No Arrest for the Wicked 1: Bad Cop

The Gulf Area Weather Control initiative hit another stumbling block today as a misfire from one of the supposedly fine-tuned sonic emitters set off a cascade that nearly ended in the early formation of a tropical storm. Gria Jones, the head of the initiative, reassured citizens that every precaution was being taken…”

Eli shook his head at the newscast. Every time they failed, they sounded more and more like mad scientists. They’d yet to stop a hurricane from hitting the south coast, and no amount of media headlines would convince him the tech was there yet.

Still, shame about the failure, even if it was a long shot.

Miles and millions of dollars away from anti-hurricane technology, Eli squatted down near the mess on the floor. Damn vending machine busted cans twice a day now. His boss should’ve replaced this one months ago. Sure, the auto-vacc could take care of ninety percent of what messes the customers left behind, but when it came down to it, there was no substitute for good-ol’ elbow grease.

Halfway through cleanup, Eli heard the bell at the door chime.

“If you need anything behind the counter, just holler,” he said.

“Sure thing,” the customer replied. It was a heavy, male voice, thick with fatigue and, if Eli wasn’t mistaken, more than a touch of booze. Reckless. But what did he care? Not like cars nowadays had breathalizers on them. That was early electric car tech.

Just as he finished cleaning, the auto-vacc’s familiar buzz whirred up and the small, circular bot whizzed right through Eli’s hard work. If he didn’t know better, he’d say the thing was trying to take credit for it.

Listening to the newscast ramble about the next story—a local quadrapalegic successfully grafted with a new section of spine—Eli hummed quietly to himself as he stashed the cleaning materials away. Once finished, he sauntered back up to the register and spotted the customer that’d entered a moment ago.

And froze.

It was a cop. Thankfully, he showed no interest in Eli, instead surveying his options from a vending machine in one of the cramped alises. Eli looked away.

Just a customer. He’ll be in and out.

Eli pleaded he’d find whatever he wanted from the machines. The kind of cop that wandered into a quick-charge station drunk was probably not one that cared much about rules. And any kind of disturbance involving a cop would get reported.

Damnit, I don’t want to have to move! Not again! Eli didn’t even hate his coworkers. Hell, he kinda liked a couple of them.

“‘Ey!” barked the cop.

Eli put on his best face. “Yes?”

“Got any those, those rolly-things?”

“Rolly things?”

“Yeah.” The cop rubbed his fingers together. “The things you roll, then put ‘em in your mouth.”

“The things you… oh. Marijuana.”

“Yeah! That’s the word! Mary-wanna. Got ‘em?”

Eli turned, placed his thumb upon one of the thumbprint readers on the shelves behind him, and the marijunana shelf popped out. He grabbed the most popular one and jammed the shelf closed. “Here.”

“Aww, no, I need th’ orange one. The orange packaging.”

Mulling the information over, Eli recognized the brand the cop was talking about. And tensed.

“We don’t have that brand, can I get you another?”

“What? Y’had it last time!”

Eli fought the urge to correct him. “I’m sorry, we just don’t have it.”

“What kinda place you runnin’ where you don’t got the orange kind?!”

Reinforcing his plastic smile, Eli pulled at his collar. “You might like another brand. The most pop—”

“Fuck off.” The cop whipped out his phone and started punching something into it.

Shit. Is he calling backup?

“Sir, maybe I can—”

“I said shut it with your excuses-es!” he slurred. “Here!” He shoved the phone screen into Eli’s face. It was a picture of a different brand of marijuana. “This’n!”

That one they had. Quick as he dared, Eli pressed his thumb into the reader behind him again. He was met with an angry buzz and an electronic voice. “Thumb not recognized. Try again.” He not-so-delicately tried once more and the shelf popped open.


The cop snatched it from Eli’s hand and took a closer look. His drunken frown evaporated like it’d never existed. “Yeeah, that’s the stuff! I knew you’d come through for me!” Stuffing it into his pocket, he stumbled out.

Eli collapsed into his chair. That was one more out-of-stock item from turning into something much, much worse.


Joeth, his coworker—a stout, bald, truck of a man—was looking at him, concerned. Eli gave him the best smile he could manage. “Hey, Joeth. Remind me to tell the boss to get some orange-brand weed in.”


“It would be conducive to my health.”

“You alright?”

“I’m fine.” At least, he would be eventually.

“That’s what you always say. I’ve told you a hundred times you can go home if you’re feeling like crap. This tiny place only needs one person to watch it.”

“You know I can’t get enough of this place,” Eli said with a smirk.

“The reason I’ve told you a hundred times is because you come in pale as an albino more often than not, feeding me that exact same line.”

“It’s just a little trouble sleeping, nothing new. Don’t worry about it.”

“Not being able to sleep ain’t a little problem.”

Is he really going to make a big deal out of this? “I need the hours.”

“Fuck the hours, your health’s more important.”

“Can’t have one without the other.”

Joeth waved Eli over. “Follow me.”

The two walked to the small break room in the back. Joeth closed the door behind them before sitting. “Look, Eli, if you’ve got some condition, or some personal problem, whatever—”

“Joeth, dude, I appreciate the concern, but you’re acting like a few days of sleep deprivation is the end of the world.” He pat his chest and presented himself. “Look at this picture of health before you! I’m fine.”

Joeth leaned back in his chair. “How old are you again? Twenty-something?”


“Your sunken eyes make you look thirty-six. Let me tell you, as a concerned coworker, hell, as a friend, you don’t have to do this. You may think money’s everything, but when you hit forty and you can’t walk a block without getting lightheaded or sore in the knees, you’ll be wishing you hadn’t pushed yourself so hard.”

“It’s just a little insomnia, that’s it. Once I’ve saved up some money, I can have a doctor look at me, if that’s so important to you.”

“Doctors can do a lot, true, but you know what else works? Something you haven’t even tried yet?”


Joeth opened his locker, rummaged around for a moment, then slapped a small card into Eli’s hand. “A break.”

Eli eyed the card and instantly recognized the name on it. StimuluVR. A local full-immersion VR company. One of the best, he’d heard.

Their specialty was digital coupling. Or, without the PR-speak, porn.

“Are you out of your fucking—”

“Take the damn thing or I’m telling the bossman you were tugging it at work. And don’t you dare come back without having used it.”

Eli shoved it into his pocket so fast he got whiplash. Joeth was not a man you tried to beat in a dare.




Eli’s auto-cab beeped at him as he stepped out, signalling the wifi card in his pocket had been read and charged. A moment later the auto-cab was gone, leaving him alone before StimuluVR’s storefront. StimuluVR’s office looked like a retro-futurism-themed nightclub from the outside. It was lit with cool purples, blues, and had a disorienting blacklight over the front doors.

Eli took a quick look to both sides and behind himself. No one following. He was crazy enough to accept the card from Joeth, but he didn’t need anyone seeing him using it. Best keep his time on CCTV to a minimum, too. He walked inside.

The first thing he noticed was the lighting. Whereas the outside was cool and flashy, the inside was warm and calm. A light but peppy tune filled the background. Reception was a high circular desk in the middle of the lobby flanked by plush chairs for waiting customers. None were occupied and Eli thanked god for that.

Wouldn’t nighttime be busy for them? Why is no one else here?

Eli approached the counter. When he was close enough to see over it, he saw a man probably just a few years his junior poking around on a tablet.

“Heya, how’s it goin’?” said Eli.

“Great! I’m Daviel. Welcome to StimuluVR, the place where your digital dreams come—come, uh, did I mess it up again? Damn.” He scrolled through his tablet. “Wait, I was right the first time! Oh well. Anyways, what can I do for you?”

“I’ve got a card for…” Eli glanced at the card. “Three free hours?”

“Sweet deal. Let me see it.” Daviel ran the card over a scanner. “Cutting it close, huh? This thing expired tomorrow.”

Eli scowled. Joeth, you asshole.

“You been here before?”

“First time.”

“Awesome. There’s a lot to explain first, so let me take you to a place where we can sit.”

As Daviel led him off to the back, Eli’s curiosity got the better of him. “Why is no one else here?”

“Oh, we got plenty of customers, they’re just in the back. Private rooms. You only really see people waiting out in the lobby during the daytime or super late.”

“The daytime?”

“Yeah, weird shit, isn’t it? I’m guessing people are hiding it from the mister or misses. Or maybe people who come here on the regular got so much money they don’t care what other people think. But you’d have run into a crowd if you came a couple hours from now, too.”

Daviel opened the doors to the back, revealing a rather plain but well-lit hall. It reminded Eli much like a hotel, doors lining the sides all the way to a flight of stairs at the end. The music from the lobby was absent. In fact, he couldn’t hear anything but a touch of white noise.

“Right over here.”

They entered the closest door. Within was a plain but cozy room with several large chairs and a round table between them. Daviel took a seat and gestured for Eli to do the same.

“So! I’m supposed to give you a bunch of marketing blah, but I’ll be honest and say I’ve never been able to remember the whole thing. The gist is that we got three offerings: one, you can pick from a list of premade scenarios, live it out, and that’s that. We’ve got some basic AI that can handle some deviation, but overall there’s not much flexibility. That one’s the cheapest.

“Second offering is a little more advanced. We send you through some calibrations, take some readings, then generate an AI from it. It ends up learning your preferences and will create a scenario you’ll like from it. Exactly what that scenario is depends on you and how much time you’ve bought.

“Last offering is the most expensive. You pick a setting, we populate a world and some other basics, but your partner is an actual person. Real time responses, emotions, intuition, all that good stuff. And here’s about where I ask you which one you want, but…”

“I take it that’s listed on my gift card.”

Daviel waved the card over the tablet. “That’s right. And this thing’s still fully charged, so you got the full three hours.”

“Three hours sounds like a lot.”

“Depends. It’s a lot for some and nothing for others. Most spend about that long, though.”

“And which offering is it for?”

“Second. But, my dude, I’m sorry, there’s a catch.”

Eli narrowed his eyes. “What?”

“The card’ll cover you for the time and it’ll give you a discount on the initial price. But it won’t cover it completely.”

“‘Initial price’?”

“The second offering costs less per visit, but has an initial pricing to cover the time the calibration takes and the generation and storage of the AI itself.”

“How much.”

“300. And that’s with the half-price discount from the card.”

That was half a week’s pay! “Could we play rock paper scissors for it?”

“Hah! I wish.”

So Joeth gave me a card that was both about to expire and wasn’t any good without spending more. Eli eyed the door. He hadn’t committed anything yet. 300 bucks was a lot.

‘And don’t you dare come back without having used it.’

Dammit all.

“There’s gotta be some kinda discount you can give me. Or maybe move the card to a different offering? I’d be fine with the first.”

“Can’t move the card to a different offering, but I might be able to swing a little something. One sec.” He tapped around on his tablet. “Well, it’s not much, but I can do another 50 off, seeing as you’re a first-timer.”

Eli brought out his phone and checked his back account. He had enough. So: 250 bucks or test to see how serious Joeth was. And, well, of course, there was the upside of the actual experience. If this place was as good as he heard…

Eli leaned forward, covering his face with his hands. Wasn’t the whole damn point of this to relax?

“Alright, you sold me,” said Eli.

“Great! I’ll just get you in the system. Got ID?”

“Yeah.” He held up his driver’s license and Daviel scanned it.

“That should be all I need now. Looks like you’ll be in…. 118. I’ll show you.”

After a moment’s hesitation, Eli followed Daviel out into the hallway. “So how exactly does this work?”

“I’ll, uh, tell you once you get to your room. Not supposed to make much noise out here.”

118 was a bit more than halfway down the hall. Daviel waved a small fob across a lit pad on the door. The display on it changed from ‘OPEN’ to ‘PREP’, and a bar above the door changed to blue. Taking a second look, Eli realized all the doors had the same pad and notice, with most being red and ‘IN USE’.

The room was not what Eli expected. Instead of being about the size of a hotel room, it was quite small, more comparable to a bedroom. Even more surprising was the smell. He figured it’d either smell like musk and sweat or disinfectant, but in truth, it was pretty neutral. The walls, ceiling, and most of the floor were covered in soundproofing foam. The real focus was the rig in the center.

The core of the rig just looked like a very plush hospital bed, but at the head, things got crazy. A massive sphere about the size of a beach ball with a single opening at the neck covered where the head would be and in the back of the sphere, several wires curled into the floor.

“Watch your step and close the door,” said Daviel. After Eli did so, he laid a hand on the rig. “Alright, so this is what you’re gonna be relaxing in during the VR trip. It’s what’s gonna be doing all the stuff to your head to create the simulation.”

“Crazy,” he said.

“You don’t know the half of it.”

“How does it work?”

“Hell if I know. This stuff is way too advanced for me. All I could really tell you is what I need to do in order to get you set up.” He reached behind the sphere and pulled out a couple wires with small pads at the end. “I gotta put these on a couple spots on your head, then you lie down and stick your head in there.” 

“But what’s the head apparatus do, exactly?”

“Scans your brain and does all the magic it needs to for the simulation.”

“Ah, yes, magic. Always knew it existed.”

Daviel scrunched up his face and started whizzing through screens on his tablet. “They shove so much info on us during orientation, I dunno how they expect anyone to remember all of it. From what I’m reading here, this machine first puts you to sleep, then tricks your brain into thinking it’s awake while funneling all the information needed for the simulation into it through your eyes. These things,” he said, holding up the wired pads, “send feedback about what you’re doing to the AI running the simulation.”

“So it’s giving me a realistic dream, then.”

Daviel shrugged. “Sounds like it. I’ve been under before a couple times myself. I couldn’t tell the difference between it and the real world, so it’s close enough.”

 Eli allowed himself a morsel of excitement. That’s actually… kinda cool.

“Wanna know anything else before we get this going?”

Eli shook his head.

“Then all you gotta do is take off your pants and get into the rig. I’ll wait outside.”

Daviel went outside. Inspecting the rig, Eli realized the part where his lower half would go wasn’t just covered with a blanket like he first thought. There was something like a belt around where his waist would be and attached to it was a rather sophisticated-looking orifice. He didn’t need Daviel to tell him what it was meant for.

Blushing in anticipation, he slipped off his pants, adorned the belt, and then called for Daviel to come back in.

A moment later, Daviel had him all hooked up to the machine. Eli’s head was inside the huge sphere, and he was lying down, waiting for something to happen.

“So, uh, when does this start?”

“One more second… ok, I’m ready to go here. I’ll be letting out some gas in there and it’ll put you to sleep pretty quick. Then the simulation starts.”

“What if I need to leave or wake up?”

“Once you’re in the simulation, there’ll be an invisible button on the back of your head, right above your neck. Hit that and you’ll wake up.”

“And I have three hours? What about the calibrations you mentioned?”

“Don’t worry about your time. The AI knows how long you have, it’ll plan things appropriately. And the calibrations already started. Your actions in the simulation will be part of them as well.”

“Alright. Guess I’m ready, then.”

“Sweet. Have a nice dream!”

As he drifted off to sleep, Eli’s last thought was, This is crazy.




And just as he closed his eyes, he opened them. Looking around, he could see he was still in the same room. Same smell, same lighting, same dimensions, everything. Not a thing was out of place. He pat his body. No trace of the pads on his head or the odd belt in his pants. He reached up for his head and found much the same. At least until he got to the back of his head. Something was there, something hard and unnatural.

The failsafe button. Eli forced himself to stop messing with it.

Everything felt so real, so natural. The way air moved across his arm when he waved it. How his arms and face moved. The chill of skin against skin as he ran a finger down his arm. When he pulled at a chunk of his hair, he felt a familiar spike of pain on his scalp.

After double- and triple-checking that yes, everything indeed felt real, Eli came back to the present. He’d spent so long testing his senses that he’d almost forgotten he was here for something. He walked outside the room—and that was when he truly realized he wasn’t in reality any more.

The door exited straight to the street. No hallway, no lobby, not even the StimluVR building behind him was there except for the room he’d just walked out of. The street itself, while it looked normal, was not the same road he’d gotten off the auto-cab on the way here. To add to the bizarreness, it was completely empty. Not a soul in sight.

A wave of dizziness crashed over him and he stumbled. Eli pinched his temples. Then giggled. I’m actually in fully-immersive VR. This. Is. Insane.

The street ahead split three ways. One road led to the suburbs much like where he lived, lit intermittently by calm, golden streetlights. Another dove straight into the heart of the city where nightlife lit up the sky. The third petered off into a wild field, disappearing into the darkness of the night. Shrugging, Eli headed down the sidewalk to the suburbs. It felt calming to be walking in a more familiar area, even if it was just an illusion.

Stop that. If he couldn’t get over the fakeness of this simulation, he’d never be able to enjoy it… even if it was really cool to think about.

Before long, he came upon another intersection and suddenly realized there was traffic where there had been none before. He looked back down the road he came to find lines of cars whizzing by as if they’d always been there. Once at the intersection, he stopped and waited for the pedestrian lane to open. As he waited, he realized there were people lounging around the area. Not just that, but, they weren’t all necessarily ‘people’. To his right was a small group of three individuals having a chat.

None of them were human.

One, a lamia, was the tallest, yammering on about something to her friends, a fox girl and a succubus. They all moved so naturally, like there was nothing odd about their existence. Like having a chat on the side of the road was the most natural thing in the world. The way the lamia’s coils became animated with her speech. How the fox girl’s tail meandered back and forth with the wind. The little twitches from the succubus’s wings when she grew interested in something. Their smiles, their stances, all impossibly real.

A wave of lightheadedness threatened to throw Eli flat on his back, but he caught himself and slapped his face. He was going to waste all his time fainting at every little surprise if he kept this up! What he should be doing is figuring out the next logical step from here. Whatever the AI had planned for him, he wasn’t going to figure it out standing around.

Looking down a different street, Eli spotted another group of women, this time all quite human. If they saw or cared about the monstergirls, they didn’t give any indication. In the third and final direction, he saw one more group, and while they were human, they weren’t exactly normal. All of them had unrealistic proportions. One was over nine feet tall. Another had comically large tits.

Ah. I see what this is. The AI was giving Eli a choice. Subtly, just like the first intersection, but a clear choice nonetheless. If he wanted a nonhuman partner, he’d go down the road with the monstergirls. Same for a normal human or a fetishized human.

Eli scratched his head. Wasn’t the AI supposed to figure this stuff out on its own? Why ask?

No, that’s not a question he should be asking now. It didn’t matter why. So, smiling to himself, he headed down the road with the chatting monstergirls. He almost strutted across the street to introduce himself to the girls, but stopped himself. The simulation had just started. It would be best to see what all the AI cooked up for him. Instead, he waved at them. The three waved back before huddling together, their chatter intensifying.

As Eli meandered down the sidewalk, the environment began to fill up. More homes lined the streets and there were fewer vacant lots. Eli passed a fire station, a gas station, and a strip mall on his trek. He was beginning to relax until he saw a police car.

His body locked up and his eyes fixed on the car. With the windows up, he couldn’t make out if anyone was inside. Only after several seconds of no movement or silhouettes did Eli loosen up enough to keep walking. He quickened his pace and threw glances behind himself until it was far behind. At that point he remembered it wasn’t even real.

Activity and noise began to pop up. People showed up on the opposite sidewalk, mostly monstergirls, taking casual strolls through the calm neighborhood. The variance of monstergirls was stunning, and only after seeing a dozen different types did Eli realize they were probably meant as a selection. 

The further he walked, the fewer cars and people passed by. Was the AI figuring something out? He didn’t feel like he was giving it any real feedback.

A foul stench made his nose wrinkle. Someone’s well-aged garbage had been left by the curb. A second later, he realized the air had grown thin and developed a wintry chill. When he looked up, however, the air was not what froze him.

At the curb was another cop car. A behemoth of a woman was leaning against it, her beefy arms crossed as she looked out across the street. She must’ve been at least seven feet tall, maybe more. Her police uniform consisted of an unbuttoned, untucked navy shirt and a skirt that he suspected was not regulation length. Under her shirt was a pitch-black sports bra hugging a sizable chest. A toned six-pack rippled along her stomach and her tucked arms revealed defined muscles. And that was just the human parts.

A pair of large cat ears sprung from her head and her limbs were half-covered in fur. A broad set of bat-like wings grew from her back and, to top it all off, she had a rather long tail, bumpy and segmented, with a vicious-looking bulb at the end that was riddled with spikes.

He’d taken a step backward before he knew what was happening. His brain kicked back in and he stopped. This was clearly a sign from the AI—this was the first time it was placing someone so close. Not to mention how damn hot she was. The skin tone, the build, even the height might as well have been plucked from his head. In fact, it probably was.

But did she have to be a cop?

“Hey, how’s it goin’?” he called out.

The woman’s cat ears twitched and she half-turned to him. “Was wondering if you’d speak up. Things’re alright.” 

“On patrol?”

“More or less. Haven’t seen you before around here. New?”

“More or less.”

The woman smirked. “How long you gonna try to talk at me from over there before you decide to come over?”

Eli looked down. “Pretty cold out. Guess it got to my feet.”

She threw her head back and chuckled. “Good one!” She waved him over. “I get you might be a little nervous, happens a lot with manticores. Don’t worry ‘bout me though, I’m harmless.” She punctuated the statement with a grin that was anything but.

Manticores? That’s what she’s called? Wait, especially? Eli strolled over to stand beside the manticore, trying to think of a good follow-up line, but each time his eyes dart over to the police cruiser she was leaning against, he lost his train of thought. “I’m Eli.” He offered his hand.

A meaty paw took his upper arm instead, plopping him on the car hood before she sat down too, her tail curled up behind her. The bulb at the end of it hit the car hood with a loud thunk. “Name’s Kiara.” Eli attempted to shake her paw. He was lucky to get his hand around two of her three massive fingers.

Chuckling, Kiara swallowed his hand in her colossal grip and shook. “Pleasure. So, what’chu out and about for? Enjoying the night?” 

“Trying to figure some things out.” It was true enough.

“You had that look about you.”

“How about you?”

“Wishing I was sitting on my porch enjoying a nice stiff drink.”

“You, uh, drink much?”

“Here and there. Not as much as I used to back in my college days.” She whistled. “You shoulda seen me back then. Every other night I’d stumble home with a helluva headache. Looking back, it was a lotta fun, but I don’t have that kinda stamina anymore. Besides.” She tapped her badge. “Got a job to worry about.”

Eyeing her sloven appearance, Eli nodded. “Uh-huh.”

Kiara rolled her eyes. “C’mon, no one except my boss actually cares how I wear my uniform. Buttoned, unbuttoned, it doesn’t matter, you can tell I’m a cop. Not like it’s any harder to do my job.”

“I’ll take your word for it.”

“There ya go!” Kiara grinned and ruffled his hair. “Knew I liked you.”

A paw closed around the far side of his waist and pulled him snug into her. “Be a little more familiar. Besides, it’s chilly out and for whatever genius reason you decided to go out in shorts and a t-shirt.”

Had it been cold the whole time? He didn’t remember feeling cold when he first entered the simulation. He pinched his bare leg then tugged at his shorts. Didn’t remember being dressed so lightly, either.

“One of the great things about manticores is all this fluff,” she said, tugging at the dark brown fur around her neck. “Never get cold. It’s a pain in the summer, though.”

Kiara was far too familiar for someone he’d just met, Eli decided, but it was… comfortable, in a way. Like he couldn’t say the wrong thing around her. He entertained the thought right up until he saw her badge again.

“Hungry?” she asked.


“Great.” Kiara reached into her car, grabbed a backpack, and pulled out an impressively-long sub sandwich. Her massive paws tore it in half like paper. She inspected the two halves and offered Eli the one that was clearly shorter. He half-smiled and accepted it.

“You’re not allergic to anything, are you?” she asked.

“Not to anything in this. Unless you make really odd sandwiches.”

She winked. “Won’t know until you try it.” She tore a huge bite out of her half and grinned.

Eli stared at his sandwich. It looked normal enough. Did she drug it somehow? Wait, did drugs even work in the simulation?

“Yeesh, it was a joke. The oddest things in there are pickles.”

Not wanting to disturb the cheery mood, Eli dug in. The sensation of eating in a simulation made him dizzy, but he shook it off quick enough that Kiara didn’t notice.

“So what about you?” she asked.

“What do you mean?”

“I told you what my past was like. How ‘bout something from you? You have any wild college days?”

Eli suppressed a smirk. Wild college days. That’s a relic of the 20th century. “No. I kept clean. Probably one of the ten people in my graduating class that did. And it paid off.”

“What do you mean you—” She deflated. “Oh, c’mon, just because I’m a cop doesn’t mean I’ll bust you for something you did years ago.”

Eli shrugged. “I’d like to think my wildest days are still ahead of me. College was pretty boring, honest.”

Eli tugged at his collar. He hadn’t lied about college, true, but he had forgotten he was talking to a cop. Or at least a mimicry of one.

If I can’t get over that, this conversation’s going nowhere.

“Really.” She adjusted her tail, using it to carry her weight as she leaned back. “Alright, if you ain’t gonna say more, I won’t press.” She flicked his back, making him jerk up. “But you sit any stiffer you’re gonna snap.” Shoveling the last of her sandwich into her mouth, she stood up and wiped the crumbs off her paws and mane. “Let’s take a walk. Starting to get antsy.”

“Alright. But, uh, are you going to just leave your car?”

“Bah, it’s practically impossible to break into. ‘Sides, I can call for it whenever I need it.”

She’d already started down the sidewalk before Eli could stand. When he caught up, she pointed down the street.

“I know all sorts of people down here, been running this route for a while. I’ll introduce you to them.”

Huh, thought Eli, I wonder if the AI’s taking this opportunity to show me some other options.

“You got the advantage on me, knowin’ I’m a cop and all. What do you do for a living?”

“I’m an acc—er, electric car station clerk.”

“Oh yeah? Man, I know college doesn’t get you as far as it used to, but damn, that’s a downer.”

Eli scowled. “It’s just an in-between thing.”

“Mmm. Yeah, that’s usually how it goes.” She didn’t sound like she believed him.

“I have to move a lot. Makes it hard to keep a job.”

She turned to give him an apprehensive look. “Alright, alright. I’m sure it does.”

As she looked forward again, Eli chastised himself. He didn’t need to prove anything to Kiara, she was literally a construct of an unfeeling AI master. She’d stop existing the second she left his sight and the AI that put her together didn’t care what sort of job Eli did or didn’t have.

“Y’know, I picked you up ‘cause I thought you’d be better than twiddling my thumbs in my car, but you’re harder to get a good answer out of than a criminal in an interrogation,” said Kiara.

“My bad. Guess I enjoy silence too much.” The apology was out before he thought about it. Why did he feel the need to appease this co—no, this assembly of code? “Any, uh, good patrol stories?”

“‘Round here? Fat chance. I don’t spend as much time out here as I’d like, anyways, with most of the physical stuff being handled by robots and smart cars. Only reason I’m here is to keep the rich people happy to pay their taxes. Though I do have one story…” She broke off, frowning at his arm before seizing it. “I told you the t-shirt was a bad choice, you’ve got goosebumps everywhere. I’ll lend you my paw, it should help ‘till we get inside.”

The grip of her single paw swallowed up his entire upper arm with a cozy warmth. It was better than the cold, but Eli couldn’t help but feel there was more to it.

That thought led down dangerous roads. While he kept his eyes off Kiara’s paw, he could feel how squishy her paw pads were, how his arm felt like it was being swallowed by a pillow, and how Kiara’s heat flowed into him with a tingle. He couldn’t help himself from thinking what it might feel like if she took that paw and reached lower.

Eli shook his head. What am I thinking? She’s a cop! I was telling myself I needed to leave a second ago.

Just as soon as he thought that, he retorted. This is supposed to be porn. It’d be out-of-place if I wasn’t thinking about these kinds of things.

“Anyways, the story. I was canvasing the scene of a break-in at a little sandwich place not a few miles back behind us. Bots had already secured the place and left. I was pokin’ around, looking for evidence, when I heard a thump. It was comin’ from the sandwich place that was supposed to be empty.”

Why does the AI feel the need to make this manticore hold onto me? It’s not like I can run. And I am definitely not spending the rest of the simulation with her.

“I about called for backup right there, but dammit, I was due something more thrilling than watching roads and napping on my routes, so I walked in, quiet as possible. Canvassed the place, same as bots did, came up with nothin’. But then I heard it again.” She pointed up. “In the ceiling.”

She’s a cop. Is she thinking about turning me in? For what though? I haven’t done anything. Not here at least.

“Now, most people think with these wings, I’d have no problem getting into a ceiling, but lemme tell ya, flying in a building with low ceilings is just about impossible. So I went about looking for a ladder or something, and half-way through my search?” She grinned. “Man came crashing down right in front’ta me! Shoulda seen the shock on his face! I was stuck in place, caught halfway between laughing and cuffing him. Soon as he recovered, he scrambled to his feet, fists out, ready for a scuffle, but then he got a real good look at me. And he saw the tail.” Kiara raised her tail, wagging it in front of Eli. “Never seen a man pale so fast. Bailed before I could even get a word off. Gotta say, even if I ain’t very representative of it, I do enjoy the reputation manticores have some times.”

Does she know? She can’t, right? But she might. Oh, god, she might.

Eli stopped. Kiara looked at him, confused.

“I’ll be right back.”

Without waiting for a reply, he ran ahead, making a bee-line toward a nearby store. Once inside, he scrambled for the bathroom, hopped into a stall and slammed the door behind him.

I’ve got to get over myself. This isn’t real. She’s not a cop. I’m fine.

But as he wiped his forehead and his hand came away damp with sweat, he knew that wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

If I can’t get over it, I can at least keep faking it. Surely the AI knows by now Kiara isn’t going to work.

Eli spent as long as he dared in that stall, looking at his feet and trying to regulate his breaths. Being nervous in front of that cop wasn’t going to help. He could do this. With one long, loud inhale, he stood up straight and walked back out.

He found Kiara spinning her tail around in a paw as she waited. Her ears twitched and found him before her eyes did.

“Sorry, bathroom,” said Eli.

“That usually isn’t quite the effect my tail has on guys,” Kiara replied with a smug grin.

Eli watched her tail as it dropped back down behind her. Kiara said something else, but he wasn’t listening. There she goes, bringing up the tail again. What’s so special about it? Does the AI think— Shaking his head, Eli focused back on the sidewalk in front of them. He was done analysing everything.

“Yo,” said Kiara.


“I asked what you thought about the story.”

“Oh, yeah, definitely.” He offered a smile to appease her.

She squinted at him. “What’s so important goin’ on in that head you can’t drag yourself out of it for a few minutes?”


Smirking, she leaned in. “Uh-uh, don’t think you can dodge that question with an apology. I don’t care, I ain’t offended. But I am curious.”

Just wondering what a near-omniscient, omnipresent AI is aiming for by making a transient digital puppet who’s supposed to appeal to my fetishes tell me a story about her fictional past.

“I was thinking about your tail.”

Now that got her smiling. “It is somethin’, isn’t it? Just hope you never see it open.”

It opens? But Kiara said nothing more about it, leaving Eli just as clueless as before.

The two soon made it to the small corner of businesses Kiara was talking about before. She showed Eli around, introducing him to each of her friends who, as expected, were a different variety of monstergirl. The first, a electronics store owner, was a rather cheery kraken who was even more touchy than Kiara. Next was a banker, a tank of an oni who towered over even Kiara and talked a mile a minute. Then there was a slime girl who ran a motel. They found her relaxing in a pool. Well, more accurately, as a pool. The only part of her with any form was her face, a drowsy smile that looked like it might drift off at any moment.

As they said their goodbyes, Kiara asked for a key to a room and the slime girl directed her to the reception desk, where Kiara collected it before turning back to Eli.

“Well, you up for it?” she asked.

Eli’s face flashed confusion. He hadn’t picked a girl yet. The slime was nice, but she also seemed pretty lazy. The oni definitely hit the office lady vibe, but I’m not feeling that right now. The kraken’s forwardness was quite appealing, reminds me a bit of… His thoughts trailed off as his gaze ran over Kiara again.

Had the AI come up with someone new altogether, then? All this running about, it was just to gather data with Kiara as his chaperone. Whoever was in the room that that key unlocked must’ve been the end result of the AI’s computations.

And Kiara was asking him if he was ready to fuck.

Eli bit his lip.

“Sorry, that was probably a little forward,” she said. “Force of habit. Just wanted to make sure you were comfortable bef—”

“I’m hella ready.”

Kiara licked her lips. “Alright, looks like you know what you want. Let’s go, then.”

On the walk to the motel room, Eli had about five heart attacks. It was nothing Kiara did, all he got from her was a swaying ass and tail. No other monstergirls appeared, either. But the pounding in Eli’s chest was so loud and so fierce it took every ounce of concentration to keep putting one foot in front of the other. His face could’ve fried an egg. This was it. He was about to meet his perfect match. And he was also about to collapse.

Smooth talking can’t change the fact I’m such a fucking virgin.

An eternity later, Kiara stopped. “Here we are.” She slid the key in the lock. “Now, before I open this door, I just want to be double-sure. You okay with this? Cause I can’t tell you exactly what’s gonna go on in there, just that it’s going to be wild.”

“That’s what I’m here for.”

“Whatever you say.”

The lock clicked. The door opened. Who was it? Another manticore? A girl he hadn’t seen before? Or someone he had? An amalgamation of the two, maybe? On shaky legs, Eli wandered in.

Other than the furniture, the room seemed empty.

Confused, Eli started searching the room. Was the girl small? No, in the bathroom? But the bathroom was empty, too. Invisible?

The door closed. The lock clicked. Kiara had followed him in.

“Is it that you’re dense, or slow? Of course there’s no one in here,” she said.

It didn’t make sense. Had he run out of time already? It hadn’t seemed like three hours, but if the AI thought there wasn’t enough time, it probably would just pick the manticore as a default. 

Eli brushed by Kiara in his desperate search, oblivious to the tail hovering over his shoulder. It drooled something viscous onto his arm. Eli grabbed the scruff of his shirt and started wiping it off, but it proved difficult to clean off.

“That’s not the only thing you’ll find hard to remove,” said Kiara.

“I don’t want the manticore!” he said to the ceiling.

“I know,” said Kiara.

“I’m not talking to you.”

“I know you think you aren’t.” Her bulky paw grazed down his arm while she gave his chest a closer look. Her tail moved in closer as well, but he pushed it away.

“My pick’s the kraken.” Hopefully the AI caught on.

“I know,” said Kiara.

“I said I wasn’t talking to you.”

“I know.”

“You keep saying, ‘I know’!”

She paused, a long, cruel smile broadening her face and moved closer. “I know.”

Eli took another step back. How can I get a message through to this AI? Anything but the cop would be better than this.

“Like I asked before, are you dense, or are you slow?” said Kiara. She grasped his other shoulder with her paw and squeezed, taking in a deep breath as she did so. “You are going to be so wonderful.”

“This isn’t what I want!”

“I—” Kiara stopped herself. “Enough teasing. Should I spell it out for you?”

“Sure. Because I clearly missed something.”

“I am the AI.”

He narrowed his eyes at her.

“Slow, then, not dense.” She stepped closer until she loomed over Eli, then planted a paw on the wall above him. “I said, I am the AI.”

“Great! Then we can clear this up. I’m not interested in a cop.”

Her smirk was vile. “Why not?”

Thankfully, Eli caught himself before he answered. “You should be running the scenario, not participating!”

Her body shook with her bellowing laughter. “I shouldn’t be participating? But that’s the funnest part!”

Her tail rose up in the small space between them, headed for Eli’s face, but he shoved it away. “Then you should know I don’t want…” His brain scrambled for the word. She wasn’t the manticore, not really. But at the same time, she was. “…you!”

“But you’re getting me.”

“I paid for you, I’m supposed to get what I want.”

For the first time since he’d peered into those golden eyes, he saw anger. Her other paw smashed into the wall beside him and she growled. “When you are here, you get what I want you to get and exactly that. You’re lucky I’m even bothering.”

“You’re bothering because you’re programmed to.”

“I think I’ve heard enough blathering. I came here to enjoy myself.” A paw went to his groin and cupped it. “And that’s what I’m gonna do.”

Eli recoiled from her touch, sliding along the wall to get out from under her. He dashed for the door, not daring to look behind himself, and threw it open.

The door did not lead outside.

Instead, there was another motel room, a perfect mirror of the one he was trying to leave. Including the occupant.

“I control this world, Eli,” Both Kiaras spoke in unison. “There is no escape. There was never any escape from the moment you went to sleep.”

Eli’s head spun. His eyes darted back and forth between the Kiaras. His eyes knew what they saw, but his brain couldn’t process it. It felt like his thoughts were caught in a bog and slowly sinking.

“Or did you want both of me?” Both Kiaras purred. “How ambitious of you. I’ll entertain it, if you’d like.” The second Kiara stood up and started walking towards him.

Eli slammed the door as fast as he could.

“Good. I would’ve gotten jealous of the other one,” said Kiara.

“So, this is where you tell me this is an elaborate joke, right? I can appreciate someone with a sense of humor.”

Kiara just kept walking closer.

Eyes focused on the approaching manticore, Eli spotted a rear window. He dodged to the side and made a break for it.

The bulb of Kiara’s tail caught him square in the chest, slamming him into the wall. The pressure against his chest was incredible, enough even to lift him a few inches off the ground. He grabbed the tail and pulled to no avail.

“Yes, my tail is quite strong, isn’t it? And soon, I’ll be devoting every last one of its muscles to milking you dry, but for now, I just want to taste my little snack.”

Paws pinned his hands before he could push her face away and she dove in for a kiss. His lips were no match for the manticore’s sly, determined tongue as it slipped inside and massaged his stubbornly-clamped teeth. Her invading saliva was a thick, foul slime that coated everything it could. In a moment of revulsion, his jaw loosened and the manticore jammed her mouth against his to force him wide open. He gagged as her wild tongue explored his mouth, smothering everything in her wicked saliva before wrapping his own tongue up.

“Mmm,” she hummed into the kiss, working her mouth in slow, perverted motions, constantly pressed into his face so hard as to keep his jaw from clamping shut again.

After what felt like minutes of deprived violation of his mouth, Kiara withdrew, slurping as her tongue hid back inside her mouth. “And he’s delicious.”

“Your joke’s just about to go too far, you know!”

Eli aimed a kick between her legs. It connected, but all Kiara did was chuckle as she pushed her body against him.

“Is that what you like?” Kiara pressed her knee lightly into his package. “I can kick, too.”

“Alright, I tried to warn you!”

Eli threw every last bit of strength he had into his arms, pushing against Kiara’s paw and tailpussy, grunting while his face went red with effort. He just barely managed to wrestle one arm an inch off the wall before his strength gave out.

“Seems my tail alone is stronger than your entire arm. I supposed I’d be disappointed if it wasn’t; I work out with it often.”

Eli’s thoughts scrambled. There had to be a way out of this! Surely StimuluVR wouldn’t let something like this happen, they’d get sued to death! Eli’s eyes lit up. The failsafe button!

He threw his head back into the wall. Thud. Nothing. Thud. Thud. Thud. Each time, he hit the wall harder.

Kiara laughed. “Oh, little temptation, that’s not gonna work.” With her free paw, she pet him, running her paw through his hair and down his cheek. He hated how the cushy fur gave him goosebumps. “I have a degree of control over that bothersome little failsafe, and I can tell you, it will fail to save you from me.”

“Anyone ever tell you you’ve got an attitude problem, spikey-tail?”

That really got her chuckling. “We calling each other names, now? I have so many of those to choose from.” She gave Eli a peck on the cheek, then another one right below it. “What would you like? Somethin’ sophisticated? Or more debase? You can keep being my dinner. My scrumptious, bite-sized, hor’s d’oeuvre. My delectable, squirming nibble.” She nipped at his neck hard enough to make Eli cry out. “A vocal morsel, aren’t you? How cute.”

“I figured a program could only find 1s and 0s cute.”

“A program that you’re going to dump enough loads into to make my capacitors burst.” Kiara licked the spot she’d just bit.

“You can stop now, you know.”

“Mmm, your desperate sarcasm just makes me hungrier. But I can be patient.”

She eased off his arms for a second. The moment Eli felt her paw and tail loosen, he yanked his arms free and darted for the bathroom. Kiara, however, was much faster, hooking her tail around his waist and jerking him right back into her body. Collecting his arms behind his back in a single paw, she shoved him face-first into the wall.

“You know, I’ve pushed many people up against a wall like this, but this’ll be the first time it’s not for an arrest. Unless you’d like me to use the cuffs.”

“You’ve never made an arrest, you’re not even a real cop!”

Kiara’s haunting laughter echoed through Eli’s head. “It’s so pointless to say it but you do anyways! Why? Do you feel like it gives you some power back? Do you think I’ll care?”

Her free paw gravitated toward his pants, rubbing his crotch in slow, circular motions. It didn’t take long before his cock was bulging against her fingers.

“Hard even through your clothing? For someone who supposedly hates this, you’re sure agreeable down there.”

“About the only place that is right now.”

“Would you cum from this? Just a wimpy repetitive motion like this, around and around, my furred fingers dull against your cock through your shorts? I bet you would. And I bet it wouldn’t even take that long. But I’m not here for that.” She stopped. “You know, I control your clothing, too. I could just make it all disappear. But it’s so much more fun to rip it off.” Watching his eyes, she seized the front of his shorts and tore them clean off.

Eli blushed despite himself.

“Very nice. Plenty for my tailpussy to play with. Oh, it twitched at the sound of that. You want me to use my tail?”

Eli scowled at his treacherous member.

Kiara hummed. “Not yet.” Instead of the slick, wet grasp of a tail, the silken, cushy grip of her paw encompassed his cock. The sensation hit Eli so suddenly he couldn’t stop the moan that rattle out of his mouth.

“I know I’m a tease, but did I really get you so worked up you’d moan from my grip? You’re really gonna to need to control yourself or I’ll just tease you more. Now let’s get some lube on there.”

Her tail came around from behind and hovered over Eli’s cock. He could’ve sworn he saw it smirk before a single petal cracked open. Copious amounts of warm, syrupy liquid drooled from the entrance, smothering his naked cock. Kiara drifted into a simple pumping motion, smearing her lube until he was completely covered. As it soaked into her fur, her pumps glided along his length both easier and louder, a squelch coming out at the peak of each one.

“We’re gonna start nice and slow. I won’t blame you if you throw a few thrusts in there too, but don’t get ahead of yourself. Enjoy it.”

She added a rough squeeze, falling into a constant but gentle rhythm. He heard her breath against his ear, hot and heavy. Each noise her paw extracted earned a grin or a quip, sometimes a light hiss of breath across his ear. When she added a twisting motion, he moaned.

“You’re right, it’s a little too hot to take this slow. You’ve tried so hard to avoid bucking into my paw, but let me assure you it’s going to feel so much better if you do.”

Her paw accelerated, amplifying the damp squish of fur on skin. While Kiara remained in control of her pace, it was intentioned, now. Hungry, not patient. And each time she encompassed his cockhead and swiveled her wrist, a hot tingle of pleasure electrocuted Eli’s legs. If Kiara hadn’t been holding him by the wrists, he likely would’ve collapsed.

“If you won’t do it for yourself, will you do it for me? I’d love to feel you surrender, watch your hips buckle as you give up. I’m making you cum either way, but I want you to ask for it. Please? I’m asking nicely.”

“F-fuck off.”

A long, rough tongue ran over his ear. “All out of quips, are you? That defiance makes you taste so much better. Woe is me that was designed this way. I want you to resist, but I want you to give in, too! Mmm, can’t you do both?”

“You’re crazy!”

“Crazy for you.”

Her paw flew along his member, ravenous for his release now. The semblance of pace and control she’d shown earlier evaporated, replaced with red-hot lust. His body begged to give her massive pumping fist what it wanted, but Eli refused, gritting his teeth through the bombardment of pleasure.

Her taunt came out a breathless whisper into his ear. “Yes, just thrust forward now. Fuck my paw harder than you’ve ever fucked your hand.”

Their bodies shook with the force of Kiara’s jerking. The pulses of pleasure from her strokes blended together into one constant stream of unadulterated bliss that grew hotter and hotter until he lost control.

Eli grunted. His vision went white as the orgasm slammed into him. She milked him mercilessly, jerking him through blasts of cum, loud grunts, and surging thrusts. He could hear her excited panting, feel her eyes locked onto his weakening cock as he gave into her again and again.

Even after she’d drained him, her pumping persisted. Eli tried to meet the impossible demands of her vicious paw but his climax had come and gone. The heat within his harrowed loins burst into flame and he thrashed within Kiara’s rigid grip.

“Done? Sorry, snack, but I’m not.”

“It’s too much!” he gasped.

“I know.”

To Eli’s horror, her other paw joined in, interlocking with the first and creating a massive, rapacious cage of slippery fur, pausing but a fraction of a second to secure its grip before flying up and down his cock. He spasmed, trying to control his mind as Kiara’s harsh attack buffeted it. Realizing his hands were free, he immediately grabbed her wrists and tried to yank her paws off. He might as well have been trying to stop a hydraulic press.


“Thrust into them.”

Without a second of hesitation, Eli complied. His body revolted. He ignored it. His knees trembled. He pushed harder. Through the haze of overstimulation punishing his cock, he heard Kiara licking her lips and smelled the stench of her arousal. She was in heaven.

“Harder,” she commanded.

Against his smoldering anger, he complied. Each thrust made the lightning sensations from Kiara’s paws a hundred times worse, but he held onto the tiniest sliver of hope she would stop.

And just a second before that hope evaporated, she did.

Eli about collapsed onto the floor, but Kiara caught him and held him against her while she inspected her soiled paw.

“Not bad, snack. It’ll take a good wash to get all this out of my fur.” She flicked her wrists and the semen disappeared. “At least, it would in reality.”

“Nice magic trick.” Eli tried to pry himself off of Kiara, but instead crumpled under his spent legs.

“Whoa there, careful.” She picked him up mid-stumble in a princess carry. “You’re still pretty weak from that. I would know, I was pretty thorough. Let’s rest on the bed for a bit, huh?”

She laid his scowling body on the bed, propping a pillow up for him to rest his head on. “That better?”

“Take a wild guess.”

Kiara smiled at that, delicately pushing the hair away from his eyes with a claw.

“Don’t go relaxing, though. We’re not done yet. Surely you didn’t think that a manticore would be happy just getting you off with her paws?”

She sat atop Eli, her ass pressing his chest hard into the bed, then wrapped her thighs around his head. He would’ve mused about the gentle caress of a pair of muscled yet silky thighs squeezing his head between them, but at the moment he was too miffed at their owner.

“How much do you know about manticores?” she asked.

“You already know that.”

“Yes, but it’s more fun to ask.”

“I’m sure it is.”

Like a snake, Kiara’s tail arose, the opening at the tip always pointing at Eli’s face as if watching him. Eli became stone in Kiara’s grip, the only moving part of him being his eyes. He was finally going to see it. “Let me teach you about my tailpussy,” said Kiara.

Once in position, the tail bulb bloomed. Liquid oozed out, dripping from the cracks between the petals, so thick it hit the sheets with an audible splat. What really chilled Eli’s spine, however, was the movement. Everywhere, little tongues and tentacles were wiggling about like a sea anemone. The petals stretched in and out almost like lips and, in the depths of her tail, he could see the pink walls closing in and flexing with mesmerizing dexterity.

“A manticore has complete control over her tail. Every tongue, every petal, every inch of muscled flesh can be moved at will. It even has instincts of its own. If I were to ignore it, perhaps fall asleep, it would keep sucking and sucking and sucking until its grip gave out.” She leaned in to whisper, “Of course, you’d have lost your sanity long before that.”

He planted his feet and tried to roll away, but the soft, overwhelming embrace of Kiara’s body didn’t give an inch. In response to his struggle, the pressure on his head from her thighs increased. Fatigue and dizziness hit him hard, the weight of his situation crushing down on him and igniting his struggle. His hands sunk into her thighs, trying to pry them apart but they remained still. Her biceps bulged as she seized his wrists in her paws and pinned them to the bed.

“You could pull at my thighs all day and never move them an inch, but I don’t want you worried about struggling, I want you worried about staying conscious. While my tailpussy milks you dry, I want you to give me some attention, too. If I cum before you do, I’ll stop at one orgasm. If not, I’ll keep going until you pass out.”

Almost any other time, he would’ve let it happen, even anticipated it. But his cock was limp, weary, and drained, and the moment that tail decided to swallow it up, he knew the fire it’d stoke within his loins would make what her relentless paws did seem like a dying ember in comparison.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“Ha! I thought that’d be obvious. I want you to cum, Eli. I want you to dump so many loads inside my tail I feel gluttonous when I’m done. It’s what I was made for.”

“But why can’t you do it, like, some other way?”

“Because you don’t want it some other way.”

“I’m very clearly telling you I do!”

“Did you forget? I can see what’s going on in your head. I know the impulses that run through your brain and I know how you’re reacting to what I’m doing. Words are a terrible way to lie to me. Plus,” she said, pointing to Eli’s slowly stiffening cock, “You might want to get that under control before you start telling me you don’t want it. Now, be a good boy and make lots of noises for me, kay?”

With that, a meaty paw grabbed the back of his head and shoved him into her pussy. In that same moment, her tail lowered. And everything lost meaning.

The opening slipped down his cock like a pair of lips sealed against his skin. Gooey walls closed in around him and brought with them a thousand fervent touches. Doughy appendages from the size of beans to that of tongues squirmed, hugged, tickled and lapped up anything they could. It was an utter, inconceivable chaos of heaven and hell.

Instead of Kiara’s tail giving a soothing, mind-blowing massage, however, the overworked, raw state Eli’s cock turned it into a ravenous cuddle from a hundred arms of lightning. The guttural noises that spewed from his mouth sounded like nothing that a human could make.

Kiara roared with laughter. “I can’t believe you! I told you to make noises ‘cause I thought it’d just piss you off, but here you are honking like a fucking bike horn! Not that I don’t appreciate it, but damn, snack, have at least some self-control!”

While Kiara’s words were teasing, her tail was not. Twirling, squeezing, and churning, it slammed down on Eli’s cock over and over again, snatching at every inch of skin it could reach. Some of the more adventurous tongues slipped out to lick Eli’s balls when her tail swallowed him to his base.

“You’re so delicious that I don’t have any problem wringing you dry.” Kiara closed her eyes and reared back. “But did you forget the stakes?”

Eli gnashed his teeth, forcing his sanity back from the hypnotizing pull of Kiara’s tailpussy. Directly in front of him was Kiara’s wet, waiting entrance. Catching his breath drew in a full punch of her scent—thick, musky, and suffocatingly sweet. Before it could send his head in another spiral, he lurched forward and closed his mouth around her clit.

Kiara arched her back and moaned. “The way your cock fills my tail so perfectly, your desperate lips on my clit, I’m going to save this pleasure and re-run it until my circuits fry.”

The reprieve Eli was expecting from her tail never came. In fact, as her arousal intensified, so did the motions of her tail. The petals squeezed tighter and the bulb sped up. The tongues that were happy to run along his head and shaft now coiled around his length.

Eli pulled at his pinned hands, wishing he could grab Kiara’s thighs for leverage. His tongue darted out, drawing long licks against Kiara’s pussy. He twisted his head, closing his lips over her clit at a different angle. Kiara moaned more, but offered no quarter. Her tailpussy was winning.

There has to be something she’s weak to, some technique that’ll work. What about her tits?

“Less thinking, more licking!” Kiara’s paw jammed Eli’s face even deeper.

Stealing one last breath, Eli devoted himself to Kiara. He ran circles around her clit with his tongue, rolling it back and forth with each cycle. He flexed his lips, adding a little teeth when he clenched to the delight of another long moan from Kiara.

“Yes, right there!”

Her paw twitched and her body shuddered as he pushed harder. His tongue pressed and his mouth gyrated. Kiara’s candy-sweet taste consumed his senses and he slurped it up like he had a sweet tooth. His jaw ached, sore for rest, but he ignored it. He had to. 

But even as she tensed, even as she hollered at the sky, her tailpussy grew frenzied. It pumped at an impossible pace, a blur along his length, hammering countless sensations into his cock each second. Juices streamed down his thighs. The lascivious, wet sounds of her tailpussy hitting his hips was loud enough for him to hear through her thighs. He’d started thrusting into it without even realizing.

Squinting his eyes shut, Eli withdrew his hips and concentrated on holding onto the orgasm Kiara’s tail was so intent on extracting. He took a controlled breath and tried to relax.

Then the tail began to suck.

It slowed, limiting its motions, maintaining a perfect seal on Eli’s cock as it drew him deeper. The suction consumed everything. Each time her bulb drew upward, he felt a part of him disappear, snatched and torn away by that all-encompassing pull. To Kiara’s delight, he moaned, his lips losing their grip on her clit.

“Cum, snack. Dump your load into my tailpussy. Do it.”

Eli tried to withdraw his hips, but the suction on her tail was so great she pulled his entire lower body off the bed. Even then, her tail repeated it’s small, twisting, pumping motions. And it pulled. And it pulled. And it pulled.


Fireworks exploded in Eli’s head as he lost to her tailpussy. Every muscle and nerve in his body fired all at once, culminating in a paralyzing eruption in his cock. Grunting, he shot himself into her tail. Once, twice, three times his balls surged and answered her tail’s insistence for more. Eli cried out in a mixture of exhaustion and bliss, wishing desperately he had more to give.

“Yesss. Yesss. Oh, god, you taste so wonderful.”

As the aftershocks reverberated through his broken body, Eli went limp. But the pull didn’t stop. Her tail did not detach. It required more. He endured one stroke. Two. But then his body began to revolt. His legs spasmed and his hips tried to escape the inexorable tail.

“I told you, if you didn’t make me cum first, I wasn’t going to stop.”

“Please!” His arms flailed about, trying to find her tail and pull it off.

“If you really wanted me to stop, you’d go limp and stop begging.” Her eyes darkened. “But we both know you can’t do that, can you?”

“I don’t want this!”

“I told you words were an awful way to lie to me. And if you didn’t want it, you should’ve done a better job eating me out.” She pried his face away from her loins to look him in the eyes. “I’m getting my pleasure, one way or another.”


Eli’s cries devolved from speech to grunts, utterings that didn’t make sense as words, when Kiara’s tail pivoted, twisting a different direction and adding more vertical movement. She sucked so hard his hips, his stomach, even his very being felt as though they were being drawn into her tail. He turned into her thighs, closing his eyes, but Kiara forced his face back up.

“Nuh-uh, I’m going to watch you writhe. Give me a good enough show and I might leave you conscious.”

Putting every bit of concentration he had into a glare, Eli met Kiara’s eyes. He set his jaw, focusing on his anger.

He shattered when she sucked harder. His eyes went wide. It felt like his entire body was stretching out into a string, pulled taut to be slurped up into her tail. The hundred moving tongues, the crushing pressure of her bulb’s kiss, the tornado suction of her muscles—it was insanity, it was lightning, it was torment.

It was ecstasy.


Again he pumped everything into her tail, his hips giving weak motions that might have been thought of as thrusts. Each spurt was pathetic, but he gave them wholeheartedly. If he could’ve given her tail his soul, he would’ve.

Of course, she didn’t stop. He’d say he didn’t want her to, but he was beyond wanting, beyond thought. Time lost all meaning. Everything was her tailpussy and how much he could give it. 

His next coherent thought came some time later when he realized how easy it was to breathe. He went to rub his eyes, but found his arms hopelessly buried in the clutch of skin and fur. He was lying down with Kiara behind him, his upper body consumed by Kiara’s furry hug and muscle-rippled chest. Her tits oozed out on either side of his head, nustled against his cheeks.

“There you are. Welcome back,” she said.

Blinking, Eli collected his thoughts, then tried to sit up. He had little success.

“Aren’t you done?” he asked.

“I just wanted to let you in on a little fun fact about my tail. Here, let me show you.”

As her tail hovered over to his face, Eli made it a point to look away. Kiara’s massive paw forced his face back.

“See all these spikes? Those are tail spines. We can shoot them at our prey with impressive speed. Or, if things are a bit more personal already…” She trailed off, extracting a spine with a wince. “Poke our prey with them by hand. Now, take a closer look at the tip of this one. That liquid is a venom. Very potent. It gives the receiver a healthy dose of vitality along with a nice, long burst of lust. So with one little poke—” Eli gasped as she balanced the tip on his thigh. “—even the most weary, exhausted man would be ready to be drained.”

“Then why didn’t you use one earlier?” he snapped.

“Because I wanted to torture you, snack.”

Eli pouted. Kiara rubbed his arm, humming to herself. As her paws meandered around his body, gripping, patting, and caressing, his annoyance started to build and eventually burst.

“I’m ready to leave now. Just in case you didn’t know.”

“I wanted to cuddle.”

“Well, I don’t.”

“I don’t care. Now calm down.” Kiara ran a meaty paw over his head, petting him back and forth like a dog. “You’re still all wound up from what I would call a very satisfying encounter. Wouldn’t want you scrambling out of the simulation with your head still in a haze. Besides, I’ve got a few things to tell you.”

“Like what?”

“Well, the thing is, I would very much like you nibble on you again someday, but a few minutes from now when your time is up, you’ll be gone and there’s not much I can do about it.”


Kiara yanked at his hair for his defiance. “But I’m not totally helpless. I’ll still be up and running, churning away at the data you’ve so kindly provided, and I’ll have access to a few things. Like the cell phone network.”

Eli paled.

“Mmm, yes, as slow as you’ve been all this time, you’ve finally figured out something before I spelled it out, haven’t you?”

“W-why would you have access to that?”

“Advertisements. Normally, I’d send you a text or two about coming back. But I could accidentally send something to the police. And it just might happen to have a few select details about—”

“Why are you doing this? Why do you care?”

Kiara gave his head another pat. “Curious, are you? Tell you what, if you end up back here within a week, I’ll tell you. Any longer than a week, well, I hope you’re good at hiding.”

“But this place is expensive.”

“Shh.” Darkness smothered him as Kiara covered his eyes. “Time’s up. See you in a week, snack.”

A dim streak of light invaded Eli’s vision, slowly brightening until the entire room came in focus. He was back in the StimuluVR rig. His senses readjusted. The scent of sex and fur disappeared, replaced with stale air, sweat, and metal. The door clicked open and Eli turned. It was Daviel.

“And you’re back! Hope you had a good time, dude. Don’t have to talk about it if you don’t wanna, most people don’t. I’m just here to get you outta there.”

As soon as he said that, Eli very much wanted to be free. He sat up and yanked the pads off his head, taking several deep breaths of real, genuine air. Daviel helped Eli up, asked a couple questions, then left.

Just as Eli was stepping out of the room to leave, he paused and looked back at the inert rig.

What have I gotten myself into?


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7 thoughts on “No Arrest for the Wicked 1: Bad Cop

  1. Man, you stacked a lot of tropes here, was pretty interesting to have a rapist/monstergirl/evil AI/dirty cop/blackmailer as the villain of the story. Pretty interested to know just what the AI is holding over the protagonist, and I’m hoping the AI’s personality branches out a little.

    One day we’ll have a manticore who’s not a cruel domme, but today is not that day.

    1. i know two of this kind of stories (with manticores who is not cruel dommes), but you’re right – there is so very few of them it’s not even funny

  2. You’ve done it again. Everything about this story calls to me and I absolutely cannot wait to see how it continues to unfold. I’ve been a big fan of all your work since I discovered it and once again you have not failed to impress.

    I’m really, REALLY interested to see how the relationship behind Eli and this AI develop, not to mention whatever happened in Eli’s past that puts him so on edge around law enforcement(on a side note I particularly enjoyed seeing the AI leverage that, absolutely masterful there).

    I also got a really big kick out of the Manticore that the AI became; wonderfully written.

    All in all keep up the amazing work and I will watch your future career(and the development of this story) with considerable interest.

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