Lost In The Sand 1.5 REMiX

Chapter 1: Vacation

“Today marks the beginning of my vacation in Egypt,” Art said as he stepped off the plane into the airport. This was a two-week vacation from his new job while his office got renovated and the best part it was completely paid for. Art smiled as he was taking his dream vacation to the Great Pyramids. Art walked through the airport with the utmost happiness of all time knowing everything was going to be heaven. “Let’s get this underway,” Art whispered to himself as he walked through the airport without a care in the world. By the time he picked up his luggage, he had already had a few of the local Monster Girls approach him asking if he needs assistance meanwhile this wasn’t the first time he traveled out the country. Art walked out of the airport and stood with his bags waiting for a cab. One pulled up and he noticed there was an MG driving it.

“Come on get in I won’t bite unless you want me to cutie.” She said looking out at him. The woman was a Salamander her tail was a bit ablaze with fire.

“Well alright I guess I won’t be grabbing another cab anytime soon,” he said before opening the trunk putting his stuff inside and shutting it then getting in the back of the cab.

The Salamander turned around and smiled at him eyeing his body up and down licking her lips before asking with a lustful tone “So where to sweetie?”

Art rolled his eyes slightly at her before asking “Know a good place for me to rest up that isn’t your bedroom?”

The Salamander laughed a bit before asking “Well I actually do, does price matter to you?”

He smiled and replied, “Nope price isn’t an issue, my company is paying everyone to have a dream vacation all-expense paid so I just will have the hotel get in touch with my company to take care of the expenses.”

The Salamander instantly grinned more than saying “I know a beautiful place for you then, where not a lot of people go and or get to see, and no it isn’t my bedroom but maybe I could swing by and visit after my shift?” The thought of that question made Art think deeply about it. “It will be fun trust me unless you are afraid of MG’s.” the Salamander said with a smile and a really light laugh.

Art had worked with a few MG’s in his day, being in the medical field and working with certain venoms from specific species he has had to do some interacting and never really had much of a problem with them. “Well alright sure come by, for some drinks,” he said as they continued down the sandy roads.

“Deal, I will bring the alcohol if you don’t mind, I am quite the bartender,” she said smiling excitedly and her tail began to erupt with more fire. Art and the Salamander talked as she pulled into a town that looked like something out of a dream. Palm trees lined the sandy roads. Homes for rent and hotel’s nearly as far as the eye could see, beautiful women and monster girls roamed the golden streets. Men were walking around either alone or their monster wives. The homes looked luxurious with pools outside each home and hotel. The Salamander stopped in front of a hotel in the middle of the town. The hotel stood a tall three stories tall with balconies that looked over the town. “This is the place I was telling you about,” she said getting out of the cab and letting him out. Art stepped out onto the golden sand covered sidewalk. “I will go inside with you so I know which room you will be getting.” The Salamander said before stepping out beside him.

Art and the Salamander walked inside the hotels front door and were greeted by an Apophis behind the counter. Her bottom half was long scaly and black, her beautiful skin a deep purple covered in jewelry covered in red cats eye opals. “Welcome to the Palace Of The Ancients hotel, come here sir, I am sure you would love to have a room in our lovely hotel,” she said smiling a friendly but lustful smile as her hood spread open.

Art smiled friendly and normally back at her before saying “I would love a room here”. he said smiling.

“Give him a nice room, he can afford it.” the Salamander said as she brought Art’s bags in.

“Oh how about a little something for the night on us of course.” The Apophis said reaching behind the counter and pulling out a small glass vial filled with a clear liquid. It couldn’t have been more than a couple inches tall it looked just like a test tube.

“That is Apophis Neurotoxin it is a powerful aphrodisiac, great for sex.” the Salamander said bringing in the last of his bags.

“That is some strong stuff, I have had to use it in some meds before,” Art said before reaching for the tube of poison.

“Oh my an expert so very rare.” the Apophis said as she let go of the tube. “So come on let’s get you to a room, do you want a suite that overlooks the town?” the Apophis asked slithering behind the front desk.

Art slipped the tube into his pocket before saying “Yeah that sounds great, I’ll take it.” then handing the Apophis the number for his job to call and handle the money.

“What is this sir?” the Apophis asked looking at the number.

“It is my companies number, call them up and they are taking care of all my money needs here including the call,” Art said smiling gently.

The Apophis smiled lustfully before saying “Oh so we are on a free ride, we will make sure you are well taken care of”.

Art smiled back at her before saying “Sounds good to me, I will take the best room you have”.

The Apophis turned around handing Art the key to the room then saying “It is on the third floor the last door down, I will bring your bags up”.

His Salamander friend grabbed his ass as she came up behind him then said “Look so I know where your room is, so expect me back tonight.” she said smiling then whispering into my ear “I’ll bring condoms”.

Art rolled his eyes a bit hearing those words but he knew it was bound to go that way no matter what, he simply responded “Alright then, I will see you when your shift is done.” then walked away up the stairs to the top floor. It was a bit strange it seemed he was the only one here in this beautiful hotel. When Art opened the door to his hotel room he was shocked to how nice it was. He stepped inside to see a beautiful king size bed with a sandy gold comforter pillows and sheets to match, a large flat screen TV, a mini fridge with a microwave on top, a small wooden desk next to the bed with a phone on it, a table with two chairs near the balcony that overlooked the city, and there was a full bathroom with a stand-up shower with a small seat inside for a person. “Whoa, this room is so beautiful it looks better than my apartment,” Art said as he walked over and stretched out on the bed.

The Apophis came upstairs with his bags she took a look at him on the bed and smiled before asking “So how do you like it”?

Art gave her a pure smile of happiness before replying “This is incredible, this vacation is going to be the greatest of all time”.

The Apophis slithered over close to him after putting his luggage over in the corner before asking “How about I make it even better?” Art really didn’t have much time to protest her advance on him. One second she was standing over him now her long snake body was coiled around him leaving only one arm free. The lustful stare of the Apophis grew even more, and her desire for sex was greatly apparent. A touch of fear was in his eyes never really having much experience in the bedroom with an MG besides a night with a Nekomata when he was in college, he had always heard what they are capable of and some were really dangerous. “You are sweating and it isn’t from the heat,” she said giggling while removing her bra-like top exposing her large beautiful purple breasts with dark purple nipples.

Art’s mind was racing, he didn’t know what to do, he had this Apophis that he had just met wanting to fuck his brains out. Art then closed his eyes and turned away from her dwelling on a combination of fear and nervousness.

“It has been a while since I have had a man, so come on let’s get to it,” she said sticking out her long snake tongue.

Art struggled in place a bit before muttering out the words “Look, miss, I can’t do this with you right now, I have a date tonight with that Salamander”.

The Apophis looked at him before hovering her breasts over his mouth then saying “Suck on them and I will be gentle you”. Art knew he wouldn’t be able to break away from her so pleasing her even somewhat was the only way out.

“A-Alright I will do it,” he said with a sigh as he leaned his mouth to her dark purple nipples.

The Apophis then shoved her nipple to his lips before saying “Be good to me you cute venom expert” Art then blushed before opening his mouth and sticking his tongue out a bit to lick her nipple gently to get a taste. The Apophis nipple tasted a bit bitter but the feeling on the tongue was velvety soft. The Apophis closed her beautiful eyes in pleasure while Art gently licked and sucked on her soft nipples. He continued to swirl his tongue around her now rock hard nipples making sure that they stayed soaking wet. “Good boy, good boy you are making me wet.” the Apophis moaned gently before reaching down and pulling off her skirt.

Art noticed her undressing more, he stopped sucking on her breasts before saying “Whoa relax miss.”

The Apophis looked down past her breasts at him giving him a lewd and lustful smile before speaking in a soft whisper “I know I just met you but come on it won’t be long I promise.”

Art looked up at her still knowing what was about to happen to him, his mind raced. “Shit this is really about to happen.” he thought before feeling a sharp pain enter his chest. Art was too busy thinking of a way out he hadn’t noticed the Apophis leaning down to his chest biting him and injecting him with her poison. Art’s mind now was racing but of nothing but sex. That poison is powerful and potent even more to someone who has never done it before.

“You like the effects of the poison? Since you clearly know about it and how it affects the body.” the Apophis said giggling then uncoiling from his body so she can see the true effects unfold. Art didn’t move from the bed, the effects of her poison were starting to take place he wanted her, and badly. The Apophis looked at him happily before reaching for his blue button-down shirt and slowing removing it. The lust was growing inside his body fast. His skin was burning up, his heart rate was through the roof, and the blood was flowing to his rock hard length in his pants. “You are such a good man and you are going to make me feel good,” she said smiling

Art then smiled lustfully completely enveloped by her poison before removing his pants and underwear showing her how rock hard he was for her. “This is what this stuff is like, I have only heard stories” he then said leaning up off his back and crawling over to her to suck on her breasts more.

“Call me Kira.” the Apophis said holding him as he sucked on her soft purple nipples.

“Alright Kira,” he said smiling and sucking on her nipples deeply while feeling her scaly tail. Her tail felt surprisingly smooth under his fingers maybe it was the effects of the poison.

Kira pushed Art back to the bed on his back before removing her skirt and forced his cock deep inside of her tight pink pussy. “Mmm good boy go on be as rough with me as you want,” she said moving her body up and down on his hard length.

Art moaned passionately as he entered her tight hole that immediately constricted his length with her folds. “I figured you would be the one that would want to be rough,” he said reaching up and grabbing her large, soft purple breasts.

“Ah mmm, naughty boy, we will have another time for that just fuck me,” she said bouncing up and down on his length as well as coiling around his body. “Mmm you feel so good inside of me I cannot wait until you cum, go on rub my breasts more,” she added now caressing his face with her hand.

Art moaned while still squeezing and massaging her purple breasts deeply while leaking precum inside the folds of the Apophis. “Don’t worry it is soon,” he said panting loudly.

Kira leaned down slipping out her long snake tongue shoving it into Art’s mouth swirling it around before bringing her lips to his for a kiss while using her tongue.

The second Art felt her lips touch him as she thrust her tight love hole on his shaft he then moaned into her mouth before blowing wad after wad of hot steamy cum deep inside of Kira. “Mmmm” then escaped his lips.

Kira broke the kiss after feeling the jets of hot cum enter her snake pussy before moaning deeply grabbing Art’s face and shoving it into her breasts while stroking his hair and saying “Good boy, good boy that was certainly a nice bonus of picking our hotel huh?”

After he emptied his balls inside of his new Apophis friend she let go of his head and he laid there looking up at her feeling a lot better. “It was great Kira,” he said taking her soft purple hand and caressing it gently.

Kira smiled at him and coiled around him once more wrapping her arms around his neck and began to cuddle with him. “This feels nice, maybe if your date leaves tonight I’ll come back up here to keep you company and maybe if you are asleep if she leaves I can show you how good my mouth is,” she said kissing and nibbling his neck.

“It is nice I agree and yes if that happens of course,” he said running her fingers through her black hair then starting to close his eyes.

Before Art noticed it he had fallen asleep. The Apophis Kira had left him be to get back to work.

It grew a bit later in the day then there was a knock on his hotel room door. Art woke up to the sound of the knock and noticed he was still nude before asking “Who is there”?

The lustful voice came from the other side of the door. “It is me Kate the Salamander, open up I brought a lot of things with me,” she said.

“Alright give me a second Kate,” Art said quickly getting dressed before opening the door seeing the lovely Salamander in a long black dress.

“Took you long enough Art, the Apophis gave me your name downstairs,” she said walking into the room.

Art looked at the way her butt was shaped in her dress and it was nice. The nicest thing about it was that it had a hole for her tail to come out. “Tonight is going to be quite the night,” Art said quietly as he noticed the bottle of whiskey she pulled out of one of the bags…

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Art stretched a bit before walking over to Kate and saying “I see you actually came with everything.” while seeing her pulling a box of condoms out of the bag.

“I told you what I was going to bring Art,” Kate said while taking the shot glasses out of the bag with the whiskey. “Oh don’t worry I brought stuff to chase the alcohol with too,” she added with a giggle.

“Well this is flattering Kate, we should have fun this evening, though,” he said now starting to really notice how attractive she was. Her scales were a nice dark orange, her long tail wasn’t exactly ablaze with fire, this time, her lovely reddish brown hair that hung just below her shoulders, and her orange eyes.

Kate smiled at Art and said, “We will have a fun tonight, I will give you a night you will never forget.”

Art knew exactly what he was in for tonight, alcohol, sex, and more alcohol. “Shall we begin then?” Art asked as he placed his hand on her shoulder and gently massaged it.

Kate smiled and started to open the bottle of whiskey. After the top was removed she poured us a shot glass each and then asked “Want a chaser or can you handle your liquor?” before giggling and turning around to face him.

Art looked at her and smiled before saying “I think I can handle it Kate.” before giggling and picking up one of the shots.

She also picked up her shot glass before tapping her glass against his before saying “To a perfect vacation…”

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2 thoughts on “Lost In The Sand 1.5 REMiX

  1. Well…. There is a lot to say. First, the grammatical problems: At the beginning of the story, Every single sentence begin by ‘Art’, it’s really weird and unpleasant to read.
    Also, don’t use the acronym MG for Monster Girl, come on!

    That’s all I can say about the grammar, I’m sure there is tons of others problem, but that’s how bad is my english.

    Now the story and the incoherence : That’s really really bad, I am sorry but I can’t say otherwise…
    He see the salamander, she want to fuck him… For no reason, literally, but Salamander are supposed to have standarts and all, only having sex with a man who give them a good fight, so that’s just weird. But even if she wasn’t a Salamander it would make no sense, do she offers that to literraly every man she see? Isn’t she integrated in the society? That make no sense.

    And Art… just accept… like that, for no reason, to just planning to have sex with a complete stranger later that day… OK he just planned to have a drink, but later she will make her intention clear, and he will not even be surprised and will not care at all.

    And then come the Apophis… She see him, she want to fuck him… But why??
    And later she said that it have been a while she didn’t had sex, but how since she is seemingly attacking the first man coming by? And Art barely even resist, obviously.

    And right after we learn that he only ever had sex with a Nekomata in college, but how if he is accepting every advance he face? And every monster he meet seem to make advance to him?

    “That poison is powerful and potent even more to someone who has never done it before.”
    You literraly said right before that he once done it with a Nekomata!! Come on, it’s been 20 lines!

    For now, there is barely any story, the character are initeressing and incoherent.
    I can predict it will be something along the line of : “He meet monstergirl who will fuck him instantly, for no reason, and he will not resist and get a harem.”

    I don’t know if it’s suppose to be better than a previous version, but if thats the case, I rather never read it…

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