Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 28)

Elly was passed out yet again on the couch, though at least she had the courtesy to turn off the Television this time…though it would appear as if she still favored sleeping in less than her usual attire, the blanket she had was slumped on the ground. Wrapping her up super quick you drag yourself up to your room, and go to sleep while you can. Another dreamless night awaited you.

“Uh~ugh~but I reached them~” you murmur as you groggily try to wake up.

Your eyesight is hazy, but you can faintly make out Chloe, and Ceres, still in their pajamas looking down at you. You can also faintly hear an argument coming from the living room.

“No~ just a few more days! I’m sure he’ll come around~! Just wait until he tries my hashbrowns~!” You heard a young girl cry out

“I’m telling you little one he’s not interested right now. You can play with him during his shift, now let’s go back, I have about three more of you I need to retrieve as well!” Katy’s voice was noted.

“So…like there’s a bunch of cute maids coming into our house lately” Chloe reported.

“They’re really good at breaking in…I ought to ask how they do it” Ceres murmured.

“Right…well…Morning” you groan.

“Morning!” Your daughters respond.

“…How was Elly?” You ask still in bed.

“Same as last time…she tried to show us some magic she’s been practicing.” Chloe said.

“She almost caught her hair on fire though…Chloe had to put her out” Ceres reported.

“She was always the type to try her best to impress…braver person than I was I gotta admit, did you at least felt like you were being baby-sat?” you reply.

“Yes” both girls respond.

“Yeah, she did her job…I’ll have to thank her…I’ll head downstairs in a bit once I clean up, if she’s making breakfast go ahead, and eat without me, don’t want your food getting cold.” said.

“I think she’s still cooking…it was kind of a weird morning today” Ceres said.

“Let’s try to get use to them Ceres” you warn her.

“What are we going to do now?” Chloe asked.

“We’re going to the store” you answer.

“Neat” Ceres replied.

Well…you suppose that’s a better reaction than you expected.

“Yup…get dressed you two, I gotta do the same” you reply.

With a game-plan set in motion, they girls retreated back downstairs to let you clean yourself up. Reaching downstairs Elly can be seen yet again cooking up some grub. Her bright, bubbly smile only matched by her awesome reliability.

“Morning Elly, thanks again for the food, you didn’t have to go out of your way you know” you reply.

“Aw~ it’s fine! In fact it feels kind of nice cooking for someone else you know? Use to always just be for me…and well it can get kind of stale after a while…well anyways! What’s up for today man?” Elly asked.

“Shopping for some supplies that can help me in the long run at my job…other than that…I got no real plans. The building is going through another one of Katy’s inspirations so most of the hallways I’ll be patrolling will be getting an update. Meaning another day off for me…but it’s a paid day off so I can’t be too mad about it” you reply.

“Aw~ I think you’re upset you can’t play with the kids…I always took you as a sort of father figure…I-I mean in college you were kind of like that-I-mean that is-I was looking up to you like-uh…oh man…i-is it getting a little warm here? Maybe the heater is too high?” Elly continued being her adorkable self.

“Yeah…so where are going shopping?” Chloe asked.

“Just gonna resupply myself at the orphanage gift shop, but hey! It’s a nice little gift shop with all sorts of stuff” you explain.

“Oh~! I’ve seen the shop! They’ve got a lot cool stuff there!” Ceres promoted.

“Maybe I ought to check it out, but-oh shoot! Guess I can’t, sorry bro-gotta fly soon! Got some big plans for my business, and I gotta be there when it happens!” Elly was quick to depart.

“Aw…well maybe next time we can kick it a little more, I still feel like I owe you for helping me out like this” you reply.

“My little slice of paradise is always open Anon! Well actually I might have to close it for a bit for-uh…I’ll text you okay! Here’s my number-call me!” Elly cried out rushing out of your house still in her pjs.

With a hearty breakfast, you drive once more…

To the gas station, as driving back and forth means every once in a while you’re low on fuel.

“…This isn’t an adventure!” Chloe cried out as she waited for the car to be full of gas.

“Just give it another minute Chloe” you reply.

“*Munch-munch* thamks phor fe fhips-*munch-munch*” Ceres replied eating her purchased bag of chips

“Don’t eat with your mouth full Ceres” you answer.

After an uneventful refueling of your vehicle you drive the orphanage, and making a beeline to the gift shop. Full of delightful trinkets, wondrous galore, positive energy, and most importantly…

“Fubuki!? What are you doing here?” You ask.

“Hm? Oh just minding the shop, our current retailer is on a serious business trip with some locals in a far off country” Fubuki said.

“Is she really?” You ask.

“Well that’s the excuse she used to call off work today, so I’m here in her stead. Come and look at our wares, would you kindly” Fubuki said.

You let the kids wander around looking for things that catch their eye, or chat about their times shared in the Orphanage. Fubuki seems to be on more polite, and reasonable terms, but you’re smarter than that, and refuse to let your guard down around her.

“You can drop the act Fubuki, no need to be polite for my account” you reply.

“Normally I would, but I do have an image to keep, plus the cool air of a gift shop always puts me in a good mood…well it also puts me in the ‘mood’ if you catch my drift” Fubuki teased.

“I’ll just pretend I didn’t” you reply.

“Great, while you’re at it, why don’t you help our cause and buy something from us” Fubuki suggests.

“That was kind of the intention of coming here actually” you reply.

“Well don’t mind me then, but if I may make a suggestion” Fubuki said glancing to her upper left.

You look in her direction and see her miniature figurines, as well as the new ones they’ve recently stocked up.

“Hey, they got the Nirvana and Betsy figures now” you noticed.

Nirvana’s figure was complex, detailed and really cool to be honest, while Betsy’s was more standard, but oddly sexier as the outfit they picked for her was a size too small for her, overalls ending in short shorts that clung to her body, squeezing her bosom, and thighs just right.

“Ugh~ yeah, ever since they popped up, mine weren’t selling so hot. I can only imagine how sticky the Betsy figures are by now, especially the special edition ones with the personal kiss marks on them” Fubuki muttered in jealousy.

“Betsy actually pulled through?” You ask.

“Yes, a hard worker regardless of the task assigned to her…Nirvana has also developed a fan-base though she treats them as she treats everyone else…with scrutiny. Though it may have backfired on her as she’s constantly getting requests from strangers to be stepped on by her. She ain’t the type that admires attention.” Fubuki said.

“Chin up Fubuki, I’m sure your figures will become the first things to become retro, like old video games from the nineties and eighties” you assure her.

“Yeah~ I guess so, anyways go browse at something will ya?” Fubuki insisted.

“I’m going, I’m going” you respond

You wander about the gift shop, mostly to entertain your daughters who look through the wares finding all sorts of neat items. Ceres found herself a fierce looking blade forged by a talented cyclops, but the weight of the blade was too heavy for her to carry. Chloe meanwhile was browsing through a small cooler than contained several of Rin’s experimental potions, several of them promising to gift the drinker with unusual and supernatural talents, and events.

“Oh! Oh! I want this one!” Chloe chirped pointing at a particular potion simply label ‘A.S 21’

“…Nope, for starters I don’t like that they’re so cheap, it’s like she’s trying to sucker us into buying these on purpose…plus the long legal clause written in quark size…I bet they aren’t tested” you get the feeling something was a bit off.

“You are half-correct, Rin tested them on herself, but needs more input from others, but don’t tell anyone…relax~ you big baby they’re harmless to humans, and mamono alike and the effects only last so long” Fubuki assured.

“What do they do?” You ask as the labels on the bottles were poorly made.

“Beats me, ask Rin for the details” Fubuki murmured as she flipped through a magazine.

“Pick something else Chloe” you ask her.

“I~ want this~” Ceres struggle to lug a large morning star.

“Why do you have that!?” You exclaimed.

“It was something made in arts and crafts, it was mostly for show really, not meant to be for sale” Fubuki assured.

“See? You can’t have it” you reply.

“Aw~” Ceres sounded disappointed as she felt the morning star was a great addition to add for future Vampire hunts.

You watch your children browse through the selection of toys, and clothing when you glance at the calendar, one of which you already have at home.

You notice the calendar was still set on October showcasing a duet with Mizari and Rin dressed in their choice of sleepwear. Their hands clasped together, their backs arched slightly to showcase their breasts pressed together. Both girls staring into the camera, Rin showing an aloof glance showing next to no interest while Mizari was the opposite, her expression full of emotion, mostly that of nervousness, bashfulness and some insecurity on the side. Both girls much like the rest of the calendar were display with sexiness being the center point. Next to that calendar was the ‘Safe for Work’ version, or as close as it will get. The Calendar was set on November, displaying a cute display of Were-sheep and little Grizzlies enjoying the start of hibernation cuddling one another on a large queen sized bed.

“Wow, is it that time already?” You muse.

“Yup, hibernation, this month will mark the last chance anyone will be able to adopt a select few of our children before we send them on their long nap” Fubuki said.

“And Katy is still without her fountain…” you realize.

“Yup again, but don’t beat yourself up over it, she’s only slightly-completely mortified and miserable…she’ll be fine” Fubuki poorly assured you.

“That doesn’t make me feel any better” you grumbled.

“Well why don’t you make it up to her? There’s still time before the big sleep” Fubuki suggest.

“I really do feel bad for her, isn’t there any way we can give her, a fountain again?” You ask.

“I’m sure you can buy her a fountain with your money, but where’s the heart in that?” Fubuki asks.

“True, maybe with the help of some of the kids we can surprise her with something. I mean I bet a lot of the children here would love to thank her in some way” you suggest.

“That might work, but leave my adorable little Yukiwarashi out of it, all they can do is ice sculptures and something like that won’t last in their room” Fubuki said.

“We’ll just have to find someone else then, I’ll think of something” you reply.

“Well I don’t like seeing my co-workers sad, plus me, and Katy go way~ back so I like going easy on her” Fubuki replied.

“Who’d a thought you had it in you Fubuki” you sound genuinely impressed.

“Hey! I have a heart of gold!” Fubuki lied, like utterly and completely lied her biggest lie yet. The lie of all lies.

“…Right, well, what if we try building her a fountain, I mean how hard can it be?” You suggest.

“Build a replacement fountain? Not a bad idea, I was thinking we’d just throw you into their hibernation room, and lock the door so you can help them relieve their discomforts…but another fountain is nice” Fubuki said.

“…Okay so do we know anyone here that can help?” You ask.

“Sure, some of the kids here would love to test their craft and doing it for Katy will definitely push them to do their best. I’ll get the Dwarves, Cyclops, and anyone else willing to lend a hand to help us” Fubuki said.

“This is gonna be great, I’ll buy the supplies, and we can get started right away” you assure.

“Great! Now just follow me into the back room where no one will hear or see us and we can sign all the paper work!” Fubuki excitedly proclaimed.

“Yeah okay! Hey~ wait a minute~” you reply, but quickly catch on to her little trick.

“Aw~ you got me~” Fubuki smirked.

“You almost had me” you reply.

“Yeah, next time though, next time” Fubuki teased.

“Yeah, maybe…give me some cold shower pills” you ask her.

“Will that be cash or credit?” Fubuki asked.

With that you complete the purchase.

Afterward you thought of Fubuki’s suggestion and decided some extra help would be in order so you send the message to Betsy.

[Anon: I was planning on getting some of the craftier kids to make a replacement fountain for Katy, and I was hoping you could help me out with getting everything ready. I want to surprise Katy, so be careful with who you tell]

[Betsy: Sure, I would love to help, but I don’t know what I can do. I raised a barn before, but never a fountain. I could bake something for the little tykes while they work]

[Anon: That would be awesome, you’re the best Betsy, mean it]

Betsy flushed reading his thanks and nearly spilled the batch of cookie batter she was already mixing.

Now outside, and the kids decked out in hats, and t-shirts promoting the orphanage, there was more free time to do…something…?

“Hm~” you pondered loudly to yourself.

“So~ where are going now?” Chloe asked.

“Hm~ I think we’re going to the shrine next, that’s always a fun place to visit” you decide.

“Sure, sounds neat” Ceres said.

The drive to the shrine from the orphanage is always a short one, in fact you spend more time climbing up the stairs than it takes to drive. Chloe, and Ceres continue to enjoy their usual game of cat, and mouse climbing the stairs though naturally Chloe’s flight gives her an advantage. It won’t stop Ceres from trying however.

…You begin to ponder something, and feel the need to share your thoughts with someone more intelligent and since you didn’t have Evelyn’s number or did not wish to be ridiculed you decide to try Rin.

[Anon: I’ve been getting this weird feeling that there’s several people watching and voting on what they should make me do. Could you tell me if something’s going on or am I just being paranoid?]

Reaching the top, you are pleasantly surprised to find the decorations had already begun to shift to the next oncoming holiday.

You see a long table at the center of the stone ground being prepared with all sorts of decorations and plates being set up. You look around and see baskets of straw filled to the brim with fruits and vegetables, particularly squash, yams, potatoes, apples, and corn. You see shrine maidens donning hats with golden square belt buckles on the rims and wearing black dresses fit for a pilgrim.

“…Wow, and here I thought we were gonna skip Thanksgiving” you muse.

“Ah, it is you. Our dear Lady Ryu has been very anxiously awaiting your arrival” a passing Inari spotted you.

“She was? Well, I was just on my way to see her, she’s in her room right?” You ask.

“No, in fact she’s right over there going over our preparations” the Inari pointed out.

You spot Kosame looking about her shrine placing decorations left and right. You also spot she too is sporting the traditional pilgrim getup.

“Oh, well in that case…thanks for the help” you thank.

“No thank you, our dear Lady Ryu has never looked so happy” the Inari explained.

You walk towards Kosame as she puts the finishing touches on another basket of fruits and vegetables.

“Where the pilgrim costumes your idea by any chance?” You greet her.

Kosame flinches and elicits a soft yelp before quickly turning to you.

“Oh! A-Anon! A pleasure to see you so suddenly! I-uh~well I couldn’t…help, it? Ehehe~” Kosame blushed.

“Well at least you look cute in your outfit” you compliment.

“*Giggle* why thank you Anon, I’m glad I picked it out!” Kosame gleefully exclaimed twirling her modest Pilgrim’s dress.

“You know seeing all these decorations has me thinking about cooking up my own Thanksgiving feast for my family” you mention.

“Why that is an excellent idea, I’m sure your children, and family will be thrilled” Kosame agreed.

A passing Inari twitched her ears upon hearing the conversation and decided to do some quick thinking.

“It settles it, I’ll go to the market and buy turkey right away, although my family aren’t really the type to eat turkey…what about you Chloe? You like turkey? Ceres, any thoughts?” You ask.

“I like turkey sandwiches” Chloe answers.

“Sure, I could go for some turkey, it’s really good for you, or so I’ve been told” Ceres agreed.

“Then it’s decided, we’ll take a quick trip to the store then” you reply.

“Well I hope you three enjoy yourselves” Kosame said.

“Aw~ but I wanted to visit my friend here, do we have to go so soon?” Chloe said.

“Oh? Well I suppose we can do that, but then we might not make it to the store in time…” you reply.

“It’s quite alright Anon, we can watch over your children. Most of our preparations are done so we wouldn’t mind in the slightest” Kosame assured you.

“Well if it’s alright with you-” you start.

“Just a minute Lady Ryu!” the Inari exclaimed.

“Yes? Is something the matter?” Kosame asked.

“I had just remembered there are some groceries we absolutely must buy to complete our preparations, but everyone here is so busy…watching Lord Anon’s children” the Inari said.

“L-lord? Uh, really you shouldn’t really call me-” you begin.

“I must apologize for my brash request, but I wish for you to bring us these ingredients” the Inari asked giving Kosame a small note which she looks over

“…You do realize we have all of these alrea-” you begin.

“Hey, what a coincidence, do you wanna hit the store together then?” Anon suddenly invites.

“T-together!? As in you and me? Like a…(date?)” Kosame stammered and thought.

“Uh~ grocery shopping?” you reply though you don’t know whether or not she heard you.

Kosame immediately turns around to her Inari who simply gives her a wink and nod before walking away satisfied.

“…Um, well sure! Certainly, of course we can go…’out’ together-grocery shopping that is!” Kosame quickly said.

“Are you sure? you were acting kind of weird there for a second, if you’re feeling sick we don’t have to go” you reply.

“No-no! I’m fine! Completely fine. Please do not worry about me, I was just caught up in the moment. But, if I can make a request? Can you give me a moment to get ready? I mean I’ll look awfully strange to be in costume outside my shrine” Kosame said.

Does she not know she looks strange cosplaying like that…anywhere?

“Yeah sure, no problem, I’ll be waiting for you at the bottom of the hill” you assure her.

“Thank you, I promise I won’t take long” Kosame assured.

You wait for her for at least fifteen minutes perhaps longer given the time it took to climb down until Kosame finally descended dressed more casually, actually you recall that outfit when you first dined together with her a few days ago. You also notice she’s sporting make-up, though she was modest with it, merely some blush, eyeliner, and soft pink lip-stick.

“You look awfully pretty for a girl just going grocery shopping” you compliment.

“*Giggle* thank you Anon, I feel when I am outside my shrine it is important to look my best to keep my image as a ‘god’ to some people…what do you think of my sweater? I borrowed it from one of my shrine maidens, but I think it’s a little short on me” Kosame asked.

“You look great, don’t worry about it…(though it looks like her sweater is just a second layer of skin…)” you reply and thought.

“Um~ is that your vehicle?” Kosame asked.

You glance at your car…then at Kosame and you realize the issue at hand.

“…Yeah, I see where this is going” you realize.

While you’re car may be able to fit four or even five mamono children of mixed variety, it was still far too small to fit Kosame in.

“…If I may make a suggestion? Oh, and maybe take a few steps back” Kosame interrupted your train of thought.

Gathering her energy she was basked in a glow of light before that very light stretched, and grew, becoming a giant serpent dragon.

She shook her head, and stretched her body arching back, and craning her neck side to side, perhaps realizing it has been a while since she has transformed.

“This ought to do it…hurry now, climb on my back, and hold on tightly” Kosame urged

Obviously you weren’t going to miss out on an opportunity like this so you immediately said yes, and as tightly as you could grip her, you gave Kosame the go ahead and she took off towards the sky. She glided through the air, with ease while you turn around and notice her long tail curving like a real snake would do traveling across the ground. It’s only when you’re riding on the back of a flying snake dragon who’s also a sexy shrine maiden do you realize how much you love the world you live on, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

She lands in an area clear of people as she transforms back, though she looks at you with timid eyes and a concerned frown.

“I-I apologize, I should have asked if you were okay…seeing me like that. It’s not something I wish to show anyone lest they become even more frightened of me” Kosame said.

“Apologize nothing, that was awesome!” You declare.

“…Beg your pardon, but I’ve never heard of anyone use the term ‘awesome’ to describe my monster form” Kosame said.

“What I mean is, well maybe it’s a personal thing, but frankly to me, I don’t mind your monster form at all, in fact I kind of like it. So long as you’re still the same person I know and care about, that’s all that matters” you assure her.

“Oh Anon, you’re too sweet to me” Kosame blushed.

You couldn’t help but grow warm in the cheeks yourself as you just realized you spat out what is probably another cheesy confession

“Well, you know…you’re special to me that’s why, and if I have to keep reminding you then so be it” you reply.

“I apologize, I shouldn’t have said anything, but it was a very kind gesture nonetheless. Come! My spirits are high and there is shopping to be done right?” Kosame reminded you.

She practically dragged you inside the large market giddy with excitement, it was actually rather infectious as this was the most excited you’ve ever been in a grocery store in some time.

You drawn quite the crowd of onlookers who thankfully keep their distance while you and Kosame shop together. Kosame’s eyes wander to the large food selection, as well as combing over other aisles selling kitchen ware and cheap toys, she was particularly fascinated by the selection of tea leaves and tea bags the store was selling, and couldn’t help but grab a few to test them out. The two of you browse through the aisles while you grab everything you need including a nice turkey.

“Oh~ that’s a big one, it’s actually making me a little hungry myself” Kosame couldn’t help herself.

“I’m a little surprised at how much fun you’re having Kosame, you’re really enjoying yourself” Anon said.

“Oh goodness, I hope I’m not embarrassing you!” Kosame replied.

“Of course not, you’re too cool to embarrass me” you compliment.

“Cool? Dear me I haven’t been…’cool’ in a long long time” Kosame said.

“Why would you say that?” You ask.

“Well back when I was young I was heavily nurtured and protected by the small village which now became a small city in my home country. You see my mother was an amazing woman, but in the final moments of a large scale civil war between disputing nations in my country she performed the ultimate sacrifice to put an end to the war, and entrusting her child to the care of her many followers” Kosame began.

“I’m sorry to hear that, I can’t imagine losing someone so young” you respond.

“No worries, I will always miss, and love my mother, but I’ve had plenty of years to cope and mourn her loss…well after that incident the land was at peace, but there was still the issue concerning myself. True to my mother’s last wishes they raised me the best they can…well maybe they overdid it a bit” Kosame said.

“Yeah, you told me a few snippets of how restrictive they were” you reply.

“Exactly, they felt like even the tiniest little hindrance I experienced was a death sentence for me, and while I know their hearts where in the right place, I still couldn’t help but feel frustrated, and isolated from the world. So when I was a budding teenager on my way to becoming an adult I sort of…ran away” Kosame said.

“Sort of?” You ask.

“Well it’s not easy to sneak out when the whole village is looking out for you. I had some help from those who understood my plight. I tried to leave on a good note though, used a lot of my pent up powers to bring forth my first rainfall to water their crops before my departure. I had help leaving the village by a select few who also gave me the energy I needed after wasting most of it on my recent stunt” Kosame said.

“So then you wandered the world right?” You ask.

“Exactly, for many years. During my travels I met Katy, and Fubuki, and even Katy’s sister. They had a crazy idea of building an orphanage but had no means of paying for it, or where to start. Before the orphanage came into being we became this rag-tag group of…well I don’t know what we’d call ourselves, we had several talents so we helped in any way we could granted we rarely paid. The five of us were inseparable for the longest time, and soon the Orphanage and then my shrine came into being” Kosame explained.

“I gotta find the time to hear more of your stories Kosame, you must have had a lot of adventures in your time” you reply.

“Oh they’re not all that exciting I think…but I would love your company nonetheless” Kosame said.

“…Wait, you said five, but you only mentioned yourself, Katy, Fubuki, and Katy’s sister. Who was the fifth?” You ask.

“Oh! Her…um~ listen Anon?” Kosame replied suddenly sounding very somber. “I must apologize, but if neither Katy, Fubuki or her sister mentioned anything about it, then I shouldn’t either. You must understand, it was troubling times, and…not all our adventures have a happy ending…” Kosame warned.

“I…okay, yeah I can understand that, and my mother can understand that better than anyone. I won’t bring it up again” you promise her.

“Thank you, and it’s not about not wanting you to know, it’s just a personal thing is all, perhaps one day Katy will tell you herself, but don’t bring it up out of the blue, and surprise her, she’ll sulk and be depressed for the whole day” Kosame said.

“Got it, anyways I think I have everything I need, what about you?” You ask.

“Oh, I think I got everything on my list” Kosame replies.

You glance at her groceries and find several cookie cutters, a mix for brownies, four sets of gingerbread house kits, several legs of chicken, and pounds of beef, as well as small boxes of different tea leaves.

“I uh~ have this idea of making a gingerbread house, and making little gingerbread men with it” Kosame blushed.

“With all that mix you can make a whole town out of it” you notice.

Kosame giggled as she realized her plan has been discovered, and the two of you make your purchases.

You return to the shrine the same way you came to the shop. It took all your willpower to not shout ‘wheee~’ the whole way through.

Kosame lands in the center of her shrine’s grounds, her maidens bow in return as she returns to her more attractive stature.

“I must thank you Anon, it’s not everyday I find a reason to leave the shrine, and visit the city like this. It was quite fun” Kosame replied.

“I had a great time on our date too” you respond.

“D-date! So it was a date! I knew it!” Kosame suddenly became giddy once more.

“Well maybe next time we’ll go somewhere that’s not a grocery store…maybe a restaurant or movie?” you invite.

“Oh Anon! This was great I could just…just-!” Kosame squealed before she suddenly glomped you.

She pressed her body to yours almost causing you to fall if not for her tail wrapping itself around you two and feverishly plants kisses on you every which way before she rests her lips onto yours. While doing so you can already feel her blessing melt into your body as you return her kiss. Her passion is short lived compared to most other times as she suddenly realized she was still outside and in public.

“Oh no, please don’t mind us lady Ryu we can just work around you two” a Shirohebi snickered.

The shrine maidens share a brief laugh before they continue to their duties leaving you and Kosame once more.

“…Y-yeah, so~ I’ll be looking forward to it” Kosame bid you farewell.

“That’s so cool! I wish I could have ridden her…hehehe~ridden her…nice~” Chloe giggled.

“It wasn’t like that Chloe get your little head out of the gutter” you reply.

“So you’re not gonna ‘ride’ her again?” Chloe asked.

“Well I…you know I could-cut it out sweetie…so Ceres did you take care of Chloe?” You ask.

“Yup! I kept a close eye out for any evil Vampires visiting the shrine, but I kept them at bay!” Ceres declared.

“I thought I was the older sister” Chloe said.

“You are in age, Ceres is the oldest in terms of maturity” you explain.

“Hey! I can be mature!” Chloe pouted.

“Riding Kosame” you quote her.

“Hehehe~aw~yeah-I mean! G-get your head out of the gutter!” Chloe playfully scolded.

Anyways I got all the ingredients we need, we’re gonna have an awesome thanksgiving feast, and after that-” you begin.

“After that is Christmas! Ceres what do you want for Christmas!?” Chloe cried out.

“Christmas? I don’t really know what that is…I do know I use to get presents on that day even though it wasn’t my birthday” Ceres explained.

“Well I can tell you Christmas is much more than that, and I’ll be inviting the rest of my family as well so you can finally get to know them more” you announce.

“Oh! I see, are they all like that one blood sucker who humiliated me?” Ceres asked.

“No~well most of them…you’ll like Francine! I like Francine so you’ll like her too” Chloe reasoned.

“Well…okay I’ll get training right away for when they come!” Ceres assured.

You put the children to bed and get ready to sleep yourself. You think back to your night shifts, and remind yourself of going through one more night. It was then that your thoughts turned to the Oomukade in particular and you decide to give Mizari a little message before you sleep.

[Anon: our mutual little Oomukade friend reminded me of you quite a bit. Were you like her when you were little?]

Like most times you’re not sure if Mizari would respond but after a minute or so you get a response.

[Mizari: she and I have a lot in common, I try to get her adopted believe me I do, but just like me bad luck must run in our species, many people seem to keep their distance from her. The poor thing, I went through the same ordeal, I don’t want the same for her]

You weren’t expecting a response like that, though speaking to her directly results in a lot of stutters, but it’s nice to know that as awkward, and weird as she is, Mizari deeply cares for the children and is trying to help them. Even so much as replying calmly, and confidently.

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One thought on “Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 28)

  1. I laughed my ass off at the morning star XD
    I cant wait to see how Ceres deals with her new family, too.
    I would really like if anon adopted one of the basement kids. Preferably the oomukade :3

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