Monster Estrus Isle: Eastern Dragon/”Ryu” Encounter

You are a human male on an island of amorous monster women. You have found yourself hunted by the female natives, all who want to fuck you. You are currently finding shelter in a small town, consisting of those who seemingly wish to help you.

The inhuman women are all exceedingly caring and more than willing to house you, but you soon become a bit skeptical of their generosity when they ask you to retrieve some things from a small shed, which turns out to be empty when you enter inside. Before you can register what’s going on, the door is slammed shut behind you, and you’re locked inside.


Eastern Dragon Encounter


You remain trapped for several days, growing weak from a lack of food and water. One night, as you lie on the dirt floor, you suddenly hear a noise outside. It sounds like a group of the townsfolk are approaching, and the jingle of a key ring is heard beyond the door. The lock is undone and the entrance opens, showing you the familiar faces of the all-female citizens that once had been generous and caring.

The stares they give you are ones mostly consisting of longing, disdain, and sadness, among a few other expressions. One female, a tall bovine woman with large bull’s horns and a cow’s tail stands before the rest, and you spot the keys in her hand. She addresses you.

“The time has come to say goodbye, stranger.” She says with a neutral expression, although there’s a hint of regret in her tone. “You have my apologies, for our harsh treatment and for what we’re about to do… but you will accompany us now. We will take you out to the fields, where… you will be offered up.”

The woman drops the keys back into her pocket, and continues.

You don’t know what’s going on, and you’re even more worried by her words.

“W-what are going to do to me?” You demand.

You are left without an answer as two more females, a feline woman and what you can only describe as an elf with a long, slender tail approach you from among the crowd and lift you to your feet, each of the two securing one of your arms and both holding them together behind your back. You’re then led out of the shed and marched onward, following the lead of the cow lady as the rest of the townsfolk follow. 

Nearly twenty minutes of silent walking through dry patches of cultivated farmland, you finally arrive to your destination, a clearing in the center of a harvested cornfield where a tall, wooden mast stands proudly several meters high. You’re quickly taken to the object, and after being provided with ropes from several other townspeople, your escorts tie you to it. You would have tried to fight them off and escape, but the citizens were armed with pitchforks, torches, and other equipment, and had you completely surrounded.

Your legs are bound with your ankles hugging the sides of the pole’s base, while your arms are brought around and behind your back, tied together on the other side. A single length of rope is loosely wrapped around your neck, gently securing it to the mast. They don’t seem to want to make your bonds too tight, as there’s great care put in to adjusting them so that you’re left secure without cutting off any blood circulation.

Regardless of their efforts, t’s an awkward position to be left in, and a horrifying experience to be subjugated to. You tremble with fear as you’re forced to stare at the remnants of shorn cornstalks surrounding the area.

“It is done,” the bovine woman announces solemnly, her voice quiet. “Now, we await their arrival.”

A light breeze rustles through the stalks, and your eyes are drawn upwards. The moon has risen high into the sky, its light illuminating the scene before you. Eventually, the pale crescent becomes shrouded by dark clouds as the winds pick up, and a torrent of light rain begins to fail, chilling you down to the bone. It was a sudden change in the atmosphere, much too sudden for any of it to be natural… and that’s when you see it, after absentmindedly taking a brief, skyward glance.

High in the sky, beyond the howling winds and falling rain, is the serpentine form of a wingless dragon, floating in the darkened heavens and larger than anything you’ve ever seen. A small flash of lightning silently flickers within the clouds above it, momentarily revealing the colors of silver, viridian, and emerald throughout its scales before the dragon’s form once more becomes cloaked in the shadow of the storm. Thunder echoes across the land, and you’re left staring wide-eyed at the divine creature above, ignoring the pelting rain and turbulent wind assaulting you.

In its presence, your fear begins to dissipate, replaced by a powerful sense of marvel. You know it’s a dragon, that it is a creature to be terrified of… and yet, the wonder of its magnificent presence leaves you so incredibly awe-struck that your fears in that moment hardly compare.

You gaze at the creature for several minutes, not wanting to blink as you watch it hover in the sky, and you think you can feel it gazing back at you…

The dragon suddenly raises its head and bellows, its voice putting the most powerful roar of thunder to utter shame, and you violently wince and squeeze your eyes shut from the mighty sound. When you glance back up at it, you see the dragon start to descend, quickly dropping out of the sky in a slithering dive. The townsfolk scramble about in a hurry to remove themselves from its path, and the dragon soon arrives at ground level… however, it does not touch it. The dragon remains floating in the air, staying just within a meter’s distance from touching the highest-standing remnants of stalks scattered across the field.

Now with diving creature floating several dozen meters away from your position, you can see that it’s body is well over a hundred meters in length. It’s massive, silver-scaled head rises high above as its serpentine body coils in the air underneath it, and you find yourself under the watchful gaze of two reptilian, crystal-colored eyes. As it coils in on itself above the ground, you find yourself feeling incredibly small, insignificant even, in its presence. The creature gives a powerful hiss, and you find yourself shaking at the sound.

Then, the dragon changes shape.

It begins to change, growing smaller and smaller; its head and torso sheds its scales like a crystal flower discarding it’s petals, revealing a form of pure, electric energy beneath. The form changes shape, mutating into a humanoid upper body, feminine and voluptuous, before the shimmering form becomes one of flesh. 

Long, silver hair cascades down the back of her neck, ending where the new womanly form cuts off below her shapely ass, where her tail resumes its dragon-like properties. Her arms are like those of a dragon’s as well, layered in viridian scales that end in ferocious, taloned claws. The flesh of her humanoid skin is smooth with a light sheen, and utterly flawless; her stomach is toned and soft, her breasts large and bountiful.

But most alluring of all is her face. Sharp, crystal-blue eyes compliments the humanoid dragon’s demeanor of divinity and grace, and her gaze remains trained upon you, perceiving you with mild intrigue.

The wind soon fades to nothing, as does the rain, but the sky remains clouded. Still, without the weather to interfere, you’re able to behold her beauty to its fullest… and to say she’s beautiful would be a drastic understatement.

She calmly glides through the air towards you until she is about two meters away, where she remains in place and coils her tail beneath her, never once touching the ground. She resumes to stare at you in silence, until she’s cautiously approached from the side by the bovine woman.

“A human male,” the dragoness says aloud, speaking calm and dignified, yet with an undertone of proud nobility; even so, her voice is a soothing melody to the ears.

“He is, Great Dragon,” the cow woman answers, her voice little more than a gruff rasp. “And he is… undefiled. None among us have touched him.”

The dragoness turns to you, her eyes still shining with intrigue.

“A rarity indeed… Am I to believe him to be this season’s offering?”

“Yes. We hope this much pleases you, Great One,” the cow woman says, bending forward in a respectful bow.

“I am… intrigued,” the silver-haired dragon reveals with a neutral expression, her tone as serene as can be, “and yet, I find myself disappointed.”

A deathly silence fills the atmosphere, and while you’re left in confusion, you notice the bovine woman, still bowing, has developed a terrified demeanor.

“Your… Y-Your Greatness?”

“Tell me, cow…” she says in a gentle yet authoritative tone, her draconic eyes fixed upon you as she addresses the woman. “If I were to ask for… a drink , would you give me a cup of unclean water?”

“N-No, Great Dragon!” she answers, her voice shaking. “We would not dare to sully such a sacred vessel! We would give only the purest water, the finest of our wines! We would offer you the best of every drink we could grant you!”

The dragoness merely hums in acknowledgement before continuing. 

“What if I were to ask for a piece of meat? Would you provide for me a morsel of putrid flesh? Cut from the rotting corpse of an abandoned hunt, perhaps?”

“No, no, Great One! We would provide only the choicest cuts from the healthiest beasts! We would sacrifice our most prized among our livestock for one such as you, and never anything less!”

The dragon continues. 

“What if I asked for… metals? Would you offer me unrefined ores? Rusted alloys?”

The quivering bovine looks like she’s about to break into tears. 

“We would offer you gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, lead, steel and more! We would give you the most precious of our resources to appease a dragon such as you! All of it would be as pure as we could make it, mined by our bare hands! We’d go so far as to trade and barter for the most refined in the lands, if only to please you! You must believe me, Great One, please!”

At this, the dragoness lets out a soft, gentle sigh through her nose. 

“Of course you would, cow, for anything less would be a grave insult to any dragon. I expect you to know this much. With that being said…”

She tilts her head in feigned inquiry, her crystal-blue eyes still upon you.

“Do implore me… as to why you would offer a human male who is weakened and malnourished, garbed in wrinkled, filthy apparel that is little more than peasant’s rags, and is furthermore unbathed and covered in dirt?”

The woman begins to tremble, shaking like a leaf in a violent storm as the dragoness finally turns her head to look at her. The once solemn gaze is now gone, replaced a bitterly cold glare; the bovine lady visibly falters, very nearly collapsing to the ground as she stares back in horror.

“Answer me, cow,” she demands in a low, threatening tone, her gaze unwavering.

“I-I’m terribly s-sorry, oh Great One!” she cries, head low in respect. “It was a terrible oversight! I will be sure to provide for your every want immediately, and make amends for my transgressions!”

“The question remains, why did you not prepare him for me?” The dragon presses icily. “Did you not have time to? Was it a mere few minutes prior to my arrival that you acquired him?”

“N-no, Your Greatness… I… i-it’s just… we thought…! He is a human, a m-male as well! A-are you not pleased with this much…?”

The dragon leers at her, unimpressed. 

“So then, you are simply foolish enough to assume that I would be content with a neglected offering? Do you honestly think I am so undignified, that I would delight myself in a diamond covered in feces? Are you trying to disgrace me, cow?”

“NO!! N-never, Your Greatness! I would never dare such a thing! I-in fact…! Let us take him back now, and p-prepare him for you immediately! Allow us to redeem ourselves…!”

“You would have me wait? Here, in the middle of a barren field, for the offering I’d come to claim?” The dragon glowers ominously. “I has set aside my personal time, and expended my own energy, to come all the way out here… and you want me to wait for what should have already been done?”

“We’ll throw you a feast! We’ll offer you gifts, house you in our own estate! We’ll-!”

A raised claw, and a stern look silences the blubbering bovine.

“Do you know why it is, that I remain in the sky, cow?” The dragoness questions her, the serene tone returning to her voice. “Do you know why I never touch the ground?”

“I… I-I’m not quite sure…?”

“Allow me to explain it to you, then…” the silver-haired serpent turns her entire humanoid body to face the woman, who cowers a bit further with uncertainty. “The reason I never touch the ground is very simple, you see: I adamantly refuse to share the same terrain with any creatures lesser than me. I’d rather not defile my divine presence by touching the same stretch of land that your kind lingers upon.”

The woman stares back at the dragon with a tear-filled gaze that can only be described as desperate prayer. 

“I’m… I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, Great Dragon! Please, h-have mercy! I will work harder to make it up to you! We all will! We will do better next time! You will see! We have never failed you before, and we will not fail you again!”

There is a brief silence before the dragoness hums in thought.

“… Indeed. It is true, that this is your first transgression,” the dragon says, her expression softening, if only a little bit. “But even one transgression is far too many, and I intend to ensure that it is the last to occur. You have insulted me… and for that, you shall suffer the consequences. In due time.”

The dragon turns her head towards you once more. 

“Nevertheless, I am not wasteful. It would be unfortunate to go without an offering, no matter how… flawed it’s delivery went about. I will take him, cow, but I will not touch him as is. I will also show a bit of mercy, and give you and your community another chance…”

The dragon turns her body to you as she begins listing her requirements. 

“I shall return to my abode, and you will bring him to me. I will give you… three days to prepare him, and have him delivered to me by then. You will scour every one of your homes, and give him your finest set of clothes. You will dress him in your most precious sets of jewelry, the more the better. You will perfume him with your most luxurious of scents, and lathered in your most pristine oils. You will feed him your most delicious foods and offer him your most cherished wines. You will give him your largest wallet, and fill it with your most valuable coins…”

The bovine woman begins to whimper.

“S-such terms… W-we… we c-can’t possibl-!”

The first thing you notice is the arc, a single bolt of white, followed by a brilliant flash that leaves you blinded… and then the explosion of sound that stuns you and pains your head. It all happened within an instant, and it was over just as quickly. You struggle briefly to regain your senses, and when you do, you see the bovine woman groveling on the ground a short distance further than the dragoness than she was mere seconds ago… and less than a meter away from where she had been, a small crater burned with a lingering flame.

The dragon had summoned a lightning bolt, and it nearly struck the bovine woman.

“My terms are suitable for the occasion, cow,” she tells the prone female, the dragon’s crystal eyes unwavering from looking at you as she speaks to her, “and they WILL be followed. Is this understood?”

“Y-yes, Great Dragon! Yes, of course! We shall fulfill your terms to the letter!”

The dragoness nods approvingly.

“Remember, cow. Three days, and no later… and prepared in alignment to my terms. Do not fail my expectations again.”

The dragoness then dismissed herself, waving a claw at you as she backed away. You could see that she was almost smiling as she did so, a sight that unnerved you. Although, the expression held none of the ice she’d directed towards the woman she was speaking to. Contrarily, this smile seemed a bit warm… 

She then transformed back into her terrifying yet magnificent true dragon form and, with a roar, ascended into the skies. The stormy scenery disappeared with her, and that’s when the bovine woman finally began to stand to her feet, albeit shakily.

You had no idea as to how you should accept your fate as a dragon’s “offering”, but you had an idea what to expect… at least for the time being. You could only hope that you weren’t going to be eaten, or killed in some other matter.

The time finally arrived for your delivery to the dragon, and despite all of your pampering, spoiled with extremely good food, drink, clothing and jewels, along with all the other things the dragon commanded you be given and abundantly more, you still found yourself reasonably terrified. As you sat in the midst of four escorts at the back of a horse-drawn carriage, you became overwhelmed with a sense of dread and paranoia.

Was she going to hold you up to her standards? Would she decide that you weren’t worthy of being an offering once she saw you again? Would she simply “dispose” of you if you somehow failed in any of those categories, or in any others? We’re you going to be her servant? Her slave? A living commodity to be decorated and shown off? What was going to happen to you? 

You felt sick, and your stomach chose to voice that fear with an urgent queasiness. Regardless, you spoke nothing about your worries, and your escorts provided no comfort for you. They simply looked grim themselves, if somewhat more bitter and remorse than you. 

You felt you shouldn’t fault them for their unwillingness to converse with you, or attempt some form of reassurance. They had sacrificed a great deal of material wealth by investing in you, as instructed by the dragon, and you were currently wearing their most precious valuables, and leaving them with nothing but the hope that their angry dragon deity would forgive them.

You were also aware that the citizens had also bartered a vast sum of resources to acquire some of the grandeur that was currently adorning you, seemingly because they had very little to give you from the start in terms of quality. You had the bulk of the little town’s wealth literally on your shoulders, and you were being handed off with all of it.

You weren’t sure if they would be able to recover from this sacrifice anytime soon… it might even be too much to bear, and financially ruin them.

The journey down certain roads and winding paths lasted for nearly half a day, and brought your traveling group to the base of a pass leading into a mountain range. You had initially wondered about the possibility of being raided by thieves prior to your departure, but you were directed to look upon the sight of a green and blue, serpentine dragon stitched in silk, which was draped on either side of the carriage that would be delivering you; the people assured you that no thieves in this land would dare plunder anything traveling under the dragon’s banner, for it could mean certain death.

Upon arrival at the pass, the carriage had to stop, as your traveling group was blocked by at least twenty soldiers equipped with lightweight, silver and blue armor and armed with glaives. Your driver converse with the guards, and after a brief inspection of the carriage, they permit your group to proceed. The remainder of your journey lasts roughly half an hour, before you arrive at a stairway leading all the way up a mountainside in a criss-cross layout.

Waiting for you at the base of the stairway are several inhuman individuals, each one a beautiful, female humanoid with a large serpent’s tail instead of legs; their scales are white as snow, their hair silver-white and their flawless skin as pale as moonlight, and their shrine maiden apparel keeps to the pure white theme about them. The carriage pulls to a stop a short distance from the snake girls, and you are quickly ushered out along with two of your escorts. The three of you approach the white maidens, and you finally notice the crimson of their irises, the only other color that stands out from amidst all the white. It’s all incredibly alluring, if not equally as intimidating.

The snake girls bow their heads slightly, in unison, as you approach. You count four of them in total.

“Greetings, travelers. You have come far, and with a gift for Her Divinity it would seem,” the one closest to your group, whom you assume to be the leader, says in a fluid tone.

The other two snakes start to say something in response, but are hushed by their superior.

“We have come to deliver this season’s offering, honorable shirohebi,” one of your escorts says, a humble demeanor etched into her mannerisms. “The initial provision was… faulty, and by Her Greatness’s mercy, we have been blessed with the privilege at a second opportunity, a chance to earn redemption for our carelessness. I can only pray that the lordly dragon finds our people’s extra abundance of investments favorable.”

She hands over a sizable bag, which the white serpent lady takes with grace.

“Additional offerings?” The “shirohebi” girl questions with intrigue.

“Yes, honorable maiden. Should you be aware of Her Greatness’s requirements concerning the initial offering, you’ll see that he is furnished with an abundance more than what my people were commanded to provide… everything within the satchel is merely extra, things that would weigh down the young man and overcrowd his already-excessive decor.”

The serpents begin to appraise you, and all of the jewelry and trinkets you’ve found yourself wearing. Two slither forward from behind their leader and begin touching you and physically inspect your attire. Your arms are raised to your sides at one point, and one of the girls even leans in to give you a gentle sniff.

“The need for Her Divine Excellency’s favor must certainly be dire one,” the leader of the white snakes muses, placing a finger on her chin, “for I have never seen such a generous provision in all my years of servitude. That, or your transgression is so appalling, that this much is expected. Whatever the case may be, we will take this one to the Divine One now, and let you be on your way.”

The two white snakes smile sweetly, before taking each of your hand on one of theirs and leading you along, and you start to hear the driver speak with an urgency behind you, her voice quivering.

“I-if it would be acceptable, won’t you let us accompany the offering, so that we may plead for forgiveness and ask for the great dragon’s blessing?”

Your new guides cease their movements and turn to look at the woman, and the lead shirohebi tilts her head at her.

“This mountain is a sacred ground, my child. To trespass here is an unforgivable crime, punishable by death. Do you wish to die, little one?”

The woman meekly lowers her head and shakily withdraws, and the maidenly serpents turn away from the group without a second glance, ferrying you along in the center of their slithering gait. 

The climb up the seemingly endless stairway takes its toll on you, and your serpentine guides charitably align their pace with your own and even allow you multiple sessions of short rests to catch your breath. You are given warm and humble smiles and gentle reassurance throughout your ascension, and after what seems like hours, you finally arrive at the top of the stairs.

Before you lies a massive clearing, leading into a garden of flowering trees and rising fountains. Further along, a large gate sits at the entrance of a giant temple of sorts, complete with tall pillars, lavish engravings, and monumental statues of serpentine dragons. The vast majority of it all is sculpted from marble and lapis, and you can see tapestries of white silk and silver decor all throughout. Small waterfalls spew from atop the roof and from a few openings within the walls, and the glow of pearlescent bulbs hang from overhead if they aren’t situated on tall columns.

The white serpents’ leader guides you into the clearing and through the gate of the temple, taking you as far as the tall double-doors where she pauses to address you.

“Through here, please.”

You gulp involuntarily, and your guides release your hands so that you may enter the temple by yourself. You take one last glance back at them, and they all give you a final reassurance in the form of bright, warm smiles. You nervously turn back around before swallowing a deep breath, and then step through the doors, which let out a creak as they slowly close behind you.

As you stand alone at the entryway, you behold the interior of the temple. There is a single, towering silver statue occupying the middle of the temple, and it looks like a familiar, glorious dragon, but one that has been frozen in place. Surrounding it are valuable furnishings and decorations, all embedded with either pearl, crystal, or small emeralds. The floor is made from the curvaceous growth patterns of white juniper wood, polished to a sheen, and the ceiling is made of white quartz while consisting of several windows of glass that provide the abode with a multitude of natural light.

Your eyes then move to a large room further beyond, where you see several rows of luxurious white silk cushions, embroidered with gold and silver thread, and an accompanying tray of delicate porcelain. From within, a familiar dragon woman snakes along the floor, before her attention is directed towards you. 

Her beautiful, crystal-blue eyes light up when she sees you, and she quickly yet gracefully approaches. 

You were initially expecting to meet the entity in her monstrous dragon form, and you find yourself tense with uncertainty, more skeptical rather than afraid like you had been. 

She is far more beautiful than you remember, now dressed in a flowing white dress that fits her tightly, showing off her figure and shimmering as she moves, and her skin is a radiant, otherworldly and unblemished, the human proportions of her upper body full of curves and with a exceedingly pronounced bust. Everything about her is overflowing with majestic allure and voluptuous grandeur. 

“Good evening,” she says in a voice like honey, delicately extending her draconic, taloned hand forward. “I am the Dragon Shinai’lumme, third of that name, and I welcome you to my humble abode. To whom do I hold the pleasure…?”

She holds her arm out to you, patiently beckoning you to take it as you stand there and gawk, but it isn’t long before you return to your senses and embarrassingly reach your hand and tentatively take her claw in it. Not sure what else to do, you decide to give her a gesture befitting of a noble and kiss her hand.

The dragoness noticeably flinches when your lips touch upon her scaled digit, and you jerk your head up worriedly. She’s casting her gaze elsewhere, a flushed expression on her pace. You back away and release her talon, which she proceeds to hold to her ample chest while you struggle to ramble out a verbal apology.

But she quickly interjects.

“N-no, no… it’s quite alright, r-really.”

Did the dragon deity just stutter? Before you can ponder much upon that thought, she clears her throat and regains her air of dignity.

“I see the peasant townsfolk followed through with my request,” she begins, circling around you with eyes full of appraisal. “I doubt this much was already within their possession… intriguing that they would go out of their way to acquire more than I had said when that foolish cow had insisted I was already asking for too much. Insolent oaf.”

She gives a dismissive hum, before speaking up once more.

“On to a more important subject… How are you taking all of this? Being held captive for who knows how long, only to find yourself given up as an offering to a dragon such as myself? I can’t imagine it’s an experience that’s been… easy to come to terms with.”

You decide to be truthful.

“To be honest, I’m… afraid. I have no idea what I’m doing here, or what you’re planning to do with me. You could have me killed and I’d never even see it coming. You might even want to eat me, I don’t know… and I’m terrified to find out.”

This causes the womanly dragon to become visibly crestfallen, and she nods in understanding.

“I see… I can’t imagine the fear you must be feeling. Such an expression is as valid a reason as any to run away from such a situation, no?”

“I… don’t think I can outrun a dragon…” you say quietly.

The dragoness pauses, as if deep in thought. Then, she speaks again.

“Tell me, youth,” she asks, looking at you with an unreadable gaze, “what do you think of me?”

You find it a little strange to be asked this, but you reply honestly.

“Well… you’re a dragon. I think you’re… amazing.”

The woman giggles lightly with an amused expression.

“No, no… well, yes. Perhaps I am amazing, being a dragon and having what comes with it. But allow me to specify. Do you think I’m… attractive? In a… traditional way.”

This question throws you offguard, and you end up stumbling over your words. The dragoness seems to find this entertaining, but she simply smiles kindly as she waits for your answer.

“Ah… well… I-I…”

“If you are afraid to tell the truth, please don’t be,” she says sweetly, smiling. “I favor honesty far more than I value flattery. Should your answer be something you would think I’d find unfavorable, you have my word that shall not get angry… in fact, I’d be keen to reward such honesty.”

“I… I think you’re very attractive,” you say, stumbling over your words a bit more. “Y-You… you’re beautiful.”

The dragoness smiles, and her eyes light up. You also notice the end of her tail beginning to waggle.

“Truly? Then… pray tell, do you also find me… desirable? That is to say… would you find me… as attractive as you do if I stood before you naked?”

This question throws you for a serious loop, and your face shows it.

“Y-You want me to… see you naked?” you stutter.

“Would you find me unattractive if I said yes? Please, provide me with an honest answer… I sorely must know. Look away if you must, but tell me the truth.”

Her words are coaxing and inviting, and despite yourself you begin to blush and feel your face get hot.

“I… I think you’re very desirable.”

The dragoness gasps, before leaning in close, eyes wide as saucers and her smile beaming. Her tail is thumping faster.

“Th-then… perhaps you’d like to see more of me? Undress me? Maybe touch me? Perhaps… even make love?”

“Wha… what exactly are you proposing here? You want me to… t-to have sex with you?”

The dragoness smiles assuringly. “It would be my pleasure.”

Now you’re really flustered. You find it impossible to answer.

“Um… yeah… sure…”

The dragoness takes a deep breath, before squealing and raising fisted claws to her chest with unbridled giddiness. You grow concerned about her tail, as it’s now wildly thrashing about excitedly.

“Oh my gawd! I can’t believe it!” she squeals. “I KNEW you’d be cute if I made you admit those feelings, but I didn’t think it was THIS cute! Oh my, this makes everything worthwhile!”

You’re not exactly following along, but you manage to gather that the woman is happy about this. However, now that you’ve agreed, you find yourself paralyzed and unable to act. The woman takes a shuffle forward on her tail, now wrapping around itself behind her. She puts a clawed hand on your chest, stilling your frantic heart.

“I want you… to know how serious I am,” she whispers. “Please, make love to me.”

You’re still in a state of shock, and can only nod dumbly as your heart resumes its regular pace. 

She surprises you once more, this time with a sudden lungs that finds you in a hug, a firm yet very affectionate embrace. You can’t quite formulate a proper reaction as she nuzzles into you.

“I’m… I’m so, so happy,” she whispers. “I finally found you, my one and only…!”

One and only? Did she mean… she wanted you to be her soulmate? As in, marriage? Your mind goes into overdrive, and you’re about to verbally express your bewilderment. However, you stop to remind yourself that you were literally setup to be the living offering of a literal dragon, and that you had expected to be eaten, or likely suffer some other cruel fate.

Instead, you’re being held in the warm embrace of a beautiful, dragonoid girl who’s wanting you to be her husband. You surmise that things could be much, much worse.

You feel like you’re in a daze, and have no choice but to hug her back. Tentatively, your arms slowly work their way up and wrap around the dragon girl’s waistline, and you hold her, nervous and unsure about the current events… and yet, a strong warmth floods your soul. For reasons you cannot fathom, you’re not afraid anymore, nor are you worried. You’re simply… perplexed, but it’s not a bad feeling.

You want to figure out as much as you can about this girl, this mighty dragon who’s lovingly nuzzling into your chest and wishes to be your lover.

“I’m not sure what to say…” you admit.

“Don’t say anything.” She looks up at you. “Just… enjoy the moment. That’s all a person can do, right?”

You look into her eyes, now only a little ways below yours, and you stare into the bright crystal-blue irises that you found so alluring when you first laid eyes on her.

“Yeah…” you say after a moment, not really knowing what else to say.

The woman smiles warmly, gently touching her clawed hand to your face, grazing the back of her talon vertically along your cheek while beholding you with a look of pure adoration. She pulls away slowly, but not before leaning in for a brief but passionate kiss, straight on the lips. You’re much too stunned by the act to reciprocate, and you’re left speechless when she withdraws, a bashful expression on her face. You wonder where the forward dragoness, who had asked if you’d be willing to fuck her, had gone.

You stare at her, and she eventually looks away, unable to meet your marveling gaze. Her tail is slowly wrapping itself around the base of her body.

“L-let’s go into the lounging area,” she says, raising a claw to curl around a dangling string of her hair, “where we can… get to know each other. I’ve prepared some tea, and… some sweets, in the hopes you would be willing to… well, it looks like I didn’t have to be worried after all.”

She starts slowly shuffling along back towards the other room from whence she came, still clutching her hair, and you absentmindedly follow along after her. As you do, you keep stealing glances at her body. Her long silvery hair running down her back, the curves of her rear sashaying with the movements of her side-winding dragon’s tail, coated in smooth, emerald and viridian scales. Everything about her is intriguing and… very good-looking.

You want to touch her so much, even if only to feel her scales out of growing fascination, but you don’t dare despite being outright invited to. Instead, you decide to prolong the inevitable and simply follow the dragon’s lead. 

She takes you into the room of white, cushioned furniture and their embroideries of gold and silver thread, and you’re eventually sat upon a pillowy loveseat. Shinai’lumme makes certain you’re extra comfortable before offering you the porcelain tray nearby, which contains several choices of prized snacks and luxurious sweets. You feel obligated to not be greedy and only help yourself to three pieces from among the several dozen, and the dragon girl rests the tray upon the armrest beside you.

“I’ll go get your tea, my lovely,” she coos, gently rubbing a clawed digit on the top of your hand as she backs away, “ah, u-unless you would like something else, of course! Was there a specific beverage you were wanting? I have lots of variety.”

“I… don’t really have anything in mind,” you blush, “maybe, I’ll just go with the tea for now.”

“Very well, then,” she says, flashing a smile that’s all teeth, beautiful pearly-whites. “I’ll be right back.”

Shinai’lumme turns and leaves the room, stealing a glance back at you behind her as she goes. You let out a heavy sigh and enjoy the selection of treats at your disposal, slowly taking your time to enjoy every morsel. They’re incredibly well-made, and taste delicious.

“So, my lovely,” the dragoness says as she eventually returns, “I put a little honey and lemon in it for you. I hope you like it, it’s been brewed with my finest leaves and the purest water on these grounds. Please help yourself!”

You take the tea she pours for you and sift through the contents with a sniff. The leaves smell strongly of fruit, and you’re met with the scent of honey and… lavender? You aren’t too sure, but you take a cautious sip and… you’re left genuinely surprised. There must be other additives in the mix that you aren’t aware of, because the drink is much grander than you would expected from any cup of honeyed tea with lemon.

You hear your dragon hostess inhale a nasal gasp of joy when you proceed to take more sips, one quickly after the other. You’re aware that tea isn’t supposed to be drank all at once, but you almost can’t keep yourself from downing it all… and you’re convinced that Shinai’lumme would be more than content with you just enjoying the beverage she provided, even if you did manage to consume it improperly. 

The dragon girl gently settles down beside you on the loveseat, eyes lovingly staring as you let out a glad sigh of relief, the beautiful dragoness watching you sipping slowly at the cup with a beaming expression. She reaches over your lap for the tray on the other side, and you pause to witness her take a few treats in her claws before leaning back and presenting them to you. 

“May I…?” She asks bashfully, her cheeks flushing red as she raises a treat towards your lips.

You take the hint and gulp the last sip of tea with an embarrassed expression, but you do eventually nod and slowly part your lips, eliciting a gleeful hum from you dragoness host as she begins to feed you by hand.

Shinai’lumme lovingly presses the treat into your mouth, and you gingerly take it, chewing slowly and savoring the taste of the decadent sweet, albeit while avoiding her gaze as she takes excessive delight in her service. The treats are fed to you one after another, until only one remains… but the dragon doesn’t hand it to you. Instead, she puts it to her own lips and takes part of it in between her teeth. After giving you a shy glance, she closes her eyes and leans in towards you, the treat in her mouth.

It’s obvious what she’s doing, and you are left feeling incredibly hot under the collar… but you don’t hesitate for too long, and after garnering a bit of confidence, you lean in as well, gently biting onto the other end of the tiny morsel.

The two of you share a tender, intimate moment that lasts for quite some time. You take some time to appreciate the sweet, delicious flavor of the treat as it soaks up the last remnants of the tea in your mouth, before you slowly open your eyes to meet the glint of crystal in Shinai’lumme’s.

She looks at you with a mixture of desire and adoration, before slowly taking a bit more of the treat into her mouth… and meeting her lips with your own in the process. The treat is definitely a sweet one, as it carries a very pleasant flavor with it that you enjoy greatly. But it’s nothing compared to the kiss you end up committing to.

The pair of you kiss with a passion that’s all your own, with the taste of her lips lingering on your own as the beautiful dragoness eagerly returns the gesture. The dragoness raises up slowly and moves in towards you, her hands gripping onto your shoulders and holding herself up on the tip of her claws as she looks down at you, lips still latched to your own.

You stare into her shining blue gaze, seeing so much love and affection in her expression that you could easily drown in it. You grip onto her scales with an intensity that you didn’t think you had in you, and Shinai’lumme moves closer into you. Her hefty breasts push into your collarbone as she weighs onto your body, and you feel the shifting of large coils, the tail of her massive serpentine half curling around to meet your legs and begin gently wrapping around them.

It’s an incredibly intimate and romantic moment, and you could certainly never have imagined something like this happening. Shinai’lumme slowly closes her eyes, basking in the simple yet powerful gesture of locking lips with another. You wrap your arms around her, running your hands up and down her back as your kiss intensifies.

The pair of you stay linked together like this for quite some time, enjoying the sensation of being in each other’s arms.

Eventually, you slowly pull away, breathing heavily as your eyes meet.

“That was…” you begin to say, but can’t seem to find the words.

“Yes. Yes, it was,” Shinai’lumme says with a warm smile, her face aglow with a joyous passion.

“I… really like you,” you say, and feel that this is true.

“I like you too… I wish we could stay like this, forever.”

“So do I.”

The dragoness nods, as if pondering something, before she reaches up with her talon and touches your nose. You look at her, waiting for what she’ll do.

“Boop,” she says, and lets out a series of small giggles.

You look at her curiously, and she blushes before pulling her clawed finger away.

“That was… silly of me,” she shyly comments, clearly embarrassed.

You smile, a bit amused with her little gesture.

“I think it’s cute,” you say.

The dragoness averts her eyes, trying to retain the stupid grin stretching her features before leaning down and snuggling into your chest, mumbling, “I love you,” into your shirt.

You take her word for it, running your fingers through her hair as you sigh contently.

At least, you think you do. You still can’t over the fact that this is all happening, that a female dragon of all things has decided to make you her soulmate, kissed you, and is now cuddling you. You really don’t fit the role of a dragon’s mate at all.

“I still can’t believe this is… real,” you announce, speaking your thoughts and get a mild hum in response.

“Do you not believe in love at first sight?” Shinai’lumme says, raising her head to peer at you.

“I guess I… never really considered it,” you answer truthfully, even if the concept is a little far-fetched to you. “I don’t understand how this is possible. I’ve known you for less than an hour, and yet I already feel like I’m…”

“In love?” Shinai’lumme finishes, smiling warmly.

“Well… yeah. I mean, that’s crazy, right? I just met you. This is… Things don’t usually go this fast, people need to build a relationship, they…”

She places a claw over your lips, and you remain hushed as she speaks.

“We had a moment, didn’t we?” she asks, looking at you fondly. “A very special moment. We were… intimate. We kissed each other… you kissed me. You didn’t have to, but you did anyway. So… why are you questioning your feelings? They’re real… aren’t they?”

You don’t respond, still troubled with your thoughts. She gently sits up, before looking at you expectantly.

“My feelings are real…” the dragoness tells you, her voice hardly more than a whisper. “Since the moment I saw you in that field, to the moment we met in person, I… felt something that I’ve never felt before. I didn’t understand it, at first. I figured it was love while I waited for your arrival, but I wasn’t entirely convinced. But as soon as our lips connected, I knew. That was the moment when I knew I loved you.”

“I…” you answer, finding it incredibly hard to get the words out, “want to think I love you too… but I’m still…”

Shinai’lumme’s places her clawed hand to your cheek, holding it lovingly in her dragon-like palm.

“If your conscience isn’t sure,” she suggests, a clawed thumb tenderly stroking your cheekbone. “If your thoughts aren’t certain… then, would you believe your body?”

“I…” you answer, not really understanding.

She rises her upper human half again and looks down to you, her silver hair falling along the sides of her face. She leans in close, until her nose is brushing against your own, and closes her eyes. She remains still, parting her lips in anticipation for a kiss you’re convinced she’s waiting for.

You’re sure.

Without another word, you lean in and touch your lips to hers.

The kiss is filled with emotion, warmth, and happiness. She smiles happily into it, and you smile back, feeling one of her clawed hands running through your hair.

Shinai’lumme slowly stops kissing you after some time, as you feel her breathing even out. She opens her eyes again, and stares into your eyes.

“Do you know how long I’ve waited for someone like you?” she asks you, her voice hoarse.

“I don’t know,” you admit, “but.. I’m honored that you want me.”

She nods, smiling at you.

“Now, tell me…” she starts, “How did you feel when our lips first touched?”

“It was odd,” you admit, trying to describe the sensation, “but I felt… calmer. Happier, somehow.”

“I felt the same way,” she nods. “I don’t know how else to explain it. But, my love, you don’t need to worry. I will always be here for you. We will live happily ever after, and no expense will be spared. You might still doubt yourself, but if there’s one thing you can trust in, it’s my feelings for you. My love for you. So, don’t worry about a thing.”

You find it hard to breath, as the last traces of doubt slowly disappear from your mind. You believe her. It’s only natural that you would doubt, what with all the weird things that have happened to you. However, deep down, you know her love for you is genuine. You feel it.

“I… I have a question,” you start, before pausing. “Are you… th-that is, do you plan to… become my wife?”

Shinai’lumme averts her eyes, a small and shy smile creeping about her features. “… Eventually?”

“O-oh… wow, that’s… well…”

“You don’t like the idea? But why not? Don’t you want to spend the rest of your life with me?”

“Of course I do! That’s not the… it’s just… uugh…!” You lament angrily at yourself as your self-doubt begins to return, realizing you’re just going in circles with your feelings. “I don’t know how to put this!”

Shinai’lumme sits beside you once more, and takes your hand in hers. You need to make a decision, and stick with it.

“My love,” she says as if reading your mind, staring into your eyes. “Whatever it is you need to tell me, I will accept.”

You take a deep, shaky breath… and after a moment, you find the right words.

“I love you.”

She takes a slight intake of breath through her nose as you continue, but she otherwise remains silent for you.

“I don’t know how things are going to turn out. I don’t know whether or not I’m even good enough to be worth your hand in marriage. I only know that I believe it when you say you love me, and I say that’s a good enough reason as any to love you in return. If you wanna get married, well… I’m not opposed, but I’d really like it if we took our time. I’d like to at least get to know you better.”

Shinai’lumme nods, and you see her eyes watering up a bit as she smiles happily at you. “We have all the time in the world. You’re perfectly right, we needn’t rush these things. As long as you have my love, I will be here with you forever.”

You feel your throat tightening up as you continue holding her hand. 

“… So… um…” she begins again, once more acting bashful, “in the meantime… will you, um, be my boyfriend?”

“I’d be honored,” you answer with a smile.

With that, she smiles back and hugs you tightly, laying her head against your chest. You return the embrace, rubbing her back.

There’s so much you want to ask her. So much you want to do.

You just need to take it slow.

For now, this is good enough…

“Hey… I’m becoming a bit… aroused…” she complains after a moment, her tail tightening it’s hold around your legs. “Do you mind if we… do that now?”

Your stomach does a flip, and your heart skips a beat. You feel your cheeks heating up as you nod. “Uh… y-yeah, sure thing.”

She slowly pulls away from you, and looks into your eyes. You stare back, as her demeanor turns shy, yet one full of eagerness.

“You can… hold me if you want,” she whispers, puffing her chest out in emphasis.

As the words slip out, so does her tongue, and it pushes out against her lower-lip on the side, before trailing up along the exterior of her mouth in a sultry expression.

You’re having trouble focusing.

“W-well, uh… I… yeah,” you manage to say, as she gently takes your hand in her claws and pulls it towards her voluptuous bosom.

Shinai’lumme slowly presses you into her right breast, and you feel your fingers sinking beyond the fabric of her dress and into her supple flesh, and you note that she’s not wearing a bra. Your hand begins to twist and turn in slow circles, feeling the soft, warm, heavy sensation that is her massive tit.

As you begin to massage her, you stare into the dragoness’s eyes.

“Ngh… ngh… I… I love you…” she moans, running her claws through your hair. “I love you…”

Shinai’lumme kisses you fervently, and it takes a moment before you feel her tongue gently probing at your teeth. You part your jaw in an attempt to grant her entry, but the dragon hesitates briefly before tentatively exploring the foreign territory; she pokes around and gently licks her way deeper inside your mouth, and she eventually finds your tongue. Your oral members both retreat in surprise upon making contact, but you feel Shinai’lumme soon returning to you, and you’re tongues are eventually giving each other explorative licks and prods before wrestling together with heated passion.

The experience soon becomes too much, and you feel a welling desire to take her.

“Please… mmn… I need to feel you… inside of me…” she whispers in between kisses. “Th-the bedroom… l-let’s do it there…”

You feel an urge to lunge forward and bite down on her other tit, but you resist the temptation in favor of taking her hand.

“Come… follow me,” she tells you, finally unwrapping her tail from around your legs before slithering towards a certain door on the far side of the room that you haven’t bothered noticing before.

Shinai’lumme quickly snakes her way through the doorway, and you try not to step on her lagging tail as you follow after her, hand-in-hand.

The inside of the room is done in blues and purples, with each wall mostly hollow and exposed to the elements of the mountaintop environment outside, and a large bed sits in the center of the room. The bed itself is massive and ornate, with patterns of waves and flowers, but the sheets on it are completely see-through.

“I think… we should get undressed,” Shinai’lumme tells you, as you step through the doorway.

You’re about to agree, when you realize that the dragoness has already begun to take her dress off. Eyes watch intently while your body freezes, as every fiber in your body is directed into focusing your attention upon the dragon beauty as she disrobes in front of you.

With her back to you, her large, beautiful, naked form is exposed to you, and you feel your mouth go agape as your eyes fall upon her voluptuous glory. Her shapely ass is the first to show itself as the dress is lifted over the dragoness’s head, and you quickly discover that a bra wasn’t the only piece of undergarments she wasn’t wearing. Shinai’lumme next reveals her large, soft, warm breasts, with their supple pink nipples, and turns around to face you. She smiles at you with a nervous gaze.

“K-keep… staring at me…” she tells you, her voice a stuttering mess as she attempts to purr her every word. “I want… to… have my t-tits fondled…”

Shinai’lumme slowly slides her hands down her belly, past her soft, curvy hips, and presses her palms onto her soft, swollen asscheeks. With a quiver, the dragoness presents her ass to you.

“You can t-touch my… th-there’s no rush,” she stammers. “I’m yours…”

You can’t control yourself, no matter how much you want to. You snort out a chuckle, which soon turns into full-belly laughter.

“W-what…?!” she asks in a panicked, confused voice, eyes wide as she twists back around and lets go of her butt. Her hands wrap around her naked torso defensively. “W-why are you laughing?!”

“You’re just s-so adorable!” you blurt out, finding it difficult to explain amidst your bout of laughter. “I’m sorry, really! It’s just… you’re so nervous and all… I w-wasn’t expecting…!”

The fact that the girl before you is completely naked, and trying to hide behind her naked body. You’d think she’d be more confident. She’s a fucking DRAGON for crying out loud! And here she is acting like a virgin maiden… it’s just so… endearing.

“D-don’t laugh at me…!” she says, her face flushing bright red and her entire body growing tense. “I-it’s not my f-fault I’m n-new to this… s-sort of th-thing! I-it just that… y-you’ll be my f-f-first, s-so…”

… She IS a virgin.

“Hah… I’m sorry, it’s just… so amusing to see such a magnificent creature like you be so timid and… inexperienced,” you say, sniffling slightly.

The dragoness’s face twists into a frown.

“I… I’m not inexperienced!” she exclaims, blushing furiously. “I’ve done it m-many times! Just… n-not with a boy before…”

“… Oh.”

There’s a moment of silence, before the girl’s face twists into a devilish smile.

“Well… it’s your turn to get embarrassed,” she says.


“Yes. So far, I’m the only one of us who’s disrobed, so… g-go on, take them off!”

You chuckle nervously, and begin unbuttoning your shirt.

Shinai’lumme holds her breath as you slip it off your shoulders, before letting out a heated exhale when it’s been sent to the floor. You pause for a moment, feeling self-conscious about your body.

“Keep going,” she says.

You look to the side, before shaking your head and kicking off your footwear; as you’re starting to undo your belt, you take a glance at the dragon girl. Her eyes are fixated on your hands as they work to unfasten your pants, and she’s growing noticeably warmer.

She chews on her bottom lip.

Her cheeks are bright red.

Her whole face is flustered.

It’s so adorable, you want to just pick her up and cuddle with her right now.

Instead, you slowly pull down your pants, stepping out of them before kicking them off, and looking to her. She blinks at you, as her mouth turns into a wide O.

“W-well?” you ask, rather shyly.

She stares at you, before turning away.

“You’re… well, you’re fine.”

“Ah… thanks,” you say, as you wonder what the dragon-maiden thinks of you.

She’s still so embarrassed, she can’t even look at you. You walk up to her, slowly—very slowly—taking a look at her face. Her blush deepens, and she shifts her weight from one position to the other.

“You’re really cute when you’re embarrassed like this,” you say.

She chews on her lip for a moment, before smiling.

“I-if you think so…”

Shaking your head, you smile and kiss her cheek. Her reaction is immediate.

“W-wait! I don’t w-want you to think I’m s-some kind of insecure m-maiden who easily gets f-flustered!” she exclaims, suddenly grabbing at your hand and pulling you towards the bed. “I-in fact, I’m not even that embarrassed! It’s just that… n-nevermind. Here, lie down.”

You sit on the bed, and Shinai’lumme coaxes you with a gentle push into lying on your back. Lifting your head, you see her staring hard at your groin, steadily reaching full mast. She chews on her lip for a moment, before smiling.

“I want to do it,” she says nervously, her eyes wide with wonder, “but… it’s just so… intimidating. Even while in the company of other women, the most I’ve ever taken was… less than this.”

She looks at you, biting her lip.

“I’m sure you’ll be gentle with me,” she says. “You’ll make sure I don’t get hurt, right?

You’re about to give her a reassuring reply, but then a realization surfaces in your mind and you instead give her an amused expression.

“The dragon is asking the human to be gentle?”

“I-it’s my first time!” she says in a panicky voice. “Of course I want to be treated gently!”

“The mighty, all-powerful dragon, who can ride the winds, summon the rains, and even conjure lightning and thunder alike… left intimidated by my human dick? Really? If anything, I should be the one asking for a gentle experience.”

Her lips begin to quiver, and tears star to well in here eyes. “B-but I-I…!”

You immediately feel a pang of regret for your taunting, and your hand is moving and instantly seizing her’s; before you allow the trembling dragoness to say anything more, you’re pulling her onto the bed with you. She lands softly, and she turns to face you.

“I’m sorry,” you say, pleading. “Please, don’t cry. I… don’t want you to cry.”

“I… I…” she says, before closing her mouth and turning her head away. “M-maybe I’m being a bit foolish after all…”

You shake your head. “No. I shouldn’t have said that. Like you said… this is your first time. I shouldn’t have teased you about it. I’ll… be gentle with you. So let’s stop talking for now, and enjoy each other. Okay?”

A small smile creeps into her features, and her cheeks redden. “You’re surprisingly sweet… even if you can be a little mean with your teasing. B-but yes, I think we…”

She gives you a bashful sideways glance, before looking away again.

“Lets c-c-cuddle.”

The dragoness extends her arms to you, and you accept her invitation to snuggle up against her form. As the two of you embrace, you eventually feel her tail make its presence known as it begins to could around your legs again. Shinai’lumme stares down at your chest before raising her eyes to meet your own, and then she shyly leans in and kisses you.

“I really am lucky to have you,” she says, hugging you tighter.

“I’m happy to be with you,” you reply, returning her kiss in kind.

The dragoness nuzzles into you, and it isn’t long before she stars squirming, her tail doubling its efforts to embalm your lower body with itself. Her hands move from their hold on your back to explore your chest and arms. You enjoy the sensation for a few moments longer, until the dull aching in your loins becomes too much to ignore.

You break away from the kiss, and stare into Shinai’lumme’s eyes. “Did you want to be on top, or…?”

Her face reddens again as her eyes dart around with embarrassment, and she struggles to give you an answer.

“I’d… b-b-be f-fine with…”

She’s still so nervous…

“H-hey, come on,” you attempt to reassure the stuttering woman, “you don’t have to be so… Where’s that powerful, confident dragon I saw in that field? Huh?”

“I… I’m here…” she says, gulping.

“You are. Just tell me what you want, and I’ll give it to you. Take control… like you did with that cow lady…”

Shinai’lumme’s cheeks turn even more red, but her gaze lights up for a second, as if something clicked inside her mind. Then, she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, and you’re hoping she can relax a bit. When you see her eyes reopen, however, you notice a considerable difference in her demeanor.

She now boasts a regal expression, eyes full of serenity and dignity as they stares into your own with a hint of mild contempt in her eyes. “My mate… you will give yourself to me, won’t you?”

A shiver runs down your spine at her sudden change, and your mouth gapes slightly as your tongue darts out to wet your lips. “I-I mean, if-“

You’re suddenly sent into a brief panic when a crack of thunder shakes the room, jumping up into a sitting position and looking out one of the windows, only to see a blanket of darkness covering the sky.

“I wasn’t asking, my mate.”

“W-what?” you ask, shaking your head to snap out of your stupor.

“I asked if you would give yourself to me,” the nude dragoness tells you, her tone calm as can be despite the coldness now present within her gaze. “I don’t tolerate incompetence or hesitation.”

Shinai’lumme rises up and pushes you onto your back, hovering over you as she rests herself on your stomach and brings her clawed hands to your shoulders. She leans in close, staring into your eyes with a serious demeanor.

“I will not harm my one and only. However, I will ensure that you won’t soon forget to be mindful of what comes out of your mouth. Perhaps that tongue of yours would be better suited for making love than making taunts.”

You stare into her eyes, looking into the depths of her soul with eyes wide as saucers. You can see her pupils dilate, and your mouth gapes slightly once more. The feeling of her hands on your shoulders is normalizing your heartbeat, which has surely increased at least ten times.

“Answer me,” she says.

“I… I…”

“You will give yourself to me,” she says, pausing briefly as a flicker of light from outside followed by another crack of thunder puts further tension into the moment. “Won’t you?”

You swallow hard. “Y-yes.”

“Good. You may now enjoy your meal.”

Shinai’lumme leans in close to your face, and her mouth gaping a bit as her tongue rolls out to meet yours in another kiss. It’s far less chaste this time around, passionately dominating the oral lovemaking as if devouring you.

You wrap your arms around her slim waist, holding her in place as you deepen the kiss. As her claws grip your shoulders tightly, preventing you from moving, she begins to grind her swollen crotch against your erection. The sensation is so fantastic that you can’t help but surrender yourself to her, and soon enough she aligns her slit so that it’s sitting upon your crown. 

The kiss is broken and Shinai’lumme rises, dragging in a deep, shuddering breath of air before staring down at you with a serene yet glazed expression. You feel as though you’ve just had the wind completely taken out of you, and you can only stare in awe at the sight before you: a beautiful, naked dragoness, hovering above you with a lustful yet gentle expression.

“Say my name,” she says, her voice calm yet authoritative, “so that it may be known to whom this offering belongs. You are my mate, my life, my happiness. No other will do. Say it.”

“Y-your… wow, I…” you sputter, barely managing to form words.

You know by now that her noble and dominating demeanor is all an act, but… for some reason, you know that there exists a sincerity in the words she’s choosing. She’s telling you exactly how she feels, even if she’s using the facade of a cold and confidant personality to express it.

“Mate. Life. Happiness. Say it.”

“Mate. Life. Happiness.” You find yourself parroting, your voice quiet with wonder.

“And then? To whom do you belong?” She asks, the lips of her pussy sinking just short of allowing your cock entrance between their folds.

“I… I belong to you.” You answer, the words slipping out of your mouth easily.

Shinai’lumme’s eyes narrow as she stares at you. She leans forward, her mouth immediately descending onto yours and our lips pressing against each other… but she does not kiss.

“And what is the name of the dragon to whom you belong?” She growls seductively against your lips.

“Sh-Shinai’lumme.” You sputter, the intimate act enough to make you lightheaded.


“Shinai’lumme! I belong to Shinai’lumme!”

The dragoness smirks against your face, her crystal gaze intense as they leer into your widened eyes. She’s enjoying this.

“And what is the name of the dragon…” she asks, a heated blush enveloping her cheeks, “who belongs to you?”

Strong winds rumbling into and throughout the temple bedroom’s open walls keeps the moment from falling silent as you briefly forget how to formulate words, tapestries flailing wildly in the sudden torrents of air.

“I… I…” you stutter, a bit overwhelmed by this sudden exchange of vows.

The dragoness’s smile widens as you struggle to voice your answer.

“Y-you, Shi… Shinai’lumme. You b-belong to… you belong to me…”

“Good. I love you.”

The last few words slip out so softly, so gently, that you feel as though they might be imagined. But they aren’t, and the she-dragon proceeds with the kiss… and you wince with pleasure as you feel her finally lower onto your erection.

She lowers herself down upon you fully, her eyes slightly losing focus as she lets out a groan of ecstasy into your mouth. You feel your body shudder as she takes you inside her sex, and she pauses her descent several times before swallowing your length entirely.

As you hear the sound of falling rain begin to patter onto the roof, she eventually begins to ride you with a slowness that’s incredibly intimate and careful all at once; you grab her ass with both hands, supporting her weight as you move your hips to match her pace.

This being, this beautiful, delicate dragoness has claimed you as her mate, and offered herself to be your own. You still feel emotionally overwhelmed with the perplexity of it all, but you could never feel happier. This is your woman… you are her man, and she is your dragon! A dragon! And you want to show her how much you cherish this by making love to her as a true soulmate would.

You find that you’re thrusting your body into hers with a speed that’s appropriate for a dragon and her mate, and she’s quickly matching your pace with ease.

With a grunt, you dig your fingernails into the fleshy cheeks of her ass as you lift her up and slam her back down onto your cock, watching as her unfocused stare goes cross-eyed while she whines and squeaks out in euphoric bliss down your throat with every forceful thrust. 

Her noble dragon’s facade is forgotten as Shinai’lumme rides out the intensifying vigor that you both are starting to exude, herself beginning to hump wildly with erratic passion.

Her dignified and commanding demeanor is now gone as her face goes into a mask of unbridled lust and ecstasy, and you’re starting to feel the beginnings of an approaching orgasm as the room becomes alight from several flashes of new lightning bolts tearing across the blackened, outside sky.

A powerful shockwave of sound bellows from the heavens with a mighty roar of thunder, coinciding with your own climax that rips through your body with tremendous strength.

You find that your lover had slammed down upon you and held herself in place to take in the full extent of your release, and Shinai’lumme breaks away from the kiss and arches her back to raise her head to the ceiling. 

As the first ejections of your liquid love begin to fill her womb, a shrill yet beautiful roar echoes from the dragoness’s lungs. It’s a wail of pure passion, teeming with ecstasy… a siren’s cry in the midst of pouring rain, raging winds, flashing lightning, and roaring thunder with a harmonious majesty.

Your heart is overwhelmed with love for this magnificent creature, and you feel an affection deeper than any you have ever experienced. She is your mate, your partner in life, and you are going to cherish her more than anything.

You lay panting, your body covered in a thin sheen of sweat and the hot, liquid essence pooling from Shinai’lumme’s swollen pussy, still greedily latched on to your semi-flaccid cock as she rests her head on your chest.

It’s raining powerfully outside, but the winds have died down in conjunction with the lightning and thunder. The air is filled with a pleasant, cooling mist that washes over your body and the rest of the landscape.

Shinai’lumme opens her eyes and smiles at you with the soft, loving smile that you have come to adore.

“I love you.” She says, her exalted persona a distant memory at this point.

“I love you too.” You smile.

Looking into the crystals of her eyes, you realize that your lives together have only just begun. It’s truly quite a daunting prospect… yet more than a welcomed one. A dragon, a living embodiment of storms and divine powers… has taken you, a basic human who was whisked away and given up as a sacrificial offering, to be her lover. Her soulmate. Her one and only.

And this gorgeous, monumentally powerful woman belongs to you in turn. She’s yours as much as you are her’s, and more than anything in this world you want to hold her close and never let go.

There’s still so much you need to learn about your partner, but for now you simply wrap your arms around her, and you find yourself hugged by her own draconic digits, her tail in particular ensuring that your entire body is lovingly secured in Shinai’lumme’s embrace.

“Oh, by the mighty gods…” She says, staring into your eyes. “You are better than anything I could’ve dreamed of. Thank you, thank you, my love.”

You cannot help but feel yourself as undeserving of her praises and thanks, but you keep silent and simply lean in to kiss her, to which she happily grants your request.

The pair of you lay there in the sheets, basking in each other’s company and the warmth that only the presence of another being can provide.

… Until you begin to hear the vague sound of suppressed giggling, and turn your attention towards the doorway. There, peeking in at the two of you from the entrance are the very same serpent maidens that took you up the mountain. They’re covering their mouths in an attempt to contain their laughter, but it’s clear that they find the sight very amusing.

“Honorable Shinai’lumme,” the head maiden calls out from her position, a grin plastered on her face, “I take it that you’ve… enjoyed your most recent offering?”

The dragoness bolts upright, startled by the sudden presence of the white snake women, and she jerks her head in their direction.

“That is my business!” She hisses.

“Ah, apologies, my dear Shinai’lumme.” The head maiden replies, not a drop of anger or seriousness in her tone. “We’ll keep out of your way. Shall we also cancel your appointed meetings of the day? I’m certain you’ll be… preoccupied.”

Shinai’lumme’s eyes narrow, and she slowly nestles back into your chest.

“Yes, cancel the meetings.”

“Very well.”

“… For the rest of the week.” Shinai’lumme adds bashfully, glancing over at you.

The serpent maidens giggle as they turn around and leave, and soon they’re gone, leaving the two of you alone. You look down at the dragoness in your arms, and a smile graces your face.

“So… a whole week, huh?”

She shyly nuzzles into your neck, and you feel her give a light inhale of your scent. “I just… wanna have some time to enjoy this. No interruptions. Just you and me.”

You feel her lips kiss at your neck, gently peppering you with affection. 

“Well, I’m not complaining,” you tell her, a bit bashful yourself. “Are we… are we going to spend the rest of the week in your room?”

“If… you don’t mind?”

You shake your head, and you feel her grin against your skin.

You notice that the rains have begun to lessen, and the two of you simply lie content, watching the downpour devolve until it is a light drizzle. You’re running a hand through Shinai’lumme’s silvery hair when she perks up with a surge of giddiness, and the dragoness raises her head to whisper in your ear.

“I have something in mind for today.”

You certainly hope so.


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5 thoughts on “Monster Estrus Isle: Eastern Dragon/”Ryu” Encounter

  1. The loose end, what with the mamono village that has possibly financially destroyed itself made the last 2/3rd of this an awkward read. Much of the romance didn’t come through to me because I was pre-occupied by the awkwardly unsaid fate of her worshippers.

  2. Really cute. I liked how the dragon jumped back and forth between imperious and lovey dovey, and the way the relationship developed felt nice and believable.

  3. Wonderful as always Taku.

    The elegant, yet foreboding entrance she made did wonders for her introduction as a fearsome and powerful Dragon she is. Her initial actions suggested she had a cold, almost unfeeling demeanor as she looks down on the masses below that quivered in her mighth presence.

    But through all her appeatance and behavior, you get a hint of her kind hearted nature as she demanded you be presented to her in your prime condition.

    You’d think at first that this was simply due to the fact that presenting you all ragged and weak was an insult to her otherwise regal presence, but as you’re brought in a few days later to be presented to her, you’re left in sheer perplexity as the all mighty Dragoness that exuded power and absolute respect acted in sheer adoration from your presence and even showers you with affection that any person would feel undeserving of.

    The last bit of you giving her a chance to take a dominate stance while returning to her regal and authoritative state was a cute touch.

    Loves reading this

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