Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 14)

Chloe was already inside you when you woke up, you’re not certain when she did it, possibly late at night while you were asleep.

“(Chloe? Wake up sweetie, you know I can hear you when you’re sleeping)” you whisper in your thoughts.

“(*Mm~mph!* Can I stay here five more minutes…zzz~)” Chloe started to doze off again.

“(I’m gonna take a shower though, can you wait for me downstairs?)” You ask.

Her snoring grew louder.

“(Chloe…)” you call out to her again.

Eventually Chloe excused herself out of your body, complaining about how unfair everything, and everyone is.

After your shower you are happy to see Chloe did as she was told, and waited for you in the living room.

At times like this, it is important to remember that she may be acting out, but she’s still doing what she is told…she’s a good girl no matter how grumpy she is.

Almost immediately upon seeing you, she flew right inside your body, and nestled herself in your little pocket once more.

At this point all you can think about was that perhaps some T.V to brighten up the mood was in order.


No good, even watching her favorite show isn’t cheering her up.

During the whole time you ate your breakfast she was quiet, or reluctant to speak. Even the drive to work, where she adopted to go to sleep rather than sing her little soul out.

…It was…a little sad to see to be honest. It was only a little later when you were in the middle of your morning patrol shift, did you hear her yawn, and stir awake.

“Chloe are you-” you start.

“Are we here? I have to go real quick dad-” Chloe quickly said leaving your body.

“Chloe wait a second-” you try to stop her.

“Sorry I’ll wait for you to finish-‘kay dad love you-bye!” Chloe quickly says before zooming through a wall.

“That kid…” you mutter.

In terms of work there wasn’t much to do that was significantly daunting. You did learn the proper way to feed a Slime.

One of the caretakers, a passing Lamia of a vibrant green, and gold colored tail with hair of soft beige, and olive tan skin gave you some tips. As it turns out, Slimes will appreciate a good massage. Apparently it’s like killing two birds with one stone, firstly the attention through skin-ship sates their urges which apparently is always set to yearning, and feeling. At the same time it sates their hungers, and urges as they absorb whatever they can from your palms, or arms, like a snack equivalent to that of a bag of cookies.

The advice was well received, and the Slimes appear to have grown more docile around you almost right away, however; it would probably mean that you will constantly clock out with a bit of slime on your clothes whenever the little rainbow colored Slimes start clinging to you.

You also started to notice some interesting relations between the staff, and children.

As you past by Betsy holding two picnic baskets you noticed she was being followed by a small group of children mostly of other Holstaurus, with a few Were-sheep, and even a young filly of a Centaur.

Later during the day you felt a chill run up your spine as you just barely caught Fubuki sliding across the hall, and dropping the temperature while doing so. Following behind her were children who could easily adapt to the cold.

From young Yukiwarashi, a trio of little Yeti cubs, and a little blonde haired Selkie pup dragging her…tail?

As it turns out, some of the children if they carry enough of a similarity, or disposition to any one caretaker they cling to them almost without them even realizing it. Treating them as surrogate parents, or the closest to them having one. Apparently they are quite the little helpers, and thus the caretakers will in turn keep them close by, and raise them better as they help clean, and scout for trouble, or other children in need.

The thought was both depressing, and adorable, and you wonder if you too will have your own little followers…or not.

Although you’re not sure how Chloe would feel about that…her little temper tantrum just recently was a clear sign that she yearns for affection, and skin-ship…and that she’s the envious type.

At the same time you recall her successful attempt at making coffee…you have to believe that part of her wants to help you out, and cares for you as someone she truly depends on…like she was your real family.

You weren’t getting anywhere near feeling better about all of this while walking around so you figured you might think of something better on your break time. Heading to take your break a little sooner than usual you enter the break room, and found it empty. you slouch on an old leather brown easy chair recently donated by one of the staff members, and with a cup of coffee in hand. You scramble in your thoughts about what to do when you hear the door open. You’re not surprised when it’s an employee walking in, but you were surprised that it was the founder herself, Katy taking a break with you this time.

“Ah~ gave a Will-o-the-Wisp a good home, didn’t think I’d actually pull it off, I so rule!” Katy gloated about herself until she saw you slouching about out of the corner of her eye.

“…Hey~” Katy greeted.

“Hey~” you greet back.

“I-uh-just so you know! I don’t normally gloat about myself…to myself!” Katy was blushing.

“I didn’t hear a thing” you know to keep your mouth shut.

“Good-good you’re learning the basics of this place really well. Glad I hired you” Katy sounded relieved.

“How was the workload today? Tough time?” You start some small talk.

“Not really, just the usual, honestly it was the paperwork that always does it for me. Still when you’ve been in the business as long as I have you pretty much seen everything…it also helps that things aren’t as violent as they use to be” Katy said.

“I agree, so a Will-o-the-Wisp right?” You say.

“I thought you said you didn’t hear anything?” Katy leered at you.

“I was just curious is all, I heard a lot about them too” you remark.

“Yes well, true to their nature not much really changes compared to them as children, we’ll go over them soon enough in one of our lectures once you’ve proven yourself further” Katy assures you.

“I’m in no rush, the kids here are really something, they’ve practically treated me like part of the group just like all of you…though I don’t quite have a little posse like some of the staff” you respond.

“They may be mamono, but even they have the right to decide for themselves whether, or not to trust you enough to follow you. There’s also more things to consider as well, for starters; they’re depending on you, and considering your gender there may be a case or two of some early crushes in your direction, best stay alert” Katy warned.

“I will do my best” you assure her.

“Like you did with Josephine?” Katy smiled knowingly.

“I-uh-well I can only improve right?” You try to reason.

“Well the blog said you were quite the partner, but yes some practice will do wonders” Katy assures you.

“Right, I’ll never live that down” you mutter.

“Oh, don’t be that way, you would have wound up on the internet for some other stupid reason anyways. Besides poor Josephine felt so awful about the whole thing, she didn’t mean to make you her booty call all of a sudden” Katy said.

“Well we didn’t technically do it” you respond.

“Regardless she does wish to apologize to you, but enough about that, let’s talk about your little girl, how is she!?” Katy asked.

“Well it’s a little complicated now” you reluctantly tell her.

“Oh? Do go on, is something amiss?” Katy asks you.

“Well at first things have been going great! We spent a lot of time together, we were both really happy with each other, but recently, she’s been acting strange” you start.

“As suppose to being a ghost normal? Can you go into details” Katy said.

“Well she’s become difficult, but at the same time more coddling than usual, and she’s starting to become jealous of others lately. I know she’s getting impatient with me already, I mean she wants to touch stuff again and she’s been really hopping I’d help her out and everything” you start.

“And she’s still not there yet, well a kid being impatient really isn’t a sign of the apocalypse. Kids are like that all the time, but I suppose with a mamono it’s a little more difficult to deal with” Katy said.

“How so?” You ask.

“Well…uh~ it’s appears as if the demonic energy that brought her back as a ghost is starting to sink in. She’s still mostly human mentally mind you, but a sudden transformation, especially one as big and recent as turning into a spirit. Well it’s a lot to handle especially for a child. It’s the same for specific children in our orphanage, werewolves, zombies, and the like that were once human” Katy said.

“I get why she would be so confused, but I don’t know what to do to make her feel better” you reply.

“Hm~ you have the solution, yet you don’t know how to utilize it” Katy mused.

“What do you mean?” You ask her.

“Well honestly it’s no surprise why she would be so jealous, you help others all the time, all except-at least in the skin-ship way, her of course, and not intentionally mind you. That makes her frustrated, but at the same time you’ve treated her so kindly, and lovingly, that it makes her feel so close to you still. She has become entirely smitten by you Anon, and perhaps in her mind the love she feels for you is akin to an actual crush. After all, you’re not technically her dad, you’re the handsome stranger who saved her from an afterlife of misery; for all we know, calling you ‘daddy’ is just a pet name for you, but that’s a conversation you need to have with your daughter, not me. Anyways; you gave her a new home, and the hope that she will return to her old self, what loving little girl wouldn’t appreciate that? Now mix all that together with her recent frustration, and the lust the demonic energy gives her subconsciously, and that’s a recipe for serious confusion” Katy explained.

“Well…I just never thought about how strongly she’ll feel about all this…and about me doing all this for her. I may have perhaps underestimated the demonic energy inside her, but if that’s true…I do love her, but not in the sense she yearns me to be” you tell her.

“I understand, but she’s fighting a losing battle here Anon, slowly her humanity is crumbling as her love for you grows, soon she may lose all restraint and attack you directly unless you sate her needs in the bud. I’m afraid there is only one thing I can recommend for you to do, and to do it right away” Katy said.

“W-what is it?” You ask afraid of the answer.

“…To give her what she wants, to have her touch things once more, to touch you specifically…you’re going to have to learn the meaning of sacrifice and risks. As a parent this lesson hits very hard. Whether it be sacrificing your money, your time, energy, certain hobbies, even risking your hopes, and dreams. You have a living responsibility to attend to, if you can’t sacrifice or take a chance even a little bit for her sake, then you aren’t fit to be a parent. It ain’t all fun and games you know. You’re going to have to sacrifice something in return to show her how much you mean to her” Katy stated.

“I-I think I know what you mean…” you mutter.

“Do try and take it easy on yourself little one, after all you’re doing this to make her happy, and you didn’t let me finish. Sure you’ll have to sacrifice something, but you’ll gain something much more in return. To see her grow, happy and free to pursue her dreams, to watch and play with her and to share a bond nothing else can comprehend, to know she’ll be there for you in return talking about fond memories of the past while you sit in your rocking chair as your hair turns gray. Such a feeling is indescribable, and it must be felt to truly understand. But I can guarantee, it’ll be all worth it” Katy concludes.

“Thanks Katy, that actually helps a lot” you reply.

“In the meantime try to find some alternative methods, the Sabbath for all their debauchery, and controversial methods have been a blessing in disguise thanks to their sudden interest in business. I know it’s a little pricey, but a box of Sabbath girl scout cookies are a great snack for a mamono that hungers spirit energy as their treats are always packed with it…I uh…it’s kind of like eating a dog treat, sure you can eat it, and taste the meat, but…I wouldn’t recommend it…that is unless of course you’re an Alp and you don’t know it” Katy advised.

“Thanks for the heads up, I really can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done for me, not just giving me this job” you reply feeling grateful for having answers for a change.

“My pleasure Anon, here let me give you a little something that might help” Katy said.

She waves her fingers around, and magics up a pen and notepad. She scribbles something on the piece of paper, tears it out, and hands it to you.

“W-what is this?” You ask her.

“My cellphone number silly. Granted I know you’re home number and all, but having an Echidna like myself on speed dial could make your life a little more easier don’t you think? Call or text me whenever you have troubles little one, or if you’re just looking to spend some quality time with me, I wouldn’t mind in the least” Katy smiled as she gives you a hint of her intentions.

“T-thanks Katy this means a lot! I’ll…I’ll think about everything you said” you assure her.

“Anytime Anon…now make me some coffee” Katy said.

“B-but I’m on break” you reply.

“Now Anon~ you know how I feel about repeating myself~, besides it’s in your contract, extra cream and sugar please” Katy ordered you around.

“I really ought to read those things before signing…” you mutter as you make Katy some coffee.

Katy’s advice was sound, but you still didn’t like the implications. You can only hope the alternative method in the form of spirit laced cookies will do the job, but one online search later reveals why the Orphanage isn’t always stocked with cookies.

They really were expensive, you could almost call it highway robbery!

“(Twenty-five bucks for a box of cookies containing only a baker’s dozen? Those bitches!)” You swore in your thoughts.

Now you’re glad they aren’t exempt from paying taxes.

“(Maybe I can just sort of let it happen?)” You figured.

Just like that time with Josephine, I mean how hard can it be to get some action around here right? And it’s not like Chloe is taking it directly, she’s just siphoning from someone else taking advantage of you. That’s not nearly as bad as the direct approach right? Still you didn’t like the sound of just letting yourself get taken advantage of, and going through the whole dating process could take some time, time of which you don’t have.

“(It might be my only option…)” you start to grasp the full weight of Katy’s speech on sacrifice and risks.

But now the question is how to go about it? You solved one conundrum but it only left you with another. You think you have an idea, but you’re not certain you’re up for the task, at the very least it wouldn’t hurt to have some luck on your side, plus having Chloe see her friends might put her at ease. You wait for her near the entrance of the orphanage, and you spot her smiling contently at herself, she must have had a good time with her friend. However; when she sees you, her face turns to worry, and she lowers her head looking nervous at you.

“Hey, come on what’s with that kind of attitude towards me. If you’re wondering if I’m mad at you it couldn’t be farther from the truth, but I am worried about you, you know?” You explain.

“I-I know…” Chloe muttered.

“I said you can come talk to me whenever you’re ready. I’m really just waiting on you, but for now, how about we have fun at the shrine again” You tell her.

“Daddy…yeah, okay I’m ready” Chloe replied. She didn’t sound upset, but not her cheerful self as before.

She fazes inside you and once again you felt her embracing your soul, still feeling a tad clingy.

You reach your destination but you pause when you notice that a limousine has parked itself right in front of the steps, almost blocking the entrance entirely.

“What a douche…” you mutter.

“Daddy!” Chloe scolded.

“Oh sorry, what a spoiled brat” you rephrase.

“That’s better” Chloe accepted.

You climb up the steps and spot a Shirohebi close by tending to some flowers in a small plot of land.

“Um, excuse me, can I see the Lady Ryu today?” You ask.

The Shirohebi looks up, staring at you with sharp red eyes, though currently a bit droopy and sad. You suppose your plan to become a living siphon would be a lot easier with her, but you’re also not looking to have her cling so strongly to you when you just met.

“Yes, she should be at least…she had a client not too long ago and she should be done by now” the Shirohebi explained.

“Does this client drive a limo by any chance?” You ask.

“That’s right! How did you know?” The Shirohebi asked.

“Just a lucky guess, so~ she’s at the main shrine right?” You say.

“That is correct” the Shirohebi assures you.

“Thanks, I guess I’ll be on my way then” you tell her.

“Wait! Um-well we’ve talked for some time now, and I must confess, I feel we have this strong connection towards each other. I insist you let me tend to your needs, I have a small bedroom where I can entertain you, for just a moment” the Shirhohebi said.

“(Whoa, that was fast, we barely talked to her for like a minute)” Chloe spoke in your head.

“T-that’s alright, I really ought to be going now so-” you quickly say before making a run for it towards the main shrine. Chloe splitting up from you halfway through to find her friend.

“…So maybe another time then!?” The Shirohebi called out.

You make your way through the shrine, you’ve been here enough times to guide yourself to Kosame’s room, or at least her place of occupation, and the maidens appear to not mind you just waltzing in, though you do notice them whisper, and giggle among themselves when they see you closing in on Kosame’s room.

“There, that’s her door” you spot her room.

The door in question opens by itself, and a young man possibly younger than you, but still an adult exits out, looking rather irritated. His golden blonde hair slick back as he adjust his tie on his thousand dollar suit.

“I really don’t want to have to drive over here all the time to see you lady Ryu, and the stairs are murder on my feet. I must insist you come with me to my manor, I guarantee you will be payed highly, and live in luxury the rest of your days” the man spoke with an air of authority he did not earn.

“As kind as your offer is, I must respectfully decline…again. I stay where I am needed, and I am needed most here with the people of this city, and my followers” Kosame could be heard declining his offer.

“Preposterous, I live in the city, you couldn’t be closer to the people!” the rich man exclaimed.

“And yet I feel if I do, I’ll be far apart from them in spirit, unless of course you plan to open your home to the middle and lower classes for me to attend to as well, and not just your friends and business partners?” Kosame replied.

At this the rich kid in a man’s suit flinched, but quickly composed his smug self.

“You’re missing out Lady Ryu, riches and treasures to your heart’s content await you, all you have to do is follow my lead” the man was stubborn.

“I’ve made my decision, I already feel blessed and rich beyond my wildest dreams staying here where I belong, tending to the people that come for my aid. To ask for anything more is not in my nature, but please do come visit again whenever you are in need my child. I will continue to attend to you” Kosame’s kindness shone more brilliantly than the sun.

The man said no more and practically stormed out, it seems as if even adults can have temper tantrums too, but they look much more pathetic when they do it. He doesn’t even acknowledge your presence when he passes you.

“…Kosame? Are you alright?” You reply once the kid has left the building.

“A-anon! Is that you, goodness come in-oh but I don’t even have tea ready for us yet!” Kosame sounded as if she was in a panic.

You enter her room and see her resting on top of her own tail, still looking as gorgeous as ever despite looking a bit tense.

“What was all that about?” You ask her.

“Oh him…well he’s not the first nor the last person to try to keep me to themselves. Greed is such a fickle thing. I don’t mean to boast but I have yet to feel such a nasty feeling, but it raises my curiosity to no end. How do people like him, who have everything they could ever want and more still request-nay demand more? It boggles my mind” Kosame said.

“Don’t think about it too hard, he probably just see’s you as something to brag about anyways” you reply.

“To gloat? I see, like an item or a trophy…I suppose having a personal Ryu to bless your household would be something to celebrate to, to use to your heart’s content” Kosame sounded upset at the idea.

“Don’t even think of yourself as merely an object Kosame! You’re a living being, an amazing being at that, and not just because of what you are, but who you are. You’re kind, and generous, devoted and caring, and I could go all day about how amazing you are. He may put a price on you, but to me you’re priceless!” You suddenly declared in your moment of sudden emotions.

“Anon…” Kosame gazes at you.

Holy crap where did all that come from all of a sudden? You can almost feel your head burning hot from your embarrassing outburst.

“I well! It’s true you know…” you mutter as you shrink back.

“*Giggle* my goodness Anon that was quite brash, but I can’t help but feel like a young woman again hearing you say all that about me” Kosame laughs at your bold declaration.

“W-well you help me out all the time, I just want you to know how much you mean to me is all” you glance away from her as you start to recover from your embarrassed state.

“It was a sweet gesture Anon and you have my thanks, come sit, I don’t have much in terms of entertainment so you’ll have to settle for just me for the time being” Kosame said.

“That’s more than enough” you reply slouching down beside her.

She giggled at that, and you could feel her tail press against your back as she leans herself closer until your were rubbing shoulders with her. The softness of her dress, and bosom pressed lightly on your fore-arm.

“…I suppose you’re also here to be blessed by me as well?” Kosame asks the obvious question.

“Well yeah, but not before I get to spend some time with you…” you reply.

“Right, we’re friends after all, like you said…so~ as my friend you are also entitled to assist me as well?” Kosame said.

“I suppose you, is there something you need?” You ask.

“Yes, in fact I do. My combined clientele have left me rather exhausted, normally I would rest, but I’m afraid it may not be enough to gain my powers, at least not at it’s entirety. I need…a specific type of energy to regain my strength” Kosame hinted.

You felt her tail pressing your back begin to push you even closer to Kosame, practically forcing you to face her.

“E-energy?” You ask, only losing your composure for a split second.

“Yes~ I mean, we can do this a number of ways, if you’re not feeling up to…the ‘direct’ approach. All I ask is that you must keep an open mind, and a gentle heart. As powerful as I may seem, I am still a sensitive woman who still prefers the gentle touch…” Kosame purred.

Her breasts were the first thing you feel as her tail slowly coils the two of you closer and closer.

“W-wait so, but this is so sudden” you realize.

“I wouldn’t say that, we’ve known each other for some time already, and I’ve already kissed you many times…today is no different, the only exception is…I~ want you~” Kosame whispers as her body and yours squeeze together closer and closer, her warm breath tickling your face as she brings her mouth closer to yours. “To~ kiss~ me~ back~!” Kosame moans.

She kisses you directly, her soft lips moistening your own as you succumb to her almost immediately. You spend almost no time returning her kiss, the empty room now loud with the noise of your lips smacking against hers, and the loud muffled moaning she’s giving off as she enjoys every second of it. You close your eyes and savor the moment letting your other senses enjoy it better, the two of you kissing almost in sync with one another practically predicting where the other is moving without even seeing.

“Mmm~ah~Anon~mmhua~more~kiss me-~mmm~more~” Kosame moans in between kisses.

Every so often her body tingles in pleasure, her hips grinding against you as her tail coils you tighter to her embrace. You struggle to free your arms free to hold her as well, letting them travel all across her back. You feel her Kimono slip off from her shoulders allowing you to feel more of her supple skin and you waste no time massaging every inch of her.

“Tongue~oh~let me~mmh~massage it~and~ah~ah~*lick~*-massage mine~” Kosame practically begs between kisses.

You do as she pleases, and you open your mouth a little wider to slide your tongue to her mouth and vice-versa. The noises get louder, the sound becomes sloppier as the two of you exchange saliva in a state of bliss, completely ignorant of the world around you. At this moment, Kosame was your world, and you were hers. It was at this time did you feel something being sucked out, not just your tongue or even saliva, but something else, something that made you feel cold, and empty, but not enough to distract you from pleasuring Kosame and in exchange you felt something being given to you as well. Something sweet and warm traveling in you.

Such a strange, alien feeling of both being siphoned, and filled, your body turning into a catalyst from which Kosame freely feed from, and filled with something else of her own creation.

You don’t know how long you spent making out with Kosame, but when you finally part from her, or rather you simply stopped kissing you look to the sky and see it was orange where just moments ago it was blue. You also realize that you were laying beside Kosame cuddling with her as her long tail acted as not only a mattress but a blanket still wrapped around the two of you.

“That-that was amazing Anon~ my body feels so refreshed, and full of energy, and yet I only took a little from you” Kosame declares with a new found spring in her step.

“We’ve must have kissed for hours…” you realize.

“Yet it feels like it ended too soon. Anon, I don’t wish to keep you from your responsibilities and yet I don’t want to let you go either, but I too must tend to my work” Kosame replied.

“I feel the same way, but I thank you once again, for everything Kosame” you answer as you feel her tail slowly loosen it’s tight grip on you.

“Please, come visit me soon Anon, I may have need of you someday, and it’ll be nice knowing you are close, and I wish to talk more of course” Kosame said.

“Okay, until next time then Kosame” Anon said.

Kosame gives you one last peck on the lips before uncoiling herself from you entirely. She waves you off as you leave the room and the shrine with Chloe waiting for you.

“…*Sniff-sniff*-why do you smell like a girl?” Chloe asks you as she zips inside you once more.

You feel a real change in you this time! It seems like Kosame’s combined effort all this time has now taken effect and you actually feel like everyday is going to be your day. You even found twenty dollars lying around one of the steps!

Your drive home was quiet once more, Chloe dozing off mid-way giving you a little privacy to think to yourself. Chloe’s negative mood will make getting her to open up to you very difficult if not impossible, and pushing her is only stressing her further..

Your wallet is not gonna like this, but you decide to do a quick detour to find the nearest shop selling Sabbath Girl Scout Cookies as your best bet to get her to open up.

A quick trip to a super market, and to your relief the store had the last box of Sabbath cookies!

How lucky are you!?

A quick purchase, and drive back home, and Chloe awakes just as you open the door.

Almost no traffic either, even though you knew you were caught in an infamous rush hour spot. Thus you made it home just as Chloe had woken up.

“(*Sniff-sniff* I smell something yummy~”) Chloe squeaked with a bit of a groggy tone.

“Does it smell freshly baked?” You ask as you crash on the couch, Chloe zips out your body, and looks at your grocery bag sitting beside you.

Chloe nods her head quickly.

“Well hopefully this works, since you liked Mizari Lollipops so much, I thought you might be in the mood for some cookies” you reply revealing the small box of cookies, and opening them.

“OoOoOoO~ can I really eat them~!?” Chloe moaned as her nose tickled ever more so.

Whatever scent, or aura they are giving off must only really be potent for mamono specifically, you can’t smell a thing…

Well besides Kosame’s sweet scent on your shirt.

“Let’s find out, say ‘ah~’” you grabbed a cookie, and held it close to Chloe.

“*Mm~hua~*-*lick~*-daddy~” Chloe opened her mouth wide, her tongue wet, as a thin trail of saliva slid down to her chin, her eyes begging, pleading to have her mouth full.

You decided then, and there to avoid offering food to Chloe like that for the rest of forever.

She holds the cookies to her mouth, her eyes as wide as dinner plates from the shock. Almost immediately she scarfs it down, you can almost make out the process of her eating due to her transparent body. The cookie is munched on until she breaks it down enough to crumbs, her body then melds into whatever spiritual energy Chloe is composed of. The crumbs glow with a soft light before dimming, and vanishing completely.

“That! Was! Awesome!” Chloe cheered.

“Ready for the next one then?” You ask bringing out another one to which Chloe was more than eager to consume.

By the third cookie Chloe had now realized she was back to touching things again with only a little bit of concentration as opposed to her usual struggles. Not wanting to waste this moment you fed her another two more, and soon her sense of touch had completely returned.

It didn’t take long after that for Chloe to lunge at you, pressing her entire body on yours, her cheek rubbing yours, her hands wrapped around your back as she thanked you profusely.

In turn you were able to feel her as well, her skin, or rather her make-up was not natural, she felt soft like velvet, and yet smooth as silk.

She also wouldn’t leave your side, becoming practically a new appendage as she found the need to cling to you more so. Even when she decided to play video games, she would sit on your lap, and rest her head on your chest, the top of her head nudging your chin as you watch her finally beat Super Mario.

As time past, and bed time was almost upon them, Chloe was well spent, preferring to spend the last few moments just cuddling with you on the sofa, her hands on your neck, she used you as her personal body pillow, even her tail which appeared to have grown perhaps a few inches over the days would wrap around your leg.

It was bitter-sweet as you knew the effects of the cookie will wear off faster than just feeding her spirit energy naturally. Even worse was despite the price it was only a temporary solution, but it has bought you time to at least try to come to an understanding with your daughter.

“Chloe? I know it feels like I haven’t been helping you with your problems for a while now, but you have to believe me, I’m trying really hard here” you start as you stroke her hair, and listen to her purr, and coo.

“Almost right away her head jerks back, and she shakes it quickly.

“N-no dad! It’s not like that at all, I-I don’t mind honest!” Chloe quickly replied.

“But I do, it’s just…well it’s not easy for me, you’re my little girl, my daughter. I-I’ll always love you, but I don’t think I can ever be…intimate with you that way…even if it’s just for food” you confess.

“…Daddy~ I’m so confused!” Chloe cried out. “I love you so-so much but something inside wants me to do all those weird stuff to you daddy, b-but I know it’s wrong! B-but the more I say it is the more that feeling in me makes we want to do it more! Please don’t hate me for that!” Chloe exclaims.

“Yes, I know, Katy told me all about it. I can’t tell you to fight it because it will be stuck with you for a long time. But I’m gonna fix this okay? I’m gonna make you better, I just need some time to come up with a plan” you reply.

“I-I’ll try, but I get all hot and itchy and it’s really hard to ignore! I-I just-I’m sorry!” Chloe sobbed.

“Don’t be sorry about your body, I promise you it’s natural, and it was bound to happen, I’m sorry for not seeing it ahead of time” you assure her.

“I’ll try…but the cookies did help, and having fun together like this…I almost don’t feel it as much anymore…thank you daddy~!” Chloe squeaked nuzzling your chin with the top of her head.

You hope your explanation was enough, but once again Katy’s advice rings heavily in your ears.

Later that night as you watch Chloe go to her room you decide to get a second opinion from someone else. You decide Fubuki being the co-founder might have some sage advice.

[Anon: Do you have a minute? There are some thing I want to ask you about.]

[Fubuki: If a doctor has to remove something out of your rectum a second time he normally charges you extra]

“Goddamn it Fubuki…” you mutter as you text your response.

[Anon: it is about Chloe]

[Fubuki: What about Chloe?]

[Anon: I’m texting you for advice!]

[Fubuki: say I’m pretty and I’ll tell you everything I know]

Why is she being so difficult!?

Is that how she’s going to be? Fine…

[Anon: I’d love to bury my face between those snowy mountains that form your behind!]

[Fubuki: Saved and printed, gonna find a plaque to put your text in tomorrow. So advice for Chloe? Best advice I can give you…take one for the team, her team to be precise]

And that was the best advice she gave you.

Tomorrow is just going to be another day you suppose…

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