KillMoves In MGE-Earth (Chapter 1)

Hello! This is a self-insert fanfic in an Earth that accepted monster girls from MGE!

Why is that?

The reporter’s question echoed in my mind as I drove back home. Monster girls were everywhere in the world now, KillMoves. Why haven’t you hooked up with any of them? They’re looking for people like you, and yet they’ve never found you. For four years! Hell, you were at the damn parade. There were more horny monster girls there than you had fingers and toes. So what the hell have you been doing? What the hell is wrong–

I shake my head. It’s getting late, KillMoves. It’s just the fatigue talking. Let’s think about… other things. The greeting parade! They were sure a diverse group back there. There was even a Dragon there, and more undead than last time. Heck, the Succubi were few in this group. Then again, most of them were probably already here. Probably have husbands now too. Spending each night in each other’s arms, not even having sex, just whispering sweet nothings to–

There we go again, KillMoves! Stop it! Just… just put up some music. That’ll make you feel better. That’s a lie, it won’t, but it’ll distract you at least.

And some snacks on the way won’t hurt. Buy yourself some chicken nuggets at McDo, in celebration of our new visitors.

Yeah, yeah. I should do that.

The night was getting late, but most Mickey D’s were open for twenty-four hours. Like this one. I pulled up to the speaker of the drive-thru and rolled down the windows. I usually let them greet me first before I do any speaking. A moment passed before the silence was broken.

“Oiii, over here! Come to the window!”

Huh? The speaker must be busted. I drove the car to the window and what I saw made my heart skip a beat. It was a Succubus, in a McDo uniform. The fabric of her clothes emphasized her huge bu– She was fair-skinned. Blood-red eyes. Light purple hair tied to a ponytail. Of course, being a Succubus, her most notable features were her dark-violet horns that curved like that of a goat’s. Demonic wings behind her and I presumed a tail above her butt.

“Hey there! May I take your order?”

Her heavenly voice and otherworldly beauty left me speechless for a second. “I-I-I’ll take two Big Macs, please. Combo, with fries and Coke.” I quickly make my order.

The Succubus giggled and left the window for a moment to tell the order to the chefs. I wanted to slam my head into the wheel for fumbling like that. Fortunately, I didn’t lest I would’ve looked even more of a weirdo as the monster girl came back sooner than I thought. “It’ll only take a minute. That’ll be…”

I hand her the money and the two of us waited for that minute. That long, awkward, awful minute. I felt like I had to break the silence. Besides, there might be a chance… “Nice night, we’re having, aren’t we?” Oh come on KillMoves, do better than that. “Do you know about the greeting parade for the new monsters coming here? It’s actually pretty near here.”

“Yeah! I know about that!” The Succubus lit up. “Me and my boyfriend were planning to go but we were the unlucky ones that needed stay and keep this place open.” A boyfriend, huh? “Well actually, only I was chosen. Hubby volunteered to stay with me. He’s such a sweetie.” She then wrinkled her forehead and frowned, staring hard at my face. “Is something wrong?”

Quick, dodge the question! “Oh, it’s nothing.” Ugh! Return to the previous topic! “A-Anyway, I came from the parade actually. It was- It was pretty great! The reception to the monsters’ arrival was great. There was a Dragon there and… really, it was phenomenal.” Of course, there was no way I would tell her of my actual experience there.

“Aww, man. Sounds like we missed a lot. Hey, did you know that I met my boyfriend at one of these parades? Oh, I still remember it vividly.” The Succubus then sniffed at my direction, which made me raise an eyebrow. “I… don’t smell a monster’s mark on you. And you’ve been to the parade? How has no monster jumped you?”

…a whole four years…

Why is that?

Oh, f***. “I… I…”

“Oh, you must have a human girlfriend!” She jumped to a conclusion, one that made me almost breath a sigh of relief. “Oh jeez, I’m sorry! I was being so insensitive! Jeez, I should probably give you a free McFlurry for that one.”

“No, no. It’s fine.” I assured the apologetic Succubus. “And yeah, I-I had to tell the monsters that asked me out that I was already taken. It was real nice that they were so understanding.” If I was going to ride this false conclusion, I was going to ride it all the way.

“Oh here’s your order now.” She handed me my burgers. “Here you are! Have a good night!”

“Thanks! You too!”

Lamp posts illuminated the street as I drove my car into the driveway of the suburban house that I called my home. I parked the car just outside the garage as it was occupied by my sister’s car. She graduated Veterinary Medicine and opened a clinic just one year before the First Contact. She actually kind of hated the arrival of the monster girls since she, as a licensed veterinarian, was required to attend seminars regarding the new, exotic fauna of the alien world Amalya.

“Hi, brother.” She greeted as she opened the door. “How’d the parade go?”

“Oh, hello Lea.” My sister Lea was five years younger than me. Short-hair combed to one side which made her look like a pretty boy, and she has been mistaken many times as one in the past, and had a sorta manly posture about her. She was a tomboy, most definitely. “The parade was great. I saw a Dragon, there were undead and I bought us some McDo.”

“No monster girlfriend?”

My gaze was downcast. “…No monster girlfriend.”

She shrugged and went back inside with me following her. “Meh, there’s always a next time. What’d you buy us?”

Next time. It was always next time. I wasn’t there during the First Contact, but I attended as many of those exoduses as I could. And it was always next time. Just wait for the next exodus, KillMoves. Maybe you’ll get lucky then. At this point, I was sure it wasn’t luck or circumstance stopping me from getting it on with a monster. It’s just that I wasn’t ready to admit that yet. I think my sister also knew that. She just… didn’t care enough, I guess.

“Oh, just some Big Macs.” I unloaded the McDo bag unto the kitchen table. I raised an eyebrow at the McFlurry cup that I grabbed, which was then nabbed by Lea.

“Heeey, thanks for the McFlurry. I love these.” My sister immediately shoved a spoonful into her mouth. Huh, so that Succubus McDo worker was serious about that McFlurry thing. Monsters are so nice.

“By the way, you better tuck in early ’cause we’re opening the clinic early.” This bit of news caught my attention and I looked to Lea to explain. “We’re gonna have someone new tomorrow and we need to show her the ropes.”

“A new guy… er, girl. You’re already taking in an apprentice?” I wasn’t a vet so I had no idea how these things worked. Heck, I don’t think Lea knew how these worked so I just used terms we both understood.

“I’m just looking for an extra pair of hands. A nurse or assistant or something like that. Maybe something more.” Lea replied.

I blinked. “…Don’t you have me?”

“Brother, you’re not a licensed vet. Hell, you’re not even close to being any sort of vet. You’re an environmentalist. And in my clinic, it’s illegal for you to actually do anything medical there.” She then ate another spoonful. “What I need is a fellow practitioner.” She… made a good point so I don’t say anything back.

Lea then patted my shoulder. “Hey now. Don’t be too sad, you’ll love the new girl.”

Thanks for reading! I hope you like the prologue! Don’t forget to leave any comments or suggestions!


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