Marinella’s Chastity Belt – Ch. 1

This story contains illustrations by Tangdraws and Plasma Dragon. All art is used, and sometimes altered, with permission and assistance from the artist.

It had arrived.

Marinella’s heart had caught in her throat when she had found it, sitting just outside her door. And a note from her stepmother had confirmed it. Finally, after years of waiting, wanting and wondering, she had her very own chastity belt.

She had been awake for just under ten minutes when she brought it into her bedchamber and set it down upon the bed, her pointy ears twitching with anticipation as she sat down next to it, resting her hand upon it possessively. Briefly, she wondered how to attack the packaging – her eyes scouring the room, searching the papers and journals on her desk for something sharp. Not seeing what she was looking for, she pushed herself to her feet, and – separating herself from the box with great reluctance – moved over to her work desk.

She briefly glimpsed her reflection in the mirror then, glancing furtively up at it as she pulled open the largest drawer and regarding with a slight smile the locked collar she had secretly worn on her neck since she, a few weeks ago, had dropped the key down a drain. She barely noticed it any more, but that didn’t matter right now. Where was her knife? Her hair was in her eyes, and the most she could do – at least, without liberal application of her styling brush and gels – was ensure that it only covered one.

The half-elf’s hand was shaking when she finally withdrew the ceremonial blade from the drawer. She looked at it for a moment then, her own face reflected by the shining crest of her adoptive family. Her hand drifted to her waist, and the undergarment buttoned around it – a necessary measure, for Marinella’s straight, hourglass figure afforded her a rump generous enough to fray the elastic of most undergarments from repeated stretching – and, after a short moment, slipped beneath the front. Her fingers teased slowly over her opening for a moment as she slowly leaned forward, pinning the knife under one hand on the table as she lightly gasped from pushing her way inside. She cast a look over her shoulder, fearful of one of her maids entering – but without reason. None would come unless called.

Marinella’s fascination with chastity belts had begun at a young age. Since her late teens, she’d been enamoured by the things, but had thought it impossible to get one. And yet, over the years, from the beginnings of her obsession then to her academic study of biology now, she’d done an awful lot of research into the subject. She knew that these belts prevented all kinds of pleasure, intercourse and masturbation techniques. She knew that they locked in place, many with magical, pick proof locks, and were not possible to remove easily without the keys. She knew about all the kinds of locks there were – one way locks, dual custody locks, sentient locks and more. She knew of noblewomen that wore, or were rumoured to wear, them. And she even knew that the angels of the Church of Virgo, private creatures though they were, used them almost religiously. As a matter of fact, quite literally religiously. It was they that she had sourced the belt from.

Despite all this, Marinella had never seen a chastity belt in person, nor worn one herself. And that lack of experience had created a large knowledge gap for the research minded Marinella. She had fantasised about it, mind you – for years, she had imagined herself as a princess in a faraway land, locked into a cold, unforgiving chastity belt. She had imagined herself scratching at the metal, writhing in bed, shaking and prying at the waistband and lock, denied by her own overprotective guardians, by various imagined owners, by treacherous friends. She had felt, in her mind’s form, the hard steel wrapped around her tiny waist, making it all but impossible for her to even get a hint of relief through its impenetrable metal. She had brought herself to many a climax imagining being unable to climax. Marinella was like that.

But she had never experienced it for real. And today, that would change.

Slowly, Marinella slid the knife down the side of her underwear. They sliced neatly away, landing on the floor and revealing her naked, soaked sex.

She had not touched herself yesterday, or the day before. Or the week before. For the last month, in fact, she had forced herself to go without, not out of any sense of duty but in preparation for her “first time” in a chastity belt. Her shaking hands attacked the box then, a sort of methodical craziness in her eyes as she slid the ceremonial knife across the top, around the edges, and through the last bits of tape, before gently lifting the four flaps.

It was beautiful.

In the morning sunlight, the angelic belt gleamed rather fetchingly, its polished steel casting a rather colourful image on the ceiling above as it reflected the light from the window. Closed but not locked, the key in the front of the thing was the first thing Marinella snatched up, casting rapidly aside as she lifted the whole thing out of its soft packaging and turned it about, letting it swing open in her hands.

The waistband was the thing that impressed her the most. Just under two inches thick, it followed the curve of her little waist exactly as she had painstakingly measured; its base flared out, built to sit comfortably on her wide hips, providing a truly three dimensional fit. It was an unusually tall waistband, lined at its innermost with soft, metalic fabric, both providing a great deal of additional security and housing the entire locking mechanism. When worn, it would surely cover her belly button, and more besides that. And this front shield, dangling below – wide enough to stop all attempts to find a way around it, and, as Marinella quickly realised it when she lifted it up to look at – adorned with a cross, the church’s own symbol, that would sit comfortably upon the wall of steel between her legs. It was dome shaped at the very bottom, ensuring that the metal would not lie uncomfortably against her sensitive areas, not provide unpermitted stimulation – instead, her sex would be suspended, yet encased, walled in by the thick metal on all sides.

Marinella’s attention quickly moved to the lock, circular and recessed in the front of the waistband. She could easily see how it worked – the whole belt would hinge shut around her body, and that round lock would be sandwiched between the two halves, sticking out of the front. When closed, two bolts would emerge around the lock, and two more from the left hand side of the belt, locking the two halves together around the lock body and making removal all but impossible. And the two halves would also hold the shield in place – it was quite fascinating. Almost instinctively, she felt the need to test it; she locked it shut – click – then opened it again with the key – click. Locked it shut, opened it again.

Marinella felt hot. But she was in control here. Of course she was.

She simply had to put it on. She was by far naked enough – owing to her lack of experience, however, it took a while to pull the belt into position. Shutting the waistband around her hips proved to be the most difficult part. She worried for a while whether she had wrongly measured herself – but finally, everything slipped into place, barely held by Marinella’s shaking hand. It was so tight and snug – much more than she had expected – and without being locked, nothing would keep it shut.

Locking the belt now had not been Marinella’s plan. She wanted to get used to the feel of the thing, the weight of it on her hips, before locking it. But there was no other way.

Fumbling for the key, she quickly slipped it into the round little keyhole on the front, turning it sharply.


It was done. And in her elation, Marinella neglected to notice that the belt had not clicked twice before.

Tentatively, she took her hands away. The belt remained tightly in place, and she shakily took one breath, then another. Her hand slid down the front of the shield, her fingernails scraping against the cold steel. They moved gently over the moistened, holy cross shaped grate between her legs, moving slowly to the sides and pushing at them. Nothing. She could barely fit a fingernail underneath, much less even get close to her throbbing sex.

She got up then, feeling her hips carry the weight of the belt upon them as she stopped in front of the mirror, her fingers tracing over the smooth metal before feeling the indentation of the near invisible letters on the front. She looked down for a moment, angling her body to read the letters – Featherlight. Nr. 002345.

Was that its name? It wasn’t one she’d ever heard of. In fact, she’d found very little information on the church’s belts at all, and the angel women she’d been able to speak to hadn’t been very willing to tell her anything. Besides that, it was a rather unusual name, for if there was one thing that this belt was not, it was light. Nor discrete. It weighed on her as she lifted herself up. Still, it was far above any kind of belt she’d ever heard of in terms of security. That this was almost certainly just one of the designs that this secretive church had in their portfolio…

It was so fascinating.

Slowly, her hands both ran over the belt, gingerly clutching at it as she pushed at the tiny, rounded keyhole with her finger. Rather impulsively, she gave the belt a tug, trying to slide her thumbs behind the thick waistband. Nothing.

Marinella felt strange after that, but she couldn’t very easily put why into words just yet. Perhaps it was the frustration of feeling that itch between her legs, and being completely unable to scratch. Or perhaps it was something else. The thought of being a chaste princess, an imprisoned lady of the manor, was very vidvid now, the illusions of her mind aided by the thought of the very real, very solid chastity belt locked firmly onto her hips. The hard steel wrapped her loins well, wound around her oh-so-tightly. In some ways, she felt slightly manhandled by it, controlled and imprisoned by the way it exploited the uniqueness of her hourglass shape to pass not simply around her hips, but melt its way down them as well. It made her legs look so long, her ass so round and red. It was a near-indestructible fortress, nay, prison, which she had trapped her bulging hips inside. It looked so well fitted, so uncomfortably tight… and yet it was somewhat comfortable, if a little snug. The soft parts kept it from chafing too much as she moved, gently warming and protecting her sensitive skin as it lay beneath the cool, shimmering steel.

“I wonder if I could ever get it off without the key…?” Marinella asked herself, a sort of tense giddiness in her hushed tone apparent as the growing tension in her loins spurred false confidence. There was no way around the thick shielding at the front that her soon quivering hands could find, nor any way through the back, even as she followed the metal bar, with one finger, right to the foot of the shield that began between her legs. “I’ve never seen this metal before. How strong can these things – agh – be, anyway?” Her voice already contained more than a hint of frustration as her hands went to the waistband again, giving it a rough tug, then another, as the belt silently refused to budge an inch. And as what had started as a whisper slowly turned into a silent scream, on it went.

In all the stories Marinella had read, she had never heard of long-chaste maidens struggling with their chastity belts; but she had long wondered if they did. She knew there was next to no chance that doing so would bare fruit, but it didn’t matter. A strange madness came over her as she strained with all her might, arching her back and throwing her weight into the different parts of the chastity belt. Nothing. She rubbed at the front shield until it was soaked, trying to get enough pleasure to push herself to orgasm. She tried grinding herself her mattress, tables, stools, and even the window ledge. She felt nothing, but that was the point. Each moment upon moment of utter failure to defeat the belt made her so, so excited.

More than anything else, Marinella felt alive. Her whole body was hot, her joints tingling with energy as she ran her hands up and down her pent up hips in front of the mirror. Strings of moisture dripped down from her trembling, clenching sex, funnelling through the tight shield as she kneaded helplessly at her ass, unable to release even an ounce of the unbelievable tension she felt. Marinella hadn’t realised until now how much she wanted, no, needed, to climax. But no matter what she tried, she couldn’t even get close.

She shivered, taking a shallow breath as she smiled, flushed from exertion as her heart fluttered. Oh, this was too much. She needed to stop. She turned back to the bed and picked up the key.

She would try again once she had quieted her body, she assured herself. Building all that frustration, bringing herself to the boil before even putting the belt on – that had been a mistake. She felt the need to lie down for a moment then, if only to finally catch her breath.

This first experience with a chastity belt had been breath-taking, in a frightening sort of way. This contraption, she reminded herself – this steely metal undergarment, was locked onto her hips. And without the key, she truly, absolutely could not get it off. She had no access to herself at all, no ability to let out any of the frustration she felt, a steel wall erected between her and her own sex that no amount of strength could shift. It was a thought that thrilled her as she cast her mind back to the journals she had read of maidens locked into similar, if not less substantial devices than hers. To remain like this, the way she felt now, for months, if not years on end – how would that feel? If she could not remove the belt… no, the thought didn’t bear thinking about. Marinella knew she could, anyway. She had the key in her hand. All she had to do, right now, was push it gently into the lock… just like that… and twist-


She sat bolt up right, stumbling to her feet, as she looked down at the key. She twisted at it again, but nothing happened. It wouldn’t turn.

Marinella’s heart stopped. She rattled at the key, at the lock, twisting it in both directions, turning it over. She kept trying for several minutes, wondering if she’d made some mistake, some obvious error, but it was fruitless; the chastity belt remained firmly locked in place, the key refusing to turn a millimetre.

And with that, Marinella’s chastity truly began.

She should have examined the lock. What was she thinking?

It was not a one way lock – thank goodness, for to be permanently belted would be an utterly hellish fate – however, what it was seemed to be rather more sinister.

It was a rare yet not unknown type of lock, one that Marinella had studied before. It took two keys; one only to lock it, and one “master” key, which was the only one capable of reopening it again. But that made no sense – her key had worked when she had the lock originally. She’d tested it, hadn’t she? Hadn’t she…?

How could the belt not be opening? She’d checked the key multiple times for flaws, breakage, knowing that there were none nearby that looked remotely like it for her to be confused by. It had been in her sight the entire time anyway. So what…?!

Her heart pounding, Marinella read the note again.

Here it is. A chastity belt from the church, just as you wished.

They seemed strangely amused by your request again, Marin, but they didn’t say no this time. They weren’t put off when I told them it was for academic purposes, not a fetish or anything. I hope that was okay to say. It’s how I remember you putting it.

I’m not sure how I feel about the church. I think they made this belt made for an angel’s body, though they said it should work for you.

Actually, I assume you’re studying the thing, not wearing it, so that probably doesn’t matter. I don’t know why they insisted on making it to your measurements, rather than giving us any old thing they had lying around…

The church said they look forward to hearing your feedback, so do get in touch. They seem a little irritated by the fact you’re “sending me for this”, as they put it.

– M

She could scarcely believe the audacity of the church. Perhaps the most embarrassing part had been being forced to allow her maids to see the chastity belt. Though she had dearly wished to dress herself, Marinella’s dresses were not a one person job to don. For better or worse, her maid had been the one to break the silence; “Don’t worry, dear.” She had chided, receiving Marinella’s sullen glare with a gentle smile. “Lots of noble girls are in chastity now. I’m sure you’ll get used to it. They design the dresses to hide them, see?”

For the best part of the day, Marinella had fumed at home. She didn’t dare go out. Not wearing a chastity belt. It was a thrilling sort of horror to have such a thing locked on her not because of her will, but in spite of it. That need, that throbbing in her hips that had accompanied her for the last month, didn’t seem to be something that she could ignore any more under the weight of the hard, thick metal. Several times she stopped in corridors, dipping into bedrooms, sometimes merely beating at her crotch before continuing in a banal attempt to dull the need she felt; far more often, however, she found herself lifting the dress, seizing at the moistened, slightly dripping chastity belt, and trying her absolute hardest to rub, to pry, to beat an orgasm from the blasted thing. Just one single orgasm would be enough. Just a single slither of relief for the month of tension her reddened, pent up hips carried. But her strength was not nearly enough, and even if it had been, the fit was perfect, so no matter how she tried, not a tickle of stimulation came.

There was something else. She had noticed something behind the cross-shaped grate over her sex, through which her arousal occasionally dripped. It looked like… gears? The locking mechanism, perhaps. But she could find no way to reach them, nor make them move.

It had been perhaps one of the longest days of Marinella’s life. And so, when the evening came, and her stepmother arrived home, Marinella came to her with some rather choice words.

“…S-So what the fuck is happening here, mother?” Her rant ended, tears in her eyes. “The key… it doesn’t work…!”

Her mother looked down at her, concerned. “I didn’t think you would put it on…” she sighed. “You really haven’t looked very much into that church, have you? I thought you were more careful than this, Marin.”

Marinella scowled at her. “What are you talking about!?”

“Dear, you should have known enough about the church to know that they only grant access to their… hardware, in rare circumstances, and only for one reason – to ensure their members comply with the church’s religious laws. If you just wanted a chastity belt, why didn’t you ask a blacksmith or, or go to the market-“

“Nothing we could have had made would have this quality.” Marin snapped. “The problem isn’t the belt, the belt is…” She gritted her teeth. “Very good.” She sighed. “The problem is the key doesn’t open it!”

“That’s what I’m saying. The church are known for… shall we say, unorthodox methods of ensuring their followers practice. It’s not known to anyone how far they will go, but I didn’t think they would go this far. Of course, I didn’t think you would put it on without testing the lo-”

“I TESTED IT!” Marinella screamed, slamming her fist into the table. “I’m sorry, but I tested it! I made sure it opened and as soon as I put it on it didn’t!”

Her mother nodded her head, giving her a bemused look. “It’s funny. They know you have it on. They contacted me on my way home from the court. Someone’s coming over from there.“

“Well, tell them I’m not here!” Marinella growled. “I’m not dealing with this. Not tonight. I’ll go and deal with them tomorrow. And I’m bringing our lawyers.”

“Willard and co. are a little busy with my own affairs right now, dear. Can it wait until next week?”

Marinella scowled at her. “Are you saying our lawyers working on your, whatever it is you’re doing-“

“-property transfers, dear. Some of us have profitable jobs, you see-“

“Yes, whatever that is they’re doing, are you saying that’s more important than making this church let me out?” She stood up, shouting now. “Is that really what you’re saying?!”

“Calm down, dear-“

“I can’t!” Marinella yelled. “I can’t calm down! I’ve not been able to calm down all day!” She wrenched up her dress. “Look! Look at it! What do you think of that?”

“Is that what it looks like? It’s quite beautiful, dear.”

“Shut up! Stop looking!” Marinella fell back down into her chair. “I just really need to borrow our lawyers, can’t you see?”

“Are you sure they will be able to help? Do you remember that contract I brought, that you signed without reading it?”

“That’s irrelevant!” Marinella spat. “No contract can enforce- Something like this, it’s too much…“

“I think you need some rest, dear. We can have Mr. Willard look over things in a couple of days, ok?”

“What? …No!” Marinella had tears in her eyes. “That’s too long! I need to, I need…” Her face went beet red. “I need to cum…” She said, almost too quietly for her mother to hear.

“That’s…” Her mother sighed. “First of all, perhaps too much information, dear. And secondly, that’s not possible for now.”


“You’re wearing an incredibly secure chastity belt.”

“No, you idiot! Why, oh… forget it. Forget it! I don’t know why I bother!” She stood, shaking with rage. “This is your fault!” She yelled, heading towards the door.

“I personally disagree, but I respect your opinion, dear.” Her mother sighed, watching her go. “Should I let the church’s person in when they arrive, then?”

All she heard in response was a slam from upstairs.

Marinella couldn’t sleep.

Her hands, raw and slightly painful, yet sticky and wet, were perpetually between her legs. Their siege against the impenetrable wall of steel preventing her from reaching her sex was constant and determined, yet thoroughly hopeless. They alternated for the longest time between stroking gently at the wall, its leaking holes, and its elegant patterns, before leaping suddenly, with a forlorn desperation, at any perceived weakness as Marinella tossed and turned. She had to turn over several times before she was satisfied that she had pried at every gap, every orifice, and that nothing between her legs would give no matter how wide she managed to open them, nor how hard she kicked and tugged. Obsessively, she stopped rather often to pull the thin bedsheet back over her body when it rode away, staining its satin white in several places with the light, sticky juices from her needful opening; nobody would come in, but the idea that someone simply could and, therefore, could find her there, needfully caressing, grinding, straining and wrenching at the angelic contraption on her hips, was a humiliating thought.

She had spent much of the beginning of the night trying with her breasts – voluptuous, round and healthy that they were, however, they provided barely a hint of the stimulation just the lightest touch would have in the place she had desperately tried to reach. Though her ass remained barely accessible, Marinella couldn’t figure out how to get any pleasure from there.

She could not believe that this had happened. That, in the space of a day, she had become one of the girls in those stories she had read, doomed to chastity until marriage, or perhaps beyond. Elves lived hundreds of years. As that thought crossed her mind, her heart thumped hard; she could be in chastity for hundreds of years. That was the wear period belts like this for designed for. She already knew that she could go to the toilet with almost no issues. Some experimentation had revealed why the belt helped her stay so clean – the metal didn’t just repel tools she tried to use to mark it, it repelled almost everything. Sticky notes and magnets wouldn’t stick to it. Water ran right off. It would even, she noted with some reluctant curiosity, run up the metal to get off the belt if there was no way for it to get down. Even the sticky wetness coming from her crotch never pooled; it freely dripped out of the grate between her legs, ran quickly down the metal, and only started acting viscous once it touched her skin, or began to hang off. She was a little surprised at how wet she was, but the feelings she felt in the belt certainly explained it. Feelings that at this point… were probably not entirely explainable by her arousal before she had found that the belt was truly locked.

Was she still getting off on this? Well, of course, that made sense. She was… in a way… living her dream? Or… no. No no no no no no. Those were fantasies. She had just, she just wanted to try! And maybe, when she was ready, take the key and give it to some… no. No! Definitely not, no. It was unthinkable. She’d never had a relationship, never mind had one where… Oh, but… No. This thing was messing with her, she needed to just…

She gripped the waistband, straining at the metal as she arched her back. But the metal didn’t yield, nor give a single inch. Her muscles ached as she gave up, panting gently as she shivered in the cool room, scared, confused, and genuinely aroused – moreso than before she’d tried.

The belt had to come off. It was making her think such strange thoughts. She was desperate to get it off now, but nothing would work. Frustrated by the uselessness of the key, she had even tried picking at the enchanted lock earlier – with her burned fingertips, it would be unlikely she would try that again.

She was at the mercy of the church. And so, as she lay there, hiding herself under the covers, she hoped desperately that this would be over soon enough. This hope, as would momentarily come clear, was in vain; and so, lying there alone, Marinella heard a knock at her door.

She ignored it. A moment later, the door opened by itself.

Marinella faced the window, her eyes stubbornly shut. She was done talking to people today. Especially her stepmother. Yet had she turned around, she would have seen a curious sight. A tall, blonde girl, about her height, dressed in a regal nightgown. Her looks were striking, her thick, golden hair flowing around her face, and down her back.

“Hello?” She said, the confidence of the unfamiliar voice striking Marinella as she pretended to sleep – and as the helf-elf began to consider pretending to wake up. “Miss Marinella~?”

Marinella chose not to respond. She heard the slow patter of bare feet, then, as the girl arrived at her bedside, stopped for a short time, and then, all of a sudden, climbed into bed behind her, kneeling down in place. Marinella felt the covers lift, then, exposing her lower body… and the hand between her legs. She visibly reddened, but stubbornly did nothing. Until she felt the intruder’s touch on her behind.

Marinella’s eyes shot open, her body frozen in surprise and anger. But her attacker didn’t seem to notice. “What a beautiful fit…” She mused, running her fingers gently along the edges of the belt as Marinella opened her mouth, ready to scream. “And quite…” Her hand slowly moved between Marinella’s legs, joining the helf-elf’s own as it sampled the moisture coming through the front of the belt, and, after rubbing a little and working her way in, pulling away; and watching her fingers draw strings of moisture back. “Oh, how precious…”

Marinella struggled to control her breathing. She didn’t know what to do. Maybe this was some kind of nightmare. Maybe if she was quiet, it’d stop, and she’d wake up. Or maybe…

“I wonder…” The mysterious girl muttered. “What is she thinking about, this impure minx? Perhaps… something long and hard… right here?” She tapped the front of the belt. “Or even…” She sampled Marinella’s breasts. The helf-elf couldn’t stop herself from twitching, but didn’t make a sound. She traced her cool fingers down Marinella’s spine then, and that was all it took.

Marinella screamed. She lept up, spinning around, and flew at her attacker. “GET OFF-“

The room flipped as Marinella felt herself get grabbed, and overpowered in an instant. She yelped as sharp fingernails dug into her skin, pushed down onto the bed, her attacker kneeling on her back. “That was dumb, Ms. Marin.” The voice sighed, pausing to flick at the dripping grate between Marinella’s legs. “Dumb dumb dumb.” The word punctuated each flick, Marinella noticing immediately how not an ounce of the sensation ended up reaching her sex through the slightly raised front shield.

“Wh-who the hell are you?” Marinella yelped as her attacker shifted her weight off her back and, once she managed to flip Marinella over, effortlessly pulled the half-elf’s hands up to the bed’s headboard and cuffed them there. It was the first time Marinella got a good look at her captor, shortly before the angel leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips.

It took only a moment for the angel to break the kiss – it was just long enough that Marinella found it humiliating, yet just short enough that she didn’t have time to think to bite, to headbutt, to resist in any way. As Marinella began to tug and rattle at the cuffs, she spoke again.

“My name is Eris Bellatrix, I’m from the church. I’m in charge of keeping your key, Ms. Marin. I’m so glad you’ve decided to join us…”

“Oh, I- look, please, there’s been some mistake. I need you to take this thing off. I’m not, I’m not supposed to be joining, I don’t know anything about j-joining I just-“

“Collect yourself, Ms. Marin. Don’t stumble upon your words.”

“Can you let me up, please?” Marinella tried. “I’m not going to do anything, so can you please just get off me and let’s talk about this? Please?”

“You don’t want to join, you say?” The angel tilted her head. “That’s simply not possible. You signed the contract and put the belt on. The agreement is irreversible, Ms. Marin. Or do you think that a heavenly chastity belt is something a girl should just be able to put on and take off whenever she pleases?”

“What?!” Marinella retorted. “L-Look, I don’t know who the fuck you think you are! I’ve- I’ve got a lawyer-”

“Have you shown him the contract you signed?” Eris snickered. “A cute little half-elf like you… I’m certain a virile young man like him would be quite interested in knowing for a fact what you’ve, shall we say, donated. There’s some rather colourful language in there.“

“What the fuck are you talking about, you crazy little bitch?!” Marinella exploded. “Why would I read your stupid fucking contract? Do you know who I am? You to come into my fucking room and try to tell me what I can, and can’t do with my own body! You’re a f-fucking weirdo! Y-You and, your church…” She tried to continue, her voice fading as the look in the angel’s eyes changed, and she slowly rose up, her playful look replaced with a scowl. “A-And stop calling me Ms. Marin. It’s not- just call me Marin, I prefer-”

“Marin.” Eris smiled again upon hearing the name; a different, even more sinister smile than before, though that look in her eyes remained the same. “Okay. You’re quite dumb, aren’t you, Marin?”

Marinella stared up at her as she continued.

“Most girls try and make a good impression on their keykeeper. They actually tend to think they might get… something… out of it. Do you know what I’m saying? And obviously, it’s quite refreshing to see that’s not the case with you, but…” Her hand moved down to Marinella’s locked sex, caressing along the edges of the hard steel. “I can see we are going to have to make some little ‘corrections’ to your behavior, Marin…”

“W-What the fuck are you talking about!? No! What are you… What’s-?” Marinella squirmed as she saw Eris produce some kind of key from thin air – “Hey, what are you- What are you doing?! Are you taking it off? Listen to-!“

Quiet.” Eris slapped her thigh hard, making her squeak loud enough that the help probably heard. She smiled. “That’s better. Keykeepers – Well, I, at least – prefer that you don’t speak out of turn, dear. It’s just quite aggressive, you know? You’re quite aggressive. I don’t think it’s in your interests to keep being so aggressive towards me, Marin.” She paused, smiling down as she watched the elf fume. “There, there.” She slipped the key into the belt. “I’m sure you’ll come to agree that it is in both our interests that I take some measures now to curtail this little ‘attitude’ you have towards me. Let’s start by setting things up properly down here…”

Marta’s heart lept as she felt the angel slide the key into the belt’s round lock, hearing the rasp and looking up to see what was happening. Even if it were for just a few minutes… she was so desperate to be free of this damn thing, to feel cool air between her legs again. But then Eris turned the key the wrong way. A full rotation the wrong way.

“All done,” The angel whispered, moving to lie down next to her and gaze down into her eyes.

It took a moment. Marin was about to say something, but then she felt it, a stirring within in the thick wall of steel that formed a dome above her pussy, not even allowing it the feel of the belt against it. She looked up, struggling to see in the dim light, but as Eris casually reached over to turn on the bedside lamp on for her, she saw it. The gears just beneath the cross-shaped grate were slowly turning. The belt was… doing something.

She couldn’t fathom what was about to happen. Was it some kind of vibrator? Was it charging some electric shock? What was it going to do, here? It was whirring gently with activity, wound throughout the day by the helpless gyration of her hips and preparing to mess with her, somehow. She wished she had looked more closely at the shield. Perhaps she would have at least noticed the little heat pad, or the two little doors – one that would be above her clit, and one much larger door above her quivering hole. Those doors, unseen, were now open, and something was emerging from each.

On her labia lips, it was sudden, but not rough or sharp. The two large mechanical arms that touched her there weren’t there to tease her – only to slide past, settle themselves inside, and pull her passage open. She inhaled sharply as she felt the entrance to her pussy suddenly spread wide inside the belt, reacting similarly as something gently lifted her clitoral hood just a touch. Then, there was another few moments of nothing. No stimulation, no pressure, no vibration, no shock. Then, suddenly, something else.

The tiny brushes arrived upon her clit and upon the inner roof of her vagina at the same time. They were not aggressive at all, but they still made her jump, quite visibly. The were slow, gentle, and… very, very unpredictable. She yelped, writhing as the one inside her ran lightly all the way to her g-spot, and then right back, before making the journey there again and this time, pausing to gently draw patterns, little circles. Meanwhile, the one on her clit… there was no pattern. It just caressed and caressed, over and over, choosing different spots each time. That one… more than a few minutes of this and she would be driven absolutely wild. She was sure.

Every girl is different. Marinella knew that. But it only took a minute for her to realise that this belt was “learning” her, teaching itself which parts of her sex made her react most when touched. She tried, desperately, not to twitch, to writhe, to give herself away to the thing locked on her hips, knowing that it meant only to tease her, but she couldn’t control it. The more she reacted, the more the belt would develop a preference for caressing the area that had caused the reaction. And, she realised, there were twice as many brushes touching her body than there had been a second ago. Multiple parts of her soaked tunnel were being lightly teased, the tiny brushes all finding a place where she was notably sensitive to play with. It was utterly intolerable. Marinella couldn’t help it, she started gasping and panting in the angel’s arms.

“Aww, is it nice?” Eris said. “Poor thing. There, there. Do you want your hands back?” She released the cuffs. “There you go.”

But Marinella couldn’t hear her. She was getting close, now. So close. Just, just a little closer… The brushes were so gentle and slow, a perfect foreplay that seemed to have no end to it. Her hands sank down her body to the belt as she began to moan and gyrate her hips in frustration, probing and pushing at the edges of the front shield. They shook and tugged at the heavy chastity belt, trying desperately to force the brushes to move faster. The belt would move, just a little, when she shook at it with all her might, but – somehow, the brushes didn’t. They withstood the shocks, barely moved from their individual, organic paths. Marinella couldn’t affect them. The thousands of tiny gears continued to turn under her desperate, probing fingers, the finely tuned clockwork working her closer and closer to release. Was it just her…? No.

The brushes were becoming more gentle as she got closer to the edge. The finely tuned machine was finely tuning her, building her up and winding back her orgasm like a slingshot until her body was wracked by gasps, involuntary moans and yelps. The stimulation had gotten even more unpredictable, too, the brushes touching down to her flesh stroking quickly then almost instantly slowing to a crawl. Each stroke started quick, yet became long, endurant, and thoroughly intolerable. Marinella became quite wild when she realised. “W-What is this fuh-fucking thing… A-AHN!”

She began to sob.

Eris just tutted at her as she turned over and rose to her knees, her hand between her legs as she felt the stimulation slow down exactly in time with her sex becoming so much more receptive. This wasn’t the cruel kind of edging she imagined when she thought of the word, with the pleasure being fully taken away at the last possible moment. It slid away, slowly. Carefully. Artfully. It was so precise, the belt somehow feeling her pulse throb through each and every gentle caress. Tears begin to drip from her eyes. A few more touches, a few more careful, glacial caresses to her clitoris, the depths of her twitching tunnel, and it had her right on a knife’s edge. Even now, the brushes hadn’t entirely stopped, even with her writhing and losing her mind as she strained and shook at the belt with all her might. The impossibly slow, impossibly light touches teased her quivering sex closer still, pushing her into a desperate tantrum. All the brushes had posed themselves over her most sensitive places now. She could feel them. She could just, ever so slightly, feel them. One extra touch, one out of place sensation on her nethers, even the lightest breath, and she knew she would cum. She shot bolt upright, then, stood on her knees, clutching at the waistband and tugging hard, rapidly jolting the belt the few centimetres it would move again and again, but the brushes absorbed the shock. Her face was lit up red, juices dripping from between her legs as she cried in frustration, trying everything she could think of, but even as she thrashed with all her might, she couldn’t tempt the just-withheld orgasm out; nor make the belt’s brushes to move even a millimetre further or faster than their long perfected tuning allowed. Hopelessly, she moved past Eris, not bothering to take in how much the angel was enjoying her reaction as she uselessly tried to ride the board at the foot of the bed. “MmmmmMMMmhhh, please, please please PLEASE…!” She choked, as she ground the shield between her legs into it. Nothing.

“Are you going to be good from now on, Marin?” Eris smiled. “Poor thing. You’re really going to be quite wound up-“

“Sh-SHUT UP!” Marinella shrieked at her, hurling herself at the angel. Eris just caught her, cuddling her tight.

“Do you want to try something else?” Eris whispered in her pointy little ear as she writhed and kicked her legs, driven wild by the gentle stimulation. “How about this?”

Marinella looked down at what she was holding, whimpering a little as she realised she had probably upset the angel again with her impulsiveness. She was surprised to see her vibrator in the angel’s hand. She only looked back up at her captor, desperately searching for answers in that happy little smile; those cold, calculating eyes.

“It was in the bottom drawer. And I’ve plugged it in,” Eris told her gently. “Why don’t you try it?”

Marinella hesitated.

“Why don’t you try it?” Eris’s tone was malicious, now, yet still irreconcilably playful. Well, fine. Fine. Marinella wasn’t going to let her win. Gritting her teeth, she snatched the vibrator away, making the angel giggle under her as she moved in her lap, assaulting the metal over her crotch with the middle, then highest settings of the vibrator. The noise was deafening, but Marin didn’t care. She kept at it, desperately trying to release her sex from the belt’s careful control.

“Keep going,” The angel encouraged.

Marinella pushed as hard as she could. She tried from every edge of the shield, then from the top… and then from behind. From behind got the best results. From behind, she could feel the vibrations very slightly. But it wasn’t anywhere near enough. She gasped in frustration, jumping to her feet. She wouldn’t let this fucking belt have its way.

She really tried as hard as she could. She pushed it against the cross-shaped grate, then, tracing all over it, grinding it up and down every hole, every curve, every surface. Her sex throbbed desperately, clenching as if trying to pull itself closer to the dome, to feel the redirected sensations that would be all it would take to free it from the careful control of the brushes. Finally, she felt the vibrations on her mound, rather than only her hips – but still, her soaking sex felt nothing at all. She was left completely unfulfilled, even more flustered and angry than when she started. She throbbed and clenched, but the little metal arms held her passage open, the brushes adjusting against her desperation. It didn’t help. Nothing would help.

Everything about it was just infuriating. The angry noise it made, the belt seeming aggressive, dominating in its resistance. The way the vibrator looked at the end, when she finally gave up; soaked and dripping, as if it had been inside her. And the way those brushes just kept caressing, and caressing, and fucking caressing…

She was left sobbing into Eris’s shoulder, finally broken as the brushes began to draw patterns into her twitching clit again. In pieces, the vibrator lay on the floor, destroyed from Marinella hurling it at the wall. “Now look what you’ve done,” The angel taunted her. “You’re breaking your things. Oh, listen to those little noises you’re making…” Her hands gently massaged at Marinella’s pent up, twitching hips, carefully catching a string of arousal from between her charge’s legs and gathering it in her fingers. “Your poor little pussy… It’s trying so hard to cum, it’s getting angry and crying.” Her trained eyes briefly looked down at the wetness on her fingers, checking the viscosity, the volume. She was happy with what she saw.

“A proper woman doesn’t cum outside of wedlock, dear.” She whispered a few moments later, running her fingernails along her captor’s curves as Marinella gasped and writhed a little, whining in desperation. “No, dear, she doesn’t. No. Never. Reproduction is a tool, not something to be played with. To stir the fires of arousal is an acceptable reward… to stir them more, an acceptable punishment. But every orgasm is sacred, and needs to be shared with another person in marriage. To have one outside of those conditions is to steal it from our goddess, do you understand? And such debts… these must be paid.”

“Wh-What are you-“

“Quiet.” Eris slapped her hip, hard, causing her to yell again. It was no more expected this time. “What did I tell you about speaking out of turn, Marin?”

“T-Turn them off…” Marinella sobbed, not caring any more. “Please…. Please turn them off, please! Oh… what’s… wh-what are they doing now? A-Ah…! Turn them off, please!” She began to bounce a little in Eris’s lap, writhing as the belt toyed with one of her more sensitive areas. “I c-can’t- Please!”

“No, dear,”



“J-Just- C-Come on. I’ve learned my l-lesson, I’ll be good, please!”


“PLEASE!” Marinella sobbed. “Please please please please pleasePlease! I’m begging you, please…”

“I said no,” The angel smiled, watching the half-elf helplessly react to the combination of Eris’s favourite word and the gentle touches between her legs. “You’re so cute. I want to tease you a little… Oh, come now.” She sighed as the elf suddenly got off her lap, spurred on by her not-so-well-concealed move to try and touch one of her ears – a shame for Eris, she truly loved elven girls and their sensitive little ears, but no matter – and moved over to the work table again. “Don’t hurt yourself,” The angel called, but her words were ignored. Marinella standing up was a little bit impressive considering she’d set the brushes at the “punish” setting to start off, but she already knew that this girl was strong willed. That was why they had chosen Eris.

Every belt the church made was, knowingly or not, made to the physiological and psychological profile of the girl that was, knowingly or not, to wear it. A comfortable fit was paramount, and in Marinella’s case that had been a hard thing to achieve, but it looked like things had worked out well. Some debate amongst her peers had posited that it yes, Marin was both analytical and impulsive, but the latter before the former.

She loved the sight of Marinella’s body. She was going to play with it a lot more, as soon as the girl became more… malleable, to her. First, of course, the attitude would have to be fixed.

In the mean time, she watched, perplexed, as the half-elf stumbled around in front of the mirror, testing various tools against the belt. It was pathetic, but at least quite entertaining, in that special way that only a person who thought one of the hardest, most unmalleable metals known to creation would even begin to yield to some cheap pliers, a thin metal shim, a screwdriver (then, half a screwdriver) and an admittedly well-made file could be.

“Aww.” She sighed, looking over at Marinella as the girl turned towards her again, glaring at her as she continued to fight the belt. It was like she was looking at her younger self. This half-elf simply couldn’t accept that this thing had defeated her so utterly. She threw her weight into it, bending her legs as she fought off the sensation that was on the verge of bringing her to her knees. It reminded Eris of all the other angels she’d seen, testing the strength of their own belt for the first time. It was a losing battle, and both of them knew it. “It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Do you still think you can get it off? You can’t.”

Marinella ignored her, gritting her teeth as she tried to jolt the belt again, to get those brushes to move just a little more. She just needed… just a little more. Surely it was possible to… to get this thing to…

Eris shook her head. She gently reached up to her shoulders, pushing off the straps of her blue nightgown and letting it fall down to the floor. Naked but for one thing now, Eris happily spread her wings. Ahh… that was better.

Marinella looked back up at her, then. And she stopped. As her gaze settled on the angel’s waist, Eris followed where she was looking, down to the angel’s own chastity belt. It wasn’t as thick and fortified as Marinella’s – but it was certainly getting there, and the fit was equally perfect. It was set firmly upon her waist, with a thick, recessed lock. The front and back were adorned with crosses, but also… a number. 000982.

“It’s made of heavenly steel…” Eris purred. “Just like yours.”

Marinella’s eyes went wide. “What?!” She… she knew that metal. Oh, gods.

Heavenly steel. Her research on the Leynet long ago meant she knew that cutting such metal away would be impossible. Forming or machining heavenly steel in any way required a hellfire furnace, with a temperature so high that before even a mark could be made on the belt, Marinella’s whole body would be disintegrated by the heat. Trust the angels to engineer something not even they would be able to remove if it went wrong.

“Please!” She pleaded. She needed this thing off so much. And what if they lost the key? “PLEASE! It’s been days since I, I… Oh, j-just give me the key! I’ll give you my p-properties, I’ll give you whatever you want!”

Eris shook her head. “No.” But the half-elf only got more desperate.

“PLEASE!” She pleaded, struggling to bear the assault on her drenched, twitching sex as she throbbed and clenched in frustration. “At least turn off these damn brushes…! A-Ah-” She fell to her knees, quivering and panting. “Ahhhn, h-ha…” She gasped.

Eris smiled, moving over to her and pulling her into her lap. Marinella only shook, burying her head in the angel’s shoulder again as she writhed. “There, there…” She consoled. “It looks like you’re finally starting to learn your place…”

“PL-Ahh-h! Please…”

The angel ignored her. “Do you know what that’s called?” She asked instead. “Those lovely little touches between your legs?”


“How uncivilised.” The angel snapped. “This isn’t for your pleasure. Does this seem like some kind of fetish gear to you? No, Marin. We call it-” – she paused as Marinella gasped suddenly, rising onto her knees as the belt attacked her again, then smiled, resuming – “Work. You work a girl, or use a belt that can work her for you, just like yours… It’s so uncivilised to beat a girl, or bind her in place when you can’t be there to look after her. And any girl, even the goodest of girls, need a nice, long, work session at least once a year. Even me. I had my work session…” She briefly shuddered. “It was recent. My keykeeper was gentle. Many aren’t. But. Angels like me know how to behave. We know how to act. Girls like you, who don’t know how to behave, need to be worked on far more~” She leaned close then, her voice dropping to a gentle whisper that sent tingles down Marinella’s spine. “Work is important, pet,” She purred softly, her fingers gently caressing the half-elf’s long ear as the she began to rock and bounce again, moaning bitterly. “We need to, to mold… Shhh. Shh-shh-shh. It’s okay, I know, I know. But we need to… all that badness, all that stubbornness… All that sin. It has to be worked away, touch by touch… stroke by stroke… And you have to be right there, on the edge. Otherwise it doesn’t count as work, you see…” She sighed a little, her fingers circling the pressure points on her charge’s hips. “It’s okay,” She whispered again, smiling in a sadistic kind of satisfaction at the half-elf’s choked gasps, her moans. “It’s okay. It’s quite normal to cry. It’s quite intense, isn’t it? I’m trained to do it by hand as well… But I didn’t bring my tools. And you don’t want to be chained to the bed, do you?”

Marinella could have wept. But it didn’t stop. “I’ve learned my lesson, I’ve- A-Ah! Please I’ve learned my lesson… Please, please please please…” She wept. Her entire sex was on fire, burning with lust, so painfully close to climax. Her back arched and spasmed. She bounced in place in tortured frustration as the angel molested her gently, trying in vain to force her limbs to move with precision, to somehow throw the strong and capable angel off her.

“I know you don’t want to hear this, dear,” Eris purred, “But I think… we’ll be working you a lot from now on…” She licked her lips gently as the half-elf moaned a little, still trying to fight. “Oh, look at you… Shoving and pushing. Such a strong little will. You just don’t seem to know how to behave. But it’s okay. I’ll make sure you can get on with your obligations during the day, but… at night… we can work it out, dear. We can work it all out. We’ll make a pure, angelic woman of you… Oh, come on now. Throwing a such a fit won’t change anything.“

Marinella was desperately trying to get away now, but she just couldn’t break the angel’s grip. She strained and pulled at her caught hands, the legs wrapped around her body, with all her might, testing the angel’s strength – but Eris held her easily in her lap. It took just over a minute for her to finally submit to the angel’s firm hand, her ass glowing red from the repeated slaps as the smaller girl seemed to overpower her wild straining and pushing as easily as she breathed.  “That’s right…” Eris whispered gently in her ear, holding her there still. “Enough, now. We’ll stay here. It’s so much easier when you don’t fight, isn’t it?” Marinella threw her weight into her again. “Oh, stop it.” Slap. “Stop that, you silly girl. You’re going to tire yourself out. If you keep being aggressive, I’ll only punish you more…”

“I c-can’t live like this…”

“I beg to differ, pet. Do you want to know something?”

“A-Ah… Wh-“ Marinella gasped. “AH! AAAH!”

“Let’s turn that off. I do love it, but we can’t really have a talk with you like this.”

Marinella felt the angel move against her, hearing a gentle shimmer, then a click. As suddenly as they had started, the brushes almost completely stopped. All but the two main ones had retracted, and those two… it was frustrating, but not much more than hard to ignore.

“If you’re good, I might let you have all of them off one day, okay?”

The half-elf sniffed, nodding as her exhausted body curled up in the angel’s lap again, her hands holding onto the other girl as though for dear life.

“Now,” Eris whispered. “Do you want to know something?”

“…What?” Marin muttered.

“Those contracts. And these belts. They aren’t easy things for a girl like you to get. We don’t really like to belt complete outsiders… especially non-angels. But… It’s just that something about you fascinates me, Marin.”

“What’s that…?”



“Your leynet search history.”

Marinella’s head raised up, startled. “Wh-What? N-No you- How did you…?”

“How did I…?” Eris drawled. “Finish your sentences, pet. It’s rather annoying.”

“How did you have my search history?”

“We check everyone who requests a belt, especially those who request them after getting a strong ‘no’ like we gave you the first time. The government and our church are… becoming closer than they used to be.”

“That can’t be ethical.”

Eris shrugged. “They give us what we need to see. And what’s more-”

“What else?”

“Stop interrupting me.” Eris snapped, scowling at her. “I just punished you.”

Marinella looked up at her timidly. “B-But do you have-?”

The angel rolled her eyes. “Your profile in general, yes. Your educational history, yes. Your bachelor’s degree, thesis on arousal mechanisms in women – inaccurate, though a good read in spite of that and working in one’s interest area is always good – master’s degree, master’s thesis, ongoing doctorate work… I attended your lecture on the twelfth. Fascinating, though your stage presence needs work, as does… the gender composition of your audience.”

“Those guys love the subject! They’re… passionate…”

“I’m sure they are. My point is, you are a girl who has certain interests and certain fields of study which align rather nicely with ours. And some of that work that you obtained, less than appropriately – and yes, we know about that little back-alley purchase you made too – was ours. More specifically, mine… That makes you more than just an interest, Marinella. It makes you a threat. There’s certain techniques we have that we can’t have an outsider knowing. We had a fair few tricks up our sleeves, to… take ownership, of this little issue.”

“O-Oh?” Marinella lifted her face slowly from the angel’s shoulder, shaking a little now. “Look,” She pleaded, “I can, I can just give you whatever it is that I took-”


“I can give you all the copies!”

“I don’t need them.”

“A-And we can, please, we don’t need to talk about this again after that, you can take this thing off and-“

“No, pet. Too late.”


“We started devising plans. You knew more about us at that point, you cocky little fool, and you put in another request to see a belt, and upon being informed that we don’t do that, for good reasons, you started all but asking for your own. Obviously we weren’t going to do that, and I must say some of us were getting quite annoyed. You shouldn’t ask an angel to see her belt, it’s rude. It’s like asking to see someone’s underwear, it should be something only the husband gets to know about. Belts like the one you’re wearing cost the church a fortune to have made and imported… Isabelle told me not to, everyone told me, especially me, not to approve it this time. They wanted me to reject it, like last time, while they solved the problem some other way. They all sat together, devising ways they could trap you and lock you up. For days. Meanwhile… I approved your application, cosigned the contract, handled the actually correct measurements your mother so nicely handed us – a lot of people can’t seem to do that correctly, so give her my thanks for that – and had the belt forged, assembled and on its way to you in just under a month. We all watched, from the building just across the road there, as you brought it into your room and lifted it out. Tested the lock once. And then you put it on, and locked it. Like a fucking, idiot…” Her voice was coy and malevolent as she said the last two words, but her smile didn’t vanish. Her fingers traced along the half-elf’s neck. “And now you’re all mine,” She purred, holding up the softly glowing key. “You belong to me… And there’s not a thing you can do about it…”

Mariella fumed.

Eris’s demeanour vanished after a moment, replaced with disappointment. “Oh come on. Go for the key. Haven’t you any fight left?”

“It’ll pass through my hand,” Marinella growled. “I know your shit. Look:” She grabbed the angel’s wrist, wrenching it towards her and grabbing at the key in her opened hand. Her fingers went right through. “You’re the only one who can touch it. That’s what the document was about. These stupid fucking enchanted keys.”

“Clever girl,” Eris smiled approvingly. “I’m proud. But I’m still going to let you know that you ever wrestle me like that without asking permission again, I’ll punish you very hard. And what I did to you just a minute ago wasn’t very hard, it wasn’t even by hand. Do you understand that?”

“Y-You-” Marinella stammered. “You’re- Fine…” She whimpered. “Fine… I-I can be good. Is that what you want?”


“I don’t understand, though! I need to…” She writhed. “I want to touch it…”

“You can’t, silly,” Eris giggled as Marinella began to writhe again. “You poor, wound up thing…” She sighed, smiling mockingly. “I bet your little hips are just throbbing so hard… Your little clit pulsing…”

“S-Shut up!”

“Don’t be like that, dear. We both know what you like. You put on the belt on your own and given any measure of time I’m certain you would have taken to wearing it out in public, and eventually having someone else hold the key, so all I’ve really done is hastened things just a little… And look; you’re wearing a collar, right now, on your own, that you threw away the key for. I’m sure you could get it off with the right tools, but to me, that seems quite irresponsible nonetheless… Were you going to do that with the key for the chastity belt?”

“N-No! The collar is just- Leave it! Stop touching it!”

“See, you just can’t be trusted.” Eris giggled, looping her finger through the collar and pulling the reddening elf closer. “That’s a cute little lock.” She purred. “Nothing like the ones we build, of course…”

“Why’s my belt different to yours?” Marinella muttered. “I want one like that…”

“Well, I’m wearing the one that was made for me. My sisters and I are well behaved, so they let us have something more… mild. It’s a fairly standard, older one. A Maiden’s Guard. You, on the other hand, are wearing a Featherlight.”

“Okay…” Marinella sighed. “Why, though?”

“Because Featherlights are very special, and that makes them the perfect belt for a girl like you. They’re bulky, so they’re good for wearers that ought to dress more modestly. They’re comfy, so they’re good for girls that haven’t tried long term chastity before… And, of course – they can be rather… difficult… for a poorly behaved girl, who hasn’t learned to conduct herself properly, to wear. Can you still feel those brushes? Don’t try to hide it.”

Marinella bowed her head, shaking a little.

“It’s the lightest caress ordinarily… Hence the name. I can turn them up, like I did a few minutes ago.”

“You won’t,” Marinella spat.

“I won’t,” Eris giggled. “But I could. But I would be doing my job poorly if I did that. What’s important here is you, and helping you to reach your full potential.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m getting to it-“

“I can’t deal with this! How is this thing going to help with-”

Slap. Marinella’s thigh stung. “Shush, dear. We won’t be having this dying swan act. Plenty of girls just like you have attended privileged institutions and done extremely well for themselves while wearing a Featherlight. Your problems are three. There’s your attitude, which has caused you to try to coast by on your intelligence, when that failed you, your looks, and your family’s wealth. There’s your ambition, or more precisely lack thereof, besides sponging from your dear mother. And then there’s your recent actions with regards to your academic career. Do you know what I’m talking about?”

A moment passed, and Marinella realised the angel was waiting for her to say something. She stared at the ground, not wanting to. Could the angel have found… that, too? Surely not. She played dumb. “What’s… what actions?”

“What actions, she says.”

Eris got up, leaving Marinella on the ground as the half elf brought her knees up to her chest, hoping desperately that the angel hadn’t obtained what she was thinking of. Those hopes were shattered when she heard the letter read out.

“To whom it may concern,

“I, Marinella von Tryvellian, am writing this letter to inform you of my intention to end my doctoral study at the conclusion of this academic year in June. I do this knowing,” – Marinella could hear the intonation and judgement in the angel’s words – “That by doing so, I break my pedigree as a member of a family of whom almost all members, and all members in my generation and the one before, obtained doctoral titles; that, owing to my final results in my initial and masters’ level degree, I am considered one of the university’s brightest students; and that if I wish to re-attempt the acquisition of this award, I must start my doctoral studies over from the beginning.

“The reasons I have made this decision are twofold,” The angel continued. “Oh, this bit is so good. Okay… The first reason is because I feel that my abilities are underappreciated by the faculty. Fffffhhhhhahaha!” Eris wheezed, continuing to read. “Let alone underutilized! Though I have demonstrated exceptional talent, beyond even certain professors in my own view… I am continuously assigned banal, busy-work tasks; giving lectures, handling and cleaning out animal enclosures, sourcing equipment, and even working new projector equipment that the faculty can’t seem to be bothered to figure out. I cannot fathom how I am supposed to glean fulfilment from a degree where the tasks I am assigned day to day by sedentary, boorish supervisors are so utterly beneath me.”

Marinella’s lip wobbled. She stared directly down, as if trying to bore a hole through the floor with her tearful eyes.

She knew the angel was only halfway through the letter.

“The second reason – oh, yes, that wasn’t bad enough Marin, keep going! – is because I find the prospect of writing academic papers for the next four years, and potentially for the rest of my life, absolutely abominable. I tell you this and stress that you must hold these feelings in the strictest confidence!” – Emphasis Eris’s, for the angel’s voice now had obtained a sort of scandalised glee as she read the words – “As I need you to understand that, though conceptually somewhat interesting, the boredom I have felt writing many of my assigned essays, and especially assisting that feckless oaf Dr. Tarvish with his internationally irrelevant studies of arthritis in cats, and perspiration in horses, and whatever the hell else that geriatric old fool feels he can dream up and throw at me to keep me away from work I actually came into the subject to do-!” The angel could barely hold herself together. “Has all but destroyed my enthusiasm for the subject. And as for Dr. Morgan, I find the casualness of her chit-chat obscene. Her friendly, buddy-buddy nonsense irritates me every day, and I can no longer hold my tongue. A chummy little bimbo like her barely even deserves the title, yet she had all the things that they never gave to me! That some commoner like her – Oh my lady Virgo! The mask not slipping a bit too much now, Marin?! You’re not going to do a second draft on that one?! That’s what you sent to them, is it?!”

“Sh-SHUT UP!” Marinella screamed, springing to her feet.

“You keep going! You burn every bridge! Look at this one here about Professor Archelus! Where you call him a slovenly, bipolar degenerate of the highest order and suggest he fuck himself with the whale bone he shouted at you for touching! Look at this one about Dr. Garrow’s office plants! ‘Contemptible fuckwit’… my, you’re not one to reuse an insult, are you, Marin?”


Eris’s glare silenced her very quickly. “Some…?”

“You’re going to mess with me again if I say anything.”

“I’m going to mess with you again regardless, pet. So if you’ve got something to say…”

“Oh, I’ve got something to say.”

“Then be polite, dear. And speak clearly.” Eris smiled coldly. “Remember our lesson.”

“Oh, I’ll be polite.” Marinella spat. “I’ll be as polite as you demand, rather than as polite as you deserve when I tell you that, Eris, you are the worst person I have ever spoken to. Every discussion and interaction I have had with you in the last few moments individually became the worst experience of my entire life. There is not a single aspect of your appearance or personality that I don’t hate. I’m not interested in what you think of me. I hate you. I want you to leave. Now. Please…”

Eris smiled. “I can’t.” She said. “They’re renovating the residency flats the church keeps for us. I don’t have a bed for the next few weeks.”


“You have a lovely big bed, though. I think I’ll sleep in yours with you. I’ll tell you something about this letter, though,” She said, holding it up. “They never received it.”

“I don’t- What?”

Eris raised her eyebrows. “Oh, did you think they were being professional? Or that the department head would have kept it to themselves? Dear me, no. A letter like this would have been passed around an office full of humans like a venereal disease. You’d have been shunned. You would have deserved it, too.”

“I don’t care!” Marinella half-screamed. “I don’t want to study any more! I made a decision!”

“That’s too bad. But humor me – what would you have done instead?”

“I would have… My uncle, one of his businesses is-“

The angel nodded warily. “Mooch off of your family, yes.”

“No! You don’t get it. He has, one of his businesses is pharmaceuticals. I’m confident that-”

“Would your uncle hire a non-doctor?”

“Not normally, but-“

“But you’re family, so you think he’ll make an exception?” Eris shrugged. “I’ve not met your uncle, I’m not one of the ones that works with him. I don’t know either way. It could work… except…” She trailed off.


“…Your uncle, Dr. von Tryvellian, he’s always so happy to sell us our cleaning equipment and medicines. He’s not the biggest fan of – well, these are his words, not mine, but – brats. I wonder, do you think he’d be willing to employ one?”

“W-What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“Anyway, we intercepted the letter. We have it, but your university doesn’t. You’ve got a second chance. Isn’t that nice, Marinella?” Eris purred. “You silly thing. You’re so lucky to have such a talented keykeeper looking after you. Making sure you don’t lose your course because of such… preventable, correctable flaws…”

Marinella gritted her teeth. “You can’t just… No. Hell no. I’ll write another. I’ll deliver it by hand. In fact, I’ll stop going.”

“Oh, I love this side of you. I can tell I’m going to love working with you.” The angel smiled. “Sadly, I don’t think you’ll even try to do those things.”

“Oh, I will. B-But before I do, I’ll tell them! I’ll tell them all what I think of them, in person! I’ll deliver my letter, as a lecture! I’ll make sure you, you- You’re not going to interfere, in my LIFE! You BITCH! I’M NOT YOUR SLAVE! I’LL LEAVE!”

“You won’t do any of those things, Marin.” Eris smiled coldly, stopping right in front of her. “You’ll complete that course,” She continued, moving over to rest her finger on the cool metal of Marinella’s chastity belt as her voice dropped to the gentlest, most chilling whisper. “You’ll do well. Extremely well. You’ll be a good girl for me, okay? Because if you don’t…” Her fingers stroked their way down the elf’s ear, and along the edges of the belt as she leaned closer.

“I’ll keep you all locked up tight, in that torturous little chastity belt. For the rest of your life.”

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  1. I really liked all the of stories that you wrote; I think Angel dommes are the best too. I noticed some of your older stories are no longer with us; any chance you might bring them back? They were really good, especially the one with the wight!

    1. I took those down a while back since some people were trying to dig up dirt on me and I needed to make sure the stories didn’t have something that could get me in trouble. I might put them back up soon but don’t plan to continue them.

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