Monster Estrus Isle: Dragon Encounter

You are a human male, trapped on an island of amorous monster women. You were being chased around by the inhuman natives whenever you encountered each other. You found brief refuge in a large cave, but by the time you realize it’s already occupied, it was much too late. 

You were captured by a female dragon, held prisoner for trespassing into her lair… however, you were not killed, nor tortured. It seems she has other plans in mind for you. For now, it seems she’s merely content with questioning you and making sure you are detained.


Monster Estrus Isle
Dragon Encounter


She is very patient with you, and even gives you some food on the occasion. You don’t really have too many complaints about this arrangement, though you do wonder if there is a way to escape from your situation. You are quite literally trapped.

You are kept in a cell, with only a small light-source to illuminate your space. You are not exactly sure where you are, exactly. The dragoness told you that she had carried you far from the island, but not in which direction. You try to remain hopeful that you might be released at some point, but that seems very unlikely.

As the weeks pass, you find yourself growing weaker. A lack of exercise will do that to a person… and it doesn’t help that the dragon hasn’t let you out of the cage to at least walk around a bit. Until one day, you suddenly hear strange noises outside of your cell. You aren’t quite sure what to make of it. 

You sit up in your bed, and try to listen closely to what the dragon is doing.

It is then when you hear a low, guttural sound, which you can only describe as a growl. The dragon sounds agitated, which isn’t something you thought you’d ever hear. It would seem the dragon is clearly upset about something.

Suddenly, the dragon roars. It’s high pitched screech causes you to cower in your cell. The dragon once again makes the guttural noise, before it stops. You wait in silence for several minutes, before the dragon follows its bellow up with another snarl. This time, though, the vocal utterance seems more “wistful” than anything preceding it.

The dragon pauses for a moment, as if deep in thought. Then, she speaks.

“Do you wish to be freed, human?” the dragon asks.

“I-I… Y-yes, please,” you reply, hopeful.

“Then you shall be freed. But there is a catch. You must agree to stay with me forever, as my mate. If you so much as try to leave this island, I will break your neck.”

“Um… I mean…” you say while looking over the giant form of the dragon, “how’s that… going to work? Are you suggesting that… well… if I’m gonna be your mate, we’re gonna…”

The dragon snorts derisively.

“Naive human,” the dragon says. “Dragons are much more that towering entities of supreme power and unrivaled magnificence. Among many other things, we are also shapechangers. We can assume more… appropriate forms to adapt to any particular situation. Including those involving procreation with other species.”

“So you’re saying you could… fuck me?” you say, almost afraid to ask.

The dragon smirks, before nodding her head slowly.

“I intend to,” the dragon sneers.

“U-um… Well, I mean… are you going to be able to… you know… get pregnant?” you say, growing visibly uncomfortable with the whole situation.

The dragon stares at you, and begins to lower herself towards the ground.

“Do you want the dragon to prove that she can?” she says, an almost sadistic tone in her voice.

“I-I… don’t know?” You speak out in growing concern.

“I will keep this simple,” the dragon says. “Agree to be my sexual relief, and I will release you from your cage and offer my body while in a form most suitable for the encounter. Refuse, and remain in your cage, with little hope of ever exploring the world outside of it ever again.”

“I… see…” you whisper out.

“Choose, human.”

You are given no time to think, no time to deliberate. The dragon is giving you a ultimatum, and expects an immediate answer. You know things won’t be good if you plead for time to think, or try to stall for time. As such, your answer leaves your lips before you can dwell too much upon it.

“I… accept,” you say, a blush forming on your face.

“Good,” the dragon smiles. “I release you.”

The bars of your cell are torn open with a single swipe of her massive claws, quite literally ripped of its hinges and you stumble forward, catching your balance.

“Out of the cage, human. Now.”

You stand up, and head out of your prison… and into a metaphorical one. Before you, your dragon captor in all of her monsterous glory rests on her stomach, her head leering down upon you from so high up. She’s massive, and you aren’t sure if this is even going to work.

And then, she begins to transform.

Her size begins to shrink, and her dragon features start to become significantly more humanoid. Her snout flattens into a human-like face, and her teeth shorter. Her claws lessen in length, extending from what are now almost humanoid fingers. 

Her wings remain as wings, but they are now much smaller and less intricate. Her tail lessens in bulk and length, but still remains relatively large in comparison to her new form. When she finishes changing her size remains large, but instead of a gargantuan beast, she is now only a head taller than yourself.

Her new womanly assets are quite an impressive sight to behold, especially with the dragoness completing her transformation in the nude. Her breasts are sizable but appear to be perky, her abs broad and her thighs muscular. You stare at her in silence for a moment, just basking in her magnificence.

“Well?” she says, not unkindly.

“You’re beautiful,” you say.

The dragoness smiles curiously at your words, which she probably didn’t expect to hear from you.

“Are you implying that my true form is not beautiful?” She smirks.

“N-no! It is, truly!” You stutter, “I j-just… I don’t think I’d want to… go down on it, per say.”

The dragoness chuckles, a deep, vibrant sound.

“Fret not human. I won’t eat you if you do not find my other form particularly alluring… if you had, I’d be concerned. Now, as for ‘not eating you’… no, I won’t go that far, at least not in the traditional sense…”

The dragoness stands, walking around you and giving you appraising glances. She circles back to your front and looks down at you, and gives you a predatory smile.

“On your hands and knees,” she commands.

You do so, finding yourself kneeling on the cool, stone floor of the cave in front of this creature.

“Arms behind your back,” she continues.

You do so, staring at the dragoness as she approaches. She reaches down and traces the outline of your jaw before reaching back and grabbing you by the base of your neck and pulling you closer to her. You flush as your face is brought within inches of her crotch, the lips of her womanly snatch swollen with arousal.

“Perfect,” she says.

You blushing furiously as the dragoness rubs against you, the smooth scales and soft skin of her crotch rubbing against your cheeks, and you become dampened by the liquid lust beginning to leak from her slit.

“Have you tasted a dragon before, human?” she asks, her voice rumbling with a guttural purr.

“N-no,” you breathe, as her hot musky scent flows into your nose and mouth.

The dragoness smiles, before snorting fire, which burns over the top of your head, nearly scorching your hair. She grips your head with the talons of her other hand, rubbing her slit against your cheek and running her claws through your hair as she pulls your face further in.

“Open wide, human.”

You gasp as your mouth is flooded with the scent and taste of the dragoness. She tastes slightly sweet, strangely like honeyed meat if you could give any sort of synonym to the completely foreign sensation filling your mouth.

The hot, thick fluid fills your mouth, and you struggle not to reflexively gag. Instead, you swallow, the fluid continuing to flood down your throat in waves, the dragon refusing to let you pull away. The taste, the smell, the texture; everything is filling you. Your cheeks are soon thoroughly soaked and dripping with the dragoness’s overflowing juices as she continues to hold you tightly.

Eventually, the dragoness pulls away, releasing you and stepping back. You sit in place, shaking and confused, as the dragoness admires the look on your face and the mess the made of it. She then smirks.

“Tasty, isn’t it?”

“It was…” You moan, still trying to grasp the sensations filling your mouth.

“What do you think of my new form?”

“It’s… amazing.” You gasp.

“Glad you approve,” she smirks triumphantly, before raising a taloned foot and placing it onto your shoulder, “now get on your back.”

She roughly shoves you backwards and onto the stone floor, pinning you with her foot until your reactive flailing stops. You are quick to submit and lie still, not wanting to agitate the dragon woman. 

“Good human. Now then, tell me; what’s your name?”

“Uh,” you say, curious about the sudden question but still opting to tell her.

“A rather unimpressive name, don’t you think?” The dragoness taunts down at you. “No matter. As for mine, you may call me Velthurin. Master, Mistress, or any other supreme title is also suitable, should you prefer. I care not what you call me, so long as it’s appropriate.”

“Velthurin,” you pant, still struggling to catch your breath while you stare up at the feminine creature.

You feel the hot wetness of her juices upon your stomach as they again start to drip from the dragoness’s swollen cunt with renewed arousal. She snarls lustfully at your prone form.

“I’m going to remove these insolent articles now,” Velthurin growls hotly, bending down to reach a taloned hand to grab onto your clothing. With a only a few movements, she tears your attire to shreds and has them ripped off your body. The process is quick, but it leaves you terrified.

You are now completely naked, with an equally naked dragon woman standing over you with eyes filled with predatory lust.

“I’m going to burn these,” Velthurin says.

She takes an intake of breath as she throws your torn garments off to the side. With a single movement, she turns her head towards the discarded articles and orally lets out a stream of radiant dragon flame, and soon your clothing are nothing more than ash as the charred debris is swept away by a light breeze channeling through the cave.

She returns her gaze to you, licking her lips as she fixes you with a stare filled with intense desire.

“I’m going to fuck you,” she snarls.

Velthurin leans forward and down, pinning your arms above your head with one hand and settling onto your stomach with the other. You feel her weight upon you, the hot breath of the dragon descending down upon you.

“I’m going to spread your legs and shove your dick inside me. I’m going to fill this cave with the scent of our reeking sex.” She breathes into your ear. “I’m going to fuck you hard, human. So hard that you’ll beg for death before I allow you to cum.”

Velthurin moves her head to your cheek, giving you a voracious, predatory lick. A throaty purr escapes her gullet as she does this, and you shudder as your face is cascaded with a puff of her heated breath.

“I’m going to have my way with you. I will feast upon your flesh, drain all of your energy, strength, and life. I will wear you down until there is nothing left. Then, and only then, will I allow you to release. And even then, it will be my pleasure to keep you weak and bedridden. Do you understand, human? Do you accept these terms?”

“I…” you pant.

“Do not presume that you will be released just because you are under my possession, human. You are mine. Do you understand?”

“I… understand,” you moan.

“Good. Now, may I have my way with you?”


A clawed talon closes around your neck before you can even complete the word.

“I don’t need your permission, human,” Velthurin snarls.

You’re paralyzed with fear, trapped beneath her.

“I’m going to have my way with you anyway. I own you now. However, you do have one choice in all this. Do you want to resist?”

“No,” you pant.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“… No…”

“Good choice, human. Now, be still. Don’t struggle. If you resist, I’ll just have to be more… persuasive. You understand?”

“… Y-yes… I understand. I’m… just… Please… Don’t hurt me…”

Velthurin releases your neck, and you feel a sudden flood of oxygen to the area as her claws return to your chest.

“I’m not going to kill you, human,” she snarls, “nor will I bring injury to you… much. However, I am a dragon. And dragons, being monstrous creatures of tremendous power, make full use of that power in whatever way possible. You are weak, human. Considerably so in my presence. And I aim to take advantage of that in whatever way I see fit. Now, be still.”

You’re petrified, and only obey.

Velthurin raises her tail and begins to grind herself along the length of your cock, rubbing back and forth but not having you enter her just yet. She does, however, continue to lick and growl hotly into your ear…

“I can smell your desire, human,” she whispers, “I can taste it. I can feel your cock becoming harder. It is a very impressive weapon you have there, and it’s very happy to see me. It’s also very confused. I’m very beautiful. I’m also a dragon. I’m also much stronger than you. I could break you with but a minor effort. I could crush you. I could fly away and leave you to die. Yet, it doesn’t understand that. It only understands that it wants to fuck. And fuck it shall. In fact, it’s going to get even more fucking than it wants. How does that sound?”

“… I… I don’t know,” you whimper.

“That’s not a very nice thing to say, considering you’re agreeing to all this anyway,” she says, “I’ll take that as a yes then. Feel free to say no at any time, human… but I won’t stop. I’ll keep you here, under my claws. That is, if you know what’s good for you. We both know what’s good for you, don’t we? Feel my claws on your chest. Feel my cunt grinding against your body. Feel my tongue on your ear. Smell my breath on your face. Now, say you know what’s good for you.”

“… I… I know what’s good for me…” you say, barely above a whisper.

“Good boy. Now, I’m going to remove my claws from your chest, and slowly slide myself down your body. Are you ready for that, human?”

“… I think I am… I mean yes…”

“Good. Now, I’m going to slide down your body, and once I have, you’re going to let my tongue delve into your waiting mouth. You will not resist. You will let me have my way. You will also moan in ecstasy. Do you understand?”

“… I understand.”

“Good. I can taste the salt on your skin. You are a brave one, willing to let me have my way with you like this. Are you sure you know what’s good for you, human?”

“… I’m sure.”

“Good. Now, let’s get on with this. I’m going to slide down your body… and then?”

Velthurin begins to move, positioning her slit atop your raging erection before slowly beginning to glide into it. You gasp and heat up as you feel yourself breach the doors of her sex, feeling the tightness of her inner walls as they constrict against your advance. You struggle to voice the answer to her question.

“A-and then… y-you… your t-tongue… in my mouth… I w-won’t resist… I w-won’t…!”

“That’s good, human. That’s good,” Velthurin smiles, “You’re learning. Now, I’m going to adjust myself, and… Nngh…!”

Velthurin begins to grind on top of you, forcing your cock deeper into her body. She lowers herself. Her wings wrap around you as her claws dig into the skin of your bound wrists and your chest. She sits up, and stares at you with intense, unblinking yellow eyes.

“Say hello to the tongue that’s about to invade your mouth, human.”

She opens her humanoid maw, filled with razor sharp dragon’s teeth, and you watch as Velthurin rolls her long, slender tongue out of her mouth. You see a cloud of heated air puff out of her gaping throat as the oral member dangles freely in the air.

“… Hello,” you moan.

Velthurin lowers her head, and you feel her breath hit your lips.

“Open up,” she whispers, “open up.”

She tickles the side of your face with the end of her tongue. You feel… Dizzy. Weak. Powerless. Aroused.

You open your mouth, and allow the dragon’s member to enter. You close your eyes, and take a deep breath…

… Before you feel it plunge inside and wrap around your tongue, and pull both your lips and the dragoness’s together in a violent, passionate kiss, all in one swift motion. Your tongue is forced to compete with hers for dominance, both trying to push the other out of the way and both being pushed back into your mouth by the other’s sheer strength.

The saliva in your mouth begins to mix, and the two of you begin to moan into each other’s mouths. You twist and writhe beneath her and struggle against the claws bonding your wrists together above your head, but the dragon is effortlessly keeping you in place. You aren’t intending to resist, but the sensation of it all is overwhelming you. The tongue and the lips. The teeth and the saliva. The fire that tickles your face. The claws digging into your chest. The fear of what you can’t see. It’s all overwhelming you, and it feels so good that you can’t help but continue to writhe helplessly below the dragoness.

Velthurin begins to slowly pull her oral member out of your mouth, and the pair of you stare into each other’s eyes.

“You like that, human? Huh? Tell me how much you enjoyed my tongue in your mouth.”

“I… I loved it…” you moan, struggling to think clearly.

“Good. Now, I’m going to do it again. But before I do, are you willing to do something for me?”


“Then beg. Beg like you mean it, human. I want to hear you pleading.”

You blush at her words, but… You mean it.

“Please… Please don’t make me beg. I… I’m yours… Just do whatever you want with me…”

“I like that desperation. It’s so arousing.”

Velthurin grabs your chin with her claws, and stares into your eyes. Her eyes… They’re like yellow flames. Intense. Hot. Wild. Uncontrollable.

“I’m not giving you a choice. Beg. And if you can convince me… I might just grant you the honor of touching my magnificent body. It’s your best chance, human.”

Velthurin lets go of your chin and moves her head closer to yours. She opens her mouth…

“Now beg for me.”

“Please… Please let me…!” you moan desperately.

“Not enough. I want more. I want to hear you begging like an orcish whore in heat. I am offering you the chance to worship a dragon, directly, physically… I am the closest thing to a god in this world, and I want to hear you beg for my blessings!”

“P-please…! I want to…!”

“No. That’s not enough. Louder! Beg me with conviction!”

You continue to plead, and your voice begins to shake. You’re terrified.

“Please… I want to be your whore! Please… Let me…!”

The cave is deadly silent. You can feel your face burning.

“… Perfect. I’ll remember those words.”

Velthurin lets out a long, low hiss, and moves her head closer to yours once more.

“Tell me, human. What do orcs have to offer a dragon?”

“Nothing!” you shout. “Nothing! I have nothing! I don’t… I don’t even…!”

“Yes, you do. You’re about to.”

The dragon’s mouth is back on yours in a flash, and her tongue snakes into your mouth. She grabs your head in her hands and moves her oral member against your own, as if to penetration you. She begins to grind into you with a fury, moving in and out at an incredible speed.

You begin to feel something within you begin to grow… Soon, you can’t hold back any longer. You begin to release your… ‘possessions’ into the dragon’s pussy, as Velthurin continues to hump into you.

When you’re done, Velthurin pulls out her oral member from inside your mouth and opens her jaws wide, releasing a blast of hot air straight into your face. You can see faint embers burning deep within her gullet, and you fear for your life.

“Ah… Did you enjoy that, human?” she asks, grinning from ear to ear. “I certainly enjoyed tasting you. I want to do it again.”

She begins to lower herself onto your stomach, and you can feel her weight bearing down on you. As her chest presses into yours, the feeling of her massive tits’ erect nipples poking into your skin doesn’t go unnoticed.

“But I’m feeling a little lazy this time. I want you to do the work. I’m certain you can imagine how much this will turn you on… helping yourself to my body. That, and you’ve been quite compliant… perhaps you deserve a reward after all.”

She finally lifts herself off your wilted cock and rises to her feet. Then she turns and begins sashaying her way towards a cluster of small boulders, and she turns around to sit on one of them. The dragoness then beckons to you with a single claw.

“Come here, my little mate. I want to reward you.”

Shakily, your stand to your feet and walk towards her. As soon as you’re within range, she makes an action as if to grab your crotch, but instead grabs your ass and gives it a playful squeeze.

“Come closer… Closer…”

You walk up to the dragoness, stopping just in front of her, and she continues to caress your ass.

“Good… Now, reach your hands forward and use them to worship me. Worship this body of mine that makes you so eager to serve me.”

You slowly reach out and place one hand on either side of her massive abdomen, just in front of her wings. She hisses a sigh of content, then moves your hand up and around to her back, near her tail.

“Don’t be afraid to indulge in your gift, my human mate. I know you must be dying to do so. Explore me, touch and seize my lustrous form. Run your hands all over my body. Get a good feel of all this power, this magnificent wonder in your presence… Indulge yourself.”

You start to move your hands over the dragon’s scales and flesh, feeling every ridge and bulge. You trail your fingers over her wings, then move up to the spines along her back. Your eyes are drawn to her breasts, ad you give a nervous glance into those golden embers staring down at you.

“T-they… They’re so big…” you say.

“Do you like them?” she asks, grinning. “Do you want to play with them…?”

“I-I… yes…!”

The dragoness lets out a low, rumbling growl. You can feel your body tensing up as her head leans in, and you’re powerless to do anything but allow it.

“My… You are a shy one. After we’ve already done the deed, and even when you’re granted boundless opportunity and complete control. How cute. I’ll have to fix that eventually… But for now, I’m content to watch you enjoy this. As I am also eager to get back to fucking as soon as you’re good and ready. Keep your hands where they are. I want to savor this view… for a bit.”

You feel your face flush as you hands move up and down slowly. The dragon’s tail snakes out and begins stroking your back.

“That tail of mine could tear you apart in an instant, but it’s not here to punish you. It’s here to soothe you. To help you. Enjoy it’s touch… or use it as you will. Feel free to grasp at it, my human mate. Feel free to do whatever you wish. Unless you would rather I make use of it in other ways? I can see that you would… That you’re eager for my every touch. That’s okay too. I’ll allow it.”

The dragoness moves her head down, and you feel her breath on the side of your face. You feel the flecks of a few cinders wash over your shoulder, mildly stinging your naked flesh.

“You are such a willing one. Eager to please and eager for more. It’s… favorable. But favorable or not, you may want to start initiating a bit further… and more confidently, aggressively. Else I grow bored. Now ravish me, and rekindle your lust.”

The dragoness moves her head back, giving you a grin and a wicked gleam in her eye. You feel your face redden again, and…

She leans her chest into your hands and spreads her wings, preparing for you to perform. Her vibrant gaze expectant as she stares at you, waiting for your next move.You move a hand down to her stomach, and then lower. You can feel the dragon’s caressing tail twitch against your spine as your touch along her navel, and your knees begin to quiver anxiously in both anticipation and anxiety at what you’re about to try.

As your fingers slide along the scales covering where pubic hairs should be, you feel your… mate… growl.

“Are you sure you wish to go that far?” She asks, her voice a deep, guttural rumbling.

“I-I…” You reply, your throat feeling dry and hoarse. “I’m s-sorry…”

You immediately cower and begin to draw your hand away, but the dragoness is quick to snatch it up by the wrist.

“Why are you stopping?” She asks, her voice slightly more low and soothing than before. “I merely asked you a question. Do you think I would allow you to explore a part of myself if I did not desire it? Be bolder, human.”

Her claws then pull your hand back to her pubic area, and holds it there until you find the courage to keep it there yourself. Velthurin sighs a throaty growl in delight when you once more begin to explore further, and a steamy hiss of delight passes through her fanged teeth when your fingers trail along the line of her slit. You can see her gaze slowly move up your body as you move your hand further along, and you know she’s watching your face as you go. She’s pleased.

As you begin to rub a finger along her slightly parted opening, you move your other hand along the flesh of the breast you’ve been fondling and take her perky teat in between two fingers. A soft groan of lust escapes the dragoness as you pinch and tug at her nipple. She begins to rock her pelvis into your hand, and you feel your finger begin to slip inside her…

“Not yet,” She says, and you immediately pause. “I want you to kiss me.”

You look up to see her leaning forward, her eyes half lidded and her mouth parted.

“I want you to enter this dragon’s maw, and plunder the inferno beyond her fangs with your tongue. Enter my fiery lair, human, and dance with me among the flames.”

You watch with bated breath as she once again opens her mouth and rolls out her long tongue for you, and shows you the depths of her throat as waves of hot, burning air swathes over your face. Her throat is alight with the glow of embers, and a low, guttural purr gives rise to a small cluster of tiny cinders from deeper within. Every breath that escapes her mouth is lit with floating specks of flame, and you’re beginning to second-guess yourself. 

Has this been the mouth you’ve been sharing kisses with? This isn’t the first time you’ve laid witness to the dormant, churning hell of dragon’s fire within this girl’s body, but it’s still so terribly horrifying to imagine how easily your lover could have incinerated you with every kiss… and you begin to grow even more afraid when you realize that this concept is beginning to allure you.

To say that it’s a strange sensation would be a drastic understatement.

Still, your hand rises from her chest and trails along the scale and flesh that makes up her neck and jaw, and you take her check in your palm. You find yourself thoughtlessly pulling her head close as you lean forward, and with the scorching air of her breath seething your tongue, you take her lips in yours for a new session of shared oral bliss. Her hot tongue, still drooping from her mouth during this kiss, curls up to lick at your chin before being retracted into its owner’s mouth, where it remains for you to pursue with your own.

Boiling breath pours into your mouth, hotter than you remember, as you delve your oral member into the dragoness’s maw. She growls, her teeth sharp and deadly, and that’s when you take the time to explore and trail your tongue along her fangs, tasting them while feeling how sharp they truly are at the points. You delve deeper on instinct, not quite able to reach the back of her throat, but you do feel the heat of fire lick at the tip of your probing digit. 

The kiss deepens as the pair of you explore each other. You taste the inferno that’s hidden deep within her, and she tastes as terribly exotic as she looks. It all had made you forget about the finger prodding the girl’s lower entrance, and you decide to finally breach her opening with it. It’s then when the real depths of this sensation begin to register with you, and the fire that you taste burns heavier, searing down your throat.

She begins to rock her hips into your hand as you caress her soft cheek, not wanting to care about the mildly uncomfortable sensation in your esophagus. You begin to swallow into the kiss, attempting to use the combined mixture of your saliva and Velthurin’s to sooth your growing discomfort. You can’t stop yourself, finding a growing need for more of this blissful experience, and the dragon hums contently within your mouth as you keep up your increasingly-aggressive forwardness.

The fire in her belly becomes a roaring inferno, and you swallow harder for more of your combined concoction of oral nectar. The pressure builds, her growls becoming louder and more aggressive, and she seems to be enjoying this so much more than you are. You start to feel the start of your erection returning at full force, and it is within mere moments that you are once again at full mast. 

You feel her claws close around it, and her tail proceeds to coil affectionately around your midsection. She then pulls away, lingering a bit as it’s dragged away whilst wrapped around yours, the kiss ending much sooner than you were hoping.

“Mmm… Good… good…” She pants, her chest heaving up and down as she seems to still be riding the high of your earlier action. “You’re not as cowardly as I thought. Did you enjoy that fiery dance of ours, hmm? I could feel you choking and struggling some… yet, you continued. Impressive, even if you were only tasting a mere flicker of my flame. Now… your lust is rekindled, and I am again stirred to indulge upon it.”

She drags her clawed hands up your chest, one up to your neck and then around your head before climbing on top of you to sit in your lap, your raging hard-on pressing against her navel; with the other, she takes hold of your jaw, and as she tilts back your head she raises herself up. She stares down upon you and forces your mouth open, positioning her drooling slit atop your genital crown. 

“Lick my flames, human… as I devour you once again.”

You obey, as her slit begins to lower, engulfing your member as she slides down upon it, all while allowing you to hold her waist tightly as your face is met with the ravenous lips of your dragonoid captor. You moan, as her body begins to move upon you. You’d begin to thrust up into her, and she’d rock her body to meet your own. 

You sputter as you feel the width of her tongue invade your mouth and reach further in than you were expecting, and you hack into the kiss on reflex when the offending organ massages against your uvula in its venture down your throat. Velthurin roars a burst of smoldering breath into your gullet as she slams down upon your cock with renewed vigor. She rides you for all you’re worth, her body creating a torsion field of heat all around the both of you.

This is the true dance, a trial of heat and flame that makes your previous experience seem like a cakewalk amidst smoking charcoal. It would seem you were not the only one rekindling their lust…

Velthurin rides you into oblivion, as your hands roam wherever they can find purchase along her back and arms. One of your hands finds a her breasts, and you’re quick to seize and grope the closest within your reach. Another torrent of burning air scorches your throat, but it’s quickly forgotten as the dragoness’s tongue writhes about inside and coats the inner walls with saliva.

You climax violently, and it’s all you can do to keep from swallowing her tongue or gagging as you release your load deep within her womb. Velthurin retracts her probing digit somewhat but does not take it out of your mouth, opting to violate your oral entrance whilst allowing you to breath through your nose. Otherwise, she does not stop riding you, even after you finish firing into her.

It’s only when she herself begins to twitch and shudder upon your still-erect cock do you manage to pull your head away her mouth, but even then she insist on keeping you attached by her lengthy tongue. She stops convulsing, and you manage to take a few gulping breaths before she turns her eyes upon your own. You stare at each other for a bit, and just when you think she’s going to lunge back in for another kiss, she instead relaxes her tongue and lets it fall from inside your mouth.

You’re left panting with an open jaw, exhausted and with a sore throat. Velthurin retracts her hanging oral digit back into its home in her mouth, her gaze never straying from your own.

“There. You’ve experienced my flames, human. Perhaps now you know the feeling of what it’s like to be truly intimate with a dragon. But know this… you’ve only just touched the base of the mountain, and have much, much further to climb. The summit is far from your reach… but you will get there, with time. I will make it so.”

With a final chuffing growl, she begins to grind into the erect cock that’s still inside her.

“Oh, and human? Don’t think that you’ll be able to pull out of me anytime soon… I’m not quite done with you yet. I’m going to ride you for a good long while, just like this. Maybe all night. Maybe we’ll do this every waking moment, until the both of us are too caught up in the acts that we forget what day it is. Until then, I’m going to enjoy you in a way that I haven’t enjoyed anything for a very long time. So, are you ready? To be totally consumed by this lustful dragon? I’m going to enjoy every moment that we’re joined together.”

She licks her lips, looking at her stomach as your manhood twitches and throbs within her.

“Yes… every fucking moment. Now kiss me.”

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2 thoughts on “Monster Estrus Isle: Dragon Encounter

  1. A very interesting read. You definitely did a good job of making every scenario sensuous and alluring. It also helps that the dominating nature of Velthurin really sold the idea that you really were helpless as she constantly reminded you of it.

    Yet her words also carried care for them, like she’s stating that you’re helpless against her, but also helpless without her.

    Very heavy on the kiss scenes which are nice and descriptive, and the way you went about it is very seductive and passionate.

    Overall it was an enjoyable read.

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