred child tree” that could be found there would reward you with nectar that ensured a fertile womb.
However, not only was this a difficult task in and of itself, but Greilia’s exam of Delorna showed that even if she did get pregnant, her body might not be able to support the baby’s full growth.

The Baphomet concluded that two remedies were required for a pregnancy to successfully reach it’s conclusion. Daily intake of a special medicine that she would make for them, and large amounts of Marcus’ spirit energy.

And so, Marcus and his wife had confronted the tentacle forest’s challenge and managed to conquer it in record time, according to the locals. Delorna had described him as ‘fighting like a beast’ when she talked to them.
In truth, they had fucked like beasts as well the second she had swallowed the sacred child tree’s offering.

With the help of Greilia’s medicine and plenty of daily love making, a child had eventually been born.
Marcus used to think that his wife’s smile could not get any brighter before, on his daughter’s birthday he had learned what a fool he was. Delorna’s smile could have lit up the whole room.
His own smile when his baby daughter grabbed his finger with her tiny hand could probably match that of his wife though.

And so, the two of them had challenged, and cleared, the tentacle forest’s test two more times and had two more lovely daughters. It was then that Marcus learned why echidnas were called ‘mother of monsters’.

Their first child was an echidna. She was very responsible and diligent about her role as the oldest sibling, and even when she was still young she took pride in taking good care of her sisters.

Their second child was a yeti named Elsa. She loved snuggling with every member of the family and typically interested in learning new things.

Their third child was a ren xiongmao named Mai. She could be a bit mischievous, but she was typically the source of much laughter amongst her siblings.

All three of them had grown up to become very lovely.

Delorna had managed to stay alive for nine years and ten months in total since they first met, but she had described that time as ‘worth a hundred lifetimes’.
She had especially emphasized how much she enjoyed seeing Marcus play and laugh with the children.
Her death had been difficult to bear, but Marcus had managed to stay strong for the sake of his daughters. He had silently cried in his bed at night for over a year though.

As his thoughts returned to the present, Marcus slowly stood up. He then placed a hand on the tombstone, closed his eyes and reminded himself of the words Delorna had spoken on her death bed.
“Don’t be sad for my sake, you have given me more happiness then then you can possibly realize.”
He slowly kneeled and placed his forehead against the cold stone as he recited the last words she had spoken to him.
“Promise me that you won’t turn away from happiness when it finds you.”
He smiled melancholically to himself. Even when she was dying, Delorna had comforted him. She was the most selfless person he had ever met.
Slowly, he stood up, turned around and began the trek back home.


Closing the door behind himself, Marcus struggled to get his coat and boots of. The temperature had dropped by quite a lot while he was sitting at Delorna’s grave, and frozen fingers were a bad match for snow covered shoe laces.

Eventually, he managed to kick the damn boots of his cold feet and drag himself into the living room. As he sat down on the large couch in front of the lit fireplace, he heard soft footsteps approach from behind.
It was soon followed by two large paws covered in white fluff embracing him from behind.
He reached up and put his hand on one of the paws. “Hey Elsa, I’m back.”
His yeti daughter placed her chin on his right shoulder.
“Hey dad. Welcome home.”

She held him from behind for a little while, then released him and walked around the couch, sitting herself down on his right side. Her bright, blue eyes looked worried.
“Dad, I know you want to be alone when you go to visit mom, but you honestly make me concerned when you come back feeling this cold.”
He gave her a big smile. “I’ll be alright sweety, I’ve endured far harsher cold.”
She pouted cutely. “It’s not a matter of how cold it is or isn’t you dummy, I just don’t want you to freeze.”
He patted her head, which prompted a very slight flush to make itself visible on her tan cheeks. “I’m sorry if I made you worry.”
She slowly put her fluffy arms around him. “I could forgive you, but only if you let me warm you up first.”
Marcus smiled in response. “Condition accepted.”

Typically for her race, Elsa had a very high body temperature. She loved to hug a lot and Marcus was happy to indulge her. 
Sitting there while being embraced by her felt almost like being wrapped in a heated, fluffy blanket, and he could feel his own body temperature return to a much more comfortable level.

It wasn’t long before another set of paw pads could be heard coming down the stairs. Those most certainly belonged to his youngest daughter, Mai.
She quickly made her way to the living room and spotted the two of them on the couch.
“Onee-chan, did daddy stay out in the cold to long again?”
Elsa nodded. “Yes he did. I think I need your help here.”
Mai’s badly concealed eagerness when she heard that was very cute to witness.
“Oh, it’s snuggle time!”
She swiftly crossed the room and made her way onto the couch. Sitting on his left side, she embraced him in a manner very similar to Elsa.
Marcus put one arm around each of them and gently pulled them closer.

His yeti and  ren xiongmao daughters typically did almost everything together. They had been inseparable since they were kids and they shared most interests.
The fact that Mai, unusually for her race, had completely black fur with no white spots as well as silky black hair, made the two of them look almost like reverse mirror images of each other if you didn’t count the differences in their physical forms.

Mai loved hugs almost as much as Elsa, and sitting before a crackling fireplace embraced by them both was the best way to warm up that Marcus knew of, and it was abundantly obvious that it was a favorite activity for them as well.
He almost felt guilty about sometimes getting cold on purpose. Almost.

Once the warmth had reached all the way to his fingertips and toes, Marcus tried to stand up. His attempts were, however, quickly thwarted by his daughters, who pulled him right back onto the couch.
Turning his head towards Elsa to ask what was wrong, he was surprised to see a rather prominent blush all over her cheeks. Shifting his gaze to Mai, he saw that she too was blushing while giving him a very suggestive look.

Turning back to Elsa to inquire further, she started speaking before he could say anything.
“Dad, you know we love you right?”
He nodded. “Of course I do.”
Her eyes became hooded as she replied. “Really? Do you know how much we reeeeally love you?”
Swallowing slightly, Marcus looked from Elsa, to Mai, and back again.
Their body language left little room for doubt.

He had honestly seen this coming for a while now, but somehow managed to trick himself into not thinking about it.
As if she could read his mind, Mai spoke up. “Mommy said that since you always focus so much on making other people happy, you can sometimes neglect looking for your own happiness.”
She shifted her position so that she could snuggle up to him more. “She said that she could tell, because she was the same.”

Elsa also snuggled up to him more closely. He could feel her breasts press against him.
“She also told us that we might need to make our feeling for you known in a more obvious way because of that.”
She then leaned close to his ear and added, “And frankly, we can’t hold it any longer.”

At those words, she placed her large, soft paw pad against his cheek and leaned forward, sealing his lips with a hot, wet kiss. Mai quickly followed suit by tracing her tongue along the side of his neck.

Marcus was a little hesitant at first, but the eagerness, wetness and honesty of the kiss quickly melted away his uneasiness. He carefully started kissing Elsa back, only to be met with even more eagerness as she stated to suck on his tongue and make loud, slurping noises.

At around this time he felt a tug on his legs. Looking down, he saw that Mai had undone his belt and was currently busy pulling of his pants.
Once she got them of, she tossed them aside and went straight for his rapidly hardening penis, squishing it between her silken paw pads.
She teasingly licked his tip while grinning at him. “Do you like this spot daddy? Or perhaps this one is better?”
Her tongue poked and prodded all the different points she could reach while she watched for the most favorable reactions.

As Elsa opened his shirt and rubbed her paw all over his chest, a dreamy look came over Mai’s face.
“Hah, hah, hah, I can’t resist this smell any longer!”
She leaned forward slightly and took the majority of his length into her mouth. Marcus was stunned to feel how wet it was, she was practically drooling.

As Mai bobbed he head up and down while circling his dick with her tongue, Elsa hugged him tightly and licked the back of his ear.
She sometimes briefly stopped to whisper various things to him in a low, sweet voice.
“Mmmm, we love you so much dad.”
“We have wanted to do this for sooooo long.”
“Look at how diligently Mai is servicing you, she wants to make you cum so badly.”

Unable to endure their diligent ministrations, Marcus soon felt the pressure rapidly build in his nether regions.
Mai, seemingly aware of it, sped up her movements. It did not take long after that for him to erupt straight into her mouth.

Whimpering in delight, Mai gulped down his load as more and more spurts shot into her eager mouth. There was nothing but pure joy reflected in her eyes.
When his orgasm subsided, she finally pulled back, releasing his dick from her lips with an audible ‘plop’.
Sitting on her knees, her face turned into a dreamy expression and she touched her lips with one paw and rubbed her belly with the other.
“Such a nostalgic taste.”

Seeing the confused look on Marcus’ face at those words, Elsa provided an answer.
“You practically soaked us in your semen and spirit energy while we were still in mom’s belly, there is no way we would ever forget it’s taste.”
Marcus blushed at hearing those words, something that prompted Elsa to laugh in that incredibly cute way he was so fond of.

Mai stood up and leaned close to Elsa’s face. “Here Onee-chan, I saved some for you.”
She then kissed her and fed her the semen that she had held in her mouth.
Elsa’s face was quickly overcome by the same dreamy expression that Mai had shown earlier.
“Ahhh yes, this taste…”
She threw her arms around him and pulled him down on top of her.
“Please dad, I want more.”

By now Marcus had accepted their feelings, so he did not make her wait.
He quickly lined up the tip of his dick with her entrance and pushed forward.
As he delved into her innards, his dick was met by a steaming hot wetness. It felt almost like being in a hot bath.
Elsa pressed her lips together and whined cutely as all her limbs embraced him.
He hugged her in return as he started to fuck her in earnest.

As Marcus thrusted and Elsa moaned in pleasure, he noticed Mai moving behind him. Then, he felt her tongue.
She traced it along the length of his dick every time it pulled out, and also occasionally crawled all over his balls.
He could feel her paws against his ass cheeks, pushing slightly whenever he hilted himself in her sister.

Feeling a sudden need to lubricate his throat, he put a hand behind Elsa’s head and kissed her deeply. She responded by returning the kiss as well as rubbing her fluffy paws all over him.

When he felt Mai’s tongue against the nape of his neck and her paw pad against his balls, he quickly reached his peak and started pumping large quantities of semen into his daughter’s thirsty pussy.
Elsa’s arms and legs tightened their grip on him as her body trembled from the pleasure that was surging through it.
“Yes! Oh dad yes! This is the best feeling ever!”

They remained locked in a tight embrace long after their mutual orgasms had subsided, and when Marcus finally lifted his head to look at her face, he was greeted with the kind of beaming smile he had only ever seen Delorna make before.
There was also small pearls of moisture around the edges of her beautiful eyes.

He used the back of his index finger to gently wipe away the small tears.
“I’m sorry I made you wait for so long.”
Elsa lightly kissed him on the lips. “If you got time to apologize, use it to make up for the wait instead.”
She then looked past his shoulder and tilted her head a little. “Like getting started on Mai’s turn.”

Turning his head, Marcus was greeted by a sight that made him inhale sharply. Mai was on her back next to them, her head leaning against the couch’s armrest, with her legs folded against her chest so that her feet pointed almost straight up and her arms wrapped around her legs to hold them in place.
Her butt and vagina were fully exposed and visibly moist.
Her cheeks were red as she glanced at him sideways on a cute, shy manner.
“Please daddy, give it to me as well.”

Unable to wait even a second longer then necessary, Marcus quickly bent over her and pushed his dick into her eager love canal. She let out a long, high pitched moan when he did.
Mai’s vagina wasn’t quite as hot as Elsa’s, but it was a little tighter around the entrance and gave him a different kind of pleasure with how it undulated around him every time he pulled out.
Her black fur also had more of a silky feeling as oppose to Elsa’s fluff.
Both their bodies gave him different kinds of pleasure, but he couldn’t say that one was better then the other and he didn’t want to either.

Leaning his chest against her folded legs, he pushed them further down until they touched her chest.
Holding her shoulder with one hand, he gently snaked the other under her head and lifted it up slightly so that their lips could meet.
Cute squeaks escaped the edges of Mai’s mouth as she rubbed her soft arms and paws all over his back.

He soon felt a second pair of paws begin to caress his torso. Soon after that, he felt Elsa’s hot breath against his ear.
“Come on dad, fuck her good. She wants it so badly and I know you do as well.”
She then covered the entire back of his ear with her hot tongue and moaned suggestively.

Marcus broke the kiss with Mai and used his hands to brace himself against the armrest, then began to pound into her at a furious pace. She threw her arms around his neck and looked at him with cute, pleading eyes.
“Hmmm, hah, yes! Please fuck me daddy!”

As Marcus felt his cum starting to surge through his penis, Mai began to tremble in anticipation. Once he started shooting spurts into her, the small tremors turned into much more prominent shudders that spread through her whole body as her voice reached a new pitch.
Marcus grabbed and held her with all the remaining strength he could muster until his flood of cum ebbed out.

Panting to catch his breath, Marcus felt a silken paw pad touch his face. Mai then lifted her head slightly and kissed his cheek in a playful manner, then pulled back and gave him a happy smile.
“Thank you daddy.”

Slowly rising of her and sitting back down on the couch, Marcus felt a pleasant ringing in his ears. His two daughters placed themselves one on each side just like before and embraced him. He put one arm around each of them as they both leaned their heads on his shoulders.

After staying like that for several minutes, Marcus nudged the two girls to get their attention. They turned their faces towards him with curious looks.
“Um, girls, I’m not really sure how to ask this, but what about Lena?”
Both their faces shifted into more serious expressions as Elsa answered.
“Actually, Nee-san is part of the reason why we did this today.”
Mai nodded. “Yes, because we can’t let the two of you drift apart any further.”

Marcus was surprised to hear those words. It was true that Lena had slowly but surely become more distant in her attitude recently. He couldn’t think of a reason for it either, they hadn’t had any sort of fight or falling out or anything like that.

“Um, forgive me if I’m being slow, but I don’t see the connection.”
Elsa tightened her embrace for a moment. “We know. That’s why we will tell you now.”
Mai leaned a little closer to his face. “You see, Onee-san really does love you daddy, she loves you just as much as we do.”
Her gaze dropped before she continued. “However, she has a complex of sorts that she won’t be able to overcome on her own.”
Elsa nodded. “Yes, she believes that the more grown up she becomes, the more she will remind you of mom. She thinks that if she was to get intimate with you, it would cause you emotional pain.”
Mai finished the explanation. “And that’s the last thing she wants to happen. She loves you to much.”
Elsa let a small chuckle escape her. “Honestly, with two parents who were both prone to neglecting their own happiness because they focused more on making others happy, is it any wonder she turned out like that?”

As Marcus listened to their explanation, Delorna’s last words briefly flashed through his mind.
“Promise me that you won’t turn away from happiness when it finds you.”
He also remembered what her unique magical ability was and what she used it for.
He smiled to himself.
“You saw this coming years ago, didn’t you dear? That’s why you said those specific things to Elsa and Mai as well. Honestly, there truly wasn’t a selfish bone in your body was there?”

Aloud he said, “Where is Lena now?”
“She is in town doing some shopping daddy. She will probably be back in a little while.”
He nodded. “Alright, bring me the undine spring water from the pantry. I’ll be in my bedroom, so please ask Lena to go there when she gets back.”
His daughters looked at each other and nodded approvingly, smiles returning to their faces.
Mai jumped to her feet and took of towards the kitchen “I’ll get the water daddy.”
Elsa gave him a squeeze. “Make sure to let her know exactly how you feel.”
Marcus turned his face towards her. “You two making your move on me while she wasn’t at home was part of the plan, wasn’t it? It’s like you’re telling me ‘do to her what we did to you’.”
Elsa smiled mischievously without saying anything.


Marcus sat on his bed, doing his best to keep his nerves in check. The undine water had refreshed him, but this was something very important and he had to do it right.
He had played out all kinds of scenarios in his head, trying to predict how Lena might react and what she might say, but in the end he had resigned himself to follow the advice of his two younger daughters and just do what felt right when the time came.

His pondering were eventually interrupted by a soft knock on the door. Mai opened it and poked her head into the room.
“She’s back. Onee-chan is downstairs with her right now. We’ll send her up in a little while.”
Marcus nodded. “Understood, thank you sweetie.”
She smirked and closed the door behind her. Marcus could hear her soft footsteps as she hurried back downstairs.

Every minute he had to wait felt like an hour. Marcus laid on his bed, idly twiddling his thumbs as he tried to at least pick out a good opening line.
He would have missed the rather quiet sound of smooth scales slithering across the floor just outside the door, if he hadn’t had years to become familiar with it.
He quickly picked up the book he had placed nearby just before the doorknob started to turn, and pretended to be reading it as the door swung open (his daughters had suggested that it might be easier for Lena to enter the room if she wasn’t being looked at right away).

He saw Lena’s unmistakable silhouette in the corner of his vision as she slithered into the room. He closed his book and sat up on the bed as he turned towards her.
“Hi sweetheart, how did the shopping go?”
She looked slightly to his left as she responded. “I was in luck, the store had nureonago jelly in stock. Now we got all we need for the jelly cookies.”
She held her hand out, presenting a small plate with different colored cookies on it. “Here is the first batch, Elsa and Mai asked me to bring these to you for taste testing.”
Reaching out, Marcus grabbed the plate. “Thank you.”

Now that she had grown up so much, Lena really was the spitting image of her mother. The main difference was of course that her scales and hair were a vivid emerald green and her skin a healthy blue.
“No wonder she developed that particular complex then. Dammit, I should have understood this might happen.”

Marcus put the plate down on the bedside table and stood up. Lena’s surprise was clearly visible in her body language, but he spoke up before she could say anything.
“Lena, I need to tell you something. It’s important.”
He could see the unease written all over her face as she glanced at him. Not wanting to prolong the awkward moment a second more then necessary, he took a deep breath and closed the gap between them in a few quick strides, catching her in a tight hug before she could react.

He could feel her whole body go stiff as she panicked slightly. He pulled his head back slightly to be able to look at her face.
“I’m sorry sweetheart, I should have done this sooner.”
Lena’s eyes were darting back and forth at a rapid pace.
“D-Done w-w-what? I d-don’t understand.”
He gently cupped her cheek with his right hand, leaned forward and kissed her.

Her rapid eye movements came to a sudden stop as the surprise hit her. She remained passive in his embrace for a while, but eventually her lips and tongue started to move as her monster instinct slowly took over.

Before long, she was kissing him back in earnest.
Her long tongue snaked it’s way into his mouth and traced his upper jaw gums. He happily licked the underside of her tongue in response.
Even her arms eventually found their way around his torso, but there was still an obvious uncertainty in the way she loosely held him.

Marcus pulled back from the kiss and looked at her face again. Her breathing was a little labored and her cheeks were visibly flushed.
He lifted his hand up to pat her head.
“Listen, your sisters told me about the fear you are carrying.”
Her eyes widened a little.
“T-Then, why did you…”
“Because I need to teach you something very important.”
He moved his head closer until their foreheads touched.

“All three of you remind me of your mother. More specifically, you remind me of the love that created you all.”
He slowly ran his fingers through her hair as he continued.
“However, and this is the important part, I very much consider you to be your own person. You, and both your sisters, are not Delorna.”
Pulling back slightly, he looked straight into her beautiful yellow eyes.
“Nothing will ever change how I feel about your mother, but by the same token, nothing will ever change how I feel about you, Elsa and Mai.”
He paused briefly before adding, “And I love you all more then I can put into words.”

Lena’s eyes slowly became more and more moist until finally, a few drops rolled down her cheeks. She hesitated a few more seconds, then she spoke just a single word.
It was a simple word, but with a lot of meaning behind it.
Not only had she called him by the more formal ‘father’ for a long time now, but there was so much emotion in that simple word that it made his heart strings tremble.
Finally, she embraced him in earnest. She clung to him while crying freely against his shoulder. Even her tail wrapped itself around his legs.
Marcus held her, rocked her slowly from side to side and patted her head.

Eventually, Lena calmed down. Marcus raised her head up and wiped her tears with his sleeve.
“Feeling a bit better?”
She gave him a slight nod.
“Then what do you say we make up for lost time?”
She answered by taking her clothes of, So Marcus did the same.

Marcus laid himself down on the bed, his head resting on Lena’s tail. Said tail encircled him and gently squeezed against his sides while her torso was on top of him, her face near his dick and her vagina right over his face.
He could feel her breath tickling his crotch.
Eventually, she finally lowered her head and took him into her mouth.
Her long, soft tongue moved in circles around his member as she slowly moved her head up and down, her lips pressed tightly around him.

Marcus ran his hands all over her nice, firm butt and lower back, which earned him a series of low, humming noises from the gaps between her lips and his penis.
Deciding to get a little more aggressive, he grabbed her butt more firmly and pushed it down so that her pussy was pressed against his mouth. He then inserted his tongue between her pussy lips.

Lena briefly released his penis from her mouth and let out a long sigh.
Not letting up, Marcus began to move his tongue in and out while trying to lick different spots on every insertion. He also sucked on her lips and brushed against her clitoris as he did so.

Lena’s breathing became heavy as her moans became increasingly erotic. Her tail was also moving and rubbing against him.
Eventually, she took a deep breath and lowered her head again, this time taking his dick into her throat.

Marcus shivered slightly as the sudden tightness squeezed him. Lena pulled back, releasing him from her mouth again.
“Please dad, I want to feel you fuck me in both holes at the same time. I’ll match your pace, so feel free to move your hips however you want.”
having no intention of refusing her request, Marcus bucked his hips as soon as he felt her lips around him once more, pushing his dick deep into her throat.
At the same time, he penetrated her pussy with his tongue again.

He moved slowly at first, giving Lena a chance to get into the rhythm. She moved both her hips and head simultaneously up and down in perfect sync.
Once she got the hang of it, he gradually sped up and she followed his lead.

Fucking a throat felt different from a pussy, but offered it’s own unique pleasures. Marcus did his best to keep licking her, but it got harder the more the pleasure built within his nether regions and the more of her tasty nectar he swallowed.
He could feel her tongue slurping and coiling around him whenever he pulled out, and the soft tightness of her throat when he pushed back in.

Finally, he peaked. Grabbing her butt and holding her down against his face, he pushed his hips up hard and reached as far as he could down Lena’s throat.
He almost desperately ran his tongue all over her innards as he pumped his cum into her, feeling her arms wrap around his hips to help hold her head in place as she eagerly gulped it all down.

Once their orgasms subsided, Lena pulled her head back and took several deep breaths.
Marcus did the same, but he didn’t feel like stopping here. He didn’t even feel all that tired.
Lena apparently shared this mindset, as she swiftly turned around and brought her face close to his. They hugged each other and came together in a fiery, passionate kiss.

Lena quickly lined her entrance up and lowered her hips, taking his full length into her pussy.
Not wasting any time, Marcus quickly started bucking his hips. Wet, slapping noises filled the room as they abandoned all pretense and just fucked like wild animals.
Their mouths remained locked in their kiss, but lots of lust filled moans leaked out through the gaps between their lips.

When Marcus came, he continued to buck his hips at the pace of his spurts. Lena’s pussy walls convulsed lewdly around him as they became stained in white. Her tail squeezed tighter all around him as they held each other as close as they could and just let their orgasmic screams ring out unhindered.

When his stream of cum finally ebbed, Marcus briefly struggled to catch his breath. One look at Lena told him that she was doing the same.
As their eyes met, they could not help but smile at each other.
Once their breathing calmed down, they kissed each other one more time. Slowly and sensually this time.
“I love you dad.”
“I love you too Lena.”

Suddenly, the door flew open and two fluffy bodies practically flew into the room and jumped onto the bed.
Marcus and Lena quickly found themselves embraced by two pairs of soft, fluffy arms.
Mai’s voice sounded positively thrilled. “Yay! Daddy and onee-san made up, group hug time!”
Elsa was a little more calm, but there was an obvious hint of relief in her voice. “Hihi, nice work dad.”

Although she had been surprised by their sudden appearance, Lena’s face soon turned into one of realization.
“You planed this, didn’t you? And then listened outside the door.”
Elsa grinned. “We would have noticed you two going at it no matter where in the house we where. And yes, we did kind of give dad a nudge.”
Mai moved her beaming face closer. “It was getting to painful to watch you two, so we had to do something to help fix it.”
She then blushed a little and continued in a lower voice. “And besides, we couldn’t wait either.”

Lena started moving her tail, carefully pulling it out from under Marcus’ head and then coiled it around all four of them.
She squeezed them all together into one big group hug with a smile on her lips.
“Honestly, every one in this family is hopeless it seems.”
Marcus shared a hearty laugh with them all. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

As he laid there, enjoying the feeling of being wrapped up in fluffy fur, smooth scales and soft skin, he pulled them all a little closer.
“I love all of you so very much.”
They all showed him various cute facial expressions as they replied in almost perfect sync. “We love you to daddy.”

After spending a few minutes just basking in the comfort of each other’s warm bodies, Mai’s face suddenly lit up.
“Hey, tomorrow we should all have a foursome! I’ve practiced some tricks on onee-chan, I want to see how you react to them onee-san.”
Her honest eagerness, as well as Lena’s shy but curious face and Elsa’s smug approval grin, made Marcus laugh again.
It looked like he was going to get busy really soon, but he didn’t mind in the slightest.

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