Monster Estrus Isle: Lamia Encounter

You are a human male on an island of amorous monster women. You are being hunted by the female natives, all who want to fuck you. You are currently on the run from a group of them, their leader particularly in pursuit.

Well “monsters” is what you’re calling them anyway. They’re actually monsters in the sense that they’re not human, but they do have mostly human traits… and they’re most certainly monsters of the sexual nature. If you were to get caught by one, you have no idea how things would turn out after the inevitable sex. You don’t want to chance ending up in a situation that could turn out to be truly dangerous.

The chase is already getting tiresome, as you have to move quickly and quietly. You figure that it would be easy enough to slip into the shadows of the jungle, and run completely out of their grasp.

You find yourself climbing up a rockface, with several of the females hot on your trail. You reach the top and find yourself on a small plateau-like clearing… and you’re not alone.

There are two other womanly creatures waiting for you, and while both of them bear a slight resemblance to the leader of the group you just escaped, the larger of the pair looks particularly similar. It’s apparent that this one is older, and she’s much more “filled out” in certain places… You can only guess that she’s either an older sibling or, more likely, their mother. The other is considerably younger, perhaps a pre-teen… although you can only deduce that going by her human features, and none of these woman are even human to begin with. 

You shakily stand to your feet, slowly, as you look them over and take in their monster features: The older one stands tall, boasting a huge rack and a serpent’s tail in place of legs (which she uses to gesture to you with) that is far longer than any other creature you’ve seen in your life. She has the slenderest of waists, and massive hips with a complimentary-large ass. The younger female shares these traits, albeit she’s much more “girly” than “womanly” in her physical development. 

They are lamias, a race of snake women.

Again, the elder makes a motion with her tail, beckoning you with a “come hither” gesture using the prehensile tip as the rest of her massive tail coils beneath her raised upper half. The younger one, meanwhile, looks on bashfully yet with keen interest.

“Come closer, little human,” the elder smiles. “You’ve nowhere else to run. My daughter and her huntresses are scaling that cliff behind you, yes? It won’t take them long to reach us here… You are caught. Take this moment to relax, and conserve your energy.”

The younger lamia seems more curious than her mother, slowly making her way forward and already approaching an arm’s length away from you. You cautiously move away to keep yourself at a distance.

“Do not fear us, little one,” the mother continues. “We are not your enemies. We are merely admirers. We… think you are quite the catch. Do you know how rare it is to find a human in our midst? How uncommon it is to cross paths with handsome young men like yourself?”

You continue to keep a safe distance, and the lamia mother chuckles. “I see the fear in you, little one. Our huntresses did not prepare you well for this. They do not know how to properly react when confronted with a male such as you. Perhaps I wasn’t thorough enough in my teachings… I’ll just have to correct that, won’t I?”

She begins to slowly shuffle forward on her tail, directly towards you.

“Stay back,” you warn.

“You’re going to have to do better than that, handsome,” she smiles, still closing in on you. “I’m not easily frightened.”

The younger lamia continues to approach you from her position, staring at you with a look of longing in her eyes. The two snake woman in front, the drop-off behind your back. You can try to run left or right and skirt the cliff, but you don’t want to chance a misstep that would send you hurtling to your death… or down into the arms of persistent snake woman below.

You take a deep breath, focusing on the present danger, the lamias before you. You know your only chance is to either fight them off, or get away… most likely by trying to run between or through them. It’s going to be close, and most likely you’re not going to survive this, but there it is.

“Fuck,” you say out loud, grimacing at your odds.

You step forward, prepared to defend yourself, and the mother lamia smiles.

“So bold,” she says. “But do you know what happens to a target we encounter that gets too aggressive?”

You stop, and she chuckles.

“They’re quickly subdued, my dear. Please, do not try to resist. You are far too pretty to be hurt… and much too valuable. My eldest and her huntresses are nearly here, you wouldn’t make it past either of us before their arrival.”

You swallow hard, realizing the truth in her words. Still, you have to try.

You raise your arms in front of your face and dash forward… directly towards the lamia matriarch in front of you. A sibilant coo escapes her throat as you rush forward, before she swiftly darts to the side; you collide with her lagging tail and trip, and a pair of arms seize you from behind before you even begin to fall forward. You feel two heavy breasts press into your spine as you’re squeezed with a tight embrace, the older lamia’s slender hands holding your arms pinned to your chest.

The heat of her breath tickles you as she hisses soothingly into your ear.

“Do not struggle,” she says softly, “or it will only make things worse for you.”

As a single hand locks your arms together, the fingers of her free hand find themselves gently brushing along the underside of your jaw and against your neck. She holds not weapon, and the lamia has no claws… but for reasons you can’t fathom, those delicate fingers trigger a powerful, instinctual fear within your psyche, and you freeze within the monster woman’s embrace.

Meanwhile, the other lamia, of whom you were initially avoiding, has caught up to you and positions herself in front of you to stare into your eyes.

“So pretty…” she coos, smiling sweetly at you. “Please don’t be scared of us… I’m Mocca.”

The immediate area is suddenly filled with the noise of shuffling plants and the sound of scales grinding against rock. You realize that the lamia huntresses have finally arrived up the cliff. The lamia matriarch turns toward the commotion with you in her grasp, refusing to release you even as the first of the arrivals clears the cliffside completely. It’s none other than their leader.

“Mother?!?” the serpentine huntress exclaims, “What are you doing here?! And… why do you have our target? What’s going on?!”

“Hello, Zana.” The lamia matriarch’s tone is gentle, maternal… but also bearing a hint of condescension. “Your sister has been eager to learn some new skills, and I thought it only appropriate that I observe your little hunt and take her along for a first-hand experience… but alas, it would seem that I needed to personally intervene and involve myself, seeing as you very nearly lost a most precious catch.”

“What the hell are you talking about?!? I… We were catching up to him!”

“Don’t presume to question me, Zana… I have far more experience in these matters. And please, do watch your tone with me.”

“But I…”

“I’ll discuss this with you later… once your little catch is safely contained. I have a few… questions of my own. For now, I’ll take it from here. Ranaji, could you a dear and provide me with some rope? I need our lovely male secured for fear he might run away.”

The lamia in question, one of the newcomer huntresses, does as instructed and slithers close with a length of fibrous cord and begins to tie it around your wrists. You don’t even resist, not when you’re so overwhelmingly outnumbered. You assume there’s between twenty and thirty lamia surrounding you now, and each and every one has more than enough strength and skill to overpower you singlehandedly. The cord is soon finished and your hands are bound in front of you.

“Perfect,” the lamia matriarch says, “Now, step aside, dear. We’ll escort our wonderful friend to his new home.”

The huntresses move as a group, spreading out to open a path for yourself and the matriarch leading you, followed closely by Mocca as the three of you begin to head through the deeper stretch of jungle…

Monster Estrus Isle
Lamia Encounter

The village is a lot more civilized that you were expecting. Granted, it’s in a jungle, and the island it’s on is probably small in the first place, the latter you have no way of knowing… but compared to other places you’ve been to, this is like a small city, albeit a lot more entwined with nature. The architecture and houses are wood and thatch, with natural rock outcroppings forming walls and tables. There’s what looks to be a town square, with a fountain in the center and several people milling about. 

Just about every citizen here is a lamia, but you do spot a few other species among them… even still, they’re all females.

The matriarch leads you through the village, past the curious eyes of the other residents. You have to admit, they’re all staring at you with interest, and you’re a little bit apprehensive. You reach the door to what you guess to be the matriarch’s personal hut, the owner of whom pulls out a set of keys and unlocks it.

“After you,” she says.

You step past her and enter the darkened interior of the hut. You take in your surroundings. 

The walls are covered in artwork. Pictures of humans. They all appear to be hunters. Some are beat up and scarred, like they’ve been through a lot. Just about all of them are smiling and happy. There’s one that stands out to you, though: young lamia girl, grinning and holding the hand of a beaming human man. The man’s arm is wrapped around her, with a large bundle wrapped in cloth held in his other arm… a baby lamia.

You hear your two snake-like escorts enter the abode, and you turn and see the matriarch close the door behind them and lock it.

“Welcome to your new home, my cherished human guest. Please, make yourself comfortable. Mocca, could you get our friend something to drink? He might be thirsty from his long trip.”

“Yes, mother,” Mocca responds, giving you the bedroom eyes as she saunters past you and disappears through a door further inside the house. The matriarch approaches you, and looks you up and down.

“She’s still very young,” the inhuman mother says, “but I can already tell that she’ll make a fine woman… and, an even finer wife.”

Your face flushes and you look away. You can feel her eyes on you as you try to get your fluster under control.

“Please,” she says, “take a seat. Mocca will return with your beverage shorty. Shall I also send her to prepare for you a bite to eat? You must be hungry and tired after your trip.”

You want to say no, and demand to be able to get your hands free. But, you also don’t want to upset the serpent woman who was able to effortlessly detain you earlier. You make up your mind, and sit down on one of the wood chairs. You wait patiently for Mocca to return… which takes a while, considering she’s probably busy in the kitchen.

Soon, she’s back. She carries a wooden cup of what looks like apple cider in her hands. She places it down on the table in front of you, then, after being asked by her mother to get you some food and leaving again to do so, she eventually places a wooden tray containing a few chunks of fruit in a bowl and a few slices of what looks like smoked fish in front of you.

“I hope you like it… I made it all myself,” she says, giving you that bedroom stare again as she slides away on her tail to give you some space. “Is there anything else you would like?”

You hesitate, and your gaze lingers with your thoughts. Soon enough, your eyes rest upon the bindings around your wrists.

“Those can be removed,” the matriarch tells you. “I’m willing to free your hands, but be warned. If you attempt to harm me, or any of my daughters, you will find yourself bound once more. Do you understand?”

You take a moment before nodding in answer, and you watch as the lamia elder enters what you’re now guessing to be the kitchen area before returning with a thin knife in her hands. With a few quick slices, she cleanly severs the ropes.

“Give me your wrists,” she then softly demands.

You hold your hands out to her, and she takes them into her own. You become flustered when she gives a kiss to each of them, pressing her lips affectionately upon one of your wrists and keeping them there for a prolonged moment, before moving on to the next and doing the same.

She tenderly rubs your wrists to help restore the blood flow, and a warmth spreads through you. You feel closer to her in that moment than you ever have with anyone else before. You find that you don’t want her to give you your hands back yet.

Soon, she does.

The two lamia women then stare at you expectantly in silence, waiting for you to finally help yourself to the goods set before you.

With your hands no longer tied at the wrists, you pick up the cup and take a sip. It’s not bad, but you don’t taste anything specific. You wonder if that’s because you’re not familiar to it, or if it’s just flavorless because it’s supposed to be. Either way, it’s getting the job done and keeping you hydrated.

The bowl of chunks intrigues you more, and you gingerly grab one of the pieces of fruit and pop it in your mouth. You close your eyes and make a chewing motion, and the flavor explodes in your mouth. It’s sweet, but with a tart aftertaste that makes it feel clean on your tongue. It’s not like any fruit you’ve ever had before, but it’s good. You take another bite out of the bowl, and notice that the two lamia are still staring at you expectantly.

You pick up one of the slices of smoked fish and put it in your mouth, and you immediately go for another after a few chews. The smoky flavor isn’t overpowering, but it’s there, and it’s delicious. The two lamia continue to stare at you, seemingly content with just watching you eat their provisions. You realize that you’re famished, and continue to shovel the food into your mouth as quickly as you can. Mocca watches you with a warm smile on her face.

When you’ve eaten your fill, the matriarch speaks.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” she says, a pleased tone in her voice. “Come, let us go to my garden. I will show you around. Mocca, make sure to have his arm in yours when he gets to the door. We wouldn’t want him wandering off.”

The two lamia lead you through the house, and out the back door into a beautiful garden of flowering fruit trees and other flora. The moon shines brightly, illuminating the grass and flowers with a pale light. There’s a pond full of beautiful multicolored frogs that hop about and jump when you near, but none of the lamia react to them.

You’re shown around the garden, but you’re having a hard time looking at all the plants and flowers. Your mind is distracted, by concerns regarding your presence among these lamia, the reason they’ve brought you here, and… more specifically… by your two lamia guides themselves.

You feel a certain warmth when looking at them, and you’re having a hard time convincing yourself that you shouldn’t let yourself be charmed. They abducted you, tied you up and forcibly brought you to their home… but they also showed you a kindness that no one else has in a long while. You’re sure of the fact that they aren’t evil.

Lamia are monsters… but they seem to be humane and kindly monsters, abductions aside. They’re beautiful, and they have a charm about them that you haven’t seen in any other, person or creature respectively.

You feel like you can trust them, but you’re not entirely certain if you should…

Mocca is still holding on to your arm, but it’s the matriarch who notices your confusion, and she approaches you slowly. You shift your feet under you as she makes her way towards you. She stops once she’s at your side, and wraps her long arms around you in a hug. You don’t know what to do.

For a moment, you freeze up.

But, after a considerable pause, you eventually, slowly hug her back.

As she embraces you, you hear a slight giggle escape her lips, and the tightness in your chest releases. You breathe a sigh of content.

The other lamia watches from your side with a warm smile on her face, her hold on your arm tightening briefly.

“It’s okay,” the matriarch says, “it’s okay. It’s okay.”

The words are repeated to you twice more, with slight variations in intonation. You’re unsure if she’s speaking in unison with her daughter, or if it’s a completely independent response. In any case, you know it’s meant to reassure you.

You stay there, in the dark with them, for quite a while. The matriarch simply holds you, looking down upon you as she strokes your hair. You feel yourself quickly begin to doze off as your body simply gives in.

You feel the pair of them turn you around, and lead you back to the house. They take you to the bedroom, and you’re placed on the bed there. You drift off to sleep with a hint of a smile on your face.

A few hours later, you wake up. You’re in a bed not your own, and it’s morning.

You look around, and find yourself surrounded by snake girls. Most of them are fully dressed, but some are half-dressed and others still are naked. You’re more than a little taken aback by all of them.

“Good morning,” the matriarch says, surprising you, “you’re awake at last. Did you sleep well?”

You nod sheepishly, a bit confused, “I… slept okay, yeah… but what are you all… doing in here?”

The snake-woman smiles warmly, “I’ve been arranging things so that you’re needs are met. These lovely ladies have been cutting and sewing for hours, to make sure your new clothing fits properly. They’ve all been waiting eagerly to get to know you, as well. It’s very important that you feel comfortable with your… neighbors, here. Is there anything they can do for you?”

You blush, embarrassed. “Well, erm… this is all kinda sudden… I’m sort of waking up still… and… Wait, you’re making me clothes?”

The matriarch nods. “Indeed, and they will be finished soon. In the meantime, you have a bath prepared. We’ll explain the rules around here to you afterwards. All of us must speak with you about yesterday. Especially…” her gaze turns upon a particular member among the small crowd of lamia, and you recognize Zana, who’s eyes go wide before looking away in evident shame, “those among us who owe you an apology. My daughter Zana will be among them. Please, do not hold anything back from her.”

“Um… okay,” you say, a bit confused.

The snake woman smiles warmly once more, “Now, we should get you ready. Follow my daughters outside and to the bathhouse, please. They’ll get you ready.”

The women begin to part ways, and you’re soon left alone. You eventually crawl out of the bed and head outside, where you find yourself led towards the bathhouse by Mocca. The lamia smiles at you with a loving gaze, “We’re going to take care of you, okay? I want you to feel comfortable here. We all do… so please don’t ever feel scared of us again. Please?”

You look into her eyes, and know you can see the genuine sincerity in her gaze. You nod, and allow yourself to be guided into the bathhouse. It’s a much larger hut-like establishment than the rest, and located near the center of the village, you note. Mocca takes you to the pair of double doors that make up the entrance, and holds one of the doors open for you.

“After you,” she says.

You step inside, and are immediately met with a huge, steamy bath. You’re not quite sure what to do next, so you just stand there, looking. And that’s when you begin to see the vague silhouettes of the other occupants among the rising steam. The other lamia are here, and you only now realize that this is a public bathhouse, and you’re expected to bathe with the other tenants here.

You feel your cheeks reddening, and not from the heat of the surrounding clouds of water vapor. There’s a large group here, and most of them are naked and in the main, pool-like bath. Some of the lamia stare at you with a certain interest, but none of them make any moves on you. Still, it’s a bit overwhelming.

You take a step forward, and that’s when you hear a hissing sound from behind you. You quickly turn, and are faced with Mocca, who’s in the process of shedding her clothing.

“Um… Mocca…?” you ask.

The snake-woman smiles, revealing sharp teeth, “It’s okay, this is just how we do things here. Come on, get in. The water’s lovely.”

You have no idea if you should get in, but you don’t have a lot of choice in the matter, so you do your best to fight your nervousness and do as Mocca says. You have to begin by removing your clothing, however… and all the female snake-women have their eyes on you.

You feel your cheeks reddening once again as you fumble with your clothes, keeping your shirt on in an attempt to conceal yourself and retain some dignity while you eventually take off your lower garments. The sounds of exchanged whispers and suppressed giggles reaches your ears when you remove your undergarments and hold down the hem of your shirt at the front, and you make your way to the water. You make sure you’re waist-deep in the pool before you even remove your shirt.

It’s true, the water is quite warm. But the steam… it feels so wonderful. You close your eyes, taking a deep breath of the steam, and release the tension from your body.

“It’s nice, isn’t it?” you hear Mocca say.

You open your eyes, and see that she’s watching you. You also see she’s now completely nude, and is slowly slithering into the water to join you.

You don’t know what to do, or how to react. You’re just glad your lower half, specifically your crotch, is already submerged and hidden…

“M… Mo…,” you begin to say, but your voice catches in your throat.

Mocca bites her lip and grins, and she descends into the water as she moves in your direction.

You can’t do anything except stare at her as she slowly comes closer and closer… until she’s right next to you.

“It’s okay,” she whispers, “just relax… I’ll do the work.”

With her eye’s focused on you, she reaches her hands to the side and grabs a nearby sponge, and a bar of soap adjacent to it. She slowly begins to slither around you, literally gliding through the warm water, until she’s behind your back. You hear her sibilantly coo as she takes the sponge and presses it between your shoulders, and she slowly begins to scrub. The sensation is… pleasant. She washes you with great care, like you’re a baby or something, but what makes it even worse is the… affection she’s putting into each and every stroke.

You realize it’s become incredibly silent within the bathhouse, the only sound you hear is the gentle scrubs of Mocca’s hands against your back and the hiss of steam throughout the area. Knowing you probably shouldn’t, you raise your eyes to take in your surroundings again. Just as you feared, everyone is watching… staring intensely as you’re tended to.

“M-Mo…?” you ask, feeling incredibly self-conscious.

Mocca giggles without replying, and keeps scrubbing.

Soon, you feel your lower back being washed. You close your eyes, feeling embarrassed, and try to enjoy the sensation. You open your eyes when you feel something press against your chest, and see one of the other lamia holding another sponge against you. You flinch from the sudden arrival, but you keep from uttering a sound due to your tightened throat. You never heard her approach. 

The new girl tentatively moves the soapy sponge across your chest, seemingly fascinated by your body, and you feel yourself blushing hard again. You attempt to ignore the sensation, but it’s incredibly difficult.

“You’re beautiful,” she says.

You feel your face getting hotter and hotter, but you do nothing to try to stop it.

“Th-thank you,” you manage to sputter out, “you… you are as well.”

The new girl smiles, a blush of her own reddens around her cheeks as she continues to wash your chest. She soaps up the rest of her sponge, and moves it in a circular motion.

“I’m Lyssia,” she tells you bashfully, avoiding your eyes.

You catch sight of a third lamia slithering through the water towards you.

“May I… wash your hair?” The girl politely asks of you, a soapy sponge held up in both her hands.

You feel hotter than ever, thoroughly flushed with embarrassment with all this attention, and you sheepishly dart your eyes away before giving her a slight nod.

With a silent gasp of delight, she soaps up her sponge a bit further and places it atop your head, moving it through your hair with slow care. You close your eyes once more, and sigh contently. You direct your focus solely upon the massage-like process, and after a moment you begin to feel your cares slip away. You eventually feel another sponge touch against you, delicately rubbing your shoulder… followed by another that begins to massage your neck. Your arms are soon taken by several gentle hands and raised out for more sponges to scrub, and your embarrassment begins to fade as soothing bliss replaces it. 

You almost fell asleep within the tender care of diligent lamia, regaining your senses only after you have your head doused with a bucket of warm bath water. You sputter a bit, and rub your eyes before opening them.

Mocca is positioned before you, her long hair damped from the steam and clinging to her curvaceous form. The other lamia surround the two of you, and you quickly recall the recent cleaning they gave you. You lower a bit into the water, your embarrassment returning with a vengeance as they all eye you.

“We cleaned nearly all of you,” Mocca reveals, “even your legs and toes. All that’s left… is…”

She fidgets shyly and gazes downward, and you hear light giggles from among the other girls as some begin to either stare at you with heated anticipation or lick their lips… a few do both.

You close your legs beneath the water subconsciously, your face red as a tomato. You’ve been trying to fight the impulses that come with this sort of situation, being physically tended to by a multitude of beautiful, naked women in an open bath. You’ve been aroused by it all, erect since before you even took off your clothes. And now, they’re all going to see…

“Mother has forbidden us from… giving care to you in that area,” Mocca reveals, her ears turning red as well, “that is, if you wish not to receive it.”

You are caught off guard by this information, and feel your heart race several beats faster. Mocca slides a bit closer, and raises an arm and holds it over her nipples, pressing against her moderately-sized breasts and making you more aware of their prominence. She tilts her face downward and gazes up at you.

“You may choose to accept or decline. We won’t be particularly upset with you, should you refuse… but, if you please…”

She drops her arm and lets her breasts bounce as she reaches into the water. Both her hands begin to slowly massage along your legs, working up to your thighs, and your heart is pounding harder in your chest. She leans further in as her fingers glide along your submerged skin, her face inching closer to yours with parted lips… and a needy, longing gaze.

“We… would very much like to. To tend to this part of you… to make you feel good. Will you let us? … Please?”

The pleading in her voice is almost more than you can bear. With this kind of situation, how can you say no? You feel like you should decline, but…

“I-I… I…” you stammer.

Mocca leans in closer, her lips almost touching yours.

“We’ll do anything you want,” she whispers, “please… will you let us? Please let us.”

Her breath smells like melons, and your mouth quivers. You look away, and Mocca cups your cheek in her soft hands, petting you affectionately. The other lamia begin to close in, and you feel the tips of several serpentine tails poke and coil around your toes and fingers, followed by more prehensile limbs that snake around your ankles and wrists. Several begin to slide behind your back and atop your stomach, and one boldly wraps around your waist.

“M-Mo…” you whisper, feeling your face flush even more.

Yet, throughout it all… even as a few girls begin to take you in their hands, while others lean in close and start to kiss and lick upon your naked body… that one place between your legs remains untouched. As for Mocca herself, she grazes your lips with her own, but does not kiss you. Instead, she continues to plead, her mouth brushing against yours in temptation.

“Please, will you let us please you?”

You feel your resolve shatter, and you can’t help but give in.

“Just…” you say, about to give your approval… 

… Before you’re cut off by an all-too-familiar voice.

“I do think that’s quite enough, my children.”

It’s the matriarch, and you’re left surprised by her sudden arrival… as are the lamia women around you, with many of them immediately ceasing their ministrations and backing away in haste. You turn around to see her in a thin, mildly transparent bathrobe. She’s halfway situated between the entrance and the pool, seated causally upon the massive snake’s tail coiled beneath her. Her arms remain folded underneath her massive bust, which looks nearly ready to burst out of her robes.

Even as half-dressed as she is, you can’t help but look upon the stunning beauty of this creature. The lascivious mood is shattered as quickly as the elder had made herself known, and the snake womens’ eager and sensual demeanors turn to those of meek subservience. Except for Mocca, who remains leaned into you… although her eyes are wide in shock.

“Mother…” Mocca says, but she isn’t given the chance t continue.

“I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for this moment,” the matriarch says, her eyes lingering on Mocca for a moment longer than any of the others, “but this session was held to both have our guest bathed and to familiarize him with sharing the bathhouse with everyone, NOT for the purpose of fornication… or other forms of physical intimacy. I understand that you are all becoming impatient, but you must have restraint.”

She looks to you.

“And you, dear?” she asks, “have you been able to restrain yourself?”

You’re too embarrassed to answer, and the older lamia gives you a warm yet knowing smile.

“I am pleased you find my daughters to be most attractive, youth… but as I’ve already explained, your experience at this time was meant to be strictly hygienic and cultural in nature. You have my apologies, especially if you wish to consummate with my daughters. Although, you do have my guarantee that there will be time for that later, should you be interested… more than enough time. Meanwhile, I do believe they’ve tended to you quite thoroughly… and that it is due time that these naughty children take their leave.”

She rises from off her tail, and begins to slither in a stride in your direction. The lamia surrounding you give a final glance of longing, before quickly leaving the water and returning to their discarded clothing. Mocca bites her lip in sorrow as she finally withdraws from you, and your eyes watch her as she retreats with the rest of the girls. As for you, you remain in the water, both left wanting and confused by the sudden turn of events.

As all but the matriarch begin to take their leave through the exit, the older lamia arrives to a stop just outside the pool, on the side where you’re settled. She looks down at you, smiling with maternal instinct.

“I hope you will forgive my daughters,” she says sweetly, “they are still struggling to properly express themselves around those not of our kind. They don’t often have the opportunity to practice this you see. As lamia, our instincts can be difficult to suppress, especially when we develop feelings towards anyone whom we might deem… desirable. I’m afraid it’s a problem that’s common to our race. We are… excitable, and a very passionate people.”

She chuckles at her own admission.

“However, we are responsible and loyal to our mates and family. I trust they have made your stay with us… pleasant?”

You nod, unsure of how to respond otherwise. It has been an interesting experience, that’s for sure. You’ve never felt so… desired by a woman before. Even being chased around by the female natives prior to your initial capture seemed more like you were being hunted simply for your genitalia… In comparison, this, what you’re being given here in the village, is genuine affection and tender care. And it’s weird, but you almost feel like you owe the older lamia something for all this.

As you attempt to figure out how to reply, the matriarch smiles widely and hovers her upper body over the pool’s edge and leans in your direction.

“I’m glad,” she says, before planting her lips on your forehead, “they are all a little confused and so young at heart… at the least, it’s nice to know that the one person here, who they’re trying to pour all of their affection into, is finding some form of solace from it.”

She pulls away without another word, leaving only the fading sensation of her kiss lingering upon your forehead. The other lamia have since made themselves entirely scarce, leaving the whole bathhouse to just the two of you. You sit in the warm water, trying to think through your predicament. It’s only been an hour or so since you’ve gotten out of that bed, but you’re already tired from the recents events of the day.

The older lamia’s words are also running through your mind, and you almost fail to notice her disrobe behind you… but when you do, you can’t help but stare in awe of her magnificent body as the lamia proceeds to become naked.

For someone of her advanced years, she certainly has a flawless body. You can’t help but look upon her in silence as she begins to slither into the water, her eyes on you the entire process. She doesn’t say a word to you, only smiling warmly as she turns to retrieve some soap and a sponge, and the lamia matriarch closes her eyes and begins to bathe directly in front of you.

She does not seem to care about the fact that you are still sitting there, staring at her shameless nudity. In fact, you have a suspicion that she welcomes your gaze as you silently watch her, holding statuesque poses high above the water as she takes her sweet time with every scrub.

The whole situation is surreal to you, and yet, incredibly relaxing… if not severely arousing. When she positions herself to begin washing her chest, she looks to the side at you, and stares with a smile as she applies the sponge to her giant, mammary flesh. She’s the incarnation of many a man’s wet dream, a voluptuous erotic beauty who keeps herself with an air of grace and sexual confidence. And you can only watch her in a dumbfound stupor.

“Hmmmn…” she hums into a slight moan as she lifts one of her tits, addressing you as she begins to scrub underneath it. “Dear… could I trouble you for something?”

“Huh?” you reply, snapping out of your trance.

“I said could I trouble you for something?” she repeats, patiently making sure she has your undivided attention.

“Erm, sure.” You say, curious as to what she suddenly wants to ask.

“I was merely hoping you could help yourself to a loofah and tend to my back for me, dear. After all, it is so difficult to reach every spot and clean thoroughly by oneself…” she says, before closing her eyes and turning away from you, bunching her hair together and pulling it up over her shoulder towards her front… revealing the smooth, flawless skin of her back.

Your feel your face burn as you choke out an “okay” and tentatively take from one of the earlier girls’ abandoned sponges, and hesitantly approach the older lamia, who has by now decided to start soaping herself up the rest of her chest.

You’re careful to not step onto the submerged length of her serpent’s tail, coiled under her body. and when you’re directly behind her, you take a moment to appreciate the intricate details of her naked body. Her soft, flawless skin is radiant and looks as though it would feel like velvet under your hands, completely devoid of any sign of aging. You soon press the soapy sponge into her back, and as you work on the older lamia’s large, womanly frame, you can’t help but feel incredibly small compared to her, even though she’s not much taller than you are.

You hear her utter a sibilant moan of delight as you rub along her skin.

“Oh… that feels good, dear…” she purrs, not even looking at you. “I’m not sure I can reach those muscles in the small of my back. I usually have a few of my daughters assist me… mmn… but you’re doing just fine. Those are good hands, dear. So strong, and… Ah, the soap’s almost out… Would you be so kind as to get one of the oils sitting just outside the pool behind you? I very much love how they melt into the skin so well. Choose whichever one you like, I’m not picky.”

You feel your face burn once again as you stare at the older lamia’s ass, which is pointed right at your semi-hard erection. You want to reach down and grab it, but you fight the urge. Suddenly, it presses into you, and you tense up as your length slides in between the cleft of those shapely cheeks, and you look up to see the matriarch smirking back at you with a mischievous, sideways glance.

“The oils, dear… They aren’t going to fetch themselves,” she says, and as you scramble to obey her command, she lets out a soft, delicate chuckle that melts your heart.

You manage to retrieve a bottle of golden liquid, and stand there for a moment as you behold the elder lamia waiting for your return. She gives you one last sultry look before turning back around and continuing to wash the front of her body, and you swallow dryly despite the air filled heavily with steam.

You return to your spot behind her, and she seems to have already forgotten what was so funny. The older lamia relaxes her muscles as she allows you to lather her back with the oils, but she reaches behind and takes your hand once you’re about done. She turns to you, bringing her massive bosom into full view as she begins to raise your hand and stare at it, lovingly massaging the digit in both of her own.

“These are such wonderful hands, I love the way you work with them, too. You’re not afraid to get them dirty… nor use them to help a women get clean. That’s a quality that I admire, and one I’m more than happy to reward. Would you be willing to assist me further, young man?”

She looks up at you expectantly, and you feel your face burn yet again as you nod nervously.

“Y-yes, ma’am…” you choke.

She continues to caress your hand with one of her’s as she raises the other one to your face, running the palm down the side of your cheek and along your jaw.

“You’re so timid… yet you have such a fiery desire within you. It’s like a candle that’s been fed just the right kind of wax to make it burn brightly, but not enough to cause it to go out. I can sense the heat of your desire, you know. All lamia share this trait. It’s an incredible thing to see the way your mind develops as you get older, the way your thoughts become clearer and more directed. You’ve been… with only a few girls, I take it?”

You wince and look away, eliciting a quiet, surprised gasp to leave the matriarch’s lips.

“Oh my… that’s a surprise, and quite a shame. A man of your virility should have many such encounters to let off some of this energy. You must be suffering terribly, all backed up like this… poor thing… Perhaps I can help you with that. You see, I had already planned to reward you for your assistance, but now I know you truly deserve this. Here…”

The matriarch presses your hand against her breast, over an inverted nipple. You feel as the areola swells under your palm, and the elder lamia smiles warmly.

“You may apply the oils, my dear human male,” she informs you, and you’re caught without a voice as she leans in and hisses seductively into your ear. “Feel free to… well, feel around. To your heart’s content. I’ll take care of that part of you that’s prodding my belly… just focus on my chest and getting me nice and oiled up.”

You feel your hand sink into her soft, clean skin of her breast, and for a moment, you’re utterly enthralled. The scent of her filling your nostrils is enough to send you into a blissful daze, and all worries and stress from the day fade away as your second hand reaches up to fondle her other massive tit.

The lamia presses your hand further into her body as you feel her nipple begin to swell under your palm, hardening and turning into a straining nub. You use your fingers to gently pinch and twist at the nub, while your other hand continues to grope and knead at the mammary flesh that’s in its grasp.

“Ah, that’s it… Don’t hold back, dear… Ah! There, like that…”

You feel a slender hand wrap around your cock, and you tremble with pleasure as the matriarch beings to pump your erection. You absentmindedly begin to hump into her palm as your attention upon her breasts becomes erratic, your bathing companion doesn’t seem to mind, giggling lightly at your efforts.

“You like that, human? You like what I’m doing?” she sibilantly coos in your ear, and you nod, too far gone to form words. She continues to gently rub your manhood as her other hand continues to work on your chest and then begins to slide down, sliding through your pubic hair before taking a detour and traveling around towards your ass.

“Just relax… You are safely within my care for the moment. I’ll have you absorbed in pleasure for yet another few minutes, so long as you can keep it in. Keep kneading my chest… Mmmn, that’s it… Good boy… you’re doing great…”

The matriarch begins to gently finger your anus, and you tense up, before she pecks your cheek with her lips.

“I’d never do anything that would permanently hurt you, dear. I’m just going to… stimulate you a bit, all right? Relax… I know what I’m doing…”

You feel as the slick finger slowly enters your body, and you suck in a breath.

“There… That wasn’t so bad, now was it? Now relax… I’m just going to press into you here, and…”

She gently pushes into your body, and you feel the finger rub against your prostate. A surge of arousal jolts through your entire being, and you feel yourself bucking and groping with renowned vigor.

“Ah!… Yes, like that… Don’t stop… Mmmm… I can feel you growing, you’re pressing up against my stomach… Does this turn you on? Do you want to fuck me, dear? Say you want to fuck me…”

You feel like you’re going to collapse as the lust overtakes your mind, and you have no choice but to indulge the lamia.

“Fuck… I… I wanna… f-fuck you… so bad…!” you wheeze, much to the delight of the matriarch, who kisses your cheek in response.

“Oh, you sweet thing… Just a bit more… Don’t worry, I’ll reward you fully in due time. Now just keep doing what you’re doing… Just a little longer… Mmmm…!”

Your fingers feel numb as they continue to perform their duties. The combination of her body and the way she touches yours, the warm water, the oils, and just the entire situation as a whole is having a profound effect on you. Your mind feels hazy, and you’re barely conscious of what her body is doing to yours. You can only feel, nothing else matters.

You tense up as you feel your body release, straight onto the matriarch’s stomach and up into the underside of her breasts, which you let go of in the moment. You collapse into the water, letting out a heavy sigh as you sink down to your shoulders.

“I’ve… I’ve never… That was… Just… wow…” you pant, shivering from the effects of the orgasm.

The matriarch gently laughs, a pleasant sound, and you look up at her with a glazed expression as she wipes away the murky white mess you made on her front. You watch amidst your afterglow as she takes the milky essence into her palm, and raises it to her lips. She drinks it, downing the majority of the liquid in one large gulp.

“Just one of many to come, dear boy,” she smiles, licking away the remaining residue of white that managed to coat the corners of her mouth, “Now… I imagine you must be exhausted. You’ve been through a lot today, and a lot of stress can be quite tiring. If you wish to suspend the talks we’ve planned and prepared for, you may. We can have them another time, it is no issue.”

She then develops a sultry smile.

“I could also provide for you some… intimate company, from among my daughters who strike your fancy. I would have any one of them or more transferred to your room later for that purpose, if you would like. Choose any of them that you wish, and I will have them prepared as you desire. A bed is meant to be shared, after all…”

“N-No… I’m fine, really…” you manage to sputter out, “I’ll just have a short… rest. I’ll meet with you all later…”

However, the matriarch doesn’t seem too convinced. She smiles warmly and washes her hands in the pool before reaching over to you and bending down, rubbing your arms in a motherly fashion.

“I think I’ll provide some company for you, anyway. I’ve seen the way you look at us, particularly a notable few of my daughters I could mention… I think you know which ones I’m talking about.”

You begin to object, but the elder lamia insists. 

“Don’t worry, I will tell the girls to keep their hands to themselves, and I guarantee that they will do just that this time around… unless you desire otherwise, of course. I will also have you provided a much larger bed this time around, just in case you need the extra room to move around.”

With that, she gives you a final squeeze, kisses you on the cheek and gets out of the pool. You do likewise, slowly following her lead and quickly drying yourself off. Your eyes find themselves trained upon the matriarch’s naked beauty once more as she too uses a towel to dry her body, and she again gives you a show devoid of shame. 

Your heart flutters in your chest, and you want nothing more than to wrap her up in your embrace. But you also wonder about the situation she’s planned to put you through. Has she sired so many daughters just to offer them to the first man… rather, the first male that stumbles into their life? 

Whatever the reason, you can’t be sure if you want to deal with it, despite how much you find yourself lusting after the prospect of bedding any one or more of them…

There’s also the matter of your future with these serpentine sirens. As much as you might want to leave that for last, there still needs to be a decision made. You can choose to stay with the lamia matriarch, or try to leave and risk the consequences… whether or not you can succeed.

You stay silent for a moment, mentally composing yourself, before the matriarch speaks to you again. She’s now fully garbed in that paper-thin robe of hers.

“You’re very quiet, dear. Is something wrong?”

“Everything’s… fine.”

“I don’t believe that. You’ve been frowning for the past minute. Speak to me.”

“I can’t make a decision on whether to stay with you or leave you.”

The matriarch raises an eyebrow, and you explain. You don’t know why you’re revealing your doubt, but you find yourself pouring your worries out for her to hear.

“I’m unsure of your… intentions with me. I don’t know if you’ve sired a whole mess of daughters just to offer them up to the first guy you find, or if it’s some bizarre fertility ritual. I’m worried about the former, and scared of the latter. So… I’m at a loss on what to do. I don’t even know if it’s wise to stay here, given that I’m being made to sty here, regardless of whether I want to or not. I haven’t exactly forgotten that I was practically abducted.”

The matriarch frowns softly as she hears your explanation. She clasps one of her hands upon the other and rests them in front of her, and tilts her head. You see her close her eyes in thought, before opening them again to gaze at you. Her expression is gentle yet solemn.

“Do you think we intend to bring you harm? Or abuse you in any sort of way?” she asks.

“I don’t know,” you admit. “I mean, you didn’t when I first encountered you all, when I was being chased around. And yeah, the girls in that hunting party led by… Zana, right? They were scary, but they didn’t try to hurt me, now that i think about it. As for abuse… I was kind of almost raped in the pool, before you showed up…”

” ‘Rape’ is a strong word, dear,” the matriarch tells you, “especially when you were doing nothing to reject their advances.”

You look down, unable to say anything in response to that accusation. She wasn’t exactly wrong… you were even close to giving those girls the go-ahead. You were about to. It was just the matriarch’s arrival had… interrupted things.

“On to my next question. Dear, how do you feel about the possibility of me… wanting you for my own?” she asks you, and you’re caught off-guard by the prospect. “I won’t lie to you. I’ve wanted you for my own ever since I first found you, and I still want you, just as much as each and every one of my own daughters want you for themselves.”

She turns her upper body towards you, and you feel vulnerable under her gaze.

“You’re young, dear. You’re virile. You have a healthy body that could produce many children for me. For all of us. We could give you so much… and we want to. We could also take from you, if we wanted. We could force you to give in, to keep you tied and use you for sex, or anything else we could want. You know we are capable of that much… and yet we don’t. We are making things harder for ourselves, with no guarantee that our patience will even yield the desired results. Why? Because while we did bring you here, and intend to keep you, we would rather have you come to us willingly than take you by force.”

She seems to pause for a moment to give you a chance to respond. When you remain silent, she resumes.

“As for myself and my own desires, I’m simply better at retaining my urges than my daughters. I want them to be happy, and to have families of their own, with their own husband and their own daughters… as I have.”

The elder lamia looks away, her eyes staring into the distance beyond the top of the pool and through the steam rising above it, but her gaze is focused on nothing in particular. 

“I terribly miss my late husband… he was the kindest, and most wonderful human male. He’s been gone for sometime, and I’ve long accepted his departure from this life. Even so, I’m still a woman, and I still have desires… it’s been so torturously long since I’ve last felt the touch of a man, to feel him make love to me, to feel him inside my body… to bear his children…” she looks down to her navel and holds her belly in her hands, before redirecting her eyes to you. 

“To be with you would be the best thing that has ever happened to me in a long, long time. I’ve desired it for so long, and yet I’ve never let myself truly want it. Do not assume that our little ‘session’ has sated any sort of urges I might have for you… if anything, they’ve been elevated. DRASTICALLY. Yet still, I refuse to relieve myself at your expense.”

The matriarch pauses to take a deep breath, a heavy sigh escaping her upon completion. “You’re so young, dear, and my daughters deserve someone like you. Do you resent any of the experiences that you’ve been exposed to since your arrival, other than the fact you were brought here against your will? We have no reason to hold up a facade, or deceive you with any of the acts we’ve taken. You can be assured that our intentions are honest, that all we want from you is your willingness to be with us, to love us… make families with us. Until then, we wish to keep you here, until you decide to love us.”

“… So what happens if I don’t want to?” You ask, against your better judgment. “What would happen to me if I can never bring myself to love any of you? Would you keep me here despite that?”

“That… is entirely up to you, dear,” the matriarch says, a bit of a tremble in her voice. She clears her throat before continuing. 

“You can choose to stay, and not love us. We would not hate you, nor turn you away, but we would not come to your rescue should any of the other residents in the village try to claim you for themselves. Human males are a rarity, and there are many within and beyond this place who would snatch you up without hesitation… as we have. However, I can assure you that most individuals would not be as considerate of your feelings, not like my daughters and I have been. Rape would most likely occur, and that might not be the extent to the ill fate you experience in such a scenario.”

She stares at you for a few moments, as if expecting you to speak up and break the silence.

Eventually, you do.

“… How long do I have, then? To decide if I love anyone or not?”

“I will grant you as much time as you feel you need, and I’m convinced my daughters are willing to do the same. Nonetheless, we will do everything we can earn your affections, even if it only ends up being directed to just one of my daughters.”

She then gives you a stern look.

“But, be warned: our neighbors are keenly aware about your presence here, and that you aren’t yet officially ‘taken’ yet. Word travels fast, and you are a prize that most would be willing to go great lengths to acquire. Even amongst my family, you are not safe so long as you remain unclaimed by one of us. The longer you take to make your decision, the more desperate some will become. Eventually, to avoid endangering ourselves, we may end up having to take your indecisiveness as a ‘no’, and let someone else take you. I cannot stress this enough when I say this is not something to be taken lightly.”

You inhale deeply, thinking it over.

“I… understand.”

The matriarch nods solemnly.

“… I am sorry, truly I am. It isn’t by choice that things are like this, it’s simply how it is. Human males are always sought after, and when one appears, he’s usually seized and whisked away by the first person who finds him. Or worse. I trust you’ll come to a decision soon… at least, I hope you do. It’s very hard keeping you here and denying ourself what we instinctively crave. I can handle it, but it pains me to have my girls suffer and not even know if they’re ever going to have the chance to… my apologies, I’ve already discussed that, haven’t I?”

The mother lamia turns towards the doors, before pausing to address you a final time.

“I will lead you to your new place of residence, and from there I’ll show you what will serve as your bed for the day. Then, I will prepare a few of my daughters to meet you in your chambers. I… will not be joining you. I can only hope you realize that we want to love you, and that we want more than anything that you’ll return our feelings. But please… don’t run away. I would feel horrible enough, but my daughters would become devastated. Especially if you never came back because you got caught by another, or worse…”

The matriarch exhales a shuddering breath as she leads you out of the pool area.

You spend the remainder of the day in a relatively secluded area, away from the eyes of most of the villagers and in the company of the matriarch. You were brought to a relatively large hut, with a spacious living area and a particularly roomy bedroom containing a circular bed that seemed large enough to accommodate eight to ten human-sized people. 

The matriarch herself kept busy with her own dealings and preparations while you spent most of the time in the bedroom, seated on the edge of the bed with only your thoughts and the new clothes on your back to keep you company. The clothes were very nice and comfy, and they fit you perfectly… your suspicions regarding why and how the seamstresses knew your measurements revealed by the matriarch, telling you that she had taken the liberty to measure you… everywhere… when you first slept after your initial arrival. 

She seemed to be quite happy with the results, and you were grateful that the clothes fit… but it was the pride the elder lamia exuded when going over the details regarding how she went about acquiring your measurements that made you uncomfortable. Then again, she’s since given you a handjob while you groped her boobs, so… you’re not too sure if you should feel that uncomfortable towards something a bit minor in comparison. 

You can only wonder if this will be an ongoing issue for you when dealing with these people.

Still, the matter of when your host’s daughters would arrive to “accompany” you is eventually revealed, as well as whom among them were selected. It’s all made known to you when you finally hear the door to the room open, and five scantily-dressed lamia slither inside, each wearing a lace bralette with a semi-transparent halter dress overlaying it, all with matching jewelry.

 Mocca is the first you recognize, followed in by Lyssia, the bashful cutie who washed your chest. The next two who enter are ones you think you recognize from the pool as well, but you can’t be certain. However, it’s the final arrival you feel aught surprise you the most, despite never having exchanged words with her: Zana, the lamia huntress.

You stare at her in awe as she closes the door behind her and lazily approaches, and she flinches when she notices your gaze. Mocca speaks before either of you can say anything.

“Mother told us that… we should accompany you while you rest,” Mocca says, a guilty tone in her voice. “Should we leave you be, or…?”

You scratch your head, finding yourself a bit nervous. “No, that’s… you all can stay. I don’t mind.”

Mocca sighs in relief before giving you a pleased expression. Lyssia smiles bashfully as she goes over to the dresser and begins to open the drawers, rummaging through them. You wonder what she’s up two before you’re approached bu the two lesser-known lamia. 

They begin asking questions, one girl at a time.

“Is there anything we can do to make you feel comfortable? Do you want anything to eat or drink? Would you like one of us to massage your shoulders or rub your back? Are your human feet tired? We can massage those too, if you like…! Um… do you like our clothes?”

Mocca saves you from answering the flurry of questions.

“Mother said not to trouble him, and you’re already overwhelming him with questions!” She berates the two lamia, and one adopts an expression of shame while the other one sulks. “To start with, you should probably tell him your names… He already knows me and Lyssia… Zana, too.”

The two lamia begin introducing themselves. The embarrassed one is called Kasia, and the one who was pouting is named Maia. You aren’t sure if you’re going to memorize all these names, let alone all the other ones who’ll you most-likely will be introduced to later. For now though, you’re gonna at least try.

“Nice to meet you,” you say, attempting to be polite. 

You realize you’ve never actually mentioned your own name, not for the entire duration you’ve been here. You decide to tell them.

“Oooh! Human names are so weird! I love them…!” Lyssia squeals aloud, before Mocca shoots her a stern glare that shuts her up.

“… I’m sorry, we’re only making things worse, aren’t we?” Mocca laments. “Maybe we should go after all…”

“N-no, really, it’s all good,” you try reassuring them with a forced chuckle.

“If you say so… thank you,” she replies.

The Kasia and Maia stare at each other, and then at you, before going back to stare at each other. They remain silent, unsure if they should ask you anything else, or just keep quiet and stay coiled upon their tails. Zana remains by the door, and is still avoiding your gaze.

“So…” Lyssia says, holding up an item. “I got this from the dresser… in case you think we’ll need it.”

It’s a bottle of lubricant.

“… O-oh,” you say, a blush forming in your cheeks. 

Mocca is quick to slap the bottle out of Lyssia’s hands, and the latter cries out in pain in surprise, holding her struck hand defensively.

“Mother explicitly told us NOT TO BE FORWARD, you idiot!” Mocca scolds her sister, who looks to be on the verge of tears.

“I-I’m s-sorry, I…” she stutters, but Mocca cuts her off.

“You will be, when he ends up HATING US because you won’t lay off!”

The room becomes eerily silent.

And then the sobbing cuts through the still atmosphere as Lyssia begins to cry.

“I… I-I… I’m s-s…. I…!”

You don’t know what overcomes you, whether it’s a sense of pity, guilt, some other emotion, or simply being reminded of all the things their mother told you and acknowledging their situation… but the sight of the crying girl in front of you stirs your body into action, and you carefully step around the large, wayward snake tails on the floor and give the poor creature a reassuring hug.

Lyssia is startled at first and freezes within your embrace, but it isn’t long before the hug is reciprocated. She sobs into your chest, and the others stare at you with gaping mouths.

“I… I don’t want to you to hate us…” Lyssia sniffles, her voice barely audible. “I don’t want you t-to run away…!”

“I know…” you say, patting and rubbing her on the back as her tail begins to curl around your feet. “… I know…”

You look up, staring into the eyes of each of the lamia as they stare back. Surprisingly, it’s Zana who breaks the ice by beginning to speak.

“I… I just want you to know…” she says from her place by the door, “that we won’t hurt you. We never planned to… and, I’m… sorry. For hunting you like an animal instead of just… being civil.”

She keeps her eyes on you as she says this, almost begging you to look away. You don’t.

“Can you… can you forgive us?”

“I… think so.”

Zana turns away, and the silence returns. Lyssia’s crying has died down to a light sniffle, and you find that your own heart is racing. The moment stretches on, with you desperately trying to think of something to say to break the silence. Kasia approaches you.

“… Can I hug you too?” she asks.

You weren’t expecting this, but you aren’t opposed to it, and you let her curl around you while you continue to embrace Lyssia, the latter of whom decides to hold you tighter. You feel a tug pull on the back of your shirt at the hem, and your eyes spot Maia, who’s since slithered around behind you.

“M… me too?”

“Y-yeah…” you say, and the third lamia slides her hands around your waist and hugs you from behind with her cheek nuzzling into your nape.

Mocca and Zana keep their distance, the latter you understand. The guilty expression adorning Mocca’s features makes you suspect that she’s feeling bad about yelling at her sister, among other things.

“Um… do you…” you hesitantly say to her, meeting her gaze when she looks up at you, “wanna hug me too?”

“… I’m sorry too,” she whispers.

The apology catches you off guard, and you take a moment to answer.

“For what?”

“I… I-I don’t know…! I’m just trying my best to… I mean, I was so close to… i-in the pool… And then, here I am screaming at Lyssia for something that’s not even…” you begin to see tears in her own eyes, but this lamia stays strong, at least strong enough to keep herself from breaking down entirely, “I’m… I just… please… p-please… don’t hate us…”

You don’t know what to say, so after taking a pause in thought, you reach a hand to her, inviting her to join the four-way hug. The dam seems to break as Mocca’s tears turn to streams and start training down her cheeks, and she tentatively takes your hand. You hold her tightly in your arm, and she hugs you back just as hard.

Zana stands motionless with her head down, and while in the midst of being embraced by four snake girls, you can’t help but want to make sure she isn’t left out… even if it’s by her own choice. You shift around a bit to face her, and when she looks up to meet your eyes, you put on your most reassuring smile.

“Zana…” you say.

“Um… I’m… I’m…” she stutters, turning a deep shade of red.

“It’s OK.”

You continue to hold eye contact, and she forces herself to look down, allowing the silence to linger once again. Eventually, she begins to crack…

“I’m… not good with these kinds of… intimacy, things…” she tells you, her eyes drilling holes in the floor. “I’m a huntress, and… and… this isn’t, um… what I’m used to.”

You see her sisters begin to raise their heads to look at the fidgeting lamia, and Zana backs further against the door and nervously rubs an arm with her hand.

Mocca sighs into your neck as she stares at her older sister with a warm smile.

“Mother said she might be a bit timid, but I didn’t think my big sister was scared of boys,” she says, causing Zana to snap her gaze up and direct a wide-eyed expression of shock at her.

“I-it’s not that!” she exclaims. “It’s just… I-I…! I’m not scared of…”

“Pfft,” Mocca says, rolling her eyes. “Lyssia told me all about how you wanted to spend time with him. She was scared of what you’d do if Mother said no.”

“T-that’s not true! I didn’t… I d-don’t… I-I…!”

Mocca continues to hold eye contact, as does everyone else with the exception of you. You look away and towards the floor, a blush reforming in your features. It doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Oooooh, look at the shy one,” Mocca says.

“Shut up, Mocca,” Zana hisses.

“It’s OK, Zana,” you say, trying to diffuse the situation. “I don’t… mind.”

“N-no, it’s not OK!” Zana says, a stutter in her words once again, before she realizes the latter half of what you just said. “I-I mean, yes, it’s OK, but… W-wait, what?!”

The lamia huntress is at a loss for words, and her sisters all give you appreciative glances before staring back at her with mocking expressions. You feel your legs become further entangled in the swarm of tails at your feet, as the girls laugh and grin at their victim.

“… C-can I really…?” Zana says, struggling to save face as her resolve crumbles.

Mocca nuzzles into your neck and takes a deep inhale, much to your embarrassment. “Do you really think he’s gonna say ‘no’, sis?”

“Shut up, Mocca.”

Zana’s eyes dart from one of her sisters to the next, as her hands ball up into fists before she relaxes them. She takes a deep breath and subtly begins to draw near to the huddle pile. You shyly glacé up at the tallest lamia in the room, and she nervously shares your gaze, hesitant… but she eventually gives in, and soon the five-way hug consists of six members.

Zana worms her arms in between and around her sisters to reach you, and she grips your shoulder in her palm and holds your side beneath the armpit; her head looms above yours, and she presses her nose into your hair to avoid your gaze. Her soft lips are parted directly in front of your eyes, and she breathes lightly against you. Her mouth closes briefly as she deeply inhales the scent of your hair, before orally exhaling into your face.

“… Thank you, human,” she pants out, and you feel a stir in your loins, incredibly turned on by the scent of her breath, the sight of her lips, and the physical affection you’re being subject to in all directions. 

You begin to feel a final tail slither in to join the rest in coiling around your base, and you grow concerned when Zana’s serpentine limb probes about before snaking around your pelvis, sliding against the bulge in your pants. You wince, and you feel the breath puffing against your face cease as the girl flinches before freezing all movement.

It’s obvious that you both are aware of the other, and that neither of you are sure just how to progress with this kind of scenario. In the end, it’s Zana who speaks first.

“Is that… your, um… thing?” Zana asks, her voice very low and quiet, taking on a raspy quality.

“Y… yeah,” you pant, too overwhelmed to do anything else.

“I d-didn’t mean too…”

“I know, i-it’s okay…”

You both go silent again, before a third voice pipes up.

“Zana! You’re rubbing his dick! That’s not fair!” Maia cries aloud from her place behind you.

There’s a whole wave of motion that overwhelms you as all five lamia push themselves off of you in a start, and you’re left tripping over their writhing tails as the girls begin to bicker and shout. You fall on the floor at in center of them, and it goes quiet, all eyes staring down at your prone form… and at the bulge in your pants.

Mocca clears her throat and approaches first, outstretching a hand for you to take. 

“Here, let me…”

You look up at her in a mild daze, before you accept her hand and allow her to pull yourself to your feet. She clasps your hands in her own and stares at them as the sisters look on.

“You’re supposed to be resting,” she says, “and we’re only here to keep you company, not interfere. I’m sorry, let’s get you into bed…”

You find yourself swept away by the now timid Mocca and the other four girls, and the former slithers atop the bed and gingerly helps pull you onto it. Lyssia proceed to lift the covers for you to slide under, and Kasia fluffs your pillow for you as Maia leaves the room for a moment, before returning to your side a minute later with a beverage. Mocca remains on the bed but gives you some space as you get comfortable beneath the covers, and Zana is left not knowing what to do, so she simply stays quiet and stays out of the way.

“There,” Mocca says, taking a seat beside you after you’ve taken helped yourself to the curiously warm and sweet drink, and she runs her hand through your hair. “Better?”

“Y-yeah,” you say, growing bashful. “Thank you.”

“Should we… go, then?” Zana asks from her position, causing the other girls to fidget and wince.

“Um…” you begin to say, not sure if you should send them away.

“.. Can we stay?” Lyssia quietly asks. “Please? We promise we won’t bother you…”

Seeing as you don’t really have the heart to deny them, you nod your head to indicate that they may stay. Mocca then makes a more specific inquiry.

“May I stay here with you?” She asks as she continues to comb through your hair, her gaze nervous and pleading.

“S-sure,” you find yourself saying, and the girl inhales with a silent surge of joy. She beams warmly, looking down at you beside her.

“Thank you.”

Another voice speaks to you. It’s Lyssia once again.

“C-can we join you, too?”

You glance around you, bearing witness to all five of the girls. They’re all giving you hopeful stares, even Mocca who’s already been granted a spot next to you.

“… Okay,” you tell them, figuring that you’re already past saying no to any of their innocent requests… that, and you think you’re starting to enjoy their company.

They all eagerly climb onto the bed to join you, each surrounding your body as you lie in the middle. Mocca slides in to be closer to you and lays herself down at your side, while the others surround the two of you and claim their own spots. Lyssia is the first to arrive on the opposite side of where Mocca rests and affectionately wraps her arms around yours, nuzzling into it. Kasia and Maia each crawl on top of one of their sisters in and effort to get closer to you, and you shudder as they rest their heads upon your chest and stomach, arms draped across the covers resting upon you.

Zana is the last to find a spot, and you try not to watch her as she tentatively moves to and fro a short distance away, desperately searching for a place to claim for herself. You shut your eyes in an attempt to not stare. Eventually, you hear her shuffling stop, and you begin to feel the weight of her body travel up your legs as she slides over the covers concealing your lower half. You decide to keep your eyes closed, but grow somewhat concerned when she continues traveling up your body. Your eyes finally open when you feel the bed compress on either side of your head, and you stare up into Zana’s looming gaze.

“M-may I… take this spot…?” She whispers, and all is silent as you feel the attention of the lamia huntress’s sisters fall upon the two of you.

“… Y-yeah, go ahead.”

Zana nods timidly and begins to recline against your body, and you’re unable to ignore the weight of her breasts as they press into your upper chest. A bit further below that, you feel Kasia and Maia remove their heads to give their older sister more room. You stare at the matriarch’s eldest daughter in awe as her face closes in, silently taking in the scene as she forces herself to stare into your eyes with a newfound resolve. She slides onto her elbows, before gently taking the sides of your head in her palms. She stares down at you, as do her sisters, but your eyes are locked upon the face hovering just above your own.

“Z-Zana…” You whisper, taken aback by her sudden boldness, coupled with her closeness. She blushes and closes her eyes as her head lowers, touches noses with you before she reopens her eyes and peers down at you with an expression of both shyness and intimacy.

“I can… sense your heat…” she tells you, and you’re keenly aware that she’s not just talking about the warmth of your body. “I can also feel… it… through the covers…”

She whispers that last part with particular bashfulness, and then her expression becomes one of seriousness.

“I… like you.”

You’re too stunned to say anything. You barely acknowledge Lyssia in your peripheral vision as her jaw drops. Maia and Kasia continue to stare at you in the same state of shock, but Mocca is staring at her eldest sister and gives her a slight nod of encouragement.

“I like you,” Zana reaffirms her statement, her voice quiet and filled with hesitation, yet you can hear it growing with confidence; her face bears a smile, “and… I was h-hoping… that we could… y-you know… if… if you’ll have me?”

You have no words. You stare at her in a state of shock, unsure of how to respond to such a forward statement from someone you’d been sure would never be so direct. She continues, “I… want to try…”

She trails off, and you wonder if she’s done. However, she keeps eye contact with you, as if afraid of what may happen if she looks away.

“I want to try… with you. If… if we do, then…”

Her words are getting weaker, and you fear that she may be fading out. Still, she seems to want to finish her thoughts.

“Then… I’ll… be by your side. For… for the rest of my life… if you’ll have me…”

Your eyes water. No, this isn’t just a simple confession of love. This was an outright marriage proposal… and you’re convinced that this girl knows exactly what she’s telling you, what she’s asking of you… and that her every word is genuine. She wants to spend the rest of her life with you. They all do… each and every one of these beautiful snake girls.

But… you don’t just have a life anymore. You have a second chance at one. What these girls are offering is a lifetime filled with affection and care, an escape from an uncertain future. They’re pouring their hearts and souls into you, a guy who’s been practically a complete stranger to them, and they’re more than ready to take you into each of their lives and more. You don’t know if you could ever return their feelings. You don’t know if you’re sure to regret it if you don’t take this offer.

You doubt you could ever forgive yourself if you took everything they had given you, everything they plan to offer, and merely slapped them in the face with a cold rejection. 

Through abducting you, they may very well have spared you a much worse fate at the hands… or claws… of some other native. You might just owe them your life, and despite that… they’re willing to give you a choice, rather than expecting you to simply “owe them” the thing they seem to want from you the most: your love.

And that’s when you realize it.

You want to love them. You always have. You’ve just been too scared, too paranoid to let yourself.

You’re only just noticing now, but you can’t deny the feeling. These girls are starting to… reach out to you. Why should you be any different to them? They’ve given so much to you, and it’s about time you return the favor. You feel a lump in your throat as you stare into the faces of these five girls who all share a feeling for you, each with their own expression. Zana looks the most vulnerable, despite sporting the hardened, warrior look of her huntress status.

You’re not quite sure how to give your answer, but then again, does it matter what you say so long as it’s the right thing? What is the correct response to such an offer?

“I… want to try. Y-yeah, I’ll… have you.”

A hushed silence lingers even after your answer is spoken, a sense of awe filling the room as your companions look upon you. None of them move for a moment, and you don’t quite know what to do next. Should you move closer to Zana?

Should you kiss her?

Your arms worms their way out from under the covers, and you slide your hands along her cheeks, cupping them in your palms. Then, while you’re both holding each other in your hands, you carefully pull her in close until your lips touch.

Nothing happens at first, but as your lips remain on hers, you feel her pull you into a tighter kiss. You slowly begin to push her away, only to have her pull you back in.

The two of you begin to kiss passionately. You slide your tongue along her lips, and she responds by opening her mouth slightly. You explore every inch of her mouth with your own, your tongue swirling around each other.

She tastes so sweet, and you feel like you could get drunk off of her alone. You pull away from the kiss, staring into her eyes. Her eyes seem to say “Thank you,” and your heart flutters.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and in this case, they’re telling you everything you need to know.

You could love this girl. Maybe all of them.

You realize this now more than ever.

It’s time to give yourself completely to them.

You’re not leaving this room tonight, and you doubt you’ll be leaving it anytime soon.

You turn to your other four companions, finding them all staring at you with various expressions.

Kasia’s expression is one of awe, and you can’t help but feel a little proud of yourself. Lyssia however seems to have a particularly uncertain expression on her face.

“… Can I kiss you too?” The latter asks, voice trembling.

You turn beet red as you hear your own words come out of your mouth.

“I-I mean, um… y… yeah.” You stammer awkwardly, as her face lights up and she leans in to hug you tightly.

“I’m so happy! This is the best day ever!” She beams, before smacking you on the lips with her own in a powerful, yet relatively innocent kiss.

She pulls back, and you realize how forward that was.

“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t hold it in any longer! I was thinking that… maybe I would never get the chance. I’m so happy!”

“Can you kiss me next?” Kasia pleads from her position near your stomach, and you’re not about to deny her.

Zana shifts somewhat to give her space as the younger sister crawls up to meet you, and she nervously closes her eyes as she leans in for her own kiss. Her embarrassment touches your heart, and after kissing two of her sisters already, you find it this kiss easier to enact.

“I’m after Kasia, right??” Maia eagerly questions, and you’re slowly finding yourself all-too-happy to engage in oral bliss with these girls.

Mocca is the only one you haven’t touched lips with by the time you finish with Maia, who chose to give you a sloppier kiss than the rest. You wipe your face of excess saliva as the girl enters a fit of giggles, before turning your attention the final lamia among the five. However, she’s no longer lying down, and has since risen up to loom up beside you. She’s also disrobed, and you behold her naked body for the second time since you’ve been here.

“I would prefer… if you don’t mind,” she tells you, her cheeks flushed red, “if we could… make love, while we kissed.”

Zana’s breathing stops as you stare up at her younger sister, yourself at a loss for words. Kasia just looks away with heated embarrassment, and Maia smiles in excitement. Lyssia’s jaw drops again.

“Did… did you just ask me to fuck you?” You ask, completely unsure how to respond.

“Yes,” she nods, blushing even harder.

“Well… sure, I mean…”

As soon as the words leave your lips, Mocca is on you in a flash, taking your hand in her own and shoving it into one of her breasts. Before you can formulate a response, her lips are locked with yours in a kiss alive with a furious passion that shames any her sisters’ prior oral sessions.

You hear a squeal of excitement from either Lyssia or Maia, and shortly after you feel the covers thrown off your body as a large serpent’s tail coils around your legs.

“I’ve wanted this for so long!” Mocca pants into your mouth, and you feel like your mind’s about to go blank as her kiss intensifies further.

As you’re distracted, the buttons on your shirt are undone by two pairs of hands that have snuck in from behind you, and your arms fall away briefly as the article is removed from your body. As Mocca grabs your hands and redirects both of them back to her perky breasts, the belt of your pants is unbuckled and yanked off, and you feel your pants whisked away. 

A moment later, you’re left only in your underwear, and that’s when you feel a pair of hands slip into the elastic of your boxers, as well as Mocca’s tongue dart in and out of your mouth. With your hands groping her tits, the lamia takes your head in her hands as she raises herself up, tilting your face back as she kisses down into your mouth. Another hand finds itself sliding towards your crotch, followed by another, and three hands begin fondling your butt as you try to focus on Mocca.

Your knees weaken as her tongue twirls around yours, and you have a difficult time sitting up straight. Eventually, your underwear is pulled free, and your cock springs free among the curious hands trying to cop a feel of it.

Zana gently combs a hand though your hair as the other reaches from behind to carefully hold the underside of your jaw, keeping it tilted back as she moves forward to press her chest, containing the largest pair of breasts from among these five sisters, into your back and grinding herself on you. You feel her tail sneak in to hold you around your hips, before its joined by another. You feel a long, wet tongue slide up your stomach, and you hear Maia moan as she licks you, her oral member soon finding your bellybutton and probing into it.

Kasia eventually makes use of her own tongue and begins to lick around your neck and upper chest, all while Lyssia plants endless kisses and licks all over your legs. The final two tails find themselves constricting nearly anything else that isn’t already wrapped in their sisters’ coils, and all five lamia become transfixed in what would become the start of a six-way orgy.

“I-I need it,” Mocca shakily tells you between kisses, shuddering with arousal as she stares into your glazed eyes, “your love, your… cock. I need it inside me. Hurry. P-please…!”

You feel your mind being assaulted by the scent and feel of the many excited pheromones given off by the sisters, and you’re unable to think straight. Lost in your lust-fueled haze, you nod dumbly and you’re met with an ecstatic gasp… and you feel a hand grasp the shaft of your dick and pull on it, until you feel a seething, slick sensation start to grind against the tip. Within a mere moment, your cock is shoved into a hot, fleshy cavern, enveloped completely as Mocca takes you inside herself, down to the hilt.

She holds you there, her hands clutching at your arms until her shakes of pleasure die down, before she begins to ride you in a manner befitting of her serpentine heritage. Her breasts bounce in your face as she rides you like a beast in heat, before she takes one of your hands and raises it to her mouth, beginning to suck on one of your fingers.

You feel your other arm being raised and dragged across a smooth, curvaceous belly, before your hand is lowered and you feel the fine bristles of pubic hair beneath your fingers. Kasia holds your hand to her crotch, her eyes squeezed shut as a terrible blush envelops her face. As the shy serpent girl forces you to finger her drooling snatch, Zana leans down from behind and turns your head to the side so she can kiss you on the mouth. Maia has since retreated from your stomach, but finds solace under your armpits as she kisses and licks voraciously order one of your arms. All the while, Lyssia has found your feet to be especially appetizing, and is currently sucking on your toes.

It doesn’t take long before you’re grinding your hips forward to meet with Mocca’s powerful slapping, the two of you finding a euphoric rhythm as the other fills you with delicious sensations. Five massive tails writhe and constrict wildly, occasionally abandoning their various positions to find new favorable places to coil themselves around, and the bed is soon filled with the sounds of slick, wet flesh smacking against each other as you’re roughly pounding into your willing partner.

“I’m fucking… M-mnh!! I’m finally f-fucking you! We’re f-f-finally fucking!!” Mocca cries out as she slaps harder and faster with your thrusting, and she drags her tongue and lips down your fingers and into the palm of the hand she’s begun to cherish.

Meanwhile, your other hand’s fingers have found their way deep inside Kasia’s flowing pussy, and she holds your forearm with both hands as you aggressively fuck her with your hand. Zana has completely abducted your face and taken complete control of the kiss she’s drew you into, and her inhumanly long lamia’s tongue delves deep, probing beyond the deepest reaches of your mouth and into your throat. At the same time, Maia continues to give oral attention to your armpits, but her hands have been wandering, and they’ve found themselves groping and fondling your asscheeks. Lastly, Lyssia is now desperately trying to fuck herself with one of your feet.

You feel like you’re in a chaotic soup of carnal lust, all of your sensations being warped and constantly changing. You’re little more than a bundle of nerve endings, incapable of anything more than rutting wildly like a mindless animal and having your body parts taken and sexually used by your five serpentine lovers.

Your whole body is in a state of constant stimulation, your senses being bombarded with the endless stimuli of smell, taste, touch, sight, sound and ultimately, mild pain, extreme pleasure, and the intense ecstasy that follows it.

There is no unity, there is no harmony, there is nothing but the raw, animalistic lust that consumes your mind and body. The only common factor is the fact that you’re giving in to it completely.

With your hazy mind barely able to focus on the sensations your body is feeling, you eventually find yourself erupting in a climax, violently emptying your seed into the depths of Mocca’s womanhood as you’re whole body convulses and bucks with erratic, orgasmic euphoria.

You collapse within the arms and tails of the five lamia sisters, drained of all energy as you’re forced into the blissful state of ecstasy, basking in the afterglow.

Several hours have passed.

The girls hadn’t let you go until you fucked and thoroughly ravaged each of them. Afterward, they brought you to the bathhouse once more to wash up… but not before trying to get a few more rounds out of you. You’re now totally spent. The news of your orgy spread quickly, and you are currently being visited by the rest of the lamia in the village, who each eagerly express how much they can’t wait to have their turn with you… as soon as you feel like fucking again. 

Your five lamia lovers remained at your side ever since the initial orgy, resting with you beneath the covers of the bed of yet another hut, this one accommodating an even larger bed. You lie there, resting with your back propped against a small stack of pillows with Mocca wrapped in one arm and Zana in your other, each with a hand on your chest and their faces nuzzling into your neck. Maia and Kasia are each gingerly massaging one of your shoulders, while Lyssia sleeps on top of your lower body with her head nestled against your stomach. Meanwhile, the bed bloats from the various tails underneath the covers that are coiled randomly around your body.

Tired as you are, you try to stay awake and converse with the other lamia girls who’ve come to thank, congratulate, and flirt with you… among other things. The matriarch herself doesn’t arrive until much later, after nearly all of your guests have made their visit. She waits until all but your five lovers have left, and it’s then that she decides to finally approach you herself.

“Hello there,” the matriarch says with a knowing smile. “It’s been a long day, I take it?”

“It has,” you reply exhaustedly. 

The lamia matriarch’s adopts a maternal demeanor. “Well, you’ll have time to rest now. I have no intention on sending these five away anytime soon… so long as they’re not troubling you.”

Your lovers shift their attention to your face, and you tiredly assure the mother that her daughters are doing nothing of the sort.

The matriarch claps her hands upon her lap. “Well, it’s settled then. The girls can stay, but I hope you’ll also allow me to stay with you as well.”

“… Honestly, I kind of hoped you would…” you find yourself saying.

“You did?”

“Well, yeah. I mean… You’re beautiful. I’d love to have the pleasure of your company for a few hours.”

Her eyebrows rise with your words, and her smile saddens a bit.

“Oh, you’re just taking pity on me, aren’t you? Pity isn’t a turn on for me, I assure you…”

“No, no, I assure you it’s not that. I really do want to be with you. If…” your eyes briefly meet with Zana’s warm gaze, and you clear your throat before continuing to address the matriarch, “if you’ll have me.”

The matriarch’s face is unreadable.

“I see…” she says, before slithering closer towards the bed until she’s as close as she can be beside you, leaning in closer to quietly speak into your ear. “I’d be very pleased if you’d join me… elsewhere. I have a few questions to ask you.”

You freeze.

That’s the first time she’s ever directly propositioned you to join her… in any way.

“I’m serious,” she whispers, her hot breath tickling your ear.

You aren’t sure if she’s asking you to bed with her or some other purpose, but you nod and, albeit a bit reluctantly, work your way out from the warm pile of lamia bodies holding you in place. The sisters whine and try to coax you back into bed with them, but their mother shushes them with a word, and they give you longing gazes as you depart with the matriarch. 

You follow the elder lamia out of the hut entirely, and she leads you to her own, the very same residence you first dwelled in. As she takes you through the home, you spot a bit of cut rope laid out on a table, the ones which use to be bound around your wrists. You wonder why they were never thrown out… until your thoughts are interrupted by the matriarch, who ushers you through the backdrop and leads her through her personal garden. The last time you visited this place was during the night, but it’s now midday and you’re able to better appreciate all the plants and tiny creatures within.

The matriarch motions for you to follow her, and she slithers through the undergrowth of the garden with grace and speed you never thought possible from a person with a serpent’s lower half. She leads you to a small, hidden alcove, where there is a solid stone table on which sits a glass bottle filled with an inky black liquid.

“Have a seat, dear,” she says, gesturing towards the table.

You do as told, sitting on the stone surface and looking curiously at the bottle in front of you. The matriarch remains upright, gliding over the grass as she moves around to the other side of the table.

“Now, how do I go about this?” The lamia muses to herself.

She eyes you up and down, her gaze flickering from your eyes to your face and then your mouth and chest. It feels as if she’s undressing you with her eyes, and while it’s an embarrassing experience for you, you can’t look away.

“Tell me, dear,” she asks of you with a neutral expression, “do you think yourself immortal? Or in possession of limitless… endurance?”

“Uh… what do you mean?”

She doesn’t respond immediately, and instead, gently places one hand on your chest and the other on your shoulder.

“My dear,” she starts off, “you have five of my daughters tending you, and despite coupling with them for a few mere sessions, you were brought to exhaustion within the first hour. Tell me, did you have your fun with them, or did they have their fun with you? How much sex can a man have before he’s wrung dry? How many women can he pleasure before he’s succumbed to their needs?”

She gives you a quick squeeze with her hand, then takes it off of you. She continues to circle the table.

“I have… no idea,” you answer honestly.

“I see.”

The matriarch comes to a stop in front of you, leaning forward with her hands on the table. She fixes you with a stare, and despite the differences in species, you feel as if she’s looking straight through to your very soul.

“Do you think you’ve left my daughters… satisfied? Or do you feel they could take more, had you the energy?”

You swallow, your throat dry.

“I… like to think I’ve left them satisfied,” you reply.

“Hmm…” she hums, as if thinking very hard about what you said.

Her eyes flicker back and forth, observing you. “My dear youth, I’m going to offer you a deal.”

You hold your breath.

“If you can last three minutes under my ministrations, I will grant you a… special gift. A reward for your… endurance. Do you wish for this?”

You’re too shocked to answer for several long seconds, before nodding quickly.

“Hmm, you have quite a generous heart… and an eager desire to please, and be pleased. Don’t worry, my dear, it will be… fun for both of us. For now… I want you to drink this,” she says, gently lifting the bottle off of the table and placing it in your hands. “You will only need a few swallows. It will restore your vitality.”

You stare at the bottle in your hands, slowly moving it up and down. You have no idea what’s in it, but you trust that the matriarch knows what she’s doing.

“Drink, my dear,” she says.

You slowly tip your head back and lift the bottle to your lips. You take a sip, and the liquid soothes your throat and warms your belly. It has a slightly sweet taste to it, and as you swallow it goes down smoothly.

“That should be enough, now,” the elder lamia says and gingerly takes the bottle from you, almost before you’re done with your last swallow. “You may not know, but this concoction is rather… expensive. I would like to reserve as much of it as possible, I’m sure you understand.”

She flashes you a coy smile, one that shows off her sharp teeth.

You give her a nervous smile in return and nod, though your heart is pounding. You have no idea what’s to come.

The matriarch turns around, before slipping out of her dress. She does it slowly, deliberately, to give you a show worth remembering. She lets it fall to the ground, standing there naked before you.

She looks over her shoulder, noticing that you’re watching. She gives a cheeky smile, winking.

“Come here, my dear,” she says, beckoning to you.

You move towards her, reaching out your hands. She slips her fingers into yours, and stares into your eyes. Your heart is fluttering, rapping your chest, and your breathing is becoming heavy. You’re too terrified to speak, or to move.

“You are a very special man, my dear,” she says, running her hands over your chest and stomach. “Do you think you can do something for me?”

You nod eagerly, anything she’d want you to do for her.

“I want you to remove those clothes your wearing…” she coos seductively, before leaning close to the side of your head and trailing her lips along your ear, breathing hotly into it, “and feed me that juicy cock.”

You very nearly cream your pants. She’s way too good at this…

“Y-yes, ma’am,” you say.

The matriarch giggles warmly, before twisting around and letting go of your hands. She strolls over to the stone table, slowly lowering herself onto it as she stretches her body.

“Don’t keep me waiting, dear,” she tells you with half-lidded eyes.

You nod nervously, before working to remove your pants and shirt. You’re delayed a bit as you have to unbutton and unzip yourself, but after that, it goes much more quickly. Your underwear soon follows, and you toss your clothing to the side, nervous and excited.

“Come here, dear,” she says again, beckoning to you.

You move towards her, walking on shaky legs. She traces her fingers down your cheek, around your neck and to your chest. She gives a playful squeeze to your pecs, tweaking your nipples, before moving her way down to your stomach. Her massive tail slithers between your ankles and grazes it’s length up along your inner thigh, and you shudder when your scrotum is gently held aloft by the underside of the matriarch’s serpentine digit.

She moves her fingers to your dick, which she grasps lightly. She doesn’t seem to do much to it, except give a light squeeze, but it feels great none the less.

You take a deep breath, trying to steady your nerves. The matriarch’s tail slowly extends through your legs, gliding up behind and up your body, before coiling around your waistline. She gives your soft cock a slow, gentle stroke that has you closing your eyes and releasing a deep sigh. She grins, licking the side of your face and kissing you on the cheek.

“Your three minutes begins… now,” she whispers into your ear.

You don’t think you could last even two minutes with how great you’re feeling right now, but you nod.

“I-I understand. I’ll try… to do my best.”

“That’s all I could ask for, dear,” she smiles. “Now… let’s begin.”

The matriarch begins to slowly suck on your neck, as her tail wraps around your waist and holds you in place. You’re powerless to do anything but endure her ministrations, and you try to relax your mind. She continues suckling for a few seconds, before moving her head down to your chest. Her hands get to work on your cock, and her slender fingers slick up with your pre-cum as they glide along the shaft. She begins to return her oral affections towards your face, but she never locks lips with you, preferring instead to simply lick and kiss around your mouth.

Her tail wraps tighter around you, and she lifts your entire body off the ground until your cock is level with her face. You glance down and see the matriarch lick her lips, before using her tail to slowly pull you forward and into her waiting, open mouth. You get to feel the warm, wet cavern of her mouth on your dick as she starts to suck lightly. The sensations race through your body, and you struggle to contain yourself.

The constant sucking is making you lightheaded, and you’re finding it hard to focus. Her hands are also doing wonderful things to your scrotum, and you’re finding it difficult to maintain control. You’re not sure how much longer you can…

“W-wait!” you yell, as the matriarch keeps on sucking.

She looks up at you, confused, until you fail to keep yourself from ejaculating in her mouth. Cum shoots into her mouth, and she eagerly swallows every last drop of it. She keeps on sucking for a moment longer, as if savouring the taste, before letting you go.

You hang limply in her tail, your feet dangling just off the ground as you try to regain your composure. The matriarch wipes her mouth with the back of her wrist, smiling at you as you pant.

“Well?” she asks. “What did you think?”

“It… it was great,” you pant, unable to think of anything else to say.

“That’s wonderful to hear you say,” she smiles. “However… your three minutes had yet to expire, dear. I’m afraid you’ve failed this little trial. Perhaps you should try again.”

“Again?” you ask.

“If you’re serious about this, then you’ll need to be tested again… and again, until you succeed. Surely you have what it takes to last a mere three minutes.”

“I-It’s not like I’m… faking this,” you say tiredly.

“No? Then how can you be expected to satisfy the urges of five lamia maidens, daily, and still expect yourself to have what it takes to have enough energy and endurance to spare for anyone else? You’ll likely break if you tried to take on such a task…”

“I won’t have to if I don’t want to,” you say.

“Ah, but you’ll be expected to, with every girl you bring to your bed. You must understand… to be with a lamia, it’s not always all fun and games. Sometimes, it can be hard work… especially if you’ve found yourself with multiple suitors. The burden of finding enough stamina to satisfy all the girls in your harem will be incredibly stressful as is… So please, learn your limits, and keep them in mind before you find yourself with much more than you can handle.”

The matriarch gives you a firm, reassuring squeeze with her tail, before lowering you back onto the ground.

“I trust you have learned your lesson?” she asks.

“I-I think so,” you say.

“Very good,” she smiles. “Welcome to the family, dear. May you find joy in it.”

You gulp nervously.

“Erm, of course. Thank you for… teaching me.”

Your eyes drift downward towards the matriarch’s naked crotch, and she looks at you curiously before following your gaze. She’s thoroughly soaked.

“O-oh my…!” she says, blushing heavily and covering herself with her hands. She releases you abruptly with her tail, and averts her gaze with a forced smile. “H-how embarrassing… I suppose I’m a bit on edge after going so long without… Perhaps I’m not as… composed as I thought. I-I should clean myself up… Umm… You may return to your room.”

“What about you?” you ask.

“I still have my dress, I’ll try not to dirty it…”

You begin to reach for your own clothes. “I can get you a towel or something from in the hut.”

“It’s fine, I’ll be alright,” she says, shaking her head, “I’ve already humiliated myself as it is… I wouldn’t want to be a burden as well.”

“You’re not a burden!” 

The elder lamia is left perplexed by your outburst, almost as much as you yourself are, but she quickly recovers. “Your words are kind, dear, but you do not have to shout. As well, I already told you that I would be fine, so… What are you doing?”

You’re still shirtless, but you at least have your pants on. What draw’s the matriarch’s attention however is her dress, which is in your hand.

“I said I was going to get you something to clean up, so don’t worry about getting this dirty.”

The matriarch’s eyes widen in surprise, and she covers herself with her hands again. You can’t help but stare at her tits as they bounce with her movements.

“… You hand that to me this instant, young man,” she says, her tail twitching slightly.

“Or what?” you ask, struggling to keep the smirk off your face.

“Or…” she says, her tail continuing to twitch. “… Or you’ll regret it.”

“I’m trying to be nice, here…” you say, but the lamia’s having none of it.

“Don’t test my patience, young man. Give me the dress.”

You both stare at each other, before you make a rather bold decision.

“… No.”

The matriarch’s eyes narrow. “What did you say?”

“I said no.”

“You… Insolent boy! I am an elder of this village, and the mother of your… Don’t you dare!”

You’re holding her dress out towards the alcove’s exit. Slowly, you begin to walk towards it. The matriarch’s eyes widen, and you see her massive tail begin to curl and coil beneath her upper body.

“If you think I’m about to let you leave with that dress…” she begins, but you continue to ignore her.

You slowly, slowly get closer and closer to the exit, but then you see the matriarch’s posture change. She angles her upper body a bit, leaning forward as her coils raise her ass upwards, and you begin to see her tail adopt the characteristic “S” shape that many snakes are known to take when readying themselves for a strike…

Taking the hint, you begin to run, and the matriarch lunges. You dive out of the alcove and start darting towards the garden area, but you’re sent rolling when the elder lamia slams into your back and tumbles with you. As you struggle to get up, her tail ensnares your leg and yanks you back down, pulling you back into the dirt. The lamia snatches for the dress still in your hand, but you pull it away and further enrage her, keeping the article just out of range every time she makes a grab for it.

You can clearly tell she’s trying to get what she’s after while trying to refrain from seriously hurting you, as you’re fully aware that she could easily throw you into a wall or crush you with ease if she wanted to, what with that powerful tail of hers. Her eyes narrow, and you know think you know what’s coming.

Sure enough, she throws her entire weight onto you, pinning your entire body to the ground as her tail coils around your legs. You yelp with a start, and the matriarch finally grabs her dress… but you don’t let go.

“This game is over, boy. Now give me my dress before you tear it!”

“You’re the one who’s gonna tear it, I had it first,” you snicker, much to the lamia’s resentment.


“YOU let go.”

“I’m serious!”

The two of you continue to argue back and forth for a while, before it devolves somewhat, and you begin to see tears forming in the elder lamia’s eyes. 

“Why… won’t you let me have it, and just leave me be?” She sobs angrily. “Why are you being so mean to me?”

You start to feel a little bad that maybe you went a bit too far… and then you hear her continue.

“It’s… it’s bad enough that I made an embarrassment of myself… I… I’m so… I’m so unsightly, an old lady well past her years, and yet I still manage to -“

Before you can even think, your arms are moving on their own, hands clasping hold of the matriarch’s cheeks. She begins to demand what your doing, but you shut her up with a kiss.

The matriarch’s eyes widen once more, and she flinches violently… but she doesn’t struggle, nor does she make any other sounds aside from a muffled, confused whimper followed by labored breathing. The dress slips from her hands.

When you finally break the kiss, the matriarch’s eyes stare incredulously at you. Her lips remain slightly parted, a thin strand of saliva keeping your mouths connected. Her cheeks are hot to the touch, and you can feel your body’s pulse quicken in response.

“Why… why did you do that?” she asks, sounding completely bewildered.

“To prove that you’re not unsightly,” you tell her, giving the older lamia a stern look, “and that you’re far from a burden. You’re wonderful, and very beautiful. Hell, you’re sexy as fuck…”

The matriarch’s lips quiver. She tries to speak, but only sobs escape her throat.

You take the opportunity to continue.

“Look… I’m not lying. And I want to help. So how about you just shut up, sit tight, and let me lend you a hand next time, instead of moping around and feeling sorry for yourself? Is that too much to ask?”

She continues to look at you in silence. Then, she… well, purrs at you.

“A-after all I put you through… you still say s-such things…”

You nod. “I do.”

The matriarch sniffles. Then, her face twists into a smirk amidst her tears.

“You… You’re just saying what I want to hear. You don’t really mean any of it.”

You shake your head rebelliously. “I swear, that’s not true… and I think you know that, too. Why else would you show off and flaunt your body at every opportunity? You’re clearly aware of your… allure.”

“R-right… I’m aware…” she says, smiling weakly. 

The matriarch looks away. “I know how to put on a show, I know I’m not truly… undesirable. But I’m past my prime, and my daughters are so much prettier…”

“That’s nonsense,” you tell her, firmly.

“… Is that so?” she questions you, before staring hard into your eyes; time seems to slow to a crawl as she silently locks genes with you “Then why don’t you show me?”

“… What do you mean?”

“I mean, show me how much you find me desirable. How about… right now?”

Before you can answer, the matriarch licks her lips and parts them ever so slightly. She’s daring you to do it. To kiss her again.

In that moment, you’re sure you know what you should do. You kiss her… and this time, it’s a real kiss. Your arms snake around her body and you pull her close, not caring that your hands are now practically grunting against her soft skin. She kisses you back, and the both of you are transported into a blissful haze.

“I want you… naked…” she whispers in your ear, her breath hot against your neck, “and I swear to the Primordial Gods, you’d better NOT try to back out of this. I don’t give a DAMN if you’re my daughters’ precious lover… I’m going do break every bone in your body if you don’t FUCK me after getting me this hot and bothered… dear.”

With those words, the matriarch moves to kiss along your jawline to your neck. She sucks and licks at your neck, sending delightful shockwaves of euphoria through you. The sound of her mewling and whimpering in your ear causes you to lose any desire to resist. Not like you had any to begin with.

“Just… Please. I need to feel you inside of me…” she whispers in your ear, and without another word, you flip the matriarch onto her back.

You stare at her naked body, free of any and all clothes. You begin to throw off your pants and undergarments, and so soon after getting them back on, too… but you’re not concerned with that. This woman wants to get fucked, and fuck her you shall… but first.

“I… If we’re going to do this,” you say, the matriarch giving you a look of uncertainty, “I’m gonna need that bottle again.”

The elder lamia grins eagerly. 

“I agree,” she says, licking her lips, “and this time, I don’t think I’ll mind if you… helped yourself to a few extra doses. It’ll be a shame if I have to buy another whole bottle of that stuff… but I’ll manage.”

You understand exactly what she’s hinting at, and you’re soon on your feet and re-entering the alcove. You reach the table and snatch the bottle, before proceeding to down the entire thing’s contents. After you’re sure you got every drop, you turn around… and see the matriarch already inside the alcove with you, approaching with a seductive sway of her hips.

“Come here, my little flatterer,” she beckons to you, “give me what I’m after… and no, I don’t mean the dress.”

You move to join her, and she pulls you to the ground, lying on her back with you on top of her to resume your previous position. Several flowers border her head and shoulders like a floral halo, and you take in the sight before deciding to initiate yet another kiss.

However, before you even move to do so, the older lamia grabs your head with both hands and roughly forces your lips to hers. Your naked forms clash in a grinding frenzy, hands wildly groping and fondling each other’s bodies as your kiss deepens. As your tongues begin to entwine, your cock reaches full mast, and you’re finally ready to take her. The matriarch groans with desire and constricts you around the waist with her tail, and her back arches as you slide your length in between her folds.

You thrust in as far as you can, and she lets out a contented yelp. You can feel her cervix and stomach muscles squeezing your member, and she starts twisting her body as she constricts you tighter and pulls you closer with her tail.

“M-mmmn…! Yes, F-FUCK yes…” she moans, “I want every inch of your cock inside me…!”

The matriarch’s vixenish demands soon give way to animalistic yelps and yaps of pleasure, yourself grunting in euphoria as you hump into her depths with reckless abandon. You’re not going to last long…

“C-come inside me… I want to feel you explode in my womb…!” she demands, and you comply.

You release a torrent of your warm, thick essence deep within her as she begins to convulse, her body spasming with euphoric, sexual pleasure.

You lie panting, your heart beating in your chest, as your lover does the same. She turns her head to the side, lazily licking your cheek. But when you turn to meet her gaze, you see a fire in her eyes.

“Again,” she commands, “I want you to pull out and put it back in. Do it again.”

“I-I…” you start to say, before you feel that you’re dick is still hard inside her… and that you’re nowhere near tired. In fact, you realize that you’re surging with eagerly. The potion was doing its job. “… I’d be more than happy to.”

The matriarch gives you a predatory grin, and opens her mouth wide to receive your next kiss, and the tongue that’s sure to come with it.

The next few hours are a blur of pleasure, and when you do manage to stop for a breather, you find that it’s quickly approaching sundown…

“Where have you two BEEN?!” Mocca demands of you, and both you and the matriarch (who, despite your best efforts to the contrary, looks as tired as you feel) suddenly find yourselves in the line of fire.

“Why, out enjoying the evening air, of course,” the matriarch says, though her voice is slightly strained and she’s obviously trying to not move her lips. Her pussy wasn’t the only think you fucked raw…

Mocca is fixated on your groin, which is a bit stained from when the matriarch tackled you to the ground in pursuit of her dress. The mess she had made of herself when sucking you off during that “trial” had been smeared all over you. 

“WHAT?! You expect me to believe you two had a… a romantic evening out?” Mocca asks, “I can clearly SEE those are cum stains, mom! You’ve been fucking our mate, haven’t you?!”

“Oh, come now!” the matriarch says, “If you’re going to make up things to support your crazy ideas, at least get your facts right! Firstly… those are MY stains. And no, I haven’t been fucking my daughter’s precious mate… not nearly as much as he’s been fucking me, at least.”

Mocca’s eyes dart from you to her mother and back again, before she sighs and sinkers down on her tail.

“I mean… it’s not like I mind you fucking him, mom. Just… why didn’t you tell us you wanted to? I mean, we all thought you still missed Dad so much, that…”

“And I still very much do, Mocca. I’ll never stop missing your father…” the matriarch sighs sadly, before flipping her mood on its head and pulling you in by the arm and flashing a grin. “But that doesn’t mean I can’t love or fuck anyone else, since he’s gone. And I do love and fuck… this one!”

Mocca’s eyes dart up to yours briefly, and you see confusion, embarrassment and indecision all mixed in there.

“I guess… so long as you do hog him all to yourself, Mom. And you’d better not be giving her any special attention that you wouldn’t give us, alright?”


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10 thoughts on “Monster Estrus Isle: Lamia Encounter

  1. I know it probably shouldn’t have been your intention, but this new series of yours really convinced me to pay for the AI Dungeon Premium. It seems that the dragon model really does manage to create something coherent. Good One-shot of a One-shot straight.

    1. Anything I can do to help promote A.I. Dungeon! The website/game/whatever-ya-wanna-call-it truly got me out of my procrastination, and by using it I’ve been able to achieve a rate of progression I would have never before fathomed I’d be capable of. I’m thoroughly pleased I’ve been able to convince you to make the purchase, even though I hadn’t exactly advertised for people to do so.

  2. Alright, so I don’t regularly comment on here, but felt like putting down some of my thoughts, mostly to (TLDR) praise the author in question. I believe for over a year now, I have checked this site on occasion and I have followed your stories since I came across your Depravity series. There is just something about it that stands out about it in my humble opinion.

    There are obviously multiple factors that are a consequence of said opinion, but I believe that it mostly has to do with the fact that the ‘gentle femdom’ at display oozes the caring and compassionate nature of the female characters immensely. They are not constantly incoherently scolding the protagonist or hiding the fact that they are interested in him. I personally prefer a more confident and proactive main character, and yet, I can say with confidence that I have enjoyed every story you released so far to the point that it inspires and motivates me to write as well. Also, the events before the inevitable climatic event are a very wholesome experience that I have easily been able to immerse myself in. Particularly the scene where he embraces Lyssia was very heartwarming.
    Anyway, I will stop myself here, before I portray my view as mere idolization, but honestly, I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly appreciate your work.

    If there is one personal criticism I have of this particular story, it is that he doesn’t choose one of the female characters in the end, yea I know, I am just a sucker for homogenous relationships like in the eastern dragon story.
    Nevertheless, with that all being said, I am anticipating whatever you release next that either relates to the Estrus Isle or to something completely new again, as long as you keep your own writing style of course :P.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. I greatly appreciate the compliments, and am even more pleased that you enjoy my content. There were a number of stories written in A.I. Dungeon that I have yet to upload here, so perhaps I’ll bring one or two over a bit earlier than I planned, just for you.

      1. I am glad to hear that, I had never even heard of AI Dungeon, but gave the free version a try, which was more fun than I initially thought it would be. Anyway, how much better would you say the premium version is compared to the free one?

        1. There are a few differences between the free and premium versions, but the most important difference I feel is in regards to the A.I.

          A.I. Dungeon uses two A.I. at the moment: “Griffin” and “Dragon”. Dragon is a newer/updated A.I., and it is exclusively reserved for premium users. Griffin is older, and less intelligent.

          I haven’t experimented too much with Dragon, as I’ve only recently selected/used it after purchasing my own premium membership, but it’s been said to be much more efficient, and I trust both the other users who I’ve spoken to among the A.I. Dungeon Discord and (especially) the game’s development team.

          Personally, I’d give the free version some extra time, and if you feel you’re going to using it long-term, then I’d definitely purchase premium.

  3. I enjoyed the story and glad our hero got a happy end. Harem stories kinda get formulaic but this was fresh. Perhaps future stories your readers can further explore this mysterious island and maybe see some familiar characters

  4. Really well done. Avoided being a stereotypical ‘oh I’m kidnapped but now it’s a true love harem’ with how frank and honest the lamia’s were, and the small harem of less experienced girls on one hand and the milf on the other added a lot of variety to the scenes and the dialogue, I felt.

    Out of the three Estrus Isle stories you’ve written, definitely my favorite.

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