Mavis and the Featherlight Ch. 4

Only when she heard the door slam open did she look up. In stomped Rose, careening towards her and catching the yelping elf in her arms, hugging her tightly.

A thousand desperate pleas, forlorn apologies, and hapless greetings swirled around in her mind; all forgotten when the angel softly shushed her anguished mumblings. “It’s okay,” Rose said softly, the angel’s arms and wings wrapping themselves around her, bundling her into a soft, warm cuddle as the blanket was squished between them. Frowning anxiously, the angel let her go, tugging it away – revealing the elf’s soaked, shivering body, and the torturous, gently rotating gears of the belt.

“R-Rose, I’m-“ Mavis managed. “Mmmmh…”

“Shhhh.” Rose said, looking at it anxiously. “Just try to bear it for a few seconds more. I’ll get the keys out…”

“Mmhmm…!” Mavis whimpered, her face wet with tears.

“You poor, poor thing…” The angel whispered, her voice anguished as she lay her hands into the door of the safe. Her fingers sank into different parts of the metal, rotating segments that only became visible under her hands. After only a minute – the fastest Mavis had ever seen her open it – she had the red key in her hand, quickly closing the distance between them again as she lifted the elf up off the window ledge. She allowed Mavis to lean up against her when the elf’s legs immediately failed to hold her weight, her wings catching Mavis’s arms and preventing them from falling down her back. “Try to stand, okay?” She said hurriedly, her fingers searching for and finding the lock in the dim light of the setting sun. “Just for a second… That’s it.”

There was a loud Click as the angel turned the key to the left – instantly, Mavis’s heart lept. The belt was loose, the brushes gone in a flash. She tried, then, to pull it fully off her – but still, her hands remained pinned beneath Rose’s soft wings. It didn’t matter; Already, the angel was doing so for her, quietly discarding the belt.

Mavis felt herself lifted up again, then. Looking down, she saw that the angel had lifted her into a princess carry. Almost instinctively, she snuggled into the angel’s bosum, letting herself be brought first over to the front door, which the angel kicked closed with her foot, then to the sofa.

“M-Make me cum,” the elf pleaded softly, as the angel laid her in her lap, tugging at the wings holding her arms up. “Please, please make me cum make me cum, please, just make me cum…”

Wordlessly, the angel nodded, plunging her fingers into Mavis’s soaked hole. Almost immediately, Mavis’s nails sank into her back; the elf moaning hard in the wincing angel’s ears as she lifted herself up. She gripped Rose as if for dear life, the orgasm quickly, finally approaching. And for the last time. For soon, and quite explosively, she came; letting out a scream that echoed through the room as it blew through her body. She fell against the angel, then, panting softly as her mind, finally, began to recover from the last two days. “Again, please,” She pleaded, but the angel didn’t move.

“What happened to the table?” Rose asked her quietly. “And… Um. What are we sitting in?”

Mavis blushed. “I’m very sorry,” She said quietly.

“What did you do, Mavis?” Rose growled.

“I! Um… I f-fucked the sofa…” Mavis said. “A-And the table. And the, bed, and, um, w-window…” Her voice lightened a little, quietening with embarrassment. “I, um… I wasn’t myself. I’m still not right, can you just, please, make me cum again…?” She tugged against the angel’s wing hold crankily, sighing huskily. “Or, let me at least do it myself-“

The angel shook her head, her hand covering her eyes. “Enough.” She interrupted. “I’m not… We’re not here to do that. Mavis. We’re here to talk about… Responsibility. My… Responsibility. And yours.”

Mavis reddened, already frightened by the angel’s tone. “I’m very sorry…” She said again. “I suppose I’m not allowed my arms free for this discussion.”

“No, Mavis,” Rose said angrily. “You’re not allowed your arms free for this discussion.”

Mavis swallowed, feeling the muscles of the angel’s soft, feathery wings quickly tense up over her forearms and wrists. “Mavis, listen to me.” The angel demanded, her hands gripping the elf’s shoulders, pushing her down. “I had to report what you did. I had no choice. My oath… They know if I break it. I’ve been thinking about it the whole way home, and… Mavis, they told me if we broke up, that they’d let it go. That, or…”

Mavis’s mouth fell open. In shock, she looked up at the angel, realising that she was softly crying.

“M-Mavis, I’m sorry if you think I’m some kind of, of freak,” The angel whimpered, her face running with tears as she tried to wipe them away. “But I’m far more sorry that I let something so, so terrible happen to you. And it was my fault. My carelessness. I can never be so, so s-s-stupid again – I have to… To let you go, and…” She tried, but her words ended in choked sobs as Mavis, too, began to cry.

“R-, Rose…” She pleaded, cuddling the angel desperately as she began to wail into the elf’s shoulder, unable to say anything further. “Please don’t do this…!” She begged, as Rose began to shake her head. “I’m sorry! I’m really sorry, I don’t want you to go…! I love you, I don’t want to- You can’t…“ Her lip wobbled, her voice falling to a whimper. “I can’t be alone any more! I can’t, t-take it-”

The angel could barely speak. “They told me, I needed to let you go!” She managed, shaking her head as she tried to pry the elf back, “Or, bring you into the fold, and,” She gasped, trying to control her crying. “I know that second one isn’t anything close to what you enjoy or want! It’s my fault! I’ve been in denial! I’ve lost you, f-from myself! Pretended to be a person, that I wasn’t. They told me I shouldn’t have ever started dating you, that I’ll always have to keep you at arms length if I don’t have the guts to, t-tell you about… But, Mavis… I love you. I can’t, just…”

“Rose, what are you trying to say?!” The elf pleaded.

“I was going to tell you when I got home,” The angel murmured, her face pressed into the elf’s shoulder, still trying to stop crying. “Everything. Who I am, what I do, I had spent months convincing myself to do it. I’ve even got, it… I’ve got it with me.” She sniffed, trying to look the elf in the eye. “It took me so long to design.” She said softly. “So much time to build… I really thought it could be something you’d enjoy… That you’d, listen while I explained, and l-let me put it on! And then we could… We could get married-“

“By it, you mean, a chastity belt.” Mavis said softly.

“Y-Yes.” The angel said softly. “It’s, what we call, an engagement belt. Normally, they’re bought, but yours is 100% custom made. Legally, with the license that was given to me just today. One of a kind… And it’s got your name on it, too…” She caught her head in her hands again. “I’m sorry. I’m such an idiot. I’m trying to stop crying, but… I know the answer’s no.” She dried her tears, sniffing as she looked up at Mavis again. “Look.” She said. “There are some simple ways we can do this. I don’t want you to be sad! If you’ll let me… I-If you want, I can wipe your memory, a-and-”

“Why the hell would you think the answer’s no?!” Mavis shouted.

Rose blanched, shrinking back as the elf squared up against her, pushing her backwards. “M-Mavis-“

“Answer me!” The elf growled up at her. “Is that why you hid everything from me?! Because you thought I’d hate you?!”

“W-Well-“ Rose stammered.

“You listen to me!” Mavis demanded. “And listen properly, because I’ll only say this once. You are my Rose. My heavenly mother bird. You are the most important person on my life. I love you. I want to marry you. A-And,” The elf added, suddenly unable to meet the angel’s eyes; “I might be into chastity. Did you ever consider that?”

The angel frowned at her, her eyebrows raising. “After that?” She said slowly. “Mavis, are you overtired? Did you fall on the floor and give yourself brain damage?! Think about what you’re s-saying-”

“Perhaps,” The elf snapped, “Both of us only thought we knew each other.” She leaned closer, almost begging – “Rose, I want to know more about you! Much more! And I think you want to see more of this side of me. If you really want to leave, then… Fine. Maybe I deserve it, but, come on!” Her voice fell to a quiet, defeated whimper, as she looked down. “I feel like you’ve never really given me a chance at this point…”

“M-Mavis,” The angel stammered. “What do you want me to say?”

Mavis stared back at her. “Nothing,” She said, shaking her head. “Just… You can, um…” She swallowed. “Put it on me, okay?”


“I s-said,” The elf yelped, her face reddening as she tried to keep up the assertive act – “Lock me up! If that’s what you l-like, if that’s what you want, it’s what I want, too!”

“What are you saying?!” The angel yelped, her face going redder than a traffic light. “You c-can’t just, d-demand that I belt you! Even after all the time we’ve been together, that’s incredibly lewd! Even for you…”

“But I want it!” Mavis protested, kneading at the angel’s back. “You made one just for me?! Of course I want that! These things are hot as hell!” Quickly, she realised what she’d said, covering her mouth. “I-I mean,” She said. “Your religion is, um, very interesting to me,” She managed. “How you use locks… These belts. Wearing that thing, knowing that, no matter what I did, I wouldn’t be able to get it off, felt… It felt amazing, Rose. I mean, not in a lewd way… Perhaps in a lewd way, but, if I was wearing one, and, a-and I knew that you had the only key, I’d feel s-so…” The elf shuddered, her face turning red. “Can you at least tell me some more-“

“Fetishist,” Rose jabbed, beginning to smile. “You are into this, aren’t you.”

“M-Mm.” Mavis said, nodding.

“Fetishists are easy to convert,” The angel mused. “But, I’ve never seen you wear before.”

“I’ve never tried. I think I might’ve had a tricky first belt, though,” The elf shrugged. A thought occurred. “Are you wearing one?” She said. “Right now? Can I see?!”

Rose went red, covering her eyes. “Mavis!” She pleaded. “Stop being so embarrassing-! Look, j-just… Wait here, will you? And this doesn’t mean you’re forgiven!”

Quickly, she released the elf fully onto the sofa, practically diving for the door to the hallway and slamming it shut behind her. Mavis stared at the door, wondering where she had gone. A few seconds later, however, the angel was back – carrying an ornate, black box.

“Is that-“

Rose nodded.

Slowly, she knelt down, balancing the box on one knee as the elf stumbled back. “R-Rose, what-?”

Rose swallowed, shaking a little as she looked back up at the elf. “Mavis Beckwater,” She said, softly. “Will you marry me?”

The elf stared down at her, her eyebrows going up. Slowly, she began to blush a deep red. “I-I just said I would, you idiot…” She stammered. “Of course I will…! What possible reason would I not want to marry you?”

The angel smiled at her, rising and slipping an arm around the elf. “Come here,” She said, softly. They kissed, Mavis smelling the angel’s strawberry perfume as their foreheads touched, the angel’s arms folding briefly around her neck. By the time it was over, Mavis was panting a little in anticipation.

“Show me it,” She pleaded. “I want to see the belt.”

Rose tutted. “Way to ruin a good moment,” She said. “Isn’t the impatience supposed to start after the belt is on? Oh, well. Your pants are already off. I’ll need your arms again, please.”

Mavis blushed. “D-Do I need to be restrained-“

“Yes.” The angel smiled at her. “I made it,” She added impishly. “I should get to be the one to put it on.”

“Of course,” The elf said softly. “Come here, then…”

This box Rose set down on the table beside them wasn’t like the ones Mavis had seen upstairs. For one thing, it was far larger. And for another, its inscriptions were in English.

MB-120. Rose Tafori.

“You named it like I name my locks,” Mavis noted, snuggling close to her.

“Of course,” The angel purred. “I iterated on a lot of your techniques to make this belt, too… Combining them with those of the church, of course. Really – and Mavis, pet, you can’t tell anyone about this part – this thing was more of a… Shall we call it, a sort of, collaboration, between us?”

Mavis nodded, her heart beginning to pound as the angel lifted the parts out. “H-Huh?” She said. “It’s… In bits? What does it look like assembled?”

“Why don’t we find out?” Rose said softly. “Hold nice and still for me, okay?”

Mavis tried not to flinch too much. But the blackened, polished metal of the new belt – thin, unexpectedly warm to the touch, yet shaped like the Maiden’s Guard was – Made her shiver. “Heavenly carbide steel,” Rose said softly to her – “They’ve been trying to make it happen in new belts for a while, and it’s good, light stuff. It’s flexible and warm. And just a little less resistant to… Well, certain things, you don’t need to know what, than regular heavenly steel is.”

The waistband was rather a lot thicker than the rest of it. Conspicuously so. Like the Featherlight’s band had, it wound and curved softly around her, curling over her hips. It was tight against her body when Rose locked it shut, the elf once again feeling a tight dome covering her sex, alongside the almost familiar feeling of the firm waistband pushing both down into her hips, and firmly into her waist. The dome, though, was a thin, rigid net. It flexed slightly at the angel’s touch as she experimentally pushed at the edges, checking that it was tight against the skin – still, however, seeming unyielding enough that, while underwhelmed, the elf didn’t feel the need to ask any questions. That is, until she noticed that something else, something more fundamental, was strange about this chastity belt; that it looked… Somewhat, incomplete, right now. The high waistband was similar to the Featherlight’s, of course, but its bottom was rough, covered with studded holes. In fact, the front, the back, and various parts of the waistband all had strange holes and hooks, attachment points for something – though what, the elf didn’t know. With a start, though, Mavis realised that there were three locking points on it that she could see – all at the front, in a triangular shape. Two warded hasps came off the waistband, where Rose quickly locked some strange little sideways padlocks with their own, individual turn keys. And one large, circular lock sat just above the dome protecting her sex, which Rose turned only one click to the right with the longest key. She noticed immediately that Rose couldn’t just lock this one immediately – she had to first twist a strange combination into the rotating blocks at the top of the key. The angel, however, must surely have practiced locking this lock before – for the third key turned on her first try, despite her looking unsure.

Three locks. That was a little excessive, wasn’t it?

Mavis looked up at her, opening her mouth to ask what the attachment points were for. The angel, though, pre-empted her.

“Ah,” Rose said softly. “This is just the first layer, dear.”

Mavis’s eyes slowly widened.

Out of the box, then, came what looked like another chastity belt, shaped very similarly to the one Mavis currently wore – this time, though, it was a reddish, coppery color, and the metal looked far thicker, its edges sharper – far tougher on skin, were it to sit on any. But it wouldn’t. Mavis quickly found out why; It was made to ratchet and latch onto the base belt, eight more integrated locks securing it into position. Each one had its own copper key, and drew aside many, many thick, hidden latches – two at the front, two at the back. A circular hole left the large, central lock of the first layer mostly uncovered, save for a swipe around the keyhole now preventing it being turned any further to the left, which had unlocked it before. As Rose moved away – apparently going to fetch something else – Mavis realised that she now had no access to the two padlocks that had nestled in holes on the first layer. They were now buried under metal, impossible to even see. And now, too, the dome over her sex was part barred cage; ensuring that curious, even slightly desperate fingers wouldn’t be passing by. Excitedly, Mavis wondered how much more there was, watching as Rose turned the main lock one click to the right again. She leaned back a little, the angel smiling at her and giving her a little kiss on the head. “Good girl,” Rose purred. “We’re about half done, okay?”

Two more layers came out, both almost gold in color. One went around her waist, covering the waistband with another eight locks that secured it down – these ones requiring a rather strange pattern of key turns to correctly close – the other around her crotch, covering the remaining part of the second layer with another four. It sealed away the eight that had locked that layer into place, and by this point, Mavis was becoming incredibly excited. Mentally, she counted the locks, observing as she did how well each layer fit over the last, and, more importantly, that it all fit around her so well, too. It was 100% rigid, just like the featherlight had been, but… It was just snug enough, just tight enough, that it was completely secure, yet not too uncomfortable. And now, with three layers – one in two parts – stacked on top of each other, it was over an inch thick, too.

The angel wasn’t done with these locks, yet. Mavis looked quizzically down at her, watching as she pushed thin little strips of what looked like gold through a slit in the bottom of each lock, before closing each slit with a little click.

“You’ll notice these locks have little seals I’ve put over them,” Rose said. “That’s only this layer. They’re about as strong as tissue paper, so they won’t stop us from taking it off again. Don’t worry about damaging them. I don’t think you’ll ever be able to get this far…” She smiled. “…If you do, my dear, I’ll be extremely impressed. I’ll have to punish you if you go further, though.”

Mavis reddened. “P-Punish me?”

“Of course.” The angel purred. “I’ll know if any of these seals are broken. You’re very welcome to pick your way down this far – if you can.” She chuckled. “I’ll even swap out the locks often enough, that you have a nice little range to play with. I’ll have a lot of spares, in my new line of work. I hope to get you into it, too, if you’re really so interested. But I think you’ll find, that…” She leaned closer, her fingers tracing circles around the elf’s thigh – “This belt doesn’t come off without my permission.” She purred. “Okay? Otherwise, there wouldn’t be much point, would there?”

“O-Of course,” The elf nodded, quivering a little with anticipation. This was a side of Rose that she’d never seen. She watched, then, as the angel once again turned the main key one click to the right – noticing that each turn was needing a different combination to be spun into the key’s dials – before adding the penultimate layer.

This layer was the first that was made from a material she recognised. “The Featherlight was made of this.” She said, softly. “Heavenly steel…”

“That’s right, my darling Mavis,” The angel purred in delight, pulling out another keyring – this one with sixteen more keys on it – and beginning to tighten down the forth layer, hinging it down once, then over itself in several places. Inserting, locking, and then covering insertable lock after insertable lock.

“R-Rose,” Mavis said, beginning to blush. “Are you serious? How many locks is that now? 23? How many more are there…?!”

“There are fifty locking points on the whole belt, dear. Fifty unique keys in all. And every one of them needs to be removed to get it off.”

“W-What?! So without even one key, it’s impossible to remove it?!”

“Quite, impossible…” Rose purred in her ear, softly enough to make her shiver – punctuating each word by loudly, firmly locking two more of the locks above the elf’s behind. “If not, obscenely difficult. They’re all quite state of the art. And they’re all different, too; I had to show all of my skills to pass the grading…” The angel sighed. “Most girls make every lock individually, or make multiple belts. I stuck to what I wanted to do, and made one, single belt. The others thought I was being a bit silly, but… The chartered master they had grading, the short one, she was enamoured with it. She told me I had such a fantastic vision. She gave me a perfect score.” She smiled, adding – “Oh, there are eight locks like the Featherlight’s lock on here, by the way. Those are the ones on the second layer. The sixteen on this one are from the Maiden’s guard, as will these last two be, with some more combination lock parts mixed in. It was really hard, before you ask. I basically didn’t sleep the last couple of days. I was… So, so happy to do it, though. Knowing that all of this, if I passed, would be securing you so, so beautifully…”

Mavis smiled at her as Rose leaned back, touching her forehead to the elf’s. “Beauty in security,” Mavis said softly.

“Indeed.” Rose beamed back. “And what a lovely company motto that was. It’s not even all on, but, already… Ah, let me just put the last layer on…”

The final layer was stunning. It was a glittering, bronzed metal, with eleven locks that Mavis recognised as of an elven inspired design – six large insertable ones that slotted and locked into the front and back of the belt, passing bolts through every other layer, and, over the top of those, two folding leaves of metal on the left and right. Once the locks were all closed, the leaves were folded up over Mavis’s hips, covering those final six keyholes entirely with thick, well shined bronze. At the end of each leaf, thick hasps slotted into the waistband, again passing through all the layers to align two large holes that passed over the top of the Elf’s hip on each side. Through these, then, Rose proceeded to thread two of the meatiest padlocks Mavis had ever seen, made from the same material. Blushing, she realised that these two locks would lie at her sides, touching and bumping against the soft skin of her thighs at all times. She only blushed more when Rose added two more slightly smaller ones, lying them over the first two. Smiling, Rose turned the main lock one final click to the right, before hinging the cover for it – added only by the final layer – shut, and locking it with a one final, terrifyingly complicated looking key that had been hanging from the same ring as the combination key. Now, visibly, the belt only had five locks: the two sets of two padlocks hanging over Mavis’s hips, their shackles impossible to see for the thick heavenly bronze that they threaded through, and the tiny, integrated one on the main lock cover. There was no longer a visible dome over her sex, the metal upon metal of the belt’s stacked layers having grown so thick that it rose above the peak of the alcove holding her trembling genitals.

As the angel smiled at her, the elf giggled, realising how many locks had now been devoted to securing her sex away. She trembled as Rose released her, running her fingers up and down the curving top of the combined waistband, feeling the layers move together as she realised just how thick it was. Gently, she tugged and tugged at it, trying to get it to budge, and finding that it would move very little. The four padlocks at her sides clicked gently as her attention moved to tugging at them, rattling and pulling. “R-Rose,” She stammered. “It’s… It’s really pretty. B-But…!”

Rose smiled. “It’s heavenly steel, and heavenly bronze in the top layers. Extremely expensive. Oh, Mavis, you look so beautiful.”

Mavis reddened even more. “I m-might, but, Rose… How am I going to hide these under clothes?” She tugged at the padlocks again, her hands shaking with nervous exertion now as she tested their security; soon moving to the waistband, and finding that she could neither manage to push it down, nor tilt it.

“I’ve got some clothes picked out for you that should work just fine,” Rose purred. “You’ve seen how well my dresses hide my own belt. Look.” She said, pointing down at her body. “They’re bulky things. But would you ever think I was wearing anything under here?”

The elf looked up at her, her lip wobbling.

Rose sighed. “Do you already need me to take it all off?” She pouted. “It takes a while, you know. A fair bit longer than it took to put on. That said… I don’t want to make you accept anything that-”

“It’s fine right now. B-But…” Mavis stammered. “Rose, who the hell is this meant to keep out…?”

The angel moved close to her, then, poking her gently in the chest. “You,” She beamed. “And only you. Other people, too, would be nice, but including them in the threat model… I hope you won’t get too smug when I tell you it wouldn’t have changed the design.”

“But, Rose, I couldn’t even get one of these open!” The elf cried. “I couldn’t get past one single featherlight lock! Haven’t you wasted a bunch of effort and church money building this?! What if you get in trouble-”

The angel cut her off with a tut, wagging her finger. “My money, Mavis, sweetie.” She chided. “My money. You must know beltmaker families like mine are well off. And, no. I wanted to build a belt that would indulge us both…” She grinned, her eyes drinking in the sight of the elf as she strode around her, hungrily inspecting her from every angle. Her fingers slid possessively along the edges, then, ticking the elf’s soft skin enough to make her shudder again as she leaned in close, talking softly into her pointed little ear. “That means there are no anti-picking enchantments, save for the difficulty of the locks themselves…” She purred. “No cheap tricks. No difficult magic that can get faulty and break. Just, pure,” – Her fingertips skated along the elf’s neck – “Mechanics… Our church’s specialty. Like in that broken Featherlight you had, I guess. A working one would have burned your fingers right off, you see… Though, I think magic absorption was still functional, even if it was waning quite badly.”

“It slowly drained me as I cast an ice spell,” Mavis remembered.

“Yes.” Rose said, leaning back. “And it should have swallowed your entire mana pool immediately as soon as you touched magic to it. That’s similar to what this one will do, by the way,” – Her fingers tapped at the belt – “So be a bit careful moving forms around yourself. The old belt only reacted slowly because, and like I said, it was old and broken. Real Featherlights are…” Her eyes took a cold, fearful look. “There’s just nothing you can do at all, Mavis. You can trust me on that, too. But… Enough about that old thing, it’d run the course of its life anyway. Seven hundred or so years of wear will do that, even if it is a shame. It’ll be melted down, after I’ve, um, cleaned it… Don’t worry, though. I’m sure the owners were happy to be rid of it. They still make them, you know. Improved, modern ones. They use little to no magic, which means far less faults. And they have new… Routines.”

Mavis shuddered. “Mmm.” She said quietly.

Rose smiled down at her, folding her arms expectantly. “Do you like your chastity belt, Mavis?” She finally asked.

“Y-Yes!” Mavis said quickly. “It’s very pretty. It’s cute. Um… C-Can I, um, have the keys, t-too-? Woah!“

The angel had picked her up, putting her into a bridal carry as the elf grabbed her neck again, holding on tight. Quickly, she was brought up the stairs, past the angel’s room, to the third floor – Mavis’s abode.

“I, u-um. I still would like that second orgasm, by the way.” Mavis said quietly.

“Oh, sweetie.” The angel said suddenly. “Before we get this done… I’ve just realised, I didn’t give you a chance to show me what gift you got for me…”

“T-That’s a work in progress!” The elf said, very quickly. “I was g-going to, build you a watch. But the Featherlight…”

The angel nodded. “I understand,” She said softly, depositing the elf onto her own bed. “We can do it together, tomorrow. You can help me clean the furniture down, too, by the way. Particularly my bed. But for now… There’s some things we need to sign to make it… Official.” She took out a silvery envelope. “I hope you don’t mind doing this on such short notice, Mavis, I was going to get some rest before I, um, proposed. But, in case anyone gets sent to our door before that to, um, check – that I resolved things appropriately – I think we should get it done and dusted as quickly as we can. If that’s okay?” She added, offering the elf a pen.

Silently, Mavis took it, watching as the angel slid out some papers and set them down on the elf’s makeup table.

“It’s just some administrative stuff. Minor, really. In the church, relationships have a few… Protocols. I think you should read it. Make sure that, engagement, and then marriage, of this kind, is what you truly want.”

Mavis was already signing and dating every page. “Of course it is, Rose!” She said. “I told you.”

“You’re… One hundred percent sure, Mavis?” She asked, shakily. “There are things in here that, really, you should be aware of. I really think you should read it.”

“I can’t marry you without signing these, can I?” Mavis replied.

“No.” Rose said softly. “Of course not. The scriptures require that all wed couples, of all denominations and sexualities, in belonging entirely to one another…” She caught herself, blushing at the sudden connotations of the words that had been drilled into her so many times before. She leaned forward, taking the elf’s wrist. “Mavis,” She said, “I insist that you read these first.”

“Why?” The elf said, pausing.

“Well,” The angel floundered, wondering where to begin. “It’s just that…”

“Hmm?” Mavis had started writing again.

“T-The moment you sign that, I have obligations!” The angel pleaded. “Your belt, it, i-it’s, I’m… Will you slow down, please?“

“Nothing in here is optional, is it?” Mavis interrupted softly, scribbling away at the last page. “Nor is this thing I’m wearing, I suspect. If there’s no choice but to sign it, I can read it later. We’ll have all the keys, then, right? For both of us?”

“Yes, of course.” The angel said. “For good, and very soon, too. I’ll still have all of yours, and you’ll have all 3 of mine. But, only after-“

“That’s fine, then!” Mavis interrupted, offering her the stack of papers. “Here.”

Rose sighed. “As long as we have them signed,” She said, sliding the papers back into the envelope. She moved towards the door a bit, still flicking through the pages, before sheepishly turning around.

Mavis smiled at her, patting at the bed impatiently. “Come on, now. I want you here with me. You’re always so anxious.”

The angel smiled at her. “Okay.” She said. “Here’s your copy, by the way.” She separated out half of the papers, handing them to the elf – who immediately put them aside. “Just a moment.”

Mavis watched, her stomach fluttering as the angel headed out of the room and down the stairs. She moved to the door, then, watching her go into the workshop. Quietly, after a moment, she heard the safe shut. Not wanting Rose to see her watching, she quickly moved back to the bed, somewhat glad to be free of the Featherlight’s unwanted touches at her loins. In the moments that followed, however, her hands began to wonder; gently bumping, then sliding over the polished metal of the new belt. Irritably, the elf opened her legs, trying to crane around it like she had tried to with the featherlight. Immediately, though, she noticed a novelty of her new belt that made such a strategy even more impossible – that as she opened her legs, a telescoping metal wall followed them from the edges of the front shield, ensuring that the gap between steel and flesh became no wider in any resting position. She tried for several seconds after that, but her attempts only confirmed that she couldn’t give herself the slightest bit of stimulation. Somewhat frustrated, she sat back down.

A moment later, Rose was back, quickly pulling her into a hug. “I’m so happy. But I’m so tired, Mavis,” The angel sighed. “Aren’t you?”

“Mmm.” Mavis said softly. “B-But. Rose?” She asked.


“Can…” She said softly. “I know it’s a-annoying, and, maybe a lot to ask, r-right now, but…” She blushed. “Can you please make me cum again. I just need… Just one more time, okay?” She leaned closer, smiling at the angel cutely.

Rose gave her a knowing look, her fingers suddenly stroking at the elf’s thighs. “Poor thing,” She purred, teasingly. “And yet I have you all locked away… Are you still a bit desperate?”

Mavis couldn’t meet her eyes. “M-Maybe.” She said, her hands caressing at the metal distractedly. “This thing, it’s doing things to me…”

“That’s not in the spec,” Rose said, softly. “So I think that might be you.”

“Well, t-then, can you unlock it, please?” The elf pleaded, turning to her. “And, um, make me cum-“

The angel shook her head. “No.”

Mavis’s eyes went a little wide, but she didn’t know how to respond to that. Rose had sometimes been too busy or tired for her, but the angel hadn’t ever outright said no before. “…Please?” She begged.

Rose tilted her head. “Nope.” She purred, quite smugly. Slowly, as she looked down at the elf in her lap, her smile wavered. “I m-mean…” She said, shakily. “Sorry, if it looks like I take too much pleasure in that. Unless, you’re into that…?”

Mavis stared up at her, her eyes big and round.

“Oh, what am I saying?” The angel muttered, suddenly blushing – “Look, I don’t want to make you feel too frustrated, and I promise I’ll be nice to you later, but… I really can’t, now.”

“T-That’s okay!” The elf stammered. “But, a-are you sure you want to wait until tomorrow?” She implored, as the angel lay down. “I’m just a bit, um, wound up, still-”

“Tomorrow?” The angel repeated. “You adorable little thing, Mavis… I’d take you right here, if I could, but…” She shook her head. “You really should have read that contract, you know. Come here, though.” She wrapped her arms around the elf, sighing to herself again as Mavis began to snuggle closer – clearly confused, but content enough. If, still, just a bit frustrated. “I’m still going to read it to you tomorrow before I take it, and you, in with me.” She declared, quite firmly. “You’ll sit and listen, because I want to make sure you understand our new obligations to one another fully.” Her voice softened, then, reaching forward to play with the elf’s hair as she began to whisper into her ear – “It’ll be a tricky year, while we wait for the wedding, you know…” She mused. “I’ll look after you, though. I promise. Right from now, until the day that I get to truly belong to you, and you to me. I can already tell you’ll find it harder than me, and there’ll definitely be some tricky times, too, buuuut… I think I’ve got everything planned out, now.”

“Oh?” The elf said softly.

“Mhmm.” She pulled the elf closer. “I’m still so happy, Mavis. I think we’ll work so well together. But I’m so tired right now, that I think I’m about to pass out.” Her eyes closed, then, as she spoke very softly. “Good night.”

“Um. Well, h-hold on, what do you mean, by-?“ Mavis started to ask, but before she could even finish, the angel began to gently snore in her arms. Quietly, the elf sighed to herself, realising how exhausted her betrothed must be – the angel hadn’t even remembered to secure the elf in her wings, after all. That didn’t matter, though. Mavis was still getting her cuddle – a tight, warm one, too, that made her heart throb softly as she felt the beating of the angel’s two hearts against her neck. After all the trouble she’d caused, that was more than she’d been expecting.

She snuggled closer, burying her head in the softly sleeping angel’s chest. It felt so wonderful. And the sound of Rose’s gentle breathing next to her was making her, too, realise how much the last few days had taken out of her.

Gently, then, she pulled the covers up over the two of them, rotating her hips a little so that the padlocks wouldn’t bother her too much as she slept. “Tomorrow, then.” She quietly told herself, trying to ignore the silent tightness of the heavy chastity belt, the quiet little clicks of the padlocks nestling against her skin and the mattress as she moved. And the gentle twinging of her pent up little loins behind its already moist front shield, nestled several inches deep; quite utterly unreachable, yet still her hand caressed up and down the metal. “Tomorrow, she’ll let me cum.”

She wouldn’t.

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