Mors Funebris Inter-Lewd 1

Mors Funebris Inter Lascivas. Temerata Terrae- Unus.


Author’s Note- This takes place in between Mors. Funebris Ch. 4 P. 1/2


Lady Mara, had been fortunate to be born as a Lilim.

Despite the fact that she’d born relatively late, (37th out of a still increasing number), to the Great Maou, (Long may she reign!)

She was still high enough in the royal ranks, to be worthy of being handed rulership over a starter kingdom. Standard procedure upon her reaching the age of Majority. (Around 100 for a Lilim).

Alas, it was a position she had not earned. But such treatment is a common mistake for the nouveau-riche.

Thus, like so many other ‘rulers’ who had never truly learned how to govern. She mismanaged it.

So, her fortunes changed.

Until finally, almost inevitably, the Order easily retook her kingdom.

As it turned out, far too easily.

Which dealt a nasty blow to both her, and her mother’s reputation. Along with their perceived competence.

Then, the Great Maou, Mara’s mother, made a decree.

‘Officially’ she sent Mara off to another world. There to assist one of her agents in his endeavor to enhance and progress the Maou’s ‘Grand-Plan’.

However, unlike Mara, everyone else knew the truth.

It was not actually a mission, but a banishment.

She was to live in exile upon an alien world. A world far more hostile to Mamono in general, and Demons in particular, than Mara ever could’ve imagined.


A world so hostile, she had been unfortunate enough to have nearly lost her life, not once, but twice, by the time this account begins.

However, as many are all too aware. The Wheel of Fortune remains forever in motion.


It began, with a cup of coffee.

“Phew!” Mara huffed wearily as she paused in one of the Iron Foundation’s hallways and leaned herself up against an unadorned wall. As she did, she shifted most of her weight from her walking-cane and its arm, to her shoulder.

Looking around the deserted corridor, she looked ruefully at the faux-mahogany panels that lined so many of the Foundation’s Spartan hallways. At first glance, each appeared unique to her. However, she’d been disappointed to discover that that was a lie.

It was only after her most rudimentary of inspections, that she discovered what they really were: Endless repetitions of the same dull pattern. A feature common to the doggerel written by an incel hack-writer.

“Hmph!” she snorted, as she took in a breath and repositioned her armload of folders.

‘Paperwork! Paperwork! Paperwork!’ she griped futilely.  ‘Arawn hadn’t been kidding about my backlog resembling a ‘small mountain’. How could it have grown so large? I was only convalescing for a couple of months!’ she complained to herself.

‘Well there’s nothing for it! It won’t work itself!’ she sighed despondently as she resumed her painful trek to her apartment door- #407.

Just as she was nearing the intersection to her apartment’s hallway and her current one. She was distracted by the sound of an odd whistling coming from somewhere behind her. Without stopping, she turned her head to scope out the source of that unusual sound.

Unfortunately, as she did, she unseeingly blundered into someone else.

“OOOF!” she uttered, as she began to stumble, dropping her collection of folders.

“Hey You Idiot!” sounded a familiar voice. “Watch where you’re going!” She continued, as Mara teetered and then finally fell over to carpeted floor with a surprised gasp.

“Oowww!” she cried, when she sprawled to a painful landing. When she opened her eyes, she noticed that her collection of carefully collated folders and their contents, were now in a jumbled mess all around her.

‘Damn it!’ she thought unhappily.

“God Damn It!” said that familiar voice again, “Look at me! You spilled my coffee all over,…!” It said, and then stopped as Mara looked over and saw whom she’d blundered into.

“Mara?!” asked an astonished Juanita, whose EMS uniform shirt was now drenched, and dripping coffee from multiple spots.

“Hello Juanita.” Mara winced from her position on the floor, as she tried to push herself up, and failed. “Sorry about that.” She winced and frowned.

“No! I should be the one apologizing to you!” Juanita cried, suddenly penitent.

“Uhhmmm, is there anything I can do to help?” she asked, as she crouched over her.

“No, it’s my fault, and yes.” Mara replied as she raised a shaking hand towards the coffee drenched young Latina. “Help me up, please?” She implored.

Forgetting her anger, Juanita’s nurturing side took over as she began to help Mara back to her feet, ensuring that Mara’s cane was sturdily in place before stepping back. As she did, Mara noticed that Juanita hadn’t relinquished her hold on her hand.

“Are you all right?” Juanita asked, nervous. Her eyes burning with concern.

“I’ll be find. Uhhh, could you?” Mara asked as she gestured down to the mess of papers underneath them both.

“Oh yeah!” Juanita realized, as she reluctantly released Mara’s hand. Then she knelt down and began to collect the folders and papers.

“Thank you.” Mara murmured as she admired Juanita’s lithe form. As she did, a mischievous smile spread across her face.

“You look good on your knees.” she quipped, half-serious. Juanita paused in her collection, but didn’t say anything in reply. Instead she stared off into the distance, then she licked her lips nervously and slowly resumed her paper collecting.

“Here you go!” she said after she finished and stood up, with a forced grin on her face Seeing it, Mara was inspired.

“I think I’m in a bit too much in pain to carry them. Would you mind?” she faux whimpered.

“Oh, Uhhhmmm?” Juanita replied nervously as she looked around the deserted hallway intersection.

“My apartment is just a few doors down.” Mara reassured her, while she smiled invitingly.

“I don’t know,…” Juanita said indecisively as she bit her lip.

“Are you going to work?”

“No, I just got off.” Juanita frowned. Mara’s lips twitched.

“So, why don’t you let me make this up to you?” Mara said as she nodded at Juanita’s drenched shirt.

“I can clean that up for you,” she pointed, “and give you a fresh cup to replace what was wasted.”

“Uhmmm, I don’t know.” Juanita replied indecisively.

“Come on, it’ll only take a few minutes.” Mara reassured her.

Oh,..ok.” Juanita surrendered.

‘Gotcha.’ Mara thought as she turned away.

After a few more minutes of hobbling, Mara opened the door to her apartment and walked in, leaving the door open behind her. Turning around she noticed that Juanita was hesitating.

“Step into my parlor.” Mara said then. Which left Juanita shocked.

“Said the Spider to the Fly?” she challenged. Mara replied with a broad smile. Seeing it, Juanita licked her lips nervously, came to a decision and walked resolutely into the room.

“Take a seat, anywhere you like.” Mara said after Juanita had closed the door. She chose to sit on Mara’s couch.

Seeing it, Mara decided to sit on the lone chair across from her, the coffee table between them. As she inched herself down, she noted a look of disappointment cross Juanita’s face.

Just then, Mara’s apartment door flew open and in walked Boto, Mara’s adopted daughter. She was a child on the smallish side, with pinkish gold-flecked skin, along with a tousle of reddish hair that steadfastly resisted Mara’s every attempt to keep it properly brushed.

‘Mama!/Happy!’ she thought/felt as she entered, her face lighting up with a broad smile.

“Hello Boto,” Mara began audibly for Juanita’s benefit. Then she switched to Mindspeech. ‘Please say hello to our guest. Her name is Juanita and she is a coworker.’ She thought. Boto nodded happily and turned to Juanita.

‘Hello pretty-Juanita/Pleased.’ She thought at Juanita, who flinched and opened her mouth in surprise.

“What the!?” she went, shocked, as she touched her hand to the side of her head. “I think I just heard someone’s voice in my head.”

“You did. That was Boto saying hello.” Mara said as she smiled fondly at Boto. Who glanced back at her and returned that smile.

“Well, uhhmm, Hello back?” Juanita replied, unsure. “How is she able to do that?”

“She’s a Vadhagh, remember? They mostly speak through what humans call: Telepathy. We call it Mindspeech where I’m from.”

“Oh, yeah. Vadhagh. I think I remember something about that.”

‘Mama?’ Boto asked suddenly.

‘Yes?’ Mara returned, questioning.

‘Pretty-Juanita desire tea?/Hope.’ She inquired.

‘I believe so, but let me make sure.’ Mara thought back and turned her head to the befuddled Juanita.

“I’m sorry about that. But Boto hasn’t matured enough to learn how to speak audibly.”

“So what were you two,…’talking’,…about there?” Juanita asked, mystified.

“She would like to know if you’d like some tea. Serving tea is one of her passions. She could also serve you some coffee if you like.”

“Ummm, tea is fine. That shouldn’t take too long.” Juanita replied.

“Excellent!” Mara smiled, and then she turned her attention to the eager Boto.

‘Yes she would, and if you could? Please fetch her a couple of medium sized towels.’ Mara replied.

‘Thanks Mama. Yes Mama!’ Boto cheerfully replied, as she began to move, then she paused and turned back to Mara.

‘Which tea set, Mama?’ she inquired.

‘My special set!’ Mara grinned.

‘Yes Mama!’ Boto thought as she returned the grin. Then she gave Juanita a sly glance, as she toddled off into the kitchen.

“It’ll just take her a few minutes.” Mara reassured her. as Boto began to busy herself about.

“Uhhh,” Juanita began awkwardly, “I would’ve dropped by sooner to check up on you. But you know how things are. Busy, busy, busy!” Juanita stammered. Mara smiled indulgently.

“I understand. You saw my workload right?” Mara said as she pointed to the pile of folders atop her coffee table. “Arawn is a harsh task master.”

“Um, yeah.” Juanita replied, and then went quiet.

An awkward silence arose between the two, as Boto made a number of clattering noises in the kitchen. Then after another minute or two, the Vadhagh toddler carried in a large serving tray. Upon which lay a pair of white fluffy towels, an elaborate seeming Teapot, along with a pair of unusual looking pair of teacups and saucers.

After placing the set atop the coffee table, Boto then gave Mara and Juanita their own teacup and saucer, and then began to busy herself with the teapot.

As she did, Juanita raised her teacup to take a closer look.

“I’ve never seen china like this before,…” she began and then she stopped as her eyes bugged out.

“What the hell?” she demanded, as she looked closer at the cups exterior. After a second, she began rotating the cup for a better look.

“Is that even physically possible?” she blinked.

Through it all, Mara silently watched Juanita.

“Mara!” Juanita said suddenly, as she set down her cup. “Where on earth did you get such a pornographic tea set!?” she exclaimed.

“I didn’t.” Mara replied cheekily. “Not on this earth at least.”

“What?” Juanita replied, confused.

“It comes from my homeland, my world. There, it’s referred to as a: Makai Tea set.”

“You brought it with you?”

“No.” Mara replied, shaking her head. “Though it is the one I had when I was an imp. According to Arawn, my mother sent it here during my recovery; for whatever reason.” Mara sighed, annoyed. “Still, it is good to have it here.”

Just then, Juanita became aware that Boto was standing next to her and was waiting patiently to get her attention.

“Yes Boto?” she asked. Boto then smiled and presented her with both of her towels.

“Oh thank you.” Juanita replied confusedly as she accepted them.

‘Welcome Pretty-Juanita/Content.’ Boto replied. Juanita looked confused for a second.

“Oh!” she whined. “I can’t understand what she’s saying. Is she? Actually saying something to me, that is?”

“Yes, she is. If you’d like, I could initiate a temporary link between you and I. It would make it easier for you to hear her.”

“Really? I think I’d like that. I’d feel less like an intruder.”

“My apologies. Though you’ll have to come over to me, I’m still a bit too tired to get up right now.” Mara sighed.

“Oh yeah!” Juanita smiled as she got and placed her towels aside. After a couple of steps, she moved around Boto and stood next to Mara’s chair.

“Bend over. I’ll need to touch your forehead.” Mara instructed.

“Ok.” Juanita said. As she did, by an amazing coincidence, Juanita’s top two shirt buttons had come undone. Which granted Mara a nice view of her cleavage.

She began to raise her hand up to Juanita’s forehead, but paused when it nearly brushed one of Juanita’s breasts.

‘No bra?’ Mara realized then. ‘Interesting.’ She mused, as she resumed raising, and then touched the tip of one finger to Juanita’s forehead.

“Are you ready? This might sting a bit.” She instructed. Juanita nodded. Then Mara gently probed Juanita’s mind with her own thoughts. She quickly found the necessary nodes within Juanita’s brain, and deftly activated them.

“Oh!” Juanita said then as she straightened up. “That was interesting!” she smiled, as she wobbily stepped back and sat heavily down in her chair.

‘The first time usually is.’ Mara thought back.

“Ok, this mindspeech? When does it start?” Juanita asked audibly.

‘It just did.’ Mara smiled up at her.

“What? OH! I just realized I heard you, but your lips aren’t moving.” Juanita goggled.

‘Precisely.’ Mara thought back. ‘Here, instead of speaking. Try thinking of what you want to say.’

‘Hmmm.’ Juanita began, as she tried. ‘How’s this?’

‘Amazing. You take to it like you’re a natural.’

‘Thanks.’ Juanita blushed.

‘Pretty-Juanita/Curious?’ Boto inquired then.

‘Oh! I heard you clearly this time! Uhhhm Yes?’

‘Tea choice/Curious?’ Boto thought then.

‘Uhmmm what?’ Juanita blinked confusedly. ‘Uhhm,…I’ll just have what Mara’s having!’ she thought in a rush.

‘Easier/Happy.’ Boto thought/felt back as she curtsied to Juanita.  Who then looked questioningly to Mara.

‘I’ll explain in a tick.’ She replied. Then she turned to the expectant Boto.

‘Prisoner-Fruit tea.’ She requested.

‘’**/affirmation.’ Boto curtsied as she turned away. Then she went over to the Teapot and placed a hand just above it.

‘What’s she doing?’

‘Just wait, you’ll see.’ Mara replied. Juanita glanced over impatiently, but she decided to keep her peace.

Within a few seconds, steam began to pour out of the teapot’s spout.

‘Ready.’ Boto replied, as she picked the teapot up and then served both Mara and Juanita a red/pink-looking liquid. It held a heady scent that made Juanita’s nostrils flare.

‘Wow! That smells good!’ Juanita thought as she took in a whiff of her tea. ‘No sugar?’ she asked.

‘Not needed. Prisoner-fruit indecently sweet.’ Boto replied. She then turned to Mara. ‘Tea ready. Several cups worth. Please excuse self? Time for meditation.’

‘Of course, Thank you.’ Mara replied.

‘Welcome.’ Boto then turned to Juanita. ‘Enjoy tea. Enjoy each other.’ She smiled knowingly. Then she curtsied to them both, turned around, then entered her bedroom and closed the door behind her.

‘I could hear some of her thoughts, but not everything.’ Juanita asked spontaneously.

‘That’s because you heard more than just her thoughts. The rest were her emotions, her feelings.’

‘What? You can do all that with mindspeech? I had no idea!’

‘Well, not at first. Over time and with practice, one can not only feel another’s feelings, but also sense their sensations.’

‘I’m not sure I follow.’

‘Allow me to demonstrate. Try your tea, and I’ll let you know what sensations I can detect from you.’

‘Ok. Challenge accepted.’ Juanita replied as she raised her cup, and carefully took a sip to avoid scalding herself.

‘Wow!’ she thought suddenly when the first sip hit her tongue. ‘That’s amazing.’  She continued, as she rapidly swallowed the rest of the cup. Mara smiled indulgently as she watched.

‘More please?’ she asked.

‘Of course, you are my guest. Take all you want. Boto can make more.’

‘Thanks!’ Juanita said as she poured herself another cup, and guzzled it down too. As Mara watched predatorially, Juanita quickly emptied the teapot.

‘Wow that’s good stuff! What was it called again?’

‘Prisoner-fruit tea. It hails from my home-lands.’

‘Your home-lands? I don’t suppose I could find some, off the shelf here?’ Juanita said as her face began to flush.

‘Not yet I’m afraid. It’s but one item, out of many, my mother desires to import here someday.’

‘I can’t wait!’ Juanita replied, as she began to perspire. ‘Oh! Is it warm in here, or is it just me?’ she asked as she began to fan herself with one hand.

‘It is feeling a bit warm in here.’ Mara lied. ‘Why don’t you go ahead and take off your shirt then. That way, I can get it cleaned and dried before too long.’

‘Ah yeah. That’s a good idea.’ Juanita replied as she stood up and began to unbutton her shirt. Within a few seconds, she had stripped it off, leaving her standing naked from the waist up.

Naturally, Mara had watched it all with great interest. After a second of enjoying the freedom, Juanita realized that Mara was staring at her. She looked down and gaped.

‘Oops! I forgot that I prefer to go commando.’ She smiled as she covered her breasts with an arm. ‘Uhhhm…?’  she began as she started looking around.

‘I’d lend you one of my shirts, but I’ve gotten behind on my laundering.’ Mara lied again as she pointed. ‘Try a towel instead.’ She suggested.

‘Oh yeah!’ Juanita replied as she grabbed one and draped it around her shoulders. Mara was pleased when it barely covered her nipples. ‘It looks good on you.’ She mused.

‘Thanks!’ Juanita replied.

‘Why don’t you help me up?’ Mara asked, as she raised a hand towards Juanita.

“Oh yes of course!’ Juanita said as she walked over and pulled Mara upwards. As she rose, Mara deliberately let her face ‘accidentally’ brush against one of Juanita’s breasts. But she didn’t seem either to notice or care.

Mara then took ahold of her cane and hobbled over to the kitchen nook, turned on some water into the sink, and put a plug in the drain once the water was warm.

Looking over her shoulder, she was pleased to note that Juanita had followed her automatically, and that she was hovering behind just a little bit closer than she normally would have.

‘Be a dear would you please? Put your shirt in, I need to sit down.’ Mara thought as she pulled out a chair and placed it close to the sink. Juanita moved to obey.

‘Since you’re here, why don’t you keep an eye on the shirt. I don’t want things to get too wet.’

‘Ok.’ Juanita replied cheerfully, as she leaned a hip to the sink and made herself comfortable. Mara smiled then, as their respective positions allowed her eyes to be on the same level of Juanita’s nipples.

‘Uhmm.’ Juanita began suddenly. ‘How is your physically therapy going?’ she asked, trying to think of something to say.

‘Quite well.’ Mara replied, ‘Winter O’Sullivan is an excellent physical therapist. She’s quite the natural; her being a Dearg-due after all.’

‘Heh!’ Juanita laughed then. Getting the joke.

‘Of course, she does tend to ignore my safe-words.’ Mara continued.

‘Oh that’s a naughty thought.’ Juanita replied, as she inhaled deeply and licked her lips. Then she noticed that Mara was staring intently at her breasts. Her nose just a couple of inches away.

Mara had, because she noted that Juanita’s flush had now spread down to her chest. For some strange reason, her towel had begun to move out just a little bit. Almost as if there were a pair of somethings unseen pushing it out.

Then, another, longer moment of awkward silence began.

‘Uhhmm, Mara?’ Juanita asked, suddenly nervous.

‘Yes Juanita?’ Mara replied as she continued gazing hungrily at Juanita’s breasts.

‘I’ve been meaning to ask you about something.’ She began.

‘Yes?’ Mara replied, as she continued staring.

‘Do you remember when you woke up in the Infirmary?’

‘Yes, I do.’ Mara replied, as her eyes started to twinkle.

‘Uhmmm, when exactly,,…did you,…wake up? Was it when I was putting your hand back into its restraint?’ Juanita asked and then swallowed nervously.

Mara finally ended her admiration of Juanita’s breasts, and turned her eyes upwards to look through her eyebrows.

‘No.’ she replied huskily, a smile on her face.

“Errr?’ Juanita began, suddenly unsure of what to say. Mara smile got even wider.

‘I was awake for several minutes before you came in. In fact, I remember you confessing something to me.’

‘Eeep!’ Juanita chirped, embarrassed, as she became interested in the unadorned wall to her right.

‘So Juanita. Was it a confession? Or just,…something else?’ Mara stated as her eyes began to burn with a lustful fire.

‘Do you truly wish for us to get together one more time?’

‘I,..uh….I mean to say….’ She hesitated, and then stopped when Mara rose her head up and locked her gaze with her. Slowly, she raised her right hand and grasped at one of the towel’s corner with a finger and a thumb.

She then slowly drew the towel from around an unresisting Juanita. Then she casually cast it aside.

‘I don’t need mindspeech to know that you’re horny Juanita. That you’re hungry for me, and my touch. I too hunger for you and yours.’ Mara stated. Juanita swallowed and shuddered fearfully.

But she didn’t pull away, or protest.

‘One. More. Time.’ Mara thought as she reached out with a hand and grasped at Juanita’s pants belt. She then stood up further in her chair and pulled Juanita close. Close enough for her to position her mouth around one of her nipples. Then she gently closed her lips and began to suckle.

‘Ooooh!’ Juanita moaned mentally then, as she raised both of her arms and clutched at Mara’s head and horns. This went on for the better part of a minute. Then Mara switched her mouth to Juanita’s other nipple and did the same, eliciting several more, louder moans from her.

Finally, she pulled her head away from her feasting, and looked up.

‘Help me up.’ She commanded. Juanita did. Once they were both at eye level. Mara reached out and placed her hands alongside both of Juanita’s face.

‘If we’re going to do this. We’re going to do it my way.’ She stated firmly.

‘What do you mean?’

I will command, and you will obey me, in all things.’


‘First, for the rest of today do not refer to me by my name! You will instead call me Mistress! Say it now!’

“Mistress.” Juanita replied nervously as her eyes searched Mara’s face.

‘Oh. My bad. I meant instead for you to ‘say it’ in Mindspeech. In fact all further communication between us today- will be in Mindspeech. Do you understand?

‘Uh-huh.’ Juanita nodded, and then she smiled, ‘I mean to say, Yes Mistress!’ she added. Mara smiled.

‘Very good Juanita, you adapt quickly. That’s what I like about you.’ She admired. Juanita smiled happily, pleased. ‘Now strip!’ she commanded.

‘Oh!’ Juanita gasped. ‘Yes Mistress.’ She replied, happy to obey, as she reached down and undid the clasp to her pants. Then she lowered and stepped out of them.

‘No bra, nor panties? Is that what is meant by: ‘going commando’?’ Mara asked. Juanita looked up at her and smiled.

‘Yes Mistress, it is. What is your next command?’ she asked, eager to comply.

‘Help me up onto this table.’ Mara demanded. ‘I’m too weak to do it myself.’ Juanita stepped forward and did so. Once Mara was atop the table, she leaned back slightly, then she tugged the hemline of her dress up above her waist.

‘Oh!’ Juanita thought then, as she was presented with the sight of Mara’s naked vulva.

‘Yes, Juanita, I prefer to go ‘commando’ too. Kneel before me!’

‘Yes Mistress!’ Juanita replied, her eyes alight with desire. Swiftly she descended to her knees, and then shuffled her way forward till her face was inches away from Mara’s genitals.

Mara then leaned back, and put both arms behind to stabilize herself.

‘I think you know what I want this time.’ Mara stated, as she tried to lift one of her legs, and failed. ‘Damn.’ She muttered. Juanita automatically took ahold of that leg and draped it over one of her shoulders.

‘Yes. Mistress.’ She thought and blinked up at Mara. Who smiled fondly and blinked back down at her. They shared that connection for a long moment.

‘Eat me.’ Mara commanded suddenly as she spread her legs apart slightly.

‘I obey! Oh, my Mistress.’ Juanita thought as she bent to begin her task. As her lips neared Mara’s nether ones, she took in a deep breath and savored her scent. She then reached up with both hands, and spread Mara’s vulva apart to make it easier for her to reach, and leave enough room for her to breathe.

Then, after another momentary pause, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth. To encompass as much of Mara’s vulva as she could manage.

Slowly she pressed her lips closed and opened them again as she stroked her tongue up and down Mara’s folds.

Aaaah….’ Mara moaned breathlessly then, as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back to enjoy the sensation. As she did, she felt her lubrication begin to flow.

‘Mistress!’ Juanita exclaimed suddenly, as her eyes shot open in surprise. ‘Your juices! They’re wonderful! I had no idea you tasted so good!’ Juanita paused as she swallowed the little she had in her mouth.

‘YES!/Ecstasy!’ Juanita thought/felt as a surge of pleasure penetrated into the depths of her soul. All of which made Mara look at her oddly when she detected it.

‘Yes!’ Juanita thought again as she resumed her licking, ‘This is what I’ve been searching for all my life!/Unbridled Joy!’ she thought/felt as she began to lick at Mara’s vulva with an almost maniacal intensity. Determined to tease out as much of Mara’s juice as she could manage.

Mara smiled triumphantly as she reached down with one hand and grasped Juanita at the back of her head. There, she began to guide her, making her shift her mouth, lips, teeth, and tongue precisely where she wanted.

‘Aaaahhh,….good!’ she moaned as Juanita followed her guidance. ‘You are such a natural at taking instruction.’

‘I’ve always sought to serve.’ Juanita replied with a pause. Then she smiled and returned to her feeding.

Careful Juanita. Keep this up and I may never let you go!’ Mara shot back, and then she jerked and gasped when Juanita began to suckle at her clitoris.

‘Well done!’ Mara replied, looking back down at her. As she licked her mouth lips. ‘Continue! I’m headed in the right direction.’

In response, Juanita began to suckle over as much of Mara’s genitals as she could manage.

‘Goooodd,….yyyeesss.’ Mara sighed as she began to thrust her hips back and forth, trying to time it with Juanita’s efforts.

‘Aaaaa,….Aaaaaa,…Aaaaaaa..Aaaaaahhhhhh!’ Mara moaned and then began to scream as she began to orgasm. As she did, she tightened her grip on Juanita’s head.

Then, Juanita was taken by surprise when she discovered that Mara, like all Lilim, were capable of female ejaculation.

‘AAAAAaaaaaaaahhhhh!’ Mara screamed resoundingly, as she began to squirt repeatedly, as her hips bucked violently. Through it all Juanita continued to suckle and swallow what Mara gifted her with.

Then all too soon, Mara stopped squirting with one final shudder.

’ Well done, Juan,…’ she began. Then she stopped because Juanita hadn’t.

Juanita, I’m done. You may stop.’ She panted. Mindless of her words, Juanita continued to slurp and lick to her hearts content.

“JUANITA!” Mara growled audibly then. “STOP!” she said as she tightened her grip on her head and forced it backwards with a jerk.

‘Aaaah!’ Juanita gasped, suddenly afraid, eyes blinking fearfully.

As she was forced away, a mixture of her saliva and Mara’s cum bridged between her lips and Mara’s vagina. Angrily, Mara leaned forward and pointed a finger from her other hand into Juanita’s face.

“IF YOU WILL NOT OBEY ME!” Mara began fiercely, her eyes blazing a burning red. “THEN THIS ENDS NOW!”

“Yes Mistress! I’m sorry Mistress! It’s just that,..!’ she uttered as she began to pant fearfully, rapidly, but Mara interrupted.


“Yes Mistress! I’m sorry Mistress! I fully understand now. I must never disobey you.” Juanita apologized audibly as she continued shaking. Desperate to get the fun to return.

Mara frowned balefully back down at her, she then released Juanita’s head with a dismissive flick of her wrist. She closed her eyes and did her best to calm her breathing.

After a minute or two, she opened her eyes.

Help me into a chair.’ She ordered harshly. Despite her nervousness, Juanita swiftly obeyed. She then helped Mara to settle herself into one of the kitchen table chairs.

‘Towel.’ Mara demanded. Juanita quickly retrieved the one that Mara had tossed away earlier.

‘Kneel.’ Mara ordered her dismissively, as she began to wipe her genitals dry.

As she did, she noticed Juanita was watching the towel move back and forth with a forlorn look in her eyes. When she was done, she bunched the towel and threw it into Juanita’s face. It bounced off and sank to the floor.

When she looked back, Mara was surprised to see tears forming in Juanita’s eyes. Mara’s stern gaze began to soften.

‘Why?’ she demanded then. ‘Did you disobey me?’

‘Mistress,’ Juanita sniffled once, ‘your juices. They’re that good! You taste so wonderful! I wish I could never stop swallowing them!’ she smiled hopefully.

‘Really?’ Mara doubted as she stared back.  She glanced over at where she’d sat on the table a minute before.

‘Hmmmm.’ She mused as she raised an eyebrow.

‘It appears that my orgasm has left a rather large puddle behind. Both on the tabletop and on the floor underneath it.’  She observed, and then turned her head to look at Juanita.

‘Do you wish to finish what we started today?’

‘Yes Mistress. I really do!’

‘Do you truly enjoy the taste of my juices?

‘YES! Yes, I do Mistress. It is like ambrosia to me!’ Juanita nodded enthusiastically.

‘Then prove it!’ She thought skeptically as she glanced once at her cum-puddles.

Juanita caught that glance and looked over at the puddles. Then a look of delighted surprise grew upon her face.

May I?’ she smiled, as she lifted herself up slightly and raised one hand to touch her mouth. Both of Mara’s eyebrows shot upwards in amazement when she sensed the depth of Juanita’s earnestness.

‘I expect nothing less than every drop.’ She instructed and nodded.

“Thank you, Mistress!” Juanita squealed delightfully, as she bent forward and lowered her face to the cum-puddle on the floor.

There she paused as she inhaled the scent. Then she stuck out her tongue and made a long lick through the puddle, leaving a wake behind it.

Juanita whimpered ecstatically when she pulled her sodden tongue into her mouth. She shut her eyes and moaned at the taste that filled her oral cavity.

She smacked her lips a couple of times, swallowed, and then reached out her tongue again to continue her task.

‘Oh, my Mother!’ Mara thought in wonder, as she witnessed Juanita doing her best to lap, catlike, every drop of her cum. She goggled at the sight and sound of Juanita joyfully slurping at the deeper parts of the puddle.

 Soon Mara forget her ire as she sat back and enjoyed Juanita’s performance.  After there wasn’t any left for Juanita to guzzle. She started licking the floor repeatedly. Only to stop, when a drop of cum from the table above her head, fell onto her cheek.

Juanita smiled at the realization, and resumed her actions with the reservoir that awaited her atop the table. It was only after Juanita began to run her tongue up and down, and across both the floor, and the tabletop, did Mara relent.

‘All right. I’m satisfied. You may stop.’ Mara smiled. Totally amazed and strangely complimented. Juanita froze at the sound, opened her eyes and turned them to look up and over at Mara.

Mistress?’ she whined. Mara smiled.

‘Come over, and kneel before me.’ Mara commanded. Slowly, reluctantly, Mara did as she was ordered, all the while she kept her eyes glued to where the puddles were, no more.

‘Mistress, I think I missed a couple of spots.’ She pointed out.

‘That’s all right, leave it.’

‘Yes Mistress.’ Juanita replied despondently.

‘Put your head on my knees.’ Mara stated, and then smiled when Juanita did exactly as she told her to.

Mara placed a hand atop Juanita’s head and began to stroke her as if she were her pet. Causing her to sigh contentedly.

‘So, you truly like the taste of my juices?’ Mara inquired.

‘No Mistress!’ Juanita contradicted her, ‘I LOVE it!’ she murmured. ‘I wish I could never stop drinking it.’

Mara sighed regretfully and shook her head then.

‘Ah Juanita.’ Mara sighed remorsefully. You make me regret that this will be our last time.’ She said sadly.

Juanita’s entire body tensed then.

‘What?’ Juanita thought at she raised up her head to look fearfully up at Mata.

‘What is that supposed to mean? Our last time?’ she thought, as her lower lip began to quiver.

‘You said you wanted us to be together again, and so we are. But this is the last time we can do so.’

‘No!’ Juanita as she sprang to her feet. ‘What do you mean? Did I disappoint you that badly?’ She demanded fiercely then.

‘Juanita, please calm,..’ Mara tried to reach out a comforting hand to her. However, Juanita slapped it away.

‘No!’ she whimpered, ‘Noooo!’she warbled. ‘Why?!’ she demanded with tears forming in her eyes.

Juanita! Calm yourself! Why are you acting this way?’

‘Didn’t I make myself plain? I want you! I need you!’ Juanita thought as she knelt back on the ground before Mara. ‘Please don’t send me away! I couldn’t bear it!’ She implored Mara, bunching her hands in front of her.

Mara stared back for a short while. Then she closed her eyes, shook her head sadly and sighed.

It seems that I will have to spell it out for you.’ She spoke solemnly, waited for a second more, and then opened her eyes.

“Do you remember the Galaxy Quest conventions? What I did there? Why I went to them?’

‘Yes. I was there! Remember?’

‘I do. That’s why I’m mentioning it. I went to harvest as much Spirit Energy as I could. Now, do you recall the number of the conventioneers I harvested from, each time I went?’

‘Twenty, thirty, or more I think.’

‘That sounds about right. Of that number, how many were repeats?’

‘I don’t know, I never thought about it.’ 

‘In all of those conventions, I had less repeats, than you have fingers on one of your hands.  Secundus wouldn’t allow more than that. Do you know why?’

‘No.’ Juanita replied impatiently.

‘Because I am a Demon Juanita. I am dangerous to anyone who isn’t! Yes, even to you and your fellow Nightbreed.’

‘Why?’ Juanita blinked uncertainly.

‘Because demons corrupt those they are with.” Mara sighed and paused.

Oh, it may only be a little bit the first time; and slightly more so for the second. But the corruption they induce only increases.’

‘I don’t understand.’ Juanita replied, shaking her head.

Mara stopped, leaned back and thought about it for a second. As she did, she tapped a finger on her lips. Then that finger stopped as her eyes lit up with an idea.

‘Here, I will demonstrate what it was like, our first time.’ She said as she wobbly stood up and the raised her right hand up, palm out, fingers straight together.

‘Put your hand to mine.’ Mara commanded. Tentatively, Juanita stood up and matched her.

‘My hand now represents the force of my ability to corrupt you. Your hand will represent your ability to resist it.’ Mara began, as she made sure that both of their fingers paralleled.

’Now, when I push, I want you to push back.’ Then Mara pushed lightly, Juanita complied with an equal amount of strength, as her eyebrows bunched together in confusion.

‘See?” Mara instructed. ‘You can resist me, measure for measure.’ Mara explained. Then she kept her hand up and spread her fingers. Juanita did the same.

‘Good!’ Mara smiled. ‘This represents the second time we make love.’ She paused.

‘Again!’ she ordered. The same result occurred with the exception that their fingers became interlaced.

 ‘Now. Pull your hand away.’  Mara ordered. Juanita tried, but was surprised to discover Mara had tightened her finger grip onto hers. She couldn’t get her fingers away!

‘Keep pulling.’ Mara ordered. After a small effort, Juanita was able to snatch her hand away.

‘You begin to comprehend.’ She smiled, as he raised her hand again. This time she kept her fingers spread. Hesitantly Juanita came over and matched.

Once there, Mara entwined her fingers with Juanita’s and then curled her fingers into a light grasping.

‘This represents the third time we would make love. Now Press!’ she ordered. The same result as the first two times. ‘Now pull away.’ She ordered.

‘Ah!’ Juanita gasped, when she tried. She was shocked to discover that she couldn’t pull away as easily as she did the previous.

‘Continue.’ Mara replied icily, as she looked back at Juanita dispassionately. After about a minute of tugging and grunting, she was finally able to snatch her hand away!

‘Ow!’ Juanita stated as she began to rub at her slightly injured hand.

‘Not so easy this time, was it?’ Mara stated unnecessarily, as she kept her hand in the same spot. Juanita swallowed nervously.

‘Again.’ Mara instructed her quietly. After several hesitant attempts, Juanita was able to muster her courage and intertwine her fingers with Mara’s once more.

‘Now Juanita, this represents the fourth time we would make love.’ She whispered. She grasped tightly at Juanita’s hand, and gently pressed her advantage.

“AAAh! OWWww!” Juanita screamed, as her hand bent painfully back.

 “Ow!” “Ow!” “Ow!” she repeated as she fell to one knee. When she finally looked to Mara for relief, she was dumbfounded to see that Mara wasn’t even straining!

“FAKER!” she panted. “Pretending to be weak!” Suddenly, Mara spread her fingers and let go. As she did, Juanita fell back onto her butt and then scuttled backwards.

Mara watched dispassionately as she went. Mara swayed once as she leaned over and grabbed ahold of a nearby chair.

As she used it to brace herself, she looked over to Juanita and spoke.

‘I AM weak Juanita.’ She frowned. ‘Weak by demon standards that is. As I am to you, so are you to a kitten.’ She informed her.

Then using the back of the chair, she haltingly walked herself over and sat down at the couch. Once there, she checked her now tepid cup of tea, and took a sip.

‘Aaah.’ She sighed, as she pointed to the chair across from her and thought.

‘Sit’. She ordered. After a few seconds, Juanita got to her feet, and carefully sat down.

‘Every time we would make love, Juanita. Regardless of whether or not you wanted it. My power over you would increase.’

“So? Did it ever occur to you, that maybe I would want that?” Juanita shot back. Mara sighed and closed her eyes.

‘Still you don’t understand!’ she frowned.

“No Mara! I’ve had enough!” Juanita said as she stood her naked self-up and then plopped herself next to Mara. There, she leaned over and placed her head on Mara’s shoulder.

“I’ve listened to you long enough! Now I want you to listen to me. Please?” she asked, as she laid a hand on Mara’s knee. After a second, Mara sighed and nodded.

‘All right. I shall.’ Mara replied. ‘Mindspeech only.’ She insisted.

‘All right. Did you know that I was an orphan?’ Juanita thought as she looked sadly at the Lilim. Mara opened her eyes and looked back.

‘No, I did not.’

‘Well you do now. I grew up without any brothers or sisters, or parents to watch over me. I had to learn how to fight when I was young. I had to do so, in order to get what I wanted.’ She said as she let go of Mara’s knee.

Then she twisted herself around, to insinuate herself into Mara’s lap.

Surprised by her audaciousness. Mara allowed it.

Once there, Juanita paused and looked searchingly up at Mara, then she smiled and sighed contentedly.

‘But there was one person at my Orphanage, that I never had to fight. Her name was Sister Juana Inés de la Cruz’ Juanita sighed sadly.

‘She loved me. I loved her back.’ She said simply, as she looked up at Mara.

‘I wanted to be just like her. A Nun. Can you guess why?

Mara shook her head. Juanita smiled.

‘Because she knew what she wanted to do in her life. Just like I know what I want to do with mine. She served. I want to do so too.’

‘There are many ways to,.’ Mara began as she switched to audible speech, but stopped when Juanita reached up and pressed a finger to her lips.

Hush.’ She whispered, ‘Let me finish.’ She smiled.

‘Nuns,’ she began, ‘are supposed to give up everything when they take their vows. They are supposed to set aside all of their needs and their wants, along with their desires. Just to serve someone else. Sometimes many others.’ Juanita stated as she looked off into the distance.

‘It resonated with me then, it still does now.’ She said as she returned her attention to Mara.

‘Then why didn’t you become one?’

‘Because when I was twelve, the Change came over me. I became a Chupcabra. A goat-sucker.’ She frowned

‘It’s not likely a monster is going to be allowed to become a Nun then or now.’

‘What did you do?’

‘I rampaged the nearby farms and ranches. Then inevitably, after I killed one too many goats. A Hunter was summoned.’

‘Really? Then how are you still alive?’

‘He didn’t come alone. He came with Doctor Iron.’


‘Yes.’ Juanita nodded.

‘A long story short! Iron saved me from myself. Eventually, he brought me here, to the Iron Foundation.’

‘Then over the years, he helped raise me. He taught me so very many things, and then eventually, he gave me the opportunity to serve others. Only this time, as an Emergency Medical Technician.’

You did well.’

‘Yes, I did.’ Juanita nodded happily.

‘All because of him. And because of that,’ Juanita sighed. ‘I offered to serve him, just like the way I want to serve you now.’ Mara laughed good-naturedly.

‘Obviously, he said no.’ Mara smiled.

‘That’s right. Eventually I managed to wheedle out of him, the reason why.’

‘What did he say?’

That his heart already belonged to another. That someday, he hoped to,’ Juanita air quoted, ‘return to her and be with her till the End of Time. The way he said it, made it sound as if were possible.’

‘Did he ever mention her name?’

‘Yes, but I can’t remember what it was right now. I don’t know, some Gothic something or other.’


‘Yeah! That’s it. Hmmm. Now that you mention it, I think her name sounded a lot like a Japanese weapon or something.’





‘Hmmm, Katana?’

‘Wait that sounds just about right. It’s close. Oh, I remember now. It’s Takana!’

‘Oh!’ Mara’s black-sclera eyes brightened (?), ‘I knew of her. But I never met her. Yes, she and Arawn could indeed have been together until the End of Time.’

‘Why aren’t they?’

‘It’s a long story. A VERY long story. If you like, and you have the time. I’ll tell it all to you.’

‘I’ll take you up on that.’ Juanita said as she snuggled up to Mara. Who chuffed down at her.

‘Still determined. Aren’t you?’

‘Uh-huh.’ Juanita smiled with a nod.

‘Sit up.’ Mara ordered. Juanita did.

Help me up.’ She ordered her again. Juanita silently did as she was bade.

‘Now. Take off my clothes.’

‘Really!’ Juanita asked, her eyes gleaming.

‘No, we’re not going to make love. Or not right now at least. There’s one last thing I want you to see.’

“What’s that?”

‘Me. At least, my body the way it is now. You’ve seen me naked before, at the Conventions, yes?’

‘Yes.’ Juanita nodded.

‘Good, keep that image in your mind. Now Proceed.’ Mara ordered.

After several halting minutes, and a couple of fumblings.

 Mara, using the couch as a brace, stood her naked self-up before Juanita. Then she stretched out her wings to their fullest.

As she did, her wings spanned from: ‘just barely scraping the ceiling’. To: ‘all the way down to touching the carpet.’

‘Look at me as I am now Juanita! LOOK! AT! ME!’ she demanded. When Juanita did, she gaped at what lay before her.

Where before, Mara was nigh on to a goddess with her unearthly beauty.

Now, she was different.

Her skin had become a patchwork of furrows, stretch marks, and burn marks, along with a massive network of raised and reddened keloid scars! Most of which ran along her wings and tail!

But that wasn’t all!

Mara had lost weight during her coma and recovery. Too much weight! Where her breasts had once been eye-catchingly, firm. Now, they’d been reduced to a pair of floppy dugs, more appropriate to an ancient hag. Her bones poked out behind her skin in places not normally seen.

‘Madre de Dios!’ Juanita said then, as she covered up a gasp. ‘I had no idea it was so bad! But surely you can heal yourself?’

‘Yes, Juanita I could. If I had the power to do so. But where do I get that power?’ Mara demanded.

Juanita opened her mouth to reply. Then her eyes flared with realization, and she snapped her mouth shut.

‘Yes, I see you begin to comprehend!’ Mara smiled humorlessly.

‘A succubus’ power comes from those who lust after her! I sense no lust in you now.’

“Isn’t it fucking ironic!” Mara cried vehemently through clenched teeth, then she turned herself away.

As she did, she began shrugging her wings back to their normally diminutive size. After several times, they became no larger than her outspread hands.

She folded her arms mournfully.

“Yes, I would feed upon you Juanita. But even what little essence I could harvest from you? Would you care to lie with me for years? Decades? Because that’s how long it would take before I became beautiful again. As opposed to what I am now: Ugly. Hideous!” she sobbed.

“No. You are not ugly.” Juanita said then. Mara looked up at her resentfully.

“Don’t you dare mock me!” she said, as a growl began in her throat.

“No MARA! I am not mocking you! You are beautiful! Accept that!”

“HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?!” Mara screamed, tears welling in her eyes.

“YOU EARNED THOSE SCARS!” Juanita screamed back. Which startled Mara into silence. She stopped and gaped, blinking her eyes in confusion.

“What!? What do you mean? Earned?” she demanded.

“Yes, Earned. You earned them all. You did because you saved lives. Nightcub lives. Over a score of them. You earned those scars because you risked your life to protect theirs!” Juanita implored.

“Not enough of them.” Mara whispered sadly.

“Oh, you mean the Pukwudgie twins. Don’t you?”

“yyyes.” Mara stammered. “Their mother probably hates me.”

“Don’t be so sure. Have you talked to her?”

“Not yet.”

“Promise me you will.” Juanita asked. Mara glared at her. “Please?” she continued. Mara’s glare faded as she dropped her gaze.

“All right. I promise.” She muttered.

“Thank you.” Juanita said as she finally got her nerve up. She then stepped up close to Mara, close enough to touch.

Then carefully, hesitantly. While keeping an eye on Mara and her reaction, she began to explore Mara’s skin with her hands. At first, Mara didn’t do anything, which emboldened Juanita.

Silently, she ran her fingertips all along every one of Mara’s scars and burns. Stopping only when Mara flinched in pain, or jerked herself away.

Slowly she circled around Mara as far as she was able. Occasionally she would screw up her face in sympathy, or stifle a gasp. But never once allowed herself to turn away in revulsion.

Finally, at the end. She reached up to Mara’s head and tousled her hair. She then framed Mara’s head with her hands.

“You’re beautiful.” She said solemnly, as she stared unblinkingly into Mara’s black-sclera eyes.

Then, without warning, Mara reached up and grabbed ahold of Juanita’s head with both hands, and pulled her in for an oral assault.

“MMmmmmm!” Juanita tried to say, surprised by the sudden change of enthusiasm. Mara paused for a second in her forcible kiss and opened her eyes to lock them with Juanita’s. Then, Juanita returned that kiss with an equal amount of force.

“Mmmhhhm?” she questioned when she felt something, she decided she wanted to feel more often. Mara had started sucking at her Essence!

Feeling it, Juanita surrendered it all without a fight. As opposed to the fierce resistance the last time!

As she dispelled that last bit of her reluctance, so too did that sweetness grow into a joy, then it rapidly progressed into ecstasy and finally into an orgasmic bliss!

 “AAAAAAHHHHMMMMM!” she cried, as she felt her body melt and sag into Mara’s embrace.

Finally, Mara released her lips from hers and then to Juanita’s delight, Mara purposefully engaged in reciprocal breathing with her for several breaths.

“That was wonderful.” She said. Then she remembered something. ‘Mistress.’ She added mentally. Mara smiled and then easily scooped Juanita up into her arms and held her there tightly.

“Wait What?” She yelped, surprised. “What happened to your weakness?”

“I just removed the smallest bit of your Essence Juanita. It was far easier for me to do this time. Since you didn’t resist.”

“It gave me strength.” She added.

“Then let’s put it to good use.” Juanita giggled suggestively.

“No.” Mara said as she set Juanita down.

“I see that you’re still interested. Very well. I admit that I am too. I want you equally, if not greater.”

“Then take me!” Juanita demanded in exasperation.

“I will not, unless you allow yourself to be bound to me.”

“But that’s what I want!” Juanita said confusedly.

“The rules Juanita.” Mara began.

“The hell with Arawn’s rules!” Juanita cried.

“Not just his!” Mara sighed in frustration. “The Rules as was established by the Great Maker of All Things.”

“Oh, now what?” Juanita huffed. Mara smiled indulgently.

“Juanita, even the most chaotic of monsters have to follow them.”

“Ok, what are they?” Juanita sighed resignedly. Mara laughed once.

“Three days of contemplation.”

“Three days of ,…what?”

“For three days you must contemplate the Binding Ritual’s Question: Do you Truly-Wish to become Mine in All Things?”

“The Great Maker decreed that everyone, and I mean EVERY ONE, must be allowed a ‘cooling off period’. Before they commit to such a life changing choice. Myself included.”

“That sounds like you might change your mind!” Juanita gasped.

“It is possible, but unlikely. Just as it is for you.”

“And what am I supposed to do during that eternity?” Juanita grumped. Mara rolled her eyes.

“You must contemplate the ramifications of your choice.” Mara began to explain patiently.

“I want you to mull over it, meditate on it. Pray to your God for guidance if need be. Assuming yours will even bother to listen.” She huffed.

“Fat chance of that.” Juanita snorted. “Is that all?”

“No. I will also require you to come over at the same time every day, and service me.”

“Service?” Juanita trilled, interested. Mara laughed.

“No! Not like that. I will give you a taste of what your life in service to me would be like.”

“Hmph!” Juanita sighed. “I guess I’ll have to be Ok with that then.” Juanita pouted.

“It’ll be difficult.”

“Fine.” Juanita shrugged.

“I promise I’ll be creative in finding ways to humiliate you.”

“Ok whatever.” Juanita rolled her eyes.

“You don’t seem to be taking this seriously.” Mara frowned.

“No, I am. Believe me, I am! I just feel that three days isn’t going to be long enough to dissuade me; from what I know I’m going to do anyways.” Juanita explained back.

“Very well then. You may begin right now.” Mara said imperiously.

“What do you have in mind?”

“Go to the kitchen closet, and retrieve the following cleaning supplies. Mop, rags, bucket.”

“Ok, and what do you want me to do when I’ve got all that?”

“You’ll see.”

“All right.” She said, and then remembered again. ‘Mistress.’ She smiled.

Mara smiled back as she retrieved her clothes and began to dress. As she did, she noticed that Juanita was now reaching down for her pants. Once she stood up, she lifted one leg and began to slide it into one leg.

‘Stop!’ Mara commanded. Juanita looked pensively over to her.

‘Who told you to dress?’ she demanded as she held out a receiving hand. Juanita blinked a couple of times confusedly. Then realization flooded through her.

She smiled and handed them over. Then, still naked, she retrieved the cleaning supplies and came over to stand with them in front of Mara.

After a second, Mara looked up, smiled and thought at her.

It appears that the kitchen table, and the floor underneath are in dire need of a good scrubbing. Since Arawn and his overly sensitive nose, comes over every couple of days to review my progress. I don’t want him to start getting silly notions.’

‘Yes Mistress.’ Juanita giggled as she began her preparations.

‘Oh, and one other thing.’ Mara injected.

‘Yes Mistress?’ Juanita replied.

‘Be sure to put on a good show. I want to watch your body jiggle when you work.’ Mara demanded with a grin.

‘Yes. Mistress.’ Mara grinned back at her as she got down to her hands and knees.

Once there, she noticed something on the floor. Then, she returned to stare back at Mara. While she maintained eye contact, she lowered her head and gave that something a long, slow, forceful lick. Then she pulled in her tongue, and gave out a heartfelt sigh.

Only then, did she begin her task in earnest.

Mara watched her for several more minutes, smiling all the while.

Then, she sighed and glanced over to a particular book that Arawn had assigned her to read.

‘Reverse Psychology.’ Mara smiled, ‘Humans are so good at detailing how to entrap themselves.’



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