Noxia 23

Following their hectic misadventure, Aaron’s humble party took a long, well-deserved day of rest at their chosen inn. When the sun finally tucked into the horizon, blackness overtook the soft oranges the sun had left behind. The night permitted all the meek creatures scurrying across the land below to partake in any debauchery their hearts desired, all thanks to the mask of darkness protecting their dignity.

Will was relieved when his friends decided to merely hit up a nearby tavern to celebrate their hard-earned victory. He could keep down a few drinks; other activities he had seen and suspected were transpiring at the Hog’s Way after sundown were something he’d be more hesitant to dip his toes into.

And while Will could chug a beer or two without choking, he had never been a particularly heavy drinker. But it wasn’t a typical midnight for him. His bones ached, his muscles were still sore, and above all, the nonstop stress of the previous night still had his nerves skittering on a thin wire. He rectified that be slugging down liquid fire. Each glass made the world go all the more warm, fuzzy, and manageable. He felt the aches fade, if by just a bit. But more than that, it bolstered a fresh confidence within him.

He knew, beyond the icy shadow of any of his nagging doubts, that he had done something good. Something that the Mother would smile about.

Downing another glass, realizing each shot burned less and tasted better, another thought crossed his mind… what would his own mother say if she learned of the whole debacle? His father?

Both of his parents were alive and well. Despite their lack of illness and stable income, their simple, humble little lives would doubtlessly be rattled if they had received word of their son’s mutinous actions. They had already survived the ordeal of losing their first two sons; whether that would’ve toughened them up for a third loss or made them crumble under the combined guilt and shame would be anyone’s guess.

Will’s drunken satisfaction had almost completely faded away as more hazy thoughts intruded. Had they found out about his sparing of the lizard woman? He had no clue how they’d react to that. They might forgive him. Chalk it up to him just being too soft for his own good. His mother hated monsters, and while he had never heard his father directly spitting on the Demon Lord’s name, he was a nationalist to the bone.

He couldn’t even begin to picture would it’d be like if they discovered what he had done. If they knew he murdered three people for the sake of the freedom of some enslaved monsters – whilst in the company of a hellhound, her lover, and a merry thief, no less.

William had absolutely no doubt they would’ve disowned him in any case. Suddenly, he didn’t feel such brazen confidence flowing through his body any longer.

Sucking back what he thought would be tears, William asked the portly fellow behind the bar for another shot of that strong-yet-smooth honeyed whiskey.

“I think you’ve had enough, kid.” the propriety let him down with a professional mildness as he served another patron a tall mug of ale. The bartender’s hard face against his soft words told Will that he expected an angry, rambling threat from experience.

But Will was too polite and too inebriated to argue or care. Sulking, he spun around on his stool, leaning forward with his elbows against his knees. Previously, Aaron and Val were to his left and Nathan flanked his right. All four sang each other’s cheers and gave a mocking toast to Otha’s health. But now, both his male companions had left, replaced by some ugly fat man and a drunken fogy with a concerning amount of gunk clustered in his beard.

Tired violet eyes roamed the tavern, finding Nathan chatting up some blushing serving girl near the back. Not thinking much of it in his drunken state, Will looked further towards the front, spotting Aaron and Valerie.

The two were laughing over something or another, Aaron drunkenly kicking his feet up on the table and putting down beef and beer like they were air and water. Valerie didn’t appear quite as intoxicated. Will briefly wondered if hellhounds even could get hammered, or if their hellfire-furnace bodies would just burn such mild poisons out of their systems. Blankly, he watched Aaron and Valerie get a bit more frisky than what could be considered acceptable in public. Will watched Val’s tail thump uncontrollably against her seat.

And for whatever reason, he remembered Nariko’s smiling face right before she left without even saying goodbye.

Groaning, he spun back around, slamming his forehead against the counter. The sounds of stringed instruments, ringing bells, loud, boisterous chatting… like wasps buzzing with an aimless fury around in his skull. Only some sick fuck had replaced their stingers with nails.

Feeling a bit sick, he dragged himself from his stool. He clumsily made his way by all the other happy patrons, careful to avoid any drunken fights for the night. When he stumbled out the back, he almost immediately felt relief as the cool summer night began kissing at his sweaty skin. He hadn’t even noticed how hot it had been in there.

He leaned against the alley wall, boots kicking around random bits of garbage and scaring away the a few stray cats feasting on moldy scraps of tuna. Still supported by the gringy stone, he sucked in deep breaths, then finally noticed just how putrid the cool air was.

“Good Mother…” he spat, repressing the already strong urge to vomit up the contents of his full stomach. Miraculously, he managed to keep everything down. With the obnoxious revelry dulled in his ears, even his headache began to fade, if only by a gradual bit.

Will looked back towards the flickering orange light coming from under the back door, watching shadows bound through it. Briefly, he thought of his friends still inside. Then, he thought of his bed back at the inn, then the tightly-packed straw mattress suddenly seemed far more comfortable than he remembered.

“They can… take care of themselves…”

Taking wobbly, careful steps out of the dirty alley, the archer began the trek back to the inn. Lanterns and torches strung all about helped keep his path lit. While he somewhat thankful he didn’t have to contend with pitch blackness in hand with his spinning vision.

He saw more rough types hanging about the shadowy corners where the light’s comforting guidance abruptly halted, but he paid them no mind. He realized he’d probably make an easy target for any aspiring mugger, being drunk and alone, but that didn’t matter to him.

Even after all he put himself through, he still felt guilty. Guilty and alone.

The party’s chosen inn’s dining room and bar were practically empty. That was the main reason, Will supposed, they had even left the sorry place in the first place… they wanted to party it up, aside from questing after more high end food and drink.

Still feeling like he had just been smacked with a metric ton of bricks both inside and out, the archer tried to make himself as quiet and innocuous as possible as he slipped through the common area. Somehow managing to attract the attention of everyone in the immediate vicinity, he sheepishly slunk back into the inn and returned the room he shared with Nathan.

Groaning, he yanked his feet out of his boots, collapsed onto his bed, and threw a forearm over his eyes, too tired to even extinguish the flickering flame of the oil lantern on the dresser at the center of the room. He stirred in and out of dreamless sleep for a few hours, napping off some of his drunkenness, but finding it difficult to fully pass out for whatever reason.

“The light…” he grumbled, finally deciding the lantern’s shine was what was keeping him up.

Something else bothered him. Not just the light – something was off. As he slowly pried himself into a seated position, eyes still closed, he just then realized that the lantern was neither on the dresser nor ignited when he had left the room.

Will didn’t have time to bolt up in a panic. His eyes only opened when he felt a warm weight hop onto his lap, two delicate yet powerful hands pushing him further into the mattress. There, looming above with a smug smirk framed with wild locks of azure hair, was Nariko.

“Hey.” she huffed, voice hot and heavy.

Will slept off a bit of his drunkenness, but his mind was still sluggish in piecing together just what was happening, “N-Nariko… what are you… I thought…”

“I had to get some of the stuff Wes stole from me back – and get that damned collar off.”

With puffy violet eyes, Will saw that she had indeed removed the slave collar that Wes had so callously used to sear away her flesh. A circular ring of a scar wrapped around her neck, a ghastly red blemish around her otherwise perfect skin.

“O-oh. Well, I’m glad to-”


Will hushed up, feeling her finger gently brush across his chapped lips. She let it linger there for a long moment, staring down at him with a smiling expression Will couldn’t quite read. She just sat there, grinning, her small, pink tongue peeking out and teasing her own lips.

“N-Nariko… what are you doing…?”

“Do you know how long I was cooped up in that little cell, sweetie?”

“No.” William uttered softly and curtly, as if to not upset her. He doubted she’d be as cold-hearted as to fry him after everything he had done for her, but if she so desired in his vulnerable position, she could easily send her azure bolts coursing through his body, ensuring a swift but painful demise.

“I’m not sure myself. I’d hazard around five years.” she whispered, her impish smile replaced by a sobering face that looked both relieved and remorseful.

Will didn’t know what to say. Feeling he had to say something on the other hand, he stupidly stuttered out whatever popped into his mind, still somewhat fuddled through the sweet poison of alcohol.

“I’m… sorry…”

Nariko’s smile was back before Will had even had a chance to miss it.

“Yeah, you’re certainly an odd one, aren’t you?” she cooed, fingers playing with the fabrics of his tunic, “You’ll run out a moving mountain of iron and take on some mad mage like they’re nothing, then you curl up like a mewling little kitten in front of a pretty girl~”

Will wanted to bring up his previous musings on how it would take little effort on her part to reduce him to a crispy husk, but wisely decided not to.

“Nariko… what do you want from me?”

Her sparkling eyes all the brighter in the dim light. What emotions that spilled out were beyond him. All he knew was the electric heat that crackled palpably through the air between them only intensified.

“I want to see what kind of man you are, sweetie~!”

Will could hardly register what happened next. Her actions were fast as lightning, and he had little recourse as the azure bolt dashed from his chest to his legs, tugging roughly at his wrinkled clothing.

“N-Nariko, w-w-what are you-?!”

She settled down, squatting over and taking a seat just above his crotch, making sure to grind her naked rear into his exposed flesh. His body shivered, and not just from the sudden chill. The quick realization broke him from his stupor like an icy bath – in a span of a second or two, she stripped him completely naked.

She laughed almost eerily, the playfulness in her eyes burning sweltering into animalistic lust. With her fluffy tail going rigid behind her, Nariko teased her fingers along the edges of her kimono’s chest. All William could do was stupidly gape up at her. He propped himself up on his elbows, but she remained solidly rooted to his stomach.

“Relax, sweetie… you’ve already seen my pussy, right? No harm in showing you my puppies.”

“W-w-what are you saying?!”

William may not have been a lecher like Aaron or Nathan, but he knew perfectly well what she was attempting. He didn’t know why he even bothered to ask. The desperation in his voice only seemed to make her cheeks glow brighter. Grip tightening over her dress, she yanked it open.

Will was certain his jaw could drop any further. Nariko was quick to disprove him. From out of the flowing silk dyed the richest of blacks and blues, her smooth breasts came tumbling out, jiggling briefly before coming to a rest. Both were immaculately shaped, tipped with already hardened pinkish-brown nipples. Another round of sweat broke across Will’s forehead. He was terrified. He felt as though his heart would spring from his chest at any moment. But for whatever reason, deep down, he couldn’t stop thinking about how their pert softness would feel cradled against his rough fingers. They looked to be perfect handfuls, even.

Something more concerning broke from his thoughts. As Nariko leaned just a bit forward, William finally noticed the slick, soft warmth just below his navel. She wasn’t wearing any underwear.

The eastern girl looked almost giddy, her sharp little teeth on full display with her lusty grin. A trail of saliva slithered from the corner of her quivering lips. She rubbed down on Will, and he could feel more and more slimy juice spreading across his skin.

Will’s face flushed totally red. He clenched his eyes tight, his tired, fried brain trying to reason out why this was happening to him. Nariko crept down, and he felt the plush softness of her tits and their hardened nipples as they rubbed against his clammy skin.

“N-Nariko! Stop! Please!”

She paid him no mind, only continuing to giggle like a madwoman. She continued her assault, licking and kissing at his collarbone, leaving more and more of her lewd pussy juice smeared on his stomach. Will’s body began shaking and shivering, his knees buckling and fists grasping aimlessly at the sheets below.

Then, they both felt it. Will was mortified. Nariko’s already elated grin looked almost orgasmic.

Will couldn’t have done anything to stop it. His growing cock finally was at full mast, and it throbbed eagerly against Nariko’s ass. Squealing and mewling, the weasel girl pulled away for just a moment, resting on her knees with her cheek against Will’s beating heart.

The archer gasped and huffed. Nariko’s furry ears wiggled joyously, tickling his nose. Things were going too fast. Far too fast. He felt her small hand wrap around his erection, guiding it towards her dripping snatch. He couldn’t muster up any protest until he felt his head kissing her slick, quivering folds, already parting for him.

“Nariko… please… why… why do you want to do this with me? You barely know me!”

Will finally gathered up enough scraps of confidence to pry open his eyes and meet her face-to-face. She turned her head, chin between his pectorals, and flashed him a new kind of smile. One that had all the swaggering blithe attitude she usually carried, but also showed an undeniable softness.

“Because, sweetie… I’ve already decided you’re the right the one…”

She lifted herself higher, Will’s sensitive crown shooting mind-blowing waves of pleasure from his head down to his toes. Without wasting another precious moment, the raiju lifted her hands behind her head and dropped down.

At first, Will felt a small bit of resistance. But that was soon gone, and his entire shaft was being squeezed and milked from all sides. Warm and wet, tingles of pleasure rocking his entire world.

Will shuddered, rolling his head back into his pillow, trying his best to cope with the mind-blowing feeling. Nariko’s body was no less wily. A shiver raced up her spine, and her plump thighs and shapely legs went wobbly. She shakily leaned back, propping herself up with her hands on his knees.

“Ha… haaa…” she huffed, breath hot, blue sparks popping around her blushing face. She looked to be holding onto her self-control by a thin string herself.

Slowly, the raiju began rocking her hips back and forth, pussy juice leaking out from her snatch and staining their rubbing flesh and the sheets below. Nariko was leaking like a faucet. Will could only brace his entire body in a fruitless effort to try and bear the pleasure until it was all over.

Nariko’s hips gyrated faster. She let out adorable little squeaks and mewls; picking herself up and spearing her cunt on William’s cock over and over. Her rump slapped against his wet thighs with every bounce, sending a lewd sound all throughout the room.

Her movement went more wild with each plunge. The raiju went wild, throwing and shaking her hips, leaning back as her breasts jiggled in turn. Their pungent sweat filled the air between them, the cool summer air blowing in from the window doing little to quell the heat.

Will couldn’t hold it any longer. He felt his loins stir, white-hot, ready to erupt.

“Nariko… please… I’m going to-”

Her lips, slick with saliva, quivered with laughter. She threw herself forward, hands against his chest, ass slapping against his thighs as she rode him.

“Inside! Do it inside!”

Will was encumbered in every sense of the word. Mentally, emotionally, and physically. Yet, even in his lumbering state, it didn’t take him long to piece together that cumming inside Nariko wasn’t something he’d be ready to face the consequences for – even though it was more than fair to say the blame could’ve entirely been set on her. Will bit his lip, trying to fill his mind with the most unerotic thoughts possible. But the trigger had already been pulled. He felt her snatch quiver and tighten, demanding his seed. He couldn’t stop his unruly body from obliging.

White-dots flashed underneath his clenched eyelids. Shot after shot came pulsing out, sticky seed filling up her dripping cunt. Will felt her nails dig so slightly into his chest. She shuddered and shook atop him, mewling out loudly and shamelessly, a wanton, glazed look in her previously lively eyes. More and more fluid squirted from her pussy, leaving both their crotches soaking and a dark wet spot under William’s ass.

William wasn’t sure how long either of them basked in their sweet afterglow. He just knew when feeling finally returned to him, he felt her humble weight atop his heaving chest, laboring his breath. He swept the dripping sweat out from his eyes, craning his neck to meet her once again.

She was splayed across his belly, cheek resting at the center of his chest. Even sideways, he watched her grin wickedly, and a warmth flooded his body. Her fluffy tail brushed his knees, and her ears gently folded against his chest – listening to his heart pound.

Giggling, her slippery little tongue darted from her mouth, flicking across his nipple, licking it until it hardened. William shuddered involuntarily, never even having considering touching himself in such a way. He felt his cock twitch, still buried in her pussy, sticky fluids sloshing around as he attempted to shift his way out. But Nariko was relentless, pushing herself down and trapping him in place.

“Oh, no. No, no, no, no. I’m not done with you, sweetie.”

Will audibly gulped. He managed to defensively raised both open palms before his face.

“W-wait a sec, Nariko! You can’t just spring on me like this, and… and-”

“Can’t what?” she chuckled like an evil mistress, leering down at him. She scooted forward, their hot, heavy breaths steaming as they mingled, “Do this?”

Then, she claimed his lips.

While Will was never much one for black comedy, he found himself mulling over his predicament and nearly chuckled. He never thought he’d have his first time taken by force; especially not by some girl half his size.

He felt her tongue wrestle down his own, then eagerly scrub his mouth. A far cry from any of the short, sweet, innocent pecks he exchanged with the one or two girls back in his home village all those years ago. The tiny solace he tried to find in her inability to steal his first kiss as well seemed paltry as she practically fucked his throat with her tongue.

Just as Will was about to surrender to her wills, he felt the spark.

From their sloppy kiss, he felt an electric spark race all throughout his body. For a moment, he was blind, his world a blur of stark white flashes on a deep blue blotch. He felt every last nerve-ending that made up his being come alive, shake and shiver, the live heat driving away the muggy drunkenness. Feeling overflowing with life, his vision returned and he was immediately met with Nariko’s smug, saliva sodden grin.

“So? How’d you like that?”

Hearing her taunting words, a new mix of feelings crushed his helplessness and confusion. Anger. Rage at the girl for daring to claim him before he was ready and without his consent. He wanted to punish her for it… but more than that, he wanted more of what she had so suddenly dropped on him. He couldn’t explain or control it. He felt his conscious mind collapse, overthrown by instinct.

Breathing heavily, he forced himself up, throwing Nariko for a loop. William didn’t pause to appreciate the happy shock on her face. He threw his legs off the side of the bed, the cold feeling of his feet on the floor not bothering him. He spun her around and manhandled her until she sat on his lap, her thighs resting on his, her feet dangling just before his shins.

Her tail trapped between them and struggling to wag, Will wrapped his arms around her waist, leaning down and throatily growling into her ear, still not fully comprehending his own actions.

“You think this is funny, don’t you? You bitch!”

“Hah~ hah~”

William couldn’t have told if she was panting in excitement or laughing at his angry barks. Either way, in his blind rampage, he didn’t like her answer. Her pulled her in tighter, lifting her up until his throbbing cock slipped from her bubbly rear and lined up with her snatch, still dripping with her own wetness and his first heavy load.

“Have it your way… if you want me so bad, then take it!

In a complete reversal of just a few minutes prior, William savagely dropped the raiju down and jammed his entire cock into her pussy with a single plunge.

Nariko let out a long cry, a sweet song of shudders and moans that only tickled Will’s new sadistic side. He barely held onto her with how violently she shivered and shook, but he managed to keep her firmly in his grasp.

Not giving her time to rest, Will started bouncing up and down, the old wooden frame of the inn’s bed creaking and groaning, his heels tapping dully against the floor, the girl in his arms panting like a dog.

“Ahh… ahh~ sweetie, please… I’m sorry for making fun of you…”

Even if William was capable of listening to her at that point, he wouldn’t have been able to stop himself. Whatever surge she had sent coursing through his body didn’t just strip him of inhibitions, it also sent his senses spiraling into overdrive. Everything suddenly became much, much more vivid to him.

The vanilla scent of her long hair and the stink of sex between them filled his nostrils. Her vibrant blue seemed to pop all the more in his eyes. Their shared heat began to feel sweltering. And above all of that, he felt each movement of her slick folds, every time he thrust whipping him into going all the faster.

With every bounce, he felt himself lift off the bed for just a moment before slamming back down, bringing Nariko with him. She squealed and cried, tears streaming down her red cheeks and sticky fluid spilling from her twitching lips every time their thighs collided.

Her cunt was tight and warm, and the alight nerve-endings along his member made sure to drive that pleasure into Will until he was grunting and roaring like an animal himself. Despite how hard she squeezed down on him, she was slick enough for him to easily start bouncing her up and down as fast as he could go.

Her tail, excitedly squirming from where it was sandwiched between her back and his stomach, went stiff as a board. Her long ears shot up, and he felt her arms reach back and wrapped around the back of his neck. Will couldn’t stop himself. He just kept rocking his hips, ravaging her like a barbarian.

Will felt her tighten. Her chorus of pants and moans stopped, and a high, shaky cry left her lips. Will gasped, keeping himself inside her, to overcome to keep thrusting. A long stream of sticky liquid gushing out from where they were connected, splashing down on the floor some distance away. Not far behind her, Will grit his teeth as he felt his groin stir for a second time.

Thick, warm semen blasted from his engorged cock, totally filling the girl still wrapped in his arms. Wheezing and gasping, William hunched over, letting the girls feet touch between his own. His cock slipped out of her, the mix of their cum flowing out of her and further staining the floor.

All the pent lust and rage seemed to leave William along with his orgasm, billowing out of his body like smoke and leaving him a tired husk.

“What…” Will gasped, finally getting a grip on himself, “What was…?”

“The raiju’s kiss, sweetie. Our lightning isn’t just for battle. We can also stimulate… unused areas of a man, both his mind and body.”

While he was still unsure of what exactly she had meant by that, Will’s overworked heart finally burst and sank when he heard the door’s lock tumble and click. It was already swinging open before he finally sat up, Nariko still cradled in his arms and both still very much in a state of complete undress. He didn’t have time to cover himself before a drunkard thief stumbled in, a cross of disgust and befuddlement on his face.

“Fuckin’… great. Now we got two sets of lovebirds on this lil’ adventure.” Nathan slurred. Not paying much mind to their nakedness, he clumsily stumbled back over to his own bed and collapsed, almost instantly falling into a deep slumber.

Mortified, William left himself vulnerable for a second assault. Giggling, the raiju threw herself back, forcing Will’s back into the sheets. Nariko sat up, tail sweeping across Will’s chest before it lifted to give the archer a clear view of her shapely rear. She was already lining up his cock to her dripping, cum-filled cunt for another go.

“Ready for round three, sweetie~?”

Will didn’t have the heart or bravery to turn her down. All he could offer was a nervous grin. Gripping the banister, he gritted his teeth and prayed to the good mother that Nathan wouldn’t awaken until morning. He had a feeling it was going to be a long night.

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